Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 4

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Maka-sensei is a girlfriend filled with mysteries

Part 1:

On that Sunday, it was that much of a blue and clear sky that it actually hurt to look up. There was close to no wind, so it was rather unlikely that it would rain today. Now that the time was in the latter half of May, it wasn’t too cold either.

Around 9 am in the morning, I passed through the nostalgic—or actually not all too nostalgic school gate of our middle school. To be precise, it was the back gate which most students who had to go to club activities used.

“…I never really used this gate alright.”

Back in my middle school days, I was a member of the go-home club, so I never had any reason to go to school on a Sunday.

Apparently, Amanashi’s photoshoot would take place in the actual school building. But really, our school is weirdly generous I feel. They suddenly give an offer like this after making us use an old classroom in the former school building? Even the middle school department is nice to Amanashi.

“Morning, Saigi-kun!”

“Eh? Ah, good morning, Renku-sensei.”

On small steps, a rather large female came walking over. She had her black hair in a short cut, with her body being slender, and because of that she looked like a fashion model. She was wearing a man-sized shirt, knee-long skirt and a doctor’s robe. Renku Hiyori-sensei. A Japanese teacher of my high school, and many students just call her ‘Hiyorin-sensei’. Though for someone like me who hates teachers, I don’t use that name. Being rather young, she was also quite the beauty, and only lost to Maka-sensei in terms of popularity. And, although she looked rather serious on the outside, she was pretty lax on the inside. The reason she was wearing a doctor’s robe although being the Japanese teacher is because she was often tripping, so she wanted to keep her clothes clean. She did have what looked like an engagement ring on her left hand, but nobody knew who her husband was. And she seems to be rather close with Maka-sensei…

“Renku-sensei, why are you here? Not to mention on this Sunday.”

“Ahhh, I’m supposed to keep an eye on Amanashi’s photoshoot~ This is to make up for that one time I was late because of a cold I had~”

“Eh? But, wasn’t Maka-sensei supposed to be the witness for today…?”

Even though it looked like she left earlier than me when I checked.

“MakaMaka had a different job today~ The president had a guest from America over, but the interpreter couldn’t make it so she had to jump in.”

“So she jumped in as the interpreter, huh.”

I did hear that she went overseas and got some experience in America. So she can even interpret…Cool.

“Circumstances can change rather sudden~ Saigi-kun will understand once you become an adult~”

“I really don’t want to understand….”

“I see, so you already went up the stairs to adulthood~”


I wonder if she’s properly taking responsibility for the things she blurts out… Maybe it’s because of her easygoing attitude, even someone like me who hates teachers finds it hard to deal with her. And, while talking about life and whatnot, we walked towards the school building.

“Saigi-kun, stop~”

“Nnn? What’s wro—Ohh, I have not seen that uniform before.”

At the entrance for the school building, there was a female student standing there. Just like our grade school, the uniform from the middle school was a sailor-type. And, she was wearing something like a jumper skirt, a white blouse and a black apron on top. On her collar, she had a red ribbon, and a skirt until her knees. Is that really a school uniform?

“Alrighto, they’re intruders, so we have to fight~ Ready your sasumata!”


“You shouldn’t jump to fighting that fast! Let’s hear out their circumstances first!”

Just what you would expect from Maka-sensei’s friend…her fantasies aren’t normal. Apparently that female student didn’t hear our conversation yet since she was still standing in the same place. And, somehow it looks like she’s staring at the school building—a rather eccentric gaze. It looked the atmosphere around her was weirdly tension-filled. She had red-brownish, semi-long hair, and even though her skirt was fluttering in the wind, she paid no attention to that.

“…No, please wait a moment. If I see right, this is…”

Really, her chest was bulging out of the jumper skirt. That size would be rather impossible for being a middle school student. Well, that was the same for high school students. And, there’s only one person I know that can brag with such a size.

“Don’t tell me…?”

“…Ah, Sai-kun and…Hiyo-tea?”

And, this mysterious student—turned out to be Amanashi Nui.

“R-Really, you should’ve just called out to me.”

“…What are you doing here, Amanashi?”

I gave her a straight question.

“Ahhh, well, hahahaha. It’s been so long so I was assaulted by some strong feelings? Was that it?”

“Yes, strong feelings.”

“That reminds me, Amanashi-chan, your exams a while ago, you wrote the wrong kanji for ‘strong feelings’.”

“You’re bringing up my mistakes right here?! Ahhh, why did I make a mistake there…!”

“…Wait? It’s been so long? So you really went to Seikadai’s middle school?”

“I’ve been at Seikadai since grade school! Sai-kun, you didn’t know?!”

“Well, I never really cared.”

“I never know if you really look at the people around you or not…” Amanashi glared straight at me.

So I’ve been going to the same school for about 10 years now. Now that she says it, I feel like I’ve seen her before as a fellow student.

“Really, we were in the same class so often. Sai-kun, if you really forgot about that, you might want to see a doctor!”

“…Ahh, sorry.”

Forgetting all that stuff really isn’t a good feeling alright.

“Well, it’s fine. You just have to remember everything from now on!”

“There are things I would like to forget though…”

Anyhow, I’ve been confessed to head-on by her, and I’ve also seen her raw breasts. I’m sure that I won’t be able to forget her anytime soon.

“And, what’s up with those clothes?”

“Ahh, this? They’re necessary for today’s photoshoot. I decided to put it on early to get used to it while walking around for a bit.”

