Berserk of Gluttony (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 12

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Rumours in the bar

Having changed my clothes and left the room, I told my fellow servants that I was heading out since I was feeling better. I also told them that I wanted to take a breather in order to keep it a secret from Roxy-sama. The servants of the Heart Family were all good people.

After this, I headed from the Holy Knights District to the Commercial District. As it was still early, I decided to kill some time instead of going directly to the bar.

Even if I said this, I only had 1 silver coin and 20 copper coins. As it was not payday at the Heart Family yet, I could not buy anything expensive.

Knowing that I needed to reserve some money to spend at the bar, I decided to go to the flea market where I had bought Greed last time.

At that time, my outfit had been rather tattered so the arrogant shopkeeper of the stall had not treated me decently as a customer.

However, now that I was a servant of the Heart Family, I was much better dressed. If I went to those kinds of stores, I would not be considered an idiot like back then.

Walking through the stores, I looked around for the next bargain. In this case, the Appraisal skill was very useful. Even without knowledge of the item, I could see its value.

If I used this well, I could buy good products at a low price and resell them. Well, before I can do that ─ I had no customers, so it would not work right?

Putting this aside, there were many items here. I tried to do an <Appraisal> on a large, beautiful plate.

“Oh, this is great. This broken plate has been restored perfectly. It’s amazing, I couldn’t tell at all. It seems like the other plates have been similarly repaired.”

At this moment, the shopkeeper who had been negotiating with the customer next to me turned to glare sternly at me.

Also, the customer seemed to hear my voice and became angered. He pushed back the plate to the shopkeeper that he had originally intended to purchase. An intense argument began to break out between them with the customer claiming to be deceived while the shopkeeper denied it.

Somehow… the atmosphere was bad. I hurriedly left before I was caught up in it.

“Ah, that was dangerous.”

“Be careful from now on. Carrying the Appraisal skill, it is easy to become disliked by businessmen.”

Greed warned me about my carelessness.

“It’s not good for someone to lie when doing business though.”

“Well, you cannot make a living simply by telling the truth. Lies can be good things.”

That was probably a common course of action in the flea market where struggling merchants gathered. I pulled myself together and resumed looking through the stores when I came across something interesting. Placed on a shelf next to hats and headbands, it looked pretty scary, yet I was intrigued. Picking it up, I did an <Appraisal> on it.

Skull Mask

Endurance: 20

Inhibits recognition of the wearer, allowing others to see a different person.

This could be useful!

At this, Greed also expressed agreement.

“You found something good. This is an old-fashioned, magical object created for a masquerade ball. It is an antique, although it should still work if you put a bit of magic in it.”

Priced rather cheaply at 40 copper coins, I decided to buy this skull mask. I needed this for my night hunting. If I was intending on going hunting almost every day, my face would be soon be recognised and a rumour would arise among the warriors. For those who wished to hide their identity and hunt, the recognition inhibition ability of this mask was very useful.

I handed over 40 copper coins to the old shopkeeper, then I wrapped it in a rag and placed it in my breast pocket. I had bought something good. Given that this was the Royal Capital, rare items often passed through, even in places like the flea market.

From now on, it would be a good idea to regularly keep an eye out for bargains. Now then, I should head to the bar. If I stayed here, I might come across something else and waste my money.

When I entered the bar, I found that it was crowded with unkempt men.

Oi oi, what was going on for them to drink during the daytime? Usually, the bar was fairly empty during this hour. There was something else that was strange. I went towards my reserved seat at the corner of the counter.

Oh, for some reason, this was the only vacant seat. Also, there was a single flower placed in a cup atop the counter. What was this? Wondering about it, I tried to sit down.

“Wait, you can’t sit there. That’s the spot of a regular customer who died…”

As he spoke, the shopkeeper walked over to the counter seat and when he saw my face, he drew a sharp breath.

“You’re alive?! I was sure that you had died.”

Ah… As I thought, the shopkeeper seemed to think that I had been overworked till death since I had not shown up for a week. I see, so this flower was for me?

“As you can see, I’m still alive. Then, can I sit here?”

“Of course, go on and take a seat.”

Moving the cup with the flower to the side, I sat down.

“Master, good wine and delicious food please.”

