Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai Volume 1 Prologue

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The living creatures called ‘boys’ tend to tease girls who they hold affection towards. I don’t know since when this ‘thesis’ turned into ‘truth’, but at least for me, it seems like a total lie. I mean, it’s true, right? It makes total sense for you to be disliked by someone if you keep teasing her. If you think about it rationally, being kind and supportive towards her would make much more sense—

—or at least that’s what the me from a public junior high school thinks. That ‘gap’ thing of teasing a girl you love as a way of approaching her? Are you idiots? That’s the same logic that a violent husband would use. If there actually were a girl who liked someone switching kindness and violence, you should rather scold her and force her to open her eyes instead of dating her, and I wouldn’t even want to get close to someone like that.

Let’s think about it from the reverse standpoint.

You’re wearing a normal t-shirt, and someone comes along, stuffs a raw egg into it, and says the following:

“Soooorry~☆ I love you so much so I just had to tease you like this, you know☆”

In addition, they’re wearing a small grin on their face while sticking out their tongue. Now, that t-shirt was actually a rather expensive t-shirt you bought not very long ago from a rather important concert of your favorite idol.

—Wouldn’t that make you want to slap them?

There’s another thing that I want you to think about.

Imagine that there’s a girl who washes your drenched t-shirt, lectures that raw-egg bitch, and holds your crying face gently in her voluptuous chest until you stop calm down.

—You would fall in love with her, right?

This might be only from a boy’s viewpoint, but there shouldn’t be any differences for the other gender in this regard. You fall in love with the people who are kind to you, and you hate the people who hurt you. It sounds simple, yet it is a simple truth.

Because of that, I thought that other people around me — of course, including girls — would strategically choose the kind way to win a person over, and wouldn’t choose the unreasonable, teasing way.

Yes, I was certain that the kind of people who would hurt others, and the aloof kind of people, would only exist in light novels and other media, and that all girls in reality would show their beloved ones an easy-to-understand smile. I thought that they would show their emotions and feelings clearly.

If you were to assume that this principle is correct, then that leads to a huge problem…

Around me, there are only girls who hate me.

To all the people who are reading this, I’d like to give you a warning beforehand. All the girls who will appear from here on out are indeed beautiful and good-looking, but they’re all annoying, and have horrible personalities. I might at some point in time make a mistake by thinking that this or that girl is cute, but on a basic level, it’s about meeting them and critiquing them harshly.

Well, of course, I won’t be saying that there won’t be any damage as a result. But for those wild tigers who don’t care about that sort of thing, I want you to keep reading. I too, just like that friend of mine, wanted to live a life like those rom-com protagonists.

…Why is everyone so annoying towards me?


「—So, what do you think about my circumstances? As my friend, you know.」

「I think you should go ahead and enjoy that popular life of yours.」

8 thoughts on “Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai Volume 1 Prologue

  1. Wait, did he just break the 4th wall??

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  2. Thanks for the prologue. Ohhh, I will definitely translate this into Spanish.

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  3. No, i agree with our protag, even though he’s obviously pretty dense, IRL Tsundere would be extremely annoying. If a girl just won’t be honest with her feelings and wants her partner to somehow divine her attentions she would have better odds if that partner was another girl.

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  4. we need next/prev chapter buttons, annoying having to either open each chapter in a new tab


    1. You’re a big boi. I believe in you! You can do it!


      1. But I’m a lazy big boy though.


  5. Thanks for the chapter 😊


  6. Type youf name here... 15. November 2019 — 04:57

    Where the next button?


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