Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Maka-sensei doesn’t let her guard down

Part 1:

On my way home, I was abducted. On this dark street, the car that picked me up was driving at a high speed, while still somehow driving at acceptable speed. With a red, round body, it was a car from a rather famous automobile production company; a fiat. Next to me, the driver of the car was wearing a dark blue suit. With rolled up sleeves, she gleefully moved the steering wheel.

“Hmm~ Hmm~ How lucky that the streets aren’t filled tonight.”

“…I would be more thankful if the streets were filled though.”

Because she didn’t even drop her speed during curves, my body was constantly pressed back into the seat because the G-force was too much for me to handle.

“You don’t seem so happy, Saigi-kun. Are you tired after all these exams?”

“At least the exhaustion from them doesn’t endanger my life!”

Even though I decided to never drive with her again!

Of course, the person handling the steering wheel was Maka-sensei. I rode in the same car before, and I merely almost died. No, maybe I really died that time, and the me right now is just a lingering afterthought.

“And, why is this even happening?!”

Today, it was the 3rd day of consecutive midterms, and also the final day. And, even a rather unimportant student like me was invited to some karaoke after everything was over. Normally, the chance for me to take part in such an event was always 50-50, I decided to join this time. No special reason though. Not like I had any reason when I declined before.

By the way, Amanashi also joined, which is why the mic was mostly in her hands for the duration. And, on another side note, Kisou-san didn’t come with us. Since there are some boys who are attracted to her secretiveness, they decided to invite her, but she directly declined.

And, while I was on the way home—A red fiat that I had seen countless times in my nightmares suddenly appeared.

“You can look forward to our destination. But, since it’ll take some time until we arrive, you can go ahead and inform Miharu-san.”

“…Thanks for that, I guess.”

Then, I guess I can tell her that she can eat dinner on her own. A LINE message should be enough.

“You can go ahead and eat that ‘Sausage from that German person’…Okay.”

That sausage is lined up next to ‘Pasta that an Italian won’t accept’. Since they often aren’t in the store’s assortment, she can only eat them very rarely. With that, Miharu should be taken care of for now.

[Ohh, it’s been such a long time since Miharu had that sausage! Onii-chan, take your time~’

And, an immediate response from Miharu.

I hope that she isn’t planning on eating all of them…there’s about 20 in that one bag…

—While I was worrying about that, and also about Maka-sensei’s driving, it took us about 30 minutes.

Next to the seaside, she parked in a small parking lot close to a store.

“Ahh, I came back alive.”

“Saigi-kun, you’re exaggerating. This time you actually kept your consciousness, so everything’s okay.”

“Then don’t drive that crazy to make me lose my consciousness!”

When we went to that yakiniku restaurant before, I was only half conscious. Swelling in those beautiful memories, I trotted after Maka-sensei into the store.

“Hey, welcome!”

Judging from that greeting, it was a ramen shop—no, a sushi shop. Besides from the seats at the counter, there were only two other tables.

“I have a reservation for Fujiki.”

“Understood. Please follow me.”

From the back of the store, someone that looked like the proprietress of the store appeared, and guided us. The store actually had a second floor, and this one had private rooms. Though they weren’t exactly spacey, they were clean, and gave off a calming feeling of being at home.

“Anyways. As you can see, this is a party since exams ended.”

“I already had that today…but, is your job already done, Sensei?”

Though, it was about 7pm when I was abducted, so it wasn’t weird for her job to already be over.

“Though you might’ve been freed now, for us teachers, the real deal starts now. Grading these tests is a lot of work, you know? We have to keep a look on every single misspelling on the answer sheets. Of course, once we have the final grades, we have to think of a way to fix those during class, and whatnot. And, we also have to start the preparations for the final exams.”

“I-Is that so…”

Because of her endless monologue, I understood that this wasn’t exactly the time to be coming here.

“But, it’s almost my job to reward Saigi-kun for working so hard. I mean, I am your girlfriend after all.”

“Is there really any reason to keep up that act in places where SID cannot see us…?”

Are we really just acting…?

“Though this place isn’t very known, the people that go here are mostly regulars. The proprietress always goes to the market to get some fresh fish, so they can barely keep their red numbers in check with some reasonable prices.”

“It feels like I heard a similar story before…You’re really good at finding such stores I see.”

And you’re going to ignore my retort?

“And even if you say reasonable, isn’t sushi pretty expensive?”

“No need to worry, I will be treating you. Fu, those little girls can’t artificially feed you like this, right?”

“Did you just say artificial feeding?”

(TLC: artificial feeding: accustoming wild animals to eating food given by humans)​

“You don’t hate sushi, right? You’re okay with raw fish?”

“…I like it. I sometimes eat it with Miharu after all. Though I prefer conveyor-belt sushi”

She’s really ignoring my retort.

“H-How unfair…! Being able to enjoy conveyor-belt sushi with Saigi-kun…Miharu-san, I’m so envious! Would it hurt you so much to change with me!?”

“…Miharu also likes the Mont Blanc from Gallama.”

Galaxy Market is a convenience store across the street from my mansion. The sweets they have there is one of Miharu’s favorite food. Very convenient for my little sister.

“I got some good information. Having Miharu-san at my side, the other SID members are easier to deal with.”


I trusted you, Sensei. To think that you’re actually trying to buy my little sister. And also, Miharu said that she likes me, but didn’t she just mean ‘Miharu likes the Onii-chan that always buys sweets for her’ ?

“Ah, there it is.”

The door to the room opened, and the proprietress from before came in, with a tray in her hands. On top of that tray were small wooden plates with sushi on them.


I couldn’t keep my surprisement in check. After all, that sushi looked incredibly delicious.

A refined size, variations of red-fleshed and white-fleshed fish, tuna belly, shellfish, salted salmon roe and sea urchin and so on.

I understood at first glance that everything used here was completely fresh. With a smile, the proprietress put down the sushi and saig “Here is your special offer hand-formed sushi course”.

“S-Special offer? …This really looks expensive though?” Waiting for the proprietress to leave, I asked Maka-sensei.

“I told you that the prices are reasonable. Well, those are necessary expenses.”

“Expenses for what…?”

Is she really planning to win me over with food? The only person I know who that would work on is my little sister, but I’m still her older brother, so maybe because of that? Ahhh, but, I cannot decline the invitation of this sushi…

Medium-fatty tuna, under-belly of the tuna, sparidae, cuttlefish, the meat the the base of the flounder, Japanese conger, salted salmon roe, sea urchin…Ahhh, those are all my favorites. Sushi rolled in seaweed with some grilled eggs, with fitting beverages…I couldn’t resist it any longer.

“Don’t mind the small stuff and eat to your heart’s content. It’s my treat.”

“Thanks for the food!”

Really, with all this sushi in front of me, I can’t be bothered with trying to figure out her motives. Apparently both Miharu and I are easy to bait with food…Ahh, but it’s so delicious! Though I feel bad for the conveyor-belt sushi, the difference is just too immense!

“Fufufu, you make it look so delicious. I was always pondering on with what I should reward you after exams are over, but seems like I made the right choice.”

“Is it really okay to worry about this when you’re so busy?”

Though I felt thankful, I also felt kind of sorry, since I didn’t ask for this.

“I’ve been thinking about a lot…eating sushi off a woman’s body and so on…”


I almost spit out this delicious salmon roe!

“But, I’m still contemplating about the whole hygiene problems, you know?”

“I think that there’s an even bigger problem to reconsider here!”

What kind of crazy fantasies does this person have.

