Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 4 Chapter 2

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That time when I got a new little sister

Part 1:

She got mad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so mad.

After what happened, she kept scolding me for several hours straight.

“Don’t….ever do something like that again….okay?”

Suzuka seemed to have finally calmed down (although there was still a thick vein popping from her forehead) and she looked down at me with crossed arms.

“I will never ever hide anything from my little sister again,” With a robotic voice, I said as I bowed down on the floor in a dogeza position.

……Since it’s come to this, it would’ve been better to just tell her everything yesterday—-I thought while I was close to crying.

“Now, now, Suzuka-chan, Onii-chan seems to be reflecting on it, so can’t you forgive him?”

“You aren’t exactly a bystander in this situation?! And just go and call my Onii-chan ‘Onii-chan’!”

“Ehhh? But Onii-chan is Onii-chan, right?”

“Onii-chan is Onii-chan but he is my Onii-chan so Minazuki-san doesn’t have the right to call him Onii-chan!”

“That might be the case, but right now, Onii-chan is Sakura’s Onii-chan.”

“That doesn’t make any sense! Onii-chan is my Onii-chan only, so I won’t give him to anyone else—-”

The both of them started arguing, but because of Sakura’s soft personality, they aren’t exactly getting anywhere.

….Not to mention that I have never heard the word ‘Onii-chan’ so many times in such a small amount of time.

“….Onii-chan? Why are watching us like it’s not your problem?”

“T-T-T-That’s not true?! I’m reflecting on it more deeply than the ocean!”

“See, Onii-chan is agreeing with me.”

“He’s clearly not! And stop calling him ‘Onii-chan’ already—-”

Like that, their conversation went into an infinite loop.

“And why exactly where you greeting us while wearing these indecent clothes…?” Suzuka said as she looked at Sakura’s clothes.

‘These indecent clothes’—–she was talking about Sakura’s naked apron which, by the way, she was still wearing even now.

“It’s fine, Suzuka-chan. Onii-chan is happy because of them!” Saying that she made a twirl.

Doing so, I could see her bare skin—-not exactly. Beneath the apron, she was actually wearing a tank-top and shorts.

….Yes, this isn’t a naked apron in the truest sense. Normally, you wouldn’t wear anything except the apron, but she was actually wearing clothes underneath — sort of. Double Peace-sensei would call it a costume.

“After finding this inside Onii-chan’s room, Sakura thought she’d surprise Onii-chan while wearing it.”

“Ohoooo, I see. Onii-chan? Your explanation and resolution, please.”

“You should know that Double Peace-sensei was the one who left them there!”

And what do you mean by resolution?!

“Onii-chan is just….! Just how good-natured are you trying to be….!” Although Suzuka still seemed to be pissed, she was clearly cooling down. “Haaaa….whatever. I’ll think of a fitting punishment later.”

“So there really will be one, huh…?”

“And also, Minazuki-san will leave immediately!”

“Ehhh?! That’s too cruel, Suzuka-chan!” Minazuki-san raised her voice, but Suzuka just turned towards her with a cold gaze.

“That one night I can understand since it was an emergency situation, but there’s no reason for you to stay any longer. I don’t even know why you ran away from home in the first place.”

“Muuu, Onii-chan, help Sakura…..”

“Well, I do think that Suzuka is in the right here. I also told you that you could only stay one night and that you needed to give it some thought.”

“I know that you technically did the right thing, but why did you treat her as if she was your little sister? You were talking in formal language with her before….!”

That’s… how do I say it… seeing her act like a little sister, I felt like I had to treat her like one too….

“Haaa….Leaving that aside for now, you really should go home now, Minazuki-san.”

“I have some circumstances that don’t allow me to do so….”

Ah, now I remember. Once I got home, I wanted to ask her about the specific circumstances.

“I don’t know your circumstances, but your parents are probably worried about you, right?”

“It’s fine! Sakura told her mother and her father that she would be running away from home!”

“…..What?” “…….What?”

Hearing her words, both Suzuka and I had the same reaction.

“W-Wait a second? You ran away but you told your parents….?”

“Exactly! Sakura told them that she would be staying over at a friend’s house!”

“What do you mean?! Then why did you come all the way over here?!”

“T-That’s….Sakura had a fight with her big brother…”

“Big brother?” “Big brother?”

A completely unexpected term came out of Sakura’s mouth.

“Wait a moment, please. You have a big brother?”

“He technically is my ‘Onii-chan’ but it’s not that good of a thing,” Sakura pouted.

While Suzuka and I were still at a loss for words, she started explaining her circumstances.

“Sakura’s big brother is actually a person with a lot of problems…..He doesn’t understand my feelings at all, and even though he’s my big brother, I can’t rely on him in the slightest. Instead, he’s always making problems for Sakura….”

With the air around her suddenly getting more gloomy, she continued to tell us about her big brother. Her expression grew more grim the more she talked about it.

“His behaviour and attitude are so irritating, and Sakura has wondered countless times why such a person had to end up being her big brother…..”

“Even remembering it makes her mad…..!” She said and glared into empty space.

“So Minazuki-san is also having troubles because of her big brother….” Suzuka looked at her with a pained expression.

…..Did she just say ‘also’ or was that my imagination?

“That’s right. He criticizes her about every little thing and thinks of himself as a god. It’s that feeling of ‘Look at your own life before you talk down to me’, something like that.”

“Yes, having to put up with a no-good big brother is really frustrating.” Suzuka said, nodding along as she threw me a cold gaze.

“….Do you mean to tell me something with that expression, Suzuka?”

“I was just agreeing with her. Is there a problem with that?” She averted her eyes again.

“So Suzuka-chan understands Sakura?!”

“Yes, like staying out late without contacting me and making it home barely in time for dinner…it really is troublesome.”

“Exactly! He’s always getting mad at Sakura when she gets home late, but he doesn’t care at all when he’s the one who’s late!”

“No matter how often I tell him, he’s always pulling all-nighters, resulting in him sleeping through the whole morning until I wake him up.”

“That’s right! Even though Sakura always tells him that he should get his life under control, he’s always teasing her and ignoring it!”

“I understand. I completely understand, Minazuki-san,” Suzuka nodded along.

Although she was in the middle of talking to Minazuki-san, her cold gaze always wandered in my direction with everything she said.

….Suzuka-san, you’re clearly empathizing with Sakura right now, you know?

“It seems like we both share a good-for-nothing big brother….”

….Hey, are you insulting me?—-I barely managed to hold back that comment. If I were told ‘Are you not aware of it?’ straight to my face, I’d probably completely lose my position as her big brother.

“Suzuka-chan! Sakura is really happy that she found a person that understands her feelings!”

“Yes, it seems like I happened to find another victim of a useless big brother.”

Where did that atmosphere from before go?

In a matter of minutes, their actions changed from arguing to shaking hands. I guess you could call this a friendship between sisters?

“Now you know how hard it is to live with Sakura’s big brother! Before, he was always encouraging her about everything, but recently it’s been the complete opposite!”

“Did something happen?”

“Sakura doesn’t know! She decided that she had enough and went to her big brother’s room to talk it out with him! But that ended worse than she thought!” Seemingly remembering that scene, she was furiously pouting, “Sakura wasn’t able to put up with it anymore, so she decided to run away! She doesn’t even want to see his face right now!”

“I see. Hearing your circumstances, I can kind of understand why you ran away.”

