Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 1 Chapter 1

Mine and my sister’s reason for becoming novelists

Part 1:

“I’m home….oh“

As I opened the door of the entrance, I realized that there were shoes neatly lined up. It seems like my little sister is already home. Pretty early even though she should have student council activities, I thought, but I noticed that I was pretty late. Well, I went out of my way to go to Akihabara to get a new book. While holding a bag with light novels in my hand, I carefully made my way to the stairs but…

“Welcome back, Onii-chan. Took you a long time.“

An apron-wearing Suzuka came out of the living room. I gulped like a kid that got busted for playing a prank.

“I thought I told you to call me beforehand when you’re coming home late…..“

“W-Well, it’s still only 6pm you know? It’s not really that late.“

“It’s about having dinner. That’s good manners.“

Suzuka says that while looking at my bag.

“Did you really go to Tokyo again just for another novel?“

“The important point is to get it as fast as possible,you know? Also, there are a lot of positive aspects of buying it in the shop. As someone who loves light novels, I can’t ignore that……!“

“I don’t really get it.“

Throwing out these words deprived of any emotion, Suzuka started arranging the shoes I just took off in the hallway. These cold words and attitude are the key characteristic for my little sister.

Nagami Suzuka – The student council president of the prestige girls-only school Hakuou, a 3rd year student. Grades that are always on the top, very athletic, popular and with a lot of charisma. A real-life super human. Because she is also doing a lot of housework, it’s hard to find a thing that she can’t do. It may sound weird coming from me, her big brother, but she’d probably make 10 out of 10 people turn their head on the street. That’s how beautiful she is. It might sound subjective but

that’s just how it is. Even so, saying it out loud wouldn’t help me in this situation so I decided not to.

“Moreover, you were hiding from me while trying to sneak into your room right?“

“Don’t say stuff that hurts my reputation. It might not look like it but I’m doing this for you, you see? You hate this light novel and otaku stuff, right?“

“I don’t particularly hate it or anything. It’s just that I don’t really understand it.“

“Of course you don’t understand the superbness of light novels if you’ve never really looked into it! Alright! Since that’s the case, I’m going to give you a lecture about the awesomeness of light novels!“

“No I’m fine.“, declined Suzuka with a straight face.

Well that outcome was pretty obvious, I thought.

“By the way Onii-chan, your clothes are pretty messy I see.“, says Suzuka as she reaches out for my uniform, starting to rearrange it.

“Even though I washed it only yesterday it’s already this dirty again, including your necktie. Not to say your buttons sleeves and shoes. What does this mean?“

“T-There was a small cat stuck on a tree in the park that I passed on my way home, you see? And next to the tree was a crying girl that seemed like the owner, so thought I would help her.“

“….That’s very splendid of you.“

“Right? That’s just like what a light novel protagonist would do in a scene like that, you know?“

“I don’t get it.“

In a second the face of Suzuka switched from impression to coldness.

“After all, as an aspiring light novel author, it’s important to learn and understand the feelings of a protagonist in order to make the right choices, yes.“

“Please don’t talk to yourself while using words I don’t understand.“

“And there’s that, you know? The story that after turning into a pretty girl, she will come repay me for saving the cat.“

“Onii-chan, let’s go to a hospital.“

“N-no, that’s not it. It’s just a “what-if“ kind of thing. It’s not like I’m really thinking that. Having fantasies like that is an important trait for a writer is what I’m trying to imply.“

“I really don’t get it after all.“, sighs Suzuka. “Please pull yourself together, Onii-chan“, she says, as always.

Although she complains like that almost every day, her saying it in all honesty makes me almost collapse. I knew it before this but my sister is really a serious person. “Absolutely“, i thought.

Growing accustomed to it, i stopped sweating every little detail.

And like that, I was always her target. There was never a siblings-like exchange between us.

If there was something, it would be the selfish little sister facing her big brother, who goes like “It can’t be helped, i guess“. At least, that’s what i (selfishly) think but other than that, there was never a cheerful exchange between us.

“Anyways, put your clothes in the basket and clean your shoes please. I will fix your buttons myself“, ordered Suzuka, while returning to the living room. “And since your home now, go wash your hands.“

With these words, the door closed.

I let out a sigh as i head towards the bathroom. That was basically our daily exchange in a nutshell.

….But still, there are a lot of little sister types in light novels. Not to forget the big brother types as well but I’m amazed how they’re all giving their best regarding their sisters. I’m trying my here, you know? It’s fine, though. Really, it’s fine….but sometimes I’m envious of them.

My name is Nagami Yuu. I often claim myself a normal first-year highschool student with grades in the upper-half and no special skills to name. My appearance….is normal I would say say. The only thing that separates me from other people is that I like light novels(TL: Ya no shit Sherlock). In my case, I do not only read them but I also write them.

I’m entering a light novel contest every year since my first year of middle school. The thing is, I always lose in the first preliminaries every time. Well, it doesn’t matter, I guess. No matter how many times I lose, it’s still my dream to win and debut as a light novel author. That’s what I answered as I discussed it with my parents. Nowadays, it’s not that weird being an otaku anymore, you know?

My family consists of four people: my little sister, my parents and me. Because both of my parents are working, we’re able to live in a decent home with decent income. They’re very busy so there’s often times when they don’t come home at all. That’s why it happens from time to time that me and my little sister live alone for a certain time….but I don’t fell lonely at all.

Never mind all that, I have a different problem at the moment. To be specific, the circumstances right now.



Suzuka and I were sitting in front of each other in the living room while eating dinner. We were moving our chopsticks without saying a word. The cooking of Suzuka was really delicious but in this awkward situation it seemed like the food was losing it’s flavor. That’s why I tried talking to her a few times but…..

“Hey Suzuka, is it okay if I turn on the TV?“

“Which channel would you like to watch then?“

“I don’t really want to watch anything specific but….“

“That’s a no then. I hate loud stuff.“

And that was how the ship sank, I would say. Still, today I decided to give it my best and gave it another try.

“You know…. do you not feel lonely only having dinner with the two of us?“

“We can’t help it that father and mother have to be away for work.“

“But still, having no conversation whatsoever is a bit weird….“

“That’s a valid point. Go ahead then.“

So that means… that I get to decide a topic? Isn’t it kind of weird to start a conversation between family members with a “Go ahead“? Well, let’s use this chance to start a good talk then.

“Uhhhm, so how is your school life coming along?“

“Pretty normal.“

“Hey you can’t just end it like that! Do you know the principle of “catch-ball“ conversations?!“

“Even if you say that, it’s troubling me if you keep using the vague questions.“

“I-I got it. Then, How’s the work as the student council president?“

“We we’re filling out documents today.“

“Like I said, can’t you just try to expand your answers a little bit?