“Just being able to let you eat this delicious stuff is the most important thing. There’s no need to be wary so keep eating to your heart’s content.”


No need to be wary? If you tell me something like that, I’ll get even more wary, you know… She’s not going to feed me like last time with that yakiniku, right? Well, the sushi is so delicious, so it would be a waste not to eat it.

“…Nnn? But, wouldn’t it have been okay to just eat at the counter?”

I won’t complain about the nice presentation here, but getting the sushi piece by piece isn’t that bad either.

“That’s…no good.”

“Why is that?”

“Listen, Saigi-kun. From your point of view, I might already look like a full-fledged woman, but the world still only sees me as a little girl. And, wouldn’t it be pretty cheeky of a girl like me to sit at the counter and say something like ‘Mister, can I leave it to you today’, right?”

“So basically, you didn’t have the confidence that you would’ve been able to properly order stuff, I see.”

“I-I didn’t say it like that though?!”

Maka-sensei, you’re getting flustered. You shouldn’t forget my personality here. I’ll see through that lie immediately.

“Really, that’s not cute at all,” Maka-sensei puffed out her cheeks as she stuffed some sushi into her mouth.

Since she was a student, she would always get the princess treatment from everyone around her. Because of that, she’s lacking some severe experience in a lot of things. When we were in that yakiniku restaurant, she was unable to properly order or even grill the meat. Probably, all those people around her did that for her. Just like now, to let a person younger than her take the lead, she is a good-for-nothing to be wary off.

“…You look like you’re thinking of something extremely rude.”

“O-Oh no. To think that you would see right through me. Even though I’m supposed to be the one doing that.”

“Though my time with you is limited, I managed to get a hang of you. After all, I’m always looking at you.”

“It’s really scary thinking that you would do that all the time. At least the honor student inside of me feels that way.”

“It seems like our teachers are actually avoiding you in that regard. Might never know what you say to them, they said.”

“So Maka-sensei is the only one observing me like that. This is getting more and more scary.”

“Scary? Saigi-kun, you really could’ve lied there. I really wish you’d be a bit more cuter sometimes. And also…even I can order at the counter…” Maka-sensei puffed out her lips as she pouted.

She’s clearly just sulking because I was teasing her with her nonexistent real-life experience. She then proceeded to grab a near sake bottle, poured some into a small cup and gulped it down.

—Wait, that’s not good at all!

“Sensei, isn’t that alcohol?!”


“Don’t ‘Ah’ me!”

That reminds me, the special offer course came with beverage. I picked some oolong tea, but it completely slipped my mind that there was some sake on there.

“Fu…seems like that was my mistake.”

“This isn’t the time to be calmly stating that! We’re here with a car!”

Ahhh, her cynical face is also beautiful—wait, that’s not important right now!

“No, there’s an even bigger problem.”

“Don’t tell me…you’re the type to get violent?”

“No, I get sleepy. Even the small of amount of alcohol in a cake is bad enough for me. I can’t keep myself awake after eating just one slice.”

“Y-You just drank that whole cup, right…? And this is Japanese alcohol, isn’t it?”

“That being said, good night Saigi-kun. I’ll see you again tomorrow morning.”

“You’re giving me the responsibility?!”

Luckily, I was just in time to put my hand between her forehead on the table, or else it would’ve been a direct hit.

Hey hey, even the trains are still running, so it wouldn’t be impossible to get home without the car—But, how can I go home with a sleeping person like this?

However, a blessing of disguise was that next to the sushi restaurant was actually a hotel. Apparently, there were a lot of hotels around since the sight on the sea was so good here.

Explaining the situation to the proprietress, we managed to safely get one room. And, I lied a bit, saying that we were siblings. After all, if Maka-sensei were to be reported, her live as a functioning member of society would be over. With the help from a hotel employee and the proprietress, we carried the still sleeping Maka-sensei to the room.

“Haaa…that was a lot of work alright.”

No matter how slim she is, Maka-sensei is still a woman. And, my body was rather small for being a high school second grade boy. Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to get her here.

“Nnn…Uuunn…” Maka-sensei rolled around on the futon that was prepared.

Somehow, it feels like she’s sleeping, but not sleeping at all… But, even though I’m cautious of everyone and everything, I cannot see any acting in her actions right now. Her face was red, and she was sweating profusely. It seems like she really was weak against alcohol. There was an option of calling for a taxi, but getting her in there in this weaken state wasn’t something I wanted to rely on…Bringing her here was the best choice. Even the proprietress agreed.

“I’ll have Sensei stay over like this and go home…is not something I can do, alright.”

It’s not like she’s just sleeping, but she might collapse because of her drunkness. Leaving her alone would be really irresponsible. When I leave tomorrow morning fast enough, I can still make it to school.

“That leaves only this…”

For now, I have to explain the situation to Miharu via LINE. And, might as well remind her to properly go to bed, lock the doors and not oversleep tomorrow.

[Ohh, so you’re staying over. That hotel seems to be pretty good.]

That was the only response I got from my little sister—wait a second. I didn’t even tell her at which hotel I was staying over. She’s has to use the GPS of my phone, right? I know that she’s hanging on her social games, but she shouldn’t be that good with machines…


“…Maka-sensei, please don’t let out a weird voice like that, and change into something more comfortable before you sleep. Your suit is going to get wrinkled. Look, I’m gonna step out for a second.”

She should at least change before she’s sound asleep.

“Nnn…Then, as today’s ‘education’…Saigi-kun, help me change my clothes….”

“Excuse me?!”

Maka-sensei continued to roll around the bed, with her eyes closed.

Is she talking in her sleep? That must be sleep-talk right? No, I want to think that it was.

“Since you’re always so cute, I end up spoiling you…I always end up stripping myself, and acting so indecently…This is a challenge, to arrive at a new stage…”

“…You’re totally awake, aren’t you?”

No response to my retort. Though she looks sound asleep, she’s saying some weird stuff.

“Uuu~! I can’t sleep like this! I have to change first! Hurry up and undress me, hurry…”


Being told to undress her by a beautiful teacher, there’s gotta be limits to dreaming. But sadly, this was really happening…

“…Sensei, I’ll really undress you. Is that…okay?”

“Don’t be rampant…You have to be careful…”

Can you not say something misleading like that.

“Ahh, for crying out loud…!”

I softly lifted up Maka-sensei’s body to slowly take off the upper part of her suit…What would happen if someone saw us like this…? If I’m really going to do it, I have to get it over with fast…But, how do you take of this tight mini skirt? Ahh, that zipper, huh. A woman’s clothes really are complicated. Just a while ago, I was still bathing together with my little sister, but Miharu was always the one to take them off herself.


“Ah, I-I’m sorry…”

N-Not good, I accidentally touched her butt. I’m trying not to look too much, and this is what happens. Going forward is hell, stopping here is hell…! Or maybe it’s actually heaven!

I tried my best not to touch her while taking of her dark blue mini skirt, and her long legs greeted me.

…This totally makes me sound like a pervert, right?

“My stockings are also in the way…Saigi-kun…Hurry…”


I was planning on feigning ignorance here!

Pulling off her thin, black stockings, her white panties entered my sight.

Uwaa…those stockings perfectly fit her skin…and it looks like her legs would break if I touch her…

“Ahh, forget about that! I didn’t think that…!”

That was close, I was about to pull off her panties too! This feels even more indecent than any other research we’ve done before…!

Fuuu, this feels like I just had to sit through a math exam, which I’m really bad at. Ahhh, I’m tired…so tired.



All that was left to do was for me to slowly open up the buttons to her blouse, slowly lift up her body and take it off. Though she was still wearing her white bra and panties, I didn’t dare going any further. My mental state would probably break down if I did.

