Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 4 Chapter 3

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The sleepover and amusement park date

Part 1:

‘Little sisters are everything’

‘I only love little sisters!’

‘Little sister ★ Little sister’

‘Sister cannibal’

‘It should be fine to marry my little sister in an isekai world, right?’

‘Flirting with your little sister 101’

‘Little sister = Destiny’


“I wonder what you’re looking at~”

Just when I wondered who had poked my back, her face entered my view from the right side, making me go “Uwa?!” in surprise.

“Hey! Can you not scare the living hell out of me, Esaka-san?!”

“It’s Nagamin’s fault because he’s looking at little sister books during his worktime~”

This person is my Senpai at the place I work part-time at. Even though she might look like a loli, she’s actually a university student.

“And, what were you doing?~ Even though you have a blood-related little sister, and have written a little sister novel, you still need more?~”

“Y-You’re wrong. I was just reorganizing the books is all,” I said and tried to quickly get away from said bookshelf. Though that was a lie; she was right about the fact that I was looking for some material on that topic.

A few days had passed since Sakura had started staying over in our house. That whole time, both her and Suzuka have been conducting special lessons for me but I still haven’t made any progress. The meeting with Sakurada-san was gradually coming closer, and I was starting to get worried.

“Nagamin really is a hopeless boy~ You have to be together with her 24/7 after all~ Your Onee-san is really shocked~”

“If only that was my biggest problem….”

“Mhn~? Did you say something?~”

“Nothing at all. And what happened with the register?! Please do your job properly!”

Instead of listening to me, she put her arms around my neck and her legs around my belly, not moving an inch.

“Just standing at the register makes me freeze~ That’s why I came here to feel Nagamin’s warmth~”

“That’s clearly not something an Onee-san would do though?!”

I decided to ignore Esaka-san for now and continued my work on the bookshelf. From time to time, I heard that no-good person’s muttering behind me but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

“Hey Yuu, you’re still not done at work?”

In that moment, I turned around towards the source of that voice, only to see Mai standing there, wearing her school uniform. Being the unofficial stalker of Towano Chikai, she always comes by on the days that I have work… She’s as enthusiastic as always.

“Ohh~ If it isn’t Mai-chan~ So you’re going to request Nagamin today as well, I see~”

“T-That’s not the case… this is just for my investigation.”

Like that, she once more pulled her ‘Nagami Yuu investigation notes’ notebook out, but instead of writing in it she kept stealing glances at me with flushed cheeks. Recently, her behaviour is weird. But I didn’t have any time to dwell on it because at that moment another person entered the shop.

“Ah, Onii-chan! So you really do work here!”

“Sakura?! Why are you here?!” I almost fell over with Esaka-san still clinging to my back.

She seemed to be on her way back from school because she was her uniform. Because of that, she looked a bit refreshing, but this clearly isn’t the time to be saying that.

“Yesterday you told Sakura that you were working at a bookstore called ‘Maruneko’, so, as your little sister, she thought that she had to visit you at least once!”

……Oh no! I happened to tell her that on a whim yesterday, but I didn’t think that she would actually come by…..!

“Ahhhh?! You’re that voice actress Minazuki Sakura?! Why are you here! And why are you calling Yuu ‘Onii-chan’!”

Just as expected, Mai raised her voice as she spotted Sakura. Esaka-san on her part just looked at us, seemingly enjoying the situation.

“Ah, good day, Enryuu-sensei! Sakura became Onii-chan’s official little sister!”

“You clearly didn’t! She doesn’t take these jokes very well, so please stop that, Sakura!”

“Yuu! W-W-W-W-What does she mean by that?! Explain!”

“See?! Mai! C-Calm down and listen to me!”

But, Mai’s and Sakura’s compatibility were bad from the beginning, so I doubted she would actually listen to me until I could explain everything.

“Hey, hey, Nagamin~” Esaka-san poked my cheek, “Can I also call you Onii-chan?”

I thought so!

“What exactly are you doing, Onii-chan?”

Looking towards another familiar voice, this time it was Suzuka in her school uniform, clearly not in a good mood. At first I was surprised that she also came here, but….

“I figured that something like this might happen, so I came here just in case,” She glanced at Sakura, “And, what kind of work are you doing right now…..?”

Esaka-san was clinging to my back, Mai was continuing to blame me and I was merely standing in front of the bookshelf. After a short silence, I answered “Uhm…..I’m working in a book store?”

Suzuka then shook her head and said “Please pull yourself together.”

“So, what exactly is going on? Why is this girl calling Yuu ‘Onii-chan’? And why is she even here in the first place?”

After what happened, the girls and I were on our way back home. Mai was walking with us, of course. Her big mansion was pretty close to our house so we always walked home together like this…..but I wonder if she’ll go home quietly after that incident with Sakura…..

“Ah, well….that’s a bit….” I didn’t know what to tell her.

The thing about Sakura calling me Onii-chan could be explained easily with ‘She’s just acting for a role’, but what about the fact that she’s walking home with us? I can’t exactly tell her that she ran away from home and is staying over at our house. Knowing Mai, I don’t even want to imagine her reaction.

Suzuka for her part was just pouting without looking at me once and Sakura was just smiling as always, making me unsure if she really understood the situation or not. How troublesome.

“Ohhh, it looks like Sensei is building up his harem nicely, desu!”

…Can we not? Why did this blonde-haired girl show up, too?

“E-Even Double Peace-sensei….why are you here?”

“I came over to play at Sensei’s house, desu! That being said, I will be so free as to join your harem too!”

Double Peace-sensei is the illustrator of Suzuka’s novel and she was both working and living in Akihabara.

..Her timing is as horrible as always— I thought as Double Peace-sensei walked towards Sakura.

“Oh? You are Minazuki Sakura-san, right? It’s been a long time, desu! We haven’t seen each other since Comiket!”

“Hello Ahegao-san! What a coincidence to meet you here!”

“You’re completely right! So that means that Sakura-san is also a member of Sensei’s harem, desu!”

“Yes, Sakura is also part of Onii-chan’s harem!”

“Uhm….there are still people around us, so can you not throw the word ‘harem’ around every two seconds……?”

“So, Sensei, why is Sakura-san here, desu? Does she also live close by like Mai?”

“You’re wrong. She’s always buzzing around Yuu, though… doesn’t it make you curious as well?”

Hearing Mai’s words, Double Peace-sensei nodded with an “Of course it does, desu!”

“Although I shouldn’t exactly be surprised, Onii-chan really is a genius when it comes to being careless,” Suzuka muttered with a sulking expression.

While I was trying to think of an excuse……

“Right now, Sakura is staying in the same house as Onii-chan!”


Sakura blurted out the very thing that I was trying so hard to hide from them.

“S-S-S-S-S-Staying in the same house?! Y-Yuu?! Does she mean what I think she does?! W-Why are you letting her stay over but not me?!”

“Doesn’t this mean that there will be lots of ero scenes, desu?! And, what is Sensei like at night?! Please let me experience the same things as Sakura-san!”

“C-Calm down you two! And why is the blame shifting towards me for no apparent reason?!”

“I-I’ll explain the circumstances, so come in for the time being! If we were to discuss this here, we would bother the neighbours, and they will surely misunderstand!” Suzuka said, somehow managing to calm the other two down.

In the meantime, we had already arrived at our house and Suzuka went to open the door, only to turn around, whispering something as she looked up at me.

“Of course, since Onii-chan is the one responsible for this situation, he will surely clear everything up.”

“Even if you say that….I’m clearly not responsible for all of this….?”

“Well, even if it technically is Sakura-san’s fault, the source of it still lies with Onii-chan. Including the fact that you don’t even know why!”

Why?!—is what I wanted to retort but I knew that I would only dig my own grave with that.

“Onii-chan, do you understand me?”

Adding these words, my back straightened in fear and I bit my tongue, saying “Y-Yes!”

“Ohhh, Suzuka-chan is so cool….” Sakura looked at her in admiration.

I really wish that you, as the main reason for all of this, would be a bit more aware of your actions…..

Part 2:

“So she ran away from home, came here…..and now she’s going to stay over~?”

For now, all of us went inside and gathered in the living room so that I could explain the situation. Mai for her part looked like she didn’t believe me one bit.

“I see, I didn’t think of that possibility, desu.”

“That’s right. And, while Sakura is staying here, she will act as his little sister!”

By the way, we also told them about the fact that Sakura was aiming for the little sister role in the anime, so they should know enough that they won’t get any weird misunderstandings….probably.

“………..” “…………..”

Both Mai and Double Peace-sensei then looked at each other in silence. Until…..

“That’s unfair, Yuu!” “That’s unfair, desu!” Both of them approached me.

….Yup, I knew it was impossible. Hahahaha!

“It’s not fair that only she gets the chance to experience this dream-like scenario! L-Let me also stay over so I can investigate you even more!”

