Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Maka-sensei wants to become a girlfriend

Part 1:

The beginning of a new week, it was a beautiful Monday—the only time you hear such a phrase would be in an old war movie.

I see, so even a depressing Monday counts as ‘the beginning of a new week’, so that you won’t fall into despair immediately.

“Basically, if you take the differences between the restrictive and nonrestrictive use of a relative pronoun use for number 1 and number 2 here, the phrase which thereafter becomes a supplement for the article—”

I wonder who that beauty standing in front of the blackboard actually is? The pervert that took the straw I used home had the same face.

With a stern expression, and a voice befitting it, she was energetically gesturing in front of the blackboard. To most students, the beautiful teacher’s lesson was really soothing on this harsh monday.

Since she has that soothing effect, I wonder if you could make a video out of this and post it online with the title ‘The English teacher that’s too beautiful.’ to gain some money? A video with a beautiful person might not be so rare, but our beautiful teacher even has that beautiful aura. That is very important, not just the face and the style.


I wonder about that sleeping gravure idol next to me… In Amanashi’s case, maybe her friendliness would be her selling point.

“And, although having a comma might change the meaning of the translation, it might be even more difficult to understand the smaller bits. That’s why, we have to use the English grammar—”


Yesterday—Maka-sensei in her private clothes looked really cute. She’s always wearing that suit to work. I wonder if she could come to school more often in her private clothes. I think that she’d still be able to uphold her unobtainable flower character.

In the end, we separated after having finished eating our meal at the burger restaurant. A lot happened, and I was tired after all. It’s not like i didn’t want to walk around next to her in her girly clothes, but that would seriously tire me out too. It seemed like she was pretty confident in her coordinated clothes, but she forced me to take a picture of her before we split up. On my smartphone, there is a picture of Maka-sensei, as she had a cute smile, doing a peace sign.

To be honest, she’s extremely cute. Even though she’s 24, how can she be so cute? That photo made me want to look at it in the middle of the night, and roll around on my bed. Though it was a bit awkward to meet Miharu after that…she looked at me with scorning eyes, saying “Onii-chan, disgusting…”

Can she guess what I was doing just by the noise?

I knew that my actions were monitored by SID, but Miharu is the closest to me… Leaving that aside for now, seeing a beautiful teacher like her in private closes had quite the impact.

I guess I really am being disciplined—no, educated by Maka-sensei, I really am.



As I realized a gaze directed at me, I found Kisou-san as the source, who was staring straight at me.

I really don’t get her either. As always, she keeps writing something on her phone. Though it is prohibited to use our phones during class, she kept it under her desk, tapping on the keys.

What the hell is she writing?

And what did she mean when she said “Don’t betray Maka-sensei. Protect her.” ? She left the shop right after she left it. And I can’t really talk to her about it in school. But well, it’s not like she’s actually talking to anybody else either.

But still, it seems like my week is going to be even more noisy than last week. Well, I did see some delicious things, but it certainly is bad to get swept along with every single situation. I mean, first the four-in-a-row confessions, and then Kisou-san’s kabe-don. If things like these kept on occuring, it would greatly stress out my mental health. I have to take the initiative myself.

That’s right, whittle down my targets.

The one thing that’s attacking me the most. The one thing that interrupted Saigi Makoto’s calm daily-life the most—Maka-sensei’s confession. She’s always on the attack, leaving me no other choice but to stay on the defensive. Sensei has a lot of openings, so there should be countless possibilities for me to attack. Though I guess I wouldn’t gain anything from beating her.

As the time came for lunch, I finished eating in the school cafeteria and went towards the English material preparation room. Since I didn’t meet her in the cafeteria, she might be at another place, but that’s a problem for the worst case. Though I do want to meet her, there’s no need to rush.

Am I still a bit weak-hearted?


And, as I arrived at the hallway connecting to the to my destination, I saw Maka-sensei.

“Mhmm, Hmm, I think that it should be fine~”

“Is that so…But, I might get doubted if I act more incautiously…”

There was another person together with Sensei. She had her hair in a short-cut, and even though she was a woman, she was a bit taller than Maka-sensei. Her figure was slender, and she looked like a model with her tall body, a skirt reaching her knees.

Hiyori—no, not that, Renku Hiyori-sensei.

Her reasoning for wearing a white robe on school grounds is “Since I often fall over, my clothes would get dirty.”

She always looked like she was spacing out, making it difficult for me to guess what she was thinking. And, she doesn’t even know of my doubtful character.

With her beauty, it’s not far fetched to say that she’s the second most popular teacher, but since I don’t know how she’s really like, I always keep my distance from her. And age-wise, it seems like she might be one year older than Maka-sensei. Even if the students call her ‘Hiyorin-sensei’ or use informal language, she’s mostly okay with it.