Now, making sure that she wouldn’t catch a cold, I helped her with putting on a yukata. Really, it was a lot of work since I myself have problems properly wearing one. Not to mention that I had to do it for this beautiful teacher, who was wearing nothing but her underwear…Ahh, her breasts are so big I can’t properly close up the front!

Have to do it without looking at her chest…

“S-Something like this should be good, I guess…? Sensei, you’re wearing your yukata now, so you can sleep as much as you want.”

“Thank you…”


With her yukata wearing appearance, Maka-sensei put her hands around my neck, and pulled me on the futon.

With a thump, we were now both laying next to each other.

“W-What are you doing?!”

“Let’s sleep like this, I can’t keep myself awake any longer…”

“We do have two separate futons though!”

“As long as there’s love, we don’t need 2 futons…”

What is this person saying…

“Here, good boy good boy…Good work on the exams…You really worked hard.”

“This is a bit too radical for a reward though!”

“…For the whole week, I lent you to Amanashi-san, so just for this one night should be fine…”

“Am I some sort of rental boyfriend…?”

But, that retort didn’t enter her ears. As she kept me close as a hugging pillow, her breathing got slower until it entered a sleeping rhythm…

“…I’m sorry, for always being so reckless…At least, please don’t hate me…”

Or so I thought, as I heard her murmur like that.

That sounded rather weak coming from Maka-sensei…is it because she’s weakened by the alcohol? Or, is she just dreaming? I couldn’t get an answer from that, but—

“…Until now, I’ve always hated teachers, but towards Maka-sensei, I—”

That was how far I spoke, because I myself didn’t have the answer to that either.

“…I’m also sleepy”

My head wasn’t able to think about this anymore. After all, I had a day of exams behind me today. Of course, I stayed up all night yesterday to get as much information into my head at the very last second. That’s why I’m sleepy. That’s why I lost against Maka-sensei’s invitation to sleep with her. That being said, let’s just stay like this as her hugging pillow—

The following morning—Maka-sensei got up a little bit before 5 am. Of course, I also got up with her, and after we’ve said our thanks to the proprietress and payed for the hotel, we drove off with the fiat. Thankfully, Maka-sensei’s drunkenness was completely gone. And after driving down the almost empty streets, we arrived at the mansion. From here on out, it was our normal morning routine. The both of us returned to our respective appartements, I made breakfast and woke up Miharu, and left the house early shortly after. Judging from the silence of Maka-sensei’s appartement, she had already left before me. I always thought that women needed more time to prepare for that, so props to her for that.

And shortly after, I arrived at school.

Of course, even though we’ve just been through exams, it was normal class like always—and that was perfectly okay, until…

“S-So sleepy…”

I’m glad I got the seat in the back corner of the classroom…I was barely able to keep up my head after all.

Yeah, that’s right.

Last night, I really—really didn’t get a single wink of sleep. Being used as a hugging pillow, and I had the yukata wearing Maka-sensei in front of me. Not to mention that her yukata was pretty loose because I didn’t put it on properly, so I mostly could see both her white panties and bra.

Just don’t look, you say? Idiot, as if I had such a strong will. The best I could do was fake sleeping when she woke up for a second. I can’t exactly tell her that I was watching her sleeping face all night. Even if it’s Maka-sensei we’re talking about, that would’ve been embarrassing as all hell.

…I wonder if I can actually pull through class today…I have to…pull through…



Suddenly being called, my whole body shook.

“How brave to actually doze away during my class. Especially you, who I had thought was always trying to listen at least.”

“Y-Yes…I’m sorry.”

Not good, and not to mention that it was during Maka-sensei’s class. And weirdly enough, because of Maka-sensei’s joke, everyone around me started laughing. So they’re actually poking fun at the previous rumour between me and Sensei now…

“You seem to be rather sleepy, so did you perhaps go partying somewhere after exams? I’m not telling you to have fun, but keep it at acceptable levels, okay?”


And who exactly is the one at fault here!

As always, her unobtainable flower mode is a sight to behold.

“Then, to make this sleepy Saigi-kun wake up, how about we have him translate this page?”

And you’re not holding back at all…You should perfectly know that I wasn’t listening at all…Really, rather than that obtainable flower Maka-sensei, I like the yukata-wearing dozing Maka-sensei a lot more. Though, I don’t plan on saying that out aloud anytime soon.

*Sluuuuuuuuuuuuurp* I slurped up the tsukimi udon. Thanks to the high tuition costs and donations, Seikadai could afford a proper school cafeteria. Normally I would always order the daily menu, but since I was so sleepy today, I didn’t have any appetite. I somehow managed to pull through the morning, but if my stomach is full, I get even more sleepy…

Since the exams were over, it had gotten more noisy too. Though I was never the energetic type to begin with, I’d really like some energy from them.

“Heyho, Sai-kun! I can sit next to you, right?”


The embodiment of energy arrived. Without waiting for my reply, Amanashi sait down at the table, facing me. As always, her breasts are gleefully big.

…Ahhh, maybe it’s because of my sleep-deprived state, but I keep thinking about weird stuff.

“Huh? Only udon today, Saigi-kun? If you don’t eat more, you won’t get enough power for the rest of the day!”

Amanashi on her part had once more the set menu, pork fried with ginger, and a half-sized bowl of yakisoba.

“You’re going to eat all of that again…?”

Just looking at it robbed me of any appetite. Even though she’s so slim, she really eats a lot alright.

“I exhausted a lot of energy during the exams, so I have to get that back now!”

“Ah, right, I remember. How did your exams go?”

Yesterday at the party, Amanashi was always singing so it was hard to approach her. And, since I was constantly helping her out with her studies, of course I’d be interested in the result.

“Uuu…Y-You want to know that right now?”

“You’re pretty busy right? That’s why I should use my chance to ask you now. And? Did you grade your own test?”

“I-I didn’t. I mean, yesterday’s today, right? Once I got home from the party, I immediately fell asleep.”

“You should at least know if it went good or bad, right?”

“Muuu—I’m sorry, I will resignate.”


As I tilted my head, Amanashi did something on her phone, and handed it over to me. After waiting for a nod from her, I took it into my hands.

“Nnn…? Ohhh, so you actually did it.”

Shown on the screen was an app that stated the subject and her points. To be honest, I was a bit surprised. I didn’t expect to do this so early.

“I-I’m sorry, Sai-kun! To make up for it, I’ll do anything you want! It’s okay, I might not have any experience, but I know just what exactly a boy would wish for!”

“Okay! Amanashi, keep your voice down a bit, will you!”

I panickingly looked around. Thankfully, since the cafeteria was so noisy today, nobody seemed to have heard that dangerous remark from her.

“And, what exactly are you apologizing for?”

“Eh? B-But, those points…They’re not good, right?”

“Yeah, they aren’t.”

“So honest!”

You were the one who said it so don’t cry.

“Yeah, it’s true that they’re not exactly good…but, if this is correct, then you shouldn’t get any failing grade, I think. With modern literature and world history, you might even be above the average.”

“Eh? B-But…”

Amanashi was constantly looking very apologetic to me, I wonder why?

“W-Well, there’s no mistake that these have been the hardest exams in my life so far. But…Even though I had Sai-kun teaching me, I just managed to get away from getting the lowest rank!”

“Amanashi…did you think that you would get even better grades than this?”

“I was hoping for a future where I would get above average in all subjects and be praised by Sai-kun!”


