Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 5 Chapter 3

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The Creator’s Christmas

Part 1:

“Onii-chan, now that we’ve finished our research for a ‘little devil’ and ‘A girl who spoils me’, what do you think? Do you have a clearer image in mind for your perfect girl?”

While we were walking next to each other, Suzuka asked that as she looked up at me.

It was the 24th of December, late afternoon on Christmas Eve.

In order to gather the important ingredients for our Christmas party, we went out to a shop near the hot spring at Mai’s residence. Since we already brought a lot of stuff from home, it didn’t take too long, and now I was walking back to the residence with Suzuka.

“Hm…Well,” Being asked that question, I could only give a vague answer.

A big-breasted tsundere, a little devil, or a girl who spoils me; Suzuka really helped me out with my research, and I felt like I could write an even cuter heroine, but…

“…Seeing you like this, I think that you’re still missing something.”

It’s just as she says. I don’t know what it is, but something is still lacking…

Putting it in words might be easy, like ‘A girl who loves the protagonist, and shows that openly,’ but when it comes to writing the actual character, there are still some parts that don’t really click yet.

“So what should we do for our research now? …You don’t mean to tell me that you can’t think of anything else?”

I shook my head in response to her question. It’s true that I can’t think of anything, but there is no way that I can stop the research now after getting nothing out of it, and I would feel bad for Suzuka.

“I don’t think that specifically researching a certain attribute is the wrong way to go at it or anything….”

The approach shouldn’t be the problem. But what next? There are limits to making Suzuka act everything out, as well…


A certain thought entered my mind.

“In terms of attributes, Mai and the others all have different characters, so if I were to research those, maybe I could find something that would help me.”

Though I only thought of that on a whim, it certainly didn’t sound too bad.

“H-Himuro-san and the others are Onii-chan’s perfect type of girls…?!”

But, instead of agreeing with me, Suzuka’s eyes opened wide as she looked up at me.

“W-What is the meaning of this?! D-Don’t tell me, Onii-chan l-l-l-l-l-likes one of those girls?!”

“Why are we suddenly talking about that?! And it’s not like that; I just said it may help me gather information for my research, nothing more!”

“I-Is that so…! Really, don’t say such misleading things!”

I really don’t think that I said it in a misleading way…

“E-Even so, to research Himuro-san and the others…!”

“They each have strong character, right?”

“That—might be true, but still…” Suzuka bit her lip as she responded.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any other methods.

“…But still, it’s dangerous to have Onii-chan look at the others with those eyes… No, couldn’t this be a chance for a counterattack instead…?” Suzuka was mumbling something to herself.

Is she thinking about my methodology?

“O-Onii-chan, I would like to be sure of one thing. Researching everyone’s attributes is fine and all, but, uhm… does Onii-chan really not feel anything towards them…? O-Of course, only in terms of one of them being your perfect girl?!”

“I told you before that that’s not the case…” I tried to calm her down, but Suzuka still didn’t look satisfied.

“B-But they are all so beautiful…”

“Well, I won’t disagree with that.”

“And, I-I do think that they each hold some level of affection towards you…”

“That’s not towards me, but towards Towano Chikai, right? If I weren’t a stand-in, they wouldn’t even look at me.”

“……If you say so…” For some reason, Suzuka had a really complicated expression on her face.

It’s true that Mai, Double Peace-sensei, Minazuki-san, and the Kanzaka sisters are all exceptionally beautiful, and it may seem that they hold some sort of affection towards me. But that affection isn’t directed at the real me, and I wouldn’t fall in love with any of them just because of a misunderstanding.

“…But, you don’t hate them, do you?”

“Of course I don’t.”

Why does she keep asking me these weird questions?

It’s true that they’re often a bother, but I’ve never once felt like I’d better be off without them.

“…So one of them really might have the attributes of your perfect girl…” She muttered something to herself again, only to look up at me. “…You’re right. I also think that this research would be a good idea.”

Hearing her say that, I was really relieved. It seems like I was headed in the right direction. Thank God.

“At least this time I don’t have to bother you—”

“What are you saying, Onii-chan?”


“We will do this research together, of course.”

“Huh? W-Why? I-I should be able to do this research on my own, right?”

“N-No, I would be worried if it was only Onii-chan. And since I’ve agreed to help you with your research, I’ll be seeing this through to the end.”

Again, aren’t you taking this a bit too seriously…?

“And for this research, a different perspective may be essential. It may become warped with only Onii-chan’s perspective. That’s why I’ll support you.”

“I’m really thankful for that, but…”

“And…this might a perfect chance…! If I find a shared attribute of everyone who piques Onii-chan’s interest, I can use that myself and gain an even bigger lead…! And with that, I can get one step closer to being Onii-chan’s perfect girl—”

“U-Uhm~? Suzuka?”

“Hya?! I-It’s nothing. Now that I’ve decided to help you, the matter is settled! This is all for Onii-chan’s sake, okay?!”


I don’t really know what just happened, but I guess I have another research opportunity ahead of me.

“I just need to research what everyone’s charms are, and use them for myself to become the perfect heroine! Let’s give it our best!”


Somehow, it feels like my research objective has changed, hasn’t it…?

Without giving me any chance to question her about it, Suzuka said “Now that it’s decided, let’s hurry on home!” and dashed towards the residence.

Part 2:

“Welcome back, you two. Good work on the shopping trip.”

When we returned to the living room, Mai greeted us. It looked like she was in the middle of decorating. Next to her were some big boxes that hadn’t been there when we left.

“Once you’re done putting everything away, come here and help me.”

As I answered with a “Y-Yeah,” she turned back to her work.

At the same time, Suzuka pulled on my sleeve.

“…Now that she’s alone, this is the perfect time. We’ll start with Himuro-san…!”

“Y-Yeah, you’re right… But… wait. I know I said it was research, but I only thought of figuring out everyone’s special character traits and analyzing them…”

“How naive, Onii-chan. You have to decide what you want to focus on before the actual research!”


“Analyzing their special traits is a good idea. Let’s hear what Onii-chan thinks makes Himuro-san special,” Suzuka said with a serious face as she took out her memo notebook.

Seeing her serious attitude is actually really scary. And why are you glaring at me now…?

“M-Mai’s charm, huh? Uhm… let me think, the most important point should be—”

“You’re not going to say something stupid like her looks and breasts, right…?”

“A-As if I would…?! A-Aren’t you insulting me by saying that…?!” I felt cold sweat on my forehead.

It’s true that I wasn’t about to say exactly that, but they are still part of her charm, which is why I panicked and let out a weird voice.

“So, number one would be her pushy personality, I guess?”

“S-Something like that is part of her charm?!”

Suzuka looked really shocked, but I do have my reasons for saying that.

“It’s true that her stalker-like personality isn’t exactly welcoming. But concerning that, she’s really incompetent, right?”

“Ah…” It looked like Suzuka understood what I was getting at.

Though it is a bit rude to say it like that, it’s still the truth.

“She really wants to do everything she can, and she has a really pushy attitude, but because she’s so incompetent at the whole stalking thing, it completely paints over how atrocious it all is. That’s what I think. If it weren’t for that, she would be nothing but a bother.”

…Well, it’s true that she’s still a bother, but if it’s at this level, I can forgive her with a smile.

“…Muuu, so Onii-chan finds that charming…?”

“O-Only from the viewpoint of her character, okay?”

Now that I’ve actually put it into words, it makes sense. Mai is that kind of person, after all.

