Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 5 Chapter 2

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The snowy and steamy training camp

Part 1

The 23rd of December. The day before Christmas Eve.

“Oh, it’s snow, desu! Just like in all the eroge I’ve played, once you come out of the tunnel, there’s a snow country! And to still come out of the tunnel anyway; Japan’s culture really is magnificent!”

“Just what are you trying to imply with that?!”

As I rejected Double Peace-sensei’s delusions, I sighed and looked outside the train’s windows. What I saw was a white new world. Right now we were on the way to Mai’s residence for our winter training camp. There were seven participating members in total.

“As always, her ideas are way over the top,” said Mai with an amazed expression.

“Well it seems that I got excited from seeing the snowy landscape, desu. Winter is the time of non-nude erotica after all, desu,” Said Double Peace-sensei with a smile.

“Really… Ahi is always like this,” said the younger Kanzaka sister with a displeased expression.

“Towano-sensei’s retorts are as strict as always.” The older Kanzaka sister, Akino-san, nodded.

And of course, Suzuka and I were sitting next to each other. By the way, the Kanzaka sisters were a pair of popular doujin creators. Just recently, they had also debuted as a light novel author team. The older sister writes the story and the little sister draws the illustrations. We happened to meet each other just a little while ago, and since then we’ve occasionally done stuff like this together.

And the last member, Minazuki-san, couldn’t make it today because of her job and will join us a bit later. Minazuki-san is the super popular voice actress Minazuki Sakura, and other than being a big fan of Towano Chikai, she also joins our private activities from time to time.


In that moment, Suzuka raised her voice after having been quiet for a bit, making me twitch. It’s not like she sounds particularly mad or anything, but talking with Suzuka today is making me really nervous.

“That conversation just now had some kind of indecent meaning behind it, right? Please explain it to me if you would. Ufufu.”

E-Exactly that.

As Suzuka showed me a betwitching, or rather sadistic smile, I flinched.

“N-No, I don’t think that there’s anything I need to explain…”

“Your reaction speaks for itself. So, what did Double Peace-san mean by that? Well, since we’re talking about the erotic devil Onii-chan, it’s probably something idiotic as always.” She closed in on me with a different atmosphere than usual.

Normally, she’d typically go “What did she mean by that?!” with a displeased expression, but now she looks like a cat that has its prey right in front of it.

…H-Hm… how should I respond to that?

“Hey, I’ve been thinking this for a while, but…” as I was thinking that, Mai looked at Suzuka and I with a dubious expression.

“Isn’t Suzuka-san a little different than usual today…?”

“Eh? T-That’s…” Hearing her name, Suzuka panicked a bit, but she immediately regained her usual calm smile. “That’s not the case, you know? I’m the same as always.”

“It’s true that Suzuka-san always asks Yuu what that erotic illustrator means by her words, but today the atmosphere around you seems different…”

Mai has been around us for quite some time now, so she more or less understood Suzuka’s personality. And to be fair, she was right on point, because this Suzuka really was a different Suzuka.

“Well, I do have to punish my Onii-chan who’s always having these indecent thoughts, you know? I have to trouble him at least a little. Ufufu…”

Seeing Suzuka’s response, Mai showed a bewildered expression.

Now you’re probably wondering how it turned out like this, but that goes way back to the day when Suzuka and I went on a date for research.

“The twin-tails research was, uhm… I-It was some good data, you were really cute. O-Of course I’m talking about your character, okay?! But… the thing with the big breasts proved to be impossible I guess—”

“P-Please forget about the thing with the breasts already!”

That day, Suzuka and I were talking about our research on the way home. And, as I told her my thoughts…

“I-I see… so I was cute… Eehehehe…! S-So you managed to understand the perfect girl for yourself…!” With flushed cheeks, she looked at me with expectant eyes.

It’s true that we were interrupted by Mai and Double Peace-sensei, but I still have the feeling that I now understand something about my ideal girl. That being said, no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure out what that “something” was.

“It seems that we will have to do more research to strengthen the image you have even more!” It seemed she still wasn’t done helping me. “I was the one who brought it up, after all! Until you have a definite answer, I will help you out! Just tell me what kind of girls you like! A-Although I’m not all that interested, I will become that girl… if Onii-chan wishes for it…!”

With a small voice, she muttered “Benefits” and “A good chance” and things like that. I really wanted her to understand that I would never do anything against her will or put my hands on her.

“So, what character would you like? Please tell me without holding back.”

“T-Thank you. But even if you say that… we already did the tsundere…” I crossed my arms while thinking, but I still couldn’t come up with anything.

That being said, I couldn’t just say “I can’t think of anything” to Suzuka, who’s willing to go so far for me.

“Ah, maybe that…”

In that moment, as I muttered what I thought of, Suzuka responded with “W-What’s that?!” in shock.

“Ah, well, I just thought that a sadistic devil character always appeared quite frequently in my novels and games.”

“Sadistic? And devil?”

I explained what I meant to Suzuka. Basically, it’s a type of character that makes your heart beat faster as she’s toying with you. And, when you get to see her normal-girl side, it makes for some great gap moe. Yup, I definitely don’t hate it.

“Now that you say it, I remember such a character from Onii-chan’s collection… So basically, a girl that’s very grown-up and knows her place?!”

“Y-Yeah, probably. Now that you say it, I remember that there were heroines like that.”

“Yes, that’s right. And, if there were a heroine like that, it means that there’s the possibility of her being Onii-chan’s perfect type of girl! Really, I’m not a big fan of it, but it can’t be helped. I will act as that character!”

“…But, even though I said it, that character is like the complete opposite of your own character, so will you be okay…?”

“I-I can’t help it. This is all for Onii-chan’s research, after all. This is essential to finding out your ideal girl. It’s clearly not the time to hesitate.”

…Yeah. I have to improve the heroine’s character no matter what, and I’m making Suzuka help me out. I can’t start hesitating now!

“I get it. It’ll be a bother, but can I ask you to help me with my research again?”

“I-If I have to! I-I was the one who brought it up, after all!”

“Sorry… and thank you.”

“N-No, I can finally repay Onii-chan for acting as my stand-in, and since I can take the lead, there are many more possibilities — no, forget that. When are we going out next for research?” She advanced the conversation. “I think the day of the training camp would be the best time.”

“Eh? The training camp… In front of Mai and the others? Until now, we’ve managed to somehow cover it up, but wouldn’t doing that be pretty bad?”

“But if we were to do it in front of other people, wouldn’t that increase the realism?”

“T-That might be the case, yeah?!” Since Suzuka came closer to me while saying that, my voice cracked a bit as I answered.

“…In the worst case scenario, we can just call it research for Towano Chikai, and if we were to flirt even more in front of the others, it might restrain them—”


“I-I-I-I-It’s nothing! L-Like I said, doing the research on the day of the training camp would be the best idea in my opinion! That’s why I will do my best to act as a ‘sadistic devil’, so be prepared to flirt with me to your heart’s content!”

“Y-Yes?! I understand?!”

…And that’s why Suzuka is acting like this right now. We kept it a secret, of course, so no one except the two of us know.

“Now, now, Onii-chan. If you answer me honestly, I might give you a reward, you know?”

“A reward?” As I was reminiscing, Suzuka’s words brought me back to reality.

And then Suzuka’s face got red as she grabbed her skirt…

“I-If it makes you confess… I might even be so kind as to show you my panties, you know?! Fufu, ufufufu…!”

“Pa—?! You—! What are you?!” Hearing those unexpected words, I started panicking.

…N-No, I know that she’s just acting, but her panties…?!

And of course, I wasn’t the only one panicking. Even Suzuka, who was normally able to perfectly act out characters completely unlike her, couldn’t say this without getting a bright red face. It even looked like her eyes were spinning in confusion. She’s clearly forcing herself!

“Ohhhh?! Today it’s a master and servant play, desu?! Wonderful!”

“Muuuu! She really is weird…! I knew that Yuu was a hopeless siscon, but Suzuka-san has never gone this far before…!”

“Just what I would expect from Towano-sensei’s Imouto-san. I’m really envious of her.”

“O-Onee-chan?! What are you saying?!”

Everyone seemed like they had their own understanding of the situation at hand.

“H-How ish it?! Doesh it make your heart beat fashter?! Ufu, ufufu…”

“Suzuka?! Get a grip already!”

Probably because she wasn’t accustomed to acting like this, her head started wobbling. She has my full respect for not breaking character, but she’s clearly at her limit…!

“Muuuuu, I really have to reform Yuu as fast as I can, or this will turn into a disaster…!”

Mai turned to glare at me, muttering something under her breath, but I was focused on calming down Suzuka, so I couldn’t hear what she said at all.

Part 2:

“It seems like that character really was impossible…”


After that, we got off the train, rode the bus for a few miles, and were now walking towards Mai’s residence.

