Ie ni Kaeru to Kanojo ga Kanarazu Nanika Shiteimasu Volume 1 Prologue

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It was the middle of the night on a certain day.

When I opened my eyes, I had to immediately keep myself from screaming. There was the face of a girl right on front of me, close enough for our lips to almost touch. In the middle of the complete darkness of the room, a small opening between the curtains illuminated her blissful-looking sleeping face. All the parts of her face were in perfect harmony, and anyone who saw her like this would call her a beauty. Pure white skin that looked like it would be sullied by a single touch, and long eyelashes decorating her eyelids; the girl’s face gave off both an aura of extreme cuteness as well as a kind of grown-up beauty.

“…I really can’t get used to this. Just how many times has this happened now?” I muttered to myself, letting out a sigh.

Yes, this wasn’t the first time that such a thing had happened. Still, no matter how often something like this does happen, I still can’t get used to it.

I had woken up completely because of the surprise, so I decided to go drink some water. It happened at the same time.



The girl let out a cute voice and stretched out her arms towards me, as if she wanted to hold me back. I was forced to endure her soft bulges as they pressed against me, and I once more could barely contain a shriek of surprise. Of course, the sleeping girl wasn’t wearing any underwear. I could feel her D-Cups (by my estimation) directly transferring their warmth and voluptuousness through her pyjamas. I was in a situation where I could wholeheartedly enjoy myself if I were to simply move an inch. The angel and the devil on each of my shoulders were having a fierce battle. Seemingly ignorant of all of that, the girl merely tightened her grip on me.

“Just take it easy on me, please…”

Luckily (or was it?), the angel won, and I gently separated her arms from me. I slowly crawled out of the bed, trying not to wake her up, when suddenly—


I couldn’t contain my voice for a third time. A button on her pyjamas had suddenly sprung open, revealing her chest. Though her current position prevented me from seeing those two mountains, if she were just to move a slight bit, I would be able to see those forbidden hills. These pyjamas are really playing with my rational thinking here.

Forcing my eyes away from her, I got up from the bed.

“She has big breasts on top of being this cute… Isn’t that a bit too much to ask of an adolescent boy like me?”

Muttering to myself, I walked towards the water dispenser in the corner of my room, put some water into a cup, and gulped it down in one go to try to regain my composure.

After lying down on the sofa, I gazed up at the ceiling.

“Why did it come to this…?”

Yes—this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

I thought of the girl, who was still blissfully sleeping in my bed. Gazing at her face, I recalled how it had all started.

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  1. Hmm… Thanks for the chapter!


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