Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Maka-sensei VS SID (Rematch!)

Part 1:

Though the things at Seikadai might seem a bit relaxed most of the time, the atmosphere takes a drastic turn once the exams are right around the corner. Even inside the classrooms, the air feels very thin, and everyone is concentrating. Though to be fair, I never really cared that much about exams. It’s true that I get depressed whenever they’re right around the corner, I never once tried to get into the top 50, and I honestly couldn’t care less about the ranking in general.

“That being said, I will help all of the girls from SID with their studies.”


The person that blurted out this ‘Wha—?!’ was no one else than my school’s most popular, beautiful teacher.

W-What exactly does this ‘That being said’ mean?! The circumstances are starting to get worse here!”

“Maka-sensei, calm down, please. We’re on school grounds. If you keep screaming like this, people will find out about your real identity.”

“Uuu…That’s right,” Maka-sensei grumbled and returned to her usual expression.

Yeah, that’s the ‘Unobtainable Flower’ I know.

Lunch break, the fourth floor with the second-year classrooms, at the stairs.

Maka-sensei and I were standing there, talking with each other. It’s not rare for people to talk here. Though a lot of people pass us, it’s actually a lot easier to talk like this than trying to keep it in secret. Still, just because Maka-sensei is here makes us stand out even more.

“Every girl from SID…but, only you and Amanashi-san are in the same grade, right? Shinju-san is just a tiny girl—no, a grade school girl. Why would she join you?”

“Even if I tried to reason with them, they wouldn’t want to listen…”

Once SID says that we’ll do a study group, I cannot refuse them. Leaving aside Kuu, Karen-kaichou and Miharu are just one year apart from me, so it’s not that weird to be fair.

“But…why did it come to this? I was about to cry tears of blood as it was just you and Amanashi-san…”

“It isn’t that big of a deal, you know…Ouch! Y-You’re stepping on my foot!”

“Ohohoho, please excusez-moi, Saigi-kun. There’s no way I could so something as barbaric as kicking you, so I had to be content with stepping on your foot.

It seems like Fujiki Maka-sensei is the type to openly show her jealousy.

“…And? Where are you studying with them?”

“Are you going to barge in?”

“It’s war.” (Love is war theme plays)


Maka-sensei, your face is serious.

“Saigi-kun, calm down. We’re on school grounds. If you scream like this, your real identity will be leaked.”

“I don’t care about that! Or rather, I’m not creating a character like someone else!”

Not everyone is forcing themselves like you, you know?

“This time, it’s an all-out war…Kill them ALL!” (LEROY JENKINNNSSS)

“I understand that you said something very dangerous!”

I felt like I understood something like ‘Kiru zem oru’, but I guess I would be better off not dwelling on it for too long.

“…But, I cannot keep lecturing you like this.”

“………? Ah, yeah.”

Near us, three boys were walking down the hallway. They were clearly listening in on what Maka-sensei was talking about as their faces had this curious look on them. I was really surprised when she suddenly switched into her teaching voice. Just what you would expect from someone who’s been acting as the unobtainable flower since her childhood days. Her speed of changing her mode is top-notch, her judgement is top-notch, everything is top-notch.

“It’s just…I will probably be busy until the exams are over…”

“Haaa, it seems like teacher’s also have it hard before exams.”

“That’s not it. I also have to make the exams after all.”

“Exams? Are the problems something you do so close before?”

I totally thought that they’d have the problems and answers ready like one, or even two weeks beforehand. I couldn’t expect something like a “I couldn’t make it in time” would be let off the hook that easily.

“Normally, I would’ve finished preparing them already. However, the director gave me some urgent instructions. Apparently, it was too difficult, and like this, the grades would drop naturally. Really, I wish that he wouldn’t say that once he’s given his okay…”


Even so, Maka-sensei is a proper member of society. She seems to have problems that I, a normal high school student, cannot even hope to comprehend.

“Well, I have the general outline, but I have to fix some things. Haaa, at this rate, I have bigger problems than going to war.”

“So you planned on waging war if you didn’t have anything else to do!”

Though I expected nothing less from the person called Maka-sensei!

“To aim at a time where I’m too busy to act…I really can’t underestimate SID.”

“And they’re still doubting that the two of us are actually going out.”

Well, if I was a bystander, I would have problems believing that too. I mean, a beautiful teacher like her, and a boring high school boy like me. This match-up reeks of a lie. But, being confessed to by four other beauties is just as unbelievable. Really, something like this shouldn’t happen…

“Sensei. In times like these, you have to calmly access the situation before you act.”

“I’m the type where my body moves before I can think.”

“That’s a really bad habit for a teacher though! And it’s not that, how about instead of going to war…you can try a clarification.”

“Clarification…? Not annihilation?”

“I told you, I’m not like Sensei. This is the perfect chance, you know.”


Rarely, Maka-sensei had a confused look on her face. That expression is also cute—forget about that last part.

It’s probably not a bad deal for her, so I wanted to get the permission. Though like this, the feeling of being tamed by her didn’t feel that great to me.

For some reason, the study group was held at my house, with the reasoning that this kind of group being seen at school would stir up a lot of trouble.

Since Karen-kaichou was living at a cloister, that was a no-go from the very start.

Kuu’s home was…well, I have some reasons why it’s hard to go there, so that wasn’t an option either.

Though there wasn’t any problem with Amanashi’s home, she probably wouldn’t be able to focus, so that was also ruled out.

—So, in the end, the house were the two siblings alone lived in was the natural winner.

But, I have to be careful that they don’t find out about Maka-sensei’s apartment being directly next to us. Though Miharu probably already told the other SID members about that. She seems to keep some information under control through unlike Amanashi.

“H-Hm…so this is Saigi Makoto’s home, huh. It’s pretty normal.”

“Haha, what kind of house did you expect, President.”

As time started going towards the evening, the members of SID entered our house. Since all of us came from school, we were still wearing our uniforms.

And for some reason, Karen-kaichou has been restless for quite some time now. I made her sit down on the couch for now, but she keeps tapping on the floor with her foot.

“Sensei’s home, it’s been so long. Ahh, it calms me down…and they still have this towel holder…So fluffy…” Kuu was sitting down on the floor, putting her head into a pink towel.

Yes, there were times when Kuu went to our house every day. She seems to have gotten interested in Miharu’s left over towel. Though Miharu normally keeps her closet closed, she exceptionally opened it for Kuu.

“Uwaa…I can’t get an SSR. Do you guys not want to meet Miharu or something?!”

And the first owner of said towel didn’t mind our guests at all, and kept tapping on her smartphone. She’s playing one of these social games, whaling like crazy. Of course, with my money. At the snap of her fingers, 1000, or even 2000 yen disappear immediately…scary!

“It’s normal, but it’s kind of relaxing. Ahhh, I feel so at ease.”