“Suzuka-chan really is a good girl after all! It’s the first time that someone understood Sakura’s problems!”

“It’s probably because I’m a fellow little sister who’s also always troubled by her big brother.”

“Probably! That’s why, Sakura is thankful that she can stay here until things cool down!”

“Yes, I completely understand…………….Wait?”

In that moment, Suzuka’s movements came to a sudden stop after hearing Sakura’s words. And I didn’t miss the exact moment when cold sweat started flowing down her cheek.

“Uhm, what did you just say?”

“Hm? Like she said, Sakura was thanking you for letting her stay here until things calm down at home! Thank you so much, Suzuka-chan!”

“Eh?!?! W-What?! When?! How did we end up at that?!” Panicking, Suzuka looked around the room in confusion.

…..To think that she would get Suzuka to this point….Sakura really is a terrifying girl, isn’t she?

“W-Wait a moment, please?! T-That just now was figure of speech! It’s true that I could understand Minazuki-san’s standpoint but I didn’t exactly give you permission to stay over, did I?!”

“Eh? Then, everything you told Sakura was just a lie….?” Sakura opened her eyes in shock.

Tears were leaking from her eyes and she looked like a little puppy being scolded by its owner. Probably unable to withstand that, Suzuka faltered and tried her best to deny it while shaking her head furiously.

“I-I wasn’t lying! I really want to help you out but, uhm, letting you stay over is still a bit…..!”

“So, Sakura really can’t stay here….?”

“I-I mean, Onii-chan is living here after all! You wouldn’t want any indecent events to occur, right?!”

“Ah, that’s totally fine! As Onii-chan’s little sister, we basically are family, after all, and Onii-chan isn’t the type of person to do anything bad.”

“Again, don’t just go and call yourself his little sister! …..I-I know that Onii-chan won’t do anything like that but still…..!” Suzuka seemed to be trying her best to obstruct Sakura from staying over, but she was still lacking that critical hit.

Even after that, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t overcome Sakura’s attitude.

“Ugh….I still won’t allow it! Onii-chan will be very busy as of now, so I can’t just allow it! I can’t allow any distractions!” She said, thinking that she had found the critical hit she needed.

“Busy with what?”

“We will hold some special lessons so that he falls in love with little sisters!” She blurted that out.

“Special lessons for falling in love with little sisters?”

“Ah?!” Realizing her misstep, Suzuka had an expression that was almost screaming ‘I messed up!’.

“Hey, Onii-chan is the little-sister-loving Towano Chikai, right? Why does he need special lessons now?”


Confronted by Sakura’s expected – yet unanswerable – question, Suzuka flinched.

“Hey, Onii-chan? What does she mean by that?”

Instead of Suzuka, Sakura switched her target and asked me instead, leaving me no other choice but to open my mouth.

“Ah, that’s….even though I am the one that wrote this little sister novel, in reality, there are still some things I don’t understand about loving little sisters.”

“O-Onii-chan?!” Suzuka looked at me with a shocked expression but I only shook my head, admitting that we are cornered.

There’s no way that we can keep it a secret from Sakura after all, and before my position as a stand-in gets revealed, we have no choice but to tell her at least the general gist of our problem.

“I’d really like you to keep this a secret, but I was actually worrying about this while writing. If something like this would really satisfy real little sister lovers. I came to the conclusion that I was still lacking something. I think that I really have to develop a deep love for little sisters or else….”

“And for that you’re getting special lessons….?”

I confirmed her question with a nod while Suzuka was looking at me with a worried expression.

….Now then, I wonder what Sakura will think of me, now that she heard that.

Having revealed the fact that, even though I wrote such a novel, I feel nothing at all towards little sisters….will she feel betrayed after all? Or will she be disappointed like Sakurada-san?

Thinking that, I was waiting for Sakura’s next words but….

“So you were worried about something like that… Yep, Sakura can’t leave you alone now!”


I was at a loss for words because Sakura said that with a bright smile on her face.

“Although Sakura is really surprised to hear that you are struggling with that, you can leave it to her! As Onii-chan’s little sister, Sakura will teach you all about a little sister’s cuteness!”


“What do you mean by that?!” Suzuka screamed out.

“Sakura will help Onii-chan out with his special lessons! With that, Onii-chan will surely fall in love with little sisters, and that gives her the possibility to stay over! Two birds with one stone!”

“What are you saying?! First of all, you’re still not his little sister, and second of all, don’t just take this as an opportunity to stay over!”

“Ehhh? But, Suzuka-chan, isn’t Sakura’s plan really amazing?”

Hearing that, Suzuka grit her teeth.

…..I wonder where she got that perseverance….

“T-That’s not the case! Minazuki-san’s logic has a fatal flaw!”

However, Suzuka didn’t back down now as she pushed out her chest.

“And what does Suzuka-chan think that is?”

“Minazuki-san’s assistance is not necessary is what I am saying! Onii-chan already has me as his real little sister!”

“But, there’s no way that Onii-chan would actually fall in love with his real little sister, right?”


W-Was it just my imagination or was there a big sword being stabbed into Suzuka’s chest?


“Rather, wouldn’t it be harder for him to fully awaken as a little sister lover when it’s his real little sister who’s teaching him? That’s why, you should count on Sakura this time!” Sakura’s words continued to inflict critical damage to Suzuka.

And, since her argument was completely logical, Suzuka couldn’t say anything back.

“That being said, Sakura will stay here and help Onii-chan with his special lessons!”

“……….” While Sakura turned towards me with a big smile on her face, Suzuka was frozen in place. Until……

“Fufu, fufufu……..” Her small body started shaking as she stood up.

…..N-Not good. Isn’t she really getting pissed off now?!

“F-Fine with me….! I’ll gladly show you, then!” She glared at Sakura with tears in her eyes, “That a real little sister will never lose against a fake like you!!”

In response, Sakura smiled with a “Just what Sakura wanted to hear!”

It seems like in the spur of the moment, it was decided that Sakura would be staying here for the time being, not to mention as my little sister.

….Eh? What’s my opinion you ask? Neither of them even care, for fuck’s sake!

Part 2:

“For now, we have to clean the room that you’ll be using.”

After it was unanimously (?) decided that Sakura would be staying over, Suzuka said that we should clean the room that she would be staying in.

“Onii-chan, I’ll wipe off the dust now, so could you please open the window?”

“Sure,” I moved accordingly to Suzuka’s instructions.

Since my superhuman of a little sister also did every possible chore in the house, something like this was nothing special for her.

“Ohhh, Sakura’s home doesn’t have such a Japanese-styled room, so this is a breath of fresh air for her! And it’s really spacious!”

She stood behind us, looking around inside the room. By the way, the apron had been confiscated by Suzuka and she had changed into her own clothes again.

“Thank you very much for doing this just for Sakura!”

“Well, after we decided on everything, we had to prepare a place for you to sleep, after all.”

“But Sakura would’ve been fine with staying in Onii-chan’s room together with him~”

“Of course you can’t do that! What are you thinking?!”

Sakura responded with a nonchalant “It’s a joke~” but Suzuka wasn’t having any of that and scolded her with “That didn’t sound like a joke at all!”

Like this, Suzuka was trying her best to keep Sakura in check, but knowing Sakura, she was going to give her a run for her money.