“So a minus and minus result in something charming…! T-That surely turned into some great information…!” Suzuka said as she wrote something into her memo notebook.

…That’s nice and all, but why is that good for you?

“Hey, what are you two whispering about?”

“Ah, no?! I-It’s nothing.”

“If your hands are free, then help me out, will you? Setting up a Christmas tree is pretty hard to do by yourself, you know.”

“…Let’s help her, Onii-chan. It’s a good opportunity. Getting information firsthand from my rival is the best part of an investigation—”


“M-My mistake. I meant our research target. Anyway, just leave it to me,” Suzuka said, and I nodded to that.

After putting the stuff we bought on the sofa, we walked back towards Mai.

“B-By the way, Himuro-san. There’s something I would like to ask you.”

“Mhm? What is it?”

“Uhm… I’ve been meaning to say this for a while, but… as a woman, Himuro-san really has a lot of charm.”

“Eh? W-Where did that come from all of a sudden?”

Mai, who was using a ladder to decorate the top of the tree, nearly fell off of it in surprise. I had a similar reaction.

“Well, actually, I’ve secretly been looking up to you for a while. I’ve always wondered if I could someday become a lovely woman like Himuro-san, too.”

“L-Lovely woman, I’m not really…”

“No, Himuro-san really has a wonderful charm to her. That’s why I would like to know the secret to your charm.”

…I-I see, so she’s asking her like that. She’s probably planning to make Mai spill the beans by praising her. Just what I would expect from Suzuka.

“…M-My charm…! I-In front of Yuu…!”

Since I was working on the lower part of the tree, I couldn’t quite see her expression, but her voice told me enough that I could picture it.

…So an opinion from the person herself… Interesting. This might be useful.

“I-I don’t really know for sure, but I guess I don’t have any dark hidden side to me or anything? I always say exactly what I’m thinking, after all.”

“So you say what you’re thinking without holding back, I see… it might be a bit different for me but— No, not that! That really is a charming point. And since Himuro-san is so beautiful, you’re probably very popular.”

“W-Well, I do think that I’m cute? I get confessed to all the time, after all.”

“S-So having self-confidence is also important…”

“And, other charming points would be that I work very hard on my light novels, I guess? Or that I’m really family-oriented? I-I’ve really been practising my cooking skills lately, by the way!”

“…You really don’t have to toot your own horn that much…”

Upon hearing Suzuka’s calm, cold voice, Mai panicked a bit. “T-That’s not the case, right?!”

“Y-You know, even I don’t really know what exactly makes me charming, okay?! A-And, as long as the person who I want to think that I’m cute does, I don’t care about the rest!”

“I see, so you have a person like that…”

Why does this feel like a police interrogation all of a sudden?

The ladder Mai was standing on started shaking from her panic, and then it happened.


“W-What? Are you okay?”

Hearing a scream above me, I looked. Mai was practically clinging to the ladder, so I guessed that she had lost her balance for a brief moment.

‘I’m glad that you didn’t fall’ — is what I was about to say, but I suddenly found myself at a loss for words. Right in my field of view were Mai’s legs stretching down and her fluttering mini-skirt—and what was supposed to be hidden by said skirt.

…Well, uhm, you know. Seeing her panties in such plain sight, I sort of froze up.

“…Eh? What’s wrong? You’re suddenly so quiet—Ahh?!”

In that moment, Mai realized where my gaze was directed.

“W-Where are you looking! P-Pervert! Ero devil! Ero Yuu!”

“S-Sorry?!” I screamed as her shrill voice freed me from my paralysis.

But the sight couldn’t be forgotten so easily, and even as I closed my eyes in panic, it came back to me.


“U…Uuuu…! To just shamelessly stare up my skirt like that…! Just how much of a pervert can you be…?!”

“Y-You’re misunderstanding! I only looked up because you suddenly let out a scream like that! I didn’t look at them on purpose!”

“H-Hmph, I bet you knew exactly what would happen if you looked up, right?!”

Of course! Why would you be standing on a ladder wearing such a short miniskirt?! But I kept these feelings to myself so that I wouldn’t be called an ero devil again.

“O-Onii-chan! To peek up a girl’s skirt…!”

“Didn’t you listen to me?! You’re standing right next to me, so you should definitely understand the circumstances, right?!”

“H-Himuro-san shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt if she was going to work on the top part of the tree like this…!”

“That might be true but…! That totally slipped my mind! I was just careless…!”

Mai came down from the ladder, and we both went “Uuu…” as Suzuka glared at us.

“C-Carelessness, huh? So that’s also one of Himuro-san’s charming characteristics…!” Suzuka muttered.

“I-It’s really not like that though…” Mai responded.

“…I understand. Then I’ll be the one who works on the upper part of the tree,” Suzuka said and climbed up the ladder.

“Y-You’d better not look, Onii-chan.”

“I-I’m not. I won’t look up anymore.”

“…Y-You’re really not looking?”

“Don’t worry. My eyes are closed!”

“…Won’t you at least take a quick glance?”

Why does she sound so disappointed…?

Giving no response, I continued my work. And it seemed that Suzuka had finished, since she climbed down the ladder.

“…See, I didn’t look. The incident earlier was just an accident.”

“………Yes, that’s right.”

As I puffed out my chest, Suzuka responded in a displeased tone.

……W-What are you mad about now? I did just as you asked…

“Uu… So it’s useless if I try to act like Himuro-san…”

“S-Suzuka-san really is acting a little differently than usual…” Mai whispered to me.

At that moment, Double Peace-sensei came into the room with a cardboard box.

“Oh, Sensei and Imouto-san have returned, desu. ……Hmm? Did something happen?”

Sensing the atmosphere, Double Peace-sensei tilted her head, but Mai and I both answered with “It’s nothing.”

“Is that so? By the way, Sensei, we still have some items in the storage room but they’re too heavy for me to carry, so could you help me out, desu?”

“A-Ah, yeah, I don’t mind. You should be fine from here on out, right Mai?”

“Y-Yeah. The tree’s up already, so I can do the rest by myself.”

Hearing Mai’s answer, I grabbed Suzuka’s hand, which was still busy writing in her memo pad, and chased after Double Peace-sensei.

“I guess that should be enough research on Mai, right?” I asked.

“……That’s right. I wouldn’t be able to act like her even if I tried—no not that! We can’t really analyze her. Setting her aside for now, we should focus on Double Peace-san instead.”

S-So it really is that complicated…?— I thought. I noticed Suzuka glaring at her memo notebook, so I decided not to say anything else.

“Now then, what does Onii-chan think is Double Peace-san’s charm?” Suzuka said in a quiet voice so that Double Peace-sensei couldn’t hear her.

“Maybe her simplicity? She’s always the mood-maker for any occasion.”

“And her breasts are big, and she always talks about indecent topics.”

“Hey, I never said that…”

Breasts aside, it’s mostly her habit of talking about indecent things that troubles me, you know?

“Although I wish she’d consider the time and place a bit more, she really is interesting to talk to. It feels like everything is going to be alright when she’s there.”

“Everything turns out alright… is it?”

While Suzuka continued writing, I stopped to think once more.

It really is troubling sometimes how Double Peace-sensei makes fun of me with her eroge material, but her smile is indeed quite refreshing. Her ability to keep the conversation going is definitely not a bother. At first glance, she may seem like a troublemaker, but she might actually be quite the honest and serious person…? Though I’ve never had the time to calmly analyze her like that when I’m actually around her.

