Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 5 Prologue

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“Ehe, ehehehe… To think that Onii-chan actually likes little sisters… what a troublesome person…!”

Writing in my ‘Onii-chan notebook’, I let out a laugh. I knew just how red my face was without having to look at the mirror. But I couldn’t help it. Onii-chan finally said that he likes little sisters, you know? Of course I would be happy about that!

“So potentially, he might also like me…!”

Different scenarios floated around in my head. Being lovers, getting married, being a married couple, and so on. Just thinking about them made my hand move on its own, writing countless lines into my notebook.

“Ehehehehehe… Ha?! N-No, calm down…! You have to control yourself for now…!”

T-That’s right, him accepting his feelings toward me was merely the beginning. From now on, I have to make him see me as a girl!

I glanced at the wall. On the other side of that wall is Onii-chan’s room. These past few days, he has been waiting for an answer from the light novel contest.

“At a time like this, I should be comforting him,” I muttered.

…In tough times, that is the wife’s job…! Thinking about it, this is my chance! I have to become Onii-chan’s strength and make him see me as a worthy woman.

Thinking that, I stood up to prepare some cocoa for him. In that moment, I looked at the calendar on the wall, walking up to it for a better look.

It’s almost Christmas. And soon after that, it’s my birthday…

“I wonder if Onii-chan will prepare a party for me this year…”

Last year was a bit hard for him because of our relationship, but this year for sure…!

“A romantic birthday with just the two of us…! Ehe, ehehehehehehehehe.”

Instead of preparing the cocoa, I just stood there, lost in my fantasies.


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