…This thought had occurred to me before while we were at Comiket, but someone like Sakura might be a natural enemy for a serious person like Suzuka. It’s not like they hate each other, but they can’t really communicate properly.

“But, well, Sakura can always go to Onii-chan’s room if she wants to see him, so it’s fine.”

“O-Onii-chan will be really busy from now on, so any unnecessary contact with him is prohibited!”

“Eh~? But sneaking into his room at night should be fine, right? Sakura won’t be a bother to him if he’s sleeping, after all.”

“Onii-chan! From now on, you will always lock the door when you got to bed!”

“You know that I can’t lock my room, right?”

That’s why I always have to be careful when playing eroge— no, it’s nothing!

“But, Suzuka-chan, don’t you think that sneaking into a lonely Onii-chan’s room is something that would get him fired up towards little sisters?”

“….I-Is that so?”

“It’s true that in little sister light novels, there are a lot of scenes like that.”

“….I see.”

“Still, please hold back on scaring me to death, okay?”

And if they were to do that on a regular basis, what would happen to my sleep schedule?

“Eh~? Sakura thought that it would be a good idea for your special lessons…..Ah, then, Onii-chan just has to sneak into Sakura’s futon! You’re always welcome, okay?”

“Onii-chan! From now on, we will tie your arms and legs to the bed while you sleep, okay!”

“I won’t go anyway! Just how small is your trust in me?!”

Why do you have to take every joke she makes seriously…

“O-Onii-chan’s special lessons aren’t chances for you to play with him, so hold back on stuff like that! Okay, Minazuki-san?”

“It’s Sakura!”


“Sakura wants you to call her by her given name. Since she will be staying here as Onii-chan’s little sister, she doesn’t want to be treated like an outsider.”

“Grrr…….You aren’t Onii-chan’s sister at all!” Suzuka retorted as she grit her teeth, “O-Okay, I understand…..I will call you Sakura-san then….Is that okay?”

“Yeah! ….But, since we’re basically sisters now, which one of us will be the older sister? Should Sakura call you Suzuka-oneechan?”

“Why?! You clearly are older than me!”

“But, Suzuka-oneechan seems very grown-up. Don’t you think so too, Onii-chan?”

“Well, personality-wise you might be right about that…?”

“She doesn’t exactly look all that grown-up,” — is what I wanted to add, but I felt Suzuka’s glare so I held back.

“There’s no need for us to address each other like that! We will keep it like before!”

“Okaaaaay. So, that means that we are twins, right?”

“Can we stop talking about that?!”

“But, with twins, there are little sisters and big sisters as well, right? So Sakura should really call you Suzuka-oneechan.”

“Why did we return to that in a matter of seconds?!”

“How about you stop discussing every little thing with her?”

While the both of them kept going like that, we continued cleaning.

…Soon, the windows were done.

“…Really, why is she so difficult for me to deal with…” Suzuka said as she continued cleaning the dust off the shelves. She took out the vacuum cleaner, and in no time at all, the room looked completely different from before.

“Woah. Amazing! Suzuka really is amazing at cleaning!”

“Not just cleaning but also cooking and laundry. She really is a pro at housework chores,” I added, making Sakura clap in amazement.

“S-Something like this is no big deal…” She said as she fiddled with her hands, “And also, because Onii-chan is such a good-for-nothing big brother, as a little sister I have to at least do this much.”

“Muuu, really Onii-chan…..” Sakura let out a small snicker.

In the meantime, Suzuka opened the closet to take out a futon, opening it gracefully.

“Ohh, like a landlady…..!”

“As a little sister, you have to be able to do these sorts of things in your sleep.”

With a motivated expression, Sakura raised her hand and said “Sakura will try it too!”

“Sure, go ahead,” Suzuka responded as she picked up the futon and crammed it back into the closet.

“Hup… Hup…!” Sakura tried to set out the futon like Suzuka had, but ended up struggling due to the futon’s size.

She probably had never done anything like this because she didn’t have any Japanese-styled rooms at home.

As I thought that…


“H-Hey, Sakura-san! Your underwear is visible!”


Crouching down on top of the futon, Sakura was so focussed that she didn’t realize that she pointed her butt at us, showing us a clear view of her panties.


“Eh? Hya?!” Having realized her position, she hurriedly pulled down her skirt and sat down.

In the next moment, she looked up at me with flushed cheeks.

“….Onii-chan, you pervert!” She smiled at me and stuck out her tongue as if she wanted to tease me.

Seeing her like this, I couldn’t stop my cheeks from flushing as well.

“W-What’s up with that reaction as if she planned it all from the beginning!”

“This is something Sakura can do because she’s your little sister! Normally, you’d be embarrassed when someone sees your panties, but since Sakura is his little sister, it has a ‘well it happens’ feeling to it and we both can be happy as we laugh about it! Right, Onii-chan?”

“Eh? Ah, well, yeah…..”

Truth be told, when it happens with your little sister, it’d be weird to pay it a lot of attention because she’s your family, so you just think ‘So clumsy~’ and forget about it.

….This is one of the perks of having a little sister, I guess.

“Onii-chan! Pull yourself together! And Sakura-san too, don’t go pulling a panchira just because you feel like it!”

“Ehehe, Sakura didn’t do it on purpose though. Even she is embarrassed by it.”

Indicating that she wasn’t lying, her cheeks were slightly flushed as she lowered her head.

“……Ku!? So you just thought that it would be fine to do something like that?! ….Well, it’s not like it doesn’t help Onii-chan with his special lessons but….!”

“Onii-chan looked really delighted too.”

“Ah, forget it! Let’s just finish this up!” I said as I decided to help Sakura with the futon.

“Mhm…..hup. Ah, Onii-chan?”

“I can’t keep looking like this. Hold here, will you?”

“Yeah! Thank you Onii-chan!”

Seeing Sakura and I working together, Suzuka pouted.

“Why are you taking her bait, Onii-chan…?” I realized that she was glaring at me like crazy.

“For dinner, I’m thinking of using up the leftovers from today’s lunch. I’ll make a lot of Onii-chan’s favourite stuff, so look forward to it!”

Having finished cleaning up the room, it had gotten pretty late, so Suzuka was about to start preparations for dinner. Suzuka put on an apron and looked even more motivated than ever as she stood in the kitchen.

“It’s obvious that the little sister should cook food for her big brother. Something like this is a must, you might even call it!” She clearly said that while being completely aware that Sakura was listening.

Of course, without ignoring that, Sakura responded.

“Sakura will also cook something for Onii-chan!” She also put on an apron (this time with clothes underneath) and headed towards the kitchen.

“I can’t just watch you two, so let me help out with something.”

“Sakura will make some omelettes, so would you scramble some eggs for Sakura? Three should be enough.”


“Onii-chan, I also need some eggs, so can you do the same for me? I need six, though.”

“Got it.”

“Ah, then Sakura needs eight!”

“Mhm….? Then prepare ten for me!”

“Don’t make a fight out of everything!”

Like this, even during the preparations for dinner, they kept getting in each other’s nerves. Still, things proceeded fairly smoothly.

And, when it was time to eat and their respective dishes were lined up next to each other—



Suzuka had a confident smile on her face while Sakura had tears in her eyes. You might have been able to guess just from that, but Suzuka’s dish looked so delicious that you could sell it in a store without problems, while Sakura’s dish was losing its form and had been burned in several places.

“Sakura messed up…” She said in defeat.

