Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Maka-sensei’s special lesson.

Fujiki Maka—around 24 years old. A working member of society, namely an English teacher at the private teaching institution Seikadai.

Having gained some experience during her short time in America, her grammar and pronunciation are almost on a native-speaker level. Besides being the home-room teacher for class 2A, she’s not active anywhere else club-wise. Always giving advice during class, the lesson’s might derail a bit but it’s mostly about English related stuff anyway.

Even though these types of teachers might not always get a lot of attention, for Maka-sensei it is the complete opposite.

First, she’s good looking, even so much that she wouldn’t lose against a prominent actress or a model.

Also, younger teachers are often rather friendly with their students and often interest themselves in what the youngsters like, making the lessons seem more interesting. However, if they try to force themselves too much for the lessons, the students will soon be fed up with it.

Instead, Maka-sensei’s motto is “Popular with students? I’d rather focus on their improvement though.”, making her lessons stand out. It makes sense that the students would prefer her over the other teachers.

“—-And, if you put the hypothetical past form here, you can insert the word ‘if’ here without many problems. Of course, there are other lexical anomalies to be aware of, but if you practice the grammar and syntax enough, you’ll be able to understand perfectly—”


Standing behind the teacher’s desk was said beautiful English teacher. Even the comments she wrote on the blackboard as she explained were written neatly and easy to read. That is something that students are extremely thankful for.

Currently, I am sitting in the last row of the classroom next to the window. Originally, I had another seat but a certain female student asked me to switch with her. Being in the seat furthest away from the teacher is very comforting. I want to live here.

All in all, Mako-sensei’s classes are very calm and since I don’t like that whole murmur from the other students, I’m very grateful for that. Although there’s one female student that keeps sleeping. She’s the one that switched her seat with me….but she’s always like that so I’ll forget about her for now.

But, even though I got this seat, I can’t calm down for some reason.

“This is connected to the structure of long sentences, so if you learn about this, you can use your time for efficiently……”

Yesterday after class, she looked like a witch who would misuse her power as a teacher…..but she’s completely normal right now. Rather, that thing yesterday must’ve been a prank, right?

“Then about this question… about Saigi-kun. Please come up to the front.”


Suddenly being called out like that, I spaced out for a second. On the blackboard, several grammatical problems were lined up.

Not good, I didn’t listen at all.

For now, I decided to go up to the blackboard with my notes in my hand.

Ughh, right as I arrive next to her, her sweet aroma… bringing me out of my concept…….!

If you let out such a sweet smell, the idiotic boys like me will be entranced in mere seconds. Of course, I will not be led astray. I-I will not be influenced by this woman!

“What are you doing? Don’t tell me you weren’t listening to my class?”

“……..! A-Absolutely not…..”

She took a step closer to me and her breasts were barely touching my arm……! What is this, my upper arm is being wrapped into something soft! So even through her suit, blouse and bra, I can still feel their elasticity?!

“Then that’s fine. Now, the question.”

She stepped next to me—–and for some reason, she turned the sleeve of her right arm over. Sticking to that was a small piece of paper.

‘I’m not wearing a bra.’ it said. Written with an even cuter handwriting than that on the blackboard.

……Uhm, what exactly is the intention of this? She didn’t put on bra on purpose and rubbed her breasts against my arm? This always self-important—no, this unobtainable flower is doing such obscene things?

—Of course, I never managed to answer her question and got scolded by Maka-sensei.

I wasn’t like the other idiots of my grade who would say stuff like “Being looked at by her, full of scorn, is a reward!” so I wasn’t happy in the slightest.

“Welcome to my castle!”


I don’t know if I should retort to that, laugh at that or run away immediately.

After school, I was once more called over – the second day in a row not to mention – to the English preparation room on the second floor in the second school building. Being about three times bigger than a normal classroom, there are four desks in the middle, facing each other. However, only one of them looks like it was used recently. And, the person that was welcoming me was sitting in front of said desk.

“This is the first time I’ve actually come to this room but this really looks deserted. Weren’t there other English teachers as well?”

“Of course there are but they changed the room. This one hasn’t been used in quite a while.”

“I see. Truth be told, this room is really stuffed.”

