Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 1

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I told you I’d do it Kuku, will you join us now?

Maka-sensei wants to break up

“Please excuse me vice-principal, but could you act like you didn’t see this?”

Pushing down her skirt, Maka-sensei said so, inside the familiar English material preparation room, where she would always conduct her “education”. Today, I was called here like always, and Sensei started with slowly lifting up her casual long skirt;An education on the level of acting as an exibitionist.


The person that was trembling with her whole body, was the vice principal of the high school, and a teacher that was an old hag.. Even though I didn’t have much contact with her (and that’s actually for the best), I’ve heard that she was feared as a very stiff and obstinate teacher.

While Maka-sensei was lifting up her long skirt, her underwear was about to be visible when—

The vice principal suddenly entered the preparation room.She probably never intended of stopping this idiotic education of Maka-sensei though. Behind her back was Hoshina Shiiko-sensei; She is a teacher in the middle school division of Seikadai, and my former homeroom-teacher from my second year in middle school.

A few days prior to this, I got in contact with her at the gravure photo shoot of Amanashi Nui in the middle school building. Judging from what the vice principal had said, Hoshina-sensei came here to apologize for the trouble she had made back then, and she was shown around by the vice principal. There certainly wasn’t any weird development, but”the timing was off”, is what you could say about this.

Well, since this education is always in peril, it’s no wonder the situation would sooner or later escalate like this. And also, what exactly is Maka-sensei saying? There’s no way that this stiff vice principal would go “Oh okay.” and ignore all of this.

Ah, that’s right—Kisou-san told me to protect Maka-sensei; Now is the time where I should be doing that. Should I choose the cliche way and make myself the bad guy?

“A kabe-don isn’t enough for me! Got it??? I finally got Maka-sensei to lift up her skirt, so don’t bother now you old hag!”

Alright, the simulation is done,this should do it. Though it’s a bit out of character for me, the impact is important.

“…Fujiki-sensei, I await your explanation.”

Not good, the vice principal got the jump on me. The calm, composed vice principal is actually pretty scary.

This is bad! Really bad! Before Maka-sensei says something bad—

“Uhm, this is a bit embarrassing, but…there was a bug.”

“……A bug?”

“Yes, even though I couldn’t clearly identify it, it looked like a bee to me,…And it got into my skirt, so I panicked and lifted it up…”

E-Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! W-What’s up with that excuse?!

Just what you would expect from the unobtainable flower character whose acting talent is top-notch.. But no matter how naturally she may pull it off, that excuse is…

“Yes, I think I just saw a bee fly out of that window right now…”


I quickly looked at my side. There, I found Hoshina-sensei pointing at the slightly opened window.

Wait, she’s believing that excuse of Maka-sensei?! And also, was that window open just now…? I thought Maka-sensei closed that window so that nobody would hear our voices. Did Hoshina-sensei open it again…?

“I-I’m sorry. I know that I was acting unworthy of being a teacher, but I’m bad with bugs…Especially bees, since I was stung before…”

“A bee…A bee, huh.”

Though it’s probably obvious, the vice principal wasn’t quite on board yet. She was surely still doubting it, and I don’t know why Hoshina-sensei would suddenly help us out…No, I kind of do. That time with Nui’s photoshoot, she was strangely affectionate towards Maka-sensei. Though I didn’t feel anything like affection, I shouldn’t think too deeply into it.

“Yohoo! Thanks for waiting, Sai-kun, Maka-tea! Let’s keep the high energy and—wait, oohoho?”

And with that, the banshee gravure idol that can’t read the mood arrived at the scene. Semi long reddish-brown hair, with breasts too big, she reasoned that she couldn’t properly put on her blazer, which is why she was wearing only her normal uniform. Her legs, expanding from her miniskirt, are slim. Amanashi Nui, acting as a gravure idol, is my classmate and Maka-sensei’s student.

That reminds me, Nui was supposed to join our “education” as well today.

“Vice Principal-sensei and…Hoshi-tea? What’s with this group?”

Looking around the room, said idol tilted her head after seeing the batch of people present.

“Amanashi-san…was it? Why are you here?”

“I was called here by Maka-tea of course! Probably a lecture! But I didn’t sleep all that much today!”

It seems like Nui also speaks loosely towards the vice principal. And also, you previously called her “Hoshina-sensei”, but suddenly it’s “Hoshi-tea”!?

“All that much doesn’t matter. Sleeping in class is sleeping in class, and I will have to ask you to pay attention. But I see you were also called here…”

The vice principal was suddenly lost of this surprising conversation, and so she was deep in her thoughts. Thinking about Maka-sensei would really do something to a male student, knowing that Nui would come.

“Hey, Sai-kun, Sai-kun, what exactly is going on here?”

“Well,there was a small misunderstanding…”

Though it certainly wasn’t a misunderstanding, I have to keep up my act. Actually, the plan for Nui was to arrive thirty minutes later. Before that, Maka-sensei wanted to conduct her “education”.

Nui probably got the time wrong, or she didn’t care about the time at all—probably later..