Well, it’s not like this was a competition or anything.

“I-It’s not entirely inedible so let’s just start eating, okay?” I tried to cheer her up a bit.

Like this, we started eating dinner.

“I really put my everything into this for a long time. I have confidence in it, so eat to your heart’s content, Onii-chan.”

“Ah, yeah. It’s as delicious as always.”

Giving her my honest opinion, she put one hand to her cheek and started laughing. She then proceeded to recommend all the different things she had cooked.

On the other hand, Sakura…

“…….” Throwing glances at me and her own food repeatedly, she moved her chopsticks with a lonely expression.

Seeing her like that, my chest hurt a little bit.

“Ah, let me eat some of Sakura’s food too.”

“Eh? Ah, okay. Comparing it to Suzuka-chan’s food though, it’s……”

“That’s not true……Yeah, it doesn’t look perfect but it’s not all that bad, okay? It’s really delicious actually.”

“R-Really? Fufu…..” Putting her food in my mouth, Sakura showed me a bright smile, “But, Sakura wants to improve even more so tell her your specific impression!”

“Mhm? I think that if you prepared a bit more for it, you can get a stronger taste and I really like—-”

“….Onii-chan! I made a lot so please eat some of mine too!” With these words, Suzuka pushed another plate with her food into my direction.

“A-Ah, yeah……yup, it’s really delicious.”

“Only that….?”

“Eh? Well, I don’t really have any other words to describe the taste…..”

Her cooking is perfect after all and it perfectly fits with my likes and dislikes. I can’t think of any words other than delicious, really.

Sakura, though…..

“Sakura created all these different things, so she’ll focus on one thing to make it more delicious, okay? Like that, she’s sure that her other dishes will also improve.”

“I see…..Yeah! Give it your best!”

Since it’s not exactly perfect, there are a lot of things she can improve on, making it easier for me to actually help her.

“M-Muuuu…..! It’s unfair……! Why do you only look at her even though mine is way better….!”

“That’s not the case, you know? Suzuka-chan’s dishes are all so well done! Seeing that, as a fellow little sister, I’m really jealous!”

“Then why is Onii-chan favouring you all the time….!”

I don’t have any intention of picking favourites, though?

Seeing Suzuka glare at me, I tried to follow up with “O-Of course, your food is way more delicious, you know?” but that didn’t fix her bad mood.

“That’s right. He’s probably only focusing more on Sakura’s cooking because her level isn’t the same as yours!”

“The one who’s less skilled gets the most attention, you say?!”

Suzuka seemed to have received a huge shock. I realized that this was all supposed to be another special lesson.

…..Well, there’d be no other reason why she would want to get my attention anyway. I also realized something else thanks to Sakura’s words: One of the most important personality traits that makes a little sister cute, called ‘slight incompetence’. Having someone from your own family to protect like that is what draws out the cuteness of ‘little sisters’.

“Still, I can’t just make mistakes on purpose like that….! Even though I have to make Onii-chan fall in love with little sisters….!”

“No, there’s no need to fake mistakes or anything….”

Also, it would be very troublesome for me if the perfect strict superhuman Suzuka were to change into that girly-like little sister character. I don’t see Suzuka in that light at all.

“That’s right, Suzuka-chan. People have things they are good and bad at, so Sakura can’t become the same little sister like you. We just have to work together to awaken the little sister lover in Onii-chan!” She said as she entwined her arm with mine, having a charming smile on her face and adding, “Right, Onii-chan?”

I’m well aware of the fact that she’s only acting, but when she’s this close to me I can’t stop my heart from beating faster.

“And? Have you started to fall in love with little sisters, Onii-chan?”

“I-I wouldn’t be having so much trouble if it were that easy.”

Still, looking at Sakura right now, I thought, ‘So this is the cuteness of a little sister’.

Being confronted with a little sister element that I had never experienced with Suzuka, I felt like I couldn’t calm down. Since this is completely different from my perfect little sister Suzuka, an uncomfortable feeling was assaulting me.


However, it’s not like Suzuka isn’t cute or anything. She’s a real beauty, after all, and looking at her you’ll only find personality traits that you can praise. She’s the kind of little sister that would never embarrass you wherever you might take her. But, because she hates me, our conversations aren’t all that sibling-like.

That’s why I don’t understand what there is to love about little sisters.

“B-But, I still am Onii-chan’s real little sister, so I have more responsibilities and duties than Sakura-san. In the end, I have to be the one to work towards the goal of him falling in love with little sisters the most……!”

“Ehh? But isn’t Sakura technically his real little sister too right now?”

“No, that’s not the same! I have spent way more time with Onii-chan that you could ever imagine, after all!” She puffed out her chest.

Now that she says it, weren’t we always on bad terms until I became her stand-in?

“For example, the composition that Onii-chan wrote in his second-year of grade school! The title was ‘My treasure’ and he said there: ‘My little sister is is my most important treasure!’”

Cough?!” I swallowed my breath from hearing her suddenly bring that up. That was from so far back that even I had forgotten about it.

“Also, in his first year of grade school, he gave me the Santa Claus from the Christmas cake even though he wanted him for himself, and when I was in kindergarten, it was my birthday and he wanted to buy me a present but he didn’t have enough money so he came home crying.”

“W-Wait! D-Did something like that ever happen?!”

And why do you remember it so clearly even though I have no memory of that?!

But Suzuka didn’t listen to my words and merely continued.

“Just like this, I know everything about Onii-chan. That’s why you can rest assured and leave everything to me. As his real little sister, I will take the responsibility and make him fall in love with little sisters,” She said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, making Sakura pout.

It’s still a mystery to me why they have to make a competition out of everything, but Suzuka was in the right, which is why Sakura couldn’t say anything back.

“………Fiendish ero-books.”

However, at that time, she muttered something under her breath.

“Onii-chan has fiendish ero-books hidden in his room!”

“H-Hey Sakura?!”

“It’s true that there are things that only Suzuka-chan knows but that’s the same for Sakura! Like Onii-chan’s taste on knee-socks! Or his favourite design on panties! His first eroge he ever bought and so on! He told Sakura everything yesterday!”

“Why are you back-stabbing me now?!?!?!??!” I scowled as I remembered that nightmare yesterday.

I hurriedly turned towards Suzuka, trying to talk my way out of this but….



A voice so heavy the ground seemed to shake. Judging from my experience, this seriously won’t end well.

Turning around with the stiff movement of a robot, I saw, just as expected, my little sister shaking with anger.

“You will tell me more about that discussion you two were having.”

Being confronted with her overwhelmingly pressuring request, I nodded with my head at the speed of light.

After that, I was dragged to my room and forced to bring out every ero-book and eroge that I had been hiding. You could say that all my sins (in that regard) were taken away from me, literally.

With my privacy being violated like this two days in a row, I wondered if it was karma for some evil deeds I had done in my previous life.

Also, I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t ask me what things they were saying during these horrible horrible moments of that unveiling. I’ll give you a little teaser though.

“J-J-J-Just how much of a pervert are you, Onii-chan!”

“Uwa, Onii-chan is a boy after all, huh.”

Hearing these two phrases, you can probably guess what kinds of things they were looking at. I wanted to die. But I couldn’t, so I had no other choice but to close my ears so that I didn’t have to listen to what they were saying about my tastes and so on.

“….S-So Onii-chan likes situations like that…….!”

