Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Maka-sensei VS SID

Part 1:

As the school bell rang, Japanese class officially ended. Now there was just homeroom left. Oh, and I have cleaning duty today too. Once that’s over, it’s time for Maka-sensei’s guidance counselling. Yesterday we watched that video…..I wonder what kind of things she’ll do today. Wait, am I looking forward to it?! Saigi Makoto, what the hell are you thinking about! Even if she is a beautiful teacher, I have to be more careful around her.

“I apologize for making you wait. There are some things I have to tell you so please don’t go home yet.” Maka-sensei said as she entered the classroom.

Even though she only became the home room teacher about two weeks ago, there are already a lot of students that are happy to see her. Leaving out the guys for obvious reasons, there are also a lot of girls that look up to her.

Well, I do think that she’s beautiful, and that she could rival a model. Also, everytime she enters the room, a sweet aroma enters my nose. I wonder if she’s using perfume.

…..Hey! I’m already being led astray by Maka-sensei! Her education is working too well isn’t it?! What are you going to do, Saigi Makoto! It’s totally fine to give in to her sweet temptation—–no, it clearly isn’t!

“Oh, excuse me. Please wait a moment.”

Although she was in the middle of explaining the school schedule, she suddenly took out her smartphone. Nobody seemed to care either. It seems like other teachers are also using their phones at a time like this.

“……I apologize for that. Now, let’s continue.”


The moment she looked at the screen, it looked like she was surprised. And, it seems like I was the only one that noticed that, maybe because I’ve been talking with her a lot more than them.

I wonder if something happened….?

Soon after that, she finished her explanations and left the classroom.


Immediately, my smartphone vibrated, and as I checked, I saw that it was a message from Maka-sensei.

….How did she manage to write that message so fast? Probably when no one was watching….what a crazy skill to have.

‘Sorry. I have to cancel today’s guidance counselling. It’s them.’

“Who is ‘them’?!”

I happened to retort out loud, gathering dubious gazes from my fellow students.

Saigi is just as weird as always—-they seemed to say, as if they were softly patting me on the shoulders. I really wish that they didn’t treat me like an eccentric. The word eccentric would fit Maka-sensei’s guidance counselling much better.

For now, that was the only thing in the message……Can you not hint at a deeper meaning with that ‘only’, Saigi Makoto?

“Saigi, we have to clean the stairs today. Let’s go.”

“…Y-Yeah, I got it, Kisou-san,”

My classmate, Kisou-san passed by me as she said that. Kisou Tenka-san was one of the few calm people inside our noisy class. With her rather small stature and brown twin-tails, she looked like a middle school student, or in the worst case, like a grade school student. However, the things that are supposed to be small are actually big, like the chest region.

No no, this isn’t the time to be thinking about that. I shouldn’t be reading too deep into Maka-sensei’s message. Since she cancelled the guidance counselling, let’s get the cleaning over with and spend a calm afternoon.

However, cleaning took longer than I had expected. Although we didn’t exactly have a lot to clean, someone had spilled some juice and other questionable substances on the stairs which was a huge pain in the ass to get rid off. Not to mention that the other students on cleaning duty decided to skip it rather than actually help us.

I’ll remember your names alright. Well, since they’re actually our classmates, I should remember them anyway.

“……These guys, I’ll remember their names.”


Seems like Kisou-san had the same thought as me. Or rather, she actually said it out loud. Although she looks like an emotionless puppet, does he have a radical side to her? Sometimes, she just sits there, tapping on her phone. Maybe a secret diary…?

Like that, our big cleaning operation ended and Kisou-san disappeared like smoke. I really don’t get her…..well, her small, cute appearance, paired with her big breasts makes her fairly popular with the boys. But, she’s not the kind of person that I have a lot of contact with.

However, the trouble will just continue and I won’t be able to get rid of Maka-Sensei with just cleaning.

“Maybe I should’ve asked her for an exorcism….”

But, I highly doubt that I would get my money back if it doesn’t work. And I don’t have such a relaxing financial situation that I could use a taxi whenever I want.

“Oops, no good no good…..”

Thinking about the taxi, the face of a certain someone entered my mind and I actually thought of checking in on the English material preparations room. Let’s just spend the rest of the day calmly, yeah.

Having returned to the classroom to pick up my bag, I was about to go down the stairs.

“Saigi! Saigi Makoto!”

“…..Huh? Student council president?”

Right in the middle of the stairs, there was a female student with crossed arms. It’s the person that pulled up the zipper of my jersey yesterday. This is rare, being called out by her two days in a row even though we barely meet.

“Good thing I met you. I was actually searching for you.”

“Searching for me….?”

“That’s right” muttered the third year student council president.

Jinsho Karen—-although her name had a western feel to it, she was without a doubt Japanese. She had long jet black hair and her blazer barely fitted her because of her big breasts. With a decent face and a long back, her slender legs shone even more. She really had the style of a model. Because of that, she was fairly known on the school grounds, aside from being the student council president of course. Additionally, she’s living in a cloister, where she started her education as a nun.

So, as a nun and the student council president—-she was of course a serious neat freak. Normally, I would always say that every person has a hidden side to them but in her case, her seriousness is so strong that it’s hard to doubt her.

“What is it…? I didn’t do anything, you know….” Just as I finished these words, she pulled up my necktie and fully buttoned-up my blazer.

For some reason or another, she set her eyes on me. Be it my clothes, my walking speed in the hallway or just because of the smallest things.

…..She doesn’t go so far for the other students… she so touched by my presence?

“No, there is. Do you not remember or what?”

“I-I don’t though…..”

Karen-kaichou tilted her head after hearing my response. It’s not like we were close enough to call each other by names but it just sort of happened after she was always nagging about my clothes. I wonder if there is any other male student that would go against her word? No probably not. Or I might just be weak against older beauties? Idiotic, my wariness only goes up depending on their age.

“No, you did. It’s not something small like going against the school rules concerning your clothes, or running to fast in the hallway. It’s a serious crime.”

“Serious crime?!”

“That’s right. It’s a grave sin. That’s why I came here to directly tell you.” She narrowed her eyes, “You made me fall in love with you.”


I…..made her…..fall in love with me…..? Huh?

“I made you fall in love….? No no, that sounds like I would be actively trying to make you fall in love with me. Really, I never knew that Kaichou could make jokes like that—-”

“It’s exactly like that. I am the student council president after all, so I have to be fair to everyone. Falling in love with some is outrageous, and completely evil.”

“It’s really not that bad you know?!”

That’s not where I should be retorting though!

“Although I still might be an apprentice, I have sworn mine body to god. I am not allowed to breath the same air as a boy.”

“I don’t think nuns have to be that strict with themselves…?”

I’m not all that familiar with the specifics but I see some sisters from time to time since the cloister is so close to the school.

“Like I said, you are too sinful. To think that you made me fall for you. Your tricks make me shudder, just like the snake in paradise….an act that would make the gods even fear you….!”

“Why am I the one at fault again?!”

“Yes, even though you bear the sins, you are not the one at fault. It is my fault, being led astray by you. I will go back to the cloister and pray.” She turned around on that spot as her long black hair fluttered.

…..Uhm, so was I just confessed to? Hahaha, impossible. Being confessed to by Maka-sensei was impossible enough but this time a confession by the beautiful student council president?

“…..It’s gotta be a joke, right?”

Still, even if it was a joke, that isn’t fair towards a simple high school boy like me. Luckily, no one was around us right now.

“…Well, guess I’ll go home.”

Although it didn’t turn out to be a ‘calm afternoon’, I still haven’t given up. If I take her confession just now as a joke, I can still recover.

Though I can’t think of any other reason why she would say something like that….Also, if you were to drag & drop that confession just now into my heart, I don’t think that the CPU could keep up with it. I guess I’ll just forget about it, and leave it to the me of tomorrow. After all, I decided to spend a calm afternoon now.

As I stepped in front of the shoe lockers—-

“Ahhhh, no good no good, nobody woke me up!”