Ahh, I get it now. She thought that if she worked harder than ever before, she’d get grades better than ever before. Yeah, I kind of get where she’s coming from. That’s probably why she immediately checked her test, because she had high expectations like that.

“Well, I’m actually pretty surprised at these grades. I was a bit afraid what you were going to do if you really got the lowest rank.”

“You expected far less from me?!”

“That’s why you shouldn’t let it get to you that much. It’s the effort of your hard work after all.”

“S-Sai-kun is being nice to me?!”

“So what else do you want me to say?!”

“Uuu, well, I’m happy being praised by Sai-kun, but…”

The person in question had higher hopes for sure. Well, not like aiming higher is a bad thing.


That moment, Amanashi’s phone vibrated. And a pop-up on the screen said that he had gotten a new message.

“Ah, sorry. Amanashi, you got a new message in LINE.”

“Ahh, it’s fine. Yeah, it’s from manager,” Amanashi said as she accepted her phone back from me and started reading.

“Hmm…Ohh…Mhm?! T-That’s it!”


Amanashi suddenly raised her voice after mumbling to herself.

Was it just my imagination, or did her eyes sparkle for a second…?

“Sai-kun, this is getting really interesting!”


Something annoying happened. Or rather, something is going to happen.

…After what happened this spring, I’m actually pretty terrified that I’ve kind of grown accustomed to this sort of thing. But, there’s no way that anything more troublesome than that incident last night would happen, right?!

And with no major incident, classes ended.

Thank god I didn’t fall asleep during class…But, I still didn’t hear anything resembling that ‘really interesting’ thing Amanashi was talking about. I mostly tried to hide from her after all, but how long can I keep that up?

While putting my notebook and workbooks into my bag, I carefully checked my surroundings. And I couldn’t find Amanashi’s silhouette anywhere in the classroom. Maybe she already went to her job now that exams are over. She did say that she’s pretty busy with her job after all. Unlike her, I’ll just go and spend some relaxing time now I’m freed of exams.

First things first, a nap. Ahh, how I’ve longed for you, my precious bed! We can just get some pizza for dinner, I don’t care. Miharu likes it, so it’s two birds with one stone.

“Saigi-kun, do you have a minute.”


When I left the classroom, a voice spoke out to me. It was Maka-sensei, who was supposed to have been on her way back to the teacher’s office now that classes ended.

“What is it…?”

“A problem came up. Just come with me.”

Ah, it’s her unobtainable flower mode. But, there aren’t many students around us right now. Something seems weird.

For now, I decided to follow her down the hallway. I’ve gotten used to being called out by her after all.

“Saigi-kun, you seem to be really sleep-deprived, but are you okay?”

“Ahh, a bit, but I should be fine. What about Sensei?”

“I’ve slept through the night, and my head is perfectly working know. I’m sorry for yesterday.”

“…No problem.”

That ‘I’m sorry for last night’ was something she said in a small voice so only I could hear. Even though she already apologized to me when she woke up…weird.

“Leaving aside the fact that I was kidnapped, I won’t say anything now. Though, I wish you’d keep your hands off of alcohol,” is what I said in an equally quiet voice.

“I-I know. But, I didn’t think it on purpose, you know?”

“Even I know that.”

That request of her to help her change was something she probably thought of on the spot. And honestly, I can’t say that this didn’t turn into some delicious memory—so I won’t complain.

“Then, let’s face towards the new problem. In here.”

The place Maka-sensei stopped in front off was neither the student guidance room, nor the English preparations room. It was a meeting room on the second floor.

“Ah, Sai-kun! Yaho!”

“Amanahi…and, huh?”

When we entered the room, Amanashi was sitting in front of a large table, and next to her an adult woman.

“Saigi-kun, she is from the entertainment company ‘Double Rocket’, and the manager of Amanashi-san.”

As Maka-sensei finished the introduction, this manager person or whatever stood up, and handed me her business card.

So this person is Amanashi’s manager, huh…I wonder if she’s having trouble with that naive talent called Amanashi. Sadly, I didn’t have any business cards with me, so I only gave her my name, and sat down next to Maka-sensei.

“Saigi-san, we’d like you to look at this,” said the manager in a very polite tongue, as she brought out a tablet PC.

What was shown on there was…a picture of Amanashi.

“Huh? That’s the one that I took…?”

To be precise, it was one of the pictures I shot of Amanashi to make her focus on her studies. After that, I showed all of them to her, and sent her the ones she liked. And, that photo right now was the one I took of her smile as she was about to hug me.

“Nui-chan showed me this photo because she liked it so much. Since it picked my interested, I had a cameraman take a look at it. The one that always takes pictures of Nui-chan you see. And said cameraman told me that his was indeed quite the good picture.”

“G-Good picture? This is a picture I took with that lousy smartphone of mine, you know?”

“Recently, there are times where even professionals take pictures with their smartphones. And the cameraman wasn’t joking about it, he said that you could publicize that photo in a magazine. All the other people from our company also agreed on that.”


“Actually, we did have something in plan for quite some while. Although Nui-chan is focussing exclusively on swimsuits, she is a real deal high school girl after all. Instead of photos on the beach or at the pool, we thought of taking pictures with the school as the stage.”

“Aren’t there already tons of those out there?”

“Of course, more than enough. But with this, we’re aiming for an image change for Nui-chan, if you want to call it like that.”

Is changing your image really working with changing the location of the photo shoot? But, since it’s the pros talking, an amateur like me probably doesn’t know any better.

“…Wait, I get the gist of it, but why did you call me here? And Maka-sensei too, on school grounds—Eh? Don’t tell me, you’re planning on using Seikadai as the stage for said photoshoot?”

“Of course it’s about that, Sai-kun. Exams are over, so after talking with the school, our company got the OK.”

“Our school’s really fast to agree to stuff like that…”

They probably see it as some sort of publicity to get more students and funding, I bet.

“And talking about permission… we wanted to ask Saigi-san for help. You can think of it as a part-time job, and we will properly pay you. So, how does it sound?”

“How does it sound, you say…”

I glanced over at Maka-sensei, who had kept quiet for a while now.

“There’s no problem from the school. Once you get the permission, you can work part-time. All that’s left is your agreement, Saigi-kun. But of course, you can decline as well. Your choice.”

“E-Even if you say that…I’ve never really done a photoshoot for a gravure idol after all…”

“I’m surprised that you haven’t done it before. I’ll take Sai-kun’s ‘first’ with pleasure!”

“We’re talking about a gravure idol photo shoot here, right?”

“Of course. Sai-kun doesn’t have to think about anything complicated. You just have to join in on the photo shoot, and take photos, that’s all. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about anything complicated either!”

“You really should think about some stuff!”

Ohh, Manager-san, that was quite the sharp retort.

“Nui-chan, you really have to give it your best too, you know? This is a do-or-die situation after all.”

“Uuu…I-I know. But, something like this isn’t like my character at all…”


What was that exchange about? Do-or-die situation? Amanashi was supposed to have pulled through the exam do-or-die situation, but is there still something left? And what’s up with Maka-sensei, not talking for a while now…

But, I guess that I still won’t be able to spend a calm afternoon. It’s been such a long time since I only had to worry about my cat-like little sister at home.

The following day after classes—

“A former school building? Did we have something like that?”

“Right~ I didn’t know about it either.”

“You two…your disinterest in this school is way too high.”

Right now, I was walking side by side with Amanashi and Maka-sensei. At the west-side of Seikadai, there were parking spaces for teachers and guests. It’s normally not a place students like us would visit. And, on the backside of said parking lot was where this ‘former school building’ was located, apparently.

