Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Maka-sensei’s relatively splendid plan

Part 1:

Since our school is, just like the name says, a private one, the costs for students aren’t exactly low and donations aren’t rare. Thanks to that, the food in the cafeteria is decent, leaving the students with no complains about a warm lunch. And, today’s lunch is a hamburger set. The hamburgers were drenched with delicious sauce while fried eggs, carrots, corn, potato salad, mini-spaghetti, rice and miso soup were the side dishes.

I really like hamburgers, and adding fried eggs to that made me get even more excited. But, saying that makes me feel like a child. I wonder when I’ll get an adults’ taste.

“Saigi-kun, that looks really delicious.”

“Yes, it really is. I got nothing against a normal lunch box but I certainly won’t say no to something hot and steamy like this—–wait, Maka-sensei?!”

Before I even realized it, Maka-sensei was sitting across the table. She really appears at the weirdest time as always. Inside the small lunch box in front of her was a small portion of salad, nothing else? By the way, you can bring whatever you want to the cafeteria.

“You don’t have to so surprised every time. The staff is also using this cafeteria.”

“T-That might be the case but still…..”

That suit looks really good on you today too, Sensei.

Next to her salad, she also has a bottle. Might that be redbush tea?

“Wooow, the food today really is delicious! Ahahaha!”

“….Why are you here as well, Amanashi?”

In the meantime, Amanashi sat down next to Maka-sensei, looking really nervous.

“Ahahaha, don’t call me Amanashi. It sounds like we’re strangers. Call me Manasshii~”

“What kind of character are you trying to be?”

As if I could call you like that. That nickname is bad in all sorts of ways.

“And, you’re eating that all on your own?”

What she had in front of her was the filet chop menu. Also, a noodle dish as a side dish.

“I don’t have any photoshoot today so I can stuff my belly as much as I want!”

“Uhm, that might be fine as your job as a gravure model, but you really shouldn’t do that as a girl in general.”

“I really shouldn’t yeah! Ahahahahaha!”

Uhm, can you not let out such a loud voice? I feel like the other boys are starting to glare at me, seeing as how I’m sitting together with a super popular and beautiful teacher and a super popular gravure model. Ouch, their gazes are starting to hurt like knives in my back.

“It’s fine. I invited Amanashi-san after all.”

“Does this have any connection to that weirdly-named organization again?”

“No, it’s not like I’m doubting Sensei’s and Sai-kun’s relationship! And I didn’t think that to use this chance to check on that at all, so rest assured!” She said as she nervously slurped on her noodles.

She really is bad at hiding things alright.

“I don’t mind if you do that. We’re not doing anything that would spell any trouble if we were seen.”

She’s basically implying that we’re doing other stuff when we’re not in front of other people. Is she like trying to keep her in check with this?

“And also, it would look weird if Saigi-kun and I suddenly started eating dinner together, so we’re using Amanashi-san as a camouflage.”

“Uwaa, this teacher really is using her precious students for something like that.”

It seems like there’s a calm battle going on in front of me. The people around us shouldn’t be able to hear, right? After all, Maka-sensei is the unobtainable flower that nobody should be able to get close to. Amanashi on the other hand should have her fair share of friends but their mix should be a weird sight to behold, not to mention when I’m sitting with them. For now though, it doesn’t look like anybody will approach us. Luckily.

“Ahhh, but this salad really isn’t delicious at all. It feels like I’m biting on grass.”

“Weren’t you the one that took that the salad with you?!”

So she brought it with her to create another character like this. I knew that she isn’t the person she might look like, but is she trying to crush my image of her even more?

“Eh? Wasn’t Maka-tea always saying that girls shouldn’t force themselves to eat salad all stoically?”

“High school girls are still naive. Having a certain degree of self-restraint is what makes one an adult.”

There’s the tension-filled atmosphere again.

“It’s not like I love eating salad….Meat, I prefer meat much more.”

“Hm? Did you say something Maka-tea?”

It’s nothing. And stop calling me Maka-tea.”

The ‘-tea’ is probably from teacher. Well, not that it matters.

And by the way, Amanashi might’ve not understood it, but I clearly heard what you said. You were eating that yakiniku like it was the best thing in the world. By the way, she ate too much and forced me to close my ears as she was paying. It was probably a dozen times more than what I pay for food on a daily basis.

“Amanashi-san too, you shouldn’t be eating all that meat and sauce and maybe change to some grass—–excuse me, to some salad. You have to keep your beauty for your job, right?”

Ah, she’s trying to deepen her friendship with Amanashi, how adult-like of her.

“Ehhhh~ But if I don’t eat any meat, I don’t get enough energy. And Sai-kun’s also eating a hamburger.”

“It’s fine, since it’s Saigi-kun. He should eat a lot of meat, and have enough energy for all the impure things he has to do in a relationship.”

“Woah, this teacher’s making preferences between students. And what do you mean with impure things!”

There are countless things I should retort on but I held back since I had some hamburger in my mouth. I still have to make my little sister understand that it’s bad manners to talk with a full mouth.

“Hmpf. I don’t want to be scolded by Sensei when I’m eating as well. I have my own freedom when I’m eating!”

“You’re always sleeping in class you know. You have too much freedom with that.” Maka-sensei glared at Amanashi.

And, it looked like she thought of something before she continued.

“By the way Amanashi-san, how about you wear something over your blouse. It doesn’t go against school rules, but this sure is poison for the boy’s eyes.”

“But my chest feels so cramped. The blazer I bought when I entered this school doesn’t fit me at all anymore. These clothes are pretty expensive, ya know?”

