Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 8

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Gym class and recording day

Around the end of April in my second year of high school, I faintly remembered that we were playing soccer, and of course, here we are. After the gym class teacher explained what we would be doing, all the guys were extremely happy. However, I couldn’t say the same for myself. Though I like watching the soccer, I’m really bad at it.

…Not to mention that today is probably when…

If I remembered correctly, today was the day where I would miss the shoot for the ball, and cause everyone to laugh because of me. That embarrassing event still lingers in the back of my mind. Leaving aside Fujimoto, even the girls from my class told everyone about it after all. Just by thinking that something like this might happen again, my tension went up ten-fold.

At first, the teacher told us to go into pairs of two and practice passing.

…I really don’t wanna do this…maybe I can slack off in the nurse’s office…

And, just when I was about to tell the gym teacher about my [stomach ache], Fujimoto suddenly grabbed the sleeve of my jersey.

“Hey yo, hey yo. Sanada, what’s with that face, yo? You probably don’t have a partner to practice passes with, right?”

That diss of MC Fujimoto pissed me off a bit.

“Shut it, it’s the same for you too, right?”

“Yeah. Just as you say it, aye, but we are friends. Good connection. We eating together, we playing together, you feel me?”

Again, why are you rapping?

To translate it into good English: Please practice passing with me, Sanada-sama.

Having no other choice, I gave in to his request. After all, I can just keep my distance from the ball during the game, so that I don’t mess up. Probably.

“Ah, Sensei!” shouted a girl close to me, as she gleefully looked into a certain direction.

“Good day to you all~ I just had some free time, so I decided to come check. Hope you all give it your best.”

Seeing the identity of that teacher, all the boys were suddenly fired up. Of course, it was Hiiragi-chan. Spotting me, she waved her hand at me.

“You can do it~”


She looks like she’s expecting a lot…Even her eyes are sparkling. Now it’s hard to slack off during the match…But, since she was still so far away, you couldn’t tell who exactly she was waving at, which is why all the other boys got even more motivated.

“…Just for today, I might get a bit serious…” Fujimoto said with a disgusting face, to which the other boys followed suit.

“Hiiragi-chan looks really cute today as well.”

“Normally, I would only bring out one third of my strength…but it should be fine for just today.”

“Well, I don’t like to bring out my 100%, but I’ll teach you how strong I can be.”

If I don’t slack off, I’ll end up showing Hiiragi-chan my bad side. But…she clearly came here to watch me…

“Hiiragi-chansensei is making preparations for something…”

All the boys that were in the middle of passing practice suddenly stopped their feet and looked ever at Hiiragi-chan. Of course, I did the same.

“Uhm…so this is for the power supply…Ah, here we go~”

For some reason, she had a hand-held camera in her hands.

So you didn’t come here just to watch! Are you a mother who came to a sports festival or something…

Pointing the lens towards the ground we were playing on, she made a cute waving gesture.

“You see, I’ll show this at your guys’ graduation. It’ll be really nostalgic, don’t you think~?”

Ah, so it’s like one page of an graduation album. So she’s doing that while watching me…But—

Why does it feel like I’m constantly meeting eyes with the lens?!

“Huh? It’s not recording? Sanada-kun? Are you familiar with cameras?”

Having no other choice, I walked over to that female goddess after being called by her.

“Ehehehe, I came~” She said in a quiet voice that no one else could hear her.

“What are you doing. Preparing even something like this.”

“I brought it after hearing what Class A and B were doing for gym class~”

“And why would you do that…”

“I thought I should film Seiji-kun when he’s looking cool.”

“Just so you know, I’m not cool when I play soccer. Though I feel bad for betraying your hopes.”

“I’m deciding what makes you cool, okay?”

I didn’t know if she tried to cheer me up, or if she actually thought so. But, I thought that I might as well try.

Since she had some problems with the handling of the camera, I explained some things and went back to where Fujimoto was.

“Sanada. You seem to be pretty close with Hiiragi-chan.”


“After she confiscated your phone, it’s always been like that, right?”


