Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 2 Epilogue

We’ll be taking a one month break from KanoSensei, hoping that V4 will be released until then, so we can do it back to back. No, we’re not dropping it, and please don’t kill me 😦 (And make sure to check out the novel we start in between that)

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In the end—

Both Maka-sensei and Amanashi Nui, I found out the reason why they confessed to me. Though this ‘destined love’ Maka-sensei was talking about sounded like an overstatement for me, they were probably pretty serious.

On the other hand, it feels like I haven’t been thinking about them at all. Or rather, I really haven’t been thinking about that. The only things I have been thinking about were the risks of giving them my answer. And since the two of them were the ones carrying those risks—exactly because of that, I couldn’t move carelessly.

Pattern 1: If I were to answer Maka-sensei’s confession:

In that case, she said that she would quit her job and become a nun.

Pattern 2: If I were to turn down Nui:

In that case, Nui might actually lose her motivation for her job.

Both those patterns had too much influence on their respective lives. And, I’m not the person to do that and go “What about it?”…

“Nnn… Kiss kiss…”

“…Uhm, Maka-sensei?”

“Nnnn…Fuwa, what’s wrong, Saigi-kun?”

“I’m actually thinking about something very serious right now, so could you stop kissing me like this!”


My opinion doesn’t change even if you make that cute, unsatisfied face.

Of course, we were currently in the English preparations room. While I was thinking about what happened these last few days near the windows, Maka-sensei didn’t hold back at all and kept kissing me for a while now.

“Saigi-kun, I told you before, but this is your punishment for the mid-term exams. What were you doing, getting barely above-average points in my English? I know that you got over 80 points in Hiyori-sensei’s modern literature, you know?”

“Sensei’s exam was just too difficult since you had to redo them.”

Those grades we got back today really were not favorable. However—

“I really worked hard, but since you suddenly made it more difficult, I should have the right to complain here.”

“Ahh, I’m sorry. Then, an apology kiss.”

She once more pressed her lips onto mine, and I ended up just spacing out through it.

“…Wait, how often are you going to kiss me?!”

“And now, my reward for working so hard in my subject.”


Maka-sensei put her hands on my cheeks, and gave me the most passionate kiss of the day. Additionally, while the sound of kissing resounded in the room, she pushed her tongue inside my—wait, tongue?!


“N—! Nnn—!”

Maka-sensei rolled her sweet tongue around mine.

“…W-What are you doing! This is going too far!”

“Since this was your reward, I thought of giving you a more passionate kiss. Ahh, my body’s getting hot…Hm? What’s wrong Saigi-kun? You want to see my breasts?”

“T-That’s not it…I was just wondering if I could ask now.”

Yes, even though it was a normal weekday with normal classes, Maka-sensei wasn’t wearing her normal suit. It’s the same I saw back at that hamburger restaurant. A thin jacket with a frilly long skirt.

Really, it’s so cute I can’t stop my heart from beating…!

“Nya Nya!”

“I told you countless times not to say any onomatopoeia out loud…”

“Fufu, Saigi-kun seemed like he liked it, so I wanted to wear it again. How is it?”

With that, she turned around on the spot and slightly lifted up her skirt.

Uuuu…those movements are so cute it’s criminal…!

“A-All the other students were also quite perplexed. They wondered why you weren’t wearing your suit all of a sudden.”

“Saigi-kun, you got excited because of Amanashi-san’s swimsuit, right? According to Hiryori-sensei, she was also wearing clothes similar to this on that day, right?”

She once more looked down at her clothes.

“I thought that different clothes might make for a nice stimulation. And it’s not cosplay. Amanashi-san and the others can only wear jerseys, but I’m free to wear whatever I want.”

“Yeah, you’re really using your position as a teacher…!”

There’s no way that everything is OK…For example that cheering outfit form before.

“Since you students will change your uniform soon, it’s not weird for me to do it either. Of course, this casual look is for Saigi-kun only. I might even be willing to answer requests.”

“…Please don’t wear anything that has too much exposure.”

“Ah, so that I don’t show my beautiful skin to other people?!”

…Woah, her eyes are sparkling. Well, it’s just as she said, but I don’t want to say that.

“I-It’s just to make sure that no one sees through your unobtainable flower mode! Nui also found out, so you have to be careful!”

“Really, you can’t be honest for your own good. Though I also like that about you. Now then, time to give you some more of my punishment and apology and rewards.”

“Y-You’re going to do even more?!”

“There’s about 10 minutes left until Amanashi-san comes, so until then.”

“Ahh, so Nui is gonna…wait, here?”

I mean, her grades aren’t the yellow from the egg, but they did indeed rise. And, she shouldn’t be too bad in English either…

“She also seemed to be a bit rebellious after all. Though she seems to have gone on the better path, it’s still not perfect. After all, humans don’t change that easily.”

“…Don’t tell me, you’re also going to ‘educate’ Nui?”

“Of course. I’m a teacher after all.”


Isn’t Nui supposed to be Maka-sensei’s rival—Well, it seems like Maka-sensei still can’t ignore her. It seems like I never really knew her teacher side too much. But, I did understand a bit because of Amanashi Nui’s incident. Fujiki Maka-sensei really is a good teacher, thinking about her students.

“That reminds me, Sensei…why did you become a teacher?”

“Now, I wonder?” Maka-sensei giggled as she shook her head. “I know for sure that I don’t regret it. After all, this miracle happened because I became one.”


This person excels at everything, so she must’ve been able to become everything she wanted. Even so, she chose the way of the teacher—

“In the classroom, I’m everyone’s teacher. But, right here, I’m Saigi-kun’s Maka-sensei. That’s why, you see,” Maka-sensei said as she took a step forward with flushed cheeks. “Should I teach you some more about Sensei’s secret…?” She started lifting up her skirt.

Slowly, her legs, knees and finally thighs entered my view.

“Excuse me. Fujiki-sensei, I’ve brought Hoshina-sensei here regarding that incident at the middle school department—”

“Ah” “Ah”

Both Maka-sensei and I let out that voice at the same time we froze up. Without waiting for the answer after her knock, the vice principal from our school opened the door, with Hoshina-sensei behind her.

“F-Fujiki-sensei…what are you…? And also, second year Saigi-kun?”

WIth a rarely cold gaze, the vice principal glared at us. Or rather, at Maka-sensei, who was in the middle of lifting up her skirt. (Press F to Pay Respects, game over)

Of course he would know about the weird rumour of Maka-sensei and me around Golden Week. And now, these two people were in this situation in a deserted room. No matter how you thought about it, this won’t go down unnoticed like this. Sadly, it seems like it will take a bit longer until I find out about Maka-sensei’s secret—

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  3. indeed i am, well you could say that i have become numb on it now , i see NTR i read it

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