Running past me on fast feet—-

“If it isn’t Sai-kun. You doing good?”

Her hair was semi-long, with a slight red tone. And, for the sole reason “The button won’t close”, she’s not wearing a blazer—is what the rumour is, but it’s true that she has the school’s best breasts. Not to mention her slender legs that came down from her mini-skirt.

Amanashi Nui—my classmate. Mostly sleeping in the classroom, and if she’s not, she rarely says anything at all. Normally, teacher’s mostly go against sleeping in class since we do have a rather high standard here. However, in Amanashi’s case—

“Well~ I did it again. Everyone from our class just kept watching my sleeping idol-like face, so nobody woke me up!”

“Wasn’t that because you just kept sleeping no matter what they did?”

“That might be the case, but at this rate, I’ll be late for my job! Maybe they’ll take out the bows!”

“Nowadays, I highly doubt that they still use bows…..not to mention against a woman…..”

This noisy person was one of those entertainers—-and idol apparently. But, not one of those that dance and sing. Rather, something like a gravure idol. Sometimes, she’s even in the magazines that I buy. And, since she’s working late without having time for club activities, most of the teachers overlook it.

“Well, when Amanashi appears in the magazines I buy, I mostly skip that part.”

“You’re suddenly dissing me?!”

“Yeah, that happened to slip out. I mean, if I want to read mangas, I buy mangas, but isn’t it kind of a waste to buy these magazines just for the gravure models?”

“And now you’re mocking my job?!” She had a shocked expression.

You may say that….but I really don’t see the reason for a job like that.

“Really yer as rude as always, I see. Ahhh, I know. Perfect chance, so let’s do that, aight. Sai-kun, c’mere.”


Amanashi stood on her toes, put her breasts around my head and pulled me closer.

U-Uwa…her breasts…..Her breasts! Breasts that could win against Maka-sensei’s or even Karen-kaichou’s are hitting me! It feels like I’m losing myself in their softness!

“Here, smiley! And, snap~”


In the meantime, Amanshi took out her smartphone, changing into the selfie-mode. Making a peace-sign, she had a wink on her face, which look really cute. She really is a gravure model alright.

“And, that as well….Yosh!, that should be enough.” With that, she took out a small touch pen and wrote something on the screen, “So, will you tell me your LINE ID? It’s fine, it’s fine, I won’t tease your or anythin’.”

“Ah, well….I don’t mind.”

I wouldn’t mind exchanging LINE ID’s with my classmates for sure.

Although it felt a bit sudden, I took out my phone and exchanged my number with hers. As I did, I immediately received a message, saying ‘A congratulatory gift for our ID exchange! Sai-kun, go have fun with it~’. I realized that she added a photo to that message.

“What’s this?!”

A two-shot together with Amanashi—not bad. No, actually really bad. Since Amanashi is a gravure model, I heard that she won’t take photos with the students. Additionally, on top of the photo, there was ‘Sai-kun 🖤 Nui’ written with really cute handwriting.

“A-Amanashi…What is this?”

“Nui-chan is fine!! Sai-kun and I are close, aren’t we? Righto? Righto?”


Are we really that close? In my eyes, she’s just a classmate though. And I don’t have any memory of talking with her all too often either. In my second year, I happened to sit next to her, until all the other boys came, wanting to switch with me. That’s how I got the seat furthest away from the teacher’s desk. This is clearly not the relationship where I would add ‘chan’ to her name. I don’t remember anything else that could’ve happened, but again, she’s a gravure model, and I don’t really have any interest in that so I might’ve just forgotten about it.

“Now that that’s decided, I have to really go now, aight? Next time, let’s take an even more erotic picture that you definitely won’t find in your magazines, kay? We’re gonna be busy on that evening!”

‘Now that that’s decided’? And I’ll just pretend like I never heard that ‘evening’ part. Rather than that—-that hardcore two-shot photo. A photo with a gravure model and a boring male high school student…….if it wasn’t me, you could use this for a scheme against her. In our modern internet society, if this photo were to be uploaded, everything would go up in flames.

Maybe I really should delete it now…..but, I should probably keep it just in case.

“First Sensei and President, and now an idol…..what kind of attack is this….” I muttered as I left through the school gate.


“Guha?!” An impact like a ball struck my guts assaulted me. “B-Brutus…you too?”

“Brutus? Uhm, it’s just Kuu though…..”

“I know….or rather, what’s your business, almost hitting me in my most important place with your head?”


Right in front of me right now was a small girl. Her face was bright red and she was shaking crazily, like a newborn foal. She had dark blue hair that reached until her shoulders and her hair was tied together on one side. With a cute sailor uniform and the fitting hat, it was fitting her very well. And the girl herself was also very cute. So much that you’d worry everytime she wanted to cross the street. Sometimes I even thing about running away with her. No, that’s just a joke actually.

Shinju Muku. Grade school 5th year. Height: Very small. Nickname: Kuu. And she normally calls me “Sensei:”

“Kuu, why are you here? It’s dangerous out here because there might be some lolicon high school students around here.”

“L-Lolicon? The boys around here are very nice, you know? Even before, they gave me some candy.”


Kuu is a member of our grade school affiliate. Their school grounds is just right around the corner so you often see these little peeps around here. But, other than the girls from the high school affiliate, I really hope that these guys that gave her the candy are not some bad guys. Better check if Kuu still has her crime prevention buzzer. Yeah, let’s buy her a better working buzzer next time.

“Ah, that’s right. Thanks for that cat photo from before. It was really cute.”

“Y-Yep. I wanted to take some more photos but it ran away. And when I went to chase it, I was already pretty far away.”

“Taking pictures is fine and all, but let’s be careful, okay?”

So she’s not just popular with the guys from high school but also living things in general?

It’s Kuu’s hobby to take pictures of cats, and she regularly sends them to me. And I can’t just tell her to wander around aimlessly. But, I always tell her to keep the strolling in her neighbourhood or near the school. Luckily, around her home, there are a lot of cats.

Actually, I also like cats. Especially that ‘Humans? I don’t particularly like them’ attitude. I would’ve loved to keep one at home too but I already have a little sister that’s practically rolling around like a cat all the time, so I have to be satisfied with that.

“Ahh, you’re going on a cat hunt today too? But it’s pretty late. If you don’t get home, they’ll be worried, right?”

“Ahaha, Sensei is as cautious as ever.” She showed a bitter smile. “B-But it’s not that. Uhm….Uhm…..” Her cheeks were flushed as she said that. “Sensei, here!”


Hurriedly giving me something, she dashed off right after. Close to us was a bus stop, so she jumped in there and the bus drove off.

“……I thought so.”

I slowly understood what Kuu just handed me—it was a letter. With a cute cat picture, it was a girly grade school envelope. On the backside was my name, with a heart-mark as a seal. From the looks of it, this should be a ‘love letter’. To think that they really exist. It’s the first time I see one. Of course, that implies that I’ve never actually gotten one.

“Even a confession from Kuu….it can’t be, right? Please tell me that that’s not the case.”

It’s not like I would panic from just any grade school girl but she’s the daughter of an acquaintance. I don’t have the courage to open that letter….what should I do? But, not opening it would be pretty courageous in it’s own way. Well, let’s leave it until for home. Not like there’s any meaning for that though.

On slow feet, I arrived at the train station. Even as I was waiting for the train, my head was full with the 3 confessions. Yes, although I said that I would wait, I opened Kuu’s letter….and the content was to be expected. It was pretty short but it was a love letter, no mistake about that.

This is weird, really weird. Why do I get confessed to by three cute girls? What kind of joke is this? I’m not good looking, nor am I the ace of a sports club, nor am I the only guy in a girls-only school.



The smartphone that I had in my breast pocket vibrated.

“Oh, it’s just Miharu….”

Miharu is the girl that my mother gave birth to one year after me, basically my little sister.

Seems like I got a LINE message from her, what’s it say?

‘Buy ice cream on the way home. The usual one.’


