Berserk of Gluttony (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 5

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I was hiding in the grass, near the entrance to Goblin Meadow. Just ahead, a lone goblin sat cross-legged, yawning. It was a small demon with green skin, its height just about reaching my waist. Its battered clothes seemed to have been stolen from humans.

Unaware of my presence, the enemy remained off guard. I had checked the surroundings and found no sign of its friends. With bated breath, I sneaked behind the goblin.

And then, I used my <Appraisal> skill.

Goblin Fighter Lv3

HP: 30

Strength: 40

MP: 10

Spirit: 10

Agility: 30

Skill: Strength Enhancement (small)

A Goblin Fighter huh… It seemed like there were several types of these demons. Its status was lower than mine. I also checked the skill it possessed.

Strength Enhancement (small): A small status increase occurs during physical attacks.

A status enhancement skill? Since this one was classified as ‘small’, it was likely that there would be ‘medium’ and ‘large’ versions categories too. These kinds of useful skills should be absorbed quickly.

The goblin slowly dozed off and began to snore. This was a great opportunity!

I jumped out of the grass and dashed straight towards the goblin. It woke up from the sound of my footsteps and turned around, although it was already too late. I swung Greed in one smooth arc and sliced cleanly through its neck. The goblin died without uttering even a single cry.

And then, of course, the robotic voice sounded in my head.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +30, Strength +40, MP +10, Spirit +10, Agility +30>

<Strength Enhancement (small) skill has been added>

Alright! Just for confirmation, I appraised myself.

Fate Graphite Lv1

HP: 151

Strength: 191

MP: 111

Spirit: 111

Agility: 161

Skills: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind-reading, Strength Enhancement (small)

It grew, it grew! Yeah, I’ve become stronger. As I observed my status and skills with much joy, Greed snorted in laughter.

“It was just a goblin, you’re way too happy. If you react like this every time you defeat one, it’ll be sunset before you know it.”

“Come on, I defeated a demon for the first time you know.”

For other warriors this might have been an overreaction, however, I was someone who had been terrified of monsters up until yesterday. This sense of liberation came from the fact that the tables have been turned.

As evidence that I had defeated a goblin, I cut off its ears. The royal capital gave out prizes to those who defeated demons, redeemed by bringing proof to the designated facility. One goblin is worth about 10 copper coins, already much better than the daily salary of the gatekeeper job I had been doing. Despite the dangers of the warrior occupation, I would earn much more. I placed the goblin’s ears into a hemp bag that I had prepared beforehand.

Now then, next. As I proceeded with caution, I discovered two goblins in an open area. I knew one of them was a Goblin Fighter since it was carrying a sword, however, the other one also had a large shield. Instead of trying to figure it out by thinking alone, it would be much quicker to simply do an appraisal.

Goblin Guard Lv3

HP: 40

Strength: 20

MP: 10

Spirit: 10

Agility: 10

Skills: HP enhancement (small)

I see, this one has a slightly higher HP value than the fighter type. To match this, it had a HP enhancement skill. If I fought carefully enough so that it could not shield my attack, I should be able to manage.

Keeping to the shadows of the grass, I closed in on the two demons. Well then, who should I kill first? It was probably better to start with the Goblin Fighter, although if I failed or if the other one noticed, it would surely turn into a difficult fight where I would be screwed over by the Goblin Guard.

Nevertheless, it would be possible to push through with pure strength even if I was not yet used to attacking, and I definitely wanted to try it out. I decided to start with defeating the Goblin Guard and waited for the moment when the two of them were distanced enough from each other.

Now! I leapt forward the moment the guard was faced the other way, however, it immediately noticed me with its sharp instincts and raised its shield. At this rate, my attack would be blocked… is what I thought.


The Goblin Guard screamed. There was no resistance at all, as the sword cut straight through the shield. This black sword, Greed, was much sharper than it looked. With this, the fight was a one-sided attack.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +40, Strength +20, MP +10, Spirit +10, Agility +10>

<HP Enhancement (small) skill has been added>

As the robotic voice rang out, I rushed at the remaining demon. Of course, the fighter was aware of this and tried to swing its sword intimidatingly. Seeing this, I spoke to Greed out of curiosity.

“Hey, Greed.”

“What is it?”

“Even though you were this sharp, why were you being sold for so cheap?”

“Simple. I choose my user.”

“Then, Greed acknowledges me?”

“Hmph, be quiet.”

What’s this? Greed became sulky after he spoke. Still, the black blade shone even brighter than before. Although he was condescending, he seemed to acknowledge me for something. Well then, I should answer his expectations.

The Goblin Fighter was still swinging its sword around. Regardless of how it tried to intimidate me, I paid no mind and slashed the demon with my sword. The Goblin Fighter fell as his eyes turned white.

<Gluttony skill has been activated>

<Status update: HP +30, Strength +40, MP +10, Spirit +10, Agility +30>

Hm? No skills were added this time. Oh, I see. I already possessed the skill, so it would not be duplicated. If I wanted new skills, I would have to hunt different monsters. Although, the status updates alone were delicious enough.

After that, I hunted another 25 Goblin Fighters and 10 more Goblin Guards. The hemp bag was filled to the brim with goblin ears.

I looked at my current status with <Appraisal>.

Fate Graphite Lv1

HP: 1371

Strength: 1451

MP: 481

Spirit: 481

Agility: 1051

Skills: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind-reading, Strength Enhancement (small), HP Enhancement (small)

Hey hey, HP, Strength and Agility were already in the four digit range! MP and Spirit had not grown much since the enemies’ statuses were low in these areas. Hahaha, I could barely remember being someone with an all 1 status just yesterday. However, there was something I was concerned about. The level.

A good amount of Sphere experience points came from defeating these demons, so it was not unusual to level up. Yet, it was strange that my level had not changed in the slightest.

While I puzzled over this, Greed laughed.

“It’s the influence of your Gluttony skill. Those who have skills that break the logic of God cannot benefit from Spheres.”

“Breaking God’s logic, what…?”

“You’ve being doing it all along. Killing and stealing statuses and skills is denying God’s logic. Such a person has no benefit from God. Your status should have been all 1.”

With this, some time passed before Greed spoke again. Was he thinking about something?

“Besides… no, it’s nothing. It’s almost lunch time. Shall we return to the city?”

If you leave something unsaid, it would only be normal that I would be worried. However, it was true that I was feeling hungry. It was time to round up goblin hunting and return to Seyfert Capital. Given that my status had reached four digits, it was enough for today.

Although I was not sure why, the goblins have begun to attack me desperately so I should stop any more recklessness anyway.

Besides, my status had risen, so I could fight Hobgoblins in the forest further up ahead the next time I go monster hunting. Hobgoblins were a higher level than Goblins, so I should be able to gain greater status and skill advancements.

Let’s return to Royal Capital Seyfert.

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