The person who should normally be in the leading role of the study group—Amanashi had a couch cushion tight to her chest and rolled around on the floor.

Hey, your mini skirt is rolling up, and I can almost see them! She’s taking the ‘Feel yourself at home’ phrase a bit too seriously, oi…

“T-That’s right. This was supposed to be a study session. Let’s start, okay?”

“President, why are you so restless?”

“I-I can’t help it, can I!? This is the first time I’m at a friends house…For some reason, nobody ever invited me…”(HAHA Karen has no friends)


Karen-kaichou dropped her shoulders in defeat. That’s probably because they were afraid of you. You’re attractive in face and figure, have a sharp and clever mind, and you have a lot of charisma, on top of being the student council president.

“No, that’s not what’s important right now! We should study now! Study!”

“I won’t teach you anything though, President.”

“I-I know. Though it’s a shame, I will take the lead! Leave it to me, I’m good at leading! It’s my plan to have this world under my thumb!”

“Isn’t leading and dominating something completely different?!”

“Miharu wants to be ruled by President, and relax for the rest of her life…”

“You little sister over there, don’t just ride these convenient thoughts!”

Even now, she’s doing nothing besides focussing on her social game.

“Well, leaving it to Karen-kaichou is something self-explanatory. Between all of us, she has the best grades after all. You normally wouldn’t have a top-class student like her around you.”

“Fufufufu, that’s correct. You should consider yourselves lucky!” With a self-important statement, she crossed her legs as she was sitting on the couch.

Ahhh, if only she would’ve lifted her beautiful legs a bit more, I could’ve seen inside her skirt…Though they aren’t doing it as purposefully as Maka-sensei, they’re all pretty erotic…

“Then, how about we have Karen-kaichou teach Amanashi instead of me.”

“Wait Saigi Makoto, I said that I would take the lead, but I won’t be teaching anyone.”

“Eh? Why?”

“I’m not suited to teach others! I taught people countless times, but 100% of them told me ‘I don’t even know what I’m being taught right now!’”


“When I teach people, their grades drop for some reason!”

“This isn’t something to act proud about!”

“Ahahaha, that’s fine. My grades can’t get any lower than this.”

“Hey, you gravure idol, don’t just say something like that so calmly! You’ll really get the last spot!”

“Sensei, your sharpness for retorts has been growing…”

“To grow in the heat of the battle…Did Onii-chan suddenly turn into the protagonist-type? So is Miharu the adorable little sister he loves so much?”

These youngster groups really are relaxed nowadays…No, they’re all going at their own pace. Wait, I shouldn’t be swept along all of this. There’s something that I have to do now. And I’m not talking about the study session.

Elucidation—of course, of SID. After all, the organization SID is still clouded in mysteries. At least for me. Just the mere fact that all of them seem to hold feelings for me is weird in itself. Not to mention that they went out of their way to form this organization to help each other.

When, why, and how was SID even formed? Although we somehow got to nullify their confessions with Sensei’s and mine’s fake relationship, that is only temporary. I have to find their true intentions, and develop countermeasures. But, retorting something like ‘How about you just be friends with Maka-sensei’ is not allowed.

“…Oh, right. Kuu doesn’t have an exam, right? We had planned to study for two hours, but what about you?” I asked the girl who was still fascinated with the bath towel.

“It’s okay, Sensei. I have my kanji and math problems I can do, and I should practice my English a bit as well,” Kuu said as she took out some workbooks from her red bag. “I’m properly studying just as Sensei told me. Today I can even do more than two hours.”

“No good. Just do as much as you can. Kuu, your grades aren’t bad, right?”

B-But normally, I chase cats, or play at the cat cafe lately…”

Kuu’s face went red, and she showed an embarrassed laugh. Ahhh, cute. Letting her walk around alone really worries me.

By the way, the cat cafe that she mentioned was the one the father of Maka-sensei owned. But, for some reason she only visits this one store…

“…Hm? Eh, Amanashi? President?”

While I was thinking about Kuu’s weird choice of cat cafes, I realized that Amanashi, Karen-kaichou and Miharu were all staring at me.

“Somehow, isn’t Sai-kun only kind to Kuu?”

“Agreed. In this case, we have to crucify this man for becoming such a pedo…”

“Well, Onii-chan has always been doting on Kuu-chan. She’s a fifth grader after all, and maybe he thought he could raise her how he wanted?”

“Miharu?! I never once thought about that, and why would you even know that?!”

To think that Amanashi would be the most reasonable person right now.

“It’s not that. Just, when we were younger, I often looked after Kuu’s studies that’s all.”

“Y-Yes, Sensei taught me a lot of things…He was really kind to me…”

“Listen here, Kuu, if you say stuff like that with a red face, people will get the wrong idea, okay?”

“I-Is that so?”

Maybe I was just too fussy. A fifth grade student like her probably wouldn’t know what pedo meant. I guess it’d be better for her not to understand.

“U-Uhm…If Kuu’s okay with it, then that’s okay. Let’s remember the original goal. How to fix Amanashi’s brain…no, how to get her from away as far as possible from the last spot!”

“It’s wrong even after you fixed it! I’m not last place! But, the possibility that I will end up as such is about 100%!”

So it’s actually over 50% already, huh. Not good.

“Anyway, I will be teaching Amanashi now, so if I don’t get anything, please help me out President. And Miharu, make sure to also learn, alright?”


Hey hey, you should have your first end term exams too, right. Go and study, will you?

“All right, Saikun-sensei, looking forward to it for the many years yet to come!”


I didn’t even have the time to retort that ‘many years yet to come’ part. After all, as she was still sitting on the floor, she started crouching towards me, and sat down next to me—rather than next to me, she almost sat on my lap!

“A-Amanashi. Y-You should probably move a bit more away—no, at the other side of the table.”

“But it would be hard to read the problems then, right? SItting next to each other would be easier.”


Amanashi happily smiled, and clung even closer. (ara ara)

*Boing boing* was the sound of her voluptuous breasts hitting my arms.

“Ehehehe! A little service from my side for helping me with my studies! Dear customer, these fine jewels are very popular, you know!”

“Who’s a customer here. You can sit next to me, so move away for a bit—”

“Umu, then let me tell you the answer. It’s fine, though I cannot teach you, I can at least tell you the answer, right?”


This time it was Karen-kaichou who sat down next to me, occupying my other side. Her long, black hair fluttered and a nice smell entered my nose, and her shoulders touched mine.

“Haaa, it’s been a while, so Miharu will take the Onii-chan chair~.”

“Hey, Miharu…”

This time it was my little sister. From behind me she pushed her back onto mine. There were times when she selfishly did that in the past, but—

“W-What should I do? S-Should I sit on Sensei’s lap…?”