My little sister is always using her big brother like an online delivery service. Of course, without any shipping costs. Or rather, it seems like she’s paying with an ‘Onii-chan card’. What the hell is an ‘Onii-chan’ card?

“Ah? There’s a photo as well….”

Her black hair was tied together in twin-tails, which makes her look cute but she also has an absent minded expression. Without changing her clothes, she was just rolling around on the sofa inside our family’s living room. It’s not like I never see her like this so why did she go out of her way to send me that photo…?

This spring, Miharu matriculated into the high school I was attending. I really wish she’d change her clothes before she started ruining her brand-new uniform. Her skirt was getting rolled up more and more and you could almost see her panties. To be fair, seeing my little sisters panties isn’t all that weird but she’s an adolescent girl now so I wish she’d be a bit more careful. However, when I tell her that, she just counters with “Onii-chan is doing the same right? You’re always getting scolded by the student council president after all.” and since she’s completely right with that, I can’t say anything back. My little sister really doesn’t hold back against her big brother.

Ice cream, huh……I’d really like to get home as fast as possible though.

“Huh? Another mail?”

‘Also, I love Onii-chan. The real one.’


I read over that message countless times.

Is my little sister an idiot?

‘The real one’ she says….what real one? I don’t mind if she loves me as a big brother, but wouldn’t the other one be pretty bad?

Sooo….the nun student council president, the idol, the young girl and my real little sister. I was confessed to by four girls today?! What if….what if all of them were actually serious? There’s no way I could go out with all of you, you know….?

I don’t want to go home tonight.

Well, it’s actually not all that late, but it’ll get dark pretty soon. As if I could just go home, saying “I’m home! And I brought the ice cream!~”, after receiving that message, acting like nothing happened. Even eating dinner while facing her will be pretty hard. Unlike the delicate me, I doubt that she’ll be any more different, even after saying something like that. For now, I’ll just go off the train and wander around a bit.

“Miharu, you can eat the special ‘Pasta that an Italian suggested to me’……And send.”

For now, I’ll just send her a LINE message. That is one of Miharu’s favorites. I left a bunch of them, and hid them all around to house. And, in that message, I told her one of those hiding spots. Although I wanted to keep them in case I needed to fix Miharu’s mood very fast, I have no other choice right now.

Woah, she already responded.

‘Ahh, is it really fine to eat that?! Leave it to me, I’ll definitely master the boiling of the water!’


Ahhh, to think that my incapable little sister would be able to boil water on her own…..tears will come out. She surely won’t start a fire…..Right?

‘Also, you clearly lied to me that the ones from before we’re the last ones, you bastard!’

No, I didn’t lie to you. I don’t like lying to people or stabbing them in the back. After all, the ones I hid were the last ones they had, so I technically wasn’t lying. Yep, no problem. Also, she’s acting like she has completely forgotten about her confession…..

Although I’d like to say that going home now shouldn’t be a problem, it’s still my little sister. It might get a bit awkward if we were to see each other. I’ll pass some time around here. Though, I still needed something to eat, so I guess I’ll get something at the convenience store close to here.



At the same time I heard that voice, a car parked at the shoulder of the road. A bright red, round car. If I remember correctly, that brand was called Fiat or something. The person that showed her face out of the driver’s seat was—-Maka-sensei. She was waving at me.

“Hurry and jump in! We don’t have any time anymore!”

“Eh? No time…..?”

“That doesn’t matter right now! I’ll explain the circumstances later!”

I didn’t exactly know what was going on, but before I realized it, I was sitting on the seat next to her. Fastening the seat belt, Sensei operated the shift knob and accelerated as the tires squeaked.

“W-Wait a moment, Sensei! Y-You’re going way too fast….!”

“It’s fine, even an old-timer like this can take this much speed.”

“What does that have to do with anything!”

Handling the shift knob, Maka-sensei looked like she was having fun. She had her sleeves pulled up and the only thing missing was a driver’s glove.

Still, this is a bit exciting. Riding in a car an acquaintance is driving is a bit fun. Normally, I don’t get any opportunity to ride in a car like this after all.


“Please slow down and drop the speed!”

“What drops when I drive into a curve?”

“Don’t make a riddle out of this! And I already said the answer before!”

Ahh, forget about getting excited…I just hope that I don’t die. It seems like I was too arrogant, thinking I could spend a calm afternoon after classes…..


“Ah, we’re home, Saigi-kun. I thought you’d stay as a living corpse like this.”

Before I even realized it, Maka-sensei was standing in front of me. I was in a Japanese-styled room and Maka-sensei was sitting across a table, facing me.

“Do you remember? You walked in here in your own two feet, you know.”

“Somehow….It still feels like my head is all over the place though.”

Yeah, I mostly remember now. Maka-sensei was barely driving in legal range speed-wise and after living through that, we arrive at a parking lot. Maka-sensei’s driving style is way too rough….It felt like my inner organs were changing their places because I was shaking so much. That’s about as far as I’m willing to get in in the same car as her again. I feel like my lifespan got shortened greatly.

“…Sensei, so you had a car.”

“Yes, but I rarely drive it. We have trains and buses here so it’d be a waste of gas to drive everywhere.”

Yep, I’d take the train anytime if I could pass on driving with her.

“…So, I’m still a bit lost….where are we?”

“It’s Just as it looks like, we’re inside a yakiniku restaurant.”

“A yakiniku restaurant….”

Now that she says it, there’s a grill in the table in front of me and the smell of grilling meat is entering my nose.

“I thought that a boy like you might like to eat some meat. The prices they have here are pretty reasonable after all, and their meat is the best. But, of course they’re in the red, which makes both the owner’s and the regulars’ heart’s beat faster, granting a perfect dinner in uneasiness.”

“That’s not really good, you know that?”

“For now, it doesn’t look like today was their last day. I’m glad we came at this time, it’s normally pretty full in here, you know.”

“That’s why you were rushing here.”

“No, I’m always driving like that. Since Saigi-kun was with me, I was actually driving a bit slower than usual.”


“An interesting face you got there, Saigi-kun. Ah by the way, I already ordered something to drink while you were out.”

Just as she said that, a young female employee brought in two cups of oolong tea. And, she also asked for our orders.

“Let’s order some food for now. Uhm……”


As Maka-sensei opened the menu, she froze up.

For some reason, there is cold sweat on her forehead…..why?

“Y-You can order whatever you want, Saigi-kun. Of course, it’s my treat.”

“Haaaa… that so.”

With these words, she handed me the menu. I decided to order some salty beef tongue and barbecued ribs, and also some egg soup with rice as a side-dish. Maka-sensei only ordered some soup, so I guess that she doesn’t need any rice.

“…Fu, you seem to be accustomed to ordering here, Saigi-kun.”

“Not really. I just came to a yakiniku restaurant with my family before and I was supposed to order that time as well.”

Leaving out my little sister, my parents always leave the decision-making to someone else. And I really don’t believe that Maka-sensei was honestly unable to order for herself.

“Let’s drink something. Here, good work today.”

“Good work today”

I don’t really know why we’re saying ‘Good work today’, but I clapped Maka-sensei’s cup with my own. I actually wanted to take one sip but because of all the stuff that happened, I drank the whole cup to satisfy my thirst.

“Ohh, the whole cup in one go, Nii-chan! Let’s go for another one!”

“Who the hell are you?!”

The unobtainable flower started acting like an old man all of a sudden!

“I’m joking. But, we’re off work now, so we can take it a bit more easily, right? Ah, I better take this off.” Saying that, Maka-sensei took off her jacket and hung it up inside the room.

Although she’s still wearing a blouse over her underwear, her suddenly taking it off like this made my heart beat faster. Am I a boy in puberty or what! Well I am!

Still, Sensei really is slim. Her shoulder width is narrow and I can see a straight line down until her waist. Additionally, although she’s wearing a blouse, I can clearly see the big mountains coming from her chest……but why exactly am I looking at her in great detail like this!