“I-Is that so? W-Well, I don’t really get world history, so I sometimes go over to ask her. Maybe it’s because of that?”

“Ahh, I see.”

After a short while, we were separated in teams. The people in the current soccer club, and people who formerly played were split up, and the other people were put in respective teams at random. On a side note, Fujimoto was in the opposing team.

“You look like you’re about to run away, so it seems like I have to crush you here.”

Not just about. I’m actually on the line here.

“Well, I don’t mind if you crush me, but if you do that, I can only watch the class from here on out. Are you sure you find another partner then?”

“Sorry, I was lying. We’re friends, right,” Fujimoto returned a smile.

And once he had gotten back into his normal position, the match started. Just like I had planned, I turned into a mob character. But, Hiiragi-chan was constantly pushing me on.

“You can do it, go on~!”

Yeah, she’s totally cheering for me. But, since she didn’t say any names, Fujimoto and the other guys all had a disgusting face, thinking that it was them. Though I also wanted to look cool in front of her, I really wanted to avoid that certain incident.

Since our team was currently on the offensive, I moved to a place where the chance of getting the ball was the lowest. In that second, the round object rolled towards my feet. Of course, ignoring it would look weird.

—No other chance!

And, just when I had made up my mind, I felt a deja-vu, and I knew that it would happen again.

…Ah, this is it. It will happen every second—

But, that second I heard Hiiragi-chan’s energetic voice.

“Only dribble with your left hand!”

“That’s basketball!” All the people present retorted.

Of course, me included. Maybe because I was focussing on Hiiragi-chan’s airheaded advice, my leg moved on it’s own. Thanks to that, it hit the ball at full strength and I happened to shoot a goal.

“Wahhhh! Amazing! Sanada-kun! It went in! Goal!” Hiiragi-chan did a small jump into the air. “You perfectly hit the ring with your shoot!”

“That’s still basketball!”

Not to mention that all the girls around us looked at me with eyes of admiration instead of those of contempt from last time.

…Well, ahahaha, thank you thank you…

While I was spacing out, Fujimoto had already took the ball to his feet. Like a demon on a lust for revenge, his eyes were bloodshot.

“Sanadaaaaa…I’ll take you to the grave…And kill myself after…! Drive shoooooooooooooooooot!”

Fujimoto took the shot, and the ball hit me straight on. Before I even realized what just happened, I was looking up at the sky. And soon after, Sanda’s face appeared.

“We’re done for. Let’s be mob characters from now on, okay? Sanada…”

And that was the last memory I had from that class. When I woke up, Hiiragi-chan was staring closely at my face.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

“Huh? The nurse’s office?”

I was lying on a bed. And, Hiiragi-chan was giving me a lap pillow. Apparently, I was taken here after getting knocked out by the ball, and class had already ended.

“Seiji-kun, you looked really cool~”

“Well, that was…just my luck.”

“Luck is more than enough, you know?” Stroking my head, she grinned.

Hiiragi-chan looked happy for some reason.

“It’s probably just because Hiiragi-chan was there.”

“Eh? Me? Because I cheered you on?”


Probably because she was watching, I could overwrite the result from that incident. Before, Hiiragi-chan wasn’t there after all, and we weren’t in a lovers relationship either.

“I was also really proud of Seiji-kun. Told the other girls how cool you looked.”

“You’re over exaggerating, don’t you think?”

“That’s not true! To me, it looked like that, so it’s fine!”

With these words, she put both her hands on my cheeks, making sure that I wouldn’t escape as she brought her face closer to mine.

“W-Wait a second. Stop! This is the nurse’s—Mmnnn?!”

“Nnnn…~ I closed the curtains so it’s fine. And, nobody is here anyway.”

This time, she didn’t seem like pulling back anytime soon, and gave me a long kiss. But, as I heard the sound of footsteps from outside the door, I started tapping Hiiragi-chan on the shoulders, who was completely losing herself.

“The nurse has come back, I think.”

“Ah, this might be bad.”

Hiiragi-chan hurriedly hid beneath the bed as we tried to escape from this danger.

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