As Mai led us, Suzuka and I were talking about the incident from before.

“I-It’s true that I couldn’t pull through because of my embarrassment, but next time, I will definitely make it…! I-It’s for your research after all…!”

“Research or not, I don’t want to force you to do the impossible…”

And, just as I said before, her normal character is the total opposite of that sadistic one, so even if she manages to act it out, it still feels weird. When I don’t get excited, there’s no need to continue a particular line of research anyway.

“At the very least, I didn’t feel anything during your acting, so we can get rid of that character trait.”

“Uuuu, that was another good chance that I wasted…”

Even as I tried to cheer her up, Suzuka’s strong sense of responsibility made it impossible.

…Well, trying to force the good-natured Suzuka to act so devilishly proved to be too much for her in the end.

“What are you two whispering about? We’re here. This is my residence.”

As Suzuka and I were talking to each other, I realized that Mai’s feet had stopped.

“Residence… This looks more like a hotel to me, though…?”

“Really? It’s pretty normal, right?”

Mai reacted with an “It’s no big deal” after hearing my muttering.

This was even more extravagant than her other residence we went to last summer. It was a big building with a small garden, and even a hot spring.

…Well, just what I would expect from a rich Ojou-sama.

“Ahaha, we really have to be thankful to Mai, desu.”


“Eh? What? You were actually a rich girl?”

The Kanzaka sisters both showed an understandable reaction, having seen one of her mansions for the first time. Suzuka still seemed like she was feeling down because of the research as she was muttering something to herself. Let’s just leave her alone for now.

“T-That doesn’t matter right now. Let’s just put our belongings away and start our training camp,” Mai entered the residence with slightly flushed cheeks, and we followed suit.

Inside the building were various rooms like the living room, the kitchen, and so on. Going up to the second floor, everyone went to their respective rooms to put their belongings away. After that, we planned to gather in the living room again, but before that, Suzuka came to my room.

“Onii-chan, about our next research.”

“N-Next research?”

She certainly didn’t waste any time.

“That character just now didn’t work out. But there’s no reason for us to cancel our research just because of one small failure. Onii-chan still doesn’t know what his ideal girl is like, after all.”

“B-Basically, we’re going to continue like before?”

“That’s right. I will act out the attributes that Onii-chan likes. We shouldn’t waste any time, so let’s forget about the devil character for now. It will be a thorough search!” She made a fist with her hand before continuing. “I can finally show them that Onii-chan belongs to — no, forget about that! I’ll act out every possible character attribute and learn through trial and error!”

It’s not like I don’t understand where she’s coming from, but… I can’t exactly tell her that I have no idea what other character traits get me excited.

…No, everything is fine, anything that comes to my mind could be it, after all… if it’s not tsundere or little devil, then…!

“S-So, what other character should I act out next?”

“L-Let me see… I know, how about ‘A girl who pampers me’?!” Before I realized it, I had already spoken these words.

“Pampering… is it?” Suzuka tilted her head.

“It’s just that, a heroine who wholeheartedly gives it her best to spoil the protagonist. And it’s rather easy to pull off, I’d say.”

Although such characters should generally be older than the protagonist, lately younger characters like this have also come into fashion. And it’s not like I have anything bad to say about that.

“I-I see… Now that you say it, I remember that there were characters like this in Onii-chan’s novel where they would do anything for the protagonist… There might be a chance that this is the character type that Onii-chan likes the most…!”

Although I merely came up with it on a whim, Suzuka immediately agreed with me.

“I-I understand. Then, I will be acting as that kind of character from now on, so please feel free to get spoiled by me and collect some good data!”

…Even if she tells me to get spoiled by her… how do I do that? I know that I’m the one who said it, but…

As I was lost in thought…

“H-However, taking the result of our previous attempt into consideration, I would like to practice a bit before we do it on front of the others…!” Saying that, she sat down on my bed and took a small breath.

“O-Onii-chan, come on over here~”

“W-What are you doing? And your way of speaking changed…”

“I’m offering you a lap pillow, of course? This is me practicing, after all.”

L-Lap pillow you say?! T-That’s a pretty high hurdle just for practice I think?!

However, Suzuka merely grinned and waved her hand at me, beckoning me to come over, so I decided to give up. I leaned over and rested my head on her lap.

…This is my first lap pillow ever…! T-The feeling of her thighs…!

“H-How is it? Does it feel good?” She asked as she started softly stroking my head.

“T-To be honest, it’s really embarrassing…!”

“That’s no good, you know? This is for our research, so Onii-chan has to enjoy this.”

So she says… but I can’t change the fact that it really is embarrassing. But, being patted on my head while resting it on her lap… it feels strangely good…

“S-So basically, you’re going to act as that character.”

Even after the lap pillow ended, I still couldn’t look into her eyes. On Suzuka’s part, she was the same as always, muttering things like “T-This is a completely new way to flirt… It’s a whole new world…!” with a red face. She was probably very embarrassed as well.

“T-That’s right…! I will do my utmost to spoil Onii-chan, so you have to get some good data out of this…!” She left those words behind as she dashed out of the room.

…Yup. That was pretty nice. This might actually be it. Suzuka is a girl who loves spoiling me, Suzuka loves spoiling me…!

As I kept repeating those words inside my head, I headed towards where everyone was gathering: the living room. It was a really luxurious looking room, and everyone besides me was already present. As my eyes met with Suzuka’s, her cheeks flushed slightly, but she soon returned to her normal smile. It looks like she’s already in character.

“You’re finally here. Then let’s start now.”

“Uhm, we were going to ski, right?”

This training camp was established with the goal of collecting data for winter events like this. Mai, Akino-san and I (Suzuka) as light novel writers, and Double Peace-sensei and the younger Kanzaka sister as illustrators. Everyone is here to strengthen their understanding and improve their depiction of winter events. That’s why we decided on skiing.

“Fu fu fu, although there’s going to be very little skin exposure on the skiing grounds, it looks like I can expect some events where I get to warm up Sensei’s body, desu.”

“Ahi, you’re a genius. Such an event would be wonderful.”

“Wai— What are you two saying?! And don’t look at me with erotic eyes like that!”

…Why are you glaring at me? I didn’t even say anything.

“N-Now listen here! It’s my duty to help Yuu with his research!”

“No, no. I won’t let Mai do as she pleases, desu!”

And for some reason, Mai also jumped into the discussion.

“Onii-chan really is popular, huh? That makes me really happy,” Suzuka muttered in the middle of all that.

Normally, she’d be glaring at me, telling me to concentrate on the research, but she seems to be holding back because already she’s in character. It looks like she’s happy about me being popular (I’m really not, though), but… hmm? Somehow it looks like her face is twitching… is that just my imagination?

Having left the residence behind us, we headed towards the ski place. After about five minutes of walking, we arrived at a wide-open area, perfect for skiing. We then proceeded to borrow skiing clothes and gear. After changing, I was waiting in front of the store when Suzuka came out alone.

“I-I wanted to be the first one that Onii-chan gets to see…! H-How do I look in these clothes?” She said as she looked up at me with flushed cheeks.

Since I don’t often get see a girl as cute as her wearing ski clothes, and since she was acting with such a straightforward character, it made my heart skip a beat.

“Y-Yeah, it really suits you.”

“R-Really, Onii-chan is so good at that…”

As she said that with an embarrassed tone, the others joined us.

“Sensei? Your face is red? Suzuka-san’s too?”

“Onii-chan just complimented me on my clothes and how I looked cute wearing them.”

Hearing Akino-san’s question, she put her right hand on her cheek and answered with that.

…I did say that they suited you, but I never said anything about being cute… well, I did think it at least.

“She’s behaving differently again… something really is fishy…!”

“Now, now, Mai. Sensei, how do our clothes look, desu? Do they suit us?” While she tried to calm down Mai, Double Peace-sensei asked the same question as Suzuka.

Hearing that, Mai and Akino-san also closed in on me, and I had to tell everyone that their clothes really suited them.

“E-Everyone looks so happy, being praised by Onii-chan~”

…Suzuka’s smiling face was twitching again… It’s probably just my imagination, right?

Leaving that behind for now, there was still something that I had to tell everyone.

“Actually… this is my first time skiing,” I muttered in quiet voice.

Hearing that, Mai said “What are you saying?” with an astonished expression on her face. “It’s fine, Yuu. It’s the same for me.”

“That’s not something you should be saying so confidently, is it?!”

“W-What does it matter? If I don’t have any experience, then I don’t. That’s all! And I thought that I could get some experience during this training camp! It’s a pretty good idea, right?!”

“I-I see… That point of view makes sense for an author.”

That being said, it’d be a problem if none of us had experience skiing.

“Uhm… is there anyone who has experience skiing?”

“I do. We went on a ski trip last year with our class.”

“I do too, desu. Well, at least a little bit.”