“Exactly, desu! I couldn’t manage to stay over at Mai’s villa before, so I will definitely not back down on this, desu!”

“Wait wait wait! Sakura staying over was merely an emergency situation, you know!”

But, they didn’t give up.

……Ahhhh, Suzuka’s glare behind my back is starting to hurt!

“What’s up with that! If it would allow me to stay over, then I will also run away from home! Hup, and I ran away! I ran away just now! So let me stay over!”

“You’re living alone in your huge mansion, right?!

“Sensei, I also ran away, so please treat me well, desu! My room was getting cramped from all the ero stuff anyway!”

“Throw away stuff that you don’t need anymore!”

“How rude, desu! There doesn’t exist a single eroge or book that isn’t useful!”

“How would I know thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!”

While I was bantering with the two of them, Suzuka continued to glare at me, and Sakura was nodding with her head, saying “Onii-chan really is popular, hehehe,” showing no signs of helping me at all. Well, maybe my reasoning is a bit weak after all? If I say running away leads to staying over, then of course the two of them wouldn’t back down. But, it’s actually not just that, so I have no other choice but to actually say it directly!

“C-Calm down you two! It’s true that her running away is a big part of it, but she is also helping me out!”

“Helping you out? In what way?” Mai responded with a suspicious look.

“Let me see….so basically, I’m in a pickle right now. Even though I wrote such a little sister novel, there are still some things that I don’t understand about being a little sister lover. That’s why she’s acting out the role that she wants to get in the anime, namely the little sister… You might call this a give and take relationship, right?” While I was busy explaining, I realized something.

It actually sounds really ridiculous…

“W-What’s up with that! Why didn’t you ask me for advice about that?!” And Mai responded just as I had expected, “I am your number one fan, so if you have any trouble, you can always come to me!”

“That’s right, Sensei! I am your number one partner after all, so please don’t hold back on consulting me, desu!”

“Well, I’m really grateful for that, but…” I was bit perplexed because I didn’t expect the two of them to answer like that.

While I was actually feeling grateful to them, they looked at each other, leaned over and said the following.

“That’s why you need to make me your little sister, too!” “That’s why you need to make me your little sister too, desu!”

“………..Excuse me?” I could only stare at them in disbelief.

“Like I said~, P-Please make me your little sister, too!”

“That’s right, desu! To make you understand everything you need to know, both Mai and I will help you out!”

“Wa-Wait a second!? Wh-What are you two even saying?!”

“Well, I guess we have the same circumstances as that girl. We ran away from home and will now stay here to help you!”

“Really, you should’ve just told us sooner, desu. I don’t have any problems with becoming your little sister!”

“That’s right. So, you better treat us well…..Y-Yuu-Oniichan?”

“For Yuu-Oniichan, I will do everything he wants me to do, desu!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?!” I almost fell over from the shock.

Mai and Double Peace-sensei didn’t pay any attention to that, though, and continued to call me ‘big brother’.

….No, no no, no no no! This is completely outside of my expectations!

“Sensei really let out his true feelings during that broadcast, so there’s no way that he would be having too many problems, desu!”

“That’s right! There’s no way that we would be of less help then that girl, right?!”

Seeing Mai with tears in her eyes, I had no other option but to nod in defeat.

“Y-Yay! Like this, I can stay over at Yuu’s— no, at Yuu-Oniichan’s home!”

“How magnificent, desu! To make sure that no one is interrupting me here, I will send my scenario writer a short email, saying that I will send the next work later, desu! And I’d better turn off my smartphone while I’m at it!”

Both Mai and Double Peace-sensei looked really happy. Seeing them like this, I really couldn’t turn them down anymore, and I didn’t have any good reason to, anyway. Though, after hearing Suzuka’s ice-cold voice from behind me, I really wished that I could escape this reality somehow…..

“Onii-chan, what exactly does this mean? I’ll gladly listen to your explanation in great detail….!”

Part 3:

“…..For crying out loud! Even Sakura-san is a big problem on her own, so why did Mai-san and Double Peace-san also have to stay over!”

“I have no excuses…..”

Hearing my aggravated question, Onii-chan dropped his shoulders.

Was I a bit too harsh just now?— I pondered for a moment, but to think that they would be staying over, not to mention that they would be acting as little sisters….I can’t forgive that!

“And also, Onii-chan is just too kind to everyone! At this rate, everyone around you will start using you, you know? Are you aware of that?”

“I will keep it in mind…..”

……Please don’t drop your shoulders like this….When I see Onii-chan all depressed like this, it makes my heart throb immensely…

Thinking that, I felt the rage inside me cool down. It wouldn’t be fair to put all the blame on Onii-chan. Aside from Sakura-san’s case, the other two were always like this. Maybe I should rather praise him because of his last words about that matter.

“But you’ll only stay until tomorrow, okay?!”— he had said.

It seems like I might be just as kind as Onii-chan….Ehehe.


……That being said, even if I understand the circumstances, I can’t just accept this cruel reality.

This being Onii-chan’s and my home, he should only need me as his little sister….So why are the two of them shamelessly intruding into our home, even if they actually want to help him fall in love with little sisters? They will only be a bother when I’m finally alone with my beloved Onii-chan.

“Uhm, Suzuka? I’m really sorry, okay? Including that incident with Sakurada-san, I keep troubling you, don’t I……”

……Even if he says that, it is still my fault…..

Asking him to be my stand-in, wanting him to fall in love with little sisters — these were always my selfish wishes. For him to try his best for my sake, I should be the one apologizing. But I can’t be honest with myself.

“No, now that it’s decided, there’s no reason to ponder about it any longer. Rather than that, the futon should be over there, so please take it out.”

In the end, I can never say anything that would make him think of me as cute….I hate this personality of mine.

Without knowing my inner conflict, Onii-chan went “A-Ah, yeah,” hearing my words and pulled it out as I requested. Right now, I was in our storage room with him. Although the other two will also stay in the same room as Sakura-san, we don’t have enough futons in there, so we had to bring the old ones out.

“Hey Suzuka, this might just sound like an excuse, but….” Onii-chan started talking to me without making eye contact.

“W-What is it?”

“I…..Having to change the character from the original work…..I can’t allow that to happen. That’s why, to satisfy Sakurada-san, I have to become a little sister lover. But, no matter how much you and Sakura help me out, I can’t truly become this person I was at the broadcast. I know it sounds weird that I would ask Mai and Double Peace-sensei for their help….but I have to take every chance I can get… That’s why I couldn’t say no to them,” he said.

I was shocked. This really did only sound like a bad excuse. But, even if it was, it left a strong impression on me.

…..Onii-chan is really giving his best to fall in love with little sisters, right? And he’s not doing this for anyone else. He’s doing it solely for me!? I-I couldn’t be happier about that!

“I-It’s fine. I’m not mad anymore. You couldn’t help it in that situation, after all,” I realized that my voice was getting weaker, making the blood rush to my head.

I’m glad that we’re inside this dark storage room. If Onii-chan were to see my face right now, I…….!

…..Mhm? But, wait a second? Right now, I’m in this dark room, together with Onii-chan, only the two of us, right? W-What should I do?! What if I just go and collapse onto Onii-chan?! And I would close my eyes, making Onii-chan realize my feelings and we would give in to our destiny, devoting ourselves to each other right here!

Ahhh, that would be magnificent — no, wonderful — no no, just thinking about it makes my chest burn up in passion— no, not that! It’s still too early for us!

“…I see. Thank you, Suzuka.”

“What kind of lewd things are you thinking about?!”

“Ehhh?! Did I say something bad?!”

C-Calm down, me! You wouldn’t want any misunderstandings to happen! In the future, I will accept his everything, but right now, I haven’t mentally prepared myself…..!

“Being alone with Onii-chan in a place like this is dangerous, so hurry up and pull the futons out!”

“So you’re still mad?!” He grumbled as he pulled out said futons.

I also hurried out of the room, taking a deep breath.

Fuu…..our first time really should be more romantic — noooo, thinking like that is really dangerous! You have to calm down, me!

“….Hup. But still, I kept bothering you this time around as well, so once this is over, you can ask anything of me as an apology.”

“Like I said before! Can you not say something like that so lightly!”

I finally managed to calm down, so can you not say such things that would make me dance and grin all over my face!

“Then what should I do?!”

Onii-chan looked like he was about to cry and I really like that expression of his, but I can’t look at him right now!

Time for some deep breaths…..! Ha.. Fu……. Ha…….. Fu…….. Ha…………Fu………………

A-Alright, I managed to calm down a bit!

“R-Right now, Onii-chan should only think about falling in love with little sisters. After you’ve managed to do that, I will think of something.”

“…Yeah. This isn’t the time for this.”

While the both of us were talking like this, we went back to the room were everybody else was waiting.