Part 3:

“Ah…what a ruthless day this was……”

Taking a shower in the bathroom, I dropped my shoulders. All of a sudden, I have to awaken my love for little sisters and all of a sudden I get a new little sister and ALL OF A SUDDEN I have lost my pride as a big brother…..

“Well, the first two are more important right now…..yeah.”

I threw out all the unnecessary stuff from my head and focused on the things I should not forget.

Fall in love with little sisters.

To satisfy Sakurada-san – to stop him from modifying the characters – I have to become a little sister lover no matter what. I know I have a little sister in real life, but I can’t chicken out because of that anymore. Both Suzuka and Sakura are doing this for my sake, even though they clearly hate it (Sakura maybe not so much though.…). They are doing their best to show me the cuteness of a little sister, so I have to give it my best, too. Especially Suzuka, since this all started because my acting as a stand-in wasn’t good enough.

“….Well, it’s not like I don’t think that they’re cute.”

From ‘Cute’ until ‘In love’ it’s a straight line. However, in the case of loving little sisters, there’s a grave barrier that stops me. The existence of Suzuka. My blood-related little sister. And these words she said on that day—



In that moment, a heard the voice of the person I was thinking about, scaring me to the bone.

“Suzuka?! Y-You—! Why are you here?!”

Why is Suzuka peeking through the door with a deep red face?!

“D-D-D-Don’t misunderstand me! A-And don’t turn around!” In matter of seconds, she had already entered the bath.

I was about to conceal my eyes with my hands but….


Seeing Suzuka wear something unbelievable like a school swimsuit, I could only freeze up on the spot.

“S-Stay still please! I will wash your back for you……!”

But she didn’t stop with that. She gradually came closer and softly touched my back.

“W-W-W-Wait wait wait! W-W-Why are you doing this out of the blue?!” I felt my cheeks get hot.

Even Suzuka looked like she was about to explode.

“P-P-Please calm down! This is just a special lesson so that you fall in love with little sisters! We lost a huge amount of time because of Sakura-san, so I have to put in even more effort than before!”

“A-Ah, special lesson! Yeah, makes sense! There shouldn’t be another reason than that….but why in a school swimsuit?”

“There was a scene like this in the ero-books that I read in your room where the girl was wearing something like this……and I can’t lose against Sakura-san here…..!”

“Lose against Sakura…..?”

“I-It’s nothing! This swimsuit was something that Double Peace-sensei had left here and it happened to fit me so there’s your reason!” It looked like her whole body had turned red from embarrassment, making me gulp.

“S-So like I said, this will be a special lesson! This time we will use skinship so that Onii-chan doesn’t have to think about anything weird and can just focus on falling in love with little sisters!”

“R-Roger that!”

The mere act of trying to make me fall in love with little sisters is pretty weird already, but I decided not to say that out loud.

“H-Here I go then….!” She said as she started scrubbing my back.

Woah….it’s been years since someone has done this for me, so it somehow feels weird. And, just remembering that the one doing it is Suzuka makes me ticklish for some reason.

“….H-How is it, Onii-chan? A-Am I doing it right…?”

“Eh, ah, it feels good, I guess….?” Truth be told, she was doing it so carefully that I could feel my muscles relax.

…..Getting your back washed by your little sister isn’t bad at all, huh.

“O-Onii-chan’s back is surprisingly big.”

“I-is that so? I think that it’s pretty normal.” Getting more accustomed to the situation, I was starting to relax. At first I was perplexed but when I thought that Suzuka would do even something like this for me, I felt a certain heat inside my heart—


In that moment, I felt a soft sensation on my back, making my whole body twitch.

“W-What is it?! Please don’t move so suddenly!”

“But, well, they’re hitting my back….!”

“Hitting your back? What do you mean?”

No no, there’s only one thing — or rather two things — that would be touching my back in a situation like this!

However, I was unable to say that out loud.


After a few seconds, it seemed like Suzuka had also realized what I was talking about.

“W-Wha….! What are you thinking about, Onii-chan!”

“I-It’s your fault, isn’t it?!”

“I-I’m not doing it on purpose! T-They just happened to touch you that’s all….! U-Uhhhhh, what am I doing……!” I didn’t have to turn around to guess what her face looked like right now.

“W-Well, it was an accident, so let’s both forget about it.”

“T-That’s right! Please forget it! As fast as possible!” Possibly trying to hide her embarrassment, she started washing my back again, this time with a lot more force than before.

“Wai—?! Too strong! It hurts!”

“F-Forget it! At once! Uhh……!”

Being unable to stand it anymore, I tried to turn around to grab her arm but….



With the floor being slippery from the soap, the both of us managed to grandiosely fall over onto said floor. I managed to put my hands down but something hit the back of my head, making me see stars.


As my whole world was spinning, I looked to my side with tears in my eyes, seeing the chair I had been sitting on before I fell over.

“And…Suzuka? Suzuka, are you—-”

Okay?—was what I wanted to finish with but my brain stopped working as I looked down below me.

“…O-Onii-chan…” Suzuka’s face was right next my arms.

Actually, my body was almost touching Suzuka.

….Wait, wait wait wait. Calm down….Don’t tell me….!”

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-san?” I raised my voice in fear.

No matter how one looked it it – even from my standpoint as the one responsible – it was painfully obvious in what position we were currently in and I would like you all to calm down. Even if I happened to push down Suzuka like this, it was merely an accident! This doesn’t have any deeper meaning, and this won’t end like an eroge, okay?!

“……Ah…..Ah…..” Suzuka was shaking like crazy and she looked up at me with a red face.

However, her gaze started to wander from my face towards my chest, down to my belly, and even further below. I only had to look at her eyes to realize where she had ended up now. Her whole body went red, her eyes seemed to be spinning, and she let out a thin voice.

Now, here’s the question. What would Suzuka be looking at right now?

Hint 1: This is the bath and I was wearing suitable clothing.

Hint 2: Nothing.



In the next moment, Suzuka let out a piercing scream, pushed me away, and ran off. Because of that, I hit my back on the wall at full force, but that was the least of my problems.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! What the hell am I doing?! Ahhhhh?!?! Accident or not, why am I pushing down my blood-related little sister like that?! Butt-naked?! Butt-fucking-naked?!

“Ughh, sorry Suzuka. I’m a scummy excuse for a big brother….”

For a while, I kept on sitting in that spot, sinking into self-loathing.

Why did it have to end up like this?–I thought to myself with tears in my eyes, remembering the incident from before.

Special lesson or not, I really took it too far, huh….Well, I really thought that this difference from Suzuka’s usual stoic attitude was really frigging cute but—-

“Hey, I should be reflecting right now! What am I thinking about!”

Trying to calm down my head, I cooled down the water in the shower.

“Well, it’s a fact that she was really cute……” My true feelings escaped my mouth once more.

Trying to drown out these feelings, I turned the shower nozzle on full blast.

Part 4:

“Good morning, Onii-chan, Suzuka-chan…..yawwwwwn.”

The next morning at the breakfast table, Sakura entered the room with sleepy eyes.

“It’s Sunday and you’re still up so early…….Mhm? Did something happen?”

“N-No it’s nothing”

“N-Nothing in particular.”

Sakura inspected our reactions and tilted her head in confusion. Both Suzuka and I had decided that we would try our best to forget what happened yesterday but that certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, events like these could easily cause trauma or PTSD. That’s how severe that incident was for the both of us.