Countless boxes were more or less neatly lined up at the walls and they were filled with texts and printouts who were about to overflow.

“This school has a history of about 50 years already. Old texts, test answers, everything that was used until today was basically thrown away into this room. Maybe they should just burn down this whole room.”

“If so, then please do it before my next test.”

“That sounds very student-like. How nostalgic. And if Saigi-kun really wishes for it, I might actually come up with a plan to do that.”

“L-Let’s not do that…..”

Can’t make a joke in front of this teacher, I guess…… Well, she’s probably just kidding but I felt a small spark of seriousness in there.

“Ah, right. Well, the preparation room is still a preparation room. This still has a lot of valuable data. And if they don’t specifically need something, the teachers come here rather seldom. They are mostly in the teacher’s office.”

“I see~ As far as I know, there are even teacher’s that use their place as their home, bringing countless things here that don’t have anything to do with school. Like posters or such.”

“Then, I’ll bring a poster of Saigi-kun.”

“What kind of harassment is that!”

And I’m not selling something like that anyway.

“…..So that means you’re going to put up posters of me in your own room too?”

“You have no reason at all to add that ‘so that means’ in there….And no, that would probably get me arrested.”

“I do think that I could give you enough material for that though. Like in a swimsuit, and if you work hard, I might even do an underwear shot.”


So she’s going to hide her egoistically sexy body with even less than a towel…..How idiotic, if she were to pose like that, I couldn’t see it just as a normal poster…..!

“Of course you can use it for anything else besides as a poster too. Kya~ I wonder what would happen to me~?”


She keeps on drifting away from her unobtainable flower title like this.

“No, I’m serious. Totally serious.”

Her eyes were the same when she’s in class, completely serious. Since I always look at the eyes of the people around me, I understand. She’s completely serious.

“Even before you put me to shame during class. Saigi-kun, you’re always acting without hesitating.”

“It’s you that doesn’t hesitate! What was that ‘I’m not wearing a bra’ thing about!”

Ahh, that soft feeling is coming back…..

“I probably went a bit too far there. Sensei will reflect on that….”

“So even a witch can have a conscience.”

“Who’s a witch? But, this is also necessary for your education. Sometimes it’s sugar, sometimes it’s the whip. I have to make an impact from time to time.”

“So that really was meant as punishment…..But well, it’s fine if you reflect on it. And, why did you call me here today?”

“To continue your education. Yesterday was, how do I say it, your first day. From now on, I will always call you here—-to my castle.”

“We’re going to continue?!”

This doesn’t feel like an education at all, you know? And is it really fine to use the school’s resources for that?

“The new year has barely started, right? First, I have to deal with the new troublesome students because recovering after the start will be hard. I have to maintain my superiority.”

“I-I see….well, that might be the case.”

“And I don’t like a sudden turnaround. From start to finish, I have to be at a favourable position and have the situation in the palm of my hand.”

“Somehow I’m hearing rather extreme vocabulary here…..”

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to turn into the loser in that situation.”

“Well, I don’t think that such a situation will ever come though.”

What the hell are we even talking about here?

“For teachers, it’s a competition. You often hear that the class balance was taken over because of one problem child. And the school wants to avoid that too. We are a private school after all, so if something unpleasant were to happen, the administration would come running immediately.”

“What a lively explanation…”

Well, I knew that our school was basically something like a business institution. Or rather, I wonder who she means by problem children….

“Well, this prologue was a bit long but this is the reasoning why I will be using my authority to call Saigi-kun here for guidance counselling.”

“No no no, using your authority to perform guidance counselling to make me fall in love with Maka-sensei is just weird!”

“Of course, the pretext will be something else. I mean, Saigi-kun has a personality like that. That’s why, to make sure that you, as a problem child, will not make any problems, I will be using this preparation room for guidance counselling.”

“P-Problem child…..!”

Well, I thought before that she was seeing me as a problem child. Just because I tend to retort a bit too much without thinking, but that’s just because I don’t want to hide my suspicion towards teachers. So if a good kid like me has to be corrected, then what the hell is wrong with this school…..!

“For now, could you look at this handout here.”