My thoughts went a bit rampant just now, but there is really only one thing I have to focus on. That is, to make Onii-chan fall in love with little sisters — no, not that, right? After all, that is the final goal. What do I have to do? That’s as clear as day.

I have to beat these fake little sisters and make them understand that I am Onii-chan’s one and only little sister!

“We brought the futons!”

“Yay! Thank you, Yuu-Oniichan! Then, let’s go sleep together, desu!”

“Woah?! C-Can’t you see that my hands are full!? Don’t just cling to me!”

“W-Well, big brother is the one responsible for the physical labour, so he surely won’t need any thanks~”

“M-Mai?! D-Don’t jump on my shoulders! T-They’re hitting me!”

“W-What are you saying, you perverted big brother! You’re actually really happy about it, aren’t you?”

In a matter of seconds, both Himuro-san and Double Peace-san were already clinging to Onii-chan. This might not seem so special, but since both of them were acting as ‘Little sisters’, they were even closer than before…..! Double Peace-san was always pretty weird, but why is even Himuro-san acting completely in character now! Her face is bright red but she still looks so happy!

“Onii-chan! We’re going to get the pillows too, so hurry up!”

As I said that, Onii-chan somehow managed to break free from the two and came towards me again.

“Onii-chan, should Sakura help you out too?” Sakura-san asked, but I politely declined.

With that, Onii-chan and I were on our way back to the storage room once more.

“They’re really enjoying this, aren’t they…..”

Was it just my imagination or did he look a bit happy just now?

…..I wonder if Onii-chan would be happy if I also clung to him like that…..? Maybe he would fall in love with little sisters….?

“…..Eh? S-Suzuka-san?”

Before I realized it, I was already leaning against Onii-chan’s back. I was surprised as well, and my heartbeat was going crazy.

“W-What happened?”

Mu…..Even though my breasts were also hitting him, he didn’t say the same thing as when Himuro-san did it. S-So they really do have to be big or it won’t work….!

“I-It’s nothing. I was just getting a bit tired…..”

And of course, the words I said were completely different from what I actually thought. Something like “Y-You know you liked it…” would’ve fit much better, but I just can’t pull it off.

“A-Ah, I see. A break, huh? Yeah.”

But….Onii-chan’s wide back….his warmth….and this smell….every stimulation attacked me at one, making me dizzy.

“Hey….you’re still angry, aren’t you?”

Onii-chan asked the same thing again. Instead of just answering like I normally would, I thought of something else.

“If you would tell me one thing, then maybe I could forgive you.”


“I am the only little sister for Onii-chan…..Do you understand that?”

Saying that, a certain doubt entered my mind.

…..W-What if he thinks of the other girls as little sisters, too…..?

“That’s totally obvious, right? What are you saying?”


But, Onii-chan blew that doubt away with his words. Being wrapped in this feeling of happiness, I hurriedly let go of his back.

“….What was that about?”

“I-It’s nothing! Rather than that, let’s hurry to the storage room already!”

“Ah, hey! Is it fine now? You’re not mad anymore?”

Of course I’m not!—I muttered inside my heart as I heard Onii-chan’s voice behind me. And, at the same time, I steeled my resolve.

…..There is no way that a real little sister would lose against these fakes!

Part 4:

“Let’s play the Onii-chan game, desu!”

Having finished the preparations for the two of them to stay over, we returned to the living room to take a quick break as Double Peace-sensei said that weird phrase.

…..Well, it’s not like she’s never saying weird stuff, but this was out of my ability to understand her. Rather, what the hell is the ‘Onii-chan game’?

“What is this weird sounding game about….?” Suzuka asked, seeming as wary as I am.

As she did, Double Peace-sensei started laughing “Fu fu fu”

“Becoming little sisters for Yuu-Oniichan’s research is fine and all, desu, but just doing it aimlessly won’t help with anything, so let’s decide on some rules, desu!”

“….And what exactly do you have in mind?”

Hearing Mai’s question, Sakura also nodded.

“It’s really simple, desu! Since it’s called the ‘Onii-chan game’, the winner will be the one who can make Yuu-Oniichan’s heart flutter the most as his little sister! However, everyone will get a certain little sister character-type, and you have to stay like this for the rest of the day!”

“….Uhm, so, huh?”

“This is a research for Yuu-Oniichan, so he has to experience a variety of different little-sister character types, desu! And, even if we call him ‘Onii-chan’, that’s not going to have a lot of impact, don’t you think?”

….She’s kind of right about that. Except their way of addressing me, both Mai and Double Peace-sensei aren’t exactly acting like little sisters.

“It’s important to also act like a little sister, desu! If we act different than usual, Yuu-Oniichan might learn something new, right?”

“I see….So we’ll be aiming to surprise him with our different attitude….The so-called ‘Gap moe’?”

“And since we’ll all change our character, everyone has the same chance, right?”

It looked like both Mai and Sakura were also interested. I also thought that it was a pretty good idea (which was pretty rare, since it came from Double Peace-sensei).

“A little sister who’s different from usual…? So, being lovey-dovey like we normally are wouldn’t be…..!”

…..Making a competition out of this, not to mention the fact that it depends on my reaction, gives me a bad feeling. But I have to awaken as a little sister lover, so it’s a welcome idea.

“So we can decide for ourselves what kind of character we want to be?”

“N-No, including the research part, we should do it randomly. Everyone will think of a different character type, and we’ll distribute them out to everyone.”

“Ohh, nice idea, desu! With that, we can make sure that characters don’t overlap, and we might even come up with a new one, desu!”

Hearing Double Peace-sensei’s words, Mai nodded, saying, “H-Hmpf, just what I would expect from my rival.” Even Sakura jumped in with an “Onii-chan, you’re really clever!”

….Actually, I wanted to ban stuff like ‘Stalker little sister’ and ‘Ero little sister,’ but I guess this should work, too…..

“Are you fine with that too, Suzuka?”

“Hya…!? I-I don’t mind?! This is a perfect chance — no, I will have to take part in this because I’m your real little sister after all!” She nodded furiously with a red face.

“OK, desu! Since it’s decided, let’s all write down a little sister type!”

With these words, everyone took a small piece of paper and started to write down the ‘X little sister’ they thought of.

“Fu fu fu….this should be interesting, desu!”

“Thinking about ‘Gap Moe’, this should be a good fit too…..”

“I wonder what kind of little sister Onii-chan would prefer?”

“….I-I can’t let this chance go to waste….!”

Every one of them had a serious look on their face.

“Now then, now that everyone has written something, desu, let’s decide!”

A few minutes later, on Double Peace-sensei’s mark, countless little papers were lined up next to each other on the floor.

“Ohh, that’s a great variety!”

“S-Some are really weird, though….”

Just like Mai had stated, out of all the different choices, some weren’t what I had expected at all.

‘Tsundere little sister’ or ‘Spoiled child little sister’ were relatively normal but others were just…..

‘A little sister that isn’t wearing panties’ or ‘Licking sister’ or ‘Tentacle little sister’ were clearly too crazy. Stuff like ‘Nurse little sister’ or ‘Queen little sister’ were barely within acceptable bounds of reason, but what the hell did they mean by ‘Humanity’s last little sister’ or ‘The little sister that awoke to killing people’……?

“Now then, everyone please pick one they like and act accordingly, desu!”

“So whoever is fastest gets it?”

“!!! Then, I will take this—-” Suzuka stretched out her arm with a serious expression.

“Shouldn’t we give everyone the same chance?” With the words of Sakura, Suzuka’s arm stopped mid-air.

“E-Ehhh? B-But I really wanted this one….!” She looked at a certain paper, followed by an expectant gaze towards me.

…It seems like she thought of a plan.

“How about we decide it via lottery?”

I’d rather avoid any conflict, after all. As I said that, Suzuka dropped her head with a defeated expression. What was that about?

In the end, everyone agreed with me and we put all the papers into an empty box.

“…Huh? Why are you creating another box, Double Peace-sensei?”

“This will be the one for cosplay, desu. It would be boring to just do the acting, don’t you think?”

“Then, the contents of that bag are…..”

“Yes! I thought that something like this might happen, desu, which is why I brought several cosplays with me!”

“….I see.”

This situation was just like always, so I didn’t even bother retorting.

“Now, let us each pull a character plus cosplay, desu!” Saying these words, the atmosphere in the room changed.

….For some reason, everyone looks so tense…..

“I-I will be the one to start!” Raising her hand, Suzuka took a step forward, “This is the critical moment……My right hand, please let me hit it…..!” With that weird phrase, she put her hand into the character box.

I tilted my head because of her sudden seriousness.


The moment she pulled out the small piece of paper, her expression lightened up immediately. It looked like she pulled exactly what she had wanted.

“Ehe, ehehe, I did it….! With this, I can…..!”

“Suzuka-san, you have to pull something from the cosplay box too, desu~”

“Eh? Ah, sorry! Then, let’s see……..what in the world is this?!” This time, her face went red in an instant.