“Is it necessary to get used to your clothes?”

It makes sense when we’re talking about some new jeans.

“Huh~? Today’s photoshoot isn’t a swimsuit one~?”

“Since they told us that a swimsuit shoot wouldn’t be prohibited at the middle school. So we decided to make it a normal one to get the OK,” Amanashi responded towards Renku-sensei’s question.

Leaving aside the question of R-15, a swimsuit at the middle school really is no good, huh. But, that jumper skirt combo she was wearing didn’t exactly look that fashionable either.

“It actually looks pretty erotic…”


“So you wore that on purpose! So the staff are your complices!”

As Amanashi let out an arrogant snicker, it was obvious that she had planned for this. Since it was Amanashi wearing those clothes, they looked rather immoral. So you can make something like that look erotic…just what you would expect from a pro. I mean, look at maid clothes. They don’t necessarily have a lot of exposure, but for Japan, they still count as being erotic after all. (*Just his personal opinion)

Wait, why am I thinking so seriously about that?

“Fufufufu, I’ll teach you that gravure idols aren’t all about swimsuits!”

“I highly doubt that this information would be any useful in my future life…”

And the fact that I don’t have any interest in this gravure stuff doesn’t change.

“Well, I say that, but we actually brought a swimsuit with us. Would it be really that bad to take photos here?”

“If they found out, I’m sure that the photos you took at the former school building would be confiscated, so you’re probably better off not doing.”

“Tch, shame. Ah, that reminds me, what is Hiyo-tea here,” Amanashi said, trying to change the topic.

“You see~”

With that, she gave her the same explanation as before, and we all headed towards the school building. Leaving aside the sexiness of gravure, I really feel bad about forgetting Amanashi. Would I know the reason why Amanashi was standing in front of the school building? Well, maybe there’s no deeper meaning at all. But, that weird atmosphere around her really makes me wonder…


“Eh? Ah…G-Good morning! I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a hurry!”

At the entrance of the building, a woman was standing, looking at us. She called out to Amanashi, and it looked like that made her fluster, since Amanashi dashed into the building past her. Renku-sensei also bowed down to the woman and followed after Amanashi.

“So it really is Amanashi-san…”

In response, that woman continued to look at the back of Amanashi. She seemed to be in the latter half of her twenties. She had long black hair, reaching down her back, and she was wearing glasses. Though she couldn’t hold up against Maka-sensei or Renku-sensei, she was still quite the beauty. Somehow it feels like I’ve seen her before…probably a teacher from the middle school, yeah.

Is she working on a Sunday too? Though she was acting a bit weird towards Amanashi, she must’ve been a teacher of hers, right?


From my middle school time…a girl from my class…Amanashi Nui…

Suddenly, something hazy appeared in my mind, but I couldn’t quite grab what it was.

“Mhm…something really feels off….”

But, I had to hurry to the photoshoot myself. Though, this feeling…like I was about to remember something, but I couldn’t…Well, my part-time job is more important right now, so have to focus on that.

“Mmmmm…Nui-chan, let’s take a quick break.”

“Ah, yes.”

Arriving at the classroom the school had prepared for us, the second day of shooting had started—but, merely 10 minutes after we started, the cameraman announced a break. Even an amateur like me that this should’ve been too early to take a break just yet.

“…Amanashi, did you eat something bad?”

“Can you not ask a bit more nicely, Sai-kun?”

When I called out to her in a quiet voice, Amanashi focussed her eyes straight on me. Wearing that uniform, she looked really cute, and weirdly erotic. But, today, it seemed like she was lacking her usual vividness. No matter how many pictures I took, she never really decided on an expression or pose.

“…I wonder if I will even get paid for a 3rd day of shooting…”

“Sai-kun, worry about me instead! Not your part-time job!”

Quite the selfish gravure idol, I see. But, I was joking of course.

“Maybe I really should worry about her some more?”

I looked towards the entrance of the classroom. The cameraman and Amanashi’s manager were talking with each other. I wonder if they realize that something’s off with Amanashi today.

And, just when I thought that, the manager walked over to us.

“Sorry, Nui-chan. The cameraman wants to come up with a new shooting plan. Can you wait for about 30 minutes?”

“Yes, understood. Then, I’ll go take a walk to get some fresh air…” Amanashi tried to nod as energetically as possible before she left the classroom.

“Saigi-kun, Saigi-kun.”


Until now, Renku-sensei had only been standing in the corner, watching the shoot with great interest, but she suddenly signaled me to come over. Maybe she wants me to follow Amanashi. I mean, at first glance, she looks as gleeful as ever—but something is off. Can’t leave her alone like this.

Apparently Amanashi entered the classroom next to ours. After all, I heard the sound of the door the moment I stepped out of the one with everyone else. She said she was gonna take a walk, so why did she go in here?

“Amanashi, do you have a moment—wait, what are you doing!”


Amanashi had just taken off the jumper skirt, and was in the middle of buttoning up her blouse. Because of that, I could see parts of her pink, frilly bra and panties.

I saw her before in her swimsuit, but this time it’s her underwear…?! Not to mention that her bra can barely hold back her breasts…!

“Uhm…Sai-kun, if you stare that much, even I’ll get embarrassed…!”


Around Amanashi, there were clothes and another big bag. So this was supposed to be her changing room—the place where she puts on her make-up. I had no idea. Really, okay?

“Ahhh, Sai-kun, you don’t have to get out. Just turn around, and it’s fine.”