“Fuu~ but I’m glad that I was able to collect Saigi-kun. I was hoping that you were just walking around aimlessly without going home but I knew that that wasn’t all to likely. Don’t you think that meeting you like that was destiny?”

“I don’t even know where I should retort on. Although you’re right about me walking around aimlessly without going home but do you know my home address? Although I had a reason not to go home, did you know about that? And, was there even a reason for us to meet today?”

“Saigi-kun is as rude as always I see. How confident towards a teacher. But even with that, you couldn’t stand your ground against Jinsho-san and Amanashi-san.”

“W-Why do you know that….! Or rather, you know Karen-kaichou and Amanashi….?!”

“Of course I would know about them. The student council president and the girl that every teacher is overlooking. Additionally, your little sister and that fifth gradeschool kid Shinju Muku.”

“Even Kuu……?”

Since Miharu is a first year at my school, it’s not weird for her to know about her. But, there shouldn’t be any connections for her to know about Kuu.

“Ah, our meat came. Let’s go eat. It’s the red numbers meat after all!”

“Don’t say it like it’s actually red meat. But well, yeah.”

Although there are still countless things I would like to ask but I can’t win against the temptation of meat in front of me like this. I wouldn’t be a male highschool student if I managed to do that.

“Yahu~ It’s beef tongue! It looks so delicious, Sensei!”

“Your character changed, Saigi-kun. Ah, I’ll put it on.”

She tried to grab the meat with the tongs but her movements were a bit shaky—-that’s too dangerous!

“W-Wait Sensei! I will grill it!”

“Eh? But that’s the job of a woman—-”

“You’re treating me after all and I’m younger than you so let me handle it!”

No matter what, I can’t let her do the grilling. My instincts are warning me,—I can’t let this meat go to waste if something goes wrong. Receiving the permission from Sensei, I put some lemons onto the grill and started my work. Everyone has their own way of grilling beef tongue but grilling it from only one side is not good. A nice smell was starting to rise up. Ahh, my primal instincts are acting up!

“And, done. Help yourself, Sensei.”

“T-Thanks. Sorry about that. Let’s eat.” Folding up the meat, she put it into her mouth.

I followed suit. Yup, it’s delicious. That really is some good meat.

“No worries, I’ll keep it coming!”

In a matter of minutes the beef tongue was gone and next were the barbecued ribs. With skilled hands, I grilled them too.

“Mhm….the ribs are delicious too. It’s been a long time which makes them even more delicious.”


Although I was a bit busy with grilling the meat, the eating beauty in front of me was also something else. She’s just biting into it and filling her mouth but it still feels very erotic. Also, it looks like she really likes meat because her expression loosened.

Damn it, even though she’s an adult, why is she so cute….!

“But, I can’t leave everything to Saigi-kun! I will be grilling the next load!”

“Sensei….you’ve never actually grilled meat like this before, right?”

“T-That’s clearly not the case….” She averted her face. “Just, the only times I’ve went to a yakiniku restaurant like this was with fellow students or teachers, you know? This is the first time coming here alone with a boy. Even though I’m 24 years old, this is my first time, you know? I never ate dinner alone with a boy you know?”

“Y-You don’t have to go into such detail, okay? It makes me feel bad actually….”

She looked really serious just now. To think that such a beauty like her never went out with a boy….That actually makes me feel a bit relaxed…, not good. Her education is starting to show effect already.

“I-is that so? But still, even though I came here with a lot of people, they have been the ones doing the work so I never actually……”

“Ahh, I see.”

They probably treated her like a princess in every scenario. That’s why she ended up like this, unable to actually order or grill in a yakiniku restaurant.

“Rather, Maka-sensei being so useless is something I didn’t imagine at all.”

“Useless?! Only because I have some daily-life problems….!” She started sulking.

She’s only showing me these faces. How frightening alright.

“Well, I do have things I’m bad at. Let’s order some more. Some more beef and fatty pork should be fine. Is that okay with you?”

“Y-Yeah okay. Can I ask you….to do the ordering?”

Maka-sensei looked up at me. Ugh, it’s unfair when she’s so cute. But well, I don’t mind doing the ordering. And like this, we kept eating.

“Ahh, that was delicious! The meat is spreading inside my belly~”

She really can eat a lot… does she manage to stay so slim….? Well, I guess that it’s mostly going to her breasts.

“Ahh, now I did it. The meat was so delicious I forgot myself…Sorry Saigi-kun, for making you wait.”

“Huh? Making me wait for what?” She picked up some barbecued rips, put some sauce onto it and stretched out her arm towards me.

“Here. Ahhhnnn.”


She was talking about that?!

“Maka-sensei, it’s not like I was waiting for that though?!”

“When a man and a woman go eat out together, isn’t this a normal thing to do?”

“That’s pretty hard to actually pull off, you know! At least for me that is!”

I haven’t even let my little sister do something like that for me, although she doesn’t have a character that would do that anyway.

“I see, so it’s Saigi-kun’s first time as well. Then, I’ll gladly take it.”

“Can you not say something that could be misinterpreted like that?!” is what I retorted but she didn’t pay any attention to it while she kept holding the meat.

At this rate, the meat will go cold. And that would be a huge shame, even though it wasn’t exactly expensive.

1: Thankfully accept it and go “Ahhhnnn”

2: For now, I’ll eat the meat that’s still on my plate!

3: Rather than the meat, I want to taste Maka-sensei’s chopsticks!

Okay, number 3 clearly is out! What am I, a pervert!?

“I’ll go with two then…..but what about 3….”

“That’s clearly not manly at all! Don’t lose your way! You say that you can’t eat my meat?!”


Without any warning, Maka-sensei pushed the chopsticks with the meat right into my mouth. Ahh, Maka-sensei’s meat is delicious…..wait, that way of phrasing it definitely sounds weird!

“…..It’s delicious…”

“I’m glad. Then, next it will be my turn.”


You’re telling me to do something as embarrassing as that?! That hurdle is way too high for a normal high school student like me!—Just when I thought that, Maka-sensei stood up and walked around the table towards me.

“Then, if you would.”

“W-What are you doing?”

Maka-sensei sat down between me and the table.

H-Hey….She’s sitting right between my thighs….they’re hitting her butt!

“As your teacher, I want you to overcome this hurdle. You already received it, so it shouldn’t be that hard.”


As Maka-sensei leaned onto to me, her head hit my chest.

Fuwawa…..her hair smells so nice! And her back is so soft and warm!

“I also want to eat some of the meat. Hurry, hurry!”

Ahhh, don’t move your shoulders like that. For an adolescent boy like me, these soft shoulders are more than dangerous. Also, because of the heat coming from the grill, she started sweating. Her white blouse started to get wet and I can barely see the her bra! I can even see what colour it is, today. Pink, to be precise. During summer, you could sometimes spot the bra’s of your fellow female students but that never happened with a teacher before! Am I getting more excited because of that hand bra she did before? Of course I am. If I were to move my hands a lit bit, I might even touch them.

“Where’s the meat~ Saigi-kun, I want to eat my meat~”


Not leaving me any other choice, I put picked up the meat, put a bit of sauce onto it and put it towards Sensei’s mouth.

“Mhmmm, delicious! Even more so now that I’m being fed by Saigi-kun!”

“That meat was a bit scorched, you know”

“It’s even better when the love is a bit scorched.”

She keeps talking about love, this person…..

“Now it’s my turn again. Here, ahhnnn”


She turned around to feed me again.

Like I said, can you not turn around when we’re this close….! See, I can clearly see your bra now!

“Keep eating okay? Here, ahnnnn, ahhhhnn.”

“Y-Yeah yeah…..”

Without paying any attention to my gaze, she kept feeding me as if she was dreaming. Is this hell? Or possibly heaven? I couldn’t say for sure.

After a short amount of time, we stopped doing the ‘Ahnnn’ play and Maka-sensei returned to her seat across the table, leaving me some time to gulp down my oolong tea.