Maka-sensei on her part didn’t care at all about me having received a huge shock and just handed me a handout.

“What….? ‘Fujiki Maka-sensei’s secrets’…?” Heigh is 160cm, weight is 47kg, three sizes are 88-57-87…..what the hell are you showing me?!” I panicked and handed the handout back to her.

“You know, if I want you to fall in love with me, I have to tell you about me. Knowing my data like this is also important, right?”

“What the hell are you teaching me…..!”

Not to mention that we are alone together in a deserted room so the situation is plenty dangerous already.

But….88cm, huh. To think that people could arrive at these measurements…. And these 88cm were hitting my arm….

“And, didn’t I tell you before! What are you doing, leading students astray like this?”

“Saigi-kun, don’t you think that mutual love is actually ridiculous?”

Completely ignoring my question, Maka-sensei showed off her beautiful legs as she crosses them.

“Eh? What are you on about now…? Well, Maka-sensei aims for a mutual love between the two of us, right?”

Ahhh, how embarrassing….

“Someone falling in love with someone else is one thing. For example, Amanashi-san in your class. The majority of boys—is a bit too much so let’s say a third are probably in love with her, don’t you think?”

“…That might be the case, yes.”

She’s very famous in a lot of meanings and she’s very popular with the boys, even I know that.

“But, out of all these boys, she can only have a mutual love with one. So the chance for one of these boys isn’t all that high.”

“Well, talking about chances, that’s true, yes.”

It would be weird for Amanashi-san to agree to a harem after all because this isn’t a light novel.

“That’s why, to make someone fall in love with you, working hard is essential. Only a middle school student hopes that the person they love loves them back. For mutual love, you have to bring in at least a certain amount of hard work. Basically, what I am doing right now.”

“But, even if you put your everything in to it, the other person might just not be interested in you, so you basically have to give up on that.”

“In this world, there are fights that you’re not allowed to lose!” Standing up from her chair, she put her fist towards the sky.

What am I even doing here?

“I’m an educator. So I will use every weapon I have. Basically, I will show Saigi-kun how hard working I am and discipline—-no, guide you.”

“It feels like you said something incredibly ridiculous just now…Aren’t you abusing your position?”

“Even though I am a teacher, I happened to meet you, my student, and fall in love with you after all. That’s why I will use every little trick I have!”

Saying that, her fist was vibrating slightly….Kinda cute.

…..Ah, did she poison me already?!

“Rather, that reason is somewhat lacking, don’t you think! You’re even using this preparation room here, we’re clearly talking about an abuse of your authority!”

“The other English teachers won’t use this room anyway. I just found a reason to efficiently use it.”


I almost forgot but she really is the unobtainable flower. How presumptuous to think that someone would approach her. I heard that even her fellow teachers in the teacher’s office keep their distance. If they know that Maka-sensei is in here, it will make it hard for them to come near this room….probably.

“Thinking about it, it might be thanks to that.”


What’s that about? Well, it’s already been about a year since she came to this school, so it wouldn’t be too weird to think that something happened. Right, wasn’t there a an uproar once?

“But, even if I count as a problem child, aren’t you quite the problem teacher for doing something like this?”

“Although I would really like to know why you’re suddenly dissing me, you’re always saying stuff like that so I’ll ignore it for now. Rather than that….” Saying that, she took out her smartphone and turned it on. “We should exchange our contact information. For your guidance counselling, we have to be able to keep on touch.”

“Ehh? Is it fine to do that with a student?”

“If you don’t want to, I’d have to call for you every time during home room class. I don’t really mind though.”

“It would be an honour to give you my contact information.”

I’d rather receive her messages than being called every single day. I don’t want to be thought of as a problem child after all. Still, I bet that a lot of people would actually pay good money for Maka-sensei’s number and LINE ID, but I’m not happy at all. And it’s not like she’ll be spamming every single minute…..right?

The next day, between second and third class.

Only having ten minutes for a break is absurd, I think. Also, since the next class is gym class, we also have to change and move to the gym hall. No time left after all of that. Nobody cares if the teachers are a bit late, so why do you have to make such a strict time schedule for the students.