I wonder what she got…….

“Now now, Sakura-san and Mai, come and draw as well!”

“I know! I’ll get the best pairing there is!”

“Sakura won’t lose!”

Following after Suzuka, both Mai and Sakura drew their lots. After Double Peace-sensei’s turn, everyone had their own pairing.

“I-I got such a type?! And these clothes…..!”

“Yup, Sakura has never acted like this before, alright.”

“Ohh, I got the best pairing, desu!”

Everyone showed a different reaction to their corresponding lottery result….Somehow, I get a bad feeling from this…..

“We will go change now, desu, so Sensei, please wait here.”

Saying that, the girls left the living room.

….Still, what kind of game have I gotten myself into….Not to mention with cosplay….

“Well, they’re all trying to help me out, so I have to give it my all, too,” Gripping my fist, I heard the door open.

So they’ve returned? — I thought as I turned around.

However in that moment, something jumped into my arms and I unconsciously hugged it.

“O-Onii-chan…..” A sweet voice paired with a soft feeling.

Looking down at me, a yellow cap entered my field of view, like the ones the little kids wear when they walk to school. It took me a second to realize that it was Suzuka, with small backpack on her back, looking up at me from a very dangerously close distance—-

“Wha—–?! S-Suzuka?! My whole body stiffened.


Suzuka didn’t care about that at all, though, and started rubbing her cheek against my chest with a happy expression. Seeing this unexpected, almost impossible scene in front of me, my head couldn’t keep up.

“O-Onii-chan…..so warm…..mhm…..”

“No no no no! Wait a second, Suzuka! What’s happening?!”

Feeling her like this on my chest, I had to accept that this wasn’t a dream or an illusion.

……What the hell is happening!


While I was keeping silent, Suzuka took out two small pieces of paper.

…..The characteristic and cosplay?! What the hell is written on there—-

“……A lovey-dovey little sister…..? And a grade-school student costume….?!”

“T-That’s right…. That’s why, this evening, I will be as lovey-dovey as I want towards Onii-chan!”

I-I see! So that’s why she’s acting like this…..But, wait? Wasn’t I the one that wrote ‘Lovey-dovey little sister’ on a paper?!

“T-To think that you would actually draw that characteristic….!”

“I-I-I-I just happened to get it by pure coincidence! I-It’s not like I saw you write it, so I really wanted to get it or anything! F-For now, I will act completely different from how I normally would, so this will surely turn into great training! It’s not like I wanted to have a reason to be all lovey-dovey with Onii-chan!”

“I see, so this is that ‘Gap moe’….But it makes sense, there is no way that you would normally act all lovey-dovey out of your own accord!”

“……Onii-chan, you idiot….!”

“Ouch!?” She pinched my sides. Why?!

“….Hmpf. But it’s fine. R-Right now, I’m a lovey-dovey little sister….I’ll make you go head over heels for me when I play pranks on you….!” She said as she once more clung to me.

She took a deep, satisfied breath. Seeing her acting like this while wearing such an outfit gave me a weird feeling.

……Somehow my head is getting hot and I’m starting to feel impatient…..! I know that she’s just acting, but I’ve never seen her like this….so I don’t know what to do!

“S-Suzuka-san? C-Can you let go of me for now?”

“Don’t wanna. I-I’m a lovey-dovey little sister right now….so I want to be together with Onii-chan all the time…..! Eehehe, Onii-chan is so warm….”


With one swoop, my whole body went hot.

This is just acting! She’s just acting out a character! Suzuka would never say something like that! …..As if I could calm down just like that….!

“S-Suzuka! I-I’m begging you, please let go! Y-You can always be lovey-dovey, right?!”

“I can only do it now, so I wholeheartedly decline….!”

“P-Please! M-My heart is beating like crazy!”

“S-So, your heartbeat is accelerating because of me….?!”

“T-That’s right! So please let go now!”

“T-Then, I have one request…..” Hearing her say that, I gulped while nodding, “W-Won’t you call me cute……?”

“Cute! You’re really cute! So cute, that I can barely handle it! So please let go now….!” I answered unconsciously.

Though the fact that she’s cute was definitely not a lie.

….Damn it, Suzuka is plenty cute already, but she could probably kill me with that if she acts all lovey-dovey…..! What is this sensation….!

“Ehe, ehehehehe! T-Thank you very much!” She seemed satisfied with my answer as she grinned with a red face, finally letting me go.

…..H-Haa…..that was close…..! If she had kept doing that, something bad might’ve happened…..!

“O-Onii-chan? Have you calmed down? If you have, then I want Onii-chan to be the one hugging me now…..!”

“N-No, I understood your character already! And please go easy on me!”

My heart would probably explode if I had to do that immediately…..!

Trying to talk my way out of this, I switched the topic of the conversation.

“B-By the way, your clothes….I know that they’re supposed to be a grade school uniform, but did Double Peace-sensei also bring the school bag with her?”

“N-No, the clothes are from Double Peace-san, but that bag was mine originally. I took it out of my closet and brought it with me….” Looking at me, she made a clear spin on the spot.

Truth be told, I remember it. Seeing her like this, I reminisced about the past. Mixing these memories with the current lovey-dovey Suzuka… In that moment, she looked so unbearably cute that I had to avert my eyes.

“Ah, Onii-chan! Why are you looking away! A-Are my clothes not cute….?”

“N-No, that’s not it!”

“Then what is it?” Suzuka came closer.

There’s no way I can just say “You were too cute, so I had to look away” straight to her face!

“….Hmpf, if you really think that I’m cute, then just say so! I want Onii-chan to think I’m cute even more!”

“I’m so perplexed because this is something that’s completely out of character for the usual you!”

“W-What are you saying……! T-This is just acting…! B-But, I’m a lovey-dovey little sister right now, so I can’t help it! To make Onii-chan fall in love with little sisters, I have to be like this or it won’t work!”

“Y-You’re not really wrong about that, but….”

The impact from Suzuka’s lovey-dovey acting was way too strong.

“I-I can’t help it… If we were to recreate that scene from before……..!”

“Eh? Recreate that scene from before…?”

“J-Just sit down on the sofa, please.”

I decided to listen to her and take a seat. In the next moment, she put her school bag away and sat on my lap, making my heart go crazy once more.

…So by ‘recreate that scene,’ she meant this…?!

“When you were acting as a little sister lover, this is what you were doing, right?”

“N-No, I was just reading off a script….! A-And now you’re the one…..!”

“I-I think that this is good practice for being a lovey-dovey little sister! O-Only as acting, though!” Saying that, she pushed her body against my chest.

With a bright red face she was looking up at me, making me gulp.

“Hau…..! T-This position really is something else….!”

Just as she said, having Suzuka’s small body on my chest made my heart beat like crazy. As if this was something completely normal— no, what the hell am I thinking about?!

“H-How is it, Onii-chan? Does this get you excited?”

“Excited….you! A-Aren’t you embarrassed at all….?!”

“O-Of course I am….! B-But right now, I’m a lovey-dovey little sister, so I have to put up with it…..! T-That’s why, if it makes you fall in love with little sisters, you can do whatever you want to me….?” Turning around to look up at me, Suzuka let out these unbelievable words.

Can you not say such misleading words?!

I tried my best to retort but….


With flushed cheeks, Suzuka looked straight me, making me unable to utter a single word.

…Not good. I don’t know exactly what that ‘not good’ is, but it feels like I’m slowly losing myself, looking into her eyes… Like they’re pulling me in—

“Ohh, they are already going at it, desu!”


In that moment, I heard a voice, which forcefully caused me to look away from Suzuka’s eyes.

T-That was close! I don’t really know why, but that situation was really dangerous…!

“…Hmpf, I was so close…..”

“Fu fu fu, we’re playing the ‘Onii-chan game’ after all, so I can’t just let you do as you please, desu!”

“N-No, it’s not like I was doing anything bad—-Ehhhhhhhhhhh?!”

I tried to explain myself, but as soon as I saw Double Peace-sensei’s clothes, I couldn’t hide my surprise.

“W-Wha—–?! W-What are these clothes?!”

To be precise, she was wearing a kindergarten uniform with a tulip-formed nameplate! Ridiculous!

“Just as you can see, desu! This is what I drew!” She said and handed me two pieces of paper.

Written on them were ‘Lolidere little sister’ and ‘kindergartener clothes’……what the hell is this ‘lolidere’?!

“A wonderful combo if I do say so myself, desu! How is it, Onii-chan?! Does it fit me?!”

I was about to retort on that obscene personality and clothes combination, but I remembered Double Peace-sensei’s way of thinking, so I decided not to.

“Well, I can’t find any words….In a lot of ways…..”

“Yay! Onii-chan praised me, desu!” She jumped up into the air several times.

Every time, her chest was swaying up and down. Mixing that sight with her clothes is really dangerous in my opinion!

