Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 3

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The first lunch break

Finally, the long-awaited arrival of lunch break. Because I didn’t eat a single snack before this, my hunger was maxed.

Now then, I guess I’ll go meet that natural airhead of a tiny devil Hiiragi-chan in the world history preparations room.

“Sanada? Where are you going? Not gonna eat your lunch?”

My friend, Fujimoto, opened up his lunch box that he put down on top of a small tissue.

Sorry, Fujimoto. I’m not on the same stage as ‘How will I get popular with girls’ or ‘What’s the best size of breasts’ anymore. After all, my goddess is waiting for me in the world history preparations room. With a self-made lunch box just for me!

“I’ll eat lunch. But, I don’t think that I can eat with you anymore.”

In response, Fujimoto just blanky started at me.

“What do you mean by that? You shouldn’t have any friends besides me!”

“Shut it, don’t just state the truth like that.”

“And you’re telling me that you’re eating lunch with someone else? Impossible!”

“It is possible.”

With an expression of sympathy, he tapped me on the shoulder.

“Don’t force yourself. Don’t act like you have any friends besides me. I know very well that you don’t.”

“Don’t make me seem like a loner, will you.”

“You were planning to eat your lunch alone in the toilet, right?”

“You’re wrong!”

“Okay, okay. You have many friends. And you eat lunch with them every time, talking about random shit. I get it,” Fujimoto nodded countless times as she smirked at me.

W-What’s up with that, so suddenly…And I really don’t have any friends, but that’s not important right now!

“I understand, I really do. That’s why, stop acting tough and eat lunch with me. If you don’t have any money, I can lend you up to 300 yen. Okay?”

“Money is really not the problem here, okay?”

“But, I don’t mind lending you some. We’re friends after all, right?”

“Eh, ahh, yeah.”

“Then, let’s go. Cafeteria? Or some bread from the store? Your choice,” Fujimoto shrugged.

“No, like I said. I’m still eating with someone else. Okay?”

“Now now, don’t say that,” Fujimoto just continued to push me.

Ah, I got it.

“I wonder…what about you? You got friends to eat lunch with?”

“You’re wrong.”

Sonic-speed denial.

“No, you’re really wrong about that.”

“You don’t have someone, right? To eat lunch with.”

“Don’t say it.”

“I get it already, so let go of me. Loner Man.”

“Kuuuu! We’re friends, right! Friends, you know! They spend lunch break together! They eat lunch, while they talk about whatever comes to their mind!”

I peeked into my wallet to check for any spare change.

“Now then, do I have 100 yen to bless this Loner Man?”

“Shit…! Okay, I don’t care. Since we’re always eating together in the classroom, the girls in out class spread rumours like ‘Maybe the two of them are doing it?’, you know.”

“What’s up with that rumour?! So over the top!”

“There’s even new Kouhais in the track-and-field club, you know?! What would you do if they said stuff like ‘I saw Fujimoto-san eat lunch alone (LOL)’?! I’d lose my dignity as a Senpai! Just think of it as saving me, will you!”

“Oh, so it was all just for your own profit. Then, it would be fine if you just stay in the classroom. Since I’m on a different stage from you already, this will be my last advice for you.”

I pushed away Fujimoto’s hand and left the classroom.

“Sanadaaaaaaa, come baaaaaack!”

As I heard a noisy scream behind me, I closed the door. Because of Loner Man, I lost some precious time, so I decided to hurry up a bit more as I headed towards the world history preparations room.

Nervously, I knocked on the door. Inside the teacher’s office, it was Hiiragi-sensei and just any other male student, but in there, it’s my girlfriend Hiiragi Haruka-san.

Checking that nobody sees me, I entered.

“Ah, Sanada-kun. Good work during class,” Hiiragi-chan grinned as she greeted me.

Ahh, seeing that smile of hers is really soothing.

“Good work.”

“Here. I properly prepared it.”

On the desk she was pointing at were, just as she said yesterday, two lunch boxes.

“Thank you very much. So Sensei really can cook after all.”

“A person that’s teasing me like that won’t get any~”

“I think that women who can cook are extremely charming.”

“Muu, and you follow up with that~!” Hiiragi-chan tried to hide her embarrassment with playing angry.


“Okay okay,” said Hiiragi-chan as she put down a chair next to hers.

I followed suit and opened my lunch box.

……Everything’s deep-fried food. Only that. No vegetables, no other food, nothing.

“I properly put in deep-fried food, right?”

“Put in, you say…It’s nothing but deep-fried food.”

I know I told her to put some deep-fried stuff in, but why is it only that?!

“Ah, s-sorry! I-It’s not good, right…”

Ah, not good. She thought that I would be happy, and is now disheartened because my reaction is weird!

“No, it’s fine! I really love deep-fried food after all!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize at all. Normally, you would put stuff like lemons in…You like to squeeze something out, right?”

“That’s not what I mean!”

Where did her rational thinking go?!

