Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 1

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As I opened my eyes, I was back to that certain day in my second year of high school

As I opened my eyes, I returned to being a high school student. Even if I say that, would there actually be anyone that would believe me? But, the scenery that greeted me was exactly the same from how I remembered it being as I was still in school.

Am I still sleeping?—is what I thought, but this all seemed very real.

…Weird. I was complaining how I was so tired from work, and how I didn’t want to go tomorrow as I supposedly entered my bed.

“Hey, Sanada, let me borrow your pencil.” The person next to me pulled on my uniform.

Woah, how nostalgic! It’s Fujimoto! It’s the Fujimoto that I haven’t seen since our graduation from high school!

“Yo, Fujimoto. It’s been a while, hasn’t it.”

“Yeah, long time no see. It’s been about two minutes after you’ve fallen asleep.”

This retort, it really is the real Fujimoto.

“Sitting next to you in class…This must be the spring of my second year, huh?”

While saying that, I took out my phone from my pants and checked the date.

It’s the 24th of April, ten years prior.

Are you serious? Wow, it’s even one of those old flip phones…Now I feel old.

But, while keeping my memories, I’m back to my second year of high school…so, I time leaped?

“Hey, Sanada. Why’re you staring at your phone. Hiiragi-chan’s constantly glancing at you. If you keep going, she’s going to confiscate it, you know?”

“Hiiragi-chan? Uwa, how nostalgic. It’s Hiiragi-chan from world history. “

In front of the blackboard, a young female teacher was writing something with chalk in her hand, Hiiragi Haruka-sensei. A lot of people also call her Hiiragi-chan. She was wearing a gray cardigan with a blouse, mixed up with jeans, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

When I was in my third year of high school, I was in love with Hiiragi-chan. I didn’t just look up to her, it was a serious love. I never told anyone about it and I couldn’t muster up enough courage to confess. But, I guess that’s normal for a late-blooming student. Probably. And not to mention that she was a teacher. There’s no way that she would ever see me as a potential boyfriend.

Hiiragi-chan looked over her shoulder as she glanced here. Realizing that, I hurriedly stuffed my phone back into my pocket.

W-What should I do. Our eyes met. Wait, why am I panicking like this? Am I a virgin or what? Ah, that’s right, I am…

Though my personality is one of a functioning human of society with some years on my back, the Sanada Seiji that’s sitting here is just a male high school student that’s in love with Hiiragi-chan. My mind’s an old man, but my body’s still in puberty. And it seems like my current body is reacting stronger here. I can feel my heart beating like crazy, and my face is probably red to my ears.

“Give me the pencil already, will you,” said Fujimoto, interrupting my daze as he reached for my pencil case.

Even after that, I continued to space out until the chime rang, symbolizing the end of this class.

“Sanada-kun, please come to the teacher’s office after this,” Hiiragi-chan said with a displeased expression, and left the classroom.

“Oh oh, you’re gonna get your phone confiscated,” Fujimoto said as he shrugged. But for some reason, he also sounded like he was having fun.

But, I immediately went after Hiiragi-chan, and called out to her.

“Sensei, did you want something?”

“Of course I do. Here, give it to me.”

“Give what to you?”

“Your phone. You were playing with it, right? It’s fine to bring it here, but the rules say that you can’t use it. I’ll confiscate it until classes are over for the day. Come pick it up then.”

I didn’t answer at all and just stared at her. She’s only wearing thin makeup, so cute.

“What is it? You’re staring at me.”

“Ah, well…”

“Come on, hurry up,” Hiiragi-chan urged me.

I always regretted not confessing to her. It never went further than just seeing her in class, and I don’t know what she’s doing right now either. Maybe she’s married and has kids already.

My second time in high school.

—And, that person is right in front of me. I don’t want to regret this again. After all, as soon as I open my eyes tomorrow, I might’ve returned to being a company worker with a day at my job ahead of me. Or I might even fall off my bed the very next moment.

Now. It’s now or never. I don’t care if it’s just a dream.

I handed over my phone, and simultaneously grabbed the hand she stretched out.

“S-Sensei! U-Uhm! I-I like you—!”