“These are the boxes, desu. And the ones on top of the shelf might also be usable.”

When we arrived at the storage room, Double Peace-sensei pointed out the boxes she was talking about. Though they weren’t exactly heavy, they were pretty hard to hold because they were so big.

While I was carrying them back to the living room…

“Uhm, Double Peace-san, I was wondering what I could do to become a wonderful woman like you—”

Suzuka tried the exact same strategy that she had used with Mai.

Hearing that, Double Peace-sensei stared at Suzuka for a second, then without wasting any time…

“Hm, is that so, desu? I do think that the main thing is these breasts that make Sensei happy, or maybe this butt that makes Sensei happy, or this body in general that makes Sensei happy, desu?”

“Can you not just spew complete and utter nonsense?!” I shot back.

“Huh? So Sensei hates my body, desu?”

I-I felt like this conversation would end badly no matter what I answered with…!

“…I-I will make sure to punish Onii-chan later, but can we not talk about looks right now…?”

“But don’t you think that direct skinship is what makes a woman attractive, desu? And when I do it with Sensei, he doesn’t look like he hates it!”

Though I really wanted to comment on that part, Suzuka didn’t give me a chance.

“D-Direct skinship…! S-So if I want to make Onii-chan look at me, I really have to resort to that?—no, wait!” Her hand that was writing in her memo notebook suddenly came to a halt. “T-That might be one part of it, but what I actually want to know isn’t that! I want to know what part of your personality makes you charming!” Suzuka asked, slightly panicking.

“Personality-wise… desu?” Double Peace-sensei stopped for a second to think. “I never really thought about that, desu,” She answered with a smile.

Her statement certainly didn’t feel like a lie, and it made sense considering that Double Peace-sensei has never been the type to think too hard about things.

“M-Muu….! Another strong enemy…!” Suzuka said as she once more resumed writing in her memo notebook.

What do you mean by ‘enemy’…?

It happened when Double Peace-sensei was trying to grab the last box from the shelf.

“Hrrgh…! So close, desu…!”

As I went to pick up another box, I saw that she was stretching to reach it.

“Should I get it?”

“N-No, I almost got it, desu…! ……Ah.”

The moment I lifted up the box, Double Peace-sensei lost her balance and fell over towards me.

“Ah, carefu—” I panicked and tried to stop her fall, but…


Right after that, a soft feeling assaulted my front side, and the back of my head banged against something, leaving me unable to process what had happened.

“A-Are you okay, Onii-chan—W-W-W-What in the world are you doing…?!”

As I heard Suzuka’s shaking voice, I tried to pull away from the soft feeling pressed against my head, and found myself unable to do so because my back was against something.

“Well I’m sorry about that, desu. Thanks to Sensei becoming a cushion, I didn’t crash into the wall.”

…Ah, so right now I’m sandwiched between Double Peace-sensei’s breasts and the wall, huh—?

“O-Onii-chan?! Why are you grinning like that all of a sudden?!”


Hearing that, I returned to reality.

T-That’s right. Right now, I’m in this wonderful—no, very unpleasant position…!

“N-No, I’m not grinning at all! T-That was just another accident! Shouldn’t you be happy that no one was hurt?!”

Even Suzuka should understand that. But she only glared at me in response.

“By the way, Sensei, I heard a loud bump just now. Is your head okay?”

Hearing Double Peace-sensei’s words, Suzuka came closer to me. “Let me see, please!”

“It’s not that big, but there’s still a bump on your head! D-Does it hurt, Onii-chan?”

“Ah, no, not at all—” I answered honestly.

It’s true that it hurt a bit at first, but the soft feeling on the front side had far more impact—

“Ah, Sensei was so focused on the soft feeling of my breasts that he completely forgot about the pain, desu! I’m glad!”

At that moment, Double Peace-sensei spoke aloud what I had been thinking to myself, and I could feel time inside the room grind to a halt.

“…………Is that so, Onii-chan?”

“N-No no no no?!” I quickly shook my head in panic as Suzuka glared at me.

T-That just now was a figure of speech! I-It’s not like I was enjoying the situation or anything!

“I see… it was so calming that Onii-chan completely forgot both the pain and the situation he was in. That’s the power of skinship, huh?”

“Isn’t that conclusion a bit too far-fetched?!”

“A-And of all the things, it had to be the breasts…! I can’t reproduce this on my own…!”

“I-I told you that it’s not that big of a deal! And I really didn’t think about her breasts that much or anything!”

But now that her switch had been flipped, Suzuka kept muttering to herself. While Suzuka kept patting her own breasts with a sulking expression, I tried my hardest to clear up the misunderstanding.

“You two really are close, desu~” Double Peace-sensei muttered as she watched the two of us.

Are you even aware that you’re the reason we’re in this situation right now?!

Part 3:

“…So Akino-san’s charm is that she has a novel-like way of talking, and she always speaks in a calm manner. Haruna-san’s charm is that she isn’t honest at first glance, but still can be if needed… Is there anything else?”

“Suzuka-san, did you say something?” Akino asked.

Being asked this, Suzuka, who had been staring at her notebook, jolted upright. “N-No?!”

After my fateful encounter with Double Peace-sensei’s front side, we finished helping her out. After that, we went into the kitchen, where the Kanzaka sisters had been preparing the food. Suzuka and I put on aprons and started helping them out, and also continued our research. And just like I had done before with Mai and Double Peace-sensei, I had told Suzuka beforehand what I thought made the Kanzaka sisters charming.

“So, what was the question? What makes me charming as a woman? I never really thought about that, you know?”

“Same here.”

And both of them responded just like Double Peace-sensei had.

…Well, it makes sense I guess.

“Muu, this information is insufficient… As of now, we only have Onii-chan’s opinion, and that’s not enough…”

“…Yeah, that missing information might lead to an important hint,” I agreed.

“Maybe I should also start talking like Akino-san… But, how would that even work…? And being honest when it comes to everything is…!”

…How rare to see Suzuka not focusing on the food she’s cooking.

But leaving that aside for now, we managed to learn some information about everyone’s respective charms, but I hadn’t heard anything before now about Suzuka acting them out.

“Suzuka-san, the batter for the cake is finished.”

Just then, Akino-san came over with the batter in hand.

“…Ah!? Y-Yes, so next is the decoration. We have to call for Himuro-san and Double Peace-sensei.”

“I’ll go get them,” The younger Kanzaka sister said and headed towards the living room.

“Why are you calling them over?” I asked.

“Actually, this is something us girls decided on yesterday. We all want to work on the Christmas cake together,” Suzuka answered. “We wanted to wait for Sakura-san too, but she told us that she wouldn’t be able to make it in time because of her job.”

“Ohh, so that’s it.”

Now I’m getting excited for the cake…!

Soon after, Mai and Double Peace-sensei also came over. While Suzuka expertly cut the fruit, Mai and Double Peace-sensei were busy with some bowls, mixing something.

“Though it may not be very extravagant, I thought that going with a shortcake might be a good idea.”

“I see. So we’ll be putting cream in there.”

It seems like that’s what Mai and Double Peace-sensei were preparing.

…Mhm, this might be the first time I’ll get to eat such a great Christmas cake. Not to mention that I’m surrounded by all these beauties. If I weren’t a fake Towano Chikai, this would totally be one of those harem situations like in my light novels. Reality is such a downer.

“The cream is done!”

“Same here, desu!”

With these words, Mai and Double Peace-sensei presented their bowls. Seeing that, Suzuka took a spatula and started spreading their frosting on top of the sponge-like cake.

