Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Afterword

Vol 1 done~

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Nice to meet you, my name is Kagami Yuu. I think that it’s been around three years since I published a new work with MF Bunko J-san, though nothing out of the ordinary changed. That doesn’t mean that I only ate and slept in that time. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. Though, there were also times when I didn’t do anything…

And, on the contrary to the previous battle novel, this time it’s a rom-com. At first, I thought of something like ‘A twisted protagonist, and a Senpai that’s a bit crazy—weird in her head.’ but all of a sudden it was a teacher as a main heroine. Though I did plan to make the heroine older, the main attribute changed. And, even though I did write a ‘beautiful teacher’ for countless game scenarios, this is the first time that said character is the main female lead. Well, most of these games were of the erotic type. Since this is a light novel, it will be only wholesome (Right?). That reminds me, the work that I debuted with also had a beautiful teacher. Even though I didn’t plan for that at all. At that time, I was really young…Really, really young, you know? I finished the plot and everything, and ended up making it revolve around said beautiful teacher, wow. In the end, she did turn out pretty popular, but I really was worried. Though I guess that I would do the same thing again.

Well, to return to the work at hand. To be honest, I was having a hard time actually writing a teacher heroine. After all, most light novel heroines are not even in their twenties. I was actually thinking of putting some sort of twist into it, that she isn’t actually in her twenties, but in the end…well, you’ve read the result. To be precise, I just thought “Shouldn’t it be fine to make her as cute as possible” and build up the character around that. And that’s how Maka-sensei was born. A cute, but still somewhat reckless teacher. I guess you could sum it up with “If my school had a teacher like this, I would’ve gone to school for sure~”. Even if this isn’t a fantasy, there have to be some more fictional elements in this rom-com. She’s a beauty, erotic, and you sometimes can’t read what she’s thinking, but a flirty teacher is the best, don’t you think? I did spend my student life rather seriously, there were times when I did skip. But what if I had a teacher like that…? That’s how I maybe put a long forgotten wish of mine into the story.

Concerning the title, I did exchange opinions with my editor countless times, and it was like a giving birth to a child. There might be times the editor might throw titles—excuse me, where the title is left to them, but this time, I wanted the both of us to work on it.

Still, ‘Boku no Kanojo Sensei’. Yeah, I was a bit surprised at first at the simplicity. Writing the Kanojo in katakana, and the pairing with Sensei might give it some new, fresh feeling. Since the title was rather simple, we thought of adding some subtitles for it, but this main title remained victorious. Taking said title in consideration, I really hope that you like this novel.

Oryō-sensei, thank you so much for the illustrations! Maka-sensei looks so adult-like, but still so cute, it’s the best! And, sorry that there are so many characters. From a woman in her twenties, to a girl in fifth grade, the age-range is quite wide, but every character was just as cute as I hoped them to be!

To my editor, thank you so much for putting up with a bothersome author like me.

To everyone that was involved with the production and distribution of this book, thank you so much!

And, to all the people that picked this up, I cannot thank you enough!

I hope that we will be able to see each other again.

Summer of 2018, Kagami Yuu

2 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Afterword

  1. Yeah! Amazing! Thank you so much! Regards from Argentina 🙂


  2. DeathKingDoom 27. March 2019 — 04:10

    Can’t wait for vol 2


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