Having changed into my jersey inside the boy’s changing room, I made my way towards the entrance of the building. It’s not like I don’t have any friends but I couldn’t exactly call them my close friends either. So I mostly end up doing the exercises alone. But right now, I’m actually happy because of that. If I had a close friend, they might find out about Maka-sensei suspicious plotting. She didn’t call for me yet but I’m sure that she’s rather serious about that ‘guidance counselling’ and so on.

After that kiss and her pushing her breasts in my face….I wonder how this will end. B-But I’m not looking forward to it or anything!


Arriving at the shoe lockers in the entrance, a serious looking female student walked towards me. With long black hair, she was properly wearing her uniform and even her walk was dignified.


“W-What is it?”

Stopping in front of me, she checked me out from top to bottom.

“Properly pull up the zipper of your jersey, will you. How undisciplined.”


With these words, she didn’t even give me a chance and did it herself. Since her face was very close to mine, her sweet aroma assaulted my braincells.

“Alright. As soon as I’m gone, don’t go slacking off in that regard.”

“I won’t….”

Seeming satisfied after hearing my response, the long black-haired female student went her own ways again. Of course, as soon as she was out of my sight, I opened up the zipper again. Today it’s a bit hot anyway, so please give me at least that.

That person is as nitpicky as always….well, that’s her job after all.

“Ohh, if it isn’t Saigi-kun in a jersey, how cute.”


On the other end of the shoe lockers, a pretty face entered my field of view and before I even realized it, that woman started snapping photos of me with her phone. Of course, that could’ve been no one other than this school’s number one beautiful teacher and the unobtainable flower, Fujiki Maka-sensei. Having finished her photo session, she disappeared again.

“Oh, Saigi. What are you doing here? You’re not coming?”

“No, I was about to go over there.”

Is she a ninja or something? She disappeared the moment my classmate came around the corner.

“Say, how much would you pay for a picture of me in my jersey?”

“How about you put them up for auction and see for yourself?”


From that classmate came an expected answer. Might he be a mob-character with a name?

Well, I’m sure that for 99% of the people in this words, such photos would be nothing more than burnable material.

And, that day after classes.

Just as one would suspect, I was called to the English material preparation room.

“Sorry that I only have tea bags. Since this is the preparation room, I can’t offer you anything better.”

“I think that this isn’t really the place for hospitality anyway.

Maka-sensei poured some black tea into a cup and handed it to me. Some people might consider it lucky to have a beautiful teacher like her pour tea for you but I was already pretty ‘lucky’ as she called me here.

Currently, I was sitting on a chair next to the desks lined up next to each other inside the room, just like Maka-sensei.

“That’s right. This is supposed to be a special guidance counselling after all. Well then, let’s start, shall we.”

“What are we going to do today….?”

Yesterday, we didn’t do anything special (leaving out the confession and the punishment), so I wonder what this guidance counselling will actually look like.

“There’s no need for you to be so cautious. After all, this is mere guidance counselling. To properly educate you. You can just think of an additional lesson.”

She picked up the remote on top of the desk and turned on the power supply of the TV standing at the wall.

“To properly teach the English language, we often use videos and so on, you see. That’s why we still have that TV here.” Continuing her explanation, she continued to use the remote.

Apparently that TV is also connected to the internet, so you can even stream videos on it. She then proceeded to open up a shopping site for these videos. Just one look was enough to realize that there were countless videos from overseas.

‘Let’s learn English by watching a movie’ was what the class probably looked like when the TV was used. Well, the only thing you would understand from that would be how she got that weird slang of hers.

“Alright, let’s appreciate this one, shall we. I’m sure that you will enjoy it too, Saigi-kun.”

“Uhm…’My mini-skirt teacher ~Let’s watch her black stockings from a raw angle volume~’, huh. So this will help me get better in English I see.”

What was shown on the cover you might ask? Well, let me tell you. A teacher (Who would’ve thought) with an upswept hairstyle. Her clothes? The breasts were almost visible, as the upper part of her white blouse was unbuttoned, a dark blue tight skirt mixed with black stockings and high heels. Additionally, red-framed glasses and a teacher’s cane. Standing in front of the blackboard, with an English workbook in her hands, she looked like she was reading something out of it with a monotone face.