“Now, all that’s left is the arrangement.”

I nodded in agreement as Suzuka carefully spread the base layer of frosting.

Suddenly, Mai raised her hand. “I-I want to be the one who does that!”

“I don’t really mind, but…”

“I really thought that Mai wasn’t the type to do this kind of work, desu.”

“N-Normally, yeah, but there’s something I would like to try.”

“And what would that be?” Akino-san tilted her head.

And, while her cheeks started to turn a bit red, Mai answered.

“I-It’s not like I really want do to this… But you know, in a lot of rom-coms the heroine writes a lovey-dovey message with cream, right? Since this is the perfect chance, I would like to get some data on that!”

In that moment, it felt like the tension inside the room escalated.

“I-I’m keeping the training camp in mind, see? Don’t you think that this is the right choice for our creator’s research? But since Yuu is the only man right now, I have no other choice but to write a message for him, right? It’s not like I want to, okay!?” She said as she stretched out her hand towards the cake, but—

Mai’s hand was stopped as Akino-san grabbed her by the wrist.

“…I see. Then I will be the one to do that.”

“W-What did you just say?!”

“I am a light novel author too, after all. I have the right to research that as well. And, as his disciple, I can’t just sit back and ignore you writing a message for my teacher.”

“I-It’s not like I want to do this just because I can write a message for Yuu—”

“Just what I would expect from Mai, desu! You really gave this a lot of thought! But I want to do it too, desu!” Now it was Double Peace-sensei who jumped in.

“H-Hey, Onee-chan… Are you really sure about this?”

“Of course. Every author should experience this once. Namely, every author should have a chance to write a love-filled message and put ‘Love Love Kyun!’ on it to make it more delicious.”

“As if! For crying out loud! I can’t have you do that, Onee-chan! I’ll just write something normal!”

Just like that, even the younger Kanzaka sister started joining in on the chaos.

“U-Uhm, everyone…?”

I tried raising my voice, but nobody listened to me. As I glanced to the side, I saw Suzuka’s shoulders shaking.

…T-That’s right! Please tell them to stop already, Suzuka!

But, as her useless big brother thought that…

“I-I will do it too! I can’t be left behind now!”


For some reason, even she joined in.

…Don’t tell me, did the research on the others have some bad influence on her?!

“E-Everyone, calm down……!”

But of course, the conflict only grew stronger without them listening to me.

When, suddenly…


As that ominous sound was heard within the room, the bag of icing that everyone was grabbing for broke, and cream gushed out all over the place, like a fountain, landing all over the girls’ faces—


With a scream from one of them, Suzuka and the others fell to the ground. Seeing that scene, I associated it with something I shouldn’t have—

“Sensei shot his sticky white stuff all over us, desu!”

And obviously, Double Peace-sensei blurted out exactly what I was thinking, and I could feel the blood rush to my head.

…W-What the hell am I thinking about?! Or rather…!

“I-I didn’t do anything this time, though!”

“Ah, that’s right, desu. I only blurted out what came to my mind.” She smiled as though she hadn’t made me out to be the perpetrator.

But hearing Double Peace-sensei’s words and seeing my red face, they all started blushing furiously.

“Y-Yuu… W-What the hell are you thinking about…!” Mai glared at me.

“Teacher… ejaculated on my face…?”

“…U…Uuuu…!” The younger Kanzaka sister was about to cry.

“Y-You’re wrong…! I didn’t do anything…!”

It’s true that I thought of some lewd things for a second, but still…!

“Wow, my whole body is covered in Sensei’s manly smell, desu!”

“It’s just normal frosting, right?!”

I rejected Double Peace-sensei’s innuendos, but I also realized something.



Hearing Suzuka’s voice that had been quiet this whole time, my back stiffened and I felt cold sweat forming on my forehead.

…T-This isn’t good! I-I have to apologize now, or else—

“W-What would be your favorite response in this situation…?” Suzuka muttered with a calm voice, leaving me speechless.

…I-Is she still devoted to researching the others’ characters..?

Normally, she’d respond with “Onii-chan is the lowest of perverts!”, but instead, she was just looking at me. And, since she didn’t know what she should do now, tears started forming in her eyes and she started sobbing.

In that moment, the atmosphere in the room turned even colder than before.

From then on, as well as calling me a ‘pervert’, they postfixed it with ‘who made his pure little sister cry’.

…This time I couldn’t exactly respond… Uuuu…

Part 4:

“The decoration is done…!”

After all that happened, I was kicked out of the kitchen, so I continued to decorate the living room alone.

Though I really shouldn’t have been blamed for all of that, I was still unable to respond… Can we just forget about what happened already…?

“Did someone curse me or something…?”

As I was thinking that, I heard the doorbell. And as I turned to see who it was…

“Ah, Sensei! We finally were able to see each other again!”

What greeted me was Minazuki-san’s beaming smile. Her coat was lightly covered with snow, and she was carrying a large bag over her shoulder.

“Good day to you, Minazuki-san. Please come in. So your job is finally done?”

“Sakura worked really fast! She can’t miss the Christmas party with everyone, after all. She wanted to come yesterday, so she was really frustrated!” She said as she showed me a vexed expression, to which I answered with a bitter smile.

As I led Minazuki-san into the living room, Suzuka was bringing out the food from the kitchen. It was finally starting to feel like a real Christmas party.

“Ah, Sakura-san, hello there,” Suzuka said.

“Hey, Sakura-chan! Did Suzuka make all of this? It looks so delicious!”

Instead of immediately starting character research like she had done with Mai and the others, she only responded with “Ah, no it wasn’t just me.”

I was a little confused, so I asked her about it.

“N-No, I just thought that it wasn’t necessary to analyse her too…”

“Really? I totally thought that you’d ask her too, since you were so serious about it before.”

“U-Understood. Then let’s ask her too.”

And with a bit of hesitation, she asked Minazuki-san too.

“Eh? What makes Sakura charming? That’s pretty obvious! Sakura’s intense love for Onii-chan! That must be it!” She replied immediately.

And of course, as she said the words ‘Onii-chan’, she threw a beaming smile at me.

“…Just what I expected,” Suzuka muttered, to which I responded with a “You’re right…”

Since Minazuki-san’s character was so easy to grasp, there was no need to analyse it at all… And since she was still kinda acting like a little sister, taking her character into consideration would be pretty detrimental.

“Ohh, if it isn’t Sakura-san, desu! So you finally arrived!” Double Peace-sensei spotted Minazuki-san and came closer.

“Ah, Double Peace-san! Yes! Though with a bit of delay!”

“We were about to finish up the preparations, desu, so you came at the perfect time, Sakura-san! Now that everyone is here, let’s go change, desu!”


Suzuka had just finished bringing out the food, and she shot Double Peace-sensei a confused expression. It seems like Double Peace-sensei hadn’t discussed this with the others beforehand.

But… changing clothes… and it’s Double Peace-sensei’s idea…?

While I was having my suspicions, Double Peace-sensei and the other girls left the living room.

“Well, it’s probably just another cosplay of hers…”

Since I’ve grown accustomed to this, I calmly sat down on the sofa. In a matter of minutes, the door opened and I heard Suzuka’s voice.


“Did Double Peace-sensei force you to wear some crazy cosplay again?” I turned around as I asked that, but…


The moment I saw Suzuka’s appearance, I lost my ability to speak.

“I-It’s embarrassing, so please don’t stare too much…!”