Just as I was told, I turned my back towards her, and closed the door. Behind me, I could hear the rusting of clothes—

“Fuu, it’s okay now.”

“Ah, yeah…Wait, ehhh?!”

When I turned around, I saw Amanashi, who was now wearing a blue jersey. Well, beneath that jersey top, she actually had bloomers on. I could clearly see her long, slender legs. They weren’t hiding more than just panties.

“W-What’s up with those clothes! We were going to take photos with that next?!”

“Jerseys aren’t that popular in the gravure business. But, I changed to relax a bit.”

“Relax, huh…”

Now that I think about it, I’ve seen this jersey-bloomer combo of her before on a picture. On that picture, her white panties peaked out of the corners of the bloomers…

“A jersey is great, alright. Bloomers are easy to move in, but a jersey is loose enough to give my breasts enough freedom…This cosplay was designed by the gods!”


I hurriedly averted my eyes because I unconsciously looked at her breasts.

“I’m still nervous during my photoshoots, you know. When it didn’t work out before, I always changed into a jersey like this, and it made me feel relax. Something like a ritual?”

There really are some weird rituals out there.

“And, what happened, Amanashi? You not feeling up to it?”

“Ohh, Sai-kun is worried about me? Just by seeing my underwear…? Then, would you get all lovey-dovey if you saw me all nude…?”

“What kind of logic is that. Stop.”

You’re really trying to make me remember about you…or rather your raw breasts for the rest of my life, right?

“I’m just joking. I’m totally livid. And I’m really motivated. Sai-kun should know best that I’m the usual Manashii!”

“You really like that nickname, don’t you? Well, if you say so. Then I’ll go back.”

“Wha–Wait wait! Worry some more about me! Make a fuss because of me!”

“There’s no reason to make a fuss…Well, if I can help you feel relaxed, then…”

I don’t mean to spoil her, but I want the photoshoot to turn out good. And I knew very well that she was hiding something.

“…Excuse me.”

“He? A-Ahh…!”

When I heard that voice, a person entered the room—it was the woman wearing glasses from before.

“Can I have some of your time right now? Though you’re accompanied by a high school teacher, I thought of giving my greetings from the middle school department too.”

“Ah…Uhm…The staff is next doors. Please talk to them about that.”

“No, Amanashi-san. I also have to look after you.”

So she really knew Amanashi from before.

“Uhm…these clothes should be still be barely okay, I guess…?” The teacher-looking like person said so.

The upper jersey surely wasn’t a problem, but the bloomer part might be a bit debatable.

“…And also, Amanashi, you really knew this teacher, huh.”

“Wai—,Sai-kun! Sai-kun, did you forget?! In our second year in middle school, this was our homeroom teacher! Hoshina-sensei, you know! Hoshina Shiiko-sensei!”

“Hm…? Did our class really have a homeroom teacher like her?”

“You’re gonna deny it from there?!”

Nice retort, Amanashi. I already forgot about the fact that Amanashi and I were in the same class in middle school, so let’s keep quiet in case she receives another shock. But still, you remember your homeroom teacher’s full name after all these years…

“Ah, you’re the same as always Saigi-kun….I never expected to meet you again like this.”

“Yes, it’s been a while…?”

Honestly, even if she says that, I don’t remember her at all. But, she seems to very well remember me. It feels like she’s not trying to keep eye contact with me…she’s not afraid, is she?

“S-Saigi-kun seems to bring quite a bit of uproar in the high school department as well, I heard. Something with that famous Fujiki-sensei…No, I thought from the very beginning that it was without any basis…someone as beautiful as her with a student like that…Ahh, well, it’s nothing. This hasn’t anything to do with it right now.”


This Hoshina-sensei’s face went red as soon as she spoke out Maka-sensei’s name. Hey hey, for I second I felt like I saw through her?

“A-Anyway, I will ignore these clothes, but make sure that you won’t take it too far! is that understood, Amanashi-san?”


Saying only that, Hoshina-sensei turned on her heel and left the classroom with quick steps.

“…Somehow, she seems a bit hysteric, but was she always like that?”

“Yes she was. Hahaha, Hoshina-sensei surely doesn’t change…”


Amanashi’s really acting weird. How do I say it, her expression looks oddly complicated. Normally, Amamashi Nui would be the person to laugh without a worry in the world.

“Amanashi, did something happen between you and that teacher?”

“Wooooow, so you really forgot. It was quite the big incident. Or at least…for me, that is.”

Amanashi pulled a chair closer, and sat down. Again, can you not take a position like that while wearing bloomers…?

“Uhm…I still should have it somewhere…Ah, here it is.”

She then proceeded to take our her smartphone, and showed the screen to me after a few seconds. It was a picture. There was a girl with reddish-brown, long hair, and she looked rather domestic—

“This is me from middle school.”

“Wow, you were even cuter than now.”

“You’re not dissing me?! Do I need to call an ambulance?!”

“I’m just joking. But, you really changed from then—”

Nnn—?! Somehow, I felt like I remembered something. And this time, it was more clear than before.

‘B-But I…I won’t be any good like this…I-I would like to try…’

That’s right, this girl—

With a face close to crying, she wanted to say anything, but she couldn’t get it out because of her quiet voice. She had her head hanging down, biting on her lips—

“…Amanashi, are you sure that you’re not putting makeup on? You had such a dark, moody expression.”