“Kuu-chan, come next to Miharu. Though the Onii-chan chair is a bit small, Kuu-chan should be able to fit on here.”

“Don’t just give out your big brother’s back to other people,” is what I said, but in the meantime, Kuu already followed Miharu’s instructions.

“Alright, formation complete! Sai-kun, we can finally start studying!”

“This clearly isn’t a formation befitting of a study session! Miharu and Kuu can’t do anything back there.”

W-What’s with this situation…! I got a beauty at every side…! Rather than this harem of beautiful girls, I like that beautiful teacher more!

…Ahh, I said it. Though, I already told her. Yeah, that’s right. I planned to play cool on this study session and get closer to the secret of SID. Because, there’s no way that they would overlook a chance like this. They don’t have to take a critical step like that confession either—

Of course they would try to get closer to me. And, to change this flow of events—!

“…H-Huh? Sai-kun, don’t tell me…you’re actually not that clever?”

“That ‘not that clever’ is very rude you know? But no, I’m not. My grades are average after all.”

To change this flow, I have to honestly teach them without scheming anything.

Next to me, President was constantly telling me what was right, and what was wrong while I guided Amanashi through the exam material, giving comments where I could. It was about two hours later since we honestly started studying.

“It was really easy to understand. It feels like I already rose up five places just because of this.”

“Only 5, huh. But, I just normally taught you.”

I never thought that I did a good job or anything. With Kuu, I only taught her basic hiragana and what else she would probably need.

“That’s right, I also thought so. It was easier to understand than our teachers. Saigi Makoto, aren’t you quite fit to be a teacher?”


M-Me? A teacher? I mean, I hate teachers, so would that really work?

“…Ah, letting out a scream like that will be problematic,” I said, as I focussed my gaze to the two people sleeping, using the pink towel as a blanket, namely Miharu and Kuu.

Before even an hour had passed, the two of them had already fallen asleep. Leaving aside Kuu, is Miharu really going to be okay?

Well, she has the necessary brain power, so if she were to honestly study, getting into the higher ranks wouldn’t be just a dream.

“Please don’t joke about me becoming a teacher, will you.”

“Really? Even if you hate teachers, there’s no rule that says you can’t become one.”

“That’s true, but…”

As it stands now, my plan for the future doesn’t have teacher-trainer curriculum involved in it. That being said, I won’t say that there’s no chance of it. Maybe I could get Maka-sensei to tell me some details. She might even be delighted about it.

That reminds me—after graduation, she also decided to become a teacher. She must’ve had so many opportunities, so why a teacher…Be it her reason for going on the offense like this, her reason for becoming a teacher, she still is a mystery.

“Ahh, but I also want to sleep a bit…It’s been about two hours now after all. This might be the first time ever that I’ve studied this much.”

“Everytime you bring up your studying habits, I’m getting even more worried…”

That’s right, I have to focus on exams instead of my future right now. But…being a second year high school student and not studying for more than two hours a day…is this some sort of joke?

“I mean, I hate studying…”

“Well, to be honest, only a small amount of our students actually like studying.”

Studying to get an acceptable job in the future is an opinion most people have.

“Though in my case, it might be a bit different. It’s not exactly the studying that I hate—”


As Amanashi said that, she was looking straight at me for some reason.

“Nah, I really hate studying! Especially these breasts of mine that kept growing without me doing anything for it!”


And also, she clearly tried to cover something up there. Not liking studying is something completely normal, but is there some special reason for that in Amanashi’s case?

“Amanashi, if there’s anything, I’d be willing to listen, you know? If there’s really a reason that you absolutely hate studying, then maybe we can do something about that.”

“Ahahaha, you really asked in all seriousness. Sai-kun, you might actually fit to be a teacher.”


Yup, she doesn’t want to answer that alright.

Ah right, though her sleepiness in class gets tolerated to a certain degree, there has to be a reason for that excessiveness. Not just being sleepy, is she actually rejecting class? Am I into it too deeply? But, doubting everyone and everything is my character after all.

“You studied well Amanashi Nui. Forcing yourself won’t do you any good either. Leave it at that for today,” Karen Kaichou said, and stood up.

Though I might’ve tried to convince her a bit more fiercely, what she says is correct.

“And also…I had confidence, but I was once more reminded in our difference in strength.”


I hurriedly averted my eyes from Karen-kaichou. After all, she suddenly started massaging her own breasts. Really, even if she can’t win against Amanashi, her breasts are also quite formidable. Even if she’s wearing a blazer, the movement of her breasts was clearly visible, and every male student would’ve stopped and stared at her.

“Fufufu, you shouldn’t take an active gravure model like me lightly. Right now, I’m singing and dancing, doing my best as the idol, and for the gravure part, my big breasts are more than enough!”

“Grr…If Fujiki-sensei and Saigi Makoto really are dating, he prefers them women on the older side! Look at this overflowing grown-upness!”

While Amanashi was grinning from ear to ear, Karen-kaichou was gritting her teeth.

Uhm…aren’t you forgetting that both Miharu and Kuu are still sleeping?

“Well, let’s leave the result of that for later, Amanashi Nui. As the student council president, it really troubles me if there’s an empty-headed student like you. I’m not telling you to jump the ranks, but just try to get the bare minimum. If you can’t…per the It’s fine if I die Alliance rules, article [A member shall never forget his true identity as a student], you will have to face the consequences.”


Again, I let out a scream.

“…What are you the one being surprised, Saigi Makoto? Those rules aren’t that odd, I believe.”

“Y-Yes, I’m sorry. It’s nothing.”

It’s even more surprising that this rule doesn’t count as odd.

“SID is an organization under the lead of me, the student council president, and a nun in training. Even if we are a secret organization, this is essential.”

As if Karen-kaichou saw through me, she glared at me.

Ah, that! There’s the timing for my goal!

“And this secret, essential organization, how and when did you even establish that.”

“That happened three months prior to this. On a cold winter day, we encountered it!”

The one that answered wasn’t Karen-kaichou, but rather Amanashi.

“Ah, hey, so easily. If he really wants to know, we can do it as an exchange, and do it slowly and steady…!”

So President is quite the schemer. But, compared to the out of the blue actions of Maka-sensei and Amanashi, I can handle this type much easier.

“…Mhm? Three months prior? So in the middle of February? Did something happen then…?”

I don’t have any memory of any weird incident though.

“…This man, he really doesn’t know.”

“Just what you would expect from Sai-kun…This is supposed to be a big event for girls…Or rather, it’s probably just as big for boys, don’t you think?”

“Big event…?”

A big event for boys and girls in February…?

“Ah, I see, that’s right. Valentine’s, huh.”

Since nothing ever happened on this day, I completely erased it out of my memory. Miharu isn’t that cute of a girl to give me chocolate, and neither did Kuu.