“Don’t ‘ya know’ me. I know that the clothes of our institution are quite expensive. But I’d still advise you to adjust them to your current size. Not every boy here is as calm as Saigi-kun when it comes to their gazes.” With that, Maka-sensei practically started at Amanashi’s oversized breasts.

I did the same and also practically stared at Amanashi’s oversized breasts——Not, because there’s no way I could do that. That was really close. I am the calm kid after all.

“But, adjusting them is a bit….I might grow even more after all~ Gravure idols don’t get that much money, so I can’t waste it on something like this~”

“You still plan on growing? Just how big do you want them to be….? You’re going to seduce all these idiotic male students on this school.”


It feels like she’s trying to point at one idiotic boy right here….Did she turn on her unobtainable flower mode? Is she okay?

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I will only try to se—–sed——-seduce? an honest high school boy when I’m interested in him.”

“Your grades really are on the bare minimum. I guess I’ll have to report that to your japanese teacher.”

“Maka-tea, why would you do something as useless as that?”

“Try to appreciate the hard work of us teachers for once!”

My head hurts just from listening to them…And also, Amanashi is clearly speaking in a too-familiar tongue with Maka-sensei. Although that’s not exactly rare, Amanashi is taking it a bit too far I think.

“Also, Maka-tea has big breasts too. Are you sure that you’re not seducing the other boys?”

“Seduce….I am an adult after all.”

“There are a lot of adults that don’t have any breasts. Ah, I see. Since Maka-tea is an adult, her breasts won’t grow anymore, huh. That means that you can never catch up to me, yay!”

“Ku……! S-Saigi-kun, you also said that it’s not good if they’re too big, right?!”

“I don’t really care since they’re not mine.”

I mean, be it Maka-sensei’s or Amanashi’s, I can’t fondle them myself, so it’s no use pondering about the size.

“Mhm? But, both our chests belong to Sai-kun, you know? Aren’t you interested in their size and form? If you want, you can check mine anytime.”

“They don’t belong to me at all…..and who would even get happy about that?”

I have no idea anymore what this girl is saying.

“That’s right, it’s just like Saigi-kun says. It doesn’t matter if they’re big, or pitifully small. What’s important is that they don’t belong to a gravure model that everyone can see but to Saigi-kun’s important lover.”


Although I really would loved to retort that, I held myself back in case Amamashi got more suspicious about the two of us. But Sensei, your wording choice is getting worse by the second.

“That’s a teacher for you….she says what she has to. Fu, thanks for the food. It was delicious as always.” Without any problems, she completely emptied her plate.

I wonder if all those calories really go to her chest…

“Ahh, oops. I should’ve bought a desert~ But it’s such a pain to choose from the menu~”

“Amanashi, you can still eat more?”

“Of course. Ahh, I can give Sai-kun a desert too~”

“Huh? Desert?”

If she has something, then she should just eat it herself.

But, in that moment, my phone vibrated on the table.

“Hehe, I sent you the desert~”


Before I even realized it, Amanashi had her phone out as well, having sent something to me via LINE.

As I opened up that message——


W-What the hell did she just sent me?!

A single photo was reflected on my screen.

Her uniform is opened?! Why is she doing a hand bra?! And her breasts are barely hold back by her arm!

“A-Amanashi, what in the world is this….?!”

“I’ll keep them coming! Here’s the next one!”

And with that, another photo came in. This time it was Amamashi wearing our school’s jersey. And, the upper part was almost completely unzipped—-which wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

But she’s not wearing anything underneath?! Why aren’t you wearing a t-shirt under that?!

“My desert won’t stop with just that!”

The third photo came in—-

She’s once more wearing that jersey top, but this time she’s wearing bloomers instead of her jersey trousers! It’s the legendary bloomers + sitting while hugging your legs combo!

“How is it, Sai-kun. My desert wasn’t all that bad, right? Ah, but don’t worry, these pictures were taken by some female friends of mine. The maximum I do at work are swimsuit shots after all.”

“If this isn’t for your job, then why did you take them?!”

“I enjoy taking pictures even when I’m not on the job. Remember how I told you I would send you other photos before? Well, here ya go, this time it’s your desert!”

“Stimulation doesn’t count as desert in my eyes though….”

“Thanks for the food. Now, Amanashi-san.”

Ah, I completely forgot she was present too.

“Let’s go to a nice place. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.”

“Eh? W-Wait, Maka-tea? Where are we going?”

Maka-sensei grabbed Amanashi by the heck without any hesitation and pulled her away.

“It seems like we have to move forward more quickly with the plan…..” Maka-sensei added.

And with that, the two of them left the cafeteria. But in that moment, I received a message.

‘Delete the photos.’

“W-Woah, commanding tone, huh…..”

It seems like Maka-sensei happened to see all the photos that Amanashi sent me. Well, I guess this would’ve ended the same way if it was a different teacher….Although it feels like a shame to delete Amanashi’s pictures, I guess I have no other choice now that she’s that much in unobtainable flower mode.

Ahh…..after class is the best when I’m not getting called over by Maka-sensei….! Wait, that should be the normal standard. Although I was a bit worried after her last phrase, I could go home without any further delay. After that crazy lunch, I could finally spend the rest of my day in peace. Finally, FINALLY.

My home is a mansion close to the train station. And, on the 8th floor, there is my home sweet home, a three room apartment, combined living room, dining room, and kitchen. It was perfect for a family with 1 or 2 children. And, nothing out of the ordinary ever happened.

“I’m glad that I got to take my time with shopping. Fu, that was heavy.” I put down the stuff I bought on the kitchen floor.

Although I was constantly on edge, thinking that Maka-sensei would suddenly come out of nowhere. I managed to buy everything I needed. Now that I think about it, students often go home rather early, but that’s not the same for the teachers. Maybe I could be a bit softer towards my teachers.