“S-Suzuka is always up pretty early, even on Sundays, you know?”

“Is that so? Amazing!”

With that, I started eating breakfast with the two of them.

“And? What’s our plan for the day?” Sakura asked as she leaned over the table after we finished eating.

“Of course, we will conduct special lessons for Onii-chan today as well. We don’t have much time left,” Suzuka answered as she washed the dishes.

“Agreed!” Sakura lifted up her hand but soon after continued with, “Ah, but Sakura has to go to her job today.”

Speaking about her job, Sakura is a voice actress, but what does her job actually look like? I wanted to ask her about it but…..

“Ah, that’s mine. Sorry……Yes, hello?”

A ringtone reverberated inside the living room and Sakura took out her phone, answering the incoming call.

“Ah, yes, good morning! …….Eh? What happened?” Since she was using formal language, it probably wasn’t someone from her family. Probably a call from her manager about her job.

“…? Sakura-san is on the phone?” Suzuka asked as she came back from the kitchen and I told her my speculations.

“Eh? I don’t have to come in today? Then, what about the recording today…..Ah, but today it was ‘Small room’ after all, so maybe someone else— ah, is that okay?”

….Mhm? It seemed like she looked at me for a second….

“Then that’s fine! Sakura has a knack for these things after all! Please do it just as planned…..Yes, together with Sakura. Yes, until later!” She looked really excited as she cut the call.

Drinking the tea that Suzuka had poured in for me, I asked “A call from work?”

“Onii-chan! Won’t you participate with me in a radio broadcast?”

Pfttttttt” Being asked something incredible like that out of the blue, some tea got into my trachea.

Cough Cough It’s in my nose…! H-Hot!”

“A-Are you okay, Onii-chan?!”

“That being said, let’s go to the studio!”

Cough Cough! Can we slow down just a tiny bit?!” I said with watery eyes as Suzuka patted me on the back.

The circumstances turned out to be something like the following.

“So, basically, you were supposed to appear in a radio broadcast today but the guest voice actress couldn’t make it, so it was about to be cancelled. Then, you decided to take me with you and run the show as planned…..is that correct?”

“Yep, that’s right!”

“Don’t ‘Yep, that’s right’ me! Don’t decide everything without asking me! And there’s no way I can just jump in for another voice actress, right?!

“Why? Onii-chan is Towano Chikai after all, so you’d be an even bigger guest!”

“I have no clue what you’re talking about….There’s no way I can just do the work of a voice actress, and I’ve never done anything like that before, not to mention that I’d rather not get too much attention.”

Hearing my words, Suzuka also nodded. I barely managed to get through the signing session and the lecture, but I’d rather not take the risk here if I can avoid it.

“Ah, that’s totally fine! Sakura doesn’t want to show her face either, so it will be voice only! They’ll record it and publish it online!”

“Well, but—”

“Onii-chan is a super-popular light novel author after all, so he can’t just appear in something like that without the permission of his editor.”

In that moment, Suzuka provided a perfect follow up. Good job!

“Is that so? Then, how about we ask your editor, Onii-chan?”


Ring ring ring ring ring ring

「Hello? Towano-sensei? Do you need some food for your thoughts this early in the morning? Eh, you don’t? …..What? You want to be a guest in Minazuki Sakura’s broadcast? Superb! You managed to get some connections with a super popular voice actress I see! Since this is a perfect opportunity, please feel free to join her! Do everything you can to gain some publicity! Though, this is quite the surprise this early…… Yeah, this is a good chance. If you can, bring your little sister with you too!」


“Seems like we got the OK from Shinozaki-san! Yay!”

Sakura on her part seemed to be extremely happy about that result, but that wasn’t the same for Suzuka and me.

……Shinozaki-san, you’re a bit too lazy sometimes…..

In that moment, I realized something.

…..Can’t we use this situation as a chance?

“Onii-chan needs his special lessons right now, so he clearly doesn’t have the time for something like—”

“No, Suzuka. I think I’ll help Sakura out.”

“Onii-chan?!” She turned around in panic.

She looked at me with a gaze that was trying to tell me “What are you thinking?!”

“Hey, since I’ll be a guest on there, Sakura will ask me some questions, right?”

“Yep, that’s right. About you being an author, as a person, something like an analysis of Towano Chikai!”

“Alright, I’ll join you, then. However, Suzuka has to come with me. Otherwise I won’t.”

“O-Onii-chan?! What are you—”

“Of course she can! Yay! Like this, we can all spend some time together!” Cutting Suzuka off, Sakura threw her arms into the air out of joy, “I’ll tell my producer that it’s decided!” she continued as she once more took out the phone.

“…O-Onii-chan! What are you planning on doing….!”

While Sakura was gleefully talking on the phone, Suzuka started talking to me in a quiet voice.

…..She’s clearly pissed….

“Even though you clearly should be taking some special lessons so why—”

“I know. I agreed to it with that in mind,” When I responded with that, Suzuka was clearly surprised.

“You know, I really think that I have to fall in love with little sisters, but I have no clue how to achieve that. Maybe I can use this broadcast as a chance— is what I thought, you see.”

“A-And what do you plan on doing?”

“Being all lovey-dovey in front of countless people and make an appeal that I love little sisters. Of course, it’ll be acting, but I’ll be as lovey-dovey as I can be, telling myself that I am a little sister lover,” I responded with a serious expression.

The idea might sound crazy but I was sure that it would work. To overcome the hurdle inside me that stops me from falling in love with little sisters, I have no other way but to force myself into that mindset.

…..Normally I’d go down on my knees and beg them to take it easy on me, but that incident with Sakurada-san is 100% my fault. If that’s the case, I have to overcome this hurdle with my own effort, in the true meaning of a ‘special lesson’.

“Since Sakura will be the one asking questions, we can get the best flirty experience out of this. Considering my love for little sisters, it’s not like I couldn’t understand where exactly it comes from, so I might just get pulled along and awaken to little sisters during that…..”

Of course, there’s no way I can say that for certain, but we have to take every chance we can get.


I explained everything to Suzuka as best as I could, but she kept quiet for some reason. And her face seems to have gotten red and her eyes are watery…..?


“T-Together with Onii-chan…..being all lovey-dovey…..on a radio broadcast…….in front of countless people…..a lovey-dovey appeal…..!” She merely muttered something under her breath.

What happened…?— I wondered as I tilted my head in confusion. A moment later, I realized it.

D-Don’t tell me….she’s mad that I decided on all of that without asking her?

…..That’s the only possible thing, right?! W-What should I do…!

“S-Suzuka, I’m sorry!”

“Ehe, ehehehehehehehehe…..ehe? W-What is it, Onii-chan?!”

“I’m sorry for accepting without asking you! I apologize! But, I beg you! I’m sure that you don’t like it, but please put up with it for my special training! I have to awaken as a little sister lover or else….!” I lowered my head countless times.

I’m sure that, for Suzuka, doing something like this must be something similar to hell, but I continued to beg her.

“Wha?! P-Please stop! Being able to flirt all I want with Onii-chan in a radio broadcast is the best— no, forget about that! It’s true that I’m not particularly fond of it, but this is a necessary duty as your little sister that I will happily accept— n-no! I will force myself!”

“Really….? Isn’t that a huge burden for you….?”