“Ah, Imouto-san! Being on Onii-chan’s lap, I’m so envious, desu! I think that position would fit the lolidere little sister much better!”

“N-No! I’m a lovey-dovey grade school little sister, after all!”

“And it feels like putting you on my lap would be impossible, Double Peace-sensei.”

“H-How cruel Onii-chan, desu! Waaaaaah! Onii-chan teased me, saying that I’m fat, desu! Waaaaahhh!”

“Your crying mimicry sucks! And on the contrary, you’re clearly not fat!”

“Right now, Onii-chan looked at me with perverted eyes, desu! Yay!”

“That isn’t something a kindergartener would be happy about?!”

Double Peace-sensei completely ignored my retort, though, and sat down next to me, grabbing my right arm.

Where exactly is the lolidere here?!—is what I thought but in that moment….

“Y-Yuu-Oniichan.” This time it was Mai who returned to the living room.

Her body was wrapped in a maid uniform and she looked at me with a red face. It seems like she drew the ‘Maid clothes’ card but what is her characteristic…? She looks different from usual….so is it something like a ‘Maid little sister’?


Suddenly, Mai nodded once and came closer to me.

…..What’s she going to do?—I wondered as she took my hand, stuffing it into her breasts—

“W-W-WW-W-W-W-W-What the hell are you doing?!”

“I-It’s fine. I know that Yuu-Oniichan likes it….!” She responded.

Her way of speaking also changed…what kind of characteristic did she get?!

As if she could hear my thoughts, she took out a small piece of paper, showing it to me.

“K-Kuudere little sister?!”

I-I see…The cool + dere, or kuudere, makes sense if I look at her inexpressive way of talking!

“H-How is it? Am I cute?” Seeing her slightly tilt her head as she asked, I couldn’t come up with an immediate answer.

This time around the ‘Gap moe’ was having a strong impact on me. Normally, Mai would always be very energetic when she is talking to me, but now she’s rather quiet, making my heart beat faster.

“Y-Yeah…I think you’re cute…”

“I’m glad…..” Her cheeks flushed a bit more.

….This is bad! She’s already quite the beauty, but when she’s not incompetent, she’s really frigging cute….!

“B-Being praised by the Onii-chan I love so much makes me happy….And I’m glad that I drew these maid clothes…Do you want to touch my breasts some more?”

“I-I think I’ll pass on that!”

“Then….want to see my panties?”

“No no no!”

While I was panicking because of her direct questions….

“Muu, Suzuka-san, move please, desu. I want to sit on Onii-chan’s lap, too.”

“N-No! This is the reserved seat for the lovey-dovey sister! And while we’re at it, can you not go flaunting your breasts everywhere?”

The both of them glared at each other. In response, Mai sat down next to me, grabbing my other free arm.

“O-Onii-chan! To understand everything from the lovey-dovey little sister, pay more attention to me!”

“Onii-chan! Please play some more with your loli little sister, desu! I’m fine with climbing the stairs of adulthood with you too!”

“R-Right now, I’m a kuudere little sister. To make Onii-chan happy, I will do anything….!”

“Uhm, well, no…..!”

Being attacked from three different angles, I didn’t know what to do. Running away seemed to be impossible, and since this is a special lesson I should be grateful for this situation. But isn’t the hurdle on this way too high?!

While cold sweat was forming on my cheek, I heard a creaking noise as the door opened and Sakura entered the living room.

That’s right, Sakura is also here!

However, she didn’t move an inch.


Even after I called out to her, she didn’t respond, and I couldn’t see her expression because she was looking down. She wasn’t even wearing different clothes.

“….I see, so that characteristic is something like this….”

What happened? — is what I thought as she suddenly started muttering.

In that moment, she moved her right hand forward and a metallic sound reverberated through the room. Realizing that she had handcuffs in her hand send a shiver down my spine.

“At first, Sakura didn’t understand what exactly that characteristic meant, but now that she sees Onii-chan flirting with other girls, she finally understands. It seems like Onii-chan needs some punishment.”

“U-Uhm, Sakura-san?! W-What are you—?!”

“Ah, don’t worry. The Sakura right now is a ‘Yandere little sister,’” Saying that, she smiled at me… but her eyes were clearly not smiling.

Y-Yandere little sister, you say?! — I wanted to scream, but before I could, Sakura pushed herself between Sakura and the other girls and forcefully pulled on my arms.

Because of that, I got pulled up from the seat and lost my balance, making me collapse on the floor. Using this opportunity, Sakura put the handcuffs around my wrists.

“Hehe, if she steals your freedom, Onii-chan will be forced to only look at Sakura.”

“Wai–?! W-What is this about?!”

“Don’t worry? Sakura will take good care of you….”

With that she put her hand on my head and started moving it weirdly with her face extremely close to me. I was experiencing her soft skin all over my body.

“Haaa haaa… If only Onii-chan would always only look at Sakura…” Putting her hand on my cheek, she brought her face even closer to mine.

“What in the world are you doing?!”

Suzuka raised her voice as she separated Sakura from me.

“Muu….don’t get in Sakura’s way.”

“Of course I will! D-D-Don’t do such lewd things right in front of our eyes! Onii-chan only belongs to me so I will not tolerate that!”

“….Wrong. Onii-chan belongs to me. I won’t hand him over to anyone else.”

Even Mai jumped into the conversation, and the three of them started glaring at each other.

“Now then, since everyone has gathered, let’s start the ‘Onii-chan game’, desu! Onii-chan will choose the one who made him excited the most, and I expect some strict judging, desu!”

“Eh?! D-Do you even see the situation I’m in?! Eh? We’re going to spend the whole day like this?! This is a joke, right?!”

“It’s almost time for dinner, desu, so let’s start the cooking event!”

While the other three were still in a fierce stare battle, she said these words. As always, she can’t read the atmosphere at all.

…..But, since she didn’t say anything else, I guess she wasn’t joking. It’s true that we have several little sister characteristics here, and each one of them could be a good experience, but it’s not like I could fall in love with little sisters under these circumstances!

“Cooking….! That’s my special field….! I will make Onii-chan taste my love for him once more….!”

“I’m not good with cooking but I will give it my best….If I fail, you can just eat me.”

“That’s right, if Sakura was to eat Onii-chan, they could always be together. Kihihi……”

Every little sister showed a different type of motivation.

….Damn it! Since it’s come this far, the only thing I can do here is give it my everything to use this as a reference, for Christ’s sake!

In the end, every little sister stayed in character, making me suffer endlessly (or at least most of the time).

Part 5:

“Ahh, I can’t move an inch…..”

That evening.

Turning off the lights in my room, I collapsed onto my bed. I somehow managed to get through the ‘Onii-chan game’ but I would rather not talk about that disastrous scene. At the end when I had to declare a winner, I couldn’t, so I decided to make it a draw, hoping that they would understand. Spoiler: They didn’t.

“After all that, I still didn’t change into a little sister lover….For now, I’ll just go to bed. I don’t want to think about anything….”

As I was about to close my eyes, trying to fall asleep, I heard a weird sound.


Looking at the source, I saw that the door had slightly opened and someone had entered.

…..So Mai or Double Peace-sensei had come for a night attack…? No, it can’t be anyone other than them.

“Hey!” I raised my voice, but….


But the voice I heard didn’t belong to either Mai or Double Peace-sensei.

“…..Huh? Ah, Suzuka?!”

Turning the lights on, it was Suzuka, hugging a pillow.

“P-Please don’t suddenly raise your voice like that….! You really scared me!”

“S-Sorry. But, what are you doing here this late….?” I asked her a pretty obvious question, but her cheeks flushed in an instant.

“I’m here to protect you from the other two!”

“The other two…? So Mai and Double Peace-sensei?”

“Yes. Since we’re talking about the two of them, I expected that they would sneak into your room at night. And to think that they would see Onii-chan’s unguarded sleeping face….! Unthinkable!”

Why would she need to protect my sleeping face….?

“Uhm…so you were worried about me…?”

“P-P-Please don’t misunderstand! This is my duty as your little sister! I-I-It’s not like I was planning on protecting your chastity to the bitter end or anything!”

“I-I get it! I get it, so calm down!” I tried to calm her down as she was blushing like crazy.

“…..Fuu. So, uhm, I came here to protect Onii-chan. As your little sister, I can’t help it….”

“I-I see….It makes sense that those two would do something like that. But how are you going to protect me?”

My room doesn’t have a lock anyway — is what I thought as…

“We will use this,” She picked up a big box that was standing next to a bookshelf.

“H-Hey! That’s heavy, so be careful!”

That box was filled with diverse light novels that didn’t fit into the shelves anymore, so there’s no way that Suzuka could pick it up on her own. I hurriedly walked over next to her, trying to help her.

“T-Thank you very much,” Suzuka said as we both put the box down in front of the door, “It’s a barricade. Like this, they won’t be to get in here while we sleep.”