“Oh, Onii-chan. You’re home already. Welcome home~ Are you, like, lost in thought or something? You won’t be popular if you act so suspiciously.”

“…I’m home…..Well, I’ll pay attention to that.”

So you’re going to jab me like that as soon as I get home, my little sister?

Miharu was rolling around on the sofa in the living room as she looked towards the kitchen with a bothersome expression. As you can see, the Miharu at home is always this harsh towards me. When we were kids, she would always cling to, saying “Onii-tan Onii-tan!” but now she’s completely changed. Right now, it seems like she’s just waiting for me to give her a chance to badmouth me.

“Miharu’s pretty fast today too. How about you take a bit more time when you walk home? Might be a bit refreshing.”

“Naah, sounds like a pain. Being home’s the best cause we have everything. There’s a bed, a sofa, food, everything’s automatic, I can take a bath whenever I want, I can wash my clothes and panties. Home is paradise, I tell you.”

“….Yeah, you’re right.”

Although it’s neither automatic, nor it’s the fairy that’s doing the work but just the hard work of your big brother. And, the sofa she was currently lying on turned into her special place that only belonged to her.

Currently, she was wearing a long-sleeved parka and short-pants. Of course, everything was oversized to her own comfort. Just one year ago, she was going around the house showing her panties at every possible occasion. As her big brother, I’m happy that she learned to feel some embarrassment. But, why does she have a hood on her parka? Is she like a vampire that’s weak against the sunlight? After all, she always wears this stuff, even when she goes out. That would be perfectly fine if she only went to the convenience store, but I really wish she’d style herself up a bit more.

“Onii-chan, what will you make for dinner? Miharu wishes for some tasty meat, yes.”

“That’s what I thought, which is why I will be making steamed pork. With a lot of meat extra for Miharu.”

As he heard my words, her eyes lit up. My little sister really likes spiced-up food. And, although I’m self-aware of it, I keep spoiling her like this. After all, both the family register and our DNA clearly state that she is without fault my biological younger sister. It seems like it is worth spending more money for her, as long as she stops jabbing me at every chance.

For now, I put the fruits of battle into the fridge and cabinets, went to my own room to change into something more comfortable, only to return back to the kitchen. As I returned, Miharu was still in the same position, glaring at her phone for some reason. Taking out some sweet ice tea for my little sister, I started the preparations for dinner. Just as one would suspect, I am the one doing most of the housework. Our parents are mostly overseas and are rarely home. It seems like it’s related to their jobs but since they are almost never home, it feels a bit fishy. They’re not involved in illegal trafficking somewhere, right?

Miharu doesn’t seem too unhappy about it either because she can use our parents’ bedroom for an extra storage room. Since she’s often buying game related stuff, her room can’t handle all the different boxes and so on. Once our parents come home, they probably wont have a place to sleep since even their bed is unusable. But, my parents are even softer towards Miharu so they probably wouldn’t even mind. When they come home once in a while, they often sleep in sleeping bags.

But, to sum it up, my household might be a bit weird, but that’s mostly because of my little sister.

“Uwa, I died because of the fire again! Ahh, how many Onii-chan cards do I have left….”

…..None, because they don’t exist.

As always, my little sister was completely lost in her social game on her smartphone.

“That reminds me Onii-chan. Is it true that Fujiki-sensei and Nui-chan-senpai were fighting this lunchbreak?”

“Mhm? Why do you know that? Where you also there at the cafeteria?”

“I bought bread from the convenience store and ate it in my classroom. I received a lot of information from LINE.”

Figures….it’s not like they were fighting but they did eat their feed next to each other. I was nothing but a bystander.”

“Ahh, so Onii-chan was also there. Nobody was talking about you though.”


There is no way that someone would pay attention to a small fry like me when our school’s most popular, beautiful teacher and our school’s most popular gravure idol were next to each other like that.

“By the way Miharu…..”

“Don’t call your little sister without a honorific!”

“I’ve been calling you that since ages! Don’t just start a fight because of that!”

Ahh, I really can’t read my little sister’s intention at all. But, that might’ve saved me a bit. If we really kept talking about Maka-sensei and Amanashi, the topic of her being in love with me might’ve come up. You really can’t read that off her face, and she’s not at that age where she could drink alcohol. Normally, since she’s my little sister, there should be no way that she feels that way for me. Or rather that certain type of ‘like’ is unnatural. Just to be clear, I really can’t believe that Miharu would rave romantic feelings for me. After all, she only thinks only of me as a voice machine to open the entrance door.


“Mhm? Did you get excited remembering Nui-chan-senpai’s breasts?”

“As if. There’s something I forgot to buy so I will be going out a bit.”

I completely forgot the desert because I was too wary of Maka-sensei. Whenever Miharu doesn’t get a desert, her mood gets spoiled immediately. And even I’m not that skilled to produce a worthy desert. Across our mansion is a convenience store. Since she really likes sweets, it’s a big help that I don’t have to run to a cake store every time. Putting on a jacket, I stepped out of the entrance.

“If it isn’t Saigi-kun. You’re leaving now?”

“Yes, I have to get something from the convenience store.”

Since Maka-sensei was greeting me, I slightly bowed my head. Oh, it’s close to 7pm. already. Maybe it’s not so bad being a teacher if you get to go home at this hour.

“It’s gotten pretty dark so please be careful. Or rather, since I’m already here, I’ll go with you. It’s right around the corner after all.”

“No, I can’t take you up on that offer—–Huh?” As I headed towards the elevator, I came to a sudden stop and turned around. “Maka-sensei!? Why are you here?!”