“You want a fight, Sai-kun?! Well, it might look like it, but this photo hasn’t been edited at all!”

“Ahh, I see. Sorry, I let out something weird.”

For a second, the face of that girl I remembered looked exactly like [Amanashi – Middle school version]—

No, I think that it was Amanashi. Though I can’t remember what exactly happened back then. But, I’m pretty sure that I was looking at a devastated Amanashi.

“Well, you’re right. I was always like that back then. Whether I was in the classroom or not…”


Maybe that’s what I don’t remember her all to well from back then…That’s just how different she is now from the one on the photo.

“I was pretty much a loner back then. Especially during middle school. Probably because my breasts were growing, so I was standing out in weird places. Even though I wasn’t that happy-go-lucky, the boys in my class fell in love with me, and the girls started to hate me. Really, those breasts of mine…”

She suddenly started massaging her breasts. Hey, will you stop that?

But, well, it makes sense for her to be isolated from the other girls. Leaving aside the cast of the class, it might be true that she greatly shook the power balance in class.

“Like that, I was also scouted. By that manager-san you also know.”

“So she’s the one that pulled you into this business?”

“Yeah, she’s also a relative. She saw me at a family gathering, and scouted me. Cute! And erotic!, she said.”

“Ahh, I already felt that you were pretty close.”

Calling Amanashi ‘Nui-chan’ makes them look really close after all.

“And, I decided to accept. I mean, I didn’t have any friends, so I kind of wanted another world to possibly fit in.”


I feel like I understand that. Not having a solid place at school, she maybe felt like she was pushed against the wall.

“But—Someone was against it.”

“…That Hoshina-sensei?”

“Just what you would expect from Sai-kun! So clever!”

In one swoop, Amanashi jumped up from the chair.

“The company told me to talk it through with the school. So I decided to ask for some advice from Hoshina-sensei—but, she perfectly showed me all the scary places of this business, or how my grades will drop and whatnot. She even said that I can never be sure if I really can sell anything, and that the boys will look at me with weird eyes…all that stuff.”

“Well, she wasn’t exactly lying.”

And I’m sure that every homeroom teacher would warn her about that. Though I wouldn’t know what Maka-sensei would say.

“But, whether you were satisfied with that is something different.”

“…Yeah, I was. No, I was about to. Just like you say, I really am an idiot.”

“Eh? So you were doing that seriously? If that’s so, then I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about, Sai-kun?”

I forgot that Amanashi was too honest for her own good.

“Amanashi isn’t an idiot at all. If I really thought of you as one, I would’ve given up on helping you with your studies.”

“Ehhh, you’re dissing me again?”

“I’m just dissing you, because I can’t be honest?”

“What’s up with that! But, my grades are really bad, right?”

“Your grades are bad because you don’t study. There’s another person close to me that would totally be able to get top grades, but she doesn’t study. I knew that immediately.”

After all, even though I helped her out such a short amount of time, her grades really went up by quite the bit.

“Doesn’t the fact that you didn’t accept it back then show that you’re not an idiot?”

“T-That’s not it. It’s just…uhm,” Amanashi started fiddling with her hands as she blushed.

Really, can you stop looking so cute with those clothes…I’m gonna lose my mind here.

“See, you remember that consultation space in the corner of the teacher’s office, right?”

“Ahhh, yeah, I think so.”

There was a small table, and teachers could have a 1-on-1 conversation with a student. If it wasn’t anything complicated, the teachers used that instead of the consultation space.

“I was often lectured there, against my will of course”

“It was probably because you were often called to the teacher’s office, so they just kept you there.”

“I-I don’t think that it was that much…”

Ahhh, how young I was back then…

“And, when I was getting advice on my potential debut, Sai-kun was right next to me. You told our gym teacher something like ‘Why should I be lectured by a gorilla that can only do sports?’, and then you got a massive earful.”

“…I might have said that.”

I think that I used to be quite edgy back then. I think I would be able to say it more nicely now.

“And, you didn’t seem interested at all in that lecture, because you suddenly came over to where Hoshina-sensei and me were talking.”


Ah, that’s right—

I remember that sad look on her face of Amanashi, who was sitting in that consultation space. Her expression becomes more and more clear in my mind. Maybe it’s because of the environment, and Hoshina-sensei’s appearance just now—

“ ‘This teacher’s acting like she’s worried about you, but she doesn’t want anything to do with it. She just wants to avoid any trouble because there hasn’t been any case of a student getting scouted and debuting. There’s no need to listen to her talk.’, you said. I remember it to the smallest detail.”

“…I wonder if I had any basis for that back then…”

“Hoshina-sensei asked the same. What kind of basis you have for that. Her face was really red too. And, with confidence, you said—”

“Ahh—! ‘It makes me laugh thinking that a teacher would try to deny a student’s courage like this’, I think!”

“Ahh, you remembered?! That’s right, that’s what you said!”

“…I really did…”

W-What kind of bad personality I had back then…Wow. But even so, I felt like I had to step in back then.

“And, one more thing. You also said ‘You’re this cute, so thinking about thinking failure is just weird.’ Hehehe, being suddenly called cute like that really surprised me.”

“Are you sure you’re not making that up?”

I don’t have any memory of those words.

“You really did. Well, minor changes. But, that ‘cute’ really gave me confidence I think.”


Leaving aside those last words, I remember that incident. Though praising Amanashi like that really doesn’t sound like me, I remember those words towards that teacher, so it’s definitely not impossible. And now I remember why Hoshina-sensei was acting so scared just now.