“I do too, to a certain degree.”

…Thank God. It looks like Suzuka, Double Peace-sensei, and the younger Kanzaka sister can teach us the ropes.

“So, it’s me, Mai, and—”

“Me. I’m glad that I’m on the same level as Teacher.”

…Uhm, why are you so glad about that…?

After having assessed the skill levels of everyone, the group who hadn’t skied before moved to more flat terrain and practised a bit.

“Fu fu fu, how convenient that Sensei doesn’t know how to ski, desu. Since I’m experienced, I will gladly show you the ropes, so you don’t have to worry, desu!”

“Convenient in what way…?”

“Now now, don’t sweat the small stuff, desu. I will thoroughly teach you, Sensei!”

I really wanted to run away right now, but I couldn’t actually do that since she was going out of her way to teach me.

“We’ll start with practicing the right form, desu. To properly ski, having the right balance is very important.”

“I see,” I nodded at her words.

Taking the ski poles in both hands, I stood there, waiting for her instructions.

“And what form would be good?”

“Let me think, explaining with words would be a bit difficult, desu, so let me show you directly.”


I tilted my head as Double Peace-sensei took my arms from behind.

“You have to bend your arms like this, desu. And lower your waist like that.”

“W-Wai-?! Double Peace-sensei?! What are you doing?!”

“I’m showing you the correct form, desu? Here, you have to do as I showed you~” With a bright smile on her face, she came closer to me.

Even though we were both wearing ski gear, I could still feel her two big mountains press against my back, making the blood rush to my face.

“Wai—! S-Stop it already! T-They’re hitting me…!”

“Hm~? What exactly is hitting you, desu~?”

She clearly knows! No, she’s probably doing this on purpose!

As I tried to break free, the soft feeling on my back only intensified.

“Now now, what’s hitting you, desu? How about you tell your older sister what’s on your mind?”

“Am I a little kid or something?! W-Why are you suddenly doing this…!”

“I told you before, desu. This is one of those events that I was talking about before. Although this right now is just an accident~”

As if! Even a little kid would know that you’re lying!

“I am also very embarrassed, desu, but I can only show good skiing form like this~”

“Your acting is not at all believable!”

Hearing my reaction, she asked “Is Sensei not happy about this, desu?” and pushed her breasts even harder against my back.

…Ahh, for crying out loud! I can’t run away with all this ski gear strapped on…! What should I do…?

It happened while I was still thinking that.

I saw someone skiing down the slope towards us with perfect movements. It was Suzuka, of course.

“What do I see here? What exactly might you be doing, Onii-chan?” Her smile was a normal smile, and her tone of voice was normal, but her face seemed to be twitching even more than before.

Is it just me, or is there some kind of rumbling sound in the atmosphere…?

“Well~, Sensei isn’t experienced with skiing, so I’m just showing him the ropes, desu.”

“I-I see. Onii-chan must be happy, being taught by such a beautiful girl~”

A-And now there’s also some dark aura around her…!

“I-I know. I-I also want to be taught by Suzuka!” I quickly said.

There’s also our research as a secondary reason, but I really want to escape my current situation as fast as possible.

The moment Suzuka heard my words, her insecure expression completely disappeared and…

“T-That’s right! I should be the one teaching Onii-chan! Really, Onii-chan, when I’m not here, you can’t do anything on your own~” She stepped in between me and Double Peace-sensei with a big smile.

And for some reason, Double Peace-sensei also smiled at her with a “Muuuu~”

“I will teach you everything~ The form, the right way to hold the ski poles, and how to properly put on your gear~”

“No, we already did that, so you don’t have to…” She ignored me, and with a super happy expression, she switched places with Double Peace-sensei.

“Imouto-san, today you’re really sticking to Sensei, aren’t you, desu? Did the tsundere turn into a deredere?”

“Hya?! I am neither of those! I-I have to spoil Onii-chan a bit more, so I can’t help it!” She then honestly answered “O-Onii-chan is a good-for-nothing if I’m not around, after all. As his little sister, I can’t just leave him alone, even if I’m not really enjoying it or anything!”

“Is that so, desu? I thought that this was another research or something.” As Double Peace-sensei spoke the word ‘research’, both Suzuka and I twitched.

“N-No, we are always like this. I’m always doting on Onii-chan!” She tried to cover it up at the cost of my own dignity.

…I can’t say anything under these conditions…!

“Hmmm, was it always like that, desu? Were you always sticking so close together?”

“I-I’m just doing this to teach him how to ski…! D-Double Peace-san did this as well before, right? I can’t help it!”

“Well, I didn’t have to do it, but it was necessary for my research for fanservice scenes.”

“…Eh? F-Fanservice scenes?”

“Yes, such as events where a girl’s breasts are pushed onto the back of a boy while he’s being instructed on a correct posture! How was it, Sensei? Where you happy, desu?” Her words were like a ticking time bomb.

In that moment, I reflexively looked at Double Peace-sensei’s breasts, and Suzuka sure as hell didn’t miss that.

“…Onii-chan? Where are you looking?” Her voice didn’t sound like it was for our research, or for any act at all. Instead, it felt incredibly hostile, making my forehead break out into a cold sweat.


“Now, now Imouto-san, there’s no need to panic. After all, I had fun pushing my breasts onto his back — no, excuse me, it was also pretty embarrassing for me, desu. But it was necessary for both of us.”

“You said fun just now, didn’t you?!” Suzuka happened to blurt out, but she immediately remembered how she was supposed to be acting. “I-I see. Really, Onii-chan is just unbelievable~ Do you like breasts that much? You really are a spoiled child no matter how old you get~”

And she once more resumed acting like a girl who spoils me.

…or so it seems, but her face kept twitching, momentarily interrupting her smiling face.

“That being said, I will be the one to teach Sensei, desu. Imouto-san can enjoy herself skiing down the slope some more.”

“No, no, Onii-chan is my little boy, so of course I have to look after him. Now, Onii-chan, we’ll continue with your upper body~”

Am I a kid?! You’re taking the spoiling part of the act way too far!

But both of them didn’t show any signs of backing off, and when I tried to calm them down, I would just receive a “We’re talking right now, so could you be a good boy and wait a bit, Onii-chan~?”, leaving me no other choice but to shut up and get pulled around. But just then…

“H-Hey, Yuu! Move away from there!”


I heard a voice screaming at me. Turning around, I saw Mai coming down the slope.

…Wait a second.

“Move, will you! I’ll hit you like this!”

“Woah?! W-Wait! Can you try to steer, or at least slow down?!”

“Impossible! I’m too busy trying to not lose my balance!”

Seeing how her direction of travel perfectly lined up with the location where I was standing, I started panicking.

…This isn’t good! She’ll really crash into me!

“Uwaa?!” “Kyaaa?!”

In the end, we couldn’t dodge each other in time, and she crashed headlong into me. Although the impact didn’t hurt all that much, we still fell down onto the snow.

I had the snow behind my back to cushion my fall, but what about Mai…!

“H-Hey Mai! Are you okay—”

Over there — it happened as I unconsciously reached out with my hand.



In my right palm, I felt something soft but still elastic. If I only moved my hand a little bit, it felt like my hand would sink down even deeper. Adding a soft moaning voice to that—

“…Please don’t tell me…”

With a bad premonition, I looked at where my hand was touching.

“Y-Yuu…! What are you doing…!”

As a result, Mai’s bright red face entered my view. And, while she was glaring at me, I realized that my hand was groping Mai’s breast without showing any restraint.

…Are you serious?


Having realized what I was doing, I hurriedly tried to pull away my hand but…

“Wha-?! Mai-san?!”

In that moment, Mai firmly grabbed my right palm and prevented me from pulling it back.

“L-Let me go! And shouldn’t that be your line?!” I yelled. While I was completely lost at the situation, Mai glared at me with a red face.

“This is so that I can reform — not that! I-I’m just researching some ‘lucky pervert’ scenes, so don’t misunderstand…!” At first, she said this with a serious face, but her expression quickly crumbled due to embarrassment.

…I still don’t get it!

“Lucky pervert research?! Why are you…!”

“Stuff like this is pretty normal in light novels, right…?! That’s why I thought that I could power through the embarrassment to get some data…!”

“That idea is way too crazy, don’t you think?!”

I’m actually impressed.

“I’m well aware of it, so don’t say that! For now, this is research! Because I’m not embarrassed at all, being groped by Yuu, okay!”

It looked like her head wasn’t functioning anymore because of the embarrassment, since she still wouldn’t let go of my hand.

This isn’t good! If anyone were to see us like this, it would clearly look like I’m the one at fault—

“So, Onii-chan, what exactly are you doing…?”

Ah, it’s over.

“Fumu, a sex play in the snow, huh? Plausible, desu!”