“I’m inexperienced but please take care of— not that! I do think that it is a good training opportunity and there is also a huge chance that our director might actually listen to that broadcast so we might actually kill two birds with one stone! I-It’s not like I’m happing for this opportunity or anything, so don’t get any weird misunderstanding! Ehe, ehehehe” She said with her ‘Ehehe laughing face’.

Her reaction was a mystery to me, but I was relieved that she would cooperate with me, and I was a bit happy that she agreed on the fact that it would be a good training opportunity.

…..I’m glad. Suzuka, I will not let this opportunity go to waste, so you’d better watch me!

“Thank you, Suzuka….It might be tough, but I’ll give it my best.”

“Instead of tough, it’s actually the best thing— never! It’s only tough for me! O-Onii-chan will give it his best to be all lovey-dovey with me…..Ehe, ehehehehe, ehehehehhehehehehe”

In the meantime, Sakura’s call had also ended.

“Sakura’s producer was so surprised that she would be bringing Towano Chikai-sensei with her! Now that it’s decided, let’s go— Suzuka-chan? Is everything okay?” She said as she looked towards Suzuka, who was completely spacing out at this point.

…..I couldn’t exactly tell her that she was in pain because of my idea, so I had to cover it up.

“So Onii-chan thought of something like this….”

Hearing Suzuka’s murmur, I also nodded to myself.

…That just shows how serious I am.

With that, it was decided that the both of us would be guests at Sakura’s broadcast.

Part 5:

「Alright then, let’s start with the preparations.」

Hearing that voice, my whole body filled up with tension. A mic coming down from the ceiling. A small room cut off with a glass wall. On the other side of said wall, there were the producer we met a few minutes ago and many staff members. Across the table we were sitting at was Sakura and next to me was Suzuka.

“Onii-chan, here.”

While Sakura was busy talking to a staff member, Suzuka said so and handed me a small notebook.

“On there are all the answers to the questions that she will ask, so Onii-chan just has to read off that and you won’t have any problems. O-Of course while acting out what we had talked about.”

“Yeah, I know. Thanks a bunch.”

When Sakura had finished writing all the questions, Suzuka checked them and wrote a matching answer.

…..At first, we had planned to do the Q&A improv, but Suzuka instead told me that “Onii-chan has to focus on his acting after all!”

“Sorry for making you do this.”

“N-No, this is a perfect chance to make an appeal in front of countless people, so I can finally see how much Onii-chan actually loves me— No, how much Towano Chikai actually loves little sisters!”

“Gotcha. I’ll become Towano Chikai for you.”

“…Uhm, I even wrote down a suitable action you could do to make it look even more lovey-dovey, so pay attention to that. T-They are certainly not my own wishes or anything but they will surely have a lot of impact.”

“Alright. It wouldn’t be a training lesson after all without that,” I answered and Suzuka drooped her head without saying anything back.

I assumed that she was nervous, because she was bright red even to her ears.

「Alright, we’ll start the real deal.」

In that moment, a voice marked the start of the show. Sakura also told me “Let’s go!” in a small voice. I started concentrating as the countdown started

“Hello and welcome to ‘Sakura’s small room’! My name is Minazuki Sakura and today, I will be the moderator for the sixth time! Please treat me well!”

Normally Sakura was very laid-back looking but when she’s working, she looks very serious and professional.

“Now then, we’ve had a lot of guests until now, but the one today is even one step above all of them. The super-popular light novel author that wrote ‘The story about a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope’, Towano Chikai!”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Towano Chikai.”

Next, Sakura turned towards Suzuka.

“However, we don’t just have Towano-sensei by himself today! Listen here! We even arranged the little sister of Towano-sensei to come here for this session!”

“N-Nice to meet you, I’m Towano Chikai’s little sister.”

By the way, we asked that Suzuka’s name wouldn’t be made official.

“Not just Towano-sensei but also his little sister, this is a super rare ‘Small room’ session! I hope you have fun listening to it!” With these words, the opening was over.

Next would be the question corner for Towano Chikai. It’ll be the real deal for me, so I opened the script Suzuka had prepared.

“Now then, let’s start the special interview! Sensei, why did you decide to write such a novel?”

This time, she didn’t ask in her role as my little sister but as the voice actress Minazuki Sakura. As Towano Chikai, I answered her question, using Suzuka’s script.

“That’s because I love little sisters. Or rather, I can’t even express how much I love them, which is why I tried to explain my feelings in the form of my novel.”

“I see! And, is there any reason that you fell in love with little sisters like this?”

“Not necessarily. If I had to name one, it’d be that I am also a big brother, and there’s no big brother in the whole world that doesn’t love his little sister.”

“T-That is a rather extreme point of view, I see.”

I wholeheartedly agree. But, that’s what Suzuka wrote, so I can’t help it.

…..Still, just what I would expect from Suzuka. Coming up with these weird— no, pinpoint answers. She really is Towano Chikai.

“What do you think is the most charming point of your novel, Sensei?”

“The lovey-dovey siblings. I mean, this is the only charming point, anyway.”

“When you wrote the novel, what feelings were you using the most?”

“My love for my little sister…..And also, my love for my little sister.”

“Why twice?! …..U-Uhm, can you tell us something about your life when you’re not writing on your novel?”

“Flirting with my little sister when I wake up, and dreaming about my little sister when I sleep.”

“I don’t know what I expected….. Or rather, you’re also flirting with your blood-related little sister?”

“Mhm? Why are you asking that after all this time?”

“Well……Never mind that, let’s continue with a more normal question. What’s Sensei’s favorite food?”

“My little sister.”


“Ah, no, I meant my little sister’s cooking……Although, I also like my little sister herself.”

“I-In what way?! And why is your character so…..”

I never told Sakura about this being a special lesson or Suzuka’s pre-written answers, so I’m sure that she’s a bit perplexed.

…..Well, she’s not exactly the only one here! I seriously doubt that a lesson where I lose my self-esteem as a human being is necessary!

I’m a little sister lover, I’m a little sister lover….! — As I kept repeating these words inside my heart, I looked at the next question.

“Wha?!” Seeing that ‘answer’, I almost screamed out.

“Uhm, Sensei? Keeping quiet isn’t going to cut it here, you know?”

Hearing these words, I looked over at Suzuka in despair. Her bright red face and serious expression were basically screaming out “This is only for your training!”

…..D-Damn it, I know. You’ve prepared these outrageous answers for my sake, but this is just….No, this isn’t the time to waver! I have to become a little sister lover right here, right now!!

“Sensei? What happened?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was just so entranced while I was looking at my little sister.”

“Eh?!” Sakura opened her eyes wide. “That reason came out of nowhere, so I was a bit surprised… And also, you see her every day, so why are you staring at her during our broadcast?”

“That’s obviously because she’s way too cute!”


Sakura looked like she’d had enough of me but I still continued.

“I’m sorry. I still haven’t answered your question… Uhm, why I think that my little sister is so cute? That’s… because she’s my little sister after all.”

“Excuse me?! And why do you sound so confident about that!”

“Maybe this is the truth of this world?”

“Sakura is the one asking questions here?!”

“Ahh, so cute. Why do I have such a cute little sister, I wonder?”

“Now Sakura is being questioned?! I-Imouto-san, w-what happened with Sensei?!” Panicking, she started talking to Suzuka.