“After that, towards Sai-kun, I always—”

“A-Anyway! You got the OK from Hoshina-sensei, right?!”

The conversation suddenly went back to the confession incident! If she suddenly brought that up again, I feel like I won’t be able to camly listen to it anymore!

“Yeah, thanks to your words, I got the confidence to pull through with it…though I’m still not good at dealing with Hoshina-sensei. Those things she said are still there in my mind.”

“…I see.”

I now understand why Amanashi is acting so suspiciously today. Coming to the middle school department with those memories, and she even met that teacher. Also—I feel like this is somehow connected to her hate towards studying. Let’s start asking her.

“…The reason you often sleep in class is because you were rebellious towards teachers?”

“Normally, I should’ve only been like that towards Hoshina-sensei. But, it seems like I lost the ability to put trust into teachers. See, even towards Maka-tea, she didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m still taking that attitude towards her.”

“…You really become cheeky because of the weirdest things.”

Amanashi Nui—hates teachers just like me. But, unlike me, her reason is much more complex, and much deeper.

“…Alright, Amanashi.”

“Eh? What?”



“Please excuse us.”

I strongly opened the door to the teacher’s office. I never expected to come here after being called here the last time. Still, the interior didn’t change all that much from how I remembered it. Well, wherever you go, teacher’s offices look all the same. And, even though it was Sunday, there were some teachers there…maybe because they were responsible for some club activities?

“S-Saigi-kun…Y-You came here to laugh at me?!”

“Why would I do that.”

Close to the entrance, Hoshina-sensei jumped up, and said that to me first thing. Why is she so afraid of me…was there something else besides that incident with Amanashi…?

“It’s not that. I would like permission for something.”

“P-Permission? For what would you need…”

“Amanashi, it’s okay. You can come in.”

I called out to Amanashi behind me. I kind of expected this, but she still doesn’t move. Well, I heard some faint footsteps, but she wouldn’t come closer.

Ahhh, for real…!

“Come here already—Make up your mind, Nui!”

“………! Y-Yes!”

After a short pause, Amanashi—Nui finally entered the classroom.


And, seeing Nui, Hoshina-sensei’s eyes opened wide. After all, she was wearing a cute, but still erotic swimsuit. Maybe because she entered the classroom with high speed, her breasts were shaking all over the place.

“W-What kind of indecent clothes are you wearing…!”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard such words, alright. And, can we take pictures with her wearing this swimsuit?”

“O-Of course not! Those kind of clothes inside the school! I will not give the permission for something like that!”

Yeah, I kind of expected that response.

“S-Sai-kun, this really is bad…”

Nui’s face was red, and she was trying to hide her breasts. A beauty, wearing a bold swimsuit, was standing in a place like the teacher’s office—Because of that, it feels even more erotic than it normally would.

“I see. Well, I can’t help that. We’re asking for the permission after all. But, I wanted Hoshina-sensei to show one thing.”

“M-Me…? Why?”

Hoshina-sensei looked taken aback. And all the other teacher’s also had a similar expression. A young male-looking teacher in the back pointed his smartphone over here. But, he seems to be hesitating. Well, it makes sense.

“Hoshina-sensei, this gravure idol that you tried to put down is doing her job properly even now. As you can see, there aren’t many gravure idols like her. I just wanted you to know that.”

“…H-How idiotic.”

Finally, Hoshina-sensei tried to regain her composure. I could clearly see her glare behind those glasses of hers.

“Isn’t that a bit of a false statement? About Amanashi-san’s activities, I know a bit too at least. Can you really call that doing good?”

Ohh, this teacher seems to have similar information to Miharu.

“And also, Amanashi-san. Your grades don’t look so favorable right now. You’re already in your second year of high school. Since you’re out of form at your work, how about you focus on studying instead?”

“W-What should I do, Sai-kun. I can’t say anything back.”

“Now listen here, Nui. What are you doing, getting defeated again.”

Though she isn’t an idiot, she’s really being to honest and gullible for her own good.

“I still can’t believe it, but what you’re lacking is confidence. That’s probably the reason for your slump too.”

I never thought that this super happy-go-lucky Amanashi Nui was actually lacking self-confidence. But, hearing about her past, and remembering about that incident here—I understand. Because of those words of mine back then, she managed to take one step forward. However, she was now at a crossroads again, meeting that teacher from back then. And said teacher is trying to stop her from going through that break. That’s why, I have to push her one more time. It’s now or never.

“To be clear. Nui is cute. And, sexy.”

“He said I’m cute again! Though I’m happy about the sexy part, it feels a bit weird so straightforward…”

I’m not saying it because I want to. This clearly isn’t my character to say that. But—I have to say it now.

“There are people who are going to deny your efforts. But, there are also people that cheer for you. I mean, all the male teachers in here have been staring at you in awe for quite some time now.”


Nui looked around the teacher’s office. Though they all tried to avert their eyes, it was too late. After all, they’ve been entranced by Nui’s breasts.

“Can you really call that cheering…”

“I thought that it was weird. That our school was so soft towards Amanashi. The high school departement doesn’t care if you sleep during class, and the middle school department even let us do our photoshoot here. I don’t know why they would go this far, but they certainly aren’t trying to obstruct your work, don’t you think?”

Maybe the people at the top are just hopeless perverts. But, let’s leave that aside for now.