Hey, the building of the character is too insufficient. With that level of detail, you won’t get me interested.

The shot looked like it was from a students perspective, so you couldn’t guess how many other people were in that room. Said room was of course a classroom.

I wonder why they didn’t add any students. Maybe because of the budget.

“The skirt is way too short. If she were to got to work like this, she would get an earful from the vice principal.”

“I do think that Maka-sensei’s skirt is also barely within school regulations….”

As she said that, I happened to take a quick glance at her skirt but I couldn’t really help that, okay?

While I was saying that, the teacher sat down on top of the teacher’s desk and had a worried expression on her face. Just as the subtitles predicted, the camera angle changed to a lower position and now it was so close that it looked like you could lick her if you stuck out your tongue.

Hey hey, you’re completely forgetting the calves. Are they not aware of the sexiness of the calves?

“…..That’s not the point! What the hell are you showing me?!”

“Your retort is a bit too late. Quite some time has already passed, you know?”

“That’s just because I didn’t know on what exactly I should retort!”

Why exactly does she look like she’s having fun, watching this erotic teacher video.

“Is it really fine to watch something like this on school grounds?! I clearly can’t see this as an additional lesson!”

“Don’t worry, this is but an R-15 video. I won’t get in trouble for showing this to the 16 year old Saigi-kun.”

“Ah, if that’s the case—-no, this isn’t a problem of age restrictions!”

This is plenty erotic even if it’s not an R-18 video.

“Why is it a problem for a teacher like me to watch such a teacher video? That’s the same when the baseball club members are watching a video of the professionals playing.”

“There’s a clear difference! If you think that there’s no problem with this, I’ll go call the vice principal!”

“If you did that, this wouldn’t end with just a lecture. Grabbing me in that weakened state, I would be pulled onto the night streets and really enter the R-18 world for good.”

“…..Eighteen…..ha! So you really understand! Without forcing me to make the vice principal a guest character!”

By the way, the vice principal or our institution is a mature woman.

“Well, it’s a bit more extreme than I was expecting. No wonder that Saigi-kun would get interested in what comes next.”

“I’m really not interested just because of one video….”

Not like it matters, but the female teacher was still in the same position, with the camera in licking range. It’s actually quite wholesome as they go showing her chest area and inside her skirt.

“Saigi-kun, I’ll show you the good points of a female teacher. I thought that the stimulation might’ve been to strong if I showed you immediately with my own body, so I decided to show you these videos first.”

“Only as a means of educating me of course, right?”

Like forcing me develop a teacher fetish and making me the one responsible in the end.

I wonder what she would do if I didn’t develop such a fetish until I die.

“Well, it’s not like it’s costing me a lot of money but—–hey! What is she doing?!”

“What do you mean? She’s stripping.”

With eyes that looked like she was inviting you, the female teacher opened up her blouse even more.

“I don’t mind that she’s stripping. But, the thing she’s wearing….isn’t that a swimsuit?!”

“It looks like it. Wouldn’t you, as a teacher, know better?”

“Eh? I don’t know what you’re talking about….Why is she wearing a swimsuit under her normal clothes? Did she have swimming classes that day?”

“You don’t really believe that, do you…..?”

It’s not like I was really interested in this ‘Just a little bit erotic’ type of video, really. But, just as the other students, I was basically forced to watch this happen.

In these types of videos, they mostly wear swimsuits as underwear. Depending on the form, it even looks like normal underwear. But, if you really wished to see normal underwear, or less, then you would have to aim for a R-18 video.

“Ehhh, it really is a swimsuit…..wearing a swimsuit in a classroom seems kind of idiotic to me though….”

Don’t tell me, is this the first time she’s watching a video like this? It seems like that was a great shock for her…..

The teacher in the video has now taken off her blouse + skirt, and even the stockings. Hey, weren’t the black stockings the selling point?

Only wearing a bikini now, the teacher struck an arousing pose.

“Hey…Hey…this is completely different!” Maka-sensei pointed the remote towards the screen and pressed the fast forward button.