“This former school building wasn’t built on a solitary island or anything, you know? Apparently, the classrooms there are used as storage rooms now. Well, it’s also my first time going there,” said Maka-sensei as she guided us.

As we moved down some stairs behind the parking lot, the two-floor wooden building entered our view.

“This is pretty classic, alright.”

“It is very worn-out. It looks like it might collapse any second. Maka-tea, are we really using this?”

“There aren’t any other places where we could do the photoshoot without being interrupted by other students after all. And this was the only place the school agreed upon.”

That’s right, this former school building was the location for Amanashi’s photoshoot. Since there are still some clubs and students staying behind even after classes are over, this was the best possible solution.

“Over here. The staff of the shoot are already present.”

Even though this was supposed be Maka-sensei’s first time here, she was moving at a pretty decent speed. Just what I would expect from her unobtainable flower mode, she’s quick to adapt to every situation. Apparently, she’s the representative of the teacher’s staff, and that’s why she’ll be present at the photoshoot.

“Still, Maka-tea is going to be the supervisor, huh. Now this is getting excited.”

“Well yeah, the school can’t just go ‘Do whatever you want’ after all.”

Amanashi said that in a joking way, but there was a subtle rebellious tone in there. Is she going to stand up against Maka-sensei as a member of SID…? Doesn’t really look that way. It seems more like ‘A student being rebellious against their teacher’ conversation. Well, everyone has that sort of rebellious attitude inside them, right?

“Excuse us. Come on, you two.”

Oh, it seems like we’ve arrived in the meantime. Following after Maka-sensei, we entered a classroom on the first floor. Just like she had stated, the stuff of the shooting had already gathered. The cameraman and assistant, and three other people that I didn’t know. And, kinda unexpected, all the staff members were women. Every single one of them was busy with checking their equipment right now. The manager-san from yesterday was also present, but she seems to have been relaxing for now.

“Ohh, there are less people than I expected here.”

“My photoshoots are always like this. The budget for gravure idols seems to be relatively low!”

“Why do you sound so happy about that…?” said the manager as she dragged Amanashi out of the room.

“Ahh, she has to change after all. Can’t take a photoshoot with those clothes alright.”

“Of course. We can’t exactly have her take gravure idol pictures without uniform.

“…Makes sense,” I nodded to Maka-sensei’s retort.

“Just getting the OK for using building is a big service of the school. There were times when they allowed the usage for movies or dramas, but it’s pretty rare for them to give the OK for a gravure idol photoshoot.”

“Our school is rather soft towards Amanashi, right? Is she being made into some sort of advertising sign?”

“It really is mysterious. Amanashi-san’s work shouldn’t be put under Seikadai’s name. The person to decide upon all that is the vice principal, but he really is hard to crack.”

“He’s the type of person to think that this sort of thing has a negative influence on the male student body.”

Even I didn’t get called in by the vice principal before, but I heard that he’s pretty strict regarding public morals.

Before, when that weird rumour between me and Maka-sensei was going around, he might’ve actually stepped in if we were one step too late with resolving it.

“Well, it’s the time of a stern school management after all. The all-so-important people above us teachers are probably doing it by trial and error.”


Today, Sensei seems to be a bit in a bad mood? Is it just her unobtainable flower mode? Is she unhappy about the fact that I’m participating in Amanashi’s photoshoot? But, I couldn’t just decline such an offer after all…

“…Sensei, are you angry perchance? About me helping out?”

“I am.”


“If I could, I’d gladly drill my anger into your body.”


U-Uwaaa, even though I’m just helping out Amanashi here, I’ve made her this angry. No, me and Maka-sensei are just in a fake relationship. There shouldn’t be any reason for her to get this mad when I help another girl like this…right?

“Thank you for waiting~”

With this energetic voice, Amanashi entered the classroom.

Ugh, we were just in the middle of our conversation. What a timing.

Right now, Amanashi was wearing something like a soccer bench coat. Though her hairstyle didn’t change all that much, she seemed to have put on the slightest amount of makeup. She had big, round eyes before, but now they seem to be sparkling, and she had lipstick on. That reminds me, the normal Amanashi isn’t really wearing makeup or anything. Well, she looks cute even without make—oops, I shouldn’t be thinking stuff like that with Maka-sensei next to me. You might never know when she’s reading directly into your heart after all.

“…And, what should I do now?”

“Ah, I’ll tell you!”

Happily, Amanashi walked towards me.

“This is the smartphone prepared for the photoshoot. It’s designed to perfectly capture the moment. You just have to lose yourself in taking photos of me.”

“Should I really be taking the photos? I mean, there’s a full-fledged cameraman right here.”

“Of course, the cameraman will also be taking photos, but today’s concept is ‘The me that Saigi-kun is taking photos off’.”

“Sounds really complicated to me though…”

“The side of me that I don’t show as a gravure idol…my embarrassing side…Saigi-kun, you can take a photo of it all, you know? This new frontier for Amanashi Nui, will you break it open…?”

“Isn’t it normally the cameraman who’s the seducer?”

WIth probably pure intentions, she looked up at me with an embarrassed expression.

“Is this photoshoot really going to be okay? I’m getting really worried…”

“Ahahaha, it’s totally okay. The cameraman seems to be having fun too. Until now, the photo shoots always went the same way, so he’s gotten sick of it I tell you!”

“…Still, I’m only an amateur, you know? I don’t even use the camera on my smartphone that much.”

I only used it when reporting back to my parents with a photo of Miharu, or when Kuu and I were on a walk, and she asked me to take a picture of her with a cat.

“—Sai-kun, this is your job, you know.”


Suddenly, Amanashi’s tone sounded really serious.

“Though we kind of forced you into this, I wish you’d be a bit more serious. You really don’t have to think about anything too difficult. If you think that the moment is good, you just take the photo.”

“……I got it.”

I don’t like it when people expect too much from me. I really wish I would’ve said that, but this wasn’t the atmosphere to do so. It’s true that it somehow happened on a whim, but I definitely am taking part in this photoshoot. Once that I’ve decided on this, I can’t do it in a half-baked way. I hate lies, but I don’t like doing things half hearted either. Because, it would feel like I was betraying the other person. And, although Amanashi might seem a bit aloof, she looks serious during her job. That’s why, I shouldn’t be doing anything that would result in betraying her trust.

“Aaaalright, then let’s start.”


Amanashi took off the coat she was wearing, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, without hesitation.

“…T-That’s a extreme swimsuit, Amanashi-san.”

Maka-sensei commented, while I could only keep quiet.

White, a very pure color…is what you could say. But, how do I phrase it, the upper part of the bikini, the bra so to speak, was way too small. Leaving aside the actually valley, you could see way too much from the side and from below…And, maybe it’s because of the color and design, but it looked more like underwear than an actual swimsuit.

“Really? These ones are even on the more docile side lately. Then, Sai-kun, if you would.”

With these words, Amanashi sat down on a chair close to her, and put down her big breasts on top of a table. Even though they’re from the former school building, they are mostly the same like the ones we actually use. And, a completely unfamiliar classmate of mine rested her breasts on these familiar desks…

What…What is this situation that’s going on in my head right now…! N-No, wait. Just like she said, this is my job now.

“T-Then, I’ll start. Okay, Amanashi?”

“Call me Nui. It gives me a lovers-like feeling. It’s for my job, my job, you know? Let’s try taking pictures with that kind of situation.”

“N…N…Nui…I-I’ll start taking pictures then…”

Readying my smartphone, I started. Just what you would expect from a gravure idol though, she was really used to this. Every two or three pictures, she changed her expression and posture. Even when she was smiling, she sometimes tilted her head, pushed her breasts on the desk again, and even more.