“……Everyone has things they are bad at, but it’s just like you said. Fujiki-sensei, teachers aren’t supposed to show any disgraceful behaviour in front of students like that.”

Ohhh, so the vice principal is jumping on board…? No, she’s probably just being deceived by the Maka + Hoshina combo here. And it seems like Nui’s appearance also greatly helped in swaying her.

“Especially this Saigi Makoto-kun right here, has been a precedent problem before,” said the vice principal , glaring at me.

Uhm, even though we never really talked with each other, she remembers my full name?

“Saigi-kun, go home for now. Hoshina-sensei and I still have something to talk about with Fujiki-sensei.”


Despite the fact that I was about to look over at Maka-sensei, I controlled myself. If I were to make any weird suspicious eye contact, the vice principal would grow more aware of me.By that logic, it would be better if I keep my mouth shut and act obediently.

“Oh? What about me?”

“Hurry up and let’s go Nui, the teachers have something to talk about, so let’s not bother them any longer.”

“That doesn’t sound like Sai-kun at all. You’re totally the type to bother teachers like that.”

What a terrific misunderstanding, I would never do something like that.

Pushing Nui’s back, we left the preparation room.

“Ehhh, I have no idea what’s going on here!”

Together with Nui, who still didn’t seem satisfied as far as things were standing right now, we walked into to the hallway.

It seems we avoided that senseless upbringing. Worst-case scenario…

In this situation, the risks for Maka-sensei were much, much higher than for me. Falling back for now certainly was the better way of dealing with this.

—And after that incident, time flew by and it had been a few days. Leaving out myself, Maka-sensei didn’t receive any blame. However, since there had been the rumour of “Saigi Makoto and Maka-sensei having a suspicious relationship”, Maka-sensei received an official notice to restrain herself. Of course, regarding the worst possible outcome, she was getting away quite leniently. Just as advised, she kept contact with me to a bare minimum. No matter how crazy her true personality was, she was still a member of society. She certainly wouldn’t defy her boss’s orders. And by stopping to wear casual clothes was one way for her to restrain herself.

“I don’t think restraining both of yourselves is a bad thing. Seeing you both flirty, I’m feeling anxious, and you two are ironically grinning.”

“At the very least, I’m not grinning…”

During lunch break, I was having lunch in the cafeteria with Kisou-san sitting next to me.

Kisou Tenka-san.

My classmate,and Maka-sensei’s biological little sister. Their parents are both divorced, with Sensei going with her father, while Kisou-san with her mother, which is why their family names are different now. Even though their connections are rather thin, Kisou-san seems to be quite the siscon.

“…Kisou-san, you’re not eating much.”

I took the same daily lunch as always; Today it was a deep-fried horse mackerel menu,and the fish is really tasty. Kisou-san on the other hand only had some mini curry and egg salad.

“I don’t really move that much. That’s why eating too much makes me full .”

“I thought you were the type to eat more.”

Kisou-san is fairly small. She had her hair in cute twintails, and she totally looked killer for a loli.. The girl’s summer uniform of Seikadai was a blouse and thin summer-knitted garment on top. She was wearing a long-sleeved version, and although maybe the size didn’t fit her, her sleeves had wrinkles. But ironically those features for a girl looked petty cute to me. It fit her small build except one part, that was surely the her big bust. Because of her uniform, the attention was directed towards her oversized chest. At first glance, she surely wouldn’t lose against the big breasted idol Nui.

“…You got a problem with my physique?”

“N-No, not at all…”

Although she didn’t want to admit it, she probably had a complex about her body.

“Then that’s fine. So tell me, a secret is the most dangerous thing when you get used to it. Saigi is Onee-chan’s security hole. I knew that it would turn out like this.”

“………You’re not holding back huh.”

Maka-sensei and I share many secrets, but Kisou-san is aware of a fair amount. She even saw that time when we were kissing each other… She might be the easiest person to talk to concerning all of this.

“For now you were saved, but you’re still being doubted by the vice principal. If something happens again, it’s over. If Onee-chan’s done for, so will you. I can guarantee that.”

“W-What are you planning on doing then…?”

At first glance, Kisou-san looks like a cute doll, but her interior is actually pretty rampant. Like when that rumour about me and Maka-sensei was going around, she alone stopped the newspaper club from writing about it.

“If you don’t want anything to happen to you, you’ll keep quiet for now. Saigi, if you go against the vice principal like you normally would against teachers, you’ll be expelled.”


D-Does Kisou-san have the means to get me expelled? Or is she going to get the means after this?

While I was left in shock, Kisou-san calmly started eating her egg salad.

Actually…I’m more scared of this rampant classmate rather than the vice principal…

“W-Well, leaving that aside for now…I’m still feeling a bit gloomy I guess.”


“I know that there’s this problem between me and Maka-sensei, but it doesn’t quite fit well with me about the order of the vice principal to make her restrain herself.”

“…You’re even more of a teacher rebel than I thought, is there a reason for that even though you gain nothing from it?”