“Ah, Saigi-kun. Yahoo!”


“Nice response~ Even if the teachers call you a damn cheeky brat, you’re still a good kid~”

“Is that really something that you should tell the student in question…?”

“Really? Well Sensei has to go now~ Bye bye, MakaMaka~”

“B-Bye bye.”

An individual even Maka-sensei in her unobtainable flower mode can’t beat; that’s Renku-sensei. On the hand she was waving at us, there was a ring on her ring finger, but nobody knew if she was actually married or not.

“…I wonder if I really am a damn cheeky brat?”

“Fujiki-sensei wouldn’t describe it with those words.”

So you’re not denying it, Maka-sensei. Since I entered high school, I really didn’t rebel that much though. But, well, that was different when I was in middle school.

“For now, come on. Today, no teacher will come to this room either, so it’s fine.”

“I wonder if the other English teachers are even slightly motivated to take their job seriously…”

As Maka-sensei opened the door to the preparation room for me, I hurriedly entered. Sitting down on a chair next to her desk, she immediately brought over some tea.

“Of course they are motivated. After all, you can do this job in the teacher’s office just fine. Maybe they just don’t come here because it looks like I’m using this as my main workplace.”

“Maybe they have started to think that you’re doing something bad here…Wow, to think that the day would come where I would pay attention to Sensei’s situation.”

Even though I’m only 17, a lot has happened already.

“It seems like my education is finally starting to work. Though, to be honest, I don’t really care about Saigi-kun’s mental growth at all.”

“So you don’t?!”

Shouldn’t that be the most important aspect of an education?!

“As long as I make you fall in love with me, I couldn’t care less about that.”

“You couldn’t care less?!”

“Be it the future, or your potential, that’s something the dogs can eat for all I care.”

“That really isn’t something a teacher should say out loud…”

This person, I didn’t know how serious she was until now, but I smell danger.

“If I can get Saigi-kun to fall in love with me, I wouldn’t have any lingering attachments left to this world.”

“Please don’t raise your own death flag. And what exactly happened? Renku-sensei is our Japanese teacher, right? Why was she here?”

“Since Hiyori-sensei’s around the same age as me, we’re relatively close. Though she seems to have seen through me. Rather, it interests me if Hiyori-sensei doesn’t have a hidden personality or something.”

“Leaving out the hidden personality part, it really surprised me that Maka-sensei is so close with one of her colleagues.”

Rather, I remember seeing the two of them quite often together. All the other idiotic boys often say that they want to be educated by the two of them.

“Be it the unobtainable flower, or the right side of the road, Hiyori-sensei’s attitude doesn’t change at all. It feels like I don’t have to worry about that with her, and I can have fun.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to just show the real Maka-sensei to everyone else? SID almost figured it out too. After all, I can’t really concentrate during class when I always have to wonder who that person in front of the blackboard actually is.”

“As always, you say what you want. And that’s the great part. Ahh, how cute.”

“H-Hey, Maka-sensei?!”

She suddenly came closer to, and hugged my head. While she was rubbing her cheeks on my face, she started patting me on the head.

“W-What are you doing so suddenly!”

“Now you can’t run away. You even came here without me having to call you over, so I thought that your education was processing smoothly. You don’t hate hugging me, right?”

“…Can you really call this a hug?”

“Then, let’s properly hug.”


In one fell swoop, she let go of my head, only to properly hug me upfront.

Woah, her breasts…her breasts! They’re pressing on my chest like crazy! And why is she suddenly so aggressive with her skinship?!

“Sensei, did something happen?!”

“No, not really. By the way, I’m the type that thinks that corporal punishment might be appropriate, depending on the situation.”

“C-Corporal punishment…?”

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m talking about the ‘what-if’. After all, violence isn’t allowed, neither for teachers nor students. Even the army doesn’t use violence anymore.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be a no-go ‘no matter the situation’?”

Even at times like these I answer, must be a habit.

“So, even if things would get dirty if inflicted corporal punishment came out, why do you think that they didn’t eradicate it completely?”

“I-I wonder…?”

I’ve never really seen such a thing happening after all.

“Because it feels good. It’s the perfect chance to let out stress for teachers. The problem is, you can’t stop something when it feels good, though there certainly are exceptions.”

“S-So it is like that…?”

It’s not like I couldn’t understand what she meant. After all, teachers have a higher position than us students, but still have to act like they’re more important. When stress builds up, some might resort to it.

“I do it because it feels good. Ahh, hugging Saigi-kun like this is so calming.”

“So this is corporal punishment?!”

That took a weird turn…and I still don’t get what she meant to tell me.

“Recently, I’ve only been educating you, so I thought that you needed some punishment as well.”