“Come on come on, be sure to take both cute and sexy ones~”

“Wai— Too close…”

She came so close that the smartphone I was holding almost touched her. Those tempting breasts were so close to my hand, I could easily feel them with one slight movement…!

“And also, at this range I’ll also be on the pictures!”

Looking to my side, the real cameraman continued to press the shutter on his camera.

“Ahh, it’s fine. We’ll somehow get rid of it with CG processing. And also, the photos you take might actually be better, you know?”

“O-Oh…CG really is powerful…”

I couldn’t give another response. And, besides her breast right in front me, there was actually another reason I couldn’t give a straight answer.

“I’ll just say this up front…but don’t go overboard, will you. Before publication, the school will go through the photos once.”

From a distanced place, I heard that voice. Of course, it belonged to the unobtainable flower of Seikadai. How do I say it—the pressure is amazing. Even though this sounds completely out of a shounen manga, I thought I could’ve heard the sound of the air rumbling, even though she was quite a few steps away from me. I wonder if you could see that on a photo if I took one now?

“Huh? Sai-kun, your hand is shaking, you know? You don’t have to be so nervous~”

You’re wrong. You’re wrong, okay, Nui. This isn’t tension or anything, this is pure fear. This might be the first time in my life that I actually understood what killing intent feels like.

“Now~ Keep them coming! How about this?”

She now sat down on the desk, and showed her butt to me. With its voluptuous and soft impression, I unconsciously pressed the photo button on the smartphone.

“You’re wrong if I you think that I’m just a girl with big breasts! I have quite the confidence in my butt too!” (10 points to Gryffin…i mean amanashi)

Yeah, it really is a nice butt, I think…But, when I give off a feeling like I’m thinking that, my life could actually be in danger!

As if she realized my thoughts, she once more changed her pose and the location. Now she was on all fours on the floor, and took a pose that emphasized her breasts. And immediately after, she hid behind the curtains at the window, and only showed her breasts. She kept showing me a new ‘Amanashi Nui’ and I took a photo of every single one.

“Then, let’s take a break!”

—It’s been about 30 minutes I assume. After the cameraman declared that, I was finally freed.


“Good work. Is the battery of the phone still holding up?”

“Yeah, everything’s good.”

In the hand of the manger that called out to me was a phone identical to the one I used just now. Though nowadays, memory space isn’t that much of a deal anymore, battery drainage very well is. That’s probably why she prepared a second one just in case. I wonder if I’m really worth that budget…

“…By the way, Manager-san. Nui—sorry, Amanashi is an idol, right? Isn’t it bad that she’s on such close terms with a male classmate like me?”

“Though it certainly isn’t beneficial, but unlike dancing and singing idols, gravure idols don’t have a strict ban on relationships with the opposite sex. Not to mention that love relationships aren’t banned in the first place.”

That makes sense. You don’t really hear of any scandals with gravure idols after all. Though the story might be different for any immoral things, the way me and Amanashi are right now should be no problem.

“Ah, excuse me.”

The manager was called and the cameraman, and left me. Now then—I should probably keep my distance from Maka-sensei for now.

“Sai-kun, Sai-kun, it’s looking pretty good so far! This will surely be the best shoot ever!”

“I’m glad to hear that…”

“We have two costume changes left, and we’re going to take some pictures outside too. The current school building also has a nice atmosphere too. Though it seems like we’re not allowed to go outside the former school building.”

“Figures. If other students saw you in that outfit, it would cause a ruckus no doubt.”

“They can go and make a ruckus for all they want!” Amanashi says, as if she was actually wishing for it. “Though the results of the exam weren’t really what I was hoping them to be, but I’m not going to get depressed because of that! Sai-kun, don’t fall for me again!”

“Since when did I ever have feelings for you…”

I see, now I get it. That’s why she’s so full of vigor today. Because she still thinks that the results of her exams were ‘not sufficient’. To balance that out, she invited me here on this photoshoot, to show me her good sides. Now this feels more like what Amanashi would do.

“Today, my breasts also feel good! Depending on the day, they might feel a bit off, you see. Maybe it’s because of the swimsuit? Look look, be entranced by my figure!”

“I’ve gotten a good look for a while now…No, I haven’t been looking at all, okay!”

Feeling another wave of killing intent at my back, I retracted my words.

This evening, we might actually have to prepare for a murderer at the Saigi household.

“Amanashi, how about you put on your coat from before during your break—”

“Eh, middle school, you say?! That’s…how about it?”

The manager who was talking with the cameraman suddenly let out a loud voice. Middle school…does she mean our middle school?

“Nnn? What are they talking about?”

“Uuu, middle school…Don’t tell me…?”

Apparently, Amanashi was suspecting something.

“That cameraman…he’s pretty famous for randomly changing the location of the photoshoot, you know.”

“Ohh, so he wants to use the school building of our middle school? I wonder if the school’s gonna give their okay.”

At the very least, they surely won’t just say ‘Yeah sure’ and that’s the end of it.

“It would be pretty bad if the students of middle school were to see us. Amanashi’s swimsuit is rated R-15 right?”

“It’s fit for all ages! Do you want to complain about my breasts, Sai-kun?!”

Amanashi brought her breasts even closer.

Ahhh…just from this slight movement, her breasts are shaking all over the place—wait, huh? Is it just me or is the string of her bikini top slowly loosening…?


And, it happened when I unconsciously brought my face closer to her.

Her bikini top became loose—and Amanashi let out a shriek at the same moment. While the bikini top softly fell on the floor, her enormous fruits were in plain sight.

“Nyaaaaawa?! S-Sai-kun, don’t look!”

And in response, Amanashi hurriedly hid those fruits with her hands. That being said, because of the time lag—yep, I saw them. I perfectly saw them.

“Grrrr…T-That’s not what I was hoping for…I never did a hand bra before…Sai-kun stole my first…”

“I didn’t steal anything.”

And how can you even steal a girl’s first hand bra? Well, maybe the size was a bit too small?

But, just what you would expect from a professional cameraman, he doesn’t miss this chance to constantly take pictures of her embarrassed state.

“…Can’t let this chance go to waste, I guess.”

“Mumumumu…Ahh, go ahead. Keep taking pictures! I’m a gravure idol after all, so something like this is perfectly fine!”

“W-Wait, Amanashi! Are you serious?! That’s a bit too radical don’t you think—”

“I’m serious about my job! Don’t just take my resolve as a joke! Don’t say these soft words to me!”


I mean, I already get how serious she is. But, rather than serious, this looks more like ‘desperate’ to me. You wouldn’t think that this was the Amanashi who always sleeps during class.

“…But, what you’ve just seen now, forget about it, okay? Even I’m embarrassed to have my raw breasts seen…”

“I’ll do my best…”

Though this isn’t something that I could easily forget like that, I could only say that.

And, leaving that aside for now—

Having seen my classmate’s raw breasts surely count as an impactful event.

“Have to erase that memory of Saigi-kun…” I heard a faint murmur behind me, probably only directed at me.

There’s no mistake—another ‘education’ is waiting for me.

That day’s photoshoot ended up being postponed. And, not really because of that incident. The weather had suddenly took a turn for the worse, so a shoot outside was impossible, and the costumes they had prepared had to be used for another photoshoot.

According to the manager, I will be paid for two day’s worth of work.

Well, that’s sounds pretty good to me…I won’t complain about getting money after all. Even if it will all probably be used up by my little sister.