“For me, there isn’t really anything interesting to talk about so I can’t help it. What about you, Onii-chan? Don’t you have anything interesting to talk about?“

“Me? I was…, well, oh right. A while ago, I found an interesting novel. I’ve read a lot of light novels but there are still so many captivating ones out there and……“

“Excuse me but even if you talk about light novels i don’t really understand it.“

“Yeah figures…..“

Conversation over just like that. Thinking about it, we really don’t have any shared interests.

And so the dinner ended as well. My little sister went into the kitchen to wash the dishes and I make my way to my room after preparing the bath.

The relationship of us siblings was like that from the start. You would think that there is a wall between us.

“How did it turn out like this…..?“

I was sitting in the bathtub while looking at the ceiling. Since when…huh, since that time of course.

The memory of a long time ago, the picture of a crying face comes to my mind.

“Well thinking about it now doesn’t change anything, yes.“

I got out of the bathtub while muttering my conclusion.

While making my way to my room, I decided to knock on my neighbors, Suzuka’s room, telling her that the bath was open. After hearing a faint “Yes“ on the other side, I went into my own room.

Putting the things about my sister out of my head, I started to line up the new releases I bought today.

“Eight, nine, ten….. Well then, which one should I read?“

I wondered which one I should pick. In my current lifestyle, this was the most interesting time of the day. After wondering for a while, I decided to pick up the third volume of [Sky Magic Guardian] or short [Sukamaga]. It’s written by Enryuu Houmura-sensei, an author I really look up to. The main plot is about war between factions and magical battles in mid-air.

“Last time i stopped at a pretty interesting part. Let’s see….“

After putting away the rest of the novels into the bag again, i lay down on my bed and entered the world of Sukamaga.

Reading for about two hours, I felt satisfied and closed the book. Still swelling in the memories, I slowly stood up.

“Oh endless light that travels in the heavens…….. Obey my will and cleanse these impurities! Divine Ray!!!“

Chanting the words, I reached out into the empty space. Of course, there was no way that there would be any holy light coming out of my hand. Neither of course that there would be a heroine waiting for me after I defeated my enemies. Still, it’s normal to get fired up after reading a good novel, right? Lately it feels like I got more into these fantasies but I want to believe that everybody acts like that once they’re alone. In reality, this all helps me in writing a realistic light novel protagonist and story, so it’s fine I guess.

“This chant is really cool after all…..I’ll take the same direction in my next novel.“

Turning to my desk, I switched the power on on my notebook. I decided to start writing before the heat that i got from Enryuu-sensei would disappear. While starting the software, something fell into my eye.

“The grand-prize winner huh, that was today yeah.“

The grand-prize I was talking about was the one i always fantasized about. The gateway to success for a light novel author. Winning it meant an instant debut. Sadly, I lost this one as well in the preliminaries.

“Haha! It doesn’t matter in the slightest. No matter what happens, I’ll keep putting out applications until I win!“

After encouraging myself with these words, I opened my browser to look at the winner. Informing oneself is also an important part in this business.

“But…who am I directing these excuses at? Ugh, forget it! The result!

I took a look at the novel that won this time.

[The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.]

“T-that’s a pretty straight forward title alright.“

Facing such a powerful title, I let out a groan. Lately, light novel titles seemed to evolve more and more but this is just on another level.

“Judging from the name, it seems to be a rabucome (TL: love comedy). The name of the author is….uhm..Towano Chikai? What a weird name.“

(TLC: Towano Chikai means eternal promise)

Well, it’s not like the pen name really matters, I guess. What’s important is the novel itself. To be honest, the title makes me really want to read it. Especially since it’s about a little sister character. I have a lot of light novels in my room but the ratio of novels with little sister heroines are pretty high. Ah! You’re wrong though. It’s not like I read them because of that. They’re just interesting in general! It’s not because i have a little sister in real life!

“Again… who am I directing these excuses to…..? Still, for a rabucome like this to win, it really shows that the light novel industry has changed.“

Stopping myself, I take a look at the comments. No matter where I looked, there were only extremely good comments from the selection committee members.

“This piece puts every other little sister work behind itself!“ or “The incomparable cuteness (TL: dere in the OG) that comes in like a storm is the best part!“ or “When this gets released, it will cause a severe earthquake in the rabucome industry!“

Because of comments like these, my expectations grew massively. While making a memo in my smartphone remembering me to buy it.

“Well then, i guess it’s time to keep going with my own novel.“, I said and was about to start typing on my keyboard.

Then it happened.

Knock knock

“Huh? Yes, I’m in.“

Answering the sound from the door, I turned my head. Since nobody opened the door, I decided to take the initiative and open it myself.

“Who is it……huh?“

I instantly froze up. Why? Well there was the never expected Suzuka, just standing there. For my sister to come to my room, such a thing has never happened before.

“Suzuka….? W-What is it?“

“I have something I want to talk about…“

I was shocked because of the sudden development. Still, Suzuka said that with her typical bad-mood face.

“Something to talk about…with me?“

“Is there anybody else for me to talk about besides Onii-chan in your own room?“

“Well of course, because my closet could suddenly connect to another world and a bishoujo (TL: beautiful girl) would come out of it. The possibility is low I know but it’s there.“

“As always, I don’t understand a thing you are talking about…..but that doesn’t matter right now. Can we talk?“

“You really have something to talk about with me?“

“Please don’t make me repeat myself over and over again.“

That’s not that easy, you know? Still, what could her problem be, that THAT Suzuka voluntarily comes to me..? I couldn’t think about anything besides another lecture.

……This might be bad. It’s probably better to apologize now.

“Sorry Suzuka. Let me apologize for being loud earlier….. Seems like I bothered you.“

“Eh, what do you mean with that?“

“After reading a light novel, I got hyped up and started posing. As someone who loves light novels, I can’t help it…. It’s important after all when saying a cool phrase like that. But I didn’t think that you’d be able to even hear it in your own room. I do feel sorry about that. I’ll pay more attention next time.“

“Onii-chan was doing such things when you were alone in your room…?“

“Hm? Judging from your reaction….was that not it?“

“Let’s talk about that later okay?“

Seems like I dug my own grave this time.

“What is it then that you want to talk about?“

“Well, it might turn into a longer talk so would it be fine if i came into your room?“

“Haaaaaa?!“, I screamed without thinking. I couldn’t really help it though after hearing her words.

“Y-You want to come into my room?! Why?!“

“Because it would be unpleasant for me to keep talking in the hallway. Why are you even so surprised about such a thing?“

“I-It’s not like I’m shocked or anything. This just never happened before is all…“

“Why are you acting so weird? Is there something in your room that I’m not supposed to see?“

I made the mistake and answered with a “There’s nothing like that“, making it seem like the complete opposite.