“…But, wait a second. Nothing happened this Valentine’s. Does the foundation of SID have anything to do with it?”



“W-What? What is it?”

Both Amanashi and Karen-kaichou are laughing really weirdly…

W-What exactly happened? What happened, while I wasn’t paying attention? And, judging from that laugh, they don’t plan on telling me for sure…Wait, didn’t President say that SID had nothing to hide?

“Really, Sai-kun is such a troublesome person. Even though I get nothing when I study, he seems to understand even less.”


Though I won’t lose when it comes to being doubtful, there are tons of things I don’t understand. Maybe that’s why people tend to keep their distance from me?

“You probably even forgot about me. Ha ha ha, a good win for me, when I lose in the periodic tables and formulas!”

“No, that’s something completely different.”

“Sai-kun is so cool!”

So this is called being cool?

I forgot about that one phrase I said to Maka-sensei too. It seems like that wasn’t the only case. Looks like I won’t be able to find out about SID’s secrets any time soon.

Both Amanashi and Karen-kaichou went home. Though it was already pitch-black outside, President said that she will take the responsibility and take Amanashi home. Since she’s probably stronger in the arms than I, she’ll surely get her home safely.

“……Suuu…Suuu…I can’t pay anymore for online games…”

“Kuuu…Kuuu…Nya nya…More, more cats…”

In the end, both Miharu and Kuu slept through all of that. Though they woke up once, which resulted in me hurriedly making an omurice for them. Though, once I started preparing it, they had already fallen asleep again. They really like to sleep, huh. Seems like Kuu has to stay over for the night. I really don’t like it, but it seems like I have to inform them. Via LINE should be fine, right?


And, sent. Kuu stays over from time to time, so this shouldn’t be any problem. And, not even one minute passed, and an answer came in.

[Muku hates taking a bath, so force her if you have to]—it said.

Seems like they don’t have the slightest worry of entrusting their daughter to me.

They—or rather, that person, is always very friendly, and she lives accordingly. Though if she’s taking too easy, she will surely be played with by a young boy’s heart—no wait, that’s not important right now.

Well, I will let her take a bath, but forcefully waking her up like this…Maybe I’ll let them take one in the morning.

*Thump* Bang* Boom* !


T-That was a crazy sound alright. It felt like I heard it from next doors…! Next doors…Maka-sensei’s place? Luckily neither Miharu nor Kuu have woken up…these girls, how deep is their sleep.

“……Can’t help it.”

Putting on my sandals, I stepped out of the entrance, and knocked on the door of the Fujiki household. In response, footsteps resounded from across the door, followed by the metallic sound of something unlocking. Finally, the door opened.

“…Saigi-kun. Fufu Saigi-kun’s private clothes are so plain and cute…”

Maka-sensei poked her head out of the door, and quickly took a photo. Even though I was just wearing a 980 yen t-shirt, and some boring, thin half-pants, my clothes were obviously worth to be on her data drive.

“Leaving aside my private clothes, what was that loud sound about? What are you doing this late?”

“Ahh, I just came home, you see. And, I happened to drop the hot pot as I took it out. I’m sorry, it must’ve been loud.”

“If that’s all then that’s fine… are you okay though?”

“All okay~ Ahh, a failure from my side. Now then, time to create the Beef Stroganoff”

“It’s already past 9pm, you know? Why would you make something like that this late?”

“Fufufufufufufu, I’m just trying to run away from reality…”

Ahh, she has that distant look on her face…Maybe the stress from exams finally got to her.

“Anyway, you haven’t eaten dinner yet, right?”

“The exams alone gave me a lot of trouble, but we also had a meeting. There was no time for me to eat any.”

“If you’re fine with something simple, should I make you something?”

Coming home this late and still making something must be rough.

“R-Really?! Saigi-kun’s handmade cooking! If I really got a taste of that, I’ll surely be able to create the best exams ever…!”

“Now I’m starting to get second thoughts about my idea…”

Did I just send reinforcements to my enemy? Well, whatever, I can’t ignore a starving person living next to me after all. Looking at her, she was still wearing her suit. Though she did take off her jacket, she apparently wanted to make something to eat before she did anything else.

“Then, I’ll excuse myself.”

Following Sensei, I entered the Fujiki residence. That reminds, this is the second time I entered her house. Didn’t something crazy happen the first time? Who would’ve thought that I would enter the bath with my home room teacher…

“Your hot pot is still lying around. Together with the frying pan. I’ll put them away, so please change into some more comfortable clothes, Sensei.”

“O-Okay. I’m sorry, but I’ll do just that.”

“No cosplaying, okay?”


Hey, she clicked her tongue. So she really planned on seducing me again? Even though she’s this tired, I can’t let down my guard around her…

“Ohh, she’s really keeping the kitchen clean.”

I didn’t get a good look before, but it’s cleaned until every nook and corner. It’s even arranged neatly. I really thought that it would be all a mess, thinking about the real good-for-nothing Maka-sensei.

Is she trying to hold up her unobtainable flower mode even in her own four walls? Maybe she never knows when people might see her room, so she decides to keep it clean as good as she can.

“Hmm, the interior of the refrigerator is equally neat and tidy. And she has a lot of good ingredients I can use.”

Some ham, onions, and eggs. Maybe with some fried rice and miso soup…Oh yeah, since she’s tired, maybe I’ll do that…

Alright, let’s start the cooking.

“Ahh, that smells good!”


As I served the fried rice on a plate, and added the miso soup, a voice from behind almost scared me to death.

“You’re really good at it, Saigi-kun! Won’t you become my wife?!”

“Wife?! No wait, that’s…!”

I really wish you wouldn’t cling to me from the back like that. Well, if I had to choose between being happy, and not being happy, then of course I’m happy—not at all!

“The food is already finished, so please sit down and wai—”

“Hm? What’s wrong, Saigi-kun?”

As I turned around, I froze up. Maka-sensei properly changed her clothes. And of course, no cosplay. Though, her white, loose t-shirt perfectly showed her deep cleavage, and her shoulders were also open for my eyes. At the bottom, she’s wearing short-pants, revealing her thick thighs.

“These clothes…”

“Ahh, this is just what I like to wear when I’m at home. Normally, I wear a suit through the whole day after all.”

She twirled once on the spot. Though her outfit is stimulating me to the heavens above, the itself doesn’t seem to care about it.

She didn’t put on these clothes on to try to seduce me, right? Are a 24 year old teacher’s private clothes really like this…?

“…Did you want me to dress up a bit more stylishly? Does this not get your heart pounding, Saigi-kun…?”

“What does it matter! As long as it’s comfortable for you!”

“Oh, is that so? Ahh, I don’t want the food to get cold, so I’ll be so free to start eating now, okay?” Maka-sensei said as I put the fried rice and miso soup on the table.