“T-That’s what the management has decided upon. They decided that Amanashi-san’s activities would be good PR…However, as her former home room teacher, I’m just worried for what’s to come now—That’s right, I’m thinking like this for Amanashi-san’s sake! Just spoiling her won’t be a good education!”


Education, huh. Though the words are exactly the same, the one I’m experiencing is clearly different. Of course, only spoiling someone isn’t good. But, where is her motivation for Nui?

“That’s perfectly fine.”

It happened when I wanted to argument with that. That moment, Maka-sensei suddenly appeared next to me and Nui.

“I’m sorry, but I happened to overhear the conversation. Of course, I cannot say that her current work is favorable. However, what I understood from this photoshoot is that the company Amanashi-san is working with is trying her best to come up with something new. They surely wouldn’t go so far if they didn’t see the possibility of Amanashi-san becoming only more popular,” Maka-sensei stated as she stood in front of Hoshina-sensei.

Huh? What about her job as an interpreter…

“It’s the same with her school grades. There’s no way that Amanashi-san isn’t thinking about that. Even during the previous exams—without mistake, she clearly showed her efforts. As you stated, it is an important time for her right now. But, she has enough time to recover. Are you only trying to make a student like her worry, even though she was working this hard?”

Hoshina-sensei’s face went red, and even though her mouth opened and closed, she couldn’t bring any words out.

“…M-Maka-tea, you really understand me?”

“Stop with the Maka-tea. Since I’m responsible for you, I should at least know this much. And I’ve been thinking about your future,” she said as she put her hand on Nui’s shoulder. “At the very least, I’m cheering for you, Amanashi-san. As far as I can see, you got more friends in school, and you’ve gotten a more domestic personality. Is school fun?”

“…Y-Yeah…It’s been so much fun since I debuted! And even more now!”

“Your grades have been bad even before your debut after all.”

“You’re saying that now?!” Nui looked like she received a shock.

Well, I can’t deny that.

“But..But but but, seeing as Maka-tea sees it that way makes me really happy…! Not good, I totally love you!”


Nui suddenly jumped on Maka-tea. With that, her breasts rubbed against Maka-sensei’s, who were hidden behind her suit…W-What is this…! And all the gazes from the other male teachers are also glued to that one spot…!


In one motion, I moved in front the two of them and hid them behind my back, trying my best to ignore the glares of the other guys. I didn’t have any reason, but I didn’t want the others to see that erotic scene.


Having freed herself from Nui’s grab, she turned towards Hoshina-sensei.

“As her homeroom teacher, I am responsible for her guidance. Both her studies and her work. That’s why you don’t have to worry about anything.”

With that, she grabbed Nui’s hand, and left the classroom, leaving only a “Excuse us.” behind. And, when I wanted to check for Hoshina-sensei’s reaction.

“S-She’s too wonderful…So this is the unobtainable flower of the high school department, Fujiki Maka-sensei…!”


Hey, were you even listening to what Maka-sensei just said? Well…whatever. She had someone else besides me that pushed her back, huh.

But, seeing Maka-sensei today, I was a bit moved. With all that education and guidance, I thought that she only looking at me. But—she also properly thought about other students—about Nui. Well, she did say that she had looked into the paths of the people she’s responsible for. And, she also thinks about their future…I think I have to agree with what Hoshina-sensei said. Today, Maka-sensei was a bit too wonderful.

And now, we properly finished up the photoshoot. Nui was back to her usual high spirits, and her poses were on point. Because of that, the cameraman was also as energetic as never before. Of course, I also took pictures of Nui with my smartphone, but would they really be used? Maka-sensei also took over Renku-sensei’s job of watching over the photoshoot, but I was too scared to check for her mood.

Anyway, the shoot ended, and the group disbanded in front of the school gate. Since Nui seemed to have some business with the manager, she went with her. Maka-sensei on her part when to report back to the teacher’s office, but is it really fine to make her meet up with Hoshina-sensei? Well, worrying about that Maka-sensei is a waste of effort, I guess.

“Now then…”

It still wasn’t evening yet. Walking towards the train station, I contemplated about what to do now.

Guess I’ll take my time shopping, and make some delicious dinner for Miharu. Or maybe we could even eat out, it’s Sunday after all.

“Let’s ask Miharu for now. Ahh, I might as well invite Kuu too.”

Just when I was about to take out my phone, it vibrated, notifying me that I had gotten a message.

‘Can you come to the preparations room right now?’


There’s only one person in this whole world who would call me to the preparations office on a Sunday like this. Of course, the message sounded like a question, but I felt like it was definitely an order.

“So she finished report back already, huh. Maka-sensei really works fast~”

Well, considering what happened in the teacher’s office back then, it’s no wonder that they want to keep it fast. Though I can sort-of guess what’s going to happen in the preparations room, I seem to have no other choice. Taking a right, I made my way towards the high school school building. Since here are also other clubs active, I decided to take the back gate.

“Excuse me.”

I slowly opened the door and entered the room.


Though the door was unlocked, nobody was inside. Weird, is she not back from the middle school yet?



Suddenly, I was being hugged from behind, making me let out a shriek. And, together with the hug came a smell that I was very familiar with—it was Maka-sensei.

“Did I surprise you?”

“Of course you did! Don’t do something so childish!”

When I turned around, I was greeted by her beautiful face. No matter how often I see her up close, I can only think of her as cute.