While answering “I’m entering then“, Suzuka walked past me and went into my room.

“Mhm, today it’s really clean.“

Suzuka took a turn and sat straight down on my bed.

“Why are you sitting on that?“

“Huh? Because there is only one chair in your room, Onii-chan?“

“Well you’re not wrong about that…. it just felt weird because you instantly went there without asking….. and what was that [today it’s really clean] about anyway?“

“What are you talking about? Are you hearing things per chance?“

“W-Well, it’s fine I guess….So, what’s this you want to talk about? Not to say at this time.“

“I wanted to as Onii-chan for an advice.“


What did she just say? Suzuka should’ve been speaking english but I didn’t really get it.

“Why are you making such a perplexed face?“

“Well, I didn’t understand what you meant.“

“I didn’t say anything hard to understand though.“

“Uhm, what do you mean with [advice]?“

“I’m sorry, I expected you to understand grade school vocabulary“

“Don’t take me for a fool! For somebody that’s writing light novels, the vocabulary of that level is a must-have!!“

It’s just the fact that I can’t think of any circumstances where Suzuka would ask for MY advice.

“I’m gonna say it again then. I need your help with something Onii-chan.“

“Is that really it? There are no cameras in here or any sort of trap that I might fall into, right?“

“I feel attacked if you say that.”

“I can’t help it though? You….asking me…. for advice……, you know?“

“I know that you want to say. Normally, I wouldn’t ask Onii-chan for advice.“

Yeah figures.

“It’s just, I have no other possibility expect asking you for advice….“

“What happened?“

Looking at her serious state, I asked her without a second thought.

“Before that, you are familiar with the novel grand-prize yes?“

“Huh? But wait, what happened about the thing with the advice?“

“That’s part of it. And?“

“Of course I do. You heard of it from me after all.“

It’s a story of the time I was still in middle-school.

A rare four person dinner with our parents. The normal conversation all of a sudden turned into a talk about the future. I started talking about my dream of becoming a novelist and winning a novel grand-prize. Since Suzuka was present as well, she must’ve known of it. Speaking of it, I don’t know how but Suzuka found out that in reality, I wanted to write light novels. A mystery.

“And what if I am, what does it have to do with our conversation now?“

“……..prize“, mumbled Suzuka with her lips almost shut.

“Huh? Sorry I didn’t quite catch that.“


“Can you speak more loudly, I can’t hear you like that, you know?“

She talked with such a small voice that I couldn’t understand her words. As I said that, Suzuka started shaking, while her face was getting red. Finally, she came to me face to face and screamed these words:



It took me a minute to process her words. As I finally came back to my senses, I jumped out of my chair and started screaming.


“Can you please not react like that?“, scowled Suzuka as she pouts with her slips.

“What do you mean you won?! Is this supposed to be a joke or something?!“

“Does it seem like I’m joking? I’m telling the truth.“

It really doesn’t look like she’s joking alright. But still, it’s Suzuka after all. My flawless, earnest little sister. She’s not the type to make jokes like that.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?“

“Yes I am.“

Suzuka affirms it but inside my head, everything is rolling around and I can’t think straight.

“Y-You…..uhm, you write novels…?“

That’s why my first question went a bit off the mark.

“They aren’t really novels to be fair…..it’s just that I sometimes write down the things I think about in my notes“

“So you really do write them….that’s a bit of a shock……And? Why did your send your novel to the contest?“

“That one time you forgot your paper book in the living room, I happened to look at the last page and saw the manuscript advertisement…..“

“And by doing that, you won the grand-prize….?“

“I also forgot about it until I got a mail today.“

“Mail, you say? From whom?“

“A person from the editorial department. At first I thought it was a prank or something but after checking the contents and judging it, I decided to trust it.“

“Decided to trust it, huh.“

“Yes. Recently there have been a lot of calls from an unknown number. It seems like it was the editorial department as well. I ignored it all until now though.“

Listening to the calm Suzuka for a while, I felt the sweat coming down from my forehead. I felt like I couldn’t think straight anymore.

“But wait…?“

At that moment, I remembered the important truth. Yes, a few moments before, I checked the results of the contest.

“Phew, that was close. I almost got deceived.“

“Eh, Onii-chan? What are you talking about?“

“It really was a joke after all. To think that you would try to trick me like that. That’s pretty cruel of you, you know?!“

“What are you saying? ……Oh right, you lost in the preliminaries if I remember correctly.“

All of a sudden, Suzuka looks at me with sympathetic eyes. That won’t work though!

“Listen well, right before you came in, I checked the winner of the contest, you know?“

“You already saw it?!?“

“Yeah, I did. The title of the winning novel was [The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.], you know?“

Yes, i said it straight to her face, there is no way that Suzuka could’ve written such a little sister rabucome novel.

“Ugh…… that’s….“

“That’s what?“

At that point, she started glaring at me with a beet red face. Suddenly, she stood up from the bed and went into her own room, only to return a few moments later. She handed me a stack of A4 sized papers.

“T-This is it.“

“Like I said….“

I was about to voice my doubts again when my eyes went onto the papers in my hand.


On the first page, there was indeed the title [The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.] and even the pen name fit.

“This is the manuscript I wrote……. Will you believe me with that?“

“Eh? But….? Seriously?!“

“I was serious from the beginning!“

Is this really the manuscript? That means….. that Suzuka really won the grand-prize right?

“I-Is it alright if I read it now?“, I asked enthusiastically.

“Huh? Read it? Now? Here?“

“Of course! It is a light novel after all!“

“I still don’t get it! What is with that reasoning?!“

“I can’t make sure that it’s the grand-prize winning novel if I don’t read it right?!“

As I said that, Suzuka muttered a silent “But….“ with a red face. That’s a new reaction of her alright.

“I-I get it. If it’s necessary to make you believe me…..“

After a short moment of silence, she continued.

“This novel is a pure work of fiction okay?! There are absolutely zero connections with this book and our relationship okay? There’s now way that something like that would happen in real life, so don’t get any misunderstandings please!“

“O-Okay i get it. If you say that, then it’s fine. I won’t mix up reality with fiction alright. That said, I’ll start reading okay?“

After getting the permission from Suzuka, i turned the page and started reading.

……I mean, you won the grand-prize with that title and even a little sister rabucome, you know? Such an unbelievable manuscript was right in from of my eyes right now. I can’t wait to read it.

With a concentration like never before, i continued to read.

The story started with a real world as it’s stage. Siblings raised in a family you can find everywhere.

The protagonist Ryou was written like a real ikemen (TL: gentleman, super handsome) and his Sister Yuuka was a shy and fickle being. Even though they were quite different, they spent their days in a clumsy relationship. Until one day, when the little sister suddenly confessed to her big brother. A bewildered big brother and an approaching little sister. As the approach got stronger and stronger, the daily life started to change…

To be frank, following the story, it was a rabucome through and through.