“Ahh, that was delicious. Then, as a desert, we’ll have ice cream I suppose. While we’re eating that, we’ll talk.”

“Now that you say it, I still don’t know why I’m here….”

Eating such delicious meat, paired with being fed by such a beautiful teacher, I completely forgot about all the stuff that happened this afternoon. Maybe the impact of being pulled into her car without any warning also greatly added to that.

As the ice cream arrived, Maka-sensei stopped the employee that wanted to take the plates with him.

I wonder why, there were actually in the way so I wanted him to take them.

But, without further ado, Maka-sensei started eating the ice cream.

“…..It’s the ‘It’s fine if I die’ alliance.”

“Eh? Sensei, what did you just say?”

“Like I said, it’s the ‘It’s fine if I die’ alliance.”

Maybe something in my head is terribly wrong but I really didn’t understand a single thing she was saying. For now, I’ll take a scoop of my ice cream and try to calm down….Mhm, the mint is really delicious.

“There was a popular author called Futabatei Shimei, right. He translated a foreign novel called ‘Yours’ into ‘It’s fine if I die’. That translation got so famous, it could stand on it’s own against Natsume Souseki’s ‘The moon is beautiful’.”

“I-Is that soo……”

So she’s got some knowledge in literature too even though she’s an English teacher. However, even if you tell me the background, I still don’t get it at all.

“I understand that there was a translation like that, but what was that with the alliance….? And, what were we even talking about?”

“I’m talking about today, after classes. I received information that they would be moving, but I couldn’t act on my own because of my job. Why today of all days….!”

“No no, your job should be more important, right?”

I don’t know that she’s comparing here but you really shouldn’t tell your pupil that you’d rather ditch your job as a teacher. But, wait? Them? She also said that in her LINE message….

“Rather than that, Jinsho Karen-san, Amanashi Nui-san, Shinju Muku-san and also Saigi Miharu-san. Saigi-kun, you have been confessed to by the four of them, right?”

“H-How do you know that?!”

Even the thing about Kuu? Or rather, what kind of information broker does she have so that she knows about all of them!

“The ‘It’s fine if I die’ alliance. Or short, SID. It’s a rather problematic name so we’ll just shorten it.”

(TLC: Shindemo ii wa → SID)

“Wouldn’t it be fine to just chose another name? And don’t tell me, Maka-sensei isn’t also a part of fishy organization, right?”

“No, of course not. I’m still a teacher, you know? The only organization I belong to is the Saigi-kun fan club.”

“I don’t remember ever founding that!”

I’ll be charging membership fees I swear!

“But, their activities don’t differentiate much from the fan club. I’ll just say it up front, but that organization really exists. At our school, without anybody knowing.”


Is our school some sort of underground meeting place? Something like these foreign dramas? To be honest, I actually like these dramas.

“I came to know of that organization by pure chance, you know. And, if SID were to move, they would surely trouble Saigi-kun. I’m always marking them but it looks like they finally moved.”

“No you’re also troubling me—or rather, the first person.”

“I am your first….? Oh really now, Saigi-kun…..”

Oi, your cheeks are getting red.

“No wait, that doesn’t matter at all right now! I still don’t understand what’s happening!”

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be good to beat around the bush. SID’s leader is Jinsho Karen-san. Their agreement is to keep each other in check.”


Now another dubious word appeared.

“Apparently, the fact that I was getting closer to Saigi-kun got out and now every single one of them is trying to catch up.”

“So everything this afternoon is basically Sensei’s fault!”

What is this beautiful teacher doing?! No there’s something else—-

“Wait a moment please. Sensei, I have a question.”

“Yes, Saigi-kun.”

“The way Sensei is saying it, it sounds like everyone of them, including my little sister, has feelings for me—- no, is conspiring against me.”

“That’s exactly the case. Though calling it an alliance might be a bit exaggerating. They are only high school students after all so it might be a better idea to call them a benefit society, I suppose?”

….Here’s a woman mixed in that isn’t a student though.

“Be it a benefit society or whatever, why are the girls that like me working together like this! They’re going to work together for their common interest or what?!”

“That’s also absolutely right. Even though your grades aren’t the best, you’re always revolting. Are you studying properly? You can’t fall behind any more, okay?”

“Weren’t we talking about something completely different before? Why do you have to make me feel bad about myself right now?”

“I’m your teacher after all.”

So what?!

But still, so I’m actually being like by four other girls besides Sensei? And they happened to form an organization where everyone is conspiring against each other? Even my little sister? I could’ve never realized. I thought that Karen-kaichou just thought of me as a hindrance, that the gravure model wouldn’t even remember the name of such a boring boy like me, and Kuu is still a young girl after all.

“So basically, I’ll just explain it from my point of view. Although they bring all the information together, they don’t work with each other. And I am working independently, confronting the bothersome boy Saigi-kun on my own.”

“I wouldn’t lose against Maka-sensei in terms of being bothersome.”

“What a roundabout way to call me cute, Saigi-kun.”


I think you’re trying to take everything too positive, Maka-sensei. Isn’t she way more of a problem that the others?

“But, about why SID is a problem. They’re always monitoring every move you make after all, so if I continue with my education, they will surely go on the offensive as well.”

“H-Hey, even their four confessions were way too much for me to handle! I will not take responsibility for anything that happens after this!”

I can even barely keep up right now!

“I know how you feel, but I don’t know the specifics either. I only know their goal and the members. At best, we could try to cut off their funds but I haven’t researched that far.”

“I really doubt that an organization like them has a sponsor…..”

Who the hell would give a group of girls money so that they could monitor me. And Maka-sensei is even talking about squashing them. Sounds kind of scary.

“And if we can’t play by the book, we only have one other option.”

“What are you implying?”

“What you said is completely right. Because I confessed to you, I have to bear the responsibility. And I will take upon that duty.”

“W-Wait a moment!”

Because Maka-sensei started moving, so did SID, so the only possible way for her to resolve this situation is—-

“Please don’t act to rashly, there is no reason to leave the school—-”

“I will become Saigi-kun’s lover.”

“What the hell are you saying?”

“’What the hell are you saying’? Fufu, that’s a pretty rude manner towards your teacher.”

“S-Sorry, it just happened….”

It’s her fault for changing into an older sister character.

“But what did you mean by that? I didn’t even answer you yet….”

“This has nothing to do with my confession. But, don’t tell me you’re planning to build up a harem?”

“As if I would! On the contrary, I’m really suspicious of this whole situation! Why would the student council president and an idol confess to such a boring boy like me! And even Kuu and my little sister! It’s just too ridiculous! And there are no upcoming heritages for me or anything!”

“At the very least, I am not in it for the money.”


Until now, I didn’t hear the reason why Maka-sensei fell in love with me, right….And to be fair, I still can’t fully believe her that she has feeling for me. Don’t tell me, is she like an agent sent from the government? Did she confess to me because of some foreign country relations to gather information?

“I know that you’re thinking about some weird stuff. I’ll just say this upfront, but you’re wrong.”


I guess being confessed to by this beautiful teacher is on the same level as my agent conspiracy theory.

“But, the real problem are these four girls. Since you don’t plan on building a harem, you’re probably really troubled by their confessions, right?”

“Well yeah….”

And why is she saying that as if her confession didn’t bother me at all?

“That’s why it would make sense if I became your girlfriend!”

“….I hope I’m wrong about this but your plan isn’t that, once me and Sensei become lovers, you hope that President and the others give up, right?”

“We don’t have any other option.”

“I’m really not a big fan of that though?!”

“Jinsho-san and the others are normal girls you know. Once Saigi-kun finds a girl he likes, they will surely give up on pursuing you.”

“Didn’t you say that you would quit your job if I went out with you?!”

“Only if you actually fell in love with me—-What I’m planning is to just deceive them.”

“So you’re telling me to lie to them?”

“I know that you hate being deceived as much as you hate deceiving others. You’re pretty famous for that on school grounds. But, this is essential.”