“This and that, it was all meant as education I see…”

To be honest, I could only see all those things as rewards. Oh right, when she confessed to me, she kissed me as punishment.

“And, this is the only corporal punishment that’s allowed for me—my fluffy punishment for Saigi-kun.”


“It’s your fault. Even though I didn’t call you, you still came to meet me…you’re so unbelievably cute. Ahh, I thought that a punishment would be too harsh, but can you really blame me, after being a bad boy like this…?”

“Your reasoning is all over the place though…”

Every boy in this school would happily accept this ‘punishment’. Maka-sensei’s body is so soft, her hair smells so nice, I don’t even know what to pay attention to.

Punishment…Well, a kiss would be problematic, so she’s probably holding back. So she can do that even in her real personality mode.

But…not good, my heart is starting to go crazy…

Instead of these drug-like sweets that they eat in American high schools (Information taken from foreign dramas), Japan’s drug definitely is Maka-sensei.

This is more dangerous than a drug…Once I’ve got a taste of her softness and smell, I keep wanting more.


“Yes, I’m your teacher.”

“Actually, I didn’t come here just to meet you.”

“And, and?”

Uuu…her eyes are shining, like she’s expecting something.

I came here to stop being swept away by every situation. That’s right, if I can make her think that i’m still the damn cheeky Saigi-kun from middle school, she’ll think that her ‘education’ was a failure. It doesn’t matter if it’s trivial, I just have to change the flow here. I really have to, but—

“Maka-sensei in her private clothes was so cute that I couldn’t forget about it for the rest of the day. And the picture that I took, I saved it on my PC, memory card, cloud and everything to make sure that I have backup in case something happened.”

“You’re doubting the digital media way too much…And, you’re going this far for this one picture of me…!”

Maka-sensei let go of me for once, looking at me with a deeply moved gaze—

“Saigi-kun, do you know? You’re basically asking me to gobble you up!”

She pulls my head into her chest, sandwiching me between her big breasts.

Is this…heaven? Boing, boing, their softness is directly transmitted to my head! She’s wearing a bra, right? Right?

“Ah, I like you I like you. I like you so much I can’t describe it. Mhmm…!”


She once more separated from me, only to kiss me on the forehead. Continuing with my cheek, my nose, she even kissed me countless times right on my eye.

“H-Hey, Maka-sensei…your corporal punishment is taking it a bit too far…!”

You’re just kissing me now!

“No, Saigi-kun went too far. Be quiet and accept your punishment. Nnnn… Kiss!”


She continued kissing me without a break. Pressing her lips onto all over my head, that cold, soft feeling made my brain cells go crazy.

“Nnn….Haaa, Haaa…Saigi-kun really is a problem child. it makes me want to punish you so much that it could turn into a trauma.”


With charming eyes, she put both her hands on my cheeks, and brought her lips closer.

I-If you do that, then this would end terribly, Maka-sensei…I really didn’t do anything that bad…

But, I can’t resist. I can’t turn away my head from her red lips, closing in on mine. It’s pretty obvious, but she did put on some lipstick…no, my classmates also do that, but it really is different when it’s an adult like her. This red color doesn’t fit an adult’s lips. They only fit Maka-sensei’s—


With a too convenient timing, the sound of an incoming call reverberated inside the room.

Hey, hey, this clearly isn’t a rom-com manga here. And it’s not even mine, or her smartphone. It’s the official phone of the preparation room. So we did have something like that here.

“Corporal punishment…Corporal punishment…”

“…Sensei! The phone! The phone is ringing!”

She’s not planning on stopping her lips at all! How mentally strong can you be!

“If you don’t answer now, somebody will surely come!”


I heard that! Truth be told, I also wanted to click my tongue, but my rational thinking seems to have gotten the better hand of me.

“This is the English material preparation room, Fujiki here.”

A rough, heavy voice came from the other side of the call. It reminded me of when my mother was on the phone because of her job. Normally, she was always like Miharu, doing nothing except lying around the house, but when it was about her job, it seemed like she was a completely different person. And, it was the same for Maka-sensei.

Even a bit more different than when she’s in class. That soft face she made just now seemed like a lie. She really was a mature woman.

And yet again, I got swept along the situation. And she never answered me about why Renku-sensei was with her just now…

In this school, there’s always some gossip flying around, not being restricted to grade school middle school or high school. It doesn’t even have to be transmitted verbally. As long as you have an email address or LINE, you can get that information pretty easily. Even for me, a person that’s not really socially active. But well, it’s mostly about useless stuff. Like about the sport clubs, or what’s going on on school grounds at the moment. Who just started going out with who, who’s started a fight with who in their respective sport clubs, or about famous restaurants in the area.