“…….Because I came?”

“That’s not what I wanted to hear!”

Maka-sensei was wearing her usual suit with a handheld bag in her arm. Adding to that, she also had a shopping bag from a supermarket in her hand.

“What are you saying? This here is the Fujiki residence, right next to Saigi’s home.”

“…….Excuse me?”

Maka-sensei pointed at the door next to ours. What met my sight was the apartment number plus her name.

“Eh? W-Wait a moment….this really is your home….?”

“Yes, I’m sorry for the late greeting. I’m Fujiki Maka. Looking forward to get to know you, Mr. Neighbour.” She lowered her head in a cute manner.

I-Impossible….T-The enemy has already invaded my safe space….you say….?

“S-Sorry for intruding….”

“Don’t hold back, Saigi-kun. Just come on in.”

To no surprise, the entrance looked exactly the same as the own in my home. Though the items greeting me were different.

“I’m going to come in~” Miharu said as she followed me.

She realized that I was still standing in the entrance at home, which is why she came over to check.

“Hold back a bit will you, Miharu-san. You have a home to go back to.”

“Your answer is way too different! Does Fujiki-sensei, like, hate Miharu or something?!”

“I like your DNA.”

“Miharu is pretty popular, but this has to be a first!”

So we’re talking about DNA again?

“Leaving out the DNA part for now, is this really Maka-sensei’s home?”

“Me having the key should be proof enough, right? I’m sorry, I don’t have any guest slippers yet. I don’t get guests that often after all.”

“That sounds really lonely…..”

The Saigi household also doesn’t have a lot of guests, but we have at least a few from time to time. Like Miharu’s friends or our parents.

Ah right, our parents don’t count as guests. So the only people that come to visit are Miharu’s friends after all. But leaving that aside for now, the Fujiki household looked exactly the same like ours. From the hallway to the living room. She does have a sofa and TV but that’s all.

Thank god she didn’t put up any photos or posters of me….

“…I mean, this looks like you’ve just moved in…When did you….?”

“I’d really like to know what ‘I mean’ is supposed to say but it’s just like you say. Just at the end of last year.”

Right now is Golden Week, so it really was just recently. Though I remember some trucks from a moving-management company, so it really seems to be true.

“It’s also a first for Miharu to be here. The first time she greeted Miharu, Fujiki-sensei came over to our house after all.”

“Ha?! Miharu, you new that Maka-sensei was living next to us?!”

“She came to give her greetings right after she moved. She even gave us some sweets.”

“I don’t remember any sweets….?”

The kitchen is my playground. I would’ve seen sweets if there were any…..

“They looked so delicious, which is why Miharu ate them all herself. Her gluttony knows no limits….”

“Don’t act like you were like this since you were born!”

No, that’s not the problem here! Why didn’t you tell me that we had a new neighbour!

“Well, I didn’t want to say hello immediately. First and foremost was the confession, and then this as a surprise, you know?”

“To me, everything was a surprise, you know….?” I said with an astonished expression, but Maka-sensei showed no signs of responding.

This person really has a strong mentality, I see.

“For now, the two of you can sit down. Saigi-kun, are you fine with some tea? Miharu-san should be fine without.”

“Although Miharu isn’t on the same level as Onii-chan, but if you come at her like this, she’ll also get quite twisted and rude.”

“Fufufu, little girl~”

“Hahaha, big girl~”

Sparks were flying between Maka-sensei and Miharu. I guess I should be glad that I didn’t come back to a bloodbath when they first greeted each other.

“Miharu isn’t here to spy on you like Nui-chan-senpai did. It’s not like you two would be doing anything weird when you’re alone.” She said as she left the apartment.

This person is going to do something weird, you know? It looks like SID still doesn’t know of Maka-sensei’s true nature.

“I didn’t expect her to really go home like this…what a good girl Miharu-san is. My evaluation of her as a student suddenly went up, not good.”

“Yes, that really is no good….”

I really wish that you wouldn’t spoil her grades just because she left me alone in the lion’s den. Miharu really isn’t dumb or anything, but she’s not studying at all which doesn’t really help.

“We’re finally alone, Saigi-kun!”


She suddenly clung to me without any preparations at all, making me let out a weird voice in response.

“What are you doing Sensei! That conversation with Miharu just now was way too close! Are you giving up on your unobtainable flower character?!”

At this rate, it’ll only be a matter of time until SID finds out how she really is like. The only thing she seems to be trying to hide is her excessive skinship with me.

“They won’t see through me with just that. They’ll just think that I can get a bit scary.”

“I hope that you’re right….”

If it’s Miharu, we could maybe bribe her with sweets.

“Rather than that, Saigi-kun. I apologize for surprising you.”

“That’s fine but….did you move here on purpose?”

“I was surprised too that my home would be right next to Saigi-kun. This must be the work of the gods above, blessing us.”

“As if! Please don’t move just because of me!

Just how quick is she to act? Well, for a teacher, it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to find out a student’s address…..Wow, she really is misusing her influence.

“And also, this mansion here is clearly made for small families. Just why did you move in here alone?”

“Here, your tea. It wasn’t all that easy you know.”

She put two tea cups down on the table in front of the sofa, and sat down next to me.

“Actually, this apartment is supposed to be for me and my father.”

“Your father?”

Now that she says it, she told me the story of how her family scattered…..

“Though, my father won’t be living here. He’s just the head of the household in name.”

“I see…and, what is your father doing then?”

I didn’t mean to pry into her affairs but I kind of got interested while listening.

“After he had lost everything, he changed into a monster that can’t trust another person.”


“He started a cat cafe that got very popular, and now he’s very famous in that branche.”