“But how will you get back to your own room?”

“T-That’s….I-I can’t help it, so I have to spend the night in your room…!”

“Eh? Then were will you be sleeping?”

“O-O-O-Of course I will be sleeping in your bed, Onii-chan!”

Hearing that response, I went “Ehhh?!” while Suzuka put her pillow on the bed, following shortly after.

“T-True….but where will I be sleeping—-”

“O-O-O-Onii-chan just has to sleep together with me, right?!”

Probably on the floor — I thought, but as I heard Suzuka’s words, I completely froze up.

“T-Together you say….so in the same bed?! N-No, that’s pretty bad, isn’t it?!”

“W-W-W-We are siblings after all, so sleeping in the same bed together isn’t that bad, right?! And we also did it at that training camp at Himuro-san’s villa! F-For now, let’s just go to bed since it’s already pretty late…!”

Seeing no other option but to give up, I turned off the lights again and lay down next to Suzuka. My sleepiness from before was completely gone. Instead, my entire body felt tense.



In that moment, Suzuka suddenly raised her voice, making me let out a weird scream in response. I tried my best to ignore my beating heart as I responded with “W-What is it?”

Turning over to look at her, she was looking straight at me while she was still in a sleeping position.

“…Have you started to fall in love with little sisters yet, Onii-chan?”


“Doing this special training with the help of the others… a lot has happened these past few days. Still, judging from that reaction, it doesn’t seem like you’ve had any breakthrough….”

And it’s not just these special lessons. I read through every little sister novel I had again, read countless manga, watched several anime, and played dozens of eroge. Even Suzuka’s novel — I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read that.

In the end, I thought of every little sister as cute. Everyone was cute without giving me a single reason to complain. And I arrived at the conclusion that I like Yuuka, the main heroine of Suzuka’s novel, the most.

Yes….I’m well aware of the fact that little sisters really are cute. Even today with that ‘Onii-chan’ game, it was a lot of trouble, but every one of them was cute.

A bit weird but still cute: Double Peace-sensei’s lolidere little sister.

The girl that’s embarrassed but still gives it her best: Mai’s kuudere little sister.

The slightly scary but still adolescent character: Sakura’s yandere little sister.

And, finally, the one with the most impact on me: Suzuka’s lovey-dovey little sister.

They were cute. Really, really cute……But still—-

“Haaa, why can’t Onii-chan just fall in love with little sisters?”

“….I’m sorry.” Deep inside me, it felt like there was something that was stopping me. “If I don’t hurry up and become a little sister lover… Sakurada-san will change your characters for the anime….”

“Well, that doesn’t really matter to me at all….”


“N-No! Uhm! I-It’s not like I don’t care, but I would be happy if you were to fall in love with little sisters anyway…..”

I couldn’t understand that last part because she was mumbling, but she didn’t give me chance to ask her again.

“R-Rather than that, if it’s come to this… I have to make up my resolution…!”


“…..! I-It’s nothing! I’ll go to sleep now! Good night, Onii-chan!” Saying that, she once more turned her back to me.

And, her final words, though very quiet, I heard very clearly.

“Onii-chan you idiot…..”

“Sorry, Suzuka. And, good night…..”

No response. Instead, I started hearing her soft breathing. I took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling. No matter how much I thought about what I should do, the answer wouldn’t come.

In that moment, I realized that Suzuka had turned around in her sleep.


Hearing her soft sleep-talk, I continued to think even though my head was crying for me to stop.

….For now, I have to do something. For Suzuka. But, the meeting with Sakurada-san is the day after tomorrow. There’s no other option but to give it my best tomorrow. There was just one more option I had in mind—-

“There’s no other choice but to do that, I guess….”

Part 6:

“P-Please go on a date with me!!!”

The next day. The sleep-over had ended, and both Double Peace-sensei and Mai had gone home after breakfast. Right now I was lowering my head as I asked that.

“Wha….?!” Hearing my words, Suzuka froze up.

“A date with Onii-chan!? What? What?!” Sakura’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, this is a research for me….I thought a long time about it, and I really think that we should end our special lessons with a date….” I explained.

“I-I see….so you planned something like that….”

“Of course Sakura will help you out! Sakura wants to go on a date with Onii-chan!”

Hearing Sakura’s straight answer, Suzuka glared at me with a displeased expression, but she quickly changed that and said….

“O-Of course, as your little sister, I will be coming with you. And to be fair, I had also been thinking of that. I was really shocked that Onii-chan also thought of it.”

It seems like Suzuka was also getting more anxious.

“Then, today will be a date for all of us! Sakura looks forward to it!”

“But remember Sakura-san, this is a special lesson, not a normal date. This is just for the goal of making Onii-chan fall in love with little sisters. So please keep that in mind.”

“Okay~ So basically, this is a continuation of the ‘Onii-chan game’!”

Suzuka nodded with her head, saying “Fuu…so you understand.” and Sakura also grinned, answering “Right back at you, Suzuka-chan.”

…Somehow, the two of them seem to be advancing without me…..

“Thanks, you two…. Putting up with me for this….”

“T-This is also my duty as your little sister. So please just focus on the task at hand. This is your last chance after all.”

Hearing the words ‘Last chance’, I nodded with a serious expression.

Just like she said, tomorrow will be our reunion with Sakurada-san, so it’s now or never. I have to show him that I am a full-fledged little sister lover or else.

I have to go from ‘logic’ to ‘feeling’ now. Thinking only that, I have to give it my all today!

“And, where are we going?”

“Uhm, there are a lot of options I thought of, but it doesn’t have to be a special place. If you have any places you want to go to, just tell me.”

Suzuka immediately raised her hand.

“There’s a place that I always wanted to go to with Onii-chan— no, not that! I think that an amusement park would be an orthodox idea for a date! There’s the Itsukaen Wonderland close by, so how about that!”

“Ah, there huh… how nostalgic.”

The Itsukaen Wonderland amusement park was built about five years ago as a very specific theme park focusing on differently coloured flowers. They didn’t manage to attract many people at first, so they’ve since expanded with several attractions, and they’ve managed to attract a lot more visitors recently.

I myself have gone there countless times with my family… Although that’s a story of the past.

“Sakura has also heard of that place! It seems like there are a lot of weird attractions!”

“An amusement park is a simple approach…so, let’s do our date there.”

“Y-Yes. L-Let’s give it our all for the training….Please be as flirty with me as you can, okay? Onii-chan?”

Seeing her fiddling with her hands in embarrassment, I felt my face burning up.

….She’s really going so far for me, so I can’t let her down! Mustering up my courage, I confidently responded.

“Yeah, leave it to me!”

“Onii-chan! You shouldn’t forget about Sakura!”

Suzuka is cute. Sakura is also cute. Being surrounded by these cute little sisters, I’m sure that I will awaken to being a little sister lover! Let’s do this!

Part 7:

“N-Now that we’re here, what are we going to do first?”

Soon after our discussion, we left home and made our way towards the Itsukaen Wonderland.

Right now, even though we had barely arrived, both of my arms were getting tired already, mainly because both Suzuka and Sakura were clinging to them. A flower in both of my hands, and it was like that all the way from home. From all the other boys, I could feel constant gazes that clearly told me “Normies should just explode,” because of that.

“Since this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time — no, something that is needed for Onii-chan’s special training, I will go ahead and decide on what we are doing for this date.”

“Yeah, we little sisters will be the ones to decide.”

…..I guess they want me to focus on falling in love with little sisters, huh….



As I was thinking that, the both of them started a match of rock-paper-scissors.

“What are you doing….?”

“We are playing for the right to decide on which attraction we use first. And since I won, I will be the first to decide. Mhm……ah, that over there!” Suzuka said as she pointed at something with her slender finger.

“Uhmm, Illusion Horror? With the newest CG technology, it’s supposed to bring a new feeling of fear. So basically a better version of a haunted house? What a rare choice for Suzuka, alright.”

“I-Is that so? I just chose it because it piqued my interest?”

“…..You can’t deceive Sakura, Suzuka-chan. You chose that haunted house because you wanted to act all scared and cling to Onii-chan, right? That’s what Sakura would think, at least!”

“W-W-W-What are you saying?! I-I-I was purely interested….! And don’t start forcing weird ideas onto other people! L-Let’s just go in already!”

“Ah, hey!”

Suzuka walked towards said haunted house on fast feet, leaving me and Sakura behind.

“This building is actually really big. And it’s build in a western style,” I muttered as I looked up at the attraction.

……The last time we came here, they didn’t have this place.

With that, our group entered immediately. As soon as we entered, the door behind us closed with a heavy noise, and a faint light barely illuminated the interior.

….This is actually pretty scary already…..

“O-Onii-chan? T-They actually have a fitting atmosphere…..”

“T-That’s right.”