Though our school has an official school magazine, the people from the newspaper club are also sending out their ‘Offstage school magazine’. And this magazine is full of these gossips. Since our school is built with the elevator principle, namely that you can stay in the same institute from grade school up to high school, there’s a lot to write in these.

People like me, who lack social contact, always read through these. And of course, about the current relationship happenings in school. It seems like some news started getting attention since yesterday.

It didn’t even take that long, and almost everyone on school grounds knew of that. At least, for the high school students.

“And, what’s this supposed to mean? Huh?”

“Kisou-san…, your choice of words seems rather extreme to me right now…”

And, it was the second time someone did a kabe-don on me, from the same person ironically. Since the break was over, I was walking on the stairs to change my classroom, only to end up like this.

“Right after I told you to protect her, something like this happens. Saigi, do you think I’m an idiot just because I’m a bit tiny?”

“I-I don’t. I know someone who’s even tinier.”

Though that person is in fifth grade. But, I’m really not taking her for an idiot. Cute.

“ [The idol of Seikadai, Fujiki Maka-sensei’s first scandal. And her partner is a problem kid since grade school?!] …What nice title bait. I won’t buy any more magazines from them.”

“She’s not really an idol either…”

Yes, that fishy article, released just the night prior, was about Maka-sensei and a certain male high school student. Though they did take a picture, they at least put a black line over the eyes. Privacy. Very important.

“I don’t care what you meant to do with that. But don’t go troubling Fujiki-sensei.”

“Kisou-san…why is everything about Maka-sensei with you? Are you trying to do her a favor for something?”

“I will be the one to beat Fujiki-sensei.”

“Don’t just casually bring up a rivalry like that!”

Something seems off. Was that really Kisou-san watching me at the mansion?

“They don’t matter, my circumstances that is. What matters is, the troubling information.”

“That…might be right.”

Though it feels like I’m the one being troubled the most right now. But I can imagine that that must’ve done a lot of damage to her. What could’ve been the trigger for the gossip concerning our relationship?

Hm…I can think of too many things! Just how often did I meet up with her in these past few days? And not to mention that these meetings mostly happened behind closed doors. That on sunday was just a rare exception.

“Haha, it’d be weird if people didn’t find out about this. What has the newspaper club been doing, really.”

“What are you laughing about? The newspaper club doesn’t have anything to do with it. I already made them spill the beans.”


Is this girl referring to violence perchance?

“It seems like the newspaper club only distributed that article. And I can’t think that they would lie to me in that situation.”

“In what situation?!”

What did Kisou-san do to you, newspaper club?

SID might be dangerous, but it seems like Kisou-san won’t lose against them.

“Anyway, clear that up. If you can’t, you’ll be annihilated.”

“With brute force?! Well, even if you tell me that, I only found out about it just now too…”

It doesn’t matter how fast information spreads if I am at the end of the line. Nothing else I could’ve done.

“The two of you.”


Who came down from the stairs was—Maka-sensei.

“The chime already rang, so return to your classrooms.”

“Oh………Yes. Saigi, let’s go.”

“Ah, yeah…”

Although it seemed like she still wanted to say something, Kisou-san freed me from the kabe-don and walked down the stairs.

Maka-sensei’s voice was just like in class, or when one would reprimand students that were skipping class. It was completely different from the voice she uses during my ‘education’.

“Saigi-kun, you too. Hurry up and go.”

“…Uhm, can you not keep kissing me like this with that serious tone?”

With an insanely serious looking face, she continued to kiss me on the cheek.

Weird, didn’t she enter her serious mode just now?

“Ahh, I apologize. Really, I guess it became a habit for me to kiss Saigi-kun’s face as soon as I see him.”

“You really should do something to get rid of that. This is really dangerous.”

Whether I was happy to be kissed like this or not is another question, but does she understand the circumstances we’re in right now?

“Everything would be over if someone saw us just now.”

“Yes, that’s right. Though I could just say that I was sucking out some poison out of your cheek. That way I’d actually be praised.”


As if someone would believe that! Does this school have assassins that you poisoned blades or something?!

“It seems like this turned into a bit of trouble, Sensei.”

“I know. Let’s just keep watching a bit longer. Rumours like this happen quite frequently.”

With one last kiss on my cheek, she went down the stairs. I wonder if Sensei got that information even before us.

That’s right, maybe that’s what she was talking about with Renku-sensei. It seems like relationships between teachers and students aren’t all that rare—or so I heard. Even I remember that. The range went from just rumours, to mostly certain. At first it causes quite the ruckus, but after a while it dies down again.

I guess that if I were to act carelessly, the situation might only get worse. Maybe that rumour will stop if I keep acting like I always did with teachers, and Maka-sensei remains in her unobtainable flower mode.

Either way, there’s really not much I can do, though I feel bad for Kisou-san.

Maybe everything would calm down like this…

But of course, it didn’t.