“I-I’m sorry. In Onii-chan’s eyes, he can only see me… ehehehe…”

“Why do you look so happy?!”

“Ahh, I’m sorry, Minazuki-san. I couldn’t concentrate because I was running low on little sister nutrients. And what was the question? Why is it that my little sister is the cutest thing in the whole world?”

“No!? And what do you mean by little sister nutrients anyway?!”

“When I flirt with my little sister, I get little sister nutrients, which give my body energy…..Ahh, is this a deficiency disease….? Since it’s come to this, can I hug your shoulders?”

“S-Shoulders! O-Of course you can— no, not that! I-It’s not like I enjoy it or anything, but if it’s for Onii-chan, I can’t help it, can I?!”

What the hell am I doing?! — is what I was screaming inside my heart, but I couldn’t stop now. I softly embraced Suzuka from behind. Now her small body was in my arms.

“U-Uhm, Sensei’s character is really weird right now….”

“That’s not the case though. Right?”

“H-Hya?! T-That’s right….O-Onii-chan is always acting like this?!”

“Isn’t Imouto-san acting kind of weird?!” She glared at us as she retorted.

…..Well, it’s not like I was having fun acting like this or anything.

“M-Muuuu….Then, I have a question for Imouto-san! What do you think about Sensei, being a little sister lover like this?”

“Ehehehe, Onii-chan…so warm….and he smells so good…..”


“Hya?! …Eh?! Ah, let me think! It’s definitely not like I’m so happy that I get to be all lovey-dovey with Onii-chan or anything?! I wasn’t spacing out because this is the best day of my life, so don’t misunderstand?! T-This is my duty as a little sister, okay?! I-I have to accept him as he is after all. Yes!”

“But, why are you grinning like that…?”

“T-T-T-T-That’s not the case?! O-O-O-O-Onii-chan’s feelings are nothing but trouble for me!”

“M-Muh……! Imouto-san is saying that, but what do you think, Sensei?”

“She’s actually really happy, but she can’t be honest with herself. Her acting like a tsundere is only one of her countless cute parts.”

Feeling Suzuka fidget inside my arms, I seriously felt like killing myself right on the spot.

“Imouto-san seems to be writhing in pain though….? Well, another question for Sensei then. Can you tell us more about your writing style?”

The answer to this question was from the same calibre as before, but I was already so lost in my acting that I didn’t care anymore.

“Ah, that’s—-” With these words, I grabbed Suzuka and lifted her up.


Then, in front of the baffled Sakura, I set Suzuka down between my legs.

“P-Putting her like this, I get enough nutrients to keep writing…..!”

“Hya… Hya…”

Having her back touching my chest, I felt her whole body shake. Additionally, her whole body was stiff because of the tension, making it easier to hug her from behind.

“S-Sensei?! Do you really write in that position?!”

“O-Of course! Being able to feel her warmth and smell her aroma, I don’t need anything else. Ah, my little sister’s smell is too cute…!” I moved my head closer to Suzuka’s, “Ahhh, so cute… And her hair is so soft… is my little sister an angel or something?”

“Sensei! We’re in the middle of a broadcast, you know?!”

“But I can’t help it. Right on front of me is my beloved little sister, after all, so of course I would want to pat her on the head or play with her hair.”

“O-Onii-chan! ….It tickles…..! Hyan!”

“So cute~ It should be a crime to be this cute.”

Actually, my behaviour should be counted as a crime, but I’ve completely become a perverted big brother now.

“Leaving Imouto-san’s cuteness aside, please don’t forget that this is a broadcast!”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Then, to all the listeners, we will continue ‘Towano Chikai’s and his little sister’s love nest’. I hope you enjoy!”

“He hijacked my show?! This is ‘Sakura’s small room’! Please, Imouto-san, say something to Sensei!”


“Uhhh….she’s completely lost, too…..!”

I ignored Sakura’s glare and continued to pat Suzuka’s head.

“Fuuu, now that I’ve filled up on little sister energy, I can give it my all. What is the next question?”

“And now you’re suddenly back on track?!”

“This is Minazuki-san’s show after all, so shouldn’t you be asking me questions?”

“I’m the one at fault here?! Uhhh, I get it. Then, Onii-cha— no, Sensei! I hope you’re ready for my barrage of questions!” Sakura pointed at me with an annoyed expression.

Like this, I continued to act as Towano Chikai and answer her questions with the answers Suzuka had written down.

Part 6:


Sitting on a chair in the breakroom, I dropped my shoulders.

Suzuka and Sakura went to refresh their looks, leaving me behind. I was drinking a canned coffee, remembering my actions just a few minutes prior.

“…I wonder if that was okay.”

I think that I did a good job.

After the broadcast, Sakura scolded me with “If you’re going to act like your character, then tell Sakura beforehand! And, once we return, you will flirt with Sakura too!” and judging from her reaction, I managed to convince her. Even the producer was praising (?) me with “Just what I had expected from Towano Chikai-sensei…” so I think it’s safe to call this training a success.

Acting like a little sister lover, I was sure that I could understand what it meant to actually be one…but…

“Somehow, I still don’t really get it…” I didn’t feel any response yet.

Suzuka on her part said “Y-Y-Y-You did a great job, I think?! E-Everyone probably understood how much you love little sisters, right?! So you should just keep going like this forever, don’t you think?! Ah, but don’t misunderstand, okay?! We only are doing this because of Sakurada-san!”

“I really forced her into something bad, didn’t I…” I was filled with the urge to drop down onto my knees and apologize for the rest of the day.

…But is there something I’m not satisfied with? I know that it’s weird coming from me, but I think that the quality of my acting was pretty high.

I was acting as that character from the bottom of my heart so that should probably satisfy Sakurada-san.

“…It should’ve been enough, right…?”

I still didn’t understand. No matter how hard I think about it, the answer won’t come. As if something didn’t add up yet, like I couldn’t calm down. As I thought about it inside my head, there was one question that came up.

“…Was that really what it means to be a little sister lover?”

Of course, there was no way that somebody would answer me, so I could only shake my head in defeat.

…At the very least, I realized that this special lesson wasn’t enough to awaken my love for little sisters.

“Ah, damn it…” Frustrated, I gulped down the rest of my canned coffee.

But, when I went to throw away the can, I realized that someone was standing in front of the door to the recording room we were just in.

…Looking at these movements, it seems to be an intruder for sure.

I came closer to the person, trying to get a look at his face.



Having let out a voice unconsciously like that, the intruder’s body twitched. And, the person turning around was—


“Y-You are Towano-sensei?!”

Yes, it was the anime producer Sakurada Itsuki that we met only a few days ago.

“What are you doing here?”

“N-Nothing at all? I-I’m an anime director after all, so it shouldn’t be so weird to be in a place like this, right?” He stuttered as he responded.

At first, I thought “Is that so….?” but something still felt weird. Still, I didn’t have the time to think about that.

“Uhm, about the anime production, is there really no way that we can keep the characters as they—”

However, the moment I spoke out these words—

“Sorry for waiting!” Sakura called out to me, “Eh? What happened? What are you doing here?”

“Ah, no, I was talking with this person—” I said as I turned around to face Sakurada-san once more.



In a matter of seconds, he had disappeared without a trace.

“What happened, Onii-chan?” Following Sakura, Suzuka joined the conversation as she tilted her head.

“N-No, it’s nothing…” I muttered, not knowing what had just happened.

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