Behind Suzuka, a dark aura started building up. She clearly no longer cared about her acting out a role. And as for Double Peace-sensei… well, she was just like always. But before I could jump up to explain myself, Mai beat me to it.

“Y-You’re wrong! T-This was just an accident! I thought that I could use this for my research so we ended up like this!”

“So you mean to tell me that you let him him touch your breasts for research…?”

“T-The other way around! It’s research because he happened to touch my breasts! Lucky pervert moments are a must-have in love-comedies, right?!”

…I still don’t get it. And you clearly aren’t a love-comedy author.

Suzuka listened to Mai’s roundabout explanation without saying a single word, only to finally take a deep breath and smile at her.

“T-That reasoning makes sense indeed…!” She said.

…And yet again, her facade started to crumble as her face twitched.

“So, you just happened to bump into each other, right? Onii-chan, are you hurt anywhere? It’s fine now that I’m here, right? Pain, pain, fly away~” With these embarrassing words, she came between me and Mai and started rubbing my head.

Now I’m also kind of happy…

“To prevent another accident, I’ll take Onii-chan with me so that we can practice together, okay~? And, lewd things are a no-go from now on~”

“Lewd things…? I told you that this was an accident! I certainly didn’t want to reform Yuu of being a siscon or anything! This is all just to raise the quality of my novel!”

“That’s right, desu. Me pushing my breasts onto his back was also merely an accident and I wasn’t actually looking forward to seeing Sensei’s reaction. Mostly.”

“You just said mostly, didn’t you? Cough That really wouldn’t be too good for Onii-chan’s education, so I wish you’d hold back on that~”


I tried to raise my voice again, but while Suzuka was still patting my head, she turned around and said “We’re having an important conversation right now, so please keep it down for a moment~”, leaving me no room to contribute.

I guess there’s no other choice but to wait until they’ve calmed down, huh?

“A woman’s war, huh…”

“Uwa?! S-Since when—!”

Suddenly, Akino-san was standing next to me.

“I don’t really know what’s going on, but it looks like it’ll still take some time, so let’s practice skiing over there.”

“You’re right.”

Accepting her invitation, we separated from Suzuka and the others and headed towards another corner of the terrain.

“They’re always fighting like this because they really love Sensei. Of course, it’s the same for me.”

“I-I’m actually happy to hear that.”

Well, I’m not the real Towano Chikai, after all, so no matter how much they develop those feelings for me, they aren’t directed towards the real me so it doesn’t matter.

“…Do you want to grope my breasts?”

“What are you saying out of the blue like this?!”

“But my breasts aren’t on the same level as the other two. I’m sorry that your disciple is so disappointing.”

“Don’t just honestly apologize! It makes me feel like the lowest kind of scum!”

“By the way Sensei, you seem to be rather close with Suzuka-san lately. Did something happen?”

“Eh?! W-What do you mean by that?!”

…D-Don’t tell me, she caught on to it…?

“I already knew that Sensei was a little sister moe type. Right now, though, the approach is coming from Suzuka-san, which is rather rare to see.”

I couldn’t find any words to respond to that.

Well, anyone would think that if they knew Suzuka’s personality at least slightly. But still, I couldn’t just spill the beans here. I guess I have to cover it up.

“…Don’t tell me… you already did it?”

“What exactly do you mean?!?!?!?!”

While I was lost in my thoughts, Akino-san blurted out something ridiculous.

“Well it would make sense considering how close you’ve gotten recently.”

“W-We are siblings, so there’s no way in hell that we would do that?!”

“So you didn’t do it yet. Thank God.”

“No no no! This isn’t a problem of ‘already’ and yet’!”

“If you can’t hold back anymore, please feel free to consult me. I want to be of use to my teacher.”

“I don’t even know where to begin responding to that…!”

What’s wrong with this conversation…? I’m glad that the topic has changed, but when was it established that I had sexual desires for my little sister…?

“H-hey, Towano Chikai! What are you doing here all alone with Onee-chan!”

At that moment, the younger Kanzaka sister came down the slope at high speed.

“I pulled Sensei into this corner so that he could jump on me.”

“S-So you really were someone like that…!”

“Wait! The subject of the previous sentence was clearly Akino-san though!”

So why am I being blamed?! I’m clearly the victim here!

“Haruna, I’m joking. Sensei and I are just talking about love interests.”

“L-Love interests?! Y-You’ve been doing something as lewd as that with Onee-chan?!”

“Calm down! And talking about it clearly isn’t lewd at all?!”

“O-Of course it is when it’s a boy and a girl! And even somewhere without any other people around…! You really are a pervert!”

Why?! Why do I always have to be treated like the pervert?!

“Sensei, Sensei, Haruna is innocent so please forgive her.”

“E-Even if you say that, there’s gotta be limits…”

“Haruna always has had some sort of resistance towards boys, and since she attends a girls-only school, she’s really not accustomed to boys.”

“H-hey, Onee-chan!”

…Is that so? It really doesn’t look like it to me. Also—

“You say she’s not accustomed to talking with boys, but she’s speaking really bluntly with me, isn’t she?” As I said that, the younger Kanzaka glared at me with a “S-Shut up.”


“Sensei is special after all. She’s only this lighthearted around you.”

“Onee-chan! T-That’s really not the case!”

“You might say that, but you’re clearly interested in Sensei as well.”

“Eh?! D-D-Don’t joke like that! I-I do approve of him as a light novel author, but I don’t feel anything like that towards the person himself, okay?!” She tried her best to deny it with tears in her eyes.

“That’s a lie. And I have proof. Recently, when you’re on the phone with Sensei, you always seem so happy. And when I’m on the phone, you’re always standing right beside me, listening in. You really are interested.”

“N-No! I’m just making sure that he doesn’t tell you anything weird or force you to do anything you don’t want to. I’ll kill you if you misunderstand, Towano Chikai!”

“I-I know,” I tried to calm her down. She looked like she was close to exploding.

I wonder when she’ll realize that Akino-san is just teasing her.

“Also, Onee-chan is always…” “If only Haruna were more honest…”

All of a sudden, they started talking to each other, completely ignoring my presence. For now, I guess I’ll take my leave, so I don’t get wrapped up in anything weird again. Why does it feel like this always keeps happening…?

“Wow, Onii-chan really is popular.”


As I was thinking that, I heard a voice behind me, making me stiffen in surprise. Turning around, as expected, there was Suzuka with a bright smile.

“N-No, it’s not what it looks like!”

“Why are you panicking, Onii-chan? I’m not really mad, you know? I’m happy to see that Onii-chan is liked by everyone~”

To a bystander, these might’ve seemed like her real feelings, but to me, who knew that she was merely acting, the sight of her like that sent shivers down my spine.

“Onii-chan being so popular is my pride after all. Just what I would expect from him~” She stood on her tiptoes and patted my head.

And she continued to do that for quite some time while my feelings were still conflicted.

Part 3:

After that, the rest of the members gathered together and we decided that this should be enough for our ski research.

“In the end, we couldn’t really flirt during our research, but next time for sure…!” Suzuka seemed to hype herself up.

Yeah, she’s right. All that time that I could’ve used for my research was used up by everyone else.

“Uhm… so what else do you have planned?”

“Of course, it has to be something that we can only do in this snowland here, or else coming here in the first place would’ve been a waste…”

I see. So an event that you can only do when there’s snow out… hm?

“The kids over there are building snowmen…”

“Ahh, that area isn’t on the ski slope, so there are lots of places to play… But yeah… ah! Snowmen, huh!”

Yes, building a snowman. Where we live, we hardly get enough snow to build snowmen after all, and it’s the first thing you think of when it comes to playing in the snow.

“Just what I would expect from my teacher. You really know what’s important.”

“I like it, desu! It’s the first time I’ve built a snowman, so I’m really looking forward to it!”

“Ehhhh? Sounds like a huge pain in the ass. But well, can’t help it I guess.”

It seemed like everyone agreed, and we decided to make this our next event.

“Are you also okay with that, Suzuka?”

“…Eh? Ah, yes. I don’t mind, of course. Building a snowman with Onii-chan…!” It looks like Suzuka also gave her consent.

With that, we headed over to where the kids were playing.

“This is also my first time building a snowman, so I don’t really know what to do.”

“I’m sure that that’s the same for everyone. We’ll just have to try to work it out. Once we know how to do it, we can put it into our respective novels.”

I see… So basically, I have to make a small ball, roll it around in the snow… and put another ball on top of it.

“I-It really gets bigger!”

“Yes, desu! Maybe the gag where people fall down the slope and turn into snowballs really works!”

“Interesting. Haruna, challenge.”

“As if I would. There’s no way that that would work!”

While they were talking to each other, I peacefully worked on my own snowman. I found it to be unexpectedly difficult. Getting a good, round snowball isn’t actually that easy. It always comes out a bit distorted.

