Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 6 Epilogue

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It was April. A new school year was starting, and I had become a second-year. I say that, but nothing had really changed so far, and I was still walking the same route to school.

…Or at least that’s how it should be, but…

“It’s really spring now, Onii-chan.”

I looked over towards the source of that voice. Walking next to me was a person who wasn’t there in the last school year. Suzuka was wearing the student uniform of Nanamisaka and looking up at the sky.

“…Hm? What’s wrong, Onii-chan?”

Maybe because she had noticed my gaze, Suzuka tilted her head in confusion. Neither her hairstyle nor her height had changed. Only her uniform had, but even so, the atmosphere around her was completely different for some reason.

…How do I say it? She looks more grown up, and somehow rather unfamiliar….

Because I had become entranced while looking at her, the conversation had gotten a bit awkward. Suzuka for her part only said “Onii-chan is so weird,” while letting out a small giggle.

…Really, my little sister is just too beautiful for her own good.

Maybe it was because of that different atmosphere, but I ended up thinking that. And, while we made our way towards the school, the number of students in our field of view grew by the second.

…Is it just my imagination or all they all glancing towards us (or rather Suzuka)…? Hmm…?

In that moment, a soft feeling pressed against my arm, and I looked over to find…

“Wha—?! Y-You, what are you doing…?!”

Suzuka, who was still walking forwards, had suddenly grabbed my arm.

“C-Calm down, please. This is for research, of course,” Seemingly trying to hide her embarrassment, she looked straight at me.


“In the next installation of my novel, the brother and sister will also start going to the same school. So this should be the perfect chance to gather some new data,” Suzuka proclaimed as she averted her gaze with flushed cheeks.

…I-I mean, we can do our research at any time, so is there really any reason to do it on the first day of the school year…?

Of course, that single action gathered the attention of everyone around us. And it certainly didn’t help that Suzuka was a beauty to behold… Some of the gazes even started to hurt…

“W-We’re really getting stared at, here…”

“I-I don’t mind. I-It’s for research, after all.”

My willpower isn’t as strong as yours, you know… And you’d probably hate it if weird rumours started going around…

As I was thinking that, another similar feeling appeared on my right arm — or rather, one that felt more voluptuous than Suzuka’s side.

…T-This is—?!

“G-Good morning, Yuu.”

“M-Mai? Why are you here?”

“H-Himuro-san… Good morning…”

“M-Morning, Suzuka-san. I’m looking forward to this year.”

“F-Forget about that, what kind of position is this…?!” I stepped in between them and asked Mai after they had finished calmly (?) exchanging their introductions. We were already standing out, but now that the school’s number one beauty is also here, we’re gathering even more attention. And those gazes from those bastards were hurting even more…!

“T-That should be obvious, it’s for my research!”

“W-What did you say?! Himuro-san is doing research…?”

“Yeah. My novel from the rom-com festival got so much attention that my editor advised me to try expanding my horizons in that direction even more. And since I will be writing a rom-com sometime in the future, I thought that I would gather some data right now while I can… Just like Towano Chikai is doing.”

“Grrr…!” Suzuka grit her teeth at that statement.

“A-And also the first day of school hasn’t even started yet, and Yuu is already doing research with Suzuka-san, after all. Since my goal is to make you excited the most by my novel, I cannot give up here.”

“…No way…! I’m the only one who’s allowed to do research with Onii-chan!”

“I-I’m just doing this research for personal reasons… Anyway, I will be continuing my research on you, Yuu, so you’d better be prepared!” Mai declared and strengthened her grip on my arm.

And, so as to not lose against that, so did Suzuka.

…Please take it easy on me, will you?

Suzuka is now attending the same school as me, while Mai is still going strong with her stalker activities… What will happen now? No, I shouldn’t think about that. What’s most important is my dream of being a light novel author. In order to achieve that, I have to find that one thing that I want to write about the most in the world!

—Or, that’s what I thought, but…

“H-Himuro-san? No matter how much that this is just for research, people will surely misunderstand, so you should probably hold back a bit here, don’t you think?”

“S-Suzuka-san too. Shouldn’t you, as his little sister, keep a little bit more distance between you?”

Y-You guys…! Can you at least not fight like this with me in the middle of it?!

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