It seems like the teacher would’ve taken a few other erotic poses and until the scene changed. Now, it was a gym teacher, wearing a jersey inside the gym hall. Of course, she didn’t wear that jersey for long and beneath that was also a swimsuit. Next in line was a woman wearing just a swimsuit inside a pool and she tried every move possible to make her breasts bounce all over the place.

“Ehhhhh, this doesn’t have to do with teachers anymore! I even payed 1980yen for this!”

“Even if you tell me that….”

And also, her way of going at things is completely wrong, so the content of the video is clearly not the problem….Well, I’m also a healthy male high school student, so a girl’s half-nakedness is getting me excited but my interests wouldn’t change just because I watch that one video.

“Ehhhhh? S-Saigi-kun, this woman, she took her bikini-top off?!”

Just as Maka-sensei stated, while making sure that nothing can be seen, the woman took the top of her bikini off. But, since this is R-15, she’s hiding her breasts. A so-called ‘hand bra’.

“Ehhh, she’s stripping even though it’s not in front of a man she likes…..?”

This isn’t a romance drama you know?

“Wait….hey! Ahhh, don’t move your hand like that!”


She seemed really shocked as she said that and went to hide behind me. Slightly resting her head on my shoulders, she continued to look.

I don’t care if you want to watch, or if you don’t want to watch but can you not push your body onto mine like that?!

Her soft breasts were hitting my back and it didn’t seem like she would let go anytime soon.

And her sweet aroma is attacking my brain!

Even the woman in the video was showing all sorts of positions, but who the hell cares really?

Rather than that, the feeling of that cute living creature still keeps hitting my back!

“Kya—, kya—-! D-Don’t! Saigi-kun, this is too lewd so don’t watch!”

“Even though Sensei was the one that put it on?!”

“That doesn’t matter right now!” With one swoop, she covered up my eyes with her arm.

Although I couldn’t see anything but….

“Ehh, this time it’s the nurse’s office?” “Is she not wearing any underwear under her white robe either?” “Her breasts are practically glued to the white robe!” “Is this some sort of disinfection play?!” I could still hear her panicking voice.

Her reactions were as if she was watching a horror movie.

And every time she’s moving, her breasts press onto me!

“A-Ah…it’s finally over….At least this is over….”


Sadly—no, finally, she separated her breasts from my back. Paired with that, I heard a rummaging sound behind me.

What the hell is she doing now?

“I-It’s okay now….slowly turn around, Saigi-kun……”


I hope it’s not one of her bad pranks———-HEEEEEEEEEEY?!

“What are you doing, Maka-sensei?!”

“J-Just as you can see…..I just researched it on my phone but this apparently is a hand bra.”

“What kind of things are you doing behind my back?!”

As I turned around, there was Maka-sensei, having taken off blouse and even her bra……even her bra! She’s barely hiding her big melons with her right arm?!

So she took all that off with her left arm while she covered my eyes with her right, huh….. But, comparing this to the sight from before, this is 220% more dangerous!

“Can you not stare at me like that…..even I’m embarrassed….so much that I want to die….”

“There was no need for you to strip, right?! You even said that a real body in front of me would’ve had too much of an impact!”

“Ah, hey! Look at me properly, Saigi-kun!”

“You just told me not to look, right?!”

Even though I did as she said.

“I-I can’t help it, you know….I can’t have you miss out on my own hand bra after all….”

“I don’t get your reasoning one bit…..”

“I’m sure that that lewd video had too much of an impact for you! I can’t lose against a mere 1980yen video! My hand bra will not lose against that fake teacher’s!”

“What are you talking about?!”

I would’ve forgotten about the video’s hand bra immediately anyway. Was she thinking that I would be influenced by something of that level?

“For now, please put your clothes back on. Ahh, they are over here….”

On another chair, there were the jacket of her suit, and her blouse. I picked them up and handed them over to Maka-sensei as…..


As she muttered that, something fell down on the floor.

Yup, that’s….a bra alright. So today it’s a black one, huh. Just what I expected from Maka-sensei, her bra was gigantic.

“Saigi-kun! Wait, don’t pick that up!”


Panicking, Maka-sensei leaned over to pick up the bra. Of course, in that moment, she completely forgot about her being topless as she reached out with her right hand.

