Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 2

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The secret conversation

The following day.

I was on my way to my morning rendezvous. Though, I’m actually going to meet Hiiragi-chan in the teacher’s office.

As I entered and checked at her desk, she wasn’t there.

Weird. Well, I never said when I’m going to meet her, so her not being here is not something I can change.



That really surprised me…

As I turned around, my angel Hiiragi-chan was standing there. She looked like she just came back from class, since she still had world history workbooks and printouts in her hands. But, the smile that she showed me made me forget about her being a teacher, and not to mention being 24 years old.

…Damn it, she’s cute.

“Did I scare you?”

“Well, yeah.”

“[Is there something you don’t understand?]”

“Uhm, that’s right.”

“Come in, come in,” she said, as if she was inviting me to her own room, and proceeded to make me sit down next to her.

Opening the world history workbook, she started the individual lesson.

“About the thing on page 21…”

As she moved her hand over the workbook, she started writing something on a small printout.

[This is really exciting, don’t you think?]

Hey, you’re 24. What’re you getting excited for at this time and place. I’ll hug you.

“Ahh, I see.”

While acting like I was taking notes, I wrote an answer.

[You’re wearing a skirt today, I see.]

“Since it’s European writing, it might be a difficult to remember the names of locations and people, but—”

Giving me a serious explanation about the workbook, she once more wrote something on the printout.

[Does it fit me?]

[It’s very cute]

“Really…so unfair…” She said with a quiet voice, as she looked down, embarrassed, only to poke my arm. “Another surprise attack…Muu.”

She played mad as a joke, and brought out some steamed yeast buns from her drawer.


“Eh, you don’t like them? You looked so happy yesterday which is why I bought some…”

“No, I like them.”


Hiiragi-chan really wants to spoil me. As things stand right now, she’ll probably bring some again tomorrow.

In the meantime, the teacher sitting across from us just stared over here.

“Uhm…Sakai-sensei, do you want some too?” Hiiragi-chan reached out her hand with a steamed bun towards my home room teacher, Sakai-sensei.

“I’m sorry. Thank you very much.”

Being responsible for math, he was wearing black glasses, and seemed to be in the latter half of his thirties.

“Sanda, be sure to say your thanks okay? For the steamed bun and the extra lesson.”


“Right, Hiiragi-sensei? A chance to be taught by such a beautiful teacher doesn’t arise that often after all.”

“A-Ahaha,” she let out the characteristic laugh of an old man as she accepted the compliment.

[You’re not good with Sakai, are you?]

[Ah, is it that obvious?]

As her eyes were smiling again, she continued the fake lesson.

Hiiragi-chan then smoothly put her hand on top of mine, which I was resting on my lap.

Hey, you’re 24. What’re you holding hands with a student in the teacher’s office for. I’ll seriously hug you.

In response to her action, I turned over my hand and tightly grasped hers.

[This is really exciting]

Yeah, doing something you shouldn’t and running the risk of other people finding out really makes my heart beat faster. But, I think that the main reason is that I’m holding hands with the person I like. There are so many feelings mixed here that my head can’t keep up.

“Your face is red, you know?” Hiiragi-chan snickered as she teased me like a tiny devil.

Even though yours is just as red!!!

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  1. How many chaps are there in vol 1 of this LN?


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