“Please take your time. Well then, I’ll excuse myself—”


As I turned my back to her, she suddenly grabbed my sleeve and stopped me. And for some reason, she had a real ominous smile on her face.

“Today, you had that study session with Amanashi-san and the others, right? Feel free to tell me exactly what happened.”

“…I thought so.”

There’s no way she wouldn’t want to know what happened. If she’s really that tired, she should just quickly finish her dinner, take a bath, and go to sleep already. However instead, I sat down at Maka-sensei’s table.

“Now then, let’s hear it while I’m eating. Thanks for the food…Ohh, this is really delicious. Did you put in some plums?”

“Yes, I thought that it might help against your exhaustion.”

“Ohhh…I’m impressed you can make something like this so quickly. I can’t do it at all without a recipe. Saigi-kun, you really are the boy most worthy of becoming my wife…!”

“Boy worthy of becoming a wife…”

Weird, isn’t here some sort of contradiction…?

“Ah, so delicious. My tired body is healing…! Not to mention I can look at Saigi-kun all the time…!”

This teacher is using me as a side-dish while eating. To think the day would came when I would end up like that…

“And? What about the study session?”

“A-Ahh. It went better than expected. I did teach her the important things, and got help from Karen-kaichou if it was necessary. I think that Amanashi made good progress.”

“Since I’m in private mode now, that problem child is my second worry right now. The most prominent problem is…You didn’t kiss the girls of SID, right?”

“As if I would do that?!”

Did you forget the thing about the study session already?!

“I couldn’t keep watch on the study session. And we might never know what the girls from SID might actually do. Since it’s them, they might actually go as far as to kissing you, something a normal human being would not be able to.”

“Is it just my imagination, or is there actually a person that suddenly kissed me out of the blue?”

Calling me to the student guidance office, suddenly confessing to me, and kissing me over and over, wasn’t there a person called Maka-sensei who did that?

“If I didn’t go that far, you wouldn’t have believed my confession, right? No, you didn’t believe me even after that, but I did manage to get a breakthrough, right?”


She really knows me well, this person…If she really didn’t kiss me there, I might’ve never opened up to her again. Exactly because her moves were so bold and unpredictable, I felt like believing her confession— Maybe that’s why I didn’t run away from her ‘education’.

“…Sensei, it looks like you don’t think about anything, but you actually think about this stuff a lot, right?”

“Though it’s a bit of a shock that you think of me like that, I’m not that dumb, okay?”

*Poff* she stuffed the last bite of fried rice into her mouth, and drank the rest of the miso soup.

She really did finish it all…That makes me kind of happy.

“Thanks for the food. Ahhh, my stomach finally calmed down. Now then…”


Maka-sensei suddenly put both her hands on the table, and pushed herself closer to me. Because of that, I can clearly see her chest inside her loose t-shirt.

Uwaa…she’s not wearing a bra?! I can almost see her E cups except the tip…!

“You didn’t kiss them, right? And you didn’t do anything more dangerous either, I hope.”

“I-I didn’t so…U-Uhm, please hide your chest…!”

“Mhm? Ahh, oh no…really, pervert. Staring at a girl’s chest while she has her guard down, Saigi-kun really is a perverted boy.”

“I didn’t peek, but rather Sensei showed me intentionally!”

Ahh for crying out loud, I feel like an idiot for always being seduced like this. But, it doesn’t seem like I’ll ever get used to this, no matter how often I experience it.

“Now now, Saigi-kun. You don’t have to get so excited,” Maka-sensei says as she sat back down and grabbed her t-shirt with her hands.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed, so maybe she did let her guard down and felt embarrassed about it. These pure actions of her really are unfair between these attacks.

“Now then, maybe I’ll listen to how Amanashi-san’s studies are going. Jinsho-san should have no problems, as so should Miharu-san. And, Shinju-san doesn’t have any tests anyway.”

“Eh? But, you said that you’re in private mode right now…”

“I said that this wasn’t my top priority. Since it looks like the girls from SID didn’t do anything weird, I can now focus on the studying part. After all, Amanashi-san’s grades really are endangered.”

“…It’s just as you say.”

Since it would probably result in more problems for me, I decided to leave out the skinship of them.

But, even though she just came home from her busy job, she keeps asking about her students…teachers really do have it hard. At the very least, this is one thing I would hate, being a teacher…though that is pretty bad.

“Amanashi’s progress really isn’t anything to brag about. After all, we only studied for about two hours. But, I did make her learn most of the stuff by heart so that—”

For now, I reported Amanashi’s progress, and tried to take away Maka-sensei’s uneasiness, even if it’s just a little bit.

Feeling the light hit my body, I slowly opened my eyes.

“Huh? It’s morning already…?”

When in the world did I fall asleep…I can’t remember…it’s all so hazy. Well, I’ve just woken up, so of course it is. But, it feels different from usual…



I heard soft breathing to me, so I looked over.

“Ahh…Good morning, Saigi-kun.”


Maka-sensei’s sleepy face greeted me. Her chest and breast valley were clearly visible, and everything below was protected by the blanket.

A protecting blanke?! W-Where…where the hell am I?!

“We really had fun last night.”

“What do you meaaaaan?!”

That’s right, this isn’t my bed. Pure white sheets, two billows next to each other, and it looks like to seem a double-sized bed.

“Really, don’t get so excited in the morning, Saigi-kun,” Maka-sensei smiled, and pulled back her bangs. “You’ve worked so hard yesterday, but you’ve recovered already? Fufufu, the youth today really is amazing.”

“Ahhhh, what the hell is going on…!” I hurriedly jumped up from the bed and fell down on the floor.

Even the floor I landed on didn’t resemble the one of my own room. Don’t tell me…is this Maka-sensei’s bedroom?!

“I also feel a lot better. Sucking out the energy of a young boy like you really is the best.”

“Are you a succubus or something?!”

Ahh, I see that I still have enough energy for a retort like that.

…No, wait a sec.

“W-What happened last night? I remember that I made dinner for Sensei, and then—”

“Really, don’t make me say it. Even I’m embarrassed by it.”

Don’t tell me…we already crossed that line—? Impossible…But, it’s true that we’ve kissed countless times already, so if anything unexpected happened, Maka-sensei might’ve tried something…

“Come here, Saigi.kun. It’s still early. So let’s relax a bit more…”

“W-Wait a moment please—Mhm?”

As she lifted up her blanket for a short moment, I felt like I saw something.

“Sensei, excuse me.”


“Don’t ‘Kya~” me! What’s up with this!”

When I went back to the bed and lifted up the blanket even more…

“Saigi-kun really is bold…”

“You’re still going to continue that play?!”

