Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 6 Afterword

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Hello there, I’m Ebisu Seiji. Thank you very much for picking up volume 6 of “Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai.”

This time around, it was decided that Yuu and Suzuka will finally attend the same school, so what do you think about that? In addition, not just these siblings, but also the people around them start changing and start influencing them more — and I had a lot of fun writing that. With that, I hope you look forward to next volume’s “A charming high school student life (Temporary)!”

Sadly, I don’t have any new official information concerning the anime production of this novel (I’m so sorry…). Of course, production is moving forward smoothly behind the scenes. A few days ago, I met with someone from the anime studio. Since that was the first time I had actually set foot into one, it turned out to be a very interesting experience.

“…I see, so that’s how an anime production works…” was my reaction upon seeing it happen right on front of me. (Though I sadly cannot give any more detailed information about the content of the anime…)

Anyway, concerning the anime, there will be more information following soon, so please wait just a bit more.

…But please watch it!

Well then, let’s forget about the anime, and talk about the manga serialization, which will be released in the monthly Dragon Age. The characters that are drawn by Karita Kou-san are all so cute and lively, and I’m sure that you will definitely like it. Really, it gives off such a different feeling from reading the story in the light novel. Even to me, the author, it feels like something new. And to the people who haven’t looked into it yet, please feel free to give it a try.

And to all the people who sent me fan letters, I cannot thank you enough. Being able to read your impressions of this series that I love with all of my heart really moved me to tears.

Finally, to everyone who made the release of this novel possible, and to all the readers who continue to pick it up, you have my utmost gratitude.

With that, I hope that we will have another opportunity to meet again—

The 7th of February, 2018. Ebisu Seiji


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