“Good for him!”

Ahhh, I’m glad that he’s not my dad!

“Well, right after he went bankrupt, we didn’t have anything to eat, so he had planned to sell of his daughter to Macau.”

“Please don’t name a specific place! And isn’t that a rather popular sightseeing place?!”

No, not that! When she says daughter, it’s about Maka-sensei, right?! I really wish she wouldn’t tell me such a dirty story.

“Still, even now my father can be a bit weird. He often says weird stuff like ‘If only Maka was a cat too…..’”

“He really can only see cats anymore, huh……”

Not necessarily bad as a cat cafe owner, but certainly bad as her father.

“And said father is now living inside his cat cafe, because he doesn’t need anything else according to him.”

“Should he really be saying that to his own daughter?”

“I don’t need anything besides Saigi-kun. For example, Miharu-san.”

“Well, of course you’d be fine without her…..”

Sometimes even I don’t need—–no, that’s not true. She might a bit sluggish, and hard on my wallet, but she’s still my precious little sister.

“Since I found this mansion, I blackmailed—–excuse me, begged my father so that ‘we’ could move here.”

“Is that really fine for a student and teacher to live next to each other?”

It’s not really impossible, but it’s Maka-sensei we’re talking about.

“It was just a coincidence. I mean, even if somebody found out, I should have no reason to move next to Saigi-kun, right?”

“That might be true….”

And to be fair, every student would hate it if a teacher moved next to them. That’s the same the other way around though. If I was a teacher, I’d hate living next to a student. When I get home, I want to forget about my job.

“But to think that you moved here…..well, if it’s with your father together, paying the rent shouldn’t be any problem.”

“No, I will be the one paying the rent. It’s my home after all. Now that I’m at this age, I can’t have my parents pay the rent, right?”

“Excuse me? This mansion is aimed for small families, right? Isn’t the rent pretty high?”

Of course, I’m not the one paying rent for our home, and don’t know the exact amount. And, although it might be an older building, the location is pretty advantageous, like the train station is close and all.

“It’s true that most of my wage goes into the rent here.”

“You didn’t have to move here at all!”

“Don’t worry, humans can survive of rice and hot water.”

“Yes, but you will only survive with nothing else!”

How can I sleep at night when she’s dying of hunger next to my home?!

“….Sorry, Sensei was just pretending. Actually, I’m also getting money from my father…..Since I’m an adult… adult…….I couldn’t say that I would still get money from my father…..”

“That cat cafe is nothing but a shop right. Since this here officially is your father’s home, there’s nothing to be ashamed of……”

Why would you even get depressed about that. Maka-sensei is still young and her wage isn’t all that high.

“Saigi-kun….thank you. I had actually planned to treat you to some dinner, but I don’t have anything great to offer you.”

“N-No it’s fine. You already payed the yakiniku for me. And I have to prepare dinner for Miharu at home anyway.”

I wonder if we’ll eat dinner together at this rate.

“But, I finally got a guest, so I can’t just let you go home like this. It would hurt the pride of the Fujiki household.”

“H-Having a guest really isn’t that special.”

Ah, I got a bad feeling about this.

“Ah perfect timing, I wanted to move forward with the education. So, I will be showing you around my home.”


I mean, she came out of her way to move right next to me, so of course she’s going to use that close distance.

“Don’t worry, I will properly entertain you. Please look forward to it ♡”

I heard the rustling of clothes. Taking off the top of her suit, she followed by lowering her skirt. As she also took off her stockings, I saw her black panties. Slowly opening up every button of her blouse, her black bra entered my sight. Now that she took off her blouse, only her underwear was left….With a few touches, her bra fell off and—–

“Ah, Saigi-kun. You can take of the blindfold if you want.”


That concludes my scene where the beautiful teacher is stripping.

Carefully taking off the blindfold, I could see what was in front of me.

“Oh wow, you really took it off…now that’s a bit embarrassing, even for me.”

“You told me to take them off…and what are these clothes?!”

“Since we’ll be entering the bath soon, it would make sense to change into these clothes.”

“T-That might be true but….!”

The only thing that stopped me from seeing her naked body was a bath-towel.

This is the dressing room before the bath of the Fujiki residence. For some reason, I changed into a pair of swimming trunks, and it was only the two of us inside here.

“What in the world happened for it to end up like this…..”

“This is a token of our newfound neighbourship.”

Still…in what world would a teacher invite her pupil into her bath like this…Though I did put on a blindfold while she was stripping.

“And why do you have the perfect size for my swimsuit….?”

“Having a naked relationship is part of my educational curriculum. But, being completely naked would be a bit too high of a hurdle, right? Since I got every data related to your body—-excuse me, I could guess the size just from looking. I’m an adult after all!”


So she checked my data just for this… I wonder if this thing called privacy still exists in today’s world.

“Don’t mind it, don’t mind it.”


Maka-sensei tapped me on the back as she entered the bath. And said bath looks almost identical to our own home.

“Now then, I’ll start with cleaning Saigi-kun. Ahh~ to be honest, I always wanted to wash Saigi-kun like this. It’s like a dream came true!”

“Can you not have some more serious ambitions?”

She started washing my chest and my back.

Ahh, thank god she didn’t wash my lower body…..

“Alright then, now it’s Saigi-kun’s turn.”


Maka-sensei sat down in front of me. And, she took off her bath-towel, revealing her white back to me—-hey?!

“I-I’m supposed to wash Sensei too?!”

“O-Of course, we’re in the bath after all, so it’s fine… gentle, okay?”


As I looked down at her, I couldn’t see her butt, but I could see her back with the traces of the bra. And if she only moved slightly, I could see her side-boobs! I know I’m not supposed to look but I surely won’t hold back here, you know!