“Lying is only a means to the cause, huh.” Even the doubtful me knows that.

And I won’t say that I’ve never lied to anybody before.

“Now then, let’s let everyone know about the good news via LINE, fufu.”

“Were you chuckling just now!? This is purely a fake relationship, right?!”

And, I didn’t even give my consent yet!

“And why do you even know their LINE ID’s?! You’re not also a member of a shady organization like SID, are you?!”

“I’m really not. I told you that I have my own source of information. That’s why I know their contact information. And also, these girls might prove useful for your education. Eliminating them might be easy but just attacking isn’t always a good way to do that.”

“Eliminate, you say……”

Calling her an agent might be taking it a bit too far but you could probably name her a witch. And she said that she’s planning on using SID to educate me….somehow I feel like I want to know, but somehow I don’t.

“Also, to be frank, it’s not a bad feeling that the boy you like is popular. Being jealous for my Saigi-kun and everything.”

“I’m not Sensei’s ‘Saigi-kun’ though.”

This is only a means to stop SID from acting right? Please don’t forget that. Until now, I’ve had my head full with her education, but now SID too? This is going to be a pain in my ass…..

“Ah, I know, let’s use this.”


Perfectly dodging my retort, she once more came over and sat down next to me.

“Excuse me for a bit. Say ‘Cheese~’.”


Maka-sensei grabbed my shoulder and brought her face closer. Because of that, I could feel her soft cheek on my own. Before I even realized what she was doing, she took out her smartphone and took a clean selfie. First that gravure idol and now that beautiful teacher, I wonder if I’ll actually die tomorrow.

“….And why are you suddenly taking a picture?”

“Going on a yakiniku date shouldn’t be too weird for lovers, right? Here, something like this.”

With that, she showed me the screen of her phone. Shown there was a two-shot with Maka-sensei, pushing her face against mine with a bright smile, and me, unconsciously loosening my mouth. Behind us was the table with the used plates on top of it. So that’s why she left them there.

Truth be told, no matter how you look at it, we’re looking like a normal couple that enjoyed some nice yakiniku together. If we were to show that to other people, they would surely misunderstand……!

“It ended up pretty good. I’ll go ahead and send this to everyone. Go, into the sea that is called the internet!”


“And I’ll go ahead and send a message as well, saying that me and Saigi-kun started going out.”

“How fast!”

Did she really send it already?! To Karen-kaichou, Amanashi, Kuu, and even my little sister?! The view of me having finished eating yakiniku with that beautiful teacher?!

“They’ll clearly retort with something like ‘Will you eat Maka-sensei next?’ !”

“How bold of you, Saigi-kun~”

“This is clearly not the time to be saying that?!”

Even though she didn’t have any alcohol, she’s clearly not acting like she’s sober.

“I’ll also cut the energy of my phone just in case. I don’t care about any incoming messages right now because I’m finally in a good mood. Yay!”


Ahhh, I’m starting to get desperate. Little sister, Kuu, classmate and the student council president. To think that she’d send such a photo + message to these girls…..

“…Ha?! T-That reminds me….!”

“What is it this time?!”

She suddenly stopped her movements and rushed towards the wall, almost tearing it down because of the impact.

Is she okay?

“U-Uhm, Saigi-kun….?” With a fearful expression, she turned towards me. “I-I don’t smell of yakiniku, do I?”


Well, I’m sure that’s the same for me so why is she so shocked….?

“I-I did prepare some deodorant but I completely forgot…..I might’ve gotten a bit too happy…..S-Sorry?”

“I-It’s fine….”

It’s not like I had the leisure to pay attention to that when she’s clinging to me. And does she really get so happy, just being with me…..?

Why does she have to be so cute and beautiful!

“I-Is that so….Fu, how careless of me. I let my guard down around you too much.”


I can’t tell her that she looks cute when she lets her guard down.

“But, I guess it’s because of that….”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Still sitting at the wall, she started fidgeting with a small smile.

“You’ve seen the real me after all. And that’s perfectly fine. The words you said to me at that time—they really were the trigger.”

“…..Eh? Did I say something to you before?”

It’s true that I might the only one who knows how she really is. I might not be the only one that is weary towards teachers, but I surely won’t lose against anyone else if it comes to that.

“So you really forgot. But, I certainly will not.”


Do I have any private memories that involve Maka-sensei? Sure doesn’t feel like it….I certainly would remember since it’s her we’re talking about.

“It’s fine as long as I remember. And I will, until I’m on the brink of death.”

“That sounds really scary though….”

I really wish she’d explain. Otherwise I can’t calmly sleep at night.


Or at least I thought so, but judging from her smile, I don’t think she’ll ever tell me. Even though that clearly played a big part for the confession. If I could, I’d gladly exchange my memories of that message for that.

Or rather, I’d really like to forget about everything concerning SID as a whole, but that wouldn’t work out anyway probably.

“Rather than that, let’s start the hanging of Saigi Makoto!”

“President, can I please get a trial before you decide on that?!”

It was the following day of the yaikiniku date—or no, it wasn’t really a date. Either way, today I was pulled into the student council office.

Yes—pulled. As I was walking down the hallway, Jinsho Karen-kaichou saw me and pulled me along.

“So another victim, huh…But, I also want to be pulled by President!”

“President’s lectures are really dangerous, you know? If she gets serious, she could seriously break your spirit. That’s why some people call it a ‘purge’.”

“I’d really be happy to book a whole course of her lecturing!”

On the way to the office, I heard these voices around me. It seems that even though they knew how she really is, she’s still quite popular with them. Figures, she’s beautiful, has big breasts and has the power to pull you along.

And, as we arrived in the student council office—-no one was there. The room was about half the size of a normal classroom. On the other side of the door in the back were windows, and in front of that, the president’s table. In front of said table was another long table. Leaving me standing in a small space in the middle of that, Karen-kaichou sat down at her own table and assumed a commandant-like posture. Also, seated at the second table were Amanashi Nui, Saigi Miharu and also Shinju Muku.

“Saigi Makoto, you probably already know but my words are the law in here. If I say that you’ll be hanged, then you will be hanged.”

“President! A bit more kindness wouldn’t hurt, especially me!”

After my appeal, both the people to my right and left got noisy.

“Now now, Sai-kun, calm down. We’re not actually going to hang you~”

“That’s right, Onii-chan. We’ll hold back so that you’ll surely survive.”

“Sensei, even if they hang you up, I will surely save you…..even though it might take 2 or 3 hours…”

“………..” I was being stared at from the other girls, all of them sitting at the long table.

It seems like they really were acquainted from the beginning….Where did they even meet each other for them to end up in an organisation like this….

“Now then, there’s a curfew for the little girl to keep in mind, so let’s hurry up. Saigi-kun, yesterday you were confessed to by four girls. No problems so far, right?”

“What are you planning on doing….”

So President is the judge, I’m the accused, and the other three are the spectators? Weird, shouldn’t there be someone in charge of my defense?

“President, do I have the right to remain silent?”

“You can choose to be quiet, yes, but I will take that as an affirmation. So, you have a triple handicap of being a siscon, a lolicon, and an otaku being obsessed with idols?”

“You’re wrong! You’re completely wrong!”

How scary! If I kept quiet, they’d completely misinterpret everything!

“Uhm, Miharu also has a question. Do you really only have these three fetishes? What about President’s attribute?”

“I don’t even have three.”

My cute little sister only stared at Karen-kaichou instead of me.

This girl, she didn’t bring up the topic of her confession at all. Not even yesterday even nor this morning. Thanks to her attitude, she got my hopes up that all these confessions were just a bad dream…Oh what wishful thinking….

“I’m just a black-haired, big-breasted beauty. Everybody would like me, no matter what fetishes they had.”

“Ah, I see I see. Yeah, you look like Onii-chan might fall in love with you!”

What’s so ‘I see I see’ here? Am I missing something? And President, although you’re not lying, it’s never good to say stuff like that about yourself.