It’s been several days since the rumour started going around. But, I wasn’t called over by the president of the school, or from the other teachers. And Maka-sensei didn’t disappear on a random vacation.

Maybe it would’ve been better if an event happened where everyone understood. How do I say it—right now, it feels like it’s dragging on so tortuously.

“I’m fine. Rather than that, since Golden Week is right around the corner, we’ll get called in for a lot of students I imagine.”

I saw Maka-sensei talking with Renku-sensei.

But, I couldn’t get closer to hear what exactly they were talking about. And it felt like some girls were glancing at me.

Still, it’s a bit unexpected that the girls from SID are actually holding back. Even Miharu didn’t comment on anything, and she just kept looking at her smartphone when she’s at home.

And I really can’t believe that Karen-kaichou would just accept all of that…But well, if Karen-kaichou, with her big influence, actually started moving, all of this would only get more confusing.

But, with nothing out out of the ordinary occuring, with these uncertain circumstances, it was the start of Golden Week.

This year, there are three normal school days in between our consecutive holidays, so it’s not exactly something to be extremely happy about, but still, Golden Week is Golden Week. It’s perfect to let out some stress that build up at the beginning of the new school year, or you can just play around. Though you should get excited for it, this year will probably rather boring as always.

“Ahh, how fun. This is the first time I’m having so much fun during holidays.”


And the main reason why it didn’t turn out to be that boring was the person currently relaxing next to me, Maka-sensei. In front of her, a few cats were gathering, and they were all rubbing their heads at her legs while they were rolling around.

Currently, we were in the cat cafe, owned by Maka-sensei’s father. And, today is actually closed for the people outside. There was no one else inside the store except Maka-sensei, the cats, and me. On the first day of Golden Week, the owner gave in to his selfish daughter, taking a day off.

“I think I want to live here. Won’t you move in with me, Saigi-kun?”

“I don’t even know why we’re here in the first place.”

And, in case you’re wondering how I ended up in this situation:

While I was at home, I decided to take a walk because I was feeling a bit restless, and as soon as I stepped outside, Maka-sensei appeared with her fiat, pulling me into the car, and drove to this cat cafe. The end.

“Since this cafe is closed right now, we won’t meet anyone we know. And just to be sure, I turned off my phone so that they can’t track me via GPS.”

“I wonder if someone would actually go as far as to track my GPS signal…?”

So it wasn’t a tracker, but GPS, huh. How high-tech…no, wait. Who would even track me down like this!

The only reason she managed to capture me so easily is because she’s living next to me.

“I don’t know either. But, I know that nobody is going to come here today so it’s fine. Even my father went somewhere with his lover.”


“The cat he likes the most. He doesn’t see any other beings except his cats.”

“Now I actually want to meet him.”

Well, I hope that he at least see’s his own daughter.

“Anyway, today, we can just have fun to our heart’s content. Saigi-kun, do you like cats?”

“Not as much as Kuu, but I guess I do.”

“You like…!”

“No, I didn’t say it to Maka-sensei. And you did lure me into that on purpose, right?”

“I wonder~” While she was smiling, Maka-sensei picked up a cat.

Today, Sensei was wearing a pullover with long sleeves, and a tight mini skirt. Her tights are so bright…! I really like that adult long skirt from before as well, but today’s clothes were really screaming ‘Maka-chan’s spring picnic variation’, having a strong impact on me. Really, it’s like she was born into this world just to seduce us high school students…

“Nya Nya.”

“Again, can you not say out loud an onomatopoeia like this?”

Damn it, she completely brought me out of my state of mind

“Saigi-kun too, you can just think of this as your own home. Don’t hold back with the cats. Or do you possibly want to pet your Maka-sensei?”

“Since when did this turn into a Maka-sensei cafe?”

I can’t even imagine how the long the waiting line would be.

“Ah, hey. Muh, the cat ran away…This cat, she really doesn’t like me.”

The cat jumped out of her arms, and went to the other side of the room.

“..Isn’t she thinking of you as an enemy? Like a rival for your father’s attention?”

“Excluding his lover, the cats aren’t exactly fond of my father either.”

“…I think we should stop talking about your father.”

I feel like crying, listening to that. And I want Maka-sensei to be happy.

“But, once the cats run away, there’s nothing much that you can do.”

“Well yeah, it’s a cat cafe after all…”

Besides feeding and petting the cats, there’s nothing else. And since there’s no employee’s here, we don’t have anything to give them.

But still, I’m glad that she’s wearing a mini-skirt today. If she wore something similar to our school’s skirt, it would get pleated all over. That’d be like poison to my eyes. Though, since her thighs are so dazzling, it’s still poison anyways.

