Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Afterword

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Good day everyone, my name is Nagami Yuu. Thanks to your continued support, we’ve made it to Volume 2! Thank you so much! I was so surprised that we actually managed to sell so many copies! And of course, I’m relieved that so many people enjoyed this series.

To be honest, writing an ‘Older teacher’ was quite the challenge for me. Though it seems like older heroines seem to be coming into trend recently in light novels, I couldn’t just depend on that. But, well, I just have to write a novel that people think of as interesting, right?—is a common pattern. And this novel isn’t too much different from that.

Anyways, it takes quite a lot of time from the planning to the actual release. Depending on it, even up to one year… And, although this novel certainly didn’t take this long, you really can’t underestimate the work and effort that has gone into this.

But well, let’s talk more about the heroine. When I was younger, there was an anime with a beautiful teacher as the heroine, and it was very popular at that time. When I met with my editor, I told him “That anime, I actually preferred the sub heroine high school students, but now I’m all up for the teacher!”, to what he responded with “Well, that’s because you’ve gotten older.” It seems like your preferences really change when you get older. Though maybe there are just less people that prefer a younger heroine.

And, about this second volume, as always, Maka-sensei was constantly on the attack. I thought of adding a good-looking gentleman into the story, but I decided against the idea in the end (I’m sorry). Instead, I wanted to focus on one of the members of the mysterious group SID that debuted in volume 1. Of course, since the title of the series is [Boku no Kanojo-sensei], nobody will take the place of the main heroine from her. But, if this sometimes good-for-nothing Maka-sensei lets her guard down, even SID might get on the attack too. But, if something more than that happened, I might have had to title this series [Boku no Gravure Idol] or [Boku no Seitoukaichou] or [Boku no Imouto], or even [Boku no Shougakusei]. Well, the case of the later would probably bring in some problems.

(TLC: Seitokaichou > Karen-kaichou; Imouto > Miharu; Shougakusei > Kuu)

Leaving aside the jokes, I want Maka-sensei to work just as much as before. In a lot of ways.

Oryou-sensei, thank you very much for your wonderful illustrations this time around as well! I’m so happy, getting to see so many different faces of Maka-sensei. Not to mention that Amanashi also looks really cute~ I had so much fun gazing at those various illustrations!

Towards my editor, I’ve been in your care this time around and as well, and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support! Just like to everyone who was involved in the production and sales of this book. Thank you so much.

And, first and foremost, my eternal gratitude towards all the readers that decided to take the first volume, and also this book into their hands!

Now then, I hope that we see each other again!

Fall 2018, Kagami Yuu


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