Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Epilogue

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“Today, when I called you to the blackboard, you made an irritated expression.”


“Then, a punishment.”

Kiss, our lips overlapped.

“And, even though I taught you the correct grammar before, you still got it wrong.”


“Then, a punishment.”

Kiss, our lips overlapped once more.

“I love you so much that it’s actually getting troublesome.”


“Then, as your punishment…how about five times now.”

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss, our lips overlapped five times in a row. Though I don’t see the need to actually count every single one.

I was in the English material preparation room. After class.

It’s been a few days since Golden Week started, and I have been called here daily. And it doesn’t seem like neither students or teachers think anything special of it. Rather, it seems like everyone already forgot about that picture. I kinda expected that but still…I mean, it hasn’t even been like a week.

At the very least, it seems that high school students like me change their rumours on a regular basis.

“Don’t think about unnecessary stuff when we kiss. I told you before, right?” She said as she glared at me, only to kiss me once more and tightly hug me.

It feels like the soft feeling of her breasts may drive me crazy.

“…Fu. I guess that will be it for today’s punishment. Let’s start with your guidance. Of course, just as relentless as ever.”

“Just before, weren’t your lips swollen because we kissed so much?”

“…! T-That’s because…Saigi-kun was talking with SID after all! The worst thing is if you talk with other girls! It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister or any other girl.”

“That’s pretty much impossible.”

SID is still doubting If Maka-sensei and I really are lovers. After all, Karen-kaichou still calls us to the student council office from time to time. Amanashi keeps on inviting me to eat lunch with her while bringing Maka-sensei with her. Miharu and I sometimes go over to Maka-sensei’s place to play, and is still looking for a definite proof that we are dating. The only one that’s not moving at all is Kuu, but she still often comes over to the cat cafe.

They must be planning something, right…?

“..That reminds me, there is something that I still don’t get after all this time.”

“Shouldn’t there be countless other things? But whatever. What is it?”

“Kisou-san. Kisou Tenka-san. It feels like she looked into the two of us even before that rumour spread. Especially into Sensei. Might she be an acquaintance of yours?”

“Eh, Tenka—no, Kisou-san?! Did she do something to Saigi-kun?!”

To my surprise, Maka-sensei actually got a bit flustered. She looks like cold sweat is running down her back.


“Well, I didn’t actually mean to hide it from you. Kisou-san—no, Tenka is actually my little sister.”

“Little sister?!”

That young-looking, small-bodied Kisou-san?! She doesn’t look like her at all—No, wait a second?

“Ah…that reminds me, I thought that something felt off, seeing her face up close. Maybe that’s because I unconsciously thought that she looked similar to Sensei.”

“She was born a bit before our family broke into pieces, while I was seven. And, after our parents broke up, my mother took her with her as she was just a baby.”

“I see…”

Well, it makes sense for the mother to pick the newborn child.

“I didn’t have the chance to meet her that often, but to think that we’d end up as teacher and student…That girl, did she say anything?”

“No, nothing important. Just, it seemed like she was really interested in Sensei.”

“…Even though our bond is very slim, she still thinks of me as her big sister, that girl.”

‘Don’t betray Maka-sensei, protect her’—her eyes when she said that were very serious. Though I wouldn’t call it ‘protecting’ after what I did, I didn’t hear any complaints from her.

“Rather, she’s always doing something on her phone during class.”



“Even though it was my little sister. You still talked to another girl. I’m gonna have to punish you some more, you know?”


As she happily smiled at me, our lips overlapped.

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss, I gave up on counting them, and just gave in.

To be honest, out of everything she does for the ‘education’, this corporal punishment has the greatest effect. After all, when she kisses me, I don’t have the leisure to think about SID, her little sister, or anything at all.

“Saigi-kun, I love you…I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you…!”


But, I still want say that I like her. I just said that ‘I prefer beautiful teachers.’

Yup, I can’t say anything with this barrage of kisses. And, even though she must’ve realized it, she’s not forcing me.

She’s probably waiting, yeah. But, my feelings are mostly firm right now. And the reason that I can’t say them out loud is because there is one problem left. That’s right. A problem that I almost forgot, but am never allowed to forget. A big, big problem.

If I were to openly confess my feelings, Maka-sensei might leave the school. Our relationship started with a confession—and it might end with one.

And, I can’t forget about SID, Kisou-san and so on. There are still countless obstacles.

But, for now—I will forget about that. And focus on this punishment, inflicted by this beautiful and cute teacher, who’s real face only I know.

4 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 1 Epilogue

  1. DeathKingDoom 27. March 2019 — 04:03

    So her sister huh, but make you wonder what she meant when she said she was going to beat her.


    1. Given the genre, there’s a good chance it’ll be romantically? Although that would put the “don’t betray her” in an odd light. Be faithful to her until I can netori her.


  2. Can anyone recommend any LN like this? thanks!


  3. I like this. From the start, it’s clear that this isn’t a harem story. So even if in the end he only goût out with the sensei, there will be no disappointment.
    I always hated author who made a harem for hundreds of chapters only to end with one girl.
    Also I like that the mc isn’t a dense idiot


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