Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Prologue

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This might be a bit abrupt, but I don’t really like teachers. To be precise, I always kept my guard up against school teachers. The reason for that? I confessed to a teacher in kindergarten, only to be betrayed by her. Though, right now, it’s more of a betrayal (LOL) instead of any harsh feelings. I was just too young at that time. But, even as I was aware of that, my distrust against teachers didn’t disappear. Even as I, Saigi Makoto, became a second-year at high school—

“Haaa…Saigi-kun, why exactly are you Saigi-kun?” The Juliet that said that was my homeroom teacher.

She was standing at the window, and muttered a line straight out of a Shakespeare work.

Fujiki Maka-sensei—the home room teacher responsible for my class, 2A, and an English teacher. She became a teacher in her twenties, and should now be around 24 years old.

“Juli—no, Maka-sensei.”

“Who’s Juli?! Saigi-kun, don’t tell me you found yourself a new woman?!”

“I neither have an old nor a new woman!”

It was after classes, and we were currently in the English materials preparation room. Maka-sensei even calls it ‘My castle’, because almost no one finds their way here, and the other English teachers are actually avoiding this room. Starting from the middle of April, I was called here almost everyday for a whole month.

Even though both me and the teachers here clearly dislike each other.. Even so, even so! Maka-sensei—confessed to me. A confession! Can you believe it! Maka-sensei is the number one beautiful teacher in the entire school!

Leaving out the fact that I dislike teachers, my grades, my athletic skills…no, everything about me is normal. My height is a bit on the shorter end, and I’d really like five more centimeters. Except my doubtful nature, I can’t name any special personality traits. But, it seems like that exact trait enables me to look into other people more easily.

Maka-sensei has the old-fashioned title named ‘Unobtainable Flower’. She’s an excellent teacher, quite the beauty, and she’s self-confident—which is why a lot of students, and even other teachers look up to her.

But, I was the only one that saw through her—saw the she wasn’t an ‘Unobtainable Flower’ at all. Like she was acting—or rather, creating a character. Around a year earlier, when she was still rather new at the institution, an incident happened with another teacher—and as a result of that, I told her that she shouldn’t force herself to be someone else, because that will only backfire. These words seemed to have a strong impact on her. Though I really don’t remember saying that at all. And, that is the story of how Maka-sensei fell in love with me—

“T-That’s right. We already have those four troublemakers—excuse me, these four rivals to worry about. If there was anymore more, it would be difficult to dispose—I misspoke, difficult to deal with.”


Weird, it feels like I’m hearing words that a teacher should never use in the same sentence as her students. If people were to hear this, they surely would stop calling her an ‘Unobtainable flower’. Normally, she hides this personality, but she’s not holding back since it’s only the two of us.

“Well then, let’s start with today’s ‘education’.”

“Wait! What are you doing?!”

“My clothes, I’m taking them off?”

“I can see that! I’m asking for the reason!”

“How about asking in English?”

“W-Whato aru yuu doingu nau!” (notto disu shitto agen, sorry BaToolo couldn’t help it)

“…It seems we have to work on your pronunciation.”

Ah, she’s honestly shocked. Even though it should be my turn right now.

“Well, let’s postpone the English instructions for later.”

“Is that really something an English teacher should say?”

That being said, she’s always working hard during class, so I guess I can overlook that.

“Ah right, I was in the middle of stripping. Sorry for pausing. I’ll actually get to it so forgive me.”

“I wasn’t the one that told you to strip! Or rather, don’t just seriously start stripping!” I retorted as I turned around.

A second before I did so, I could see Maka-sensei’s flushed cheeks. Why even start such an erotic attack when you’re getting embarrassed by it?

“…And, done. Look over here.”

“………I knew it! I knew something weird was gonna happen!”

Now, Maka-sensei wasn’t wearing her normal suit, but she changed into something even more dangerous.

“Why a cheerleader?!”