After that photoshoot, I walked home, accompanied by a small shower. Since Maka-sensei returned with the manager to the current school building, I couldn’t check with her.

“I wonder if this is going to be okay…”

But, when I walked home, I had too much time to think about how Maka-sensei’s next education will look like.

“Onii-chan, what’s going to be okay?”

“Ah, it’s nothing,” I answered Miharu, who was rolling around on the bed as usual, while I drank some milk.

Even though she seemed to have returned even earlier than I did, she was still wearing her school uniform.

“That reminds Miharu. Onii-chan, you went to the former school building right? What did you do there?”

“…Nothing much.”

I don’t even need to retort on it anymore, but she really has my location pinpointed alright…But, I guess I should explain about Amanashi’s photoshoot.

“Fumu…A gravure idol’s photoshoot, huh.”

“Yeah, well it pays some good money.”

“Alright, Onii-chan.”

Weirdly enough, Miharu suddenly jumped up from the cough.

“How about we take a bath together?”

“Mhm? Weird. This past year, you’ve never once asked for that.”

“It should be fine from time to time, right. Don’t move an inch,” Miharu said, as she left the living room.

Well, I’m still a bit soaked from the rain, so I don’t really mind.

I stared letting the water in, let Miharu know that the bath was ready, and went to my own room to change. When I entered the bath, Miharu had just taken off her blazer and had her hands on her skirt.

“Ahhh, don’t take it off here. You should properly do it back in your own room,” I said as I picked up her blazer, and while I was at it also the skirt she had dropped on the floor just now, and put them both in a nearby drawer.

“Such a pain. It doesn’t matter where Miharu takes them off, they’ll appear back in her room anyway.”

“It’s not the work of some sort of fairy, you know?”

It’s not weird to even see her bra and panties lying around somewhere in the hallway. Since she’s slowly turning into an adolescent girl, I really wish she’d be more careful with that sort of stuff.


With that, she took off the hoodie she was wearing beneath her blazer. Even though she’s just a first year now, she already doesn’t wear the blouse required from the school. There’s gotta be limits to her wearing habits. Though it’s good that she still wasn’t called over by her Senpai’s.

“But still…isn’t it about time that you wear a normal bra now, Miharu?”

Consistently through her first year of middle school until now, she was always wearing a sports bra. Even though, it was same plain, gray bra as ever.

“Don’t wanna. Putting on a normal one is a pain, and it gets in the way. A sports bra is much more relaxing. And, Miharu’s breasts are small anyway.”

“So their size are related to it…and don’t just show me.”

Maybe to assert her own statement, she lifted up her sports bra and showed me her raw breasts. However, they really lacked the impact, comparing them to Amanashi’s breasts I had seen just today.

“But, their form isn’t bad. And the nipples have a nice color.”

“Criticising your little sister’s breasts isn’t something a rationally thinking person would say.”

That might be true. But, I’ve already grown accustomed to seeing them. When Miharu entered middle school, I was surprised that her breasts were slowly starting to grow. It felt like my little sister was slowly growing into a different being.

“Let’s enter then and relax~”

With that, she completely took off her sports bra with her panties and entered the bath. After picking up the rest of her clothes, I followed after her.

“Thinking about it, Miharu’s breasts might be small, but Onii-chan’s entire body is small too.”

“Shut it. Here, I’ll wash your hair, so sit down.”

“Okaaaay~” Miharu gave a half hearted answer as she sat down on the stool.

With that, I started washing her hair, but since she had curls in them, so to properly wash them, you had to be quite skillful. And, I probably know more about that than the person herself.

“Haaaa, that feels good. Having Miharu’s hair washed by Onii-chan is bliss. Human, you have proved your worth by doing this.”

“So am I only good for washing my little sister’s hair…”

Having finished washing her head and body, she was now sparkling as she entered the bathtub. Doing the same for me, I followed after her.

“Fuuu…It really gets tight in here with the two of us.”

“Really? Miharu is perfectly fine though. Onii-chan, no gaining weight, okay.”

Miharu said down in front of me, between my legs. Her slippery, soft back was hitting my chest now. Since Miharu’s body was so slender, I was actually getting worried about her.

“By the way, why the sudden bath?”

“Listen here, Onii-chan. MIharu knows that you’ve seen a mountainful of Nui-chansenpai’s breasts today, but let her say this. There aren’t many people who have such large breasts. If you become used to them, your way of looking at other girls will change forever. As your little sister, it is Miharu’s duty to show you some realistic—her breasts.”

“So Miharu’s breasts are realistic…”

When I touched them earlier while washing her, they were unexpectedly spongy and soft. But of course, Amanashi’s breasts must feel completely different. Not like I’m planning on touching them though.

“Ahhh, but to think that Onii-chan would get the chance to partake in a photoshoot despite being a complete amateur. Nui-chansenpai really seems to change her tactics~”

“Eh? Really, you say…what? Miharu, do you know something?”

When I asked that question, Miharu turned around to look at me. Now, her realistic breasts are right in front of me. Of course, there’s no way I’d get excited by my little sister’s breasts though.

“Nui-chansenpai you see, she started working as a gravure idol since her middle school days, and once she went up to high school, she started doing swimsuit shots, gaining an immense amount of popularity. But these past few months, it’s been a bit dubious.”

“Dubious? She’s been taking photos for a shounen manga magazine, right?”

“There’s countless stories like that. Amanashi Nui is cute and erotic, but weirdly enough, the people forget about her just as fast, or something like that.”

“Isn’t that just a small portion?”

It’s really dangerous to take everything on the internet as written in stone. That’s why I always try not to take anything too serious if I’m online.

“It’s like she’s trying to get from the start of the magazine to the end of the magazine. Her workload has decreased too. Somehow, with all this singing and dancing, that she’s trying to become a normal idol—that’s the information that’s going around right now.”

“Sounds really fishy if you ask me…”

Who even brought out such information. Does it really hold any validity?

“Miharu also thinks that it sounds weird. But, Nui-chansenpai is really popular, so maybe it’s still not enough for a breakthrough or something?”

“A breakthrough, huh…”

Ahhh, now that she says it, her manager said something about a do-or-die situation. Maybe the company she’s working with is also not satisfied…

“Well, since it’s Nui-chansenpai we’re talking about, Miharu would like Onii-chan to do something for her.”

“That’s…even though you’re both members of SID?”

“In SID, we’re all rivals, but it’s not like Miharu hates them. Though our reasons may be different, we all hold the same feelings.”


This might actually be the first time Miharu and I talked about SID in our own home.

Though their reasons might be different—huh. Even now, I still don’t know why the girls from SID are in love with me. I wonder if this little sister of mine also have a specific reason. She didn’t mean the ‘Onii-chan that buys sweets for Miharu’, right? And, Amanashi Nui, too—Maybe I should be thinking about this a bit more earnestly. For those girls that mustered up their courage and confessed to me.

Having finished our bath, I headed over to the Galaxy Markt across the street. And, just for many years now, I’ve been once more greeted by the marketing jingle as I entered the door.

“Since you got a treat of your little sister’s breasts, the big brother should get some treat for her,” said Miharu, as she asked for some sweets from here.

Really, an older brother buying his little sister sweets since he’s seen her breasts, what kind of image would that make. And also, I was the one washing her, so shouldn’t I be getting a treat?


Having returned to the mansion, there was a person standing in front of our door. Well, it was Maka-sensei, so I wasn’t that surprised. And since she was still wearing her suit, I guessed that she didn’t even enter her own apartment yet.