“Then, no other choice but to really open up a Maka cafe. From today on, it’ll be a 90 minute course, so have all the fun you want, okay?”

“Should I feed you some snacks, or would you like to play with some cat toys together?”

I took my distance as Maka-sensei slowly came closer. If she were to draw any closer, I might actually become a regular at the Maka cafe.

Hey hey, where did the teacher-hating Saigi Makoto go?

“Feeding me, or playing with me is fine, or you can take a picture…Or even some more perverted things.”

“I wholeheartedly decline.”

This person’s completely forgetting about our current problem. This really isn’t the time to be talking about this.

“Rather than that, the problem is the rumor going around at school! I’m not really affected by it, but is Maka-sensei not troubled by it?!”



All of sudden, she had taken out some cat ears and put them on her head, as she acted like a cat in front of me.

“Nyan nyan, master. It’s cat Maka nyan.”


On all fours, she was slowly crouching towards me as she was waving at me like a beckoning cat.

“Roll roll, even though I’m an adult, I want to spoiled from time to time.”

“I sure hope that you wouldn’t show this sight of yours to any other student…And where are you putting your head!”

While going ‘nyan nyan’, she put her head on my lap.

“Since I will probably not get another chance like this pretty soon, I will not let you get away nyan!”


Just when I thought what she was about to do, she lifted up her head—and licked me on my cheek! Her small, red tongue is going lick lick lick lick on my cheek…!

“Nyan nyan. Kiss kiss. Will you keep cat Maka?”

“Keep?…No I won’t! And I don’t remember cats kissing people on the cheek!”

You really can’t let down your guard around her!

“I told you that there’s more important stuff right now! At this rate, I have to pick you up from the street!”

As my brain was going crazy from her sweet feeling all over me, I somehow managed to separate from her.

Ahh, I wanted her to lick me some more—wait, no, I have to get back on topic.

“I know what you mean to tell me. Truth be told, there’s a lot of talk going around in the teacher’s office. And there are a lot of students directly asking me. ‘Of all the people?’, and so on.”


Now I’m really curious as to who said that. Maybe I could pull a kabe-don on them like Kisou-san did.

Well, excuse me that it had to be me of all the people.

“Can’t help it then…,” Maka-sensei said as she took off her cat ears, only to bring out a blackboard from the back of the room.

That’s probably the one they put outside the shop to tell people their opening/closing hours. Putting that blackboard on a table, she took some chalk into her hand.

“Let’s see…the problem should be this right here.”

As a clopping sound reverberated inside the room, Maka-sensei wrote several words on said blackboard.

“Saigi Makoto’s and Fujiki Maka’s fishy relationship—Yeah, this really sounds fishy if you phrase it like that. Maybe they saw you enter the English material preparation room too many times, or they heard a seductive voice coming from said room. That must’ve been at the time we watched that video. Not to mention the time the two of us were driving in the same car.”

“…This is no good.”

There’s nothing to misunderstand if it’s actually serious.

“But, they don’t have any definite proof. It’s not a problem that Saigi-kun entered the preparation room. The voices from inside the room might’ve just been from a video, and there’s no way that the people could clearly tell that it was you who drove with me.

That being said, she wrote ‘The Benefit of the doubt’ in English on the blackboard.

“Now, Saigi-kun, what exactly does this mean?”

“Uhm…benefit…? Doubt…?”

Even though it’s supposed to be GW (Golden Week), I’m forced to learn english?

“I see your studies are lacking. If you add a ‘give someone’, it basically means that you are ready to trust someone, even if things don’t look too good for them.”

“I-I see…”

With that, she drew a slightly deformed self-portrait on the blackboard, with an ‘All clear ♡’, once more in English. Such cute handwriting…

“That means, if we continue to claim our innocence, there will be no problem at all.”

“T-That might be the case…”

Well, we should call ourselves lucky that no one took a picture of us yet, in this time and day where basically everyone owns a camera phone.

“But, Maka-sensei is constantly being questioned by teachers and students right? And that won’t change as long as this continues…”

“Now listen here, Saigi-kun.” Maka-sensei let out a sigh. “I’m an adult. I’m not like those adolescent girls in movies and mangas that get hurt that easily. Here, my breasts are so erotic, right?”

“Your breasts should have nothing to do with this, right?!”

She suddenly started holding her breasts between her hands, pushing them up and down. Don’t just try to seduce me in the middle of the conversation!

“Anyway, both my breasts and my mental strength are on the level of a normal adult. I’m not like a heroine that gets a deep trauma because of something ridiculous as this. That’s why you don’t have to worry about it. And that’s not what I want either. I want…something completely different from Saigi-kun.”

“…I don’t want to wait until everything has cleared up on it’s own.”

I know what she wants. There’s no need to make sure at this point. But, I have to prioritize something else now. There should be something that even I can do—

“ ‘That’s what happens when you try to be someone else,’ you said.”