But……what is this? Why is it so fun to read?! Why is the little sister character so cute?! You can’t help but grin at her cute side when her feelings start to overflow!


And the big brother character is way too cool though?! How can you act so earnestly for your little sister! And the fact that he didn’t realize her feelings makes him a perfect rabucome protagonist!


Shit. What is this? I never read a light novel like this, you know? I’ve read a lot of novels that really absorbed me. But this is in a totally different dimension. This is just off the charts. Why is it so fun to read? I don’t understand it. To be fair, the little sister is just too cute! She’s just a perfect light novel heroine!



As I returned to reality, there was the face of a pouting Suzuka in front of me.

“Wha-?! S-Suzuka?! What are you doing?!“

“That’s what I’m supposed to say here. I’ve been calling you for a while now but you never answered me.“

R-Really? I never heard anything.

“Uh, I’m sorry. I got too absorbed while reading….“

“I-Is it interesting per chance?“


Interesting. Unbelievably interesting. As I was about to say that, my words suddenly stopped.

“W-Well, It’s pretty okay, i guess?“

“Uwuu, I see.“, pouted Suzuka before she continued. “Do you believe me now?“

“Uhhh, no no no no!“

It’s true that the name of the novel and the pen name match but still? Wait a second. I’m still not really convinced.

“Now listen, this is still a rabucome between siblings, you know? Not to say, it’s the little sister that approaches her big brother. There’s no way that you could’ve written such a little sister character.“

“R-Really? It didn’t really feel like that to me while I wrote it though?

Hey, hey. There’s no way. After even declaring it in the title, it gets even more apparent when you read it first-hand. For example….

“Let’s look at this remark for example. [Onii-chan really is warm….Can we sleep like this?], you see?“

“Wha-?! WW-W-What are you saying all of a sudden, Onii-chan?!“

“What do you mean? It’s from the manuscript that you brought.“

Well, it really is a little embarrassing if you read it out loud but I can’t help it in this case.

“This one as well. [Heeee, when onii-chan pats my head like this, I start feeling really good~. That’s why, can you please keep going?]. And this one is especially straight forward: [The truth is….I Really love Onii-chan, you know?]“

“Like. I. Said! Can you please not say these embarrassing things right now?!“

Suzuka screamed with both her voice and body, while she snatched the manuscript from my hands. Her face was still so red, it looked like it might explode any second now.

“Why do you have no restraint at all, Onii-chan?! I’ll say it again but this is pure fiction okay?!“

“Do you get it now? I’m saying that there’s no way that could’ve written such a little sister character!“

“Ugh! Still, this is the novel that won the first place!“

“Then, why did you write such a sibling rabucome?“


While listening to my justified doubts, she started look at me with a grim face. Again, why do you dislike me so much?

“Yes….Yes that’s right. It’s not good to have misunderstandings so I have to clear that up. It’s simple….It’s because I was possessed.


“Yes. You get it now? You have to remember that I was possessed okay? Besides, there is absolutely no way that i could have written a story about this little sister, about how I’ve been hiding the fact that I’m in love with Onii-chan for a long time now. This thinking is just absurd, right? Right?!“

“T-That might be true…. but what’s with that reasoning?!“

I couldn’t help getting perplexed after hearing her explanation. Not to mention, her rapid talking confused me even more.

“Or maybe…it’s that? Maybe you think that, because I wrote this novel, I…. wish for something like that to happen? That I….you know…..L-L-Luv onii-chan, you’re nyot really thinkin that, aren’t chou?!“

Suzuka screamed, while splendidly biting her tongue. Well, I’m not going to lie but I also thought that for a second….that Suzuka might be in love with me…. The next moment though, I instantly dismissed it with an “There’s no way“ in my head. That’s just a delusion. I mean, right? It’s THAT Suzuka? My sister….? Yep, there’s no way. I’m sure of it.

Besides…. at that time, she clearly said [I hate you, Onii-chan].

“No no I don’t think like that.“

That’s why I clearly responded. Even her explanation of being possessed made more sense than that. Yep, that must be it.

“As long as you understand…..huff..“

After answering me, Suzuka took a deep breath with her usual displeased facial expression. Oi, oi what is this.

“Calm down, I’ve read countless light novels with a plot like that. There’s no way that I’d believe that something similar might happen in real life. I wouldn’t make a misunderstanding like that, you know?“

“A-Ahh, yes. That’ right. That’s totally right.“

Why do you sound so displeased? I’ve said that for your sake….?

“Well then, do you finally believe me that I won the first place?“, says Suzuka with a vigorous tone.

…..Can’t really disagree after all that.

“But what’s that being possessed about? Is somebody else writing it then?“

“Y-You see, even if you ask me…. I can’t remember anything at that time. It’s like I was being myself but at the same time I wasn’t. It’s like I was looking into an abyss.“

“That logic is really weird you know?“

“S-Since I didn’t write it myself, this is all I could say.“

Yeah, this really isn’t something that Suzuka could’ve written.

“I wish i would’ve been possessed like that as well……“


“Ah! No, you’re wrong! You know how I wanted to win the first place for a long time now……But it’s not like I was envious of you winning it after simply being possessed okay?!“

“Onii-chan….aren’t you a little too easy to understand?“

Guh…I can’t help it you know! I’m really frustrated! Why must you do something so cruel, Kami-Sama?! Not to say my little sister! Why do you hate me so much?!

“Ugh…. Is this what you meant with advice? If so…then congratulations….Winning the first place is really great. Yeah….it’s incredible. Really…..“

“How much of a shock was that for you….? But the advice part is not over yet.“

She intends to keep going even after seeing my heartbroken state… That’s just cruel.

“I didn’t come here just to report my win, Onii-chan. You need to listen to me.“

I can’t help it, you know?

“There’s a problem with me winning the first prize. To be precise, it’s that I can’t become a novelist.“

“Ha? W-Why?!“

“I have two reasons.“

Suzuka put up her index finger.

“Firstly, my school prohibits having a part-time work. I don’t know if working as a novelist counts in this case but it’s also a question with the money that I would receive. Additionally, I am the student council president. It would be bad for my status if that would be revealed.“

She then put up her middle finger.

“It’s about our parents. Never mind our mother, our father wouldn’t allow me to become a novelist. Him being a strict person, I won’t expect him to permit it.“

“Now that you say it, these two are indeed big problems.“

Thinking about it, my old man would be enraged if he found out about the title that Suzuka decided on. But wait…. doesn’t that mean that Suzuka’s novel won’t be printed and released..? Even though it’s so interesting? This novel is on a whole other level than the ones I’ve read before…..!