“Onii-chan, if you change the angle a bit while you’re rolling it, you can get a good shape.”

As I was struggling with my own snowball, Suzuka pulled on my clothes and told me that. Looking at her snowball, I could tell that it did have a nice shape compared to mine.

“I see, so like this…”

“A bit more careful; like this…”

“Ohh, Imouto-san is beautifully playing with Sensei’s balls, desu!”

“Can you not say something that could be misinterpreted so easily?!”

“What do you mean, Onii-chan?” Suzuka looked at me with an honest expression.

…It’s better if you don’t know.

In the meantime, I completed the snowman’s body. So I just have to do the same as before for the head and put it on top of the body.

“Phew, it seems like it isn’t all that difficult.”

Wiping the sweat from my forehead, I looked at my completed snowman.

“Just what I would expect from Onii-chan. Beautifully done.”

“Really? I think it looks pretty normal.”

“No, it really is splendid… But it’s a bit crooked.”

Now that she mentions it, it really is a bit tilted to one side.

Suzuka added a “Can’t help it” and she rolled the two snowballs of her snowman next to mine.

“My snowman will support you. If we put them next to each other like this, we won’t have to worry about it falling over.” Her snowman was a bit smaller than mine, so they looked really cute standing next to together.

“A-Ah, sorry about that. Thank you.”

“N-No, supporting Onii-chan is my duty, after all. And also…”


“E-Even if it’s just a snowman, I want to spoil Onii-chan…!”


After she said these words, both Suzuka and I turned red.

…S-Saying something so embarrassing…! But a good dere execution…! Of course I would get excited if you say that! Just how good is my little sister at creating characters…!

“Ahh, if you line them up like this, they look like lovers…!”

“Y-Yeah, you’re right…”

Although I couldn’t say anything due to my embarrassment, I forced myself to answer her because of my research.

S-She’s going out of her way to act like this, so I have to respond accordingly…!

“I-I wonder if you would spoil me just like this snowman…!”

“Eh? O-O-O-O-Of course that’s okay…!”

As I was staying close to Suzuka like this, my heart was beating like crazy.

“Ah, what are the two of you doing over here?”

“Oh, they lined up their snowmen next to each other, desu.”

Mai and the others spotted us and gathered in front of us.

“That’s a nice idea. We’ll put our snowmen here as well.”

“Eh? Me too? T-That’s a bit embarrassing…”

“Wait, what do you—” Before I could even finish my sentence, everyone returned to making their own snowmen, only to line them up next to mine.

“Hey, you’re taking up too much space!”

“Fufufu, I won’t give up the space next to Sensei, desu!”

“It’s the disciple’s duty to support the teacher’s back.”

“Ah, I don’t really care about any of that…”

“H-Hey… that spot should be reserved for me…!” Suzuka tried to raise her voice, but everyone was too busy to listen.

With that, everyone finished adding their own snowmen beside mine.

“Fuuu… like this, Yuu’s snowman and mine are the closest!”

“No, this clearly looks like a harem, desu! Even Sensei’s snowman is a fiend, desu!”

“And Sensei’s snowman looks really happy.”

“To me this just looks like a mob attacking him…”

To think that I would agree with the younger Kanzaka sister. Just earlier, Suzuka had looked really happy when it was just our two snowmen, but right now, she looked kinda lonely as the other snowmen gathered.

“Uuuuu… even though this should be my duty…!” Suzuka glared at the scene in front of her.

…Even if we get a nice situation going, it’s impossible to get good data with the others around, after all.

It happened while I was thinking that. It looked like the heads were starting to roll down, and then all the snowman collapsed, making everyone mutter a shocked “Ah” in response. We found ourselves standing in the middle of the wreckage of our crumbled snowmen while a cold breeze blew past us.

“W-Well, it’s no wonder they fell down with a shape like that.”

“Hey! This clearly happened because you pushed your snowman onto mine!”

“I-It’s fine, okay! We accomplished our goal for our research, after all!”

“Seeing as how Sensei is often surrounded by snowmen like this, might this be foreshadowing, desu~?” Double Peace-sensei laughed, but I didn’t have the energy to respond anymore.

“So Sensei will get the harem end?”

“No, he’ll surely end up in the loner end.”

Damn it, don’t say that as you glare at me with cold eyes, younger Kanzaka sister! In reality, a harem doesn’t even exist…! Uuu…!

“M-Me and Onii-chan…!” Suzuka said as she stared at the remains of our snowmen with a shocked expression.

…I know that I have to follow up, but what should I say to her…?

“N-Now, what else should we do as our research?”

Maybe Mai also caught on to the atmosphere, so she tried to change the topic. For now, we should probably forget about what happened with the snowmen.

“Y-Yeah, you’re right. It has to be something that you can only do here in the snow,” I crossed my arms and started to think.

After a moment where I couldn’t think of anything, Suzuka came to my rescue.

“How about a snowball fight?” She said.

Her mood from before seemed to have completely vanished, and it looked like she had returned to her acting with a smile on her face. Though that only made me worry even more.

“…H-Hey, are you okay, Suzuka?”

“What do you mean? I’m perfectly fine.”

I tried asking her in a quiet voice but I received these words as a response.

…W-Well, I guess it’s fine if she doesn’t feel bad anymore…

“I see. A snowball fight, desu. That makes sense!”

“I completely forgot about that. It’s a wonderful idea.”

Hearing Suzuka’s idea, everyone seemed to agree.

…She’s definitely not wrong about that, but…

“…Yeah. A snowball fight might be the perfect chance for us.”

“That’s right~”

Suzuka nodded at Mai’s words.

Without knowing what they were talking about, I raised my voice with a “What do you mean?” but instead of answering, they just started forming snowballs with their hands.

“H-Hey, Suzuka! What did you mean by that…?”

“It’s fine. Onii-chan can rest assured that I will protect you, okay?”

“Eh? P-Protect me? In what way?” I tilted my head in confusion.

Before I could receive an answer from her, I felt a chill running down my spine and as I turned around…

“Uhm, why is everyone looking at me like this…?”

“Weeeell~ We just thought that a full-fledged war like this wouldn’t be too bad from time to time, desu.”

“It’s time for the final showdown.”

“I-I don’t really care about it, but if Onee-chan is in it, I have to help her.”

I-I don’t get it. I really don’t understand what’s happening, but I have an indescribable feeling of impending danger…!

“There’s no deeper meaning to it, you know? This is just normal research for a snowball fight.” Mai said that, but her eyes were serious. She looked at me like a hunter looking at its prey.

“W-Wait a moment…! A-A snowball fight is fine and all… but, uhm, do you really have to form a team like that…?!”

“It’s not like that, we’re just aiming for whoever we want to.”

You say that, but you’re all looking straight at me, aren’t you?!

“It’s fine, Onii-chan.” As everyone readied their snowballs, Suzuka stood next to me. “I will protect you.”

It looked like she wanted to make me feel safe with that, but I really can’t calm down in this situation… Rather, why did it even end up like this?!

However, without receiving an answer to my question, as if it was completely natural, the snowball fight started. And, with all the snowballs flying around…

“I’m the only one who’s allowed to be lovey-dovey with Onii-chan…!”

I could’ve sworn that I heard Suzuka, still acting her role in such a situation.

Part 4:

“Ah, it’s finally over…”

Having returned to my own room with heavy feet, I flopped down on the floor.

After the fight started, I received an instant snowball to the face, which forced me to lie down on the ground while the snowball fight raged on. At first it was everyone against Suzuka, but soon after, everyone on the opposing team started throwing insults at each other, and those insults were answered with snowballs. Instead of a calm, fun fight, it turned into a battle royale. The so called ‘War without winners’, but I still didn’t have any idea why it turned out like that. In the end, everyone was drenched with melting snow, so they decided to hurry back to the residence and get into the hot springs.

“What was that about, really…?”

Suzuka continued acting out her role, but that really wasn’t the place for any research.

“Well… whatever. I’ll talk with Suzuka about the research later. For now I’ll just enjoy the hot springs.”

After what happened, my body had gotten really cold. Luckily this residence has its own hot spring. But I can’t go there right now. After all, this residence isn’t like a hotel, meaning that the hot spring isn’t separated by gender. Since there are more of them, I decided to let the girls go first. Right now, they should be enjoying the open air hot spring. But it’s not like I’m imagining it or anything, okay?

“Let’s just work on the manuscript in the meantime.”

Taking my laptop out of my bag, I booted up the writing software and started to brainstorm a heroine based on the results of our research. However…


I couldn’t think of anything specific. Just like the blank document in front of me, the inside of my head was completely empty. No matter how hard I tried to think of something I could use from Suzuka’s acting, my fingers wouldn’t move. In the end, I crossed my arms, lost in thought. And before I realized it, almost half an hour had passed.

“Ahh for crying out loud, I have no clue!”