“….We just entered, so why are you two scared already? And Sakura-san! This is the attraction that I chose, so don’t cling to Onii-chan like that!” Saying that, she took my other free arm.

Sakura held my other arm in her hands and hid behind me. Well, the goal for this attraction is to get out of here, so we had to move forward. The moment I started walking again, we entered a hallway, decorated with countless western puppets.

“I-I’m really not good with this stuff……”

“Sakura too……”

“This is a haunted house, after all.”

“You seem to be pretty calm…..”

“Eh? T-That’s not true?! I-I’m also not very good with this sort of thing, so if I don’t cling to Onii-chan like this, I might even faint!” Her grip on my arm heightened.

..That’s clearly a lie, isn’t it — is what I thought in that moment, but at the same time, a loud sound reverberated in the hallway, making me and Sakura scream out.

“W-What was that?! Scaring me with such a loud sound is bad for my heart, so please refrain from doing that!”

“Seems like a mirror or something broke…..Mhm, what’s that?”

Looking towards the direction that Suzuka was pointing at, there was a single puppet, lying inside the pieces of the shattered mirror. However, just when I thought that it was moving, it suddenly jolted up.

“Kyahaha, Kyahahahahahahahahahaha!” With that laughing voice, it came dashing towards us.

“Hyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?!” “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!”

While the screams of Sakura and I were still echoing in the hallway, Suzuka merely stretched out her hand towards said puppet.

“Huh? It disappeared. Seems like it was CG, just like the mirror.”

“J-J-J-Just how calm are you?!”

“N-No, I was scared too, and I didn’t think that this would just be scary for little kids or anything?! And you, Onii-chan! In a place like this, it should be you protecting your little sister or we won’t get any lovey-dovey atmosphere! O-Of course as a training!”

I almost shat my pants, I don’t have the time to think about that!

“I-I can’t anymore…! Onii-chan, I’m scared, so let’s hurry!”

I was thinking exactly the same, so I continued to move down the hallway.

“Mhm? Did you two hear that sound just now?”

Not even one minute later, as Suzuka said that, I also concentrated on my ears.

Splish splash splish splash

The moment I thought that this sound was coming closer to us from behind….


On the wall close to us, bloody handprints appeared with that splish splash sound, making me and Sakura scream once more, hugging each other in fear.

“H-Hey! That’s what I should be doing……!”

“This isn’t the time to be saying that! Run! We have to run away!”

With Sakura and Suzuka in tow, I started running. On the way, countless hands came out of the ground, the paintings started to move, and all sorts of other stuff that was trying to scare us happened, but I didn’t care about any of it at all as I kept running.

The goal should be close right now — I was praying inside my head as I saw the word ‘EXIT’ written at the end of the hallway. But….

“Huh?! It disappeared?!”

In that moment, we were wrapped in complete darkness.

“A-Are you two okay?!”

“O-O-O-Onii-chan! You’re there, right?! You’re right next to me, right?!”

“Hey, Sakura-san! Can you hold back on clinging to Onii-chan like that?!”

It seems like they’re okay…but what the hell happened?!

As I was about to move my body, the lights returned.

“W-What was that about…? Are you two oka——y?”


“What’s wrong? You’re staring at me like I’m a ghost or something….” She tilted her head.

Sakura and I were unable to answer her. Why? Because her body was soaked in blood!

“Why are you running away?! Hey!”

Suzuka then chased after us, trailing blood everywhere while we screamed in panic.

“T-That was crazy…To think that everything was pure CG…..”

“Y-Yeah….Sakura has never screamed so much before…..”

Having left the attraction, we were all exhausted.

“What is this development…..! Normally Onii-chan should’ve been to one to reach out to me with his hand because I was scared……!”

“That clearly wasn’t the situation where I could focus on my special lessons…..I was really scared….”

“Grrrr……..!!” Glaring at the pamphlet in her hand, she muttered something like “If I knew that something like this would happen, I would’ve chosen a different place….!”

“Uhm, so now it’s Sakura’s turn, right?”

After taking a short break, it was now up to Sakura to decide on an attraction.

“Sakura wants to go there! The warm water pool!”

…This theme park really has a wide variety of attractions. In a normal amusement park, there wouldn’t be a pool like this.

“They even have a water slide here, so Sakura wants to ride it together with Onii-chan!”

“I see….This is something completely different from the haunted house, so maybe I could get more lovey-dovey with Onii-chan there…..”

“Just what Sakura would expect from Suzuka-chan, you saw right through her plan.”

“I’ve started to understand what you’re actually thinking after all, Sakura-san.”

The both of them were in their own world again, leaving me out like always……

Leaving that aside for now, since everyone agreed, we made our way towards the pool. Of course, none of us brought a swimsuit, so we ended up renting one each. After we had separated to change our clothes, the both of them finally arrived in front of me.

“H-How does it look…?”

“Does it fit Sakura? Onii-chan?”

Seeing their appearances, I could only mutter a small “Uhhh……”

They both shared the same design, namely a bikini, but Suzuka’s swimsuit had a light blue colour while Sakura’s was pink. Since I didn’t expect to see their bikini figures this winter, it had a strong impact on me.

“Y-Yeah, they both fit you.”

“I-Is that so. I didn’t expect to wear a swimsuit at the amusement park.”

“I’m glad that Onii-chan got to see Sakura’s swimsuit! It seems like the pool was the right choice!”

As the both of them got happy like that, I started to get a bit embarrassed.

“But, to think that both of you decided on the same design.”

“It seems like there’s a campaign for this swimsuit right now. It seems like you get some benefits if you wear it.”

….I see, so there’s something like that…

“Now, let’s hurry up and go down the water slide!”

Being pulled by our arms by Sakura, Suzuka and I turned towards the attraction. It seems like the water slide was actually pretty popular because a lot of people were standing in a line in front of it. After waiting for about 10 minutes, it was finally our turn. With a big inflatable raft, around four people could ride on it at the same time.

“I’m glad that we all got to ride together!”

“That’s great and all, but this course seems a bit crazy….”

Just as Suzuka said, we were pretty high up, and the slide had a lot of curves that you could see from the top. Truth be told, I was actually getting a bit worried too.

“Well, it’s fine…This time, I will be the one that is clinging to Onii—”

In the moment that Suzuka was muttering something, our ride started and we picked up an insane amount of speed in matter of seconds.

“Ahahahahahaha! This is fuuuuuuuuuuun!”

“I-Isn’t this a bit too fast?! T-The curve…..!”


Sakura was laughing, while Suzuka was clinging to me.

“Ahahahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Faster, faster!”

“Uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! My body is toppling sideways! Stop thiiiiiiiiis!”

“O-Onii-cha — Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan!!!!”

Sakura showed no signs of fear as the boat was shaking all over the place, but Suzuka and I were hugging each other, praying that this would be over soon.

“……! Woah! Ugh?!”

The end was finally in sight but with one last splash, a lot of water entered my nose.

Cough Cough! Are you okay, Suzuka?!”

“Onii-chan….is it finally over?”

“Mhm? What’s wrong, you two? We’re at the end, so we have to get out.”

Following her instructions, Suzuka and I supported each other as we stepped out of the boat.

….It feels like my whole world is still spinning….

“Ahh, that was fun! But Suzuka-chan got the jump on me and flirted with Onii-chan.”

“…Ha?! I didn’t have the leisure to enjoy that…..! What a shame….!”

“Then, should we go one more time?”

“Please don’t force me to go through that again….”

Looking over at Suzuka, it seems like she was agreeing with me as she nodded.

For now, we decided to take a break…but what should we do now?

“In the end, we put on a swimsuit but at this rate, even that will end up a waste.”

“That’s right. Sakura really wanted to show Onii-chan her swimsuit some more. Should we go down the slide one more time?”

“N-No, let us just stay here in the pool area. Isn’t there something that I can use to be all lovey-dovey with Onii-chan….?”

With these words, she once more opened the pamphlet. Then she lifted up her head and pointed towards something in the distance, saying “What would that over there be?”

“….Looks like some kind of stage? Uhm…..a swimsuit contest? It looks like a sponsored event?”

“Ah, it looks like it’s sponsored by the company that made our swimsuits.”

“They said something about benefits, right? Let’s go check it out.”

Agreeing with Sakura’s idea, we made our way towards the stage.

“Ah, dear guests. Would you like to participate, too?”

As soon as we arrived, an older lady greeted us, so I decided to ask what this event was about.

“This is a fashion show sponsored by our company. The winner will get a coupon for 50.000 yen to use inside this Itsukaen Wonderland.”

“Ah, I see. So an event to advertise your new swimsuits.”

“That’s correct. Our company mostly makes brands for girls, so we thought that this would be the best way to get some more attention. Would you girls like to join, as well?”

“It seems like this is what the ‘benefits’ part was about.”

“A 50.000 yen coupon is actually pretty crazy!”