“Uwa—-?!” Realizing the situation, I hurriedly looked away.

T-That was close…..! I-I was about to see…or rather it feels like I saw it but I it might’ve been my imagination…!

“D-Did you see….?”

“N-No. I didn’t see anything.”

“I-Is that so. I believe you. Not trusting my cute pupil would make me a failure of a teacher after all. Yes, you didn’t see anything… didn’t see anything….!”

Picking up the bra, I handed her the rest of her uniform and turned around. I just kept looking at a wall.

Remember the sight of that wall and forget about that sight just now, Saigi Makoto.

Behind me, I heard the rustling of clothes again.

“But, well, that video wasn’t very useful for your education. It seems like even adults make mistakes.”

“I knew from the very start that something like that wouldn’t work though…..”

And I happened to see something very dangerous too. It feels like the content of that video had been completely deleted already. Sensei’s hand bra and that split second when she bent over completely overwrote that video in my brain.

“Y-You can turn around now. L-Let’s leave it at this for today.”

Turning around, the usual Maka-sensei was standing there. Seeing that, I was half relieved and half disappointed.

“I’ll search for a more fitting video for next time.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to just give up on such videos….?”

After everything that happened, she’s still motivated, that woman.

“And, I think it would be better for you to delete that recording. Other teachers might also use that TV after all. They might misunderstand that the contents might be related to a hobby of yours.”

“H-How do I do that…?”

Who’s the teacher here?

To be fair, I didn’t feel anything at all while watching that teacher video. But, towards Maka-sensei, it was just a tiny bit different.

Maybe her education and guidance counselling isn’t all too bad—is what I thought.

In the end, Maka-sensei rounded up her job and told me to go home. Realizing that watching that video was a huge failure, she received quite the shock. Under my escort, we went back to the staff room, where she immediately told everyone that “I started feeling bad during Saigi-kun’s guidance counselling” to what the head teacher responded with “Can’t help it.”

Can’t help it….? What do you mean by that, hey?

“Saigi-kun, go and escort Fujiki-sensei to the train station. And don’t go on talking rude to her just because you’re off school grounds.” She didn’t forget to let a student take some responsibility too, it seems.

But, hey! I’m clearly the victim of all of this.

“Fu, today’s world is still full of surprises. Guess you never stop learning.”

“Maybe there are some biases in your knowledge, Sensei?”

Evening—-no, it had already gotten dark, the both of us were walking next to each other. Most of the students had already gotten home, allowing us to openly talk about the ‘guidance counselling’.

Well, at least there won’t be any weird rumours of me and Maka-sensei walking home together.


In that moment, my phone vibrated. It was the usual cat photo.

“Saigi-kun, it’s not good to walk while you’re on the phone. If you want to use it, I’ll wait.”

“Ah, no it’s fine.” I answered as I put the smartphone back into my pocket. “Rather than that Sensei, is it enough to walk you to the station?”

“Eh? A-Ah, yes, that’s fine. No problem at all……”

That clearly doesn’t sound all that confident, though. Well, she’s still a young woman, so maybe she doesn’t want others to find out where she lives. Although it doesn’t feel like she would mind if it was me…..

“But, I really didn’t expect this…”

“Eh? What exactly?”

Hearing my response, she quickly averted her face with flushed cheeks.

“W-Well, ‘Walking home together’ was something I had planned far later. And it was really hard to find an excuse for it.”


At this time of the day, there probably wouldn’t be any other teachers still going home. Since the teachers also left at a reasonable time, it wasn’t that rare to meet up with one and walk together until the station.

“And also, this is the first time in my life that I’m walking home with another male.”


“I-Is that so unbelievable?”

“Of course it is!”

“Saigi-kun, are you just making an idiot out of me?” She glared at me.

I wasn’t exactly mocking her but it was still quite the shock. Well, it makes sense, considering her nickname ‘Unobtainable flower’. All the way up to university, there should’ve been countless boys that were interested in her, unable to ask her out. That explains why she doesn’t have any experience with this.

Now I actually feel bad for her…..

“Hey, Saigi-kun? It’s starting to piss me off if you look at me with these condescending eyes.”