“H-How is it? Maybe…I can still do this. Yeah, that’s right, though, the difference in age is a bit…she’s just 17 after all…”

For some reason, Maka-sensei was whispering to herself in front of the door. She had her phone in her hand, and had it in selfie-mode. Doing a peace-sign, lifting one leg up to do a weird pose, or just simply winking.

…What’s up with that…should I report that to the police?

“Ah, this expression is pretty good. Let’s take a picture of that.”


The second she pressed the shutter to take the photo, I lined up my face next to hers.

“Wha—! S-Saigi-kun?!”

The photo she took showed a shocked Maka-sensei, and myself as I entered the frame. In response, Maka-sensei moved a step away from me.

“W-Why are you here?!”

“Why…You’re standing in front of my apartment, you know.”

“Y-You’re right. Ah, you were at the convenience store. If you were out playing at night, I might’ve had to take you under protective custody. With that, I would’ve had the excuse to keep Saigi-kun close to me all day long.”

“Leaving aside your weird fantasies, what are you doing?”

“I wanted to talk a bit…J-Just come here for a second,” Maka-sensei responded as she grabbed my hand and pulled me into her own apartment.

All of a sudden, I found myself in her clean, tidy living room, and was forced to sit down on her couch. And, Maka-sensei sat down next to me.

“And, about that just now, Saigi-kun…”

“It’s fine, Sensei. I’ve grown accustomed to your suspicious behaviour now.”

“Oh, I see that Saigi-kun is in his ‘rebellious mode’. Not cute at—no, how cute.”

“I see that Sensei has gotten used to me as well…”

From elementary school through middle school until high school, no teacher ever got used to my cheeky attitude. And you’re telling me that Maka-sensei managed to do that in this one year?

“And, why were you acting so suspiciously? Did something happen with Amanashi’s manager?”

“Hiding it all the time would be a bit difficult…A-Actually, I was scouted…”

“Scouted…as a gravure model!?”

“If swimsuits were too much, I could just do something innocent, she said.”

“S-Something innocent?”

“Even if she says innocent…I’m 24 years old. It will protect my chastity though.”

“That’s self explanatory!”

I knew for a while now that she’s a virgin, but I wish she wouldn’t tell me so directly.

“So, you got excited because of that, and tested out what kind of poses still fit you for your age?”

“I-I wasn’t getting excited! I’ll just say this up front, but I don’t have any interest in debuting from that company. But, seeing this embarrassed Saigi-kun today, I thought that I had to use something similar too.”


Well, selling yourself with this innocent-type shouldn’t be impossible. After all Maka-sensei is more beautiful than most of these actresses you see on TV.

“On top of that, she’s quite the acting talent because of her unobtainable flower mode…”

“I don’t know what you mean with that ‘on top of that’, but I know that you’re praising me. Well, my life is full of being praised though.”

“You’re impeccable without fault after all. If you take away this personality that is.”

“Can you not say such ill-natured things about other people? Really, sometimes you’re not cute at all.”


With that, she grabbed my head and made a mess out of my hair. Isn’t this something that boys would do to girls?

“And, Sensei. Are you going to sell yourself with your purity?”

“I properly declined, you know. Don’t worry, I will stay Saigi-kun’s Maka-sensei.”

“…Only as fake lovers though.”

“So we’re still doing that setting.”

“It’s the setting you made up after all!”

If only to keep SID in check.

“That being said…I thought that it had something to do with the next photoshoot, but to think that things would turn out like this.”

Even the doubtful me didn’t expect this.

“Ah, we also talked about that, yes. On his way to the high school, the cameraman spotted the middle school building, and that apparently picked his interest. He tried his best so that he could get permission to shoot there.”

“Ahh, Amanashi mentioned something like that. The middle school building had a stylish feeling, she said.”

The former school building and the complete opposite—It was renovated only a few years before I started attending it. Apparently they did that so it would survive earthquakes. I was probably pretty lucky, being able to attend the new school building.

“When we tried requesting it at the middle school department, they said that Sunday would be a possibility. Though it means that I have to be present on that day, I can’t help it.”

“Thanks for your hard work even on school-free days. But, middle school, huh…How nostalgic…well, not that much actually.”

After all, it’s almost right next to the high school building, so I can see it everyday if I wanted to.

“And it’s not like I have any good memories from back then.”

“After all, Saigi-kun was even more rebellious towards teachers than he is now.”

“Eh? Maka-sensei shouldn’t know about my middle school days though?”

She only became a teacher at Seikadai about a year ago.

“Have you forgotten that Seikadai functions under the elevator principle?”

Oh, that makes sense. The information of me has probably spread up to the higher schools as well…

That reminds me, Amanashi didn’t look really excited about the fact of shooting at our middle school. Did something bad happen back then? Or wait, was she even at our school back then…? Well, the exams to come in from the outside are pretty hard, so the chance of that is pretty high.

“And this is where the story ends—is what I would like to say, but you surely understand right, Saigi-kun?”

“A-Ahahaha, what’s with this teacher-like tone all of a sudden…”

Since Maka-sensei let out an ominous sounding laugh, I took a few steps back.

“You really got a lot of benefits today, Saigi-kun. To think that you would be able to delight upon seeing your classmate’s, a gravure model’s raw breasts.”

“T-That was nothing more than a simple accident, and I didn’t actively try to look or anything of that sort.”

There it is. It was even more confusing that she actually didn’t start with this.

Right now, Maka-sensei’s education is going to start— Well, it’s probably going to be her typical ‘overwriting’ though.

I remembered back to when I saw that hand bra in that video, and how she had to overwrite it with her own.

T-This time I saw my classmate’s raw breasts…so what is she going to do now?

“Now, Saigi-kun—”

Maka-sensei looked me straight in the eyes, and turned her body towards me as we were still sitting on the couch—

“…Kiss me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Like I said, you have to kiss me. Until now, I have always been the one to take the initiative, right? That’s why, for today’s education—you are the one to kiss me.”


Even though Maka-sensei’s face went red until her ears, she looked straight at me. Is it just me, or is her education getting more extreme…? If that’s so, then his is definitely much more difficult that before at the hotel.

That being said—

“A-Are you fine with that? I-I totally thought that I had to…you know…with Sensei’s breasts…”

“…I will lose against Amanashi-san in terms of size…And also, I just feel like it today.”

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by that, you know? Is it really fine to prioritize your own feelings during my education?

“Hurry up…and kiss me.”


I gulped once, and moved closer to her face.

Kiss …and the soft feeling of her sleeps, that I’m already accustomed to. But, this is the first time that I did it with my initiative.

“…Very good. But, more…do it more. Soft…”

“W-We’re going to continue…? Don’t you think that this is a bit over the top…?”

“Not just a bit. It is pretty over the top…But, it’s no good if we don’t do it like this.”

“No good…?”

I once more softly kissed Maka-sensei’s lips.

“If I were to kiss you today…no, if I were to punish you today, I don’t think that I would be able to hold myself back.”

She really is still frustrated about that incident today…Or in general, about the fact that I helped out another girl like this…Probably the latter.

“Don’t, Saigi-kun. Don’t think about anything else. Focus just on kissing me.”


And like that, I continued to kiss Sensei countless times. Even after she put her arms around my back, I didn’t resist her at all.

…But, we only kissed okay? We didn’t go overboard—well, entering my home room teacher’s house and kissing like this is plenty going overboard though.

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  1. tsk ,imagining myself kissing Maka-sensei make my pp hard

    now im in full throttle for Teacher romance, gonna find some wholesome doujinshi out there


    1. the teacher x student one by FUUKA is pretty good, actually has a good story too


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