Even though Suzuka tried to help me out so much… Well, I guess I’ll head to the hot spring now. Maybe it’ll help me think of some new ideas.

Thinking that the girls should be out by now, I grabbed a towel and made my way towards the hot spring.

“No one’s there…right?” I muttered as I carefully opened the door to the changing room.

I can’t allow one of those lucky pervert moments to happen now. That would be seriously bad. Just to make sure, I did the same for the door leading into the hot spring, but no one was there either. Putting my clothes into one of the baskets in the changing room, I went outside and stepped into the hot spring.

“Ahhhhhh… this is the best!”

Being able to look up at the sky while I’m enjoying this huge bath for myself, what luxury.


Sinking deeper down, I once more looked at the stars above me. The cold breeze hitting my cheek felt really good. Both my body and heart began to relax.

“…But still, my perfect type of girl, huh…”

In the middle of my relaxation, I once more started thinking about the problem at hand. Even though I’ve gotten Suzuka to act out all these different character types for me, it feels like there’s still something that’s missing. In the end, there was no character type that I could’ve proudly announced that I liked the most. I still feel like there’s something else I’m missing. And that’s probably exactly why I couldn’t write anything just earlier.

“But… ah, I don’t get it.”

…Am I still lacking something?

While I was spacing out like that, it happened.

——Ohh, even the changing room is so spacey, desu!

——This is just like a hot spring hotel…


I heard a rattling sound, followed by familiar voices. Turning around, I saw shadows beyond the door and I could feel all the blood draining from my face.

“Wha—! W-Why…!”

It was Suzuka and the others.

“B-But why…?! Shouldn’t they have used it a while ago?!”

But in that moment, I realized it.

…T-They probably didn’t use it yet… and I went in here without checking with them first… Gulp This is bad! This is really bad! This is even worse than a lucky pervert moment! Why?! Shouldn’t you have been in here the past thirty minutes?! What have you been doing in the meantime! And my clothes should be pretty visibly lying there, so please realize that I’m in here already!

But my prayers were left unanswered and the door to the hot spring opened. Not knowing what to do, I hurriedly hid behind a large rock, but that was only the beginning—

Part 5:

“Fuuu…that feels really good,” As I entered the hot spring, I took a deep breath.

Although we had planned to enter the hot spring immediately after we got back to the lodge, everyone was busy talking with each other, and before we realized it, it had gotten a bit late in the day. Although I had planned to bathe immediately because Onii-chan was waiting for me, this pleasant feeling completely kept me prisoner. How troubling.

…But I guess it’s fine. It should be fine to make him wait a little longer.

Although I had thought that earlier would be my perfect chance to be all lovey-dovey with Onii-chan, the others just had to get in my way again…! And before I even realized it, they were also flirting with Onii-chan. That’s so cruel of them…! But still, I think that Onii-chan is always too soft on them, so I might as well make him wait as punishment…!

“Yes, desu! Once more, we really have to be thankful to Mai, inviting us to her beautiful residence, desu!” As Double Peace-san said these words, she started stretching while inside the hot spring.

Because of that, her unreasonably huge breasts started shaking all over the place— Uuuu, no matter how I often I see them, it’s still weird! This should be a crime!

“This doesn’t belong to me, but to my family, you know? Even I am not that amazing,” Now it was Himuro-san’s turn to speak.

She also has very big breasts… Why? Are they holding all her hopes and dreams?

“What happened, Suzuka-san?”

Uuu… I made a weird face because I was staring at her. That’s not good. I shouldn’t care about them. They are oddities. It’d be crazy for me to compare myself to them…

“N-No, it’s nothing.” …Which is why I covered it up as I looked at the other people around us.

“You really are way too rich…” With these words, Haruna-san also sat down inside the hot spring.

…Hers aren’t too big or too small. They have a nice size.

“This place has a nice charm for sure. Thank you for inviting us here,” Akino-san followed suit.

Her breasts… it’s true that they aren’t quite on the level of the others’ but they’re still bigger than mine…!

“Haah…” Looking down at my own breasts again, I let out a long sigh.

Being surrounded by everyone like this makes me feel even more depressed.

…If only there were the same size as his beloved ‘big breasts’ attribute… no, I would be happy if they were just a little bit bigger… I’m doing everything I can to make them grow, you know? I even drink milk all the time… So why is there no change at all? Also, it feels like I haven’t been growing at all recently… so maybe I’ve already reached my limit…!?

“Mhm? What’s wrong, Imouto-san? Does your chest hurt, desu?” While I was thinking about my breasts, Double Peace-san raised her voice.

As a result, everyone else also looked at me.

“Now that you say it, she doesn’t look so good. Are you okay, Suzuka-san?” Himuro-san asked, to which I answered with an “I’m fine.”

But right then, I thought of something. Maybe I could ask these people how to make my breasts grow bigger?

“No… no no no no…” What kind of indecent things am I thinking about…?!

And I can’t just pose a question like that in front of my rivals… that would spell my defeat… but…

“Uhm, the thing is…”

I’ll ask them. I have to. This isn’t the place to act prideful. I have to get bigger breasts and make Onii-chan look my way too…! Now that I think about it, the reason that Onii-chan has been paying attention to them is only because they have these big breasts… It must be because of that!

“Well… how do I make my breasts grow bigger…?”


Uuuuu, everyone is looking at me with a shocked expression… But, huh? I thought I heard a weird sound in the shadow of that rock over there… was that just my imagination?

“Hmmmm. So that was it. How you could get bigger breasts, desu…”

“E-Even if you ask me that, I don’t really have any idea…”

How nice of them to not pry into why I asked that question.

“You’re worrying about your size? I don’t think you have to worry about that. The size of your breasts isn’t equivalent to your value as a woman,” answered Haruna-san. But, in response…

“Haruna, you just made an enemy of every small-chested woman in the world. Including me,” Akino-san perfectly summed up my feelings.

“W-Why?! Onee-chan never said anything about her breasts before!”

“The circumstances are different. Since I’ve met Sensei, the size of my breasts is very important,” She gave a straightforward answer.

I’m really envious of her ability to say it outright. That was the exact reason that I had asked them, but I was too embarrassed to honestly tell them.

“I-I don’t care what Onii-chan thinks about them… It’s just, as a woman, I kind of look up to other women with big breasts…” Which is why I ended up denying it.

Uuuu… How weak I am in front of my rivals… I’m really shocked to see myself like this.

“B-But, even if you ask me that… I was always average, but all of a sudden, they grew to this size…” Himuro-san said as she tried to hide her breasts with flushed cheeks.

Uuuuu… she’s starting to act like she’s a chosen one. Dear gods up in the heavens, what did I do to deserve this small chest of mine?

“Maybe it’s just a matter of genes? Only wishing them to be bigger doesn’t really help, don’t you think?”

“If we accept that, then it’s all over. Let’s give it our best, Suzuka-san.”


Seeing her trying to cheer me up, I started feeling a bit better… Just what I would expect from a fellow flat-chested— no, a fellow modestly-size comrade. She really understands.

“Fu fu fu…”

At that moment, Double Peace-san crossed her arms and let out a mysterious laugh.

“It’s true that having big breasts is important, desu. It’s the most crucial thing for girls in eroge, after all.”

…Although it really frustrates me that she brought those indecent games into the conversation, it seems that she’d thought of something. Because of that, I waited for her to continue without saying anything.

“Rest assured, Imouto-san! I’ll teach you a surefire method to get bigger breasts, desu!”

“Wha—?! R-Really?!”

Assuring her that I would gladly listen to that method, Double Peace-san deeply nodded and continued.

“They will get bigger if they are fondled by the person you love, desu!”

…Eh? F-Fondled… by the person I love…?

“What idiotic things are you saying, Ahi!”

“Runa-chan, why are you panicking like this, desu? This is a solid theory in eroge and ero manga, you know?”

“That’s more like an urban legend than a solid theory!” She went red all the way to her ears, but I didn’t pay any attention to that.

…B-B-B-Being fondled by the person I love… will make them get bigger…?! S-So basically, I-I-I-I have to let O-O-O-Onii-chan fondle my breasts?! S-Something so indecent… even if it really helps…! B-But it’s not like I wouldn’t like it, you know?! I-I want things like that to happen in the future! B-But we aren’t in that kind of relationship right now…! It’s way too fast, and I haven’t mentally prepared myself yet…! It would be something else if we were already a couple… there’s no way that I can ask something like that of Onii-chan right now…! But I want my breasts to get bigger so that Onii-chan will look at me! Isn’t this method completely useless once we’re actually a couple?! So would it be fine to ask him…? N-No, it’s still way too shameless…! Still, isn’t this my only chance right now…?

“C-Calm down, Suzuka-san. You shouldn’t take her too seriously. This method is only used in light novels and so on, so there’s no proof that it actually works, okay?”