“Excuse me?”

With a serious face, Maka-sensei looked straight at me.

“One year ago, I just started teaching on our high school. A fellow English teacher was grabbing me in front of the students, right?”

“………? O-Oh, that.”

I faintly remember that. If I remember correctly, it was a bit after the start of Golden Week.

That day as we had free time, it has gotten loud in the hallway, which is why I peeked out my head out of the classroom, only to see several teachers holding back a young male teacher.

“While I was acting as the beautiful, unapproachable Maka-sensei, I happened to pick that teacher’s interest. Even though I tried to tell him that I wasn’t interested, he suddenly exploded, that teacher.”

“That’s right. I completely forgot that incident. So, at that time…?”

“Yes, exactly. It was the following day, where me and Saigi-kun happened to pass each other in the hallway. ‘That’s what happens when you try to be someone else. I love you,’ you said.”

“I didn’t say that ‘I love you’ part though?!”

Don’t put words in my mouth.

“Tch. But, I understood. ‘That kid saw right through me’, is what I thought.”


Yes, the first time I saw through her ‘Unobtainable flower mode’ was in the spring of my first year.

“But, why did that have so much of an impact for Maka-sensei?”

I remember that incident, but I don’t remember talking to her after that.

“It’s exactly because Saigi-kun didn’t do anything after that. That teacher immediately got fired and went off somewhere, but everyone was still pitying me. But, Saigi-kun was the only one that scolded me.”

“Wait a moment. So because of those words—is what you’re trying to tell me?”

“Exactly. I’m not some heroine that’s supposed to be protected. I always hated that others pitied me, and Saigi-kun was the only one that didn’t do that.”

Because she was once pitied in her childhood, the ‘Unobtainable flower Fujiki Maka-sensei’ was born.

So, as she hated being looked down upon the most, I just happened to say the right thing to her.

“Because of that one phrase, I fell. I’m a no-good adult.”

With a smile, Maka-sensei took my hand into both her own.

“But, even a no-good adult is still an adult. I’ll pull through, no matter what they say. Saigi-kun isn’t a hero. He’s a bit too doubtful, very sharp, and your head is always getting dizzy during my education, but you’re still a normal boy. That’s why I fell in love with you.”


That’s why it’s fine for me not to do anything? Well, I do think that this situation is a result of Maka-sensei’s actions. Even so, I was also pulled along with her ‘education’ for too long.

‘That’s what happens when you try to be someone else.’—Yeah, that’s something I would say. So, do you plan on doing nothing, even though this is your fault, Saigi Makoto?

“Maka cafe.”


“You said that it was fine for me to take a photo here, right?”

“A-Ah, yes. Saigi-kun…And, what kind of picture do you want? Should I go nyan nyan again?”

“No, you don’t have to. Rather than that—”

As I stood up, Maka-sensei still had her hands on mine, which is why I pulled her along with me, only to push her into a corner. As I put my hand in my pocket, I made sure that it was still there. And, with a loud bang—


“It’s a kabe-don. Recently, a person taught me how to do it.”

“W-Who?! Maybe Jinsho-san! Or maybe Miharu-san? It wasn’t Amanashi-san, right? And Shinju-san wouldn’t be able to do this with her height, right…?”

“Sensei, I will honestly tell you something right now.”


While we were still in that position, I brought my head closer to hers. So close, that our lips were about to overlap.

“It seems like Sensei’s education is showing some results. Rather than a harem of beautiful girls—I seem to prefer beautiful teacher’s even more.”

In this year’s Golden Week, we also have three normal school days in between. And on these three days, we have school like normal. So cruel. Like demons. I wonder if the people responsible for that dropped their sympathy somewhere sometime in their lives? Or maybe they forgot it already while they were still in their mother’s wombs?

“Saigi Makoto, are you an idiot?”

“Well, compared to Karen-kaichou, I guess I am. You do have top grades after all. Even with that personality, it feels like cheating.”

“That’s not important right now! Grades and personality have no relation whatsoever! And also, my personality isn’t that bad!”


As always, there aren’t any other people in the student council office. Do they have another job?

“Well, whatever. We’ll do it like that. I’m sure that the other members of SID would like to say a word or two, but I’ll try to hold them back. You should do something about your little sister though.”

“That’ll be the most problematic part.”

As I showed a bitter smile, I said my thanks to Karen-kaichou and left the office. Though I was only in the student council office for about 10 minutes, I’m extremely tired. Or rather, I’ve been tired since this morning.

I was called to the teacher’s office, countless people have started talking to me. It feels like I used up all my communication points for a whole month.

“Wait, Saigi.”


As i was about to walk down the hallway, Karen-kaichou peeked out of the room.