As Suzuka started walking towards me pigeon-toed, she pulled down the front of her skirt as best as she could and fidgeted. Yes, there was no mistaking her costume.

“A-A miniskirt Santa…?!”

“D-Double Peace-san said that this was a must for a Christmas party…”

“W-Well it’s true that a Christmas party means Santa costumes, but…”

“D-Does it look weird…?”

Of course it didn’t. On the contrary, the mixed red-and-white design only emphasized her cuteness.

“No, well, I think that it really suits you.”

“I-It suits me…?! I-Is that so…!”

When I responded with my honest feelings, her face went red and she smiled happily. “Is that so, I see…”

…Suzuka looks good no matter what she’s wearing, so she should have more confidence in herself.

I did expect Double Peace-sensei to come up with something crazy, but to think that it would be such a risky santa cosplay. Well, it fits the theme of the day, at least.

“…I’m happy that Onii-chan likes it…!”

And while the two of us were smiling at each other in embarrassment, the other girls also entered the living room wearing similar clothes.

“H-How is it, Yuu? I think that I look really good in these clothes, don’t I?!”

“You can only wear clothes like these at a time like this, desu! How is it, Sensei? Is it erotic?”

“They look really cute! Sakura thinks that this feels really Christmas-like!”

“…A miniskirt Santa… It’s not a holy night, but a sexy night. Fufufu…”

“Why did I have to participate in this…!”

As everyone expected my feedback, I answered each of them with ‘It suits you’ and ‘It looks cute.’

“O-Onii-chan…? Can you explain to me in detail what parts look cute and what parts don’t…? O-Of course only for research…!”

Even in this situation, Suzuka took out her memo notebook. In the meantime, everyone else picked up a party popper.

“Now then, let’s start our ‘Towano Chikai meeting’ Christmas party!” Mai said as she stood in the middle of everyone.


“Merry Christmas!”

Everyone screamed these words as they popped their party poppers.

Contrary to my expectations, the Christmas party ended up having a rather calm atmosphere. Everyone asked me to try food and asked me what was the most delicious. Mai and Double Peace-sensei clung to my arms, which resulted in lots of glares in my direction from Suzuka. Minazuki-san apparently wanted to get her fair share of me because she didn’t get any yesterday, which resulted in great opposition from Suzuka—

…Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly as calm as I made it out to be, but it didn’t result in any angry outbursts or mortal danger, so I guess I should be thankful for that. And, not forgetting about the research, Suzuka continuously questioned the other girls about their charm like she was before. Just like before, Suzuka enthusiastically wrote down the results of that into her memo notebook.

Time passed like that as we ate food and talked with each other, until it happened.

“Now then, let’s start the present contest, desu!”

When Double Peace-sensei blurted out these words, the atmosphere in the room took a 180 degree turn. Instead of the happy-go-lucky atmosphere from before, I could almost feel the tension in the air.

“U-Uhm, Double Peace-sensei…? What exactly do you mean by ‘present contest’…?” I asked, having a bad premonition.

…Rather than that, I didn’t hear anything about this, you know? I was only told to bring a present for a gift exchange.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be a gift exchange…?”

“Well, at first we wanted to do that, desu~ But don’t you think that this would leave everything to pure chance?”

“Excuse me, Ma’am, but isn’t that the entire idea of a gift exchange?”

“You’re not wrong. But in the end, everyone wanted Sensei’s present, desu. With that in mind, we talked and decided that it wouldn’t be good to leave it to luck.”

“T-Talked…? When?”

“When we changed into the santa costumes, desu!”

“So just now?!”

As I looked around, every girl nodded.

Even Suzuka…! They really don’t care about my opinion at all!

“And so we decided that we will hold a competition, and the winner gets the present from Sensei, desu!”

“W-Why would you…!” I shuddered at the word ‘competition.’

After knowing her for all this time, I’m well aware that this won’t end well if it’s Double Peace-sensei we’re talking about…

“H-Hey, Suzuka! W-Why didn’t you stop them…!” I asked her in quiet voice, but…

“T-That should be pretty obvious. This is a good chance, after all.”


“If I win, then it means that I have surpassed everyone else…! Isn’t this the perfect chance to show my research results…! If I win this, we will be one step closer to finding out about Onii-chan’s perfect type of girl…!”

She’s actually pretty fired up?!

Seeing her furiously flipping through her notes, I couldn’t say anything in response.

“A-And when you say ‘competition,’ what are you planning to do?”

Calm down, me… I have to get out of this immediately, or I’ll probably end up as the bad guy again…!

“The person who makes Sensei the happiest will be the winner, desu!”

“W-Wait! Objection!”

“By the way, everyone except for Yuu has agreed to this already, so you have no right to decline.”

…They’re trying to silence me with numbers?!

“But listen… isn’t the win condition a bit too vague? ‘Who can make me the happiest?’”

“On the contrary, that’s the most important part.”

“Yep. It’s actually pretty easy.”

Both Minazuki-san and Akino-san completely ignored my complaint.

“I-It’s not like I want to do this, but I have to look after Onee-chan, so I guess I’ll have to participate…!” The younger Kanzaka sister said as she glared at me.

…At least pretend to listen to my opinion from time to time, please…

“And, concerning our theme, desu. It will be ‘Christmas’! With these clothes, everyone has a fair chance! It’s a contest of skill, desu!”

“Yeah!”—everyone EXCEPT ME raised their voice in agreement.

…This is not good. This flow of events is definitely dangerous…! I’m gonna be called a pervert again!

“I-I don’t exactly have anything against the competition, but the condition for winning is a bit…!”

As I once more tried reasoning with them, all the girls stared at me blankly.

…W-What kind of reaction is that?

“Onii-chan, what kind of competition do you think we’re planning on doing…?” Suzuka asked as she looked straight at me.

“W-Well, wanting to make me happy basically implies that you want to get all moe’d up, right…?”

“A-Are you an idiot?! T-There’s no way we’d agree to such a competition!” The younger sister glared at me even more fiercely.

“Y-Yuu, what the hell are you thinking?!”

“Ahahaha, Sensei really is a boy after all~”

“I don’t hate that he’s so open about his desires.”

Mai, Minazuki-san and Akino-san all reacted in their respective ways but… huh?

“Eh? T-That’s not it?” I asked.

“You’re wrong, desu. Since this is Christmas eve, the winner will be the one who can make Sensei the happiest with their present, desu.”


…Ah, they’re doing it with presents… Ohhh, so that’s what they meant.

“Just what I would expect from the Sensei I respect, desu! He thinks about ero stuff in every situation without even pretending to hide it.”

“Can you not say things while adding oil to the fire?!”

And what’s with this atmosphere?! Just because I had a weird misunderstanding, I’m treated as the pervert? You’re wrong, okay?! It’s not like I was wishing for that to happen!

“I-I mean, until now, it’s always been like this whenever you girls started a competition! The cosplay competition or the little sister competition…! That’s why I thought that it would be the same this time…!”

“So that’s what it was, desu. I’m sorry for disappointing you, desu.”

“I wasn’t anticipating anything, though?!”

Uuu… in the end I still ended up as the bad person. And this time it was from the very beginning.

“R-Really, Onii-chan is so…! I really have to win this and make Onii-chan only look at me…!” Suzuka continued to mutter something to herself as she glared at me.

Her stare hurts…!

“Now then, I think that we should start the present competition, desu. We will hand Sensei our presents in order, and the one that makes him the happiest wins! And the winner will get Sensei’s present, okay desu?!”