“Y-You can only wash my back. A-Anything else, I would probably die from embarrassment. Do you know? Most of the people that die at home die in the bath.”

“You surely won’t die from just embarrassment!”

“…There’s a reason for this. Saigi-kun, when you received these sexy photos from Amanashi-san, you were quite shocked right? I have to erase them from your memories.”


T-That reasoning again…!

Well, it’s true that private photos from a gravure mode have more impact than that erotic teacher video we watched a while ago. To erase that from my memory, she’d have to do more than that, but still…

“I-I will only wash your back, okay?”

“Y-Yes, my back. Really gentle, okay?”

Ugh….this is the complete opposite of a calm afternoon. There are one, no two dangerous events happening at once. To think that I would be washing my homeroom teacher’s back like this…Woah, her skin is so white, and soft. And it’s extremely slim…now if I just look a bit further down——Wait, no no no! Looking down is no good! Calm down, and not think about that.

Taking the body-towel into my hands, I started scrubbing—-


“Please don’t let out a weird voice like that!”

“I-I’m not doing it on purpose. Saigi-kun is just so good at it….”

“As if! I’m not even taking a bath with my sister anymore…”

“That makes sense. Until when did you enter the bath together with her?”

“Uhm…a bit before I entered high school.”

“So only about one year ago?!”

“Sensei, don’t turn around!”

For a second, I saw her bouncing breasts. They were bouncing like crazy! I almost saw the part she was hiding with her hand bra.

“A-Apologies. B-But you are fifteen, and Miharu-san is fourteen, right?!”

“That’s right, yes. Since she thinks that it’s a pain to do it, I had to force myself and wash her hair and body.” She even kept her hair growing because she couldn’t be bothered with cutting it. “Though, after we became high school students, we stopped it because it would only get weird.”

“It should’ve been weird when you entered middle school!”

“…Is that so? That was pretty normal for us.”

For some reason, her breathing was getting rough.

It’s not like Miharu or I really minded. Though we never told anyone about it.

“T-To think that there was such a development in the Saigi household… not good, as a teacher, I have to make sure that nothing bad will happened between these two siblings…..”


You don’t have to worry about it that much. I’m really only looking after my little sister.

“And, we’re done, Sensei.”

Thanks to the story about Miharu, my attention went away from her soft looking back. This might be the first time that she actually was of use to me….

“I-I’ll wash it away…Excuse me.”

I took the shower head into my hand and slowly heightened the water power—-

“Kyaaaa… so cold…!”

“Eh? Ah, I’m sorry!”

Washing the back of Maka-sensei—

Completely brought me out of my concept and I accidentally poured cold water on her instead of hot water.

“R-Really Saigi-kun, you didn’t do that on purpose, did you?!”

“You’re wro—-wait, don’t suddenly stand up!”

Being surprised by the sudden cold water splashing on her back, she stood up and—

In front of my eyes, in front of my eyes……! Maka-sensei’s butt! Nothing hidden at all! Her white, slippery-looking butt with the small traces of her panties, right in front of my eyes!


Letting out a loud scream, she wrapped the towel around her body again.

“D-Did you….see?” She had tears in her eyes as she said that.

“I-If you don’t properly address what you want to know, then the students can’t properly answer you….”

“Are you excited to see my buttocks?!”

“Why are you speaking english!? Ah right, she’s an english teacher!”

The both of us were really confused it seems.

It wasn’t all that difficult english but I didn’t understand it at all! I have to say something….

“Ah, uhm, y-yesu!”

“So you really did see….muu, pervert.”


Maka-sensei was red until her ears and she glared at me with tears in her eyes.

A cute adult saying cute stuff like “Pervert” has too much of an impact…..! Still, what kind of rom-com event is this supposed to be…and it’s with my teacher. But—her try to overwrite Amanashi’s photos attempt did work, a little bit.

Soothing the damaged Maka-sensei, I left the bath. Like that, I hurriedly put on clothes in the dressing room, let Maka-sensei know that I would be going and dashed out of the appartement. After what happened, I couldn’t exactly stay there after all.


My heart that was beating like crazy slowly started to calm down. Ahh, to think that the hallway to my own apartment would be this calming.

Still—doesn’t this prove everything? The possibility that she moved here by pure chance still stands. But, that is too much of a coincidence. That’s too unrealistic. And, considering Maka-sensei’s personality, it seems like she just planned this from the beginning. And, there shouldn’t be any reason why she would take a bath together with me other than that.

So, does she really like me—-



At the corner of the hallway, a shadow moved. Someone was looking at me, right? And, that face looked oddly familiar.


I thought I had seen her wearing some frilly clothes.

Was that really Kisou-san…? I didn’t hear anything that she was living in the same mansion. And even though she’s just a classmate, I’d surely remember that.

“…..I do like the perverted Saigi-kun too.”

“Please put on some clothes already!”

Before I realized it, the door at my back slightly opened, and Maka-sensei poked her head out. Although the door was hiding most of her body, I could still see that she was only wearing a bath towel.

I really wish she’d stop stimulating me like that….

Maka-sensei, weren’t you the unobtainable flower?!

A few days after the incident at the Fujiki residence—

Sunday. The most soothing day in a student’s life. Especially after having six days of school in a row, because at Seikadai academy, they torture us with school on Saturdays too. That is why it is extremely important to completely forgot about school on this precious day.

