Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 7 Prologue

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Finally, it’s here…

As I sat on a chair on top of the stage, I looked down at the students sitting in rows. Even though I had been in a similar position as the student council president before, the situation was completely different now. After all, the students in front of me weren’t wearing the familiar Hakuou uniform, but rather the Nanamisaka uniform. Of course, I was wearing the same. Yes, I was currently in the middle of the opening ceremony for the new school year.

—Ahhh, this sight that I have dreamed of for so long is finally right in front of me… Going to the same school as Onii-chan…! A student life together…! Ehe, ehehe… Ah! Stop, me! What are you grinning for just by imagining it?! But I can’t help it. After all, I entered this school for this very reason.

Yes. All the fantasies I’ve had about this scenario have filled countless pages of my ‘Onii-chan notes.’ This rose-coloured student life with Onii-chan… being able to always see him whenever and wherever I want. All of those new possibilities…! Ehehehehehehe…! B-But I can’t let my guard down just yet. O-Of course, I will do my best to be flirty and lovey-dovey with Onii-chan! But for now, I have to keep up the pretense of it being for research. I cannot rush this.

Slowly getting closer to Onii-chan, while making the people around us see how good our relationship is, and finally becoming lovers with him — That’s the plan.

…Fufufu, it’s perfect! Especially at this point of time when I’ll start going to the same school as you. The result has already been written in stone, so please prepare yourself, Onii-chan!

“Well then, please welcome the freshmen representative: Nagami Suzuka-san.”


When my name was called, I cut my fantasies short and confidently got up from my chair. I can’t allow any mistakes here, after all. I stood in front of the microphone, with emotions probably stronger than anyone else present, and opened my mouth.

…Now then, it’s the beginning of a new story, Onii-chan!


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