Beneath the blanket—Maka-sensei was wearing a tube top, which clearly showed her shoulders and her chest valley. Beneath that, it was still the same short pants as yesterday, but that’s not important right now.

“Oh, I’ve been found out,” Maka-sensei sticked out her tongue like a kid.

Ahh, so cute.

“Kuu…To think I was almost lulled in one of those manga developments…!”

“Ah, is that so? I don’t really read manga that much. I see…”

So she just happened to recreate that?!

“A-Also, these clothes are way too revealing…” I hurriedly put the blanket back on her.

Since I’ve seen her naked once, this is a thousand times more erotic…

“Would you please explain this situation to me now. What happened last night!”

“Nothing special. After hearing Amanashi-san’s circumstances, I lectured you about a specific method of studying.”

“…Yeah, that’s what it feels like to me…”

Unfair, for me to be the only one to receive lessons from her like this. But, after learning about that method, my rational thinking must’ve blanked out and I let down my guard.

“Though I’ve only started explaining for about 30 minutes, you were all wobbly Saigi-kun. You must’ve been tired from the study session. Since I didn’t have any other chance, I let you use my bed.”

“I see…Well thanks for that…But, why Sensei’s bed?”

Though I was really grateful, I still had some suspicions.

“My home is right next to this, so wouldn’t it have been fine if I just went home…?”

“I let you use my bed.”

Ah, she completely ignored my retort and continues with her story.

“And, seeing how you were sound asleep, I would’ve felt bad waking you up. Sadly, my home has only one bed, so I had no other choice but to sleep in the same bed.”

“…And what’s up with that tube top?”

“A cute tease, is what it’s called. I thought of sightly surprising you. I do have my fair share of playfulness, you know?”

“It wasn’t cute at all…! Worst case, my heart could’ve stopped!”

“I told you this before, right? I’ll properly give you CPR.”

“And I also told you this before, but try so that it doesn’t get to that in the first place!”

“It’s fine, I’m really good at that. I know how to make your heart beat faster without stopping it~”

“Wait a moment! Was this all part of your plan?!”

Even if dropping that hot pot was a pure accident, she had already started her plan on seducing me!

“You really are sharp. But, it wasn’t anything ridiculous. To keep out the complicated explanation, I just used Saigi-kun’s drowsiness.”

“That’s right, that’s how it happened!”

I remember now. Though her explanations during class are really easy to understand, that method she taught me about was pretty rough…Wait, so she did that to make me fall asleep!

“It should be fine to sleep in my bed from time to time. To overwrite that study session with the beauties from SID, some more stimulation is needed after all.”

“That way of overwriting it was way too crazy, Maka-sensei!”

Making me sleepy, and get her into her bed—how skillful.

“It would be boring if it wasn’t something exciting, right?”

“…What about Sensei? Is your heart beating faster?”

“Of course. Everytime I’m with you, my heart is beating so fast that it’s actually scary. I’ll just say this upfront but…when I’m with you for the whole evening…even I can’t calm myself down anymore, you know?”

Then just don’t do all of that—is something I couldn’t say.

Looking at it, Maka-sensei and I were still lying on the same bed, and we were looking at each other at close distance.

“Really…Maka-sensei, why are you doing all these crazy things? For someone like me…”

“It is impossible to love and be wise, you know, Saigi-kun.”

“Can we stop suddenly using English words in our conversations…?”

Being suddenly tested like that is what gets my heart pumping.

“Then, just for today, I will tell you the meaning. [Love is blinding], it says. Once you’ve fallen in love, you won’t be able to think clearly anymore. Especially for me—”

“E-Especially for Sensei…?”

I’m painfully aware of the fact that Maka-sensei isn’t normal in a lot of ways. So even if the risk is high, there’s a reason for her to be together with me like this, huh.

“Saigi-kun, you’ll have to accept my punishment…for making me lose control like this, okay?”


Maka-sensei’s face went bright red, and she slowly brought her lips closer—



But in that moment, Sensei suddenly let out a weird—wait, that wasn’t Sensei’s voice at all!

Turning around, there was a girl sitting next at the door. Her hair in a twintails, a small body, but even bigger breasts than Maka-sensei—

“K-Kisou-san?! W-Why are you here?!”

“That doesn’t matter, so let’s keep kissing.”

“Ehhh?! M-Maka-sensei, wai—”

Without a care in the world, Maka-sensei kept bringing her lips closer to mine, and we kissed.

Hey hey, the one standing there is my classmate, and Maka-sensei’s student little sister—However, that wasn’t anything to pay attention to for the person named Fujiki Maka.

And, the boy who didn’t object that punishment at all is the boy named Saigi Makoto.

Finally, the person widely tapping on her phone was Kisou Tenka.

What kind of triangle is this…

There was a gaze directed at us. And the owner of that gaze was of course Kisou-san. Since our seats are rather close in the classroom, I knew at first glance.

In the morning, I left the Fujiki residence to go wake up Miharu and Kuu and made them take a bath. Pulling Kuu, who hated baths like a cat, in the bath and forcefully making her wash herself was really a lot of trouble.

After that, I made the two of them eat breakfast, and walked Kuu to her grade school, and shortly after went to my own. While I was still in the Fujiki household, I wasn’t able to hold a decent conversation with Kisou-san either, but—

Apparently, she had come to check on Maka-sensei after hearing that she was so busy. She came in that early to surprise her older sister with some breakfast. These two sisters really like to surprise other people…Well, as a result of that, she had scene that probably very impactful scene. And, when I arrived at school, Kisou-san was already present, and stared at me the whole time…But, can you really blame her?

Her real big sister was kissing a classmate of hers in front of her eyes. Though it’s really crazy that she didn’t forget to write something in her phone again in all this confusion. Even now, she continues to write something. She really is a mystery. But, leaving that side for now—

Kisou-san seems to be quite the siscon—a person that highly thinks of her elder sister. And said elder sister didn’t show any intention of clearing up that misunderstanding…well, not like there was any misunderstanding to begin with. It’s an indisputable fact that Maka-sensei and I kissed…The only thing she could misunderstand is the location we both kissed in, namely the bed.

“Mornin’, Sai-kun! It’s a great morning today!”

In that moment, Amanashi greeted me with a carefree expression.

“Alright, today I’ll make Amanashi do a lot of hard exercises. With no time to sleep for her.”

“You’re a hardcore sadist all of a sudden?!”

“It really is a lot of material to learn. Let’s just push all the information we can in her brain, and hope for the best.”

“Completely ignoring efficiency, you’re just completely in dissing mode?!”

Tch, she realized it. I just felt like teasing her a bit since she came at me with that carefree face, even though I’m full of worries here.

“……Nnn? Did something happen with Ten-chan? You’re staring at her like crazy, you know? It’s true that her breasts are big, but mine are bigger, you know?”

“I didn’t hear any of that!”