I-I said iiiiiiiiiiiit! Ahhhhh! I’m so embarrassed I could dieeeeeeee! Even I know that my head’s as red as a tomato…!

“…Sorry, what did you just say…?”

The ‘I didn’t hear it’ pattern?! O-Okay, take two! You can do it, me. Just ride on the wave. This might be my last chance!

Hiiragi-chan on her part just keeps looking straight at me, waiting for my words.

Ah, shit, she’s cute.

“Like I said! Sensei…Uhm…………No, it’s…nothing…”

“Is that so…?”

Ahhh, I wanna sink into the ground…

“Sorry. Can you let go of my hand?”

“Ah. I’m sorry…”

My life’s second youth ended even faster. I can’t do anything more, so please return me to the present me already~


It seems like I can’t return this conveniently. As I dropped my shoulders, Hiiragi-chan added a “See you after school.” and went down the stairs.

Really, I don’t even remember how to get back to my classroom.

“Sanadaaa? Was getting your phone confiscated really that much of a shock?”

But, that moment, I heard Fujimoto’s voice as he slapped me on the shoulder. Though I didn’t have the energy to react at all.

After school, I have to meet Hiiragi-chan again. What face should I make when I see her? Since she didn’t hear it anyway, should I just forget about it…?

While I was distressed and deep in my thoughts, the rest of today’s classes ended. I didn’t even realize it at all, because I didn’t listen to the class in the slightest.

“See ya,” Fujimoto said as he went to his club.

While still not knowing how I should react, I picked up my bag and headed towards the teacher’s office. As Hiiragi-chan spotted me, she waved at me, signaling me to come over.


Even though I mustered up all the courage I had to confess, she still didn’t hear it.


As I bowed slightly, she pulled over a chair and softly tapped on it.

“Sit here.”


I wonder if I’m going to get scolded.

“Here, Sakai-sensei brought some steamed yeast buns as a souvenir, so…take it.”

Sakai-sensei is the home room teacher of my class.

Hiiragi-chan handed me a steamed bun, and I tightly grasped it.

I wonder why. It’s just that, but I’m incredibly happy. Just one steamed bun…Am I this easy?

As I was thinking that, Hiiragi-chan took out my phone from the drawer, and gave it back to me.

“Listen here, I’m not doing this because I like it, okay? I don’t really like being strict. Though I’d probably get scolded by my fellow teachers if I said that out loud… But, rules are rules. Next time, be more careful, okay?”

I slightly tilted my head as I gazed at Hiiragi-chan. There’s a nice small of shampoo coming from her. And, as she looked around us once, she softly whispered into my ear.

“I didn’t tell Sakai-sensei yet. It’s fine.”

“S-Sensei. After classes, can I come again—”

I happened to be pulled along the situation, okay? You can’t blame me for that.

In response, Hiiragi-chan showed me a teasing smile and…

“Mhm, I don’t think you have to come anymore.”


“You got your phone back after all. You can go home now, Sensei’s busy after all.”

This was the first time she really acted like a teacher (Well, she actually is one). But, she looked really happy for some reason, even I could tell. Did something good happen?

Without knowing Hiiragi-chan’s intentions, I left the teacher’s office behind me. When I returned home, it was still exactly as I remembered and I was attacked by a strong feeling of nostalgia as I entered my room.

Then, my phone made a notification sound, and it displayed ‘New mails: 1’. Woah, the nostalgy never stops today, huh.

I wonder who it’s from—I thought and opened my mails. And, the newest email was from…

[Hiiragi Haruka]

Eh?! Why?!

I don’t even know her address or phone number. But, she was indeed saved in my contacts, with address, phone number and everything.

…Did she do that while she had confiscated it? She put her contact information in herself?

While my heart was beating like crazy, I opened up the mail.

[Thank you for confessing to me!]

So she did hear it!!! But wait, that ‘What did you just say…?’ wasn’t her asking for confirmation? So nothing would’ve changed if I said it again? No wait, that’s not the problem here. Wasn’t it pretty bad then that I said it was nothing…?

But still, her mail is full of emojis. So cute.

[I gave it a lot of thought, but if you’re fine with a reply via mail, then it’s an okay from me.]


Fine with a reply via mail?



…For now, I decided to strike a winning pose.