“I’ll go home for now, so please lock the door. And, make sure that all the windows are closed. If not, you know what will happen.”

“Eh? Why do I have too…?”

She completely ignored my question, pushed the key on to me while she grabbed her bag and walked away.

I’m not even a member of the student council…But I’d rather not go through a trail again so I better do what she says.

I entered the office, made sure that the windows are locked and closed the curtains.



Not good, she got me now. I can’t run away. To think that she followed me here. I’ve been had.

“Saigi-kun, look over here.”


And, as I turned around, Maka-sensei was there. I don’t know President’s aim behind this, but she probably lended me and Maka-sensei this room. As she closed the door, Maka-sensei slowly came closer.

“Let’s hear it, shall we. What exactly is this?”

“…A photo.”

She took out her smartphone out of her suit pocket, and showed it to me. What was shown on there was—a surprised Maka-sensei, being cornered by a kabe-don.

“It seems like this photo was distributed to every student this morning. Of course, the teacher’s got wind of that too.”

“Seems like it.”

Even though that came from me, rumours still spread fast I see. So even I can distribute information that easily. But, it’s not really that trustworthy if it comes from a student like me. Still, the photo alone must’ve had enough impact. A boy who’s negatively famous pulls a kabe-don on the most popular beautiful teacher on school grounds.

And not to mention that it’s Sensei’s surprised expression that’s doing the trick. And naturally, people think about a fitting story to that picture—

“People say that you did it against my will—and so on.”

“Well, it does look like that, right?”

Being the beautiful home room teacher for the boy, she only tried to correct the boy’s behaviour. But, that boy somehow misunderstood and corners said teacher—Though a story like that might not be very interesting, but the photo can be interpreted as just that.

To think that a single photo would have so much of an impact.

“Something like that sounds more plausible than the story of the most boring student in whole school and the school’s most popular teacher having a fishy relationship—don’t you think?”

“Saigi-kun! One wrong step and this might be treated as a crime!”

Ahh, even her angry face is cute…

That reminds me, even though she looks super cute in her long skirt, or mini skirt, her suit at school really is the best. An angry Maka-sensei, wearing that suit, is really cute.

“What are you grinning for! How did you even manage to take this picture!”

“The timing is on-point, right?”

It’s the face where I confessed: “ Rather than a harem of beautiful girls—I seem to prefer beautiful teacher’s even more.”

Of course, she’d show that kind of expression. And because she was so shocked, she didn’t even realize that I took that picture.

“Don’t worry, a kabe-don isn’t a crime. It’s just borderline non-sexual harassment, so they won’t do anything bad to me. And I know how the teachers normally talk about me anyway.”

“You are so…I told you that you didn’t have to become the hero.” She pressed a finger on her temples and let out a sigh.

In the end, the picture’s going around now, impossible to call it back. And, nothing bad will happen after this. Well, Karen-kaichou will do her best to help me out, at the price of calling me an idiot that is.

She does get a lot of support on the school grounds, so she’ll somehow manage.

“Sensei, it’s not like I wanted to become a hero or anything.”

“You’re not the kind of person to do that. Or, that’s what I thought at least.”

“Of course, I’m not pitying you. After all, it’s basically Sensei’s fault that all of this happened.”

“So you’re not trying to save me, but you’re not pitying me either. What are you planning with this?”

“Sensei, my education isn’t over yet, right?”


“Since I produced another problem. You will have to call me over again to discipline me. Even harder than before I’d imagine.”


If I even submit a letter of apology, that will clear up the rest of everyone’s doubts. It’s still Golden Week, so the most of them will probably forget about this once the vacation is over. Until then, they’ll surely have something else to think about.

“To be more precise…I published this photo without your consent. As always, I was going against my teacher.”


Maka-sensei is clever, and she’s good at guessing. She should understand what I’m aiming at.

“I did something bad, so shouldn’t there be corporal punishment? And I remember there being only one acceptable punishment.”

“I don’t care about the picture or the kabe-don at all, but you really are a bad boy…”

With a serious face, she stood right in front of me and put her hands on my cheek.

I don’t doubt her anymore that she really is in love with me. Even I, who’s always doubting everything a teacher says, understood that.

That’s why…

“Saigi-kun…Sensei will punish you now.”

Her eyes appeared drowsy, her cheeks started to get flushed, and she slowly came closer. And I didn’t resist her at all. I really did change, I guess.

But, since I lost my trust in teachers because of something so trivial, it probably wasn’t all that difficult to rebuild that trust inside me. It seems like her education really worked well on an idiot like me. I want to experience even more of her education. That’s probably why I took this risk, and it looks like it was worth it.

While the setting sun illuminated the student council office, the distance between Maka-sensei’s lips and mine reached zero.

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