Just judging from the form of the uniform, Kisou-san’s breasts might even be bigger. Maybe all the energy from her growth went into her breasts after all…? But, that doesn’t matter right now.

“But I just want to talk about breasts…that way, everyone including me can be happy…”

“Please refrain from running away from reality.”

All the boys around us are nodding too…do they agree with Amanashi’s opinion…?

“Amanashi, excuse me for a second. And, don’t think about running away from our after school studies later.”

“Yeah, just how I want it!”

Only her motivation is good, really.

I stepped out of the classroom, and after having finished my business in the toilet, I stopped at the windows of the hallway. Inside the school building on the other side of the school grounds, I saw Maka-sensei walking down the hallway too. Together with the president, and another English teacher, they were talking about god knows what. Though they were quite the distance away from me, I could see their serious expressions. It’s probably something about the upcoming tests…

“Saigi, inside the classroom, stop talking about my breasts.”

“I didn’t start that conversation! Wait, Kisou-san…”

Before I even realized it, Kisou-san was standing next to me.

Now that she’s standing next to me like this, I can really see the height difference.

“Ahh, Onee-chan—Fujiki-sensei’s there. Even though you must’ve seen everything of her last night, you’re still gonna watch?”

“No wait…didn’t you hear the about the circumstances from Sensei already? This was something she did to—”

“I heard them. As always, you’re toying with Onee-chan. It’s dangerous, so you better pull yourself together.”

“Uu…even if you say that, Maka-sensei’s the one being on the aggressive all the time…”

Though there were times when I wanted to gain the upper hand against Maka-sensei, but it was always turned around against me.

“And also how much do you know, Kisou-san? About mine and Maka-sensei’s—”

“General gist of it. We live apart, but still come visit from afar. When I do, I hear a lot.”

“That ‘a lot’ part really scares me…” I smiled bitterly.

“But I never thought in my dreams, that your relationship would be like this, by any means. What are you doing, with Onee-chan.”

“Your Onee-chan is the one doing it!”

And of course, that ‘it’ referred to the kiss. She didn’t get a misunderstanding about the bed, right? …Right?

“…I thought so. Saigi isn’t that brave. I don’t know much about you, but I know, that you don’t have the courage to lay a hand on a female teacher.”

“There are countless other people that wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on her, you know.”

“Poor loser is saying something. But what I know, is that you’re a good for nothing.”

Woah, her tongue is loosening…Uhm…

Maka-sensei is the unobtainable flower. So is it really fair to call me good for nothing if I’m just like any other boy at this school?

“Now a question of mine. How much do you know, Saigi, about our family?”

“How much, huh…Well, I did hear about the circumstances from Kisou-san’s family at least.”

“I wasn’t going to hide it so I don’t mind. And I don’t care what happens to the people that heard of it.”

“Please care about them at least a little bit!”

Really, Kisou-san looks as cute as doll, but her interior is just…

“Joking. Then you should know, that when all that stuff happened, I was still a baby.”


Soon after Kisou-san was born, her parents divorced.

“My mother took me back to her own family, and I had a calm and easy life there. But, Onee-chan, who was taken away by our good for nothing father, had it much more difficult. Even so, she polished herself so much until she became the person she is today.”


Thinking about it, Maka-sensei really overcame that difficult past of hers quite positively. When she was still a small child, her father went bankrupt, her parents got divorced, and she was separated from her mother and little sister. Even though she had these kind of circumstances surrounding her, she hated being belittled the most—

Putting effort on top of effort, she arrived at where she is now. And everybody she accept that.

“After polishing and polishing, what was born was the unobtainable flower. But in front of Saigi, she becomes a girl that you can find anywhere.”

“I don’t think that you can find a girl like her everywhere though…”

“Anyway, I don’t care about her reason for choosing you. Choosing her, is what’s best for you.”

“Uuu…Uhm, I’m really trying my hardest so that her doing this and that doesn’t get out though…”

“Look at her, over there. As you can see, very busy.”

“Ahh, you’re right.”

Kisou-san pointed at the other school building where Maka-sensei was walking. She bowed down to the other people accompanying her, and walked down the hallway on fast feet. It was obvious that she was busy.

“The one problematic person is Amanashi. Get rid of her, get rid of Onee-chan’s headaches.”

“You say that like it’s pretty easy.”

I know that she has it rough because of her exam preparation, but I can’t help her. The only thing I can do is get rid of one thing that troubles her.


And, Kisou-san had suddenly started typing something into her phone again.

“Hey, Kisou-san. I have a question for you as well. What are you always writing on there?”

“—Records of love and adolescence.”


While I was tilted my head in confusion, Kisou-san turned her back to me and walked back to the classroom.

Really, why do I gather all three incomprehensible girls around me? Though I dare not utter the name of the most troublesome person, her little sister surely doesn’t fall behind too far.

It seems like my duty in this case is to take care of her.

“That being said, from here on out, we’ll be cutting all mercy and going easy on you.”

“W-What’s up with that?!”

Of course, the person surprised here was Amanashi Nui.

“He he he, no matter how much you try to scream, nobody will hear you…that kind of development?! Is this turning into an ero doujin?!”

“In a certain way, yes. Though the thing we’ll be doing is studying.”

Let’s just ignore that ero doujin comment.

Currently, we were in a karaoke shop. After classes, I dragged Amanashi with me here. On a side note, Amanashi’s home is a 5 minute walk from here, so there’s no problem in getting her home even if we study until it gets dark outside.

“Since it’s a karaoke shop, we can talk about whatever we want in what voice we want, the table is big enough for our textbooks and notes, and most importantly, the chairs are comfortable.”

The so called ‘KaraBen’, a very effective way of studying if you’re able to focus.

(TLC: Karaoke Benkyou = Karaoke studying)

Though a demerit is that you can hear the singing voices from the rooms around you, but for Amanashi, a noisy environment might be better than complete silence. Though it hurts my monthly expenses a bit, it’s only until the exams. Let’s put up with it.

“From 4pm to 7pm. 3 hours straight studying. It’s still a bit short, but it’s better than having Amanashi just study half-baked half a day.”

“Well, I never really studied half a day. It was mostly about one hour until I needed a break!”

“…Sadly, three hours are our limit. I have to be home until 8pm, and look after my little sister after all.”

For Miharu, I allowed her to buy a hot snack from the convenience store close-by. Normally, I’d prohibit her from doing that, since she would probably stuff her stomach until eternity, but waiting too long for dinner would be too harsh on her too.

“Ohhh, Sai-kun seems to have it rough too.”

“If you were to get your studies straight, that would be one problem off my back, you know. But, now that I’m helping you, I’m not stopping mid-way. Forget about that study session, and just focus on the hell lying ahead of you.”

“Ehhhhh?!” Amanashi suddenly jumped up on the sofa.