[Thank you very much!!! Then, via mail! And, please treat me well!—] I hurriedly answered, and it took until about 7pm until a reply came in.

[Yeah, looking forward to it♪ Just as I said today, no mailing on school grounds, okay? That’s a promise!]

Though I always hated to be scolded by teachers, I’m actually a bit happy if it’s Hiiragi-chan…

[Then, are phone calls allowed?]—is what I jokingly asked.

And, the reply came in immediately.

[Quibbling is also not allowed.]

Ahhh, ahhh, not good. Every single reaction is cute.

Ehe, ehehehe.

A weird laugh was about to leak out from my mouth.

“Why are you grinning like that?” My mother asked, who was sitting across from me during dinner.

“N-Nothing special.”

Having finished eating said dinner, I returned to my room and continued writing her mails. And, the first thing that came to my mind was a question.

[Why did you say yes? Talking about the confession.]

[My heart skipped a beat when you gripped my hand. I was happy. And, seeing your once in a lifetime effort was pretty cute♡]

[I might actually die from a nosebleed.]

[Oh no oh no! You have to tap yourself on the back of your neck!]

[So you added your contact information into my phone since you were going to say okay?]

[Yeah ♡]

No good.

Just from that one heart, my happiness-gauge went to the max just now.

[Wouldn’t it be pretty bad if people found out about this?]

[Eh? Why]

Why, you say…if word got out that she, a teacher, was dating a student, wouldn’t she get fired? And, isn’t this pretty bad already? Should I teacher really be sending mails to her student like this? Should she really save her own contact information in a confiscated phone?

Maybe I shouldn’t have confessed after all, thinking about the risks for her. And she should’ve just refused anyway.

[If this gets out, don’t you have to quit being a teacher…?]

[Ah, that’s right~]

‘Ah, that’s right~’ is pretty weak if you ask me.

[But, I can’t help it, you know? My heart was pounding like crazy, and it felt like a shock ran through my body. And then, I happened to fall in love♡]

Happened to—?

Fall in love—?


Can’t help it. Now that she’s added the ‘♡’, there’s nothing more I can do. Now that she fell in love, I can’t change it. I have to tell her, tell her that I will accept her everything. Every risk, even if it defies rational thinking.

No, wait a moment. Calm down, me.

I have to make sure that the risks are almost zero. After all, it seems like Hiiragi-chan might be lacking a bit on the rational thinking part. I have to be the strict one here.

[Rules are rules after all. We can’t meet at school outside of class.]

[Ehhh?! Since mailing is prohibited, there’s no way for us to talk, you know?]

This teacher…she wanted to be all lovey-dovey at school?!

[I take that back. Maybe we can meet after all.]

My feelings beat my rational thinking.


[But, we have to keep it to a bare minimum. Something like a ten minute break. Once should be fine.]

[Eh. What about lunch break?! That’s the main dinner, right?!]

[That’s a bit… It might look suspicious if we meet too long or too often.]

[Muu~ Sanada-kun really is the serious type I see. You know, I always make my lunch myself, so I wouldn’t mind if I made an extra portion for you~]

Ah, I get it. Hiiragi-chan is quite the hopeless adult. If I want to continue this lovers relationship, I have to protect her. After all, the person inside this body is even older than her. I have to be strict here.

[Though I’d be happy about that, we have no place where we can eat it, right? For a student and teacher to eat lunch together every day would stand out immensely.]

[But, Sensei’s the one responsible for the key to the world history preparations room, you know?♡]

?! N-No, calm down…

I-I have to be strict here.


[Yeah♪ Though there are teachers that come by before 5th period. And Sensei perfectly knows on what day that is ☆]

[Then, we’ll meet up on the days other than those.]

[Nobody’s going to come, you know?]


[I’d like some deep-fried food as a side-dish.]

My rational thinking stopped at that exact moment.

[Understood. I’ll put something on for tomorrow ♡]

The ship sunk. I can’t anymore. This invitation is just too tempting.

Denying her invitation of spending time with her, eating her handmade lunch, just how little of a man would that make me…

With that in mind, I went to tell my mom that I didn’t any lunch more tomorrow, and of course, I had to made up a fake reason.


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