Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 4 Epilogue

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“For now, Nii-san will have to learn from Sensei! Sensei is the best Onii-chan ever, so you’d better worship him!”

“N-No, I’d really rather you take it easy on me…”

Minazuki-san’s scolding kept going for another 30 minutes. But, it slowly started to become stranger and stranger, so we wanted to jump in. However…..

“Sakura-tan is right, Sensei! From now on, I want to learn from you! I want to learn how to properly treasure little sisters!”

“W-Well, I guess that’s fine…”

“And, just like you, I will aim for the blood-related little sister end!”

“I take everything back?!”

And I’m not aiming for a blood-related little sister end anyway!

“Sensei— no, would it be fine to call you ‘teacher’ from now on?! Or would I be able to call you ‘comrade’ because we’re both walking the little sister way?!”

“And your character completely changed?!”

As I was busy trying to rebuke Sakurada-san’s crazy character change, Minazuki-san jumped in with “The scolding is not over yet!” and grabbed him by the neck. While she did so, I felt like I heard Sakurada-san mutter something like “Being screamed at by Sakura-tan is actually starting to feel good!” Let’s just pretend we never heard that, yup.

“I’m starting to get really tired of this, so let’s go home.”

“Ahh, I’m really sorry about this incident. We’ll handle the rest with Sakurada, so Sensei doesn’t have to worry about that at all… But still, the Sensei this time was truly magnificent.”

As we were seen off by the weirdly serious-looking Shinozaki-san, we left the building.

“Ahh, that’s one thing over for now.”

“T-That’s right…”

As we left the building, I stretched once, while Suzuka still looked like she couldn’t calm down. Although it felt like the weight on my shoulders had been lifted, there was something new that had taken its place.

…This is weird. Being alone with Suzuka is really weird! This morning, we still had the upcoming meeting with Sakurada-san looming over us, but now that that’s gone… Suzuka now knows that I actually love little sisters, so how should I act around her now?


“W-W-W-What is it?!”

“Onii-chan likes little sisters right?”

…Guh! She immediately brought it up! A-And for some reason, Suzuka is grinning like crazy… is she going to tease me with this now?! I-I’m going to die from embarrassment!

“I-I-I won’t look at you like that, okay?!”

So that conversation is over now!

“I-I know… But you do love them, right?”


She still had her weird grin on her face. She’s definitely making fun of me…! But what should I do…?!

“Onii-chan~~~~~loves little sisters~~~~~” She sang a song that sounded oddly familiar.

I can’t take this anymore! Somebody please save me!

At that moment, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

…I’m saved. Any caller is fine! Even Mai, Double Peace-sensei or the Kanzaka sisters! Just please let me get out of this awkward atmosphere!

Without checking for the identity of the caller, I answered the phone. However, I didn’t expect that this phone call would greatly change my future.

「Hello, might this be Nagami Yuu-san? I am from the NJ Publishing contest, and I’m calling to inform you that your novel made it to the final selection—」

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