I don’t go out with friends today. And, please spare me the retort that I just don’t have any friends to begin with. Anyway, although I don’t play with friends or anything, I still go out quite frequently. Since my cat-like little sister sleeps until noon, she doesn’t need any breakfast. And, since we did have leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, she can just warm that up for lunch. Having finished cleaning and washing everything, I could now enjoy some enjoyable free time. Just before the beginning of Golden Week, a lot of new movies started screening at the cinemas. I could also enjoy some time in a soothing cafe. Alternatively, I could sing my heart out at a karaoke bar or let out some stress at the game-center. Though I don’t really have the money for that, but I still have a lot of options.

“That being said, I still don’t go out that often. It’s only a little bit since our director grants me a bit of free time.”

“Woah, so the cloisters are also getting more modern, huh. Actually, I’m also not going out that often. Although I have a lot of friends, but most of them are just on the superficial level. Ahahaha.”

“Nui-oneesan, this isn’t something to laugh about though…Other than my school or to Sensei’s place, I was told not to go anywhere else….”

“Well, Kuu-chan’s a grade schooler after all. Miharu could go anywhere she wants but it’s too much of a hassle, so she mostly sends out Onii-chan!”


Karen-kaichou, Amanashi, Kuu and even my little sister…

The moment I entered a hamburger shop because I was hungry, of course the four of them were present. Since corners are always calming, I seeked out a seat in the deeper parts of the store. The four from SID were sitting close to the register. As they sat at the windows, the people that walked by often stopped to look at the four beauties through the glass.

Karen-kaichou was wearing something completely different today: A girly one-piece.

Amanashi had a tank-top on with cut-off shoulder parts. Down from her hips were fairly short hotpants.

Kuu on her part was wearing a thin pullover and a mini skirt which perfectly fit her childish looks.

Miharu was……wearing the same clothes you would wear on a trip to a convenience store. A parka + short pants combo, with the hoodie put on.

Everyone was wearing different clothes, but they all looked cute nonetheless. Yep, I have to admit that.

“But, why are you all here? Did you know that I would be going here?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s not like Miharun told us anything!”

“Hey, Nui-chan-senpai! Don’t say any necessary stuff!”


Miharu, did you put a transmitter on me or anything? As doubting as I am, I always turn around to check if I’m being tailed. I wonder if they’re actually that easy to get like in the movies?

“Thanks for waiting. It’s been so long since I’ve visited this store that I was hesitating a bit.”

“……Why is Sensei here too…..”

Having a tablet in her hand, she brought a hamburger and something to drink with her as she sat down in front of me, wearing a jacket with a frilly long skirt, making her look like a neat and clean young lady.

Shit, she’s cute. Beautiful. She’s really hitting all the marks for me….wait, no no.

It seems like she completely got over the shock from a few days ago. Just what you would expect from an adult. Even though it still enters my mind from time to time…guess I’m still a kid.

“And, why are you here, Sensei?”

“I mean, we live next doors. I got wind of you leaving.”

“…Are you sure that it’s not because of Miharu? I mean, she’s right there after all.”

“Miharu-san always sleeps in late on Sundays. Even I have researched that far.”

“On point……”

She only got up because I went out probably.

“But, that’s not important right now! So because you realized I was going out, you decided to follow me?!”

“It’s such a nice Sunday, so it would be a waste to spend it at home.”

“There’s no need to follow me though. Though that’s the same for these people over there!”

As I turned around to glare at them, they didn’t even flinch. Well, Kuu seems to be a bit flustered at least.

“It doesn’t matter that SID is here. It looks like it’s just me and Saigi-kun here. They pull all the attention to them. I guess SID can be useful in it’s own way.”

“You shouldn’t talk about using them since they’re still your pupils.”

And although she says that they draw a lot of attention to them, the impact of Maka-sensei in her casual clothes is too strong…..

“Since it’s Sunday, we’re not teacher and students. It’s important to split up work and private life after all.”

“Then, since I’m not on school grounds, I don’t have to listen to Sensei, right?”

“No, you better listen to me. If you don’t want to get hurt that is.”

“What are you going to do?!”

“I’m joking. Besides, will there ever be a time when you’ll calmly listen to me? You’re rioting most of the time. Well, that makes it more worth to discipline—-excuse me, educate you.”

“Well, it’s mostly because I didn’t meet any teachers that I could respect until now, which is why I’m always talking back.”

“I see, so until you entered high school, you didn’t meet any teachers that you could respect.”


Looks like she wants to make me say that I finally met one.

“But still, it feels great eating junk food like this once in a while. The sexual feeling is amazing.”

“Sexual feeling…this kanji combo doesn’t mean what you think it does…”

She probably wanted to say that the feeling of eating meat is amazing.

But still, this is a cheap burger shop so the meant isn’t that amazing.

“Maka-sensei, you don’t often go to these kinds of shops, right?”

“But you see, wouldn’t that be a moe point for boys to see a sheltered Ojou-sama like me go to a normal hamburger shop like this?”

“That only happens in fiction….”

In today’s society, being sheltered doesn’t happen that often anymore anyway. This shouldn’t be her first time coming here either. And also, she shouldn’t be that much of an Ojou-sama.

“Hm….Miharu doesn’t really understand what they’re saying. What do you think, President-san? Do you think that Onii-chan and Fujiki-sensei are serious? What kind of communication level are they? 10 maybe?”

(TLC: )

“Even if you ask me that….The only thing I can see from there is Fujiki-sensei’s evil aura.”

Both my little sister and President were talking in a voice loud enough for me to hear.

Oh that’s right, we’re still deceiving them to think that Maka-sensei and I are dating.

“It seems like Karen-kaichou also feels something like that from Sensei as you can see.”

“Maybe she holds the qualifications to become an exorcist. That’s only because she knows me to a certain degree. Don’t worry, the only one that saw my dark aura without any background knowledge was Saigi-kun after all.”