Yes, Maka-sensei’s clothing changed from a dark blue suit to a bright yellow cheerleader uniform. With that tight blouse gone, her breasts gained freedom, painfully pulling my attention to it. Her top was short enough to show her white skin and belly, and her skirt was equally dangerous.

“Teachers are supposed to root for their students, right? These clothes are actually very accurate.”

“That’s a bit far-fetched, don’t you think?!”

Is it really fine for this crazy person to stay as a teacher…? Where’s the disciplinary committee when you need it?

“Now then, try solving the problem on this page.”

“Eh? Why, so suddenly…”

But, I wasn’t even able to finish my sentence. Maka-sensei took a book from her desk, and opened it up on the desk next to mine.

I remember this page. I believe we worked with that in Maka-sensei’s lesson today.

“Today, Saigi-kun asked something concerning this page, right? That’s why I’ll teach you how to solve it again. It’s my everyday duty as a teacher after all.”

“You’re going this far because of your duty…?”

I only came here to the preparations room because she called for me. After Maka-sensei confessed to me—she continued to “educate” me here in this room. Her goal seems to make me fall in love with her through that.

“Enough with that, just do it. Judging from earlier, it looked like you didn’t get it one bit, right?”

“W-Why do you…?!”

I’m really bad when it comes to these past tense problems.

“I’m still a teacher, you know. I know when a student is troubled just by looking at their faces.”


Right, she was quite skilled at being a teacher. I know her hidden side but—I don’t know everything about it when it comes to her being a teacher.

“And it’s not like I really wanted to know about her teacher side…”

“Mhm? If you really want to know that much, I don’t mind teaching you.”

“N-No it’s not like I—”

“First, my supporting skills. Be ready to feel the effect of me cheering you on!”

With pom poms in both of her hands, she started dancing inside the room.

“Hey, Hey, Saigi-kun. You can do it, you can do it ❤~”


I really didn’t want to know about these skills but—

Looking at it, her movements were quite good. It seems she’s not just brains, but she’s also quite athletic. On top of that, her clothes…Every time she lifts up her slender legs, her skirt gets lifted up, and under that I can clearly see—

“Ahhh, there’s no way that I could concentrate like this!”

“Why? Even though I’m putting my heart and everything into it?”

“Don’t ask that while you’re grinning!”

She clearly knows why I can’t focus! Rather than some positive influence, this is making it more difficult for me!

“It’s fine. Here. I’m wearing cheer briefs.”

“You don’t have to tell me! And don’t show me either!”

She lifted up her skirt to show me some yellow cheer briefs. I know that it’s not underwear but you still don’t have to blatantly show me…!

“They really are like bloomers. Don’t tell me, you don’t get excited when you see them?”

“That’s not the problem here. And Sensei isn’t in the generation to wear bloomers anymore…right?”

“You…how old do you think I am?” She pouted like a kid, cute.

“I was only wearing bloomers until I was about 12. I’ll just say this upfront, but I’m 24.”

“…That’s actually the first time you officially told me your age.”


Suddenly, Maka-sensei made a troubled face.

“You’re a bad boy, Saigi-kun. Forcing a lady like me to actually state my age.”

“I didn’t force you, right? And neither did I bait you into saying it…”

“No good, Saigi-kun. Bad boys…deserve the usual corporal punishment.”


Maka-sensei stood in front of me, and put both her hands on my cheeks. Every time I do something bad, she will punish me like this. The only corporal punishment that is still allowed.


Our lips slowly overlapped. Before I even realized it, this became something completely normal. It seems like her education is showing results. But still, if I were to accept her confession—she would probably leave her position as a teacher. Since starting a love relationship with a student would make her a failure of a teacher. Not to mention that she would give up her current lifestyle, and enter a cloister as a nun. Is she serious?

Even if I believe her when she says that she loves me, why would she go this far? To make me fall in love with her, she confessed to me, and kisses me on a regular basis? Constantly bearing the risk of being fired…why?

Really, I don’t get her one bit. Both her face as a teacher and when we’re alone together, I still don’t get it.

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