“…I-Is that so, Himuro-san?”

“But the chance is not zero, desu. You just have to believe in it!”

“And I’m telling you that it only works in made-up stories!”

As the two of them argued, I still had one question that I wanted an answer to.

“Uhm, Double Peace-san… did your breasts get so big because someone fondled them?”

“S-Suzuka-san?! What are you saying?!”

“No, they just got big on their own accord, desu. What about Mai? Do you have any experience with that?”

“O-O-O-Of course not?! I-I wouldn’t let anybody touch them… well, maybe if it was him — no, nevermind! Only the person I love is allowed to touch them!”

“Well, it figures, desu. So does Mai have a crush on somebody?”

Being asked straight out like that, Mai muttered a quiet “Uuuu…”

“O—Of course not!!!” With her face even redder than before, she sank into the hot spring.

…Well, it makes sense. There’s no way that you could honestly answer there.

“So… was what Double Peace-san said a lie…?”

“It wasn’t a lie, desu. There are countless eroge heroines that it’s worked for, desu!”

“I told you not to use any secondary proof like that!” Haruna-san said to Double Peace-san.

“But the chances aren’t exactly zero. Since there’s no sound counterargument, I can still believe in it,” Akino-san added in a calm manner.

“O-Onee-chan, what are you basing that on?”

“It sounds like it might work.”

Hearing that response, Haruna-san had tears in her eyes and Double Peace-sensei’s eyes started brightening up with a “Right, desu?”

It’s just as she says. There’s no solid proof or basis for that theory… But, Akino-san’s ‘It might work’ really gave me hope… So in the end, I still have to ask for Onii-chan’s assistance…?! B-But, that’ll only be after I properly convey my feelings to him! And I can’t do that since my breasts aren’t big enough to make him look my way… what kind of dilemma is this?!

“…So they really will get bigger if they get fondled by the person I love?” Himuro-san muttered as she got out of the water.

“At the very least, I believe so, desu. It would be a bit troublesome if mine grew even more, but I wouldn’t mind if it’s for the person I love, desu,” Double Peace-san said with her usual smile.

“…Really, what are you saying? Getting your breasts fondled by a man…!” Haruna-san averted her gaze with slightly flushed cheeks.

“First, you have to have a person that you hold feelings for,” Akino-san said as she narrowed her eyes.

It is probably safe to assume that everyone present had a certain person in mind right now. And that person should be the same as mine.

…This isn’t good. At this rate, everyone will approach Onii-chan with that kind of mindset…!

I know that it’s something I brought up, but I have to change the topic as fast as I can.

“S-Still, this hot spring really is big.”

I separated from everyone else and walked into the middle of the spring, where I spotted a big rock.

“Eh?” But, as I poked my head around it, I thought my heart would stop. “———!!”

After all, with a bright red face, Onii-chan was leaning against that rock while sitting in the hot spring. He then looked up at me, with a shocked expression, almost like he was about to cry, only to slowly squeeze out the following words.

“Suzuka…? N-No! Y-You’re wrong…! T-There’s a reason for this…!”

Onii-chan was saying something, but that didn’t reach my ears anymore. Because seeing Onii-chan like this completely disabled my ability to think. After all, he wasn’t wearing anything, and was completely naked. But the same was true for me. No, since I was standing, he could see every inch of my body. He could see everything… See… everything…?!


The moment I realized my current situation, all the color drained from my face.

…H-He can see me!? O-O-O-Onii-chan… can see… my naked body…?! And I can see his naked body too?! All of a sudden we’ve gotten into a relationship where we can show each other our naked bodies?! So basically, it’s like we’re married right now?! Hooray! Wait, that’s clearly not what’s happening here?!?!

Why was Onii-chan here — was a question that I didn’t have the leisure to ask myself. After all, I could barely stop myself from screaming out.


“What’s wrong, Suzuka-san?”

But, as if she had heard my suppressed scream, Himuro-san raised her voice. As I looked over, I saw that she was coming closer to me with an anxious expression. The moment I understood that, I said the following words.

“I-It’s nothing! R-Rather than that, shouldn’t we get ready to leave soon?! O-Onii-chan should be waiting for us to be done! His body must still be cold from the snow!”

As Onii-chan heard my words, he opened his eyes wide.

He’s actually right here! He’s actually already warming himself up! What in the world are you doing, Onii-chan?! Can you not look over here like that! Is my body so charming that you can’t take your eyes off me because that’s perfectly fine we can both stare at each other as long as we want because that would basically make us a married couple right and because we’re husband and wife we can see each other naked like this so it’s no problem at all ——— As if!? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Even though I was about to cry, I still had to make sure that Onii-chan wouldn’t be spotted, so in the heat of the moment, I crouched down right on the spot to shield him from the others.

“Ehhh, but I still want to stay a bit longer.”

However, as soon as everyone heard Mai’s words, they once more sat down in the spring.

…Uuuuu, just when I thought that I had gotten through this…! For now, I have to hide the fact that Onii-chan is in here…!

After checking that nobody was watching me, I took a sidelong glance at Onii-chan. The moment our eyes met, both of us remembered that we were both still naked, which made both of our heads almost explode from embarrassment.

T-This isn’t good…! I have to somehow keep my sanity here…! T-That’s right! Right now, I’m supposed to spoil Onii-chan, so first and foremost, I have to think about how to get him out of here safe!

With these thoughts, I shot Onii-chan a gaze that was supposed to say “Until everyone is gone, please keep your head low…! …And please don’t look at me all too much…!”

Having understood my intention, Onii-chan’s face went bright red as he nodded countless times, only to lower half of his head into the water, make his body small, and turn his back to me.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Imouto-san? You’re suddenly hiding your body, desu.”

At that moment, my body twitched and my back stiffened in surprise. I had put my hands in front of my chest to hide it unconsciously before, but now I removed them with an “I-It’s nothing” and waved wildly with both of my arms.

…O-Onii-chan, I really hope that you’re not looking over here right now…!

“Ah-Ahhhh, it really feels good…!”

I tried my best not to be conscious of Onii-chan next to me, but to no avail. Instead, the heat from the hot water and my embarrassment were mixing together, making me feel dizzy.

H-Hasn’t it been almost an hour?! Please get out of the bath already…! I’m begging you…!

“B-by the way…”

However, as I was praying deep inside my heart, Himuro-san started another conversation.

“T-There’s no deeper meaning to it, you know? B-But, I know that Yuu gravitates towards little sister moe, but isn’t he only looking at Suzuka-san? It’s like he doesn’t have any interest in other girls at all. Do you know Yuu’s preferences, Suzuka-san?”

So the topic has changed but it’s still about Onii-chan?! And the person in question is right here…!


Even worse, he’s shifting around as if he’s uncomfortable, and the water makes sound whenever he moves.

T-This isn’t good…! Everyone will get suspicious…! Now that it’s come to this…!

“O-Onii-chan’s preferences, you ask?!”

There’s no other choice but to distract them with this topic! But what should I answer?

“Yes! He doesn’t have any interest for anyone other than his little sister!” — is something I clearly can’t answer here (even though I would really like to), and the person himself is right next to me, after all. I’ll just have to deceive them somehow.

—But, everyone here is so sharp, or rather Onii-chan is too easy to understand, so if I were to tell a lie, they would find out immediately.

“A-Although I have vague knowledge about it in general, I don’t know anything specific concerning his preferences in women.”

After all, even Onii-chan doesn’t know that himself.

“Vague knowledge, huh? Well, Sensei likes big breasts and long knee socks. That I know for sure, desu.”

“And also maid clothes. Really, what kind of erotic devil is Yuu…!”

“It’s better than trying to hide it, that’s for sure.”

…I wonder what kind of feelings Onii-chan is having as he listens to them.

As I took a sidelong glance at him, I saw him sitting on the ground with his hands wrapped around his knees, and his eyes, which looked like he was about to cry, tightly shut. Seeing that cute appearance made my heart skip a beat.

…And since he’s naked, the desire to protect him is growing even stronger — eh, what in the world am I thinking about in this situation?! I almost got too much into my acting role! That was close!

“I see. Sensei’s preferences, desu. How about we trade the information that we have?”

“Eh?! I-Information trade…?”

While I was lost in my thoughts, Double Peace-san said that.

“Everyone should know a different side of Sensei, desu. For example, Imouto-san has been staying with him for much longer than the rest of us combined, so she knows different things about him than we do. And when he’s together with Mai, she’ll get to see another side that maybe Imouto-san hasn’t seen yet, desu.”

“I see, so we’ll be analysing Sensei’s taste with that method.”

“Exactly, Kino-chan. In my case, I keep sending Sensei erotic illustrations to ask him of his opinion, and there is one thing that I’ve realized, desu.”

…That reminds me, there was something like that happening. I had originally hoped to get everyone out of the bath as quickly as possible, but this topic has piqued my interest.