“Yeah!”— every girl screamed out.

…Haah, well whatever. This competition is more normal than the others were, so this shouldn’t cause many casualties before it’s over.

“By the way, you can choose the way you hand over the present for yourself, desu! You can even strip or cling close to Sensei!”

“Yeah!”— …Wait a damn second?!

“Isn’t that the exact same thing I was just talking about?!”

“Now, now, Sensei, this wouldn’t be a competition if we didn’t take this a bit more seriously, desu~”

So why were you all glaring at me just earlier, when I was right all along?! You’re just trying to break me, aren’t you?!

Having no energy left to respond, I only slumped forward in defeat as the girls prepared their presents.


“But wait, are these the presents that everyone brought for the present exchange?”

“No, desu. They are the ones for the competition.”

“Eh? But you just decided on that, right?”

“Actually, everyone happened to bring a separate present for Sensei~” Minazuki-san answered my question with a smile.

“Yes. When we found out, we decided on this present competition,” Akino-san added.

Hearing that, a big question mark felt like it appeared above my head.

“Presents just for me…?”

“B-Basically, we all brought a present for you, in addition to the one for the present exchange.”

Because Mai was glaring at me with slightly red cheeks, I responded with “Why are you glaring at me?”

“Sensei really is different, desu.”

I don’t get one bit. Even as I turned to look at Suzuka, she only averted her eyes and said “T-That’s how it is.”

It seems like she knew…

“But I didn’t bring any other present except for the one for the gift exchange…?” I said.

“…Hmpf, I’ll forgive you if you pay me back three times the amount.”


So it seems like everyone brought me a separate present since they’re all fans of Towano Chikai. I really didn’t expect that.

…Why didn’t Suzuka tell me anything about this? And you’re the actual author yourself, so why would you bring a present for the stand-in? I really don’t get it…

“Now then, who goes first, desu?”

As I was trying to think it all through, the competition started. And in response to Double Peace-sensei’s words, Minazuki-san raised her hand and said “Yes Yes!”

“Nyufufu, Sakura will be the one to start!” Saying that, she took out her smartphone and held it out in front of me. As she did…

‘Merry Christmas, Onii-chan!’

From the smartphone came a recording of Minazuki-san’s voice saying that.

“Sakura’s present for Sensei is this! Sakura recorded a lot of voice lines with this, and she’ll be sending you the data later!”

Just as she said, there were other lines such as ‘Good morning, Onii-chan!’ or ‘Good night, Onii-chan…’ or ‘You’ve got mail, Onii-chan!’ and so on. It’s true that you could use these for a lot of different situations.

…A present befitting a voice actress, yes. Every recording was in very high quality, and any fan would pay a lot to get their hands on this.

But, while I was thinking that, Minazuki-san’s voice inside the recording slowly started to change…

‘Haaah… Haah… D-Don’t, Onii-chan! If you do that, Sakura will…!’

“Wai—?! Isn’t there something weird mixed in there?!”

“It’s not weird, though? Sakura prepared voice lines for every situation! Though it was a bit embarrassing, Sakura gave it her all to properly record them!”

“What kind of situation would I even use that for?!”

“As a boy, you should now that~ And please tell Sakura your thoughts after you’ve used it~” Minazuki-san smiled.

I realized that everyone was staring blankly at me, and it felt like I was sitting on pins and needles.

“Using your fame as a popular voice actress isn’t fair. But I won’t lose.”

The next girl who stepped up was Akino-san. What she handed me was—

“…Eh? What’s this? A manuscript?”

“My new work. It’s a syrupy-sweet love novel about forbidden love between teacher and disciple. Of course, the characters are modeled after Sensei and I.”

“I don’t remember there being anything between me and Akino-san that could be material for something like this?!”

“And it’s a R-18 one too. I never knew that I could write something like this, but I might have awakened to something thanks to Sensei.” She deeply lowered her head to me.

Of course, I don’t remember doing anything that could’ve helped her awaken to anything.

…And why is the little Kanzaka sister glaring at me?! These are false charges, I say!

As I was trying to prove my innocence, Akino-san said “Fufufu, I won…” with an expressionless face but a satisfied-sounding voice.

“Ah, really, why do even I have to do this…?”

The next girl who stepped up was the younger Kanzaka sister, and with a forced expression, she handed me a plastic bag.

“Mhm… Clothes, huh?”

“I’ll just say this up front, but I didn’t make them myself. The price tag is still on there, right?”

Just as she said, it was a store-bought sweater.

“I only got this as an apology for what happened last summer, so there’s no deeper meaning to it, okay?”

“T-Thank you… But I’ve already forgotten about what happened back then.”

“Sensei, that’s just an excuse for Haruna. She also honestly wanted to hand you a present. After all, she really took her time, searching through countless magazines and the Internet to find the perfect one—”

“Hey?! O-Onee-chan, don’t say weird things like that!!” Haruna hurriedly put her hand over Akino-san’s mouth.

Since her underwear was almost visible for a moment, I looked away and once more said thanks inside my heart.

…Thank God, a normal present for once. It’d be great if they were all like this—

“Now it’s my turn, desu!”

Well, there goes that hope.

With a charming smile, Double Peace-sensei came closer to the sofa I was sitting on and planted her butt down next to me. Her sweet aroma and the soft feeling assaulting my arm caused every muscle in my body to tense up completely.

“Wa—! W-Why are you clinging to me like this…!”

“I told you that we could decide how we hand over the presents, right? Since I’ve prepared a present for adults, I have to create a fitting atmosphere first, desu… Fufufu…” Saying that, she softly blew into my ears.

…Uwa, that gave me goosebumps!

Everyone else said things like “Unfair!” or “Not good!”, but Double Peace-sensei didn’t pay them any mind. Instead, she handed me a box which seemed to be the present she was talking about.

…It’s rather large and heavy, so is this possibly…?

As I gulped once, I slowly opened the box. What greeted me was…

“It really is an eroge after all?!”

“There isn’t any other adult-like present that would make Sensei quite this happy, desu!”

…I wonder what it is. This doesn’t feel like she gave it to me out of goodwill at all… Everyone’s clearly glaring at me.

“I-I will go next!” This time it was Mai who stepped in front of me with a red face.

And, in one smooth motion, she stretched out both of her hands to hand me something.

“……? This is… a letter?”

“Yes, that’s my present…!” Mai looked straight at me with her lips slightly shaking.

The letter was put into an envelope, and said envelope had a heart sticker on top of it.

…Is this possibly…?

Not only me, but everyone else in the room had the same idea when they saw the letter. And in the middle of that, Mai opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

“This is something that I wrote with all my feelings…………………a fan letter!”


But, contrary to all our expectations, the words that came out of her mouth were not words of affection.

“F-Fan letter…?”

“Yeah! I have many more!” With glittering eyes, she went towards the corner of the room to retrieve a box.

And as far as I could tell, the whole box was filled with letters.

“…D-Don’t tell me, are these all…?”

“Of course, they’re all fan letters addressed at Towano Chikai! Every single one I’ve written up until now.”

“Why would you go so far?! You can always meet me in person!”

“T-That’s something different! But aren’t you happy about this?! I, your number one fan, wrote them with all my feelings! You are happy, right?! Here, don’t hold back! Take them all!”

I found myself unable to say anything back after seeing Mai’s genuine smile, so I accepted them.

…I completely forgot, but this girl really is a hardcore stalker.

You could say that this was a very Mai-like present. But I couldn’t tell her that I was happy about them.

