Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 7.5 Prologue

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This happened around a month after I started attending the same school as Onii-chan. On a certain evening, I was reading an email that I had received on my smartphone. It wasn’t from a newfound friend at my new school, but rather from an acquaintance from Hakuou. Although we had ended up going to different schools, she still sent me mail from time to time.

The contents usually went something like this:

‘Suzuka-sama, are you doing well?’ or ‘I’m lonely now that Suzuka-sama is gone’ or ‘I want to meet Suzuka-sama again,’ and so on.

…Well, one of them was from the vice president of the student council (who had now become the president), Hiiragi-san, who sometimes asked for my advice if she needed help.

And, like always, I would slowly but surely answer every single email.


But today, I found a rather interesting name mixed in there.

Madenokouji Nene.

She was my Kouhai by one year, and currently a third-year at the middle school department of Hakuou. The email started with a very polite greeting, asking me how about my life had been going, and finally…

‘…By the way, I might come off as rude with this request, but would it be possible for me to visit Suzuka-sama’s home? It has been a while, and I would like to converse with you a bit. And with Onii-sama too…’

Reading that email, especially the word ‘Onii-sama,’ made me freeze up. And at the same time, my heart was filled with anxiety for some reason.

“M-Madenokouji-san? What is she…?”

While laying on the bed, I rolled onto my back to look up at the ceiling and tried to recall her appearance. While reminiscing about the past, I closed my eyes. When I did that, the memories of that incident from back then slowly came back to mind…


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