“W-W-W-Wait! L-L-Let’s talk this out calmly okay?!“

“Unlike Onii-chan, I am totally calm.“

“Calm down…? R-Right, what is it that you want to do, Suzuka?“

“Me….. I want a lot of people to read the novel that I wrote.“

Being told that so earnestly, I was taken aback.

“I-I see. If you think like that, then it’s fine. So you came to me to ask for advice because of that? Then let’s think about-“

“No there is no need.“

As I was about to enter concentration mode, Suzuka stopped me in my tracks.

“I already have an idea. That’s the main point of the [advice].“

Saying that, Suzuka took a deep breath and continued.

“O-Onii-chan….would you be my stand-in?“


Even though I understood her words, my brain couldn’t comprehend them.

“Uhm…..what do you mean by stand-in?“

“I want you to be my stand-in as an author. It’s true that I wrote it but I wish for you to be my public substitute.“

“Oh okay….. That would solve the problems with your school and the old man.“

So it’s like a ghost writer thing? But a substitute…. Isn’t that a genius idea? If it was me, I couldn’t think of something like that.

“Okay I get it…..but wait?“

There’s one thing that I don’t understand…

“I understand the thing about getting a stand-in….but why me?“

“T-That’s… Since it’s Onii-chan, you know a thing or two about the business. And you already know about it…..“

“Because you told me about it though?!“

Wait, wait, wait. That’s not it. There’s a more fundamental problem….

“You remember how it is my dream to win the first place right?? As if I could become the author for another novel!“

“B-But it’s just a substitute….“

“That’s why it’s a problem! I’m sorry but it’s impossible for me to become your stand-in….“

Stating my reason, i noticed the watery eyes of Suzuka.

“But! But! Even though I asked you…Onii-chan is….“

Seeing the reaction of Suzuka, something inside me changed. Just by seeing her worried face, an unknown pain grew inside me. That’s the feeling I got. Suzuka is asking me for help. I couldn’t believe it but it was really happening before my eyes. The scene was just so surreal. Can i really turn down the Suzuka in front of me, who tries her hardest to hold back her tears…..? Decline the request of somebody who makes a face like that?….

“Ugh! Okay!“

Muttering these words, I made my decision and…..

“I get it! I will be your stand-in!“

Even though I’m not really a big fan of it, those were my honest feelings. Even though she dislikes her big brother, she still comes to ask me for help because she really wants to be an author…..how can I say no to her now? This time, I have to act like a protagonist.

“Onii-chan?…..Really?“, she asked as she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

Yeah, really. I don’t know why but when she looks at me with straight eyes like these, I get embarrassed. T-That’s…that you know? If it’d go on like this, nobody would read the novel that she wrote. It would just vanish like that. As someone who dearly loves light novels, I just can’t allow that to happen…


I keep going while hiding this feeling.

“B-But! Like I said before, I still want to become a light novel author. When I win the first prize, I will stop being your stand-in, alright?“

“Ah….Yes! I gladly accept these conditions!“

“Hey wait! Were you relieved just now?!“

“Looking at your success until now, I can see that things will be okay.“

“What do you mean by that?!“

Hearing her merciless words, I felt like I was about to cry. Saying something like that which gives me no chance to counter is just too cruel…. Shit…. someday I’ll definitely become a light novel author and return this shame!

“But….I’m glad. I thought that if it was Onii-chan, you would accept for sure. Really…..Thank you very much….“

While having a tear in her eye, Suzuka showed me a smile that was worth more than thousand words. I really thought that I had made the right decision…… Huh? Since how long has it been since I saw her smile like that. When I see her smiling face, I start thinking “Well, it’s fine I guess.“

“Of course. An older brother always helps his little sister.“

While trying to hide my embarrassment with these words, suddenly a sound resounded in my room.

As I started to search for the source of it, Suzuka took out her phone (not a smartphone but a traditional phone).

“Perfect timing. Now then, Onii-chan, if you please.“

“Huh? Please what? You want me to take the call?“

“Yes. When I answered the mail, they told me that somebody from the editorial department would be calling this evening to discuss further details.“

“Huh?! T-That’s a bit sudden though….“

Editorial department…..it’s that right?…An editor from the publisher?! W-What do I do… It’s the real thing… It feels like I was a real novelist?! No, no, no. It’s not like I won the first place.

“What are you doing? If you don’t answer soon….“

“A-Ah, sorry.“

Answering Suzuka, I pressed the receiver button while shaking furiously.


….I bit my tongue.

「Hello? This Shinozaki Reika from King Fantasy Publisher」

Surprisingly, I heard the voice of a woman. W-What do I do? And no, it’s not because the person on the other hand is a female.

「Huh? Hello? Is this the phone of Towano Chikai?」

“Ah, y-yes. My name is Nagami….Ah no! I’m Touwano Chikai, yes!

「Oh really? Good. We finally managed to reach you…. We’ve called you over a hundred times now so we we’re really worried.」


Isn’t that a bit much?

「Yes. After reading such a magnificent novel, we couldn’t wait to talk to you in detail about releasing it, you see.」

“I see….“

「Oh, that’s right. I’m just making sure but you are the the Towano Chikai that wrote [The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.] right?」


As she said that, I finally realized. If I were to become the stand-in for Suzuka….then that means that I basically am the one that wrote the novel?! That blunt sibling rabucome!!

While holding the phone close to my ear, I hastily turn around. As if expecting that, Suzuka averted her eyes and looked away.

「Huh? What’s wrong?」

“N-No, that’s not it! Well, you’re not wrong but that’s not it!

Calm down, me! I don’t understand a thing you’re saying!!

“Y-Yes, you’re right. It was me that wrote the novel.“

「Then let me congratulate you. Congratulations. It really was an interesting novel.」

If it really was my novel, I would’ve been crying tears of joy at this moment. But since it was the novel from my little sister, things are different.

「Really, the characters especially were magnificent. It was the first time I’ve seen such a cute little sister character. Especially in the later half, the scene where the jealous sister barges into the bath to wash the body of her big brother was the thing I liked the most. I couldn’t stop snickering.」


Is there such a scene in the later half….?

While gulping, I turned around and saw Suzuka with a beet red face staring at me. “I was possessed!“ was what she wanted to say it seems.

「The cuteness of the little sister was superb. To see this cuteness in almost every little since is a really rare thing.」


This is bad….. I want to keep going in the novel.

「What about Towano Chikai-sensei? In which scene did you put the most work into? Possibly the climax where the little sister barges into a school meeting to announce that she is the wife of her big brother?」


Wait a second…. How did it turn out like this in the end?! Again, as I turned around, the red-faced Suzuka whispered “This is a fictional story that i wrote while being possessed okay!“ Well, i get the gist of it….but still, how much are you trying to deny this….