…Can you not move like that?

“W-Weird…Sai-kun seems so motivated all of a sudden… At the study session you had that ‘Well, at least I can gaze at her breasts while she’s studying’ kind of feeling, you know?”

“I’m fairly certain I didn’t express that at all.”

As I said that, Amanashi averted her eyes. Just like always, she doesn’t wear the blazer over her uniform, and the school’s number one breasts are speaking for themselves. Even if her interior is like that, her looks can rival any beauty mentioned in a shounen manga magazine. It doesn’t matter how far I am from being a nikushoku kei, the seduction of those big breasts is something to be afraid of.

(TLC: )

But, even so, I’ve been able to hold back against these E Cups from that beautiful teacher, so I should be able to get through this.

I coughed once.

“Amanashi Nui—I will raise you to think of me no longer as a classmate, but rather as a classmate that even the devil is afraid of.”

“Y-You don’t have to raise me at all!”

Somehow, this one phrase seemed rather familiar to me—

I decided not to dwell on it. There is something else I have to prioritize now.

“It’s five days until the exams. However, comparing it to midterms, the final exams have less subjects, and the extent doesn’t get any bigger either. That’s why, we will climb up that mountain.”

“Wasn’t I supposed to do my best with memorizing it? I feel like I might be able to do that.”

“It’s similar to learning by heart. We guess the questions, and ram the answers to them into your head.”

“And what if they’re not the same in the exam?”

“You’ll get a failing grade, and have to take supplementary lessons.”

“That’s not all that great either then! I won’t be able to do my job, and I can’t flirt with Sai-kun either!”

“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear the latter part…Anyway, you’ll only get a failing grade if your points are beneath the average, so worrying about it won’t do us any good. For now, we should aim to get an average of 80 points in each subject.”

“Uuu…80 points is pretty tough, you know…” Amanashi flinched.

Since she’s pretty close to the last spot, she would probably get one of two failing grades at least. For now, making the number of failing grades to zero is a must.

In Seikadai, if you were to get one failing grade, you’ll be forced to repeat a year. However, since there’s these rescue measures, called supplementary lessons, which explains why there hasn’t been a single student repeating a year in quite some time. But, you cannot be spoiled by such a system. If Maka-sensei were to have such a student in their class, it would look really bad for her.

But, it’s not like I’m doing this because I want to help Maka-sensei or anything—Well, it’s that, you know. Kisou-san is scary. That’s all, okay?

…I’m well aware of the fact that I can’t be honest, you know?

“In my case, I mostly hit the average score. If there’s a subject I’m better than the average, there’s one that I get scores below the average, that’s all.”

“R-Really? Sai-kun, you’re amazing! You sure you’re not a genius?!”

“…I’m not a genius, but it’s exactly because I’m closer to you than President is what makes it easier for me to teach you, I think.”

“That’s right, comparing to Kaichou, I’m way closer to Sai-kun!”

“Let’s leave it at that for now. We shouldn’t waste time, so let’s start. From here, that is.”

I put down a workbook from modern literature in front of her. That’s rather easy subject, because you just have to remember the parts the author wants to express—exactly what our teachers taught us in class, and you’ll naturally get some points.

“Grr…Japanese is really difficult.”

…Or maybe not.

“Muu, it just won’t stay in my head. Maybe I should sing a song to freshen up…”

“We’ve just started, you know? It’s not even been five minutes.”

“It’s really hard for me to concentrate for more than five minutes, you know! If this was like my work as a gravure idol, I could focus for hours.”

“Ah, that’s it,” I clapped my hands and took out my phone, pointing the camera at Amanashi.

“W-What? D-Don’t tell me, Sai-kun, you’re going to film us while we’re having—”

“Okay, please refrain from using such vulgar language. And it’s not that. How about you think of this as a photo shoot? If you don’t honestly study, the photos will turn out bad…is that alright with you Amanashi?”

“Muuu…Just what I would expect from Sai-kun, such a novel-like idea.”

Leaving aside the meaning behind her words, Amanashi is really straightforward alright…

“Do the best you can. I’ll just take photos at the right timing, but don’t mind me.”

If it doesn’t work, we can just stop after all.

“I-I’ll try. Uhm…until now, the character contradicted himself, so we can ignore that for now…from here on out, it’s his real feelings…Grrr…”


*Click I took one photo.

A seriously studying Amanashi…what a rare picture to behold. After all, she was sleeping through class about 80% of the time.

“Please choose Yasuo’s feelings in the underlined section below…Yasuo…what are your feelings!”

“…Don’t talk like that during the test, okay?”

She would probably get thrown out of the classroom, with a failing grade in her hands. And, I took a picture of that idiotic Amanashi too.

And like that—Amanashi unexpectedly managed to actually focus and move on with her studies.

From modern literature to classical literature, on to English language. In a short amount of time, we managed to work through subject after subject. It seems like Amanashi really is taking her job as a gravure model serious, looking at these results.

Before, I talked bad about her job, so maybe I should apologize later.

“Nnn…it’s hot…”


While still glaring at the text in front of her, she took off her vest. With a bounce, her breasts weren’t hidden anymore and kept shaking all over the place.

I-Impossible…she should be wearing a bra, so why are they shaking like this?!

“Muu…When I use my head, my body just gets so hot for some reason…Hot hot hot hot hot,” she said, and start flapping her skirt.

Her skirt was short to begin with, so every time she moved it up and down, her thighs were in plain sight.

I can’t take a photo of that…I really can’t. And, what if they have surveillance cameras in here? We would probably get kicked out with a ‘Dear guests, please refrain from any sexual activities inside the shop.’

“Ah, I solved it! This might be the first time I ever understood how to use that grammatical rule! I did it, Sei-kun!”


As I thought that, Amanashi suddenly hugged me out of the blue. Because of that, I felt the full force of her breasts on my chest.

I know that she probably didn’t have any ulterior motive with that, but—This is bad, really bad.

“Getting an average grade might not be a dream after all! I might’ve awoken to being a genius!”

“The birth of a new genius, I see~…”

I gazed at the phone in my hand. While I was trying to take a photo of her having solved that problem, she suddenly jumped up, so I was wondering if I actually managed to get the picture. While I was still being hugged, i opened up the photo app, and checked. And, shown there was a photo of Amanashi with a beaming smile I had never seen before on her face.

If these shounen manga magazines had photos of gravure models like these, I might actually waste my money on them.

Weird, I was just supposed to help Amanashi with her studies. Somehow, isn’t this going in a pretty bad direction right now…? (NTR incoming?)

4 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 2

  1. Thanks for another update of this amazing novel ❤


  2. thanks for the updates


  3. Lol the comments on this translation tho 😀


  4. NTR incoming what do you mean?
    By the way thanks for chapter


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