“A-Ah, I’m sorry. It seems like even I have some soft spots inside me…..”

Maka-sensei’s expression darkened even more but I decided not to pay any attention to that.

In that moment, she let out a sigh.

“A lot has happened in my life, you know. But, it wasn’t all just sunshine and rainbows.”

“I won’t investigate any further on that.”

“You better do it! I’m basically asking you to! You might regret listening for one hour but you might regret not listening for the rest of your life, right?! Don’t keep on mocking me and show some responsibility!”

“As always, I have to idea how to handle Maka-sensei…..”

You shouldn’t be expecting that a male high school student willingly takes responsibility.

“No, that’s fine. Your education has barely even started after all. It’s better this way, otherwise I might’ve felt depressed, thinking that you were already biased because of other women.”

“You’re a teacher, right? Might want to be careful of your way of speaking.”

I lost count on how many times she destroyed her image of being an unobtainable flower inside my head.

“Why are you so eager to educate me….or rather, why did you even fall in love with me….?” Although my doubts are mostly cleared up, I still can’t really believe it.

Why would she, a beauty that could even act as model on TV, fall in love with such a boring high school boy like me? Well, I’ve realized that her personality greatly differs from that but…..

“Saigi-kun, that’s no good. If I were to tell you, that would turn into an ‘answer’. I’m not teaching you the answer, I’m just paving the way for you to arrive at that answer.”

“But why go so far?”

Maka-sensei wants me to fall in love with her. To achieve that, she’s trying to brainwash—no, educate me. Her first step is to make me lower my guard towards ‘teachers’, or rather the female ones. One method of hers was watching that erotic teacher video today. And she even went as far as to show me her hand bra……no, let’s forget about that for now.

“Whatever reason I have, it’s an indisputable fact that I like you, Saigi-kun. If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t want you to fall in love with me, call you the preparation room where we could be interrupted anytime or watch these weird videos with you. And if I fail, I’ll say goodbye to society and become a nun.”

“If you’re aware of it, then stop doing it?!”

Why would she go so far if she doesn’t manage to make me fall in love with her?

“That just shows my resolve. In life, you have to take some risks as well. Though that incident today had some other risks…..”

“Risk or not, that today was clearly a self-destruction on your side.”

“I couldn’t help it! I didn’t expect it to be this lewd! And also, the title was clearly a scam! I want my money back!”

“You shouldn’t trust the cover and title of these erotic videos, you know.”

“Hey…..” In one motion, she closed in on my face….too lose!

“Saigi-kun, don’t tell me that you’re watching these R-18 videos? That’s not good! Anything besides teacher stuff is not allowed!”

“Why only teacher stuff?! And no, I’m not watching them, that’s just common sense, at least for boys!”

“It seems like boys are still idiots no matter how old I get. It seems like I can only get interested if it’s Saigi-kun…”


So I’m special in that case?

“But, well, we finished the first step, although it ended up in a failure. Still, I achieved walking home with you earlier than I thought.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to be positive, Sensei…..”

The head teacher told me to take her until the train station, so this far should be fine, I guess.

“By the way, where are you living, Sensei? If you still don’t feel up to it, I can walk you closer to your house.”

“Ah, perfect timing. Taxi!” Suddenly, she lifted up her hand to stop the taxi that was driving past us, “Thank you for escorting me, Saigi-kun. I’ll pass on the train today.” She grasped my hand for one second— “I actually wanted to walk home holding hands but that would’ve been dangerous. Sorry, this is all I can give you right now.” She whispered into my ears before stepping into the taxi.

With a bang, the door closed and I could see Maka-sensei talking to the driver. Looking at the hand that Maka-sensei grabbed just now, I formed a fist. Her hand was really soft and smaller than I had imagined.

She really is a woman—is what I thought. And also—-

“Stopping a taxi like that, adults really are amazing…..”

I mean, I’m a high school student after all, there is no reason for me to call a taxi like that. Maka-sensei really is an adult…..and not to mention a beautiful one.

While these thoughts were slowly filling my heart, I started to wonder if I was already being ‘educated’ by her. And the worst part is, I began to think that it wouldn’t be too bad if it was someone like her.

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