“No, it’s not that I thought it was dark or anything…”

She’s still wrapped in mystery, even after seeing her real personality. Twice that is.

“Ah, but it really is a shame.”

“What is?”

As I responded, Maka-sensei looked towards SID.

“It’s finally our day off. I wanted to feed Saigi-kun with some fires and give him my two hamburgers to eat.”

“I don’t get what you mean with the second one though……”

Maybe that I put my face in her breasts and motorboat? Man, she really never stops with her assault…

“Well yeah, you don’t want SID to find out about the real you.”

“Of course. The only thing they know is that I like Saigi-kun.”

Still, I think that you showed plenty of faces to them that you wouldn’t show other students. She’s barely keeping up her unobtainable flower mode at times.

“It’s fine if only Saigi-kun knows about the real me.”


W-What is this person doing….!

Under the table, she’s touching my feet with her own. Her feet, wrapped in her long dress are gently patting mine. Even though this is just meant as child’s play, it feels very erotic….


“Haaa, this is the only thing that I can do. I wonder if they could finally go home now since I’ve showed them a standard date.”


Is doing something like this under the table really standard?

“Ahh, I wanted to be more lovey-dovey. Maybe if I give them some pocket money, they’ll go somewhere else— Hic.”


Suddenly, Maka-sensei’s body twitched.

“M-My apologies, I completely forgot about that…… Hic


Another twitch. She even separated her legs under the table. Not like I’m sad about that or anything.

“Did something happen, Sensei?”

N-No…I forgot it when I ordered my cola but I often get hiccups from the carbon acid.”

“Is that so?”

“I-It happens from time to time. Since I didn’t drink anything with carbon acid recently, I completely forgot about that. Hic


Wow, the person in question is clearly troubled by it, but she somehow looks really cute, going hic hic hic all over the place. Seeing as how she’s getting red because of the embarrassment is also cute. How terrifying….

“How cunning… even though she’s the neat and clean idol, she’s still cunning like this, our homeroom teach.”

“Not to mention her clothes. I tried to put on some more girly clothes too, but I still can’t beat Fujiki-sensei. And it fits her too perfectly. Are we all going to look as cute as her when we’re 24?”

“The me fourteen years later….I can’t imagine that.” Kuu shook her head.

In fourteen years, Kuu will probably still look ‘cute’.

“Ah, Sensei. How about you drink some of my ice tea? I didn’t drink more than a half at most.”

“Eh, really? Thank you, Saigi-kun.”

I gave her the cup with a smile. In return, Maka-sensei give me the rest of her cola. Since I won’t get the hiccups, I can drink it just fine.


Isn’t this the place where I should make a remark that this would be an indirect kiss? Maka-sensei also seems to be hesitating. No wait, why would she be hesitating at that after everything we’ve done these past few days.

“…Can I take that straw with me?”


Just what you would expect from an adult, she’s not hesitating at all just because of an indirect kiss. Without paying any mind to that, I took a good sip of the cola.

“Sensei, excuse me for a bit.”

Notifying that I would take a trip to the toilet, I stood up.

As if they had been waiting for that, Karen-kaichou and the others were gathering around Maka-sensei, pestering her about that straw and the indirect kiss and whatnot.

Maybe I’ll take my time until I return…..

Having finished my business, I saw a poster inside the shop and decided to take a closer look, completely on a whim.

Ohh, a new menu, huh. soft, plump eggs and big meat slices for the hamburger. Looks delicious.

“Fujiki-sensei’s lips are also so plump…..”


Hearing that voice, I turned around and there was—

“Saigi, you’re thinking about these indecent things?”


For some reason, she was wearing gothic lolita clothes. Although I had to check twice because I didn’t see her private clothes yet, it was without a doubt Kisou Tenka-san.

“Eh, w-wait…”

Before I could say anything, Kisou-san grabbed me by the arm and pulled me deeper into the shop.

“W-What’s wrong? And why is Kisou-san here too?”

This hamburger shop is serving too many acquaintances of mine.

“I walked past it by pure coincidence, by pure will I entered. Familiar faces are here, obviously.”

“W-Well, yeah….?”

You can just tell me without making it sound like a rap.

But, if she knew all these people, why did she come to me first?

“About me, it matters not. Rather than that—”


Kisou-san pushed me against a wall and slapped her hand on said wall behind me.

“Eh? A kabe-don?”

“To think that I would be the one to pull my first kabe-don ever.” She said as she looked up at me.

Well, it’s the same for me as well, not to mention that I’m the one being pushed against the wall by a girl that’s tinier than me.

“Listen to what I’m about to tell you, Saigi.”

“W-What is it?”

“Don’t betray Fujiki-sensei.”

“Excuse me…?”

Just when I thought that this was supposed to be some joke, I saw her serious eyes.

“Fujiki-sensei needs you—protect her.”

“Protect her? I have too…?”

Are there really things that I can protect in this world? The only thing I could protect are the panties of Miharu, from an underwear thief that is. Though it’s actually prohibited to dry your clothes on the veranda.

“And, why are you even here, Kisou-san?”

“Everyone has a thing or two they have to protect.” She said, which was like an answer, but somehow felt like it wasn’t.

In that moment, I realized that she was tapping on her smartphone again.

Uhm…If you’re gonna pull a kabe-don on me, at least try to focus on the person that you’re holding hostage. And, your face is too close. Because of that, I could see her completely non-fitting face with her body.

Kabe-don, smartphone and her non-fitting loli face. And, Maka-sensei together with the four of SID in the same restaurant.

What exactly is going on? No, I knew. I really did.

…..I guess I should stop getting pulled along every single situation.

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