Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 4

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The evening of a certain Friday

Like that, these sweet days of my high school life continued until a certain evening.

「On Saturday, Sensei doesn’t have any plans, you know. Now then, what do you think Hiiragi-sensei wants to do?」

“What you want to do…a game?”


Since Hiiragi-chan said that writing mails is not allowed, we started talking on the phone every evening. And, after some time, I stopped using formal language too.

「Seiji-kun, don’t you want to go on dates now that you’ve gotten yourself a girlfriend?」


「That’s what I’m talking about♡」

“O-Outside would be bad, so do we meet up at Haruka-san’s house…?”

「Eh, bad?」

“I mean, we can’t let our guard down. You never know if you’ll run into another teacher or student.”

In the meantime, Hiiragi-chan also called me Seiji-kun, and I started calling her Haruka-san. Though of course, when we’re at school, it’s still Sensei and Sanada-kun.

「Ah, then, how about a drive? If we go far away, no one will know us, so being seen would be okay~」

You really can’t make light of Hiiragi-chan’s danger management.

“A drive should be okay. But, any actions that would get the attention of others is a no-go.”

「Muuu, so strict~」

Well, I also want to walk around together, but this is to keep this lovers relationship from coming out. I have to get rid of every possible risk.

「Okay, understood. Then, how about I come pick you up from your home?」

“Can you work with me, not against me?!”

After that, I had to explain every single aspect of why picking me up from my home would be a bad idea until she finally understood.

「I see. Meeting up is pretty difficult. But, if Seiji-kun were to just come to my house, there’d be no need to meet up at all.」


That natural airhead of a teacher suddenly brought up an idea that crossed with my thoughts.

“No, uhm, but…I’d just be a bother…and it would be pretty bad…”

「No, it’s fine. I live alone after all.」

Even if she tells me to come over right now, it’s close to 10pm…and without meeting up, we’d go straight to the drive…so, I would be staying over?

I-I will be staying over at Hiiragi-chan’s house?!

“I-I haven’t prepared myself yet for this…”

「It’s fine, it’s fine, I always keep my house clean after all. Though I can’t come pick you up.」

“Ah, no, I wasn’t talking about Sensei’s preparations…I was talking about my mentally preparation—”

「I’ll tell you my address, so come, okay?」


And that was it.

Having finished my preparations, I jumped on my bike and rode towards the place written on the small memo in my hand.

Her place was unexpectedly close to mine, and it only took me about 10 minutes until I arrived at a two-floor apartment building. Since her beloved car was also resting in the parking lot, I was convinced that this was the right place.

As I rang the doorbell on apartment 205, footsteps could be heart from across the door.

“Seiji-kun~ Welcome~”

“Ah, hello.”

It feels like her way of talking seems a bit off from even the private Hiiragi-chan? And right now, she wasn’t wearing her private clothes, but her usual school attire. Her face seemed a bit red, and her eyes looked very happy.


All of a sudden, Hiiragi-chan suddenly hugged me.

“H-hey?! H-Haruka-san, this is the entrance! L-Let’s hurry inside—”

“Okayyyyy~” She nodded, but she showed no signs of letting go off me.

Leaving me no other choice, I moved inside as she clung to me.

Her body’s so soft and bouncy. And there’s a faint smell of alcohol.

Just as she stated, her apartment was pretty clean. For now, I decided to sit her down on the couch as I followed suit.

“Did you drink?”

“Unnn…The other teachers went out drinking, you see…They also invited me for a second round, but…”

With a sleepy expression, she rested her head on my shoulders.

“Since I’ll be with Seiji-kun tomorrow, I didn’t want to stay out too long.”

“Yeah. So that’s why your phone call was later than usual.”

And that was why I didn’t see her car at the teacher’s parking lot.

“Ah yeah, adults have that sort of routine on Fridays.”

Since I didn’t like alcohol that much, I rarely went with drinking with my former colleagues though.

“Sorry for calling you over this late.”

“It’s fine, since I live close by. Do you want to drink some water?” I asked.

“Seiji-kun, are you used to this sort of thing…?”

“Eh—A-Ah, well, my old man often drinks, so…”

“I see..”

Close…My old man doesn’t drink at all…I just acquired this skill because my Senpai’s at work often got drunk and I had to look after them.

Since Hiiragi-chan asked for some water, I got a cup and put some tap water in there.

“Nnn…Gonna strip…”

And in that moment, Hiiragi-chan’s strip show started.

“I have to change…”

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?! Why?! What kind of timing is this?!”

Blouse, gone.

“H-Hey, I can see your bra—”

“Ah, that has to go off too…”

Bra, gone.



She finally finished stripping and put on a t-shirt. Her jeans had already changed into half-pants.

“T-That really surprised me.”

“Thanks…for the water…”

Her previous ponytail was now gone and her hair was now loosely hanging down her back.

I’ll just say this upfront…So sexy.

After taking a sip from the cup, she put it down on the table. While my heart was still pounding like crazy, she once more leaned onto me.

…I can almost see her breasts from here…that t-shirt is way too loose…!


“When it’s just the two of us, it’s Haruka-san, right?” She poked at my cheek with her finger.

…Her jokingly mad attitude is so cute…I wouldn’t mind if she’d continue to lecture me like this…

“Haruka-san, I can almost see your breasts—”

“It’s fine, you can look at them.”

“As if!”

She once more clung to me, and I felt the soft sensation of that cute living being.

“How about we go to sleep after you drank your water?”

“Seiji-kun, do you hate doting on older people…?”

“I like both spoiling Haruka-san and being spoiled by her.”

“I’m glaaad. I also like Seiji-kun~”

Like a cat hungry for love, she rubbed her head against my shoulder. And, as she finished drinking the water, she fell asleep on my lap.

“She’s a teacher after all, so of course she’d be tired. Especially after drinking.”

I decided to gently stroke her head. And, after some time, I picked her up and put her down on her bed. As I was about to leave the room, she grabbed my sleeve.

“Seiji-kun, where are you going?”

“Eh? I thought of sleeping on the couch…”

“You can just sleep here…though it’s a single-person bed, we can just cuddle…”

Her small hand was repeatedly tapping on the bed. And, she opened her arms with an “Come here~”

Being unable to decline that invitation, I obediently entered the bed.

“I won’t do anything to a drunk person, okay?”

“What’s with that excuse?” Hiiragi-chan giggled as we were laying next to each other.

“People will think that you’ve invited a student, Sensei.”

“Like I saaaid, I told you to call me Haruka-san when it’s just the two of us. And also, currently we’re not teacher and student.”

“Do you know that this would count as a crime?”

“That’s why we’re trying so hard to hide it every daaay. And also, did you know? If a girlfriend invites her boyfriend, it’s perfectly fine.”

With that, the both of us kept talking in a voice only we could understand. And, covering me with the blanket, she joined me shortly after.

“See, like this, nobody will be able to see.”

*Kiss*, Hiiragi-chan suddenly kissed me.

Hey, so suddenly—?!”

“A surprise attack as payback. I kissed my student~”

“Kyaaa,” Hiiragi-chan rolled around.

Though I probably would’ve had the same reaction if I was alone. And under the table, we had three more long kisses.

The resulting happiness assault me like a bomb and I might actually die from it.

After that, like her energy supply was cut, she fell asleep immediately. And of course, having this cute living being behind my back, I couldn’t calm down at all.

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