Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Prologue

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This might be a bit sudden, but I didn’t like ‘teachers’. When I made a ring of flowers and confessed to my kindergarten teacher—

She immediately announced that she was going to get married a few days later.

Yes, I admit that this is a joke of a trigger. But, I still couldn’t forgive her. After all, the me from that time received quite the shock. And, even after becoming a second year in high school, I continued to hate teachers. Of course, now, I know that the teacher didn’t do anything wrong. If you asked me if I was still holding a grudge against her, then the answer would be a straight no. And, the reason for that would probably be—


It happened when I was walking towards the changing room because of our next class, gym class. Heading down the hallway, a familiar person entered my field of view. With long, brown hair, a long-sleeved white blouse, and a dark blue mini skirt. It was the number one beautiful teacher of our school, the person called unobtainable flower—Fujiki Maka-sensei.

“What are you doing, Saigi-kun? Your next class is gym class, right?”

With a model-like walk, Maka-sensei came over to me, and focussed her eyes on the gym clothes in my hand.

“Hurry up and go. Takei-sensei is pretty strict towards tardy people.”

“Yes…Excuse me.”

Bowing down once, I did as I was told. But, I couldn’t hold back a sigh. Since we’ve entered August now, we’ve changed our uniforms already, but for some reason, I still feel very heavy. No well, it’s not like I’m depressed or anything. But, after that incident in the English preparations room, it was always like this.


However, soon after, the phone in my pocket started vibrating. When I checked, it said that I had gotten a new message.

‘Ahhh, for crying out loud! Why did it have to come like this?!’


‘Really, what kind of grudge does the vice principal have against us! Her face is made up like a cake!’

“…Again, can we stop with the English.”

And that sounded like you were dissing the vice principal. Even though she normally doesn’t use that kind of verbal abuse.

Recently, Maka-sensei has always been like this… Though her outward appearance is so calm it’s almost scary. But in return, she throws stuff like that at me over LINE. I kind of feel afraid, thinking what might happen if I dropped this somewhere and someone checked our chats. Even this message just now sounded really scary. And just when I thought of dumping it into a river since there seems to be some sort of spyware on it.

‘Anyways, this is today’s share. Please enjoy it~’


Suddenly, she sent me a picture. It showed Maka-sensei, barely out of the bathtub, only hiding her body with a bath towel. However, her breasts were almost completely visible, just like her thighs. Barely being able to hide the important spots makes it even more erotic though…

“She’s really going far for just a selfie, this person…”

Besides this bad mouthing via LINE, it’s turned to her daily routine to send me those pictures.

…This is just as bad as our chats, alright…Can’t have anybody else see this. It seems like it’s really hard for her, not being able to do her ‘education’ anymore

‘I’ll be late for gym class, so please leave the complaints for later’, I replied, ignoring that picture.

After all, Takei-sensei really can be a pain in the ass when you are just a tad bit late. Normally, she’d keep texting me even during my free time, but it seems like she’s being obedient now.

Well, getting those texts and photos via LINE is one problem…But an even bigger problem than that is Maka-sensei’s irritated mood right now.

This is about what happened a few days prior. Maka-sensei was wearing a casual look to school, and we were in the middle of our normal after classes ‘education’—

6 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Prologue

  1. is this a sign you’ll finish vol3? “excited”, also hope that vol 4 comes out in may


    1. I just had some more time to do prologue. Once vol4 comes out, you’ll get it back to back


  2. Thanks…still waiting.


  3. Thanks 4 the chapters sir!


  4. any news on volume 4? really wanna keep reading


    1. hopefully somewhere in june


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