“Oi oi, what’s this? I thought you were gone, yet you suddenly came back with a good income.”

“I changed jobs. I couldn’t show up here since I had quite a lot to learn.”

“Is that so, that’s good then… Really.”

Tearing up a just a little, the shopkeeper disappeared into the kitchen to bring food. After a while, he brought back a glass of wine and a large dish of fish meunière. (TL: Fish meunière is French dish where the the fish is coated in flour before cooking, and served with a sauce made of brown butter, chopped parsley, and lemon.)

“Here, to celebrate your new job. I’ll charge you at half the price today.”

“Is that alright?!”

“It is. After all, I’ve known you for a long time.

I had not known that he was thinking about me this much. It was good to have come here.

Starting to eat the fish, I asked about the sudden in prosperity of the bar.

“Anyway, what’s up with today?”

“Ah, they’re all warriors.”

Huh, I guess today was a day off from hunting. A warrior’s job differed to ordinary work as it was dependent on monster activity. On a rainy day, the demons remained in hiding so those were rest days, and they were unpredictable during breeding seasons when they had to observe the situation carefully. However, that did not seem to be the case this time. The shopkeeper told me the reason.

“They said they went goblin hunting early in the morning but found goblin corpses scattered everywhere. What’s more, the ears had all been left on. I heard that they made a lot of money from that. There’s something strange about it.”

“…Hahahaha… I agree…”

The cause was me!! I almost spat out the wine I was drinking. Well, it was not like I did anything bad. At least this was what I thought, yet the shopkeeper’s expression was grim.

“But you know…”

“What is it?”

“About that, the thing that killed the goblins is problematic. It’s possible that it’s a powerful rogue monster who had wandered over from another region.”

“A rogue monster?!”

The shopkeeper said that he heard this from the noisy warriors over there. The things I had done were now a problem! I was the rogue monster!

“Ah, it happens about once a decade. That’s why the Holy Knights are apparently on the move to solve this problem. Since they’re doing that, I feel relieved.”

If a mysterious monster appeared near the Royal Capital, then the merchants will refrain from coming here to do business since they did not want to die. As a result, commercial trade would be affected and it seems like the economy could suffer.

All because of me… Yet, I could not stop this… Besides, the appearance of the Holy Knights?

“Who will be in charge of the Holy Knights?”

“Ah, apparently it’s the second son of the Breric Family that you hate, Hado-sama. He has yet to gain any fighting experience in Gallia, so this will be an easy way for him to earn points.”

Upon hearing that name, I stabbed my fork into the centre of the fish. Unexpectedly, the Holy Knights of a great family would turn up to something like this, so it was just like flying straight into flames.

I downed the glass of wine instantly to curb the rising emotions. Then, the shopkeeper started to tell a different story.

“Aside from this, there’s a funny story.”

“What story?”

“It’s that orphanage in the slum you lived in. There, the Sisters were praying to God before dawn when a bloody bag was thrown in through a broken window. It fell at the foot of one of the Sisters who fainted from it. They thought it was a cruel prank and tried to chase after the culprit. In the end, whoever it was managed to escape.”

The shopkeeper bellowed with laughter. That, could it be… The shopkeeper continued without noticing my worry.

“There’s still more to this. The angry Sisters wanted to throw it away when they noticed that there was something written on the bag. It read “donation”. So then, when they fearfully opened it, I heard that they found a pair of ears from a Goblin King. And then, the Sisters cried again, but this time from happiness. It seems like they’re looking hard for the person who donated it.”

…This too, was definitely my doing. I hoped that the orphan girl could eat a full meal. However, the Sisters were looking for me? Well, it should be fine if I was not discovered. Besides, I have that skull mask now, so it should be alright.

“That was an interesting story. Master, more wine please!”

“Roger! I’ll let you know if I have a good story again.”

Pretending to be calm, I drank more wine and ate the fish. Sure enough, the food in this shop was delicious!

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  3. How big are the differences between LN and WN?

    I decided to start reading from where the current chapter of the manga ends. So I am in the middle of Volume 2 of WN. I dunno who translated WN but the storytelling in LN feels more fluent and natural.


    1. So far the differences have been rather minor I heard, but there definitely are some, so it might be worth to keep an eye on it


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