…They aren’t even really addressed to me, for fuck’s sake…

I let out a deep sigh, and it was finally Suzuka’s turn to give me her present. With a downcast face, she held a present-looking box in her hand. And just as I was wondering what she was going to give me…


For some reason, Suzuka took the ribbon off the box, and put it around her neck.

“H-Here I go…!” Saying that, she suddenly clung to my chest.

A weak impact. Suzuka’s soft scent drifting off of her. Paired with the soft feeling of her embrace and her warmth, my ability to think completely shut down for a moment. But when I returned to reality…

“S-S-S-S-Suzuka?!” I panicked and raised my voice in response to the girl inside my arms. “W-W-What is the meaning of this?!”

“Y-Your present…! For Christmas…!”

Even though she tried to explain it with her wavering voice, I had no clue what she meant.

“Basically, uhm…! I myself am your present…! Auuu…!”

What did she just say?!

The moment I understood her words, I could feel the blood rushing to my head, and the heat resulting from that.

…W…W-W-W-What?! You… since when did you become so…!”

“…T-This is my result of my investigation…! To surpass everyone else’s charm, I have to be more aggressive, more honest with myself…! Uuuuuu…!” She continued with a weak voice. “T-This is all for research…! To find out Onii-chan’s ideal girl…! And I won’t hand over Onii-chan’s present to everyone else…!”

…Doing something like this for research…?! The impact is so stimulating that I can’t think straight…! Why are you going so far just to find out about my ideal type of girl…?!

“O-Of course, I also prepared a normal present…! I-It’s not like I really want to do this after all…!” With these words, she handed me the box she had taken the ribbon off of just now.

Since I was unable to move, I couldn’t do anything besides silently accept it, but I didn’t have the leisure to check inside just yet. With Suzuka snuggling so close to me like this, both my head and body wouldn’t move.

“…N-No way…?! T-To think that Suzuka-chan could get this aggressive?!”

The moment Minazuki-san raised her voice in surprise, time started moving again.

“Ohh, just what I would expect from Imouto-san, desu…!” “She really got us.” “U-Uwa, are you serious…?” “Ahh! That’s what I wanted to do for Yuu’s birthday…!”

In my stead, everyone else raised their voices in shock.

“H-How is it, Onii-chan? Am I charming…?” Suzuka looked up at me with tears in her eyes, and I could only nod furiously in response.

Seeing that, Suzuka let out a small sigh and responded with “I’m glad…” in a relieved tone as she once more leaned against me.

…As if there could be anyone who wouldn’t get moe’d in this situation…!

“To think that Suzuka would pull off the ‘Your present is me~’ strategy like this…!” Mai said.

In response to Mai’s words, the others chimed in with “I’ll have to use my full power in the next contest…!” or “I won’t lose next time,” but to be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to what they were saying.

“I think we all know the answer, but who is the winner of this competition, Sensei, desu?” Double Peace-sensei asked. The answer was obvious, though, just as she had said.

In response, I could only look down at Suzuka, who was still clinging to me.

“Eh? T-Then I will get Onii-chan’s present…!”

“It can’t be helped, desu. The winner will be Imouto-san, and she can choose the present she wants.”

Hearing Double Peace-sensei’s words, Suzuka immediately stood up and went to the Christmas tree, where she immediately picked up my present.

“I’m really happy…! Ah, can I open it now?!”

As soon as she saw what the present contained, she happily took it out and hugged it with all her might. It seemed like she had already taken quite a liking to the rabbit hugging pillow.

“I won against everyone, and even got Onii-chan’s present…! Ehehehe!” She let out a weird laugh with a bright red face.

“S-Suzuka-san really is acting weird…! She seems different from usual…! During the party, she was constantly taking notes as well!” Mai muttered as she resumed eating.

Though Suzuka couldn’t hear her because she was so busy hugging the pillow, I heard it loud and clear.

“But Imouto-san is always very strong when it comes to competitions like these, desu?”

“Yeah, but… it feels like she’s taking it even further today…”

“That’s because this was a competition she didn’t want to lose. I should’ve been a lot more serious too.”

“Onee-chan, you don’t have to feel bad losing to a brocon like this…!”

And the others also resumed their dinner while talking about Suzuka.

I, for my part, was just worried that they might get suspicious of us, thinking that this was just more research. Even Mai was glaring at me, but I didn’t pay any attention to her.

“Ahhh, I really can’t accept thiiiiis! I want a remaaaaatch!!”

But she suddenly blurted out these words, making me tense up in fear for another reason. For some reason, her eyes looked really drowsy, and her articulation was all over place, but I had to focus on the main problem: Her request for another competition.

“A-A rematch?! You can’t just overturn the result like that!”

“I don’t care about the present! But I’m still frustrated, so I want another competition with Yuu on the lineeeee!”

…Excuse me?! W-What’s gotten into her all of a sudden…!?

“Exactlyyyy! It’s unfair that Onii-chan is always only looking at Suzuka-chan! Sakura also wants to be spoiled by Onii-channnn!”

Ehhh?! Even Minazuki-san is acting weird?!

As I was panicking, Akino-san gave Minazuki-san a chop on the head.

“Calm down. That’s the right of the winner.”

At first glance, she seemed to be acting normal, but…

“W-What happened, Akino-san?”

“I’m fine. I’m not drunk. By the way, I see three Senseis here, but which is the real one?”

…Something’s weird! Really weird!

“Hey, you! Don’t harass Onee-chan like that, you pervert!”

“Little Kanzaka sister, you too? What in the world happened to everyone…?”

“Uuu… But in the end, it’s my fault because I didn’t look after my Onee-chan enough…! And as punishment, I will be violated by you! Waaaaaah!”

W-Why are you suddenly crying?! Something really is weird! Their faces are red and they keep talking nonsense—

But in that moment, a certain possibility entered my mind.

Didn’t Akino-san say something about being drunk…?


Turning around, my fears were confirmed. On the table where they were eating, I spotted some large glass bottles. Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were champagne bottles.

“…So that’s the reason! Since when did they have those?!”

“Ahh, I was the one who brought them, desu. I thought that we all could drink some. And that’s what everyone did, desu.”

The perpetrator named herself immediately! And I hadn’t realized any of it!

“So that’s why everyone’s drunk! You know that we’re still minors, right?!”

“Of course, desu. That’s why I brought non-alcoholic champagne.”


After hearing that, I once more checked the bottles, and they did indeed say that they were non-alcoholic.

“T-Then why is everyone acting so drunk?”

“Ah, maybe it’s because they all got heated up because of the competition, and when they started drinking, they started feeling like they were drunk, desu?”

“So a drunk atmosphere…?”

This looks to me like they’re completely intoxicated, though!

“Hey, Yuu!”

“Uwa?! W-What is it, Mai? Don’t surprise me like that!”

“Just how much of a total siscon are you?! I’m really giving it my best, too, so why won’t you look at me?!”

“C-Calm down! You’re not thinking rationally right now! Well, that’s always the case, but it’s worse now!” I tried to calm Mai down, but…

“Sakura also wants more attention from Onii-chan! To become the best little sister ever!”

“No. He prefers older girls. That’s why Sensei will fall head over heels for me.”

“Uu… I deserve to be toyed around with by you!”

Minazuki-san, Akino-san and the younger Kanzaka sister all started to close in on me.

“Wait a moment!”

As I turned around, Suzuka was standing there with her hugging pillow in one hand.