“H-Hey, Onii-chan. What are you talking about. Since you’re clearly not up to it right now, how about you stop the call for now?“, Suzuka whispered.

After thinking for a bit, I turned to the phone again and began speaking.

“E-Excuse me. Since I was a bit surprised by this call, I can’t really keep up right now.“

「Huh? Ah, excuse me. I got a bit excited there. Well then, let’s talk about this in detail at the award ceremony. 」

“A-Awards ceremony…?“

Well, yeah that’s to be expected. As I realized the duty I took upon me, I started shivering. After discussing the small details for another five minutes, I hung up the phone.


I took a deep breath. I was so nervous…..

“And? How was it?“

“Y-You…. Don’t make me pick up such an important call out of the blue!“

My heart is still pounding. I was talking with a real editor….

“The editor was praising your novel like hell. How your little sister character is so cute and all.“

“I-I see. Since I was possessed while writing the plot and all, I can’t really remember it all but it doesn’t feel bad, I would say.“

Hey. Are you really happy with that as an author?

“Well, we will know the details after the awards ceremony.“

“I see. The awards ceremony, huh. I’m really glad that I asked you to be my stand-in. There’s no way that I could’ve participated in that.

“Oh yeah, I really have to go there, huh.“

“Yes, you are my stand-in after all.“

After Suzuka bowed to me with a serious face, my shoulders dropped. But well, can’t change these circumstances, i guess. Suzuka stands out just as herself and information spreads exceptionally fast after all.

“Haaaaa…..somehow I’m really tired. Since it’s already late, how about you go back to your room now? I will fulfill my role as a stand-in so don’t worry about it.“

“Yeah, you’re right. I was also really nervous today, so I’m also pretty exhausted.“

Why are you exhausted…? I did the most work today.

“Well then, let’s talk about this later then. Thank you very much for today.“

Suzuka stuck out her tongue while bowing to me. As she went to take the manuscript, I stopped her mid-track.

“W-Wait wait. Please leave the manuscript here!“

“Huh? The manuscript….Why do you want it?“

At this seemingly earnest question, I was at a loss for words for a moment. Since that Shinozaki-san gushed about it the whole time, I got so excited….I can’t hold back anymore. Even though I bought so many novels today, I only want to read the manuscript right now.

“Well, I became your stand-in after all? There’s no way that the writer wouldn’t know anything about their own novel, right?“

That’s not my main reason though. Not like I would ever tell her that though.

“You’re not wrong but….. That’s why I wanted to talk to you about it later.“

“But it’s better to read it in person, don’t you think?“

“I understand. But please keep in my that this wasn’t written by me! I was possessed while I wrote it, okay?!

Almost screaming that, Suzuka put the manuscript into my hands.

“Good night, Onii-chan…..“

“O-Oh, yeah. Good night.“

As soon as Suzuka returned to her own room, I turned my eyes to the manuscript. I didn’t wait a single moment and instantly jumped into this world that was written in this story.

That day, I didn’t sleep for a single minute because I kept reading until the early morning. That’s because as soon as I finished it, I started reading it a second time. Before I realized, it was dawn. Because I was absorbed into it, I didn’t feel tired at all……So I started reading it a third time. Suzuka’s novel was just too interesting. No, interesting isn’t enough to express it. The story about the little sister that plays pranks on her big brother and her approach because she loves him so much. Giggling about the cuteness of the little sister never really stops, it’s so good. Now that I think about it, until now i never got fired up that much because of a heroine I’ve met in a novel. I wonder if i could manage to write a novel this interesting….? As I finished it the third time, the memories were swimming around in my head. Reading this novel only heightened my desire to write an interesting novel just like this one.

Part 2:

Did you ever wonder how an awards ceremony looks like? I do, or rather did. Every person who shares the same dream as me must’ve wanted to stand here at least once, or fantasized about it. Since I’m just a stand-in though, I can’t really feel happy here. Today is a certain day in April, it’s been a week since my call with the editor. I arrived at the publishing company in Tokyo, of course to attend the awards ceremony. Meeting the higher-ups of the publisher, I expressed my thanks and received the memento for my win. The ceremony was pretty much a standard affair. The bigger problem was celebration party in a nearby hotel hall. Of course, there were a lot of people. Winners, bigger-ups, other authors and even illustrators. To sum it up, a lot of celebrities. I took the suit of my old man and came here…but I must’ve seemed like a frivolous person. Standing on the stage, the winners of the awards were introduced to the other people of the industry.

“Next is the 32nd winner of the our Falling star light novel contest, Towano Chikai-sensei. The name of his work is [The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.]“

Hearing my sign, I took a step forward to introduce myself. Many people looked at me. The spotlight. And the out of place title of my novel.

Since I wasn’t the real author, I wondered what would happen if they were to find out. I couldn’t help but wanting to go home after all this stress. After the introductions, people started to talk to the winners, exchange business cards. I was so focused on giving my best, so I don’t really remember what kind of people the other winners were. Even though my favorite light novel author was also present, I didn’t have the composure to go talk to them. At one point, I had gotten so nervous that I wanted to take a break, so I went to the toilet to calm myself down for a bit.

After walking around for a while, Shinozaki-san came to me and wanted to talk in private.

“Sorry about that, wanting to talk to you in the middle of the party. But I really can’t help it right now.“, she said, while turning to face me in a big place in front of the hotel.

The business card I received was simple enough but she seemed like a really unique woman.

She was bigger than the 170cm (~5,5ft) me. You’d think she would be a model or something. Even her breasts were extraordinarily big. Not to forget her looks, she was really beautiful. The cool -looking type of beautiful. The fact one of her eyes was hidden behind her bangs made er even more mysterious. After first talking to her, she changed her style with an “I’m not good with this strict stuff“. Even now, I can’t really grasp her real character.

“No it’s fine, I’m not really good with all that anyway.“

“You’re the grand-prize winner. You can really act like one, you know?“

She is wrong, though. I’m nothing but a stand-in….I bowed down countless times in my head.

“It’s the same for everyone. You will get used to it, trust me. Especially when your book will sell like a storm.“

“If you say so…“

“I think it will. Getting a high popularity isn’t a dream with your novel.“

“You think so…? Yeah, you even said so during our call.“

“Yeah, in my case. The scene where the little sister approaches her big brother still makes my body shiver. Not to speak of the variation of your imagination. He. Hehehehehe.“

I got worried for a bit after hearing her laugh but I couldn’t help getting happy because of her praise.

The fun of talking about the same novel with somebody was really fun.

Every Otaku would agree with an “I know, right?“.

This whole week, I’ve been reading the novel of Suzuka over and over without getting tired of it. I was starving for somebody to talk about with me about how great it is.

