Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 6

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A secret give-and-take during class

This happened during a certain world history class. During a small quiz, Hiiragi-chan was walking through the rows of tables, looking at the students.

She really looks like a teacher. But well, she actually is one.

…Ah, our eyes met.

And Hiiragi-chan looked away, bashful.

Sensei. A cute gesture like this is a bit unfair during class.

While I was just watching her, Fujimoto suddenly cut in, sitting at the table next to me.

“Sanada, question five, what’s the answer?”

“I don’t know~”

I was just about to look at it myself as he interrupted me. And, don’t just ask me. This is a test, you know?

“Sanada-kun, no whispering over there,” Hiiragi-chan warned me, with a serious face.

[Right now we’re teacher and student] was what she probably wanted to say by that.

Though I wasn’t the one at fault here, Hiiragi-chan doing her job as a teacher was so cute that I might actually want to be warned again.

While I wasn’t really worried about the final exams, the other students in the class even focussed on these earnestly.

Slowly but steady, Hiiragi-chan walked over here. The sound of her footsteps completely disrupted my focus. The moment she passed me, she leaned over and picked something up.

“Sanada-kun, your eraser.”

My eraser? No, mine’s still on the table so it must be Fujimoto’s.

As I was about to say that, she put down a new eraser on my table. From the small case, I spotted a tiny piece of paper. When I pulled that out and unfolded it, I found something written there.

[The answer to number five is Habsburg♪]

She wrote the answer on thereeeeeeeeeeeee?!

The person posing the questions is giving out the answers?!

What just happened?!

Did she hear me, whispering to Fujimoto that I didn’t know the answer?

I glanced at Hiiragi-chan as she passed me, and as she turned around to look at me, she showed me an angelic grin.

Then, what exactly did that [Right now, we’re teacher and student]-like gaze mean? You’re actions are the complete opposite! And her way of handing it to me was also weird…

What is she thinking, really.


Let’s write a reply.

“Even though you said you didn’t know, you properly wrote an answer, hey,” Fujimoto whispered as he checked my solutions, looking at me like I was a traitor.

Sorry, Fujimoto. But, I really am a traitor, getting such a cute girlfriend behind your back.

But, I decided to react accordingly towards Loner Man, namely ignoring him, and wrote my answer.

[Thank you. This test is pretty difficult. I’ll try my best.]

Now then. How do I deliver that message. Right now, Hiiragi-chan was standing in front of the black board, looking over the entire class. Suddenly standing up would look weird. I guess I have no other choice but to make her come over here. As our eyes met, her gaze seemed to say [Did I do good?]

Well, she did something good for me, but not as a teacher.

Ah, now.

Acting like she was checking the students once more, she walked towards me.

“Sensei. This isn’t mine,” I said and returned the eraser.

“Ah, really? Sorry.”

“No no.”

Looking at the eraser, Hiiragi-chan spotted the small piece of paper, and, *Poof*, her face went red.

Her expression was saying something like [Ehhhh, wow, you properly wrote a response~] and she pressed the paper onto her chest.

It seems like that made her heart thump.

Hiiragi-chan, you’re a teacher right now! What are you blushing for during a test!

She looked at me with a pouting expression, only to return to her normal teacher-like face as she once more passed by me.

Suddenly, with ten times her normal walking speed, she rushed towards the teacher’s desk.

So faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast! Just how much do you want to read my reply! I feel like I’ve seen an afterimage of you!

Slowly checking my answer, she grinned, and once more faced towards everyone.

“Was the quiz that difficult?”

That’s what I just wrote!! That’s my subjective opinion!

All the elite students that were already finished titled their heads.

“It wasn’t that difficult, though?”

Ahh, it seems like Fujimoto and I were a bit behind in our studies. However, Hiiragi-chan shook her head.

“This quiz was pretty difficult. I think.”

She saw my reaction and felt bad?!

All the other elite students just looked at her with an astonished expression.

“Seems like most of you are finished, so should we slowly…?” Hiiragi-chan said and glanced at me.

She’s clearly waiting for me. This person, her camouflage is so bad!

As I just finished the last question, I nodded without looking at her.

“Okay, test is over. There’s still a bit of time left, but I’ll stop it now~”

So she was just waiting for me to finish. She’s really giving preference to me. Though the person in question probably tries to hide that.

Behind me, the quiz sheets arrived, and I put my own on top and handed it forward again.

“Somehow, Hiiragi-chan looks really cute today~” Fujimoto said, having realized her charm.

“Yeah, she’s cute.”

“Eh, what’s with that triumphant look.”

And with that, Hiiragi-chan received every quiz sheet.

“T-That will be all for day…F-For the rest of the time, please study for yourselves…” With these words, she picked up the workbook and attendance list and hurriedly stepped out of the classroom.

There’s still 20 minutes left into the lesson…Did she hear the conversation between me and Fujimoto?

That day, lunch break.

“It’s foul play, saying something like that during class…”

I was scolded by Hiiragi-chan as her face went red while remembering it. Her reaction was so cute that I decided to get even more scolded by her.


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