…That’s right! Suzuka won’t be influenced by this atmosphere!

“I’m the only one who’s allowed to be lovey-dovey with Onii-chan! That’s because I am Onii-chan’s ideal girl, ehehehehehehe!”


You-! Why-! What are you saying?! …Suzuka also seems to be acting weird! D-Did she get swept along by this crazy atmosphere?!

“H-Hey, Suzuka! Come back to your senses already! You’re not really drunk!”

“Yes, I am not drunk. I am completely sober. And because of that, I can say this clearly. I am the only girl worthy of being together with Onii-chan! Ehehehehehe!”

Ahh, she’s also drunk.

“What are you saying! There’s no way that a little sister could become Yuu’s lover!”

“Although I am a little sister, I am not his little sister. I am just a lovable girl right now! Ehehehe!”

“A-All of you, calm down already!”

I tried to separate the two fighting girls, but I was really lost as to what I was supposed do in this situation.

…They’re really hard to deal with when they’re completely sober, so what should I do now that they’re drunk…?!

“Uhm, it seems like everyone is a lost cause, desu.”

In that moment, I realized that there was one person who wasn’t drunk, and that she could help me resolve the situation.

“D-Double Peace-sensei!”

“Yes, I know, desu. I’ll also get drunk, so let’s all have some fun!”

But, the answer I received was the complete opposite of helpful, which made me despair even more.

“Why…! Why……?! Why would you ever think that’s a reasonable response…?!”

“Well, isn’t it wonderful, desu? Being drunk produces the best ero situations ever! So Sensei, join in and start your ero-ero harem event right now, desu!”

Uu… I was careless…! This person is always trying to disturb my peace, so of course she wouldn’t help me. Am I an idiot?!

“Yuu! Hey, Yuu! Look at me!”

“Ahh, Sensei is going to sink his poisonous teeth into all of us, desu! My body is getting hot just imagining it!”

“Onii-chan, Onii-chan! Sakura won’t complain no matter what you do! I’m your little sister after all!”

“I will do what Sensei wishes for. If you want, we can reenact the scenes in the novel I wrote.”

“Ahh, this situation is really fitting for someone like me…”

Every one of them was just blurting out whatever they wanted, and all I could do was take a few steps back so as to not get swallowed up by them. Suzuka stepped in between them, seemingly trying to protect me.

“Onii-chan only belongs to me, so I won’t hand him over to anyone else…!”

And, in this crazy situation, I could only droop my shoulders in defeat and wait until all of them had cooled down.

Part 5:

“A christmas party is supposed to be more of a — you know — normie event, so why…” I muttered, taking a deep, deep breath, which came out in the form of a pure white cloud.

Well, I’ll leave it to your imagination just what happened after that. Just let me say that it turned into a very noisy situation. For now, it’s important to note that the other girls somehow collapsed, leaving me an opening to sneak out. And that’s how I ended up outside on the second floor balcony, trying to calm myself down with the pleasant breeze. Of course it was cold, but that really helped me clear my head of all the stuff that had happened.

“Onii-chan…? So you were here?”

In that moment, I heard a voice behind my back, and as I turned around, Suzuka entered the balcony.

“Oh, you’re awake?” I asked, and Suzuka nodded as she came closer.

“…Fuu, the cold air feels really good.”

“Did you finally sober up…?”

When I asked that, Suzuka started pouting and responded with “I-I wasn’t drunk!” So she said, but her face was still a bit red and she didn’t seem all too steady on her feet.

…Is she really fine? It would be good if the cold air helped her sober up.

“Woah, the stars look really beautiful from here, Onii-chan…” She stretched out her arms as she looked up at the night sky.

When I followed her gaze, an ocean of stars entered my view.

“…Yeah. You can’t see them nearly as well where we live.”

I continued to gaze at them, only to realize that Suzuka was looking straight at me.

“So, Onii-chan, did you get any closer to your ideal girl?”

“Eh? Well, uhm, that’s…”

“…Haaah, Onii-chan really can be so troublesome. Even though I tried my best to help you, it seems that it still wasn’t any good.”

I really felt bad after hearing her words.

“But don’t worry, I will stick with you until the bitter end.” As she said that, her face turned a bit more red, probably because she still wasn’t completely sober.

In response, I looked up at the night sky once more and closed my eyes.


In that moment, I was wrapped in a warm feeling from Suzuka’s words, and I started to beat myself up over it.

…Ah, for crying out loud! Why can’t I just get something right for once…! Suzuka was always supporting me, doing everything she could… Be it information, or experiences, we gathered everything for our research. But still, it feels like something is missing.


Looking at Suzuka, who was still looking up at the sky, I apologized inside my heart.

…Sorry, Suzuka, for being such a useless big brother. But that ends now. To make sure that I won’t ever have to bother you with this again, I’ll think about it right now. As seriously as I possibly can.

…Now then, what exactly is missing for me? Suzuka has showed me all these cute heroine-like characteristics, after all. There shouldn’t be anything missing.

No, that’s not it. It’s been even more than enough. Suzuka is plenty cute all on her own. But that’s not important. It all comes down to me not being able to figure out my ideal type of girl.

Really, even without acting like a big-breasted tsundere, or a little devil, or a girl who spoils me, or even a Christmas present, my little sister is plenty cute already. I can’t even imagine any other character than the current Suzuka. But since she hates me, I can’t experience this cuteness for myself—


That second, it felt like something started working inside my head.

…That’s right. Suzuka doesn’t have to be a tsundere. I like the normal, serious and strict Suzuka just as much as that.

…I’m fine with just spending time with her like this, without her having to act like a little devil character. She doesn’t have to spoil me at all; I’m fine just talking normally with her.

“Ahh, really…”

I finally understood. The reason for this uncomfortable feeling I had—it’s because we were moving further away from the goal. I wasn’t looking for a special type of girl; I was always fine with just Suzuka. She’s plenty cute already, even without her acting out all these different roles. And I should be fine with that. Really…

…I really am an idiot. It makes me wonder why it look me so long to arrive at this conclusion.


I just have to write the heroine with Suzuka in mind, and the heroine will be the cutest character ever. It really was that simple. But now that I understand my ideal type of girl, I just have to put her into my novel—


As I thought this in my mind, I returned to reality.

…Wait a second? What did I just think of…? I just have to write a character like Suzuka and the heroine will be cute…? No, that’s not what I meant… It’s that, you know… So basically, doesn’t this mean…? M-My perfect type of girl is…Suzuka?





“Wha—?! N-No way…?!”

I could barely hold back my urge to scream out. But the most surprising part was that I didn’t feel any resistance to that thought.

Basically—my ideal type of girl… is the normal Suzuka.

No objection. Exactly that.

The neurons in my mind all agreed without hesitation.

…No no no no no!!! S-Suzuka is my little sister…?! Even so, she’s my ideal type of…?!



As I stood up, my thoughts continued to run wild.

“Onii-chan? Did something happen?”


“Kya?! W-Why did you suddenly start screaming like that…?”

Being suddenly called out by the person in question, I thought that my heart would give out.

“I-I-I-I-It’s nothing!” I tried to cover it up, but she didn’t seem satisfied.

But there’s no way I can tell her, you know?!

Saying that I was going to my room, I hurriedly dashed back inside.

…No, that can’t be. It shouldn’t be—

I told myself this countless times, but…

“Muu, Onii-chan! Wait up, please!”

But these thoughts didn’t disappear at all, and as if they wanted to reinforce my conclusion, they continued to float around in my head.


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