“Right? After all, the heroine is just the cutest ever! No matter how times I read it, I never get tired of it. What’s up with that?“

“Hey, hey. You were the one who wrote it, right? You almost talk like it’s a novel from another person.“

I froze up at these words and I felt a cold drop of sweat on my forehead.

“A-Ah! Uhm, it’s that, you know, I’m reminiscing about the parts like someone that just read it instead of, like me, writing it!“

“Hmm, I see. That’s pretty impressive to look at it from an out-standers position. I expected nothing less.“

I couldn’t let out anything besides a relieved sigh after hearing her words…….Shiiiiiiiit! I got so excited I forgot I was supposed to be the stand-in! I really have to pay attention!

“Still, to think that a young man like you wrote such a novel that was clearly aimed at female readers. The world really is full of interesting people, fufufufu“

Yeah, I totally agree.

“Oh, I remember, there was something I wanted to ask you. Can you tell me your secret for writing such a magnificent novel?“

“That’s what I want to know….“

“Huh? Did you say something?“

“N-No! It’s nothing!“

Feeling a bit nervous after that question, I decided to change the subject.

“B-By the way, what is the schedule after this?“

“Ahh, in your case the level of completion of your manuscript is pretty high, right? So we can basically publish it as soon as we get the okay. Your illustrator was just decided as well.“

While putting up her index finger, she struck a pose.

“I almost forgot it. Your illustrator is someone called Ahegao Double Peace-sensei. Do you know this person per chance?“

(TLC: since you read this novel, I guess that you already know this but I’m gonna try to explain. Waring: Not PG-13: Ahegao is a type of „face“. It consists of rolled-back eyes and a stuck out tongue, while smiling. It represents a face contorted by pleasure. The Double Peace part means to put up the index and middle finger of both of your hands. Japanese youngsters often do that when taking pictures. You can google it but you’ve been warned by me :P)


I couldn’t stop my surprise and spit out my coffee while hearing such dreadful vocabulary.

“W-Wait a moment, please! Is that the real name?!“

“Judging from your reaction, you don’t huh? This is the first time this person draws for a light novel. Before that it was always for games and doujins.“

“So…that means that….“

“Yeah, she mostly draws erotic stuff. It’s not really that rare, right? You must’ve played at least a few eroge as well right?“

“You are forgetting that I’m only 15 years old though?!“

…….I have played a few eroge before though. Only for research purposes though for my light novels! Really!

“To be honest, Ahegao Double Peace-sensei was supposed to attend today as well but some urgent business came up it seems like. He even said that he wanted to meet you.“

To be honest, after hearing the pen name I was basically shaking but maybe it would’ve been good to meet this person. It’s clearly a man after all.

“Instead, he told me to give you this. It seems like a token of friendship to the start of a good partnership.“

After saying this, she handed me a big plastic bag. Having it in my hands, I realized how heavy it was.

“….What is in it?“

“Who knows? Since he didn’t tell me, i don’t know myself. You can check it later.“

I’m surprised. Maybe this person really is earnest even though he has such an…interesting name. I have to think of something I can give to him in return. Once I’ll get home, I’ll hand this over to Suzuka as a souvenir. Since she’s that one that’s supposed to receive that.

“Alright then.“

As I put the plastic bag away, I realized that Shinozaki-san was looking straight at me. Trying to calm myself down, I frantically drank my coffee.

“This is question is unrelated to our conversation before but…. you’re probably a virgin right?“

Hearing that question, I almost choked.

Cough cough “Something stuck in my throat!“ Cough

“Oh my, are you alright? Looks like that was painful.“

“W-Who do you think is the one at fault here?…“

“Well, if that’s the case then there are going be a lot of things you will need advice on from now on. Do you have a girlfriend?“

“I don’t get your reasoning! No… I don’t….“

“I see. That’s a problem…. Ah I have an idea.“

As I was about to get worried, Shinozaki-san reached out with her hands. What? She took my hands and pulled them towards her chest, so I could touch them.

Q: What?

A: The breasts of Shinozaki-san.


“Remember this feeling well. This is the feeling of a woman’s breast.“

While I couldn’t get a single word out, Shinozaki-san said so with faintly red face. The feeling and form were incredible.

“W-W-W-W-W-What the hell are you doing?!“

I somehow managed to pull my hands away and started questioning her.

“Well, I wanted to make you familiar with the feeling of breasts.“

“I don’t get that reasoning at all, yo?! Why would it be important for me to know that, ey!“

“Because you’ll have to put a lot of [Lucky Pervert] moments in your next novel, that’s why. So this time, count it as a type of research in preparation for these scenes.“

How can you explain something like that so calmly, Shinozaki-san? To think that she would let me touch her breasts just because of that…..

“This wouldn’t be necessary if you had a girlfriend, you know?“

“No, no, no, no! That doesn’t make any sense to me!“

“I would do anything to raise the quality of your novel, you know?“

Listen…I understand your reasoning…but this is a bit much, don’t you think?

“U-Uhm, in this industry..are all editors acting like this?“

“No way. I’m just not familiar with any other ways since you’re the first person I work with as an editor.“

F-First person…? I got a really bad feeling about this?!

“Don’t worry. I’m a woman that would offer her everything for the sake of light novels. Everything. So come at me with all you got.“

“N-No, since I don’t want to take the wrong path as a human being, I have to decline.“

“Huh? Aren’t you misunderstanding me? I’m not a molester or anything, okay? The limit would be pressing my breasts against your back, you know?“

“That’s plenty of molesting though!“

“Is that so? If I had to think about it, a molester would take her underwear of right here, or something similar to that right? That being said, there’s no way I would do that. It seems like I put you in an awkward spot…..I’ll be careful next time.“

“Naturally, you won’t transform me into a criminal right?!“, I lectured her.

This is bad. This woman is really weird after all….!

“Having good fan-service scenes is a must-have after all. I want you to remember that.“

“Well, I knew that before hand though….“

Suddenly another woman came running from the hall and whispered something to Shinozaki-san.

“Mhm. I’m sorry Towano Chikai-sensei. It seems like something urgent came up. We can talk later on the phone, so you go and enjoy the party for a bit longer.“

“Ah, no. I will take my leave here. It’s gotten pretty late after all.“

“Really? I see. Oh yeah, you were still under-age. Okay, I agree. We wouldn’t want to worry your parents after all.“

“Yeah I don’t want that. Since I have a little sister at home, things could be bad.“

“…..You have a little sister?“

As soon as I said the word [Little Sister], she stopped in her tracks, turned around and came back.