“Childish? Me? Even though I have these lewd breasts?” Maka-sensei played dumb and pushed her breasts onto me with even more force.

…T-This voluptuous feeling…But, wouldn’t she normally…?

“Nnn…? Huh?”

“What’s wrong, Saigi-kun?”

I glanced back at her to check. But, she was wearing her usual suit. It really feels her, but…

“I was totally expecting you to wear a swimsuit or something. To overwrite Nui’s photoshoot.”

“Ahh, of course I’m wearing a swimsuit beneath that. Wait a moment.”

With that, she started taking off her suit and skirt, and shortly after her blouse and stockings.

“W-Why didn’t you just wear it from the very beginning?!”

“Wouldn’t it make you feel more excited when I start stripping in front of you instead of wearing it from the very start?”

“You’re really the type of person that likes these little maneuvers I see!”

Of course she’s completely right about it. Even now, my heart’s beating like crazy!

Right now, Maka-sensei was wearing a black bikini. To be honest, I expected something more crazy from her than this. But of course, it was plenty erotic as well. Did she have that prepared in here, or did she bring that with her just for this occasion?

“Alright,” Maka-sensei sat down on the desk behind her, crossing her legs. “Now then, let’s start the Sunday special education.”

“D-Does something like that exist?”

As I responded with that, Maka-sensei glared at me. And, she pointed at a chair close to me, and said “Sit down.”

Having no other choice, I did as I was told.

“Really, I was so anxious. Why didn’t Hiyori-sensei stop you when you walked towards the teacher’s office with Amanashi-san.”

I wonder if Renku-sensei even realized what we were doing.

“The last time when that rumour was going around, you also tried to resolve that on your own. If there’s any more trouble brewing up, you better consult me too. Or rather, we’ll do it half, so maybe something like ‘Group work’.”

“That sounds a bit ominous…”

But, if we didn’t get support from Maka-sensei, we might have lost that debate. After all, we already went too far with the swimsuit, and we weren’t exactly in the position to give orders.

“But, I’m glad for you Saigi-kun. You finally managed to clear up Amanashi-san’s doubts, so she can hopefully give it her all from here on out.”

“I don’t know about that, but I think that Nui surely will change.”

Just like I’m changing right now.

“Yes…that would be great. By-the-way~”



“You’ve been calling her Nui for quite some time now. You did use that name before once at the photoshoot, but did that become your norm now?”

“I-It was in the heat of the moment…I-I will go back to calling her Amanashi soon.”

“…I don’t particularly mind. Thinking about it, you have been calling every other girl from SID with their given names, except Amanashi-san. If you continued to put a wall between the two of you, she might have gone and done something desperate. It’s better to keep every girl from SID at the same level.”

“You’re quite the schemer, Sensei…”

“I could be saying the same about you.”

Mhm…I can’t deny that. Since I’m not strong or anything, I don’t have any other methods besides that to solve such situations.

“I don’t mind the way you call her right now. But, b-u-t~”

“Can you stop with that weird way of talking? It’s really scary.”

“After helping with her studies, now it was the trouble of her photoshoot. Instead of putting her on the same level, aren’t you showing preferences here?”

“W-What do you mean? I just somehow got involved into her problem, and it’s not like anything really happened…”

“That’s exactly the problem. Even without you doing much at all, you attract girls around you. Well, can’t say much since I am one of them.”


I’m not happy about that you know. Though other guys would surely be jealous of me.

“I’m sure that the doubtful, distrustful you would have problems with your life from here on out. But, if you were to fall in love with the ‘teacher’ you hate—you might at least be able to love.”


Because Maka-sensei’s tone sounded so serious, I was taken aback for a second.

“I normally move according to my feelings. Like showing you this swimsuit figure of mine at my workplace. Yes, I’m doing this for my own sake.”


“But, it’s not like I’m not thinking about Saigi-kun either. I won’t ask you to always keep that in mind. Now tell me, when you manage to fall in love with someone, who will that be?”


I softly shook my head. I know very well who I’m in love with. But, there’s a reason I can’t say it out loud. And, she’s the person that should know that most.

If Sensei feels like that towards me, then why—

“It seems like I was stressing you a bit. Though that’s on the same page as making your heartbeat faster. But, I’m not acting like this without a reason. Not after that encounter.”

“Encounter…with me?”

“Yes, with you. Even though I’m embarrassed, being seen in this attire, I want to educate the boy that I like, to make him fall in love with me.”

“Only because I happened to see through Maka-sensei’s acting?”

“Though it might have been just a coincidence for you, for me, it was a miracle. To meet a boy like that.”

“A miracle, huh…Maybe that would be the same for the middle school Nui…”

It was just a complete coincidence that I was there, giving her the courage she needed. Well, a coincidence and miracle are almost the same. And, can I just throw in the fact that we’re having this serious conversation while she’s still in that sexy swimsuit attire.

“Yes, it must be the same for Amanashi-san. It makes sense that she would take the risk and confess to you, despite being a gravure idol.”

“…I still can’t believe that she actually confessed to me…”

Hearing my words, Maka-sensei let out a giggle, and stepped down from the desk.

“She’s not so arrogant to think that her destined love will appear twice. Neither she—nor I.”

“…I’m not that pure to believe in destiny like that, you know.”

“I won’t press my beliefs onto you. But, I do believe. Faith can move mountains, you know?”

“Again, can we stop with the sudden English words…”

“Those were pretty simple words though. Now I want to give you a private lesson again.”