“But you have to be on stage to participate, right? Are you two going to join?”

Asking that, Suzuka shook her head, saying “Never,” and Sakura also had a worried expression on her face.

“Well, I don’t have any confidence….and we’re here to have fun with Onii-chan after all….”

“Sorry to overstep my bounds, but are you all siblings by any chance?” The older lady looked at us as she asked that unexpected question.

Well, Sakura isn’t actually my little sister but it’d be too bothersome to explain that here.

“Then, I wholeheartedly ask you to participate. Currently, we are just two people short until we can start. And we have a way for your big brother to participate too.”

“Eh? But this is supposed to be a girls-only contest, right?”

“Yes. But, we would ask your big brother to act as a judge. It would be good to have a boy’s point of view, after all, and like that, the little sisters can also join in.”

…This woman really is a business lady.

“O-Onii-chan will be the judge?!”

“Sakura will participate then!”

As they heard these words, both of them energetically accepted the woman’s suggestion.

“You’re really going to participate? Sakura is a popular voice actress after all, so won’t that be a problem?”

“It’s fine. Sakura still hasn’t shown her face in public yet, so they won’t find out. And this is the perfect chance to hear Onii-chan’s opinion as an official judge, so Sakura can’t let this go to waste!”

“Since Sakura-san will be participating, not to mention with Onii-chan being the judge, there’s no way I can sit this one out!”

“Even though I’m embarrassed” — Suzuka added as she stared at the ground with a red face.

“Thank you very much. If you would come with me, please. And mister big brother, please take a seat over here.”

….T-This really took a weird turn….

As Suzuka and Sakura went behind the stage, I took as seat as I was instructed. Next to me were other women, saying “Thank you for participating” as they lowered their heads. It seems like they are also people from the swimsuit company. Looking out at the audience, a lot of people had gathered. Most of them were girls, of course, but there were also quite a large number of men.

…..They’re probably here to look at the women wearing swimsuits….This isn’t exactly a beauty contest, but it’s not like I don’t understand their feelings….

“Now then, let’s begin the swimsuit contest.”

With these words, the female emcee started the event, said a few words about the company, and then called the participants up to the stage. They were only five women, but all of them were really good-looking.

The first woman was a cool-looking woman with a slender bodyline.

The second women had big breasts and looked a bit like a gyaru.

The third woman looked very adult-like, almost like a model.

Number four was Sakura.

Number five was Suzuka.

“Now then, I would like to ask participant number one to take a step forward and tell us your impressions of the swimsuit.”

Now all of them were supposed to give their opinions on the feel, the design, and so on, but most of the male viewers were only there to enjoy the view, including me.

….I mean, I could look at the girl’s swimsuits all the time at the pool, but seeing them in an official event like this gave it a completely different feeling (Not like I would ever stare at some girl’s swimsuit, though, so don’t misunderstand me).

Soon after, It was Sakura’s turn but….

“Onii-chan said that the design is good so Sakura thinks it’s fine! And she wants to be praised even more when wearing it!”

She hasn’t shown her face publicly yet, but she still is a voice actress. With a bashful look on her face, she stretched out her hand towards me, making everyone currently watching focus their attention on me. Hearing the people behind me whispering and snickering was pretty uncomfortable on its own, but the stares of the male viewers really started to hurt. And, since it was Suzuka’s turn now, that probably wouldn’t change.

“I-I also want Onii-chan to think of me as cute…..!” She also said something similar like Sakura but her movements were more stiff.

….And also, she clearly forgot about this being a swimsuit contest. Well, I guess that they would’ve gathered a lot of attention either way because they both are quite the beauties. Thinking that both of them, especially Suzuka, were getting a lot attention from the male bastards behind me, I started feeling gloomy for some reason. The premise of a contest like this is to be seen, but aren’t you staring a bit too much at my little sister? She’s only doing this for my sake, okay, so don’t look at her in a weird way!

“Since everyone has introduced themselves, I would like to hear the results from the judges.”

So it’s come to this, huh. Well, I guess I’ll just chose between Suzuka and Sakura—

Eh? Wait a second?

In that moment, I finally realized the situation I was currently in.

“W-Who should I choose?”

N-Not good, I feel like things will end badly no matter who I choose! They seemed really serious too….! T-Then I should probably choose a completely different girl— that’s not going to work either, is it?! They’ll kill me! Am I a masochist?!

“Did something happen?” Even the female moderator looked at me with a worried expression.

….Suzuka or Sakura….?! I-I guess I have no other choice but to do it at random….! N-No wait, wouldn’t it be just fine to chose whoever I preferred?!

At that moment, Suzuka’s appearance came into my mind. However the next moment, I remembered her tension-filled expression as she stepped up towards the audience….If it’s really that hard for her, I would be just forcing her if I chose her like this…

With these thoughts, I put up a sign with the number I had chosen.

“The big brother has chosen number 4.”

Hearing that announcement, Sakura’s face lit up while Suzuka looked really shocked. Seeing that expression, I could feel the cold sweat on my cheek.

By the way, the other judges had decided on number 1 so she was the one that won in the end…..Well, it wasn’t exactly a contest, so it didn’t really matter….

“It’s a shame that Sakura didn’t win but she still is happy that Onii-chan has chosen her!”

“O-Onii-chan?! I-I hope you have a good explanation for this?!”

Having met up with the other two, both of them gave expected reactions.

….Seeing Suzuka glare at me with tears in her eyes made my chest hurt for some reason….

“Now now Suzuka-chan, calm down. Sakura will treat you to a drink,” Saying that, Sakura left me and Suzuka standing there, alone together.

“S-So Onii-chan really likes Sakura-san more than me…..! W-Why….?! The breasts…?! It has to be the breasts?!”

“Y-You’re wrong, okay!”

Emitting a dark aura, she moved her hands up and down her chest.

“That wasn’t the reason!” I said as I shook my head.

“Then why! Why did you choose Sakura-san! Is she really that much cuter than me…..!?”

“I didn’t choose her because of that! You’re easily embarrassed by such things, right? Showing your bikini figure in front of so many people must have been tough… If you had won, they would’ve asked you to step forward once more, right? Thinking that, I chose Sakura…”

“Eh…..?” Hearing my reasoning, her movements stopped and she looked straight into my eyes.

Just when I thought that her cheeks were flushed for some reason, she asked me…

“Then, you were worried about me….?”

“Yeah….I guess.”

“T-T-T-Then, would you have chosen me if it hadn’t been on stage like that….?”

“Well, at first I really thought of choosing you so… Ah, but don’t misunderstand, okay?! T-That wasn’t a beauty contest, right?! S-So don’t worry about that!”

“I-I-I-I know! I know but…..is that so….Yes, that makes sense…So Onii-chan really would’ve….Ehe, ehehehe, ehehehehehehehe……”

She looks really happy….so was there really some sort of contest between her and Sakura?

“D-Don’t you think that you’ve started to fall in love with sisters about now, Onii-chan?! W-W-Well, I’m sure that’s because you got me as your little sister, after all! Sakura-san wouldn’t be able to achieve something like this…..!”

…..Suzuka-san, aren’t you a bit too happy? And can you stop aggressively patting me on the back? I’m not wearing a shirt right now, so it hurts!


As I looked around, I happened to see Sakura standing in front of a vending machine.

“Who is that?”

But, she wasn’t alone. There was another man with her. And it didn’t look like Sakura was enjoying herself talking to him.

“Suzuka, wait here.”

“Ehehehe, ehe? Eh? Onii-chan?”

Saying only that, I was already on my way towards Sakura.

“Y-You are the voice actress Minazuki Sakura-san, right?!”

“I-I told you that you’re wrong.”

“That’s not true! I realized it after hearing your voice! When you were at that contest before, I immediately recognized your voice! To think that I would be able to meet Sakura-chan here!”

Coming closer, I could hear what they were talking about. The moment I saw the man stretching out his hand towards Sakura, I quickly stepped in front of him.


“Eh? W-Who?”

“That’s what I’m supposed to say. Do you have some business with my little sister?” As I glared at him, the man took a step backwards.

“L-Little sister? This girl here is the voice actress Minazuki Sakura-san and I’m a big fan of her…..”

“She even told you that you have the wrong person, you know? Should I call security over and tell them that you’re harassing her?” I tried to sound as threatening as possible.

Hearing my words, the man let out a small shriek and ran away.

…Phew, luckily he was an otaku… I didn’t know what I would do if he didn’t back down…

“Thank you, Onii-chan! Sakura was so scared!” She hugged me with tears in her eyes.

“No, uhm, are you okay? He didn’t do anything weird to you, did he?”

“No, it’s fine! But, that was really scary….”

“Ah, hey?!” Sakura even tightened her grip on me as I was trying my best to escape.

In that position, I didn’t even realize that Suzuka had come towards us.

“Ughh, at this rate, it will be no good…..! I really have no other choice…..!”


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