“And what exactly is that, Double Peace-san?”

“He’s giving me advice on how to improve my illustrations, desu. Like drawing the breasts a bit bigger, making it look like she’s melting in pleasure, and so on.”


Onii-chan, you were saying stuff like that to Double Peace-san? Very interesting, I’ll have to ask you about that later in more detail. But, for now, please calm down next to me or everyone will find out.

“If we’re talking about breasts, then I have something too.”

“That reminds me, Runa-chan. You are also having fun sending Sensei some of your illustrations, right?”

“I-I’m not having fun! I just treat this as an opportunity to get better!”

Mhm…? So I’ll have to include Haruna in that discussion later…!

“Interesting. But, to get back on topic, I found out that Sensei is more into the clothing-ero, desu! Instead of trying to hide stuff, he told me that it would be better to make it seen! So maybe that’s one of this preferences, desu?”


What kind of vocabulary is that?

“Basically, instead of trying to make the girl completely nude, it’s better to leave her with some clothing on to stimulate the senses even more…” Himuro-san answered me with flushed cheeks.

I expected something like this, but it’s just another crazy term…

Turning around, I saw that Onii-chan had completely sunk into the hot spring.

“Ah, that might be true. He told me that countless times as well.”

“Just what one would expect from Towano-sensei. He has the important knowledge.”

Both Haruna-san and Akino-san were nodding.

…Onii-chan, why is it that everyone except me knows about this…! It should be fine if only the little sister knows about that sort of thing…!

“H-Hey, it’s true that these are Yuu’s preferences, but aren’t we missing the point a bit? Well, it is valuable information still…” Himuro-san asked.

“Now now, we’ve been talking about an exchange, so maybe Mai could help us. What is Sensei like at school, desu?”

O-Onii-chan at school?!

My body twitched as I heard that phrase. This is something that I must know as well.

“Even if you ask me that… is there anything specific you want to know?”

“I-Is Onii-chan popular with the girls?”

Before I realized it, I had already asked this question. I heard the sound of water next to me again, but I decided not to pay any attention to it. This is the only thing I know nothing about. What Onii-chan is like at school. I have to use this chance to find out more…!

“Nope, he’s not. The only girl who talks to him is me, after all.”

“Is that so…” My voice dropped.

Well, only the people who deserve him can understand what makes him so great! Although it’s a bit frustrating, I’m also happy that I don’t have to worry about any new rivals at school.

…But, I’d completely forgotten the biggest rival of them all. The one right next to me.

“He only talks with me during lunch break, he only eats with me, and he only studies with me!”

“So, maybe because Mai and Sensei look so much like a couple, it makes no other girls want to approach him, desu?” Double Peace-san muttered.

At that moment, it felt like the atmosphere completely froze up.

“C-C-C-C-Couple?! Y-Yuu and I?! T-That’s impossible! B-But it makes sense that people would see us in that light! A-Although it’s nothing but a bother for me, okay?” Himuro-san’s face sunk even deeper into the hot spring.

While she was happily denying it, everyone else didn’t seem too happy. At least I wasn’t.

“…This girl isn’t exactly normal either, so I doubt that there’s really any deeper meaning behind it,” Hearing Haruna-san’s words, everyone present deeply nodded in consent.

“So, we’ve discussed how Sensei is at school, desu. How about Runa-chan and Kino-chan? Do you have anything interesting?”

“Sensei’s always teaching me all sorts of stuff about being an author. Since he’s very nice, he’s always saying stuff like ‘There is nothing that I could show you that you already don’t know!’ or ‘Akino-san is plenty skillful already’. Even though that’s clearly not the case, it always gives me courage.”

Hearing that, I starting feeling a bit guilty. After all, Onii-chan isn’t the professional writer she thinks he is…

“I don’t have anything special. He’s giving me feedback on my illustrations, and I have to pay attention and make sure that he doesn’t do anything weird to Onee-chan,” Haruna-san averted her eyes and said so with a bored expression. However…

“That’s a lie. You look like you have a lot of fun when the two of you are fighting.”

“O-Onee-chan?! I told you that’s not true!” Haruna-san tried to deny it with a red face.

“Hmmm… It really seems like everyone has their own impression of Sensei, desu. Since there are a lot of different sides to him, that was definitely some good information.”

“But” — with these words, she looked at me.

“I think the number one person we have to ask is Imouto-san, desu.”


“Yes. Isn’t it most important to know what Sensei is like at home, desu?”

“It’s just as Ahi says. We don’t know what he’s like at home at all.”

“Yeah. I’m also quite interested.”

It seemed like Haruna-san and Akino-san agreed with Double Peace-san. Additionally, Himuro-san also jumped into the conversation with a “Y-Yuu at home?! I have to know more about that!”

…What should I do? There are countless things I could tell them. And I understand their desire to know everything about him. I feel the same, since I love him. That being said, the salient aspect would be that he’s busy writing light novels the whole day.

…Seeing Onii-chan’s serious face when he’s focusing is…! Just remembering it makes my heart thump uncontrollably. But, there’s no way that I could tell them that.

“O-Onii-chan is a professional light novel author. When he’s home, he’s always writing.”

Actually, I wanted to say something like “Onii-chan is always helping me write my little sister novel, and I always make him help me out by being all lovey-dovey with him. Since his bookshelf is full of little sister novels, it should be obvious that I am his perfect girl!” but that would completely destroy the efforts we’ve made to hide everything, and it’s also my wishful thinking… Hmmm, what should I say… maybe I should ask Onii-chan for advice—


In that moment, I remembered.

…O-Onii-chan is still right next to me, completely naked…! And he’s listening to everything I say! I looked over at him, and his face was even more red than before and it looked like his eyes were spinning. I completely forgot that he’s been in here way longer than us! I don’t have the time to be thinking of an answer!

“L-L-L-Let’s get out, shall we! We’ve been in here plenty already.” As I tried hurrying the others, they all stood up.

Although they seemed to be a bit hesitant, I managed to convince them to leave the hot spring.

…Fuu, like this, Onii-chan should be able to get away safely. At first, I was relieved, but then I remembered everything that had happened, making me blush all the way to my ears.

…W-Why was Onii-chan in there anyway? As his benefactor just now, I have to ask him about it later…! I swore to myself as I tried to withstand the embarrassment. But in that moment, one certain thought entered my mind.

…What did Onii-chan think, seeing my naked body?

Part 6:

After everyone had left, I somehow managed to pull my weak body towards the changing room. Having changed, I made sure that no one saw me as I returned to my room, but…

“…! Could you explain to me why you were using the hot spring just now, Onii-chan?”

Seeing as how Suzuka was already waiting for me, I went down on my knees in an instant, and started begging for forgiveness.

“S-Sorry! But you’re wrong! That was really just an accident! I thought that everyone was done using the hot spring, so I wanted to relax too…!”

I’m just going to say it, but I’m clearly not in the wrong here. I’m really just the victim in this situation. But I still didn’t have any other option than to apologize. After all, I still happened to see Suzuka’s naked body, even if it was an accident.

“P-Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not really mad or anything. A-After all, I’m still in character. I-I will forgive Onii-chan for everything he has done.”

But it looked like Suzuka wasn’t mad at all, at least on the outside. Although it’s a bit crazy that she’s still acting in character, I’m grateful for that because it allows me to have a decent conversation with her. That’s why I told her exactly what happened.

“I-I see, you couldn’t help it under these circumstances~” Suzuka showed a grin.

To think that she really would forgive me…!

I once more understood the greatness of this character trait.

“But, you could have told me earlier that you were present at that time, you know?~”

“S-Sorry. I was just so confused… and I had already been in there for about thirty minutes…”

Thinking back on it, hiding behind that big rock might’ve been the worst choice…

“And so you got to see everyone’s naked body, huh? Really, Onii-chan is just so troublesome.”

“Y-You’re wrong! I was so busy hiding that I didn’t even had the time for that if I wanted to!” I tried my hardest to explain while Suzuka kept smiling at me.

It looks like she is only teasing me… if it were the usual Suzuka, she surely wouldn’t have let me go after what happened. Again, this character she’s taking really is a saving grace..


Suddenly, Suzuka’s face turned serious. The calm atmosphere from before vanished in an instant.

“Although I’m ready to forgive Onii-chan for almost everything, there is one thing that I will never allow.”

“A-And what is that?”

“Being all lovey-dovey with other women is what you call a ‘harem’, right? That is the one thing I will never forgive Onii-chan for, okay?”

It seems like even for the heroines who spoil, there is a limit to their grace. But let me say one thing.

“I don’t remember saying anything about building a harem—”

“Did you say anything~?”

While I was in the middle of my sentence, Suzuka returned to her smile from before, forcefully making me shut my mouth.

…She’s still mad after all… Yup.

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