Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 5

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The long-awaited park date

When I woke up, it was about 7am. As I went to the kitchen, rubbing my eyes, I found Hiiragi-chan making something. The sight of a woman’s back cooking something like this had quite the impact.

“Ah, you’re awake. Good morning, Seiji-kun.”

Kiss A good morning kiss from Hiiragi-chan.

“Hey…this early in the morning…”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s three or four times♪”

It seemed like she was in a good mood.


“Nope, lunch. We’ll be driving to a place with no people around after all.”

A place with no other people around? I wonder what she means.

“Breakfast is already done,” she said, and as I looked at the table, I spotted some fried eggs and salad.

“Ah, are you the type to brush their teeth beforehand? If so, take this,” she took out a new brush from a plastic bag.

Why did she already buy one for me? Don’t tell me, was she hoping that something like this would happen and bought this yesterday? Or even before that…?

“Such a bad teacher.”

“Today, I’m not a teacher♡”

After that, I finished eating breakfast and brushing my teeth, apparently just in time as Hiiragi-chan finished the lunch boxes, so we immediately left her apartment behind us. And, as we entered Hiiragi-chan’s car…


Since Hiiragi-chan had some trouble putting in the address in her navi as we were waiting at a traffic light, I took over and did it for her. Our destination was apparently a park in a forest outside the prefecture.

“Seiji-kun, you’re pretty good with the navi!”

Well, I can’t tell her that my former car also had a navi.

“Ahhh…I’m pretty good when it comes to handling machines.”

“So reliable…I’m really no good…Ahahaha,” Hiiragi-chan said as she dropped her shoulders.

Our two hour drive happened with no major incident, and it was a lot of fun.

We talk about our opinions of the other teachers, finding out that we had the same taste in rock bands, and so on. And finally, we arrived at the park. It was pretty far up the mountain, and maybe because of that, there were no parking places.


And, Hiiragi-chan had quite the trouble with backwards parking.

“Haruka-san, are you bad with that?”

“I-I’m not bad with it! I’m just having trouble with it!”

“But, isn’t that almost the same…What are you doing when you’re commuting to work.”

“I have the janitor do it.”

Is this person for real? She’s getting the celebrity treatment just because she can’t park?

“Let me do it it.”

“Eh, Seiji-kun, you can do that?”

“A little bit.”

Though Hiiragi-chan was a bit surprised at first, she decided to make place for me since no one was around.

But, I know that I’m the one who brought it up, but, Hiiragi-chan, you can’t do that, you know? You can’t just let a minor like me drive. Oh well, this whole relationship between us should be a no-go from the very start to be fair.

“You can do it!” Hiiragi-chan cheered for me as I finished parking at the same time.

“Why?! So easily…”

“Uhm…there’s these racing games at game centers, right? It’s because of these…”


Seems like she’s satisfied with that. Of course, I can’t tell her that I actually have a driver’s license.

“Keep this a secret okay? About me letting a student drive.”

“Our relationship is already a secret though.”

“Ah, that’s right,” Hiiragi-chan said as she stuck out her tongue.


After that, we were walking about 20 minutes with the lunch boxes in hand. Luckily, there was a bench were we could sit down.

In the distance, you could see the sea.

“This is a nice place.”

“Did you come here before, Haruka-san?”

“Nope. It was just one of the few places I looked up.”

It seems like Hiiragi-chan was really looking forward to this, after even declining a second round of alcohol yesterday.

“And, what exactly is this?”

Currently, I was laying down sideways, on top of Hiiragi-chan’s lap. The so-called lap pillow.

“Do you not like it?”

“I do like it, but…”

“Then, it’s fine~”

This teacher, she really won’t let me do anything. She even keeps feeding me like a small bird.

“It seems like I’m becoming more and more lazy when I’m with Haruka-san…”

“Do it, do it~”

“So it’s fine, huh?”

“Yeah. Once you graduate, I’ll provide everything for you♡”

Hiiragi-chan is the kind of woman that turns men into good-for-nothing beings.

“Then…I will take you up on that.”

“Understood~ Until then, let’s make sure that nobody finds out about us♡”

Even after that, Hiiragi-chan and I continued to meet in secret, eating lunch in the world history preparations room. And on our free days, our lovey-dovey relationship evolved even more.


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