“Huh? Yes, I have a little sister that’s one year younger than me.“

“Hmm. So that’s why…?“

“What do you mean?“

“I wondered how you managed to write all these scenes….so you have some experience in that regard, huh.“

“Aren’t you making a mistake here…?“

“Or should I say fantasy? To write such a little sister novel while having a real one isn’t something a lot of people do. I respect that.“

“As if I could be proud of that?!“

“Fufufufu…Very funny. Then tell your little sister my regards. Maybe you should ask her for help to raise the quality?“

“You’re really the worst!“

Going “Fufufu“, she disappeared into the crowd.

“The dark side of the industry is really scary…“

What an exhausting day this was…….but I was happy……. No wait, I’m not happy at all!

Part 3:

“I’m home…ah“

“Welcome back, Onii-chan.“

I was surprised to find Suzuka waiting for me at the entrance.

“It took you pretty long. Dinner has already gotten cold.“

“Ah, I already ate dinner at the party…“

“Then, next time please inform me of that, please. So, you don’t want it anymore?“

“No, I’ll eat a bite or two, I couldn’t eat a lot before because I was so nervous, you see.“

After answering her, I took off my shoes. In the meantime, Suzuka looked at the plastic bag.

“What is this?“

“Hm? Ah, I got this as a taken of friendship from our illustrator. It’s a souvenir for you.“

“A..souvenir huh?“

Suzuka had a happy look on her face. She continued:

“What’s in it?“

“Who knows? I didn’t take a look yet.“

“Is it alright if I open it?“

As I nodded, Suzuka happily opened the bag.


“What’s wrong? What’s in there?“

Being bewildered by the reaction of Suzuka, I looked inside as well.


The next moment, just like Suzuka, I opened my eyes wide. A great number of illustrations from beautiful girls. Just looking at it for a second, I understood the great quality of them. But all of them were giving of the air that they were made for R-18 purposes.

“W-What does this mean, Onii-chan…?“

“N-No, you’re wrong! I didn’t know of this either!“

Then I remembered what Shinozaki-san had said. The pen name Ahegao Double Peace-sensei. Their activities in the R-18 field.

“S-So that’s why..“

It took me too long to realize it. I should’ve thought about it earlier!

“S-Suzuka? This is….a mistake… a prank,yes….“

Trying to make excuses, Suzuka shut me down immediately when she said;

“Onii-chan….you’re the worst…..“

She said with an expression I never saw of her before.

“Well, I’m sorry. Really sorry…..“

After that, Suzuka didn’t say a single word for a while. I tried explaining everything while I ate dinner but Suzuka only moved her chopsticks while glaring at me.

“Haaaa….I’m not mad anymore.“

I only heard these words after finishing the dinner while we were drinking tee.

“I’m really sorry. I was careless. I will pay more attention next time.“

“Please do that. That doesn’t mean that I forgive you with that.“

What’s that supposed to mean?

“Still, I didn’t think that such a person would be drawing our illustrations.“

“This happens in this industry.“

“Don’t tell me…you didn’t hope for a person like this, did you?“

“No way in hell! The editor decided this, not me!“

I desperately try to show my innocence to Suzuka.

“Then that’s fine….. And how was the ceremony?“

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to tell her because I got distracted. I described her everything that happened to her. It would be bad to have a rift of information between the writer, Suzuka, and her stand-in, me. The only thing I didn’t tell her is the “incident“ with Shinozaki-san.

“So we give her your mail adress and my phone number alright?“

“Thank you very much. And good work today. I was worried that something might happen since it’s Onii-chan but you managed to clear it perfectly.“

“Hey, hey, what do you mean by that? As if I’d fuck it up that badly….“

“I was worried that you went to hide in the toilet because you were so nervous.“

Ah………… This girl… she really knows my personality very good.

“R-Rather than that, Shinozaki-san, you know, she really praised your work. That it will sell without fail!“

“I see. I’m glad.“

Even though her answer might seem short, she really seemed happy about it because she had a satisfied smile on her face.

“So, the editor thought that it was interesting…..did you think so as well, Onii-chan?“

At that time, my body instantly froze up.

“W-Well, it’s good, I guess?“

I knew that wasn’t the truth though but I couldn’t bring myself to speak my true feelings. I could never surpass Suzuka in anything but that was fine because i had my light novels. I couldn’t admit that I had lost against her. I knew that it was my earnest opinion that spoke out right there.


“Yes, yes. But my opinion doesn’t really matter. Since all the novels that I like will be a huge success anyway.“

“Is that so?“

“Yeah, it was super interesting!….Just like what the people on the internet said about that other one…..until it got canceled at volume two…uuuuuuuu“

“Please don’t start explaining that here.“

“S-Sorry…..Never mind that, Shinozaki-san said that the seal of approval was given.“

“Hmm, is that so.“

“It’s the stamp, you know. There’s no way that they wouldn’t print it at this point. Why are you getting so depressed about it? It wasn’t even published yet.“

“It’s not like I was depressed. It’s just that I want the second volume to be even more interesting.“

Make the second volume more interesting. That’s a pretty self-confident comment…. Bring it on! I will definitely go above you, even if you go higher than this. I won’t be your stand-in forever!

After leaving the living room behind me, I hurry up to my own room. Although I just told her otherwise, being canceled after the first volume is still not impossible. The book isn’t in such a different dimension than what I can do.

For now, selling 100.000 books is a must-do. To exceed such a novel isn’t that easy but you got to have the determination or it won’t work.

“Alright. Let’s start a thorough analysis!“

To exceed your enemy, you must first know your enemy after all. Enemy, huh. An enemy is like a rival after all in this case. Suzuka, I will make you my rival! Prepare yourself! I realize how weird it sounds to start a war all of a sudden after five years. Even so, I’m serious!

Still, at that time, I was unaware of it. Of the fact that Suzuka’s novel would exceed all my expectations.

Part 4:

About one month after that, it was the release date of my little sister’s novel. Going to my favorite book store in Akihabara, I made sure of that in the light novel corner. I wanted to look at how her novel was doing in sales but….

“Ah, uhm. Do you not have the novel [The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.] here?“

“I’m sorry but we just sold the last copy.“

Since it’s further back, I can clearly hear the voices of the customers and the people working there. Going “It can’t be“ in my head, i checked online with my smartphone. On the official twitter of the publisher, they were announcing that they started an emergency second printing. On the sites where they were selling it, Suzuka’s novel got amazing reviews across the board. On Amazon it got 5/5 stars, on second- hand sites the price was two times higher. At that point, I understood that my “It can’t be“ corresponded to the reality that was happening right now.

Yes, the novel of my little sister had become a hit so big, something like this was unheard of until now.

2 thoughts on “Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 1 Chapter 1

  1. This series has a weird feel to it so far, the sister almost feels real, but starts feeling a bit to kind and odd. Leaves me feeling a bit of pity for the poor guy that he has to be the face for this farce.

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  2. Thanks you!! Very much!!


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