“No that’s not it…It’s just, I thought that the entire thing would be different.”

“You thought it would be different…? Ah, I see what you mean.”

Apparently she finally understood what I was getting at, as she clapped her hands together. Every gesture of hers is so cute.

Haaa, I let out a sigh.

“Yeah, that’s exactly it.”

“Don’t tell me~” With a grin, she poked my cheek with her finger. “You thought it would be tatsutaage, right~?”

(TLC: dish of fish or meat flavoured with soy sauce, mirin, etc.)

I don’t care about that! And I wasn’t playing on such a pin-point difference either!

“Fufufu. It’s completely different, you know? Deep-fried food and tatsutaage. But, people that normally don’t cook wouldn’t know~!”

So Hiiragi-chan’s trying to show off her cooking skill, huh. She even has that triumphant look on her face.

“Don’t tell me, Sensei, you’re the person to look at the tree but not the forest behind it?”

“? I look at both of them. On my way to work, there are even mountains that I look at.”


Oookay. My beloved goddess Hiiragi-chan is a natural airhead. That’s for sure. Though I already thought that she was one to a certain degree, it’s even worse.

“Let’s eat,” Hiiragi-chan said as she clapped her hands together.

As I looked at her lunch box, I realized that hers was two times smaller than mine.

“Sensei, will that really be enough?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I can’t eat as much as a normal boy,” she said as she opened her box.

The contents…are completely normal…


And, I didn’t have any chopsticks.

“Sensei, did you forget putting in chopsticks for me?”

“Nope. I intentionally didn’t put them in.”

“Eh, why?”

“Because I’m going to feed you ♡,” she said, as she picked up some deep-fried food and stuffed it into my mouth.

This person, she’s completely keen on spoiling me…

Ah, it’s deep-fried octopus. Delicious.

“Is it good?”

“Yeah, though it’s a bit cold, it’s really good.”

“Then, now it’s this.”

Now it’s this, you say…Everything’s the same…

“It’s octopus~ Pretty good, right?”

She thought about the different variations of deep-fried food, but not about the general variation in a normal lunchbox…!

In the end, I swallowed down my complaints, and while she continued to tell me about her cooking skill, I kept eating her delicious food. Or rather, I kept being fed her delicious food (everytime with an ‘Go wide~’ of course), until everything was gone. I really don’t know why that way of feeding someone exists. But, Hiiragi-chan looked happy, so that’s all that counts.

While we were chit chatting about this and that, we heard the sound of footsteps across the door. Both Hiiragi-chan and I hurriedly stopped our conversation and just stared in that direction. In the next moment, the door started rattling.

“Oh? The door is locked…?”

It was probably a teacher who just wanted to quickly get something from the world history preparations room.

“Ah, this might be bad. Sanada-kun, hide.”

“E-Even if you tell me to hide…”

There might be some possibilities, but it would be obvious at first glance.

*Rattle* We once more heard the rattling of the door, followed up by the sounds of a key unlocking the door.

As I was panicking, Hiiragi-chan hurriedly pulled me under the desk.

“Ah, it was Hiiragi-sensei. Just when I was wondering who it was,” said an older sounding female teacher.

Though I don’t know her name, I know that face. It’s Obaachan-sensei.

For a while, Hiiragi-chan continued to talk with her.

“Yes, I wanted to eat my lunch here…”

“No wonder I didn’t see you in the teacher’s office.”

It seemed like she didn’t realize my presence at all, thank god.

No, wai—

Hiiragi-chan…I can perfectly see into your skirt…Is she not aware of it, since she’s normally not wearing one…?

Because she continued to open and close her legs, I could only stare and give in to my desire as I entered a dream-like state. I felt like if I lost my concentration for a second, a fountain of blood would come flooding out of my nose.

And finally, Obaachan-sensei left the preparations room again.

“It’s okay now. Sorry, it must’ve been narrow down there, right?”

“Well, it was narrow…in a lot of ways…”

“Your face is red, you know? Are you okay?” She proceeded to touch my forehead, and then her own.

“Uhm, Sensei. Since you’re wearing a skirt today…I could see everything…”

For some reason, Hiiragi-chan’s eyes looked happy as I told her.

“I started to wonder how long you were going to look. Turns out you never looked away, right?”


“I realized that you had a serious look on your face, and I would’ve felt bad suddenly denying you that view.”

“P-Please deny me that view the next time! I was really troubled by that!”

“You were only troubled because you couldn’t look away, right~?” In response, Hiiragi-chan just stared at me and brought an argument for argument’s sake.

It seems like she wasn’t flustered at all, having her panties been seen by me.

“Hey hey, what colour were they?”

“Don’t ask me if you already know!”

“They’re pink ♡”

“Don’t say it! I know since I saw it!”

“A Sanada-kun who’s retorting with all his might is so cute~”

I still didn’t know if she had planned for that, or if Hiiragi-chan really was just a natural airhead.

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