Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 9

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“Excuse me…”

The person that entered the nurse’s office wasn’t a teacher, but rather a female student.

“Good, it doesn’t seem to be Watanabe-sensei.”

Yay~—Hiiragi-chan crept out from under the bed.

Watanabe-sensei is the Obaachan-sensei who’s close to her sixties. And the female teacher will surely go home soon. But for some reason, the voice sounded familiar.


Geh?! Nii-san…don’t tell me, Sana?!

“So Seiji-kun had a little sister, huh.”

“This isn’t the time to be commenting on that! Hurry up and hide!”

Currently, I was supposed to be sleeping in the nurse’s office. Though it wouldn’t be weird for Hiiragi-chan to look after her student, Sana might still get the wrong idea.

After all, she was neither the gym class teacher nor the home room teacher of my class. She was just the world history teacher. If the two of us wanted to continue our relationship, we shouldn’t give anyone any reason to get suspicious. When I checked that Hiiragi-chan was hidden under the bed, I raised my voice.

“Is that you, Sana?”

With that, the curtains slowly opened, and a very familiar face of my little sister greeted me.

She had a slender bodyline and was a little bit on the taller side for a girl. She looked really grown-up for being a first year, and she was often confessed to by her Senpais.

“Huh? You seem to be in pretty good spirits though.”

“Well yeah, as you can see…Did you need something?”

“Not really…Sana just heard from the homeroom teacher that you collapsed during gym class, and were now unconscious in the nurse’s office.”

Oh I see, so she was worried about me. Lovable. But, her homeroom teacher was exaggerating, really. If I was really unconscious for such a long time, they would’ve taken me to a hospital.

“And, Sana thought of scribbling something on your forehead.”

“That prank is so old.”

“And…this. Here.”

She handed me a plastic bottle filled with a sports drink.

“If you’re away, then you can go to class, right? Well, knowing it’s Nii-san, you just thought of skipping it, right?”

“I just woke up, so I’ll go to the next class.”

“That’s fine then.”

Then, she glanced over to where my clothes were neatly put down.

“Did you put them together like this?”

“It wasn’t me.”

Probably Hiiragi-chan. After all, she was making some weird sounds under the bed, seemingly wanting the credit.

“Maybe the nurse?”

“They told us this morning in homeroom that she wouldn’t be present because of her business trip, right?”


I-Is that so? I didn’t listen at all, so I might’ve missed that.

“Then, maybe the person that carried me here? A-Anyway, I just woke up. And, I’m right here. I don’t know anything.”

Trying to get attention away from my clothes, I grabbed them and started changing.

“…Nii-san, you’re actually built quite well.”

While I was taking off my shirt, Sana suddenly pinched my abs.

“Idiot, don’t touch me.”

Rattle rattle rattle

Apparently, the world history teacher under the bed wanted me say something.

Don’t touch Seiji-kun—or something of that sort.

“I’ll touch you too, you know!”

Rattle rattle rattle rattle

The impact grew stronger.

“Idiot, pervert…But, Sana has been training for a while now, if you want to see.”

“I see~” I said, as I put on my shirt, and after that my trousers. “Next class is starting, you know?”

“Sana knows that.”

If you do, then why aren’t you going?

“Nii-san, what are you doing during lunch break?”

“L-Lunch break? I’m not doing anything really.”

“Why so formal…You know, Sana told her that it’s totally impossible, but mother said that you might have gotten a girlfriend. You told her that you didn’t need a bento anymore after all.”

Somehow, the sounds beneath the bed changed from anger to joy.

“So Sana thought that…b-but there’s no way that you have a girlfriend, right? Sei-kun shouldn’t be able to get one anyway,” Sana bad mouthed me like a small child.

Why is she pouting now…?

“Don’t call me Sei-kun. A friend of mine got interested in making food, so he often asks me to give it a taste for him.”

Though 80% are a lie, 20% are the truth.

Aaaand, there’s that weird sound again.

‘We’re not friends though!!!!’ is what she wants to say I assume.

“Is that so…” said Sana as her cold-looking expression changed into a kind smile.

“Depending on your friend every day would be bad right? Since Sei-kun doesn’t have anyone else, Sana would be so nice to keep you company.”


Hiiragi-chan sounded quite shocked, but I also titled my head.

“Eh? Why? You make it sound like it’s just a pain for you, though?”

“S-Shut it! If you had a girlfriend, Sana wouldn’t invite you like this. Sana isn’t the type to be a bother when someone has a girlfriend.”


Sounded like a double-hit combo. She wanted to retort that statement of Sana just now, I guess. And also, can you stop with those reactions down there already, Sensei.

“Saa-chan, that’s a bit too sudden, you know.”

“Don’t call me Saa-chan.”

Why did she suddenly invite me like this…? Ahhh, I see…the pattern that she couldn’t get any friends…? Possible.



Sana is quite shy, and she’s not the most happy-go-lucky type either. Not to mention that she seems rather cold, and hard to approach.

“You, did you fail at getting friends and ended up becoming a loner?”

“N———No, you’re wrong! S-Sana has 100 friends!”


My little sister is eating mom’s bentou alone in the classroom… Just imagining it makes my chest hurt. Since it’s already been one month after the new school-year started, she probably can’t fit into any groups anymore. And her friends from middle school probably ended up in different classes, making new friends on their own already…Not to mention that she belongs to the go-home club like me.

“Anyway, Nii-san just has to eat lunch with Sana.”

“We’ll be talking about this case with our parents at home.”

“Stop! They’ll find out that Sana is a loner! You’ll only make them worry!”

So I was right!

“It’s time. We’ll continue this via mail.”

“Don’t say it that way. It sounds weird.”

“The bell is going to ring, so hurry up back or you’ll be late. And also, we’ve prepared everything for today already, so only from tomorrow on.”


Though Sana didn’t look that satisfied, she turned around on her heel and walked away.

“Sensei, it’s okay now.”

I gave her my hand, and pulled her out from beneath the bed.

“Sana-chan is a good girl.”

“Though she’s still just a child.”

“Seiji-kun too,” Hiiragi-chan said in a teasing manor, poking at my cheek.

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