That actually sounded rather serious.

“—Okaaaay, as if I could continue listening to that!”

—and with that, the door opened. The person that jumped in was Amanashi Nui—though that was rather easy to guess from her voice alone.

“N-Nui, didn’t you go home already?”

“Thanks to Sai-kun, the photoshoot turned into a success, you know!! As if I could go home without giving you my thanks!”

“…Wasn’t it me who did the most…” Maka-sensei muttered as she seemed to have received a shock.

“Sai-kun, thank you! And what kind of things have you been talking about anyway!”

“Y-You were listening? Wait, why did you know where I was?”

“Don’t blame Miharu! I forced her to tell me!”

“Thanks for telling me the perpetrator…”

Seems like I will have to lose my phone in the river. Normally, having your little sister know our location isn’t too bad…but it feels like it’s only trouble in my case.

“And I didn’t expect Maka-tea to pull off something like that! Swimsuits should be only for my private use!”

“Every girl probably owns a swimsuit at home though?” Maka-sensei retorted.

Ahhh, I see. Though they know that Maka-sensei has feelings for me, they still think that she’s the unobtainable flower. They wouldn’t assume that she would wear a swimsuit to seduce me.

“Why does it matter? Saigi-kun and I are going out after all.”

“Grr…I-I’m also serious about Sai-kun, you know! This is the perfect time so I’ll say it again! I, Amanashi Nui, love Saigi Makoto! Ever since you freed me from Hoshina-sensei’s influence, I’ve always been in love with you!”

“W-Wait, Nui…!”

Though she did it in the heat of the moment, she gave an energetic confession.

“I don’t care if Sai-kun and Maka-tea are dating! My feelings for you aren’t that weak so that I would give up because of that! After all, I managed to move forward once again because of you!”

“I would very well mind if you started dating Saigi-kun!”

Now, I wonder who’s more grown-up here? Well, I know that this isn’t the time to be thinking about, but I couldn’t help myself. And Maka-sensei! Your unobtainable flower mode is starting to shatter in front of Nui!

“Eeeey look Sai-kun! This is Amanashi-chan’s lethal weapon!”

With that, Amanashi took out a brown envelope from her bag and handed it to me.

“Un? This is…Uwa!”

“…T-Those are all selfies…I couldn’t ask my friends to take these pictures for me after all…”

“N-Nui, you…are you still okay in the head…?”

“Ahhh, that reaction is so Sai-kun-like it’s actually relieving! I was really hesitating to give you those photos, but this isn’t the time to hesitate anymore!” Nui was screaming out.

Those photos she handed me were photos of her in a jersey—but, she’s wearing nothing but a jersey! The zipper from her oversized jersey was opened all the way, and she wasn’t even wearing a t-shirt beneath that. Her breasts were visible more than enough, and it looks like she’s not wearing any panties…?! On different photos, she was either wearing the bikini top or bottom.

—Those are all photos you wouldn’t be able to rate R-15 anymore!

“This is my everything, Sai-kun! Thanks to Sai-kun, I could move forward with my life, and I will continue to give it my all!”

Nui’s face was bright red, and I knew very well that she was embarrassed by showing those to me. This clearly counts as more than risky—

“I recognize your effort, Amanashi-san.”


As Maka-sensei said that with a straight face, she pulled my head back into her breasts.

Uwaaaa the feeling of her breasts only protected by a swimsuit…I’m sinking deeper and deeper!

“But, I don’t plan on handing Saigi-kun over to anyone. After all, I’m educating him that he falls in love with me.”

“E-Education! So you’re using your position as a teacher for something like that?!”

“You also used your job as a gravure idol to pull Saigi-kun into your photoshoot, didn’t you?”

“Grr…Though I’m thankful for Maka-tea’s help, this is too much!”


This time it was Nui who pushed her breasts onto my head, hidden by her uniform.

W-What is this situation?! I can feel both their breasts on my head and cheek! And neither of them show any intention of pulling back! You know that you’re squishing my head, right?!

“Sai-kun, if you want to go out with me, I have the lowest hurdle, you know? I’m your classmate, so going out wouldn’t seem weird since we’re already close, and there wouldn’t be any problems if people found out!”

“Muu…Amanashi-san, you’re quite witty at the weirdest times. And, your breasts are slightly bigger than mine, so can you stop pushing them onto Saigi-kun?”

“I-If it’s me, I can even show you my raw breasts any time you want!”

“Wha—Okay! Time out!”

Since Nui was actually about to reveal the school’s best, I hurriedly slipped out between the two of them.

“I…I won’t tell anybody that I love them yet!”

That’s right, I still can’t tell them my feelings. I can’t say that I love Maka-sensei. After all, if our love became mutual—

And, I can’t tell Nui that I don’t love her. After all, I found out about her past with me.


Both Maka-sensei and Amanashi muttered that as their gazes met. And shortly after, they both crossed their arms, and seemed to be lost in thought.

“Yet? Then that’s fine.” “Yet is okay.”

The both of them said that once more in total sync.

“This is a punishment from me. Suffer between my breasts!”

“This is my reward! I’ll pay you back for that time in middle school!”


Both Maka-sensei and Amanashi were grinning, and stuffed my head back between their breasts. My head is being squished by four breasts—

Though it was getting a bit hard to breathe, I wondered if this could really be counted as punishment. Anyway, I decided to give up resistance and let it be done to me. I mean, not like I can do anything against this misfortune—

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