“Let’s return to the main problem. Saigi Makoto, yesterday, you have been confessed to by four girls. And—on the same day, you decided to go out with our school’s english teacher, Fujiki Maka-sensei. We have proof in form of that photo of your yaikiniku date.”


It seems like Maka-sensei really sent them that message + photo. Now, what should I do?

If I were to deny it, they might start another discussion about their corresponding confessions. And that would only be a pain in the ass. But, if I were to affirm it, it might trigger something completely different. But well, me being together with Maka-sensei at that yakiniku restaurant is the truth after all…..

“This is something that we, SID, can not overlook. Since this is very important to us, you, the accused, aren’t allowed to give any vague answers.”

“So I’m really the accused here….”

Although it doesn’t like a proper trial from the outside, I might still have a chance of not being executed…..maybe.

“Or rather, President. I don’t really get what this SID is about anyway. Why, when, and how was it formed exactly?”

In the end, even a member of my family, and an acquaintance of mine are members of this organization after all.

“Saigi Makoto, if I were to tell you about that, we would exceed the curfew of our member. I don’t particularly mean to hide anything, but I’ll be saying myself the trouble now.”

“Sai-kun, girls have their own secrets, you know. Secret, secret. Be it your little sister, that young girl, or your classmate. And unnecessarily searching around would only make you seem tactless.”

“In this case I don’t really care about that though….”

Amanashi is saying it in a pretty carefree way but that’s much coming from a talent in public entertainment.

“Now then, Saigi Makoto. If you keep trying to avert the topic, I will take that as an affirmation. I will use my rights as president, and, besides parading you through school before your execution, I will also hang you up at the basketball nets.”

“On top of being really executed, you’re also going to punish me with that opening act I see!”

And why is she already specifying the place where I’ll die?!

“W-What now…..I can’t reach the basketball nets like that….Sensei, it looks I can’t help you after all…..”

“I’m still thankful for your feelings, Kuu…..”

She’s still a grade school kid after all.

“No no no wait a moment, President! Me and Maka-sensei clearly are—-”

“Yes, we are going out.”

As I was about to blurt out the truth, Maka-sensei opened the door and finished my sentence for me. Even though she’s merely walking into the room, she looks like model, and a ripe flower.

Ahh, perfect ‘Unobtainable flower’ mode, Sensei. So much that I might think the yaikiniku event from yesterday was just a dream.

“I predicted where you girls would be meeting. Jinsho-san, isn’t using the student council office for your private affairs prohibited?”

“At the same time as being the student council president, I am also a nun in training. It’s prohibited for me to fall in love with a man. Everyone has one or two rules that they have to break in life.”

….President, that sounded so manly. And also, should Maka-sensei really being said that after she’s using the English material preparation room for her own plans too? Well, maybe I shouldn’t retort on that right now.

“I see….then, I will overlook it this one time.”

No, you’re also guilty, you know.

“But, I can’t forgive you if you do anything to Saigi-kun. Just like I told you via LINE, we started dating. And of course, I’m talking about the serious one. I know that I cannot boast about this to other people but I know that I didn’t do anything wrong.”


Wow, she’s actually a full-fledged human once she gets serious. No wait, we’re at school now of course she’d be. Knowing how she really is, I’m actually getting weird vibes from her ‘Unobtainable flower’ mode right now.

“Serious dating? What does that mean, Miharu-oneechan?”

“Mhmm, Miharu doesn’t really know either. Isn’t that where you kiss?”

“Miharu, what kind of vocabulary are you using in front of a grade school kid!”

With a twitch, Kuu went “K-Kiss……!” with a red face after all!

“I don’t really care if you call it serious or not.”

This time it’s the gravure idol’s turn to speak up.

“I still can’t really believe it. For Sai-kun to just say okay to Sensei’s confession. Wasn’t Sai-kun the person to investigate the other person half a year before you answer them?”

“Am I a stalker or what?”

Let’s leave her doubtful words aside for now. Rather, I’ll only look like a stalker to the five of them. Since this SID organization didn’t come into existence just yesterday, I can probably expect that they know quite a lot about me.

“In this case, something like ‘If you’re really going out, then kiss’ would be appropriate. That being said, Onii-chan, kiss me please~”

“Why would I have to kiss you in this instance?!”

And now it’s my lovable little sister. She’s never shown me anything like that, so why is she trying it now? All these years, it’s been more like ‘Don’t wash my clothes together with Onii-chan’s.’ after all.

“Although we’re investigating the intelligence of the little sister, she does make a point here. Just going to eat yakiniku together doesn’t suffice as proof.”

Well, it’s just as President says. A mere photo and text won’t be enough to convince them. Maybe that’s why she sent them that message, because you can interpret way too much into it.

“I’m still not satisfied.” She continuously looked between me and Maka-sensei. “That’s right, since you’re going out with each other, then go ahead and k-k-kiss….?”

“……..President, why are you getting embarrassed now?”

She’s getting red to her ears. Maybe it’s because she’s a nun but she really has no immunity at all…..

“Don’t spurt such ridiculous things, Jinsho-san. They said that they were seriously going out, right? There is no way that they could do these indecent things just the day after they became a couple.”


Doing a hand bra, watching an erotic teacher film, I wonder what she would think if I said that?

“Now then…….SID law number 3: ‘All information regarding the individual Saigi Makoto should be kept hidden a secret inside the alliance’ was it.”

Is she going completely crazy now?

“W-What….? Fujiki-sensei, how do you know of SID’s laws….?”

“Fufu, as your teacher, I know everything about my students. Just like a caretaker at the zoo knows everything about his animals.”

“What kind of analogy is that….”

As she heard Maka-sensei’s words, Amanashi reacted with a “Ah, oops”, so my guess is that it’s her mouth that was a bit loose. She looks really bad at hiding things anyway. Might she even be her source of information in that regard?

“SID’s laws should be absolute, right? Basically, you have to keep the fact that I’m dating Saigi-kun and that you four confessed to him a secret from the outside, right?” She said as she went through her brown hair with her hands.

S-So cool! Even I, who knows how she really is, could only keep quiet and stare in admiration!

“—–Fine. We don’t plan on troubling Saigi Makoto any further than this anyway.”


You’re already being plenty troublesome though! Ah, President is glaring at me.

“Alright. Neither Amanashi Nui, nor Saigi Koharu, additionally Shinju Muku and I, Jinsho Karen, will never tell a soul about the events in here. And, we will completely forget about the incident with our confessions and interact with the accused as we have been all this time before.”

“Ehhhh! Kaichou, you give up way too fast!”

“Kaichou-san, are you really satisfied with that? You? The person I thought would be the most stubborn out of all of us?”

“I-If Sensei is going to be happy……But I didn’t expect Sensei to like middle-aged woman……”

You’re basically begging me to retort that. And it also interests me how many other laws they have, and what’s written in them.

“We did it.” Maka-sensei said with a quiet voice.

It looks like President and the others gave up—–is what she’s probably thinking right now. The way I see it, this clearly isn’t over. After all, President was hiding a snicker, Amanashi was tapping on her smartphone as usual. Additionally, both my little sister and Kuu were also staring at me with tears in their eyes.

I really think that Maka-sensei should learn to doubt people a bit more.

Yawn……so tired.”

I couldn’t get enough sleep because of what happened yesterday. But, thanks to law 4 or whatever, Miharu is acting normal towards me. Well, there are some problems with the usual Miharu but there’s no abrupt change or anything. Ahh, not good, if I get absorbed in this wishful thinking, my way to school will only get longer. From my mansion, it’s about three stations per train. I might actually make it with my bicycle but I prefer the train. Although it’s a bit stressful if the train’s full to the brim but I can put up with that if it’s only three stations. From the train station, it’s another 10 minutes on foot.

Getting off the train, I went on my way with a carefree manor.

“It’d be great if nothing happens today….”

“Good morning, Saigi-kun.”

“Ah, good morning—–Maka-sensei?!”

Without realizing her presence at all, ‘she’ was suddenly walking next to me!

“We still have some time. Once you arrive at school, come to the guidance counselling room.”

“You’re calling me there this early in the morning?!”

What did I do to deserve being called there first thing in the morning?

“Will I get scolded because I did something bad in the train today?”

“As always, you arrive at the worst possible situation.” She laughed. “You don’t have to molest anyone in the train anymore because you have a girlfriend right now. One that will never complain no matter what you do.”

“I absolutely don’t” There’s no girl like that around me.

“There’s a teach that’s using the preparation room, so we’ll use the guidance counselling room in the meantime. Today’s lesson is a special one, so please look forward to it~”

Leaving these words behind, she went on her way again.

S-Special lesson?

“M-Maka-sensei, good morning!”

“Yes, good morning.”

Even though she barely entered the school, she was already greeted by various female students, and she returned that greeting with a perfect smile. And even though she merely greeted them, the female students went crazy in excitement. Well, with her model figure, her tight-skirt that barely kept her butt in, and the legs that came down from that, it’s no wonder that they can’t keep their eyes of her, even though they’re also girls.

What would they think if they knew of her ‘education’ and her sight as she was eating yaikiniku I wonder? Maybe they would even like her more since she’s not that much of an ‘unobtainable flower’ as they thought she was. At the very least, I prefer her that way much more than her mode from yesterday, but let’s not think about that right now.

Having arrived at the classroom, I left my bag on my seat and made my way towards the guidance counselling room. Although I can’t feel but unmotivated, not going was even more scary.

“Ah, welcome. Black tea as always?”

“With sugar if I may. The one i drank before was a bit too bitter.”

The moment I entered the room, Maka-sensei greeted me with a bright smile. After receiving the black tea, I sat down on a chair.

“I see, so you won’t drink it if it’s too bitter. You like sweet stuff huh….interesting…..” While nodding with her head, she sat down across the table, facing me.

“And, what are we doing today…?”

“You know, since I was a small child, I was always cute.”

“Excuse me?”

Will there ever be a time when she’s not blurting out complete nonsense?

“I was cute, and really popular with the boys around me. Adding to that, I was really clever, and I had good manors. Be it kindergarten or grade school, the boys around me couldn’t help themselves from falling in love with me.”

“That makes sense, yes….”

Since she’s this beautiful right now, her younger years must’ve made her stand out completely because of her cuteness. And since she’s doing a good job as a teacher, I can see that she might’ve been a clever one from her birth.

Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been even cuter as Kuu in your loli days?

“But—-it happened around the time I was seven. My father had a good job but they went insolvent because of a fraud.”


The conversation is turning into a more heavy direction you know?

“After that, it didn’t take long until my parents were divorced.”

“Uhm, Sensei?”

She’s saying this in a serious tone but I highly doubt that I should be listening to that story.

“A lot happened, and it was decided that I would be staying with my father. But, first insolvency, then a divorce, it makes sense that the relationship between father and daughter would change, for the worse. Of course, the neighborhood caught wind of that.”

“So even in the times without messengers, information was spreading pretty fast.”

It’s not like she was asking for confirmation, but it would’ve been weird to just sit there and keep quiet.

“It was mostly correct information. The friends around me, and even the families of said friends knew that something was happening in my household. Then, I changed from the cute girl to the ‘poor girl’.”

“…….” I would probably think the same if I had a classmate with a similar situation.

“It’s not like they were mobbing me, but they really handled me with great care. I can remember it clearly to this day. ‘Ah, you shouldn’t be teasing her’ were the words they said.”

“M-Maybe because the other parents told them to be careful around you…..”

“I would assume, yes. But, I wanted to stay the same clever, cute girl for them. Receiving sympathy because they were pitying me—-it was like they were looking down on me.”

“You were really prideful back then I see…..”

“That’s why I always told myself “I’m not pitiful at all” inside my chest—–Even until this day, which is why I have these E-cups now.”

“There was no need to say that!” My eyes were pulled towards her chest in front of me.

If you say something like that, it makes me remember back to the hand bra and her wet blouse.

“You don’t want to? If you want, I also have pictures from my earlier years.”

“I-I’ll pass on that.”

Honestly, I’m really interested. Photos ten years back from a beauty like her…! But, I can’t say that in this situation of course.

“I’ll continue then. All the way from grade school to university, I gave it my best with my studies—-and before I realized it, I was neither ‘a smart and cute girl’ but also not ‘a pitiful girl’, I made everyone around me feel inferior to me.”

Saying that, she gracefully took a sip of her black tea.

“And, this is the reason I became to be known as the ‘unobtainable flower’.”

“W-Why would you tell me something so private? I feel like there had to have been many other people that could say something more comforting than I can.”

“Aren’t you reading too many mangas? I don’t want to put myself onto a pedestal . If there’s anything you want to know, I will gladly tell you. Be it my three sizes, or a sexually related thing. However, even though I might be this old, I don’t have any experience—–”

“I got it already, so don’t go into detail!” I unconsciously stood up from my seat.

She was about to say something really depressing just now—-or rather, I understood enough of it so let’s just act like I didn’t hear that!

“You don’t have to act like that for me. I don’t have any problem talking about it with Saigi-kun after all, and you can dig deeper if you want. Boys like talking about that stuff, right?”

“Maka-sensei’s trauma is way more important that this!”

“Oh really? Well, then let me explain a bit more in detail. Before the divorce of my parents, I heard talks that no child should ever hear, like the mother planning to leave the family and so on. These phrases had a real impact on me.”

“…..I thought so…..”

It’s really not easy listening to another person’s family story like this.

“By the way, in my 24 years of living on this earth, Saigi-kun is the only person I ever told that. I do have some friends of my own but I never told them anything like this.”

“Like I said, is it really fine for you to tell me about this…….”

“The reason Saigi-kun is doubting other people is because they hold a secret, right? I don’t have anything to hide from you. And I won’t lie to you either. You can even check my phone everyday if it makes you feel more comfortable.”

“No, we’re not really in the relationship where I should do that….” And I’d hate to do that, even if the person told me that it’s okay.

“And I’ll also say this upfront, but I don’t want any pitying from your side.”

“I know that now…..”

Even someone like me understands her aim with all of this. This is also one part of her education. To make me fall in love with her. And to make me understand that her confession was the real deal, she’s telling me her secret right here that she wouldn’t tell anybody else.

A well thought-off plan…….at the very least, that strengthened my interest in Maka-sensei for sure.

That reminds me, she told me that I said something to her before. That was the one thing that still picked my interest. I wonder if she would tell me now?

“I want you to understand that I’m serious. And I have other methods for that. For example, I have these E-cups right here for you to—-”

“Like I said, no more talking about that!”

Ahhh, this isn’t the time to be thinking about this stuff! She really knows how to pick me off my rails!

“Then, leaving this talk about secrets aside for now, and starting.”

“Starting What exactly?”

“The second stage of your education—–” She continued with an unbeatable smile. “For you, it’s nothing more than a fake relationship and for me, it’s a chance for a double attack to make you say that you like me of course. What are you saying?”

“D-Double attack?! W-Wait a moment, you’re going to use our fake relationship for your education?!”

“It’s important to satisfy Jinsho-san after all. Can’t help it, can’t help it~”

“It really doesn’t look like you’re so frustrated about that….”

So she’s actually aware that President and the others won’t give up that easily. So her ‘We did it’ from that time was……! I thought that she really came by to save me! So she probably prepared all of this……

“That being said, you don’t have to hold back anymore, Saigi-kun. From head to toe, my whole body belongs to you.”

“So you were talking about that?!”

What kind of offer is this beautiful teacher making towards her pupil?!

Now the topic changed completely…….Were the no-bra, hand bra and yakiniku really meant to lure me in after all, I wonder.

Weird, this is really weird, why is it that I, the person who’s the most wary of teacher’s in the world, gets targeted by a beautiful teacher like her?

Life really is a stream of unpredictable events…..

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