“…I have a reason…no, not really I guess. It might just be intuition.”

There are still almost two years left of my high school student life, but will I be able to live a normal student life?

“Saigi-kun, let’s break up…”

“We weren’t even dating though?!”

Actually, the Fujiki residence that Maka-sensei was living in is the apartment right next to the Saigi household. In this eight-floor flat, this room is the “love nest of Saigi Makoto and Fujiki Maka”—

Or that’s how Sensei would always call it, but there’s actually no love or anything. And of course we’re not living together either, we’re really just neighbours. Anyways, no matter how great the vice principal’s influence is, it surely wouldn’t reach all the way to our homes.

When I finished my dinner, I got called over by Maka-sensei via LINE, and arrived at her home after three seconds. With a t-shirt and shorts worn she welcomed me. I’ve seen her like this a few times before, and the person in question doesn’t seem to mind it either, but…

This loose t-shirt with her breasts shaking all over the place, and these thigh-revealing shorts, I would be lying if I said that it didn’t have a strong impact. Is she forgetting that male high school students are pretty simple-minded?

“I’m being serious here Saigi-kun.”

“And I seriously retorted in there, Maka-sensei.”

By the way, we are currently facing each other while sitting in the Fujiki household’s living room; Even though there’s a sofa.

“I’ve been checking out how things are looking—but sadly, the vice principal is still watching me with monitoring eyes. However,she often talks to me, even though that almost never happened ever since I became a teacher a year ago. It was always like ‘A newcomer like you isn’t worth anymore than myself’s prompt answer!’…”

“I’m pretty sure she wasn’t acting like a court lady…”

And who even says ‘myself’ in first person…

“Once I get the administrative position, I’ll make sure to peacefully turn the teacher’s office into a place where everyone can smile!”

“I wonder…You’ll probably turn into a dictator…”

“Just how exactly do you think of me, Saigi-kun?” Maka-sensei puffed out her cheeks.


“I’ve been tasked to take care of your real personality. By Kisou-san to be precise.”

“Now that you say it, you’re often talking with Tenka. How bold of you to lay a hand on my little sister as soon as the older sister is no good anymore.”

“Don’t say things that’ll ruin my value as a human being! Maka-sensei, you’ve been really scary for a while now!”

“…Yes, I apologize. Recently I’ve been irritated a lot…Saigi-kun, can’t you just trick the vice principal like you always do?”

“You apologize, but you still talk of me like I’m the worst…”

Its like I’m always being a bother to every person , and for her to know that my contact with Kisou-san had been rising, she must’ve been monitoring my every huh?

“We’re missing the topic. Uhm…I was saying that my little sister doesn’t show any forgiveness.”

“Not really but…no, totally wrong! Aren’t you supposed to be close sisters?!”

That reminds me, I’ve never see them talking with each other. The only time I saw them together was when they saw my kiss with Sensei.

“You really doubt odd circumstances. We’re keeping the fact about being sisters a secret in school, and we can’t really talk that very intimate with each other.”

“That might be so, but…wait, the conversation is going all over the place. What was that about breaking up and so on?”

“Yes, the vice principal is still doubting us. I really wish she’d return to that ‘High and Mighty mode’ before.”

“I wonder if every single teacher has a ‘mode’…”

Leaving the talk about modes aside, Seikadai is quite the famous school. It certainly wouldn’t do any good if there were teachers going against public morals.

“Back then, thanks to Amanashi-san missing the time and additional propsto Hoshina-sensei, we were saved, but this luck surely wouldn’t continue for much longer. Why did Hoshina-sensei save us back then? I wanted to thank her, but her face went red and she ran away.”

“W-Well, she’s not a bad person it seems.”

It seems like Hoshina-sensei is holding some sort of affection towards Maka-sensei. but the person in question should be telling Maka-sensei about that herself. I’ll just keep quiet. If I were to tell her, things could get problematic after all.

“Hmmm, it seems that way, and it looks like she’s an earnest and hardworking teacher. Maybe I should treat her t to drink sometime.”

“Maka-sensei shouldn’t drink!”

After all, she’s bad with alcohol, and she’ll fall asleep immediately. Those memories I have from when I had to care for a sleeping Maka-sensei are coming back…!

“I-I know. I won’t make the same mistake twi—ah?”

The smartphone Maka-sensei had put down next to her on the floor had vibrated. When she checked the screen, she made a troubled face.

“Really, at a time like this…I don’t care!”

“W-What is it?”

“From Papa. He needs some advice for the cat cafe…but I don’t have the time for that right now!”

“…Maka-sensei, you call your father ‘Papa’?”

“O-Oh no…!”

In one moment, Maka-sensei’s face went red in an instant.

“Y-You’re wrong! I’ve been calling him like that when I was a child, so it just comes out when I let my guard down!”

Now that she says it, she’s been calling him ‘Father’ and ‘Dear Father’ before, but she seems really embarrassed about that; She’s red from ear to ear. A 24 year old teacher calling her father “Papa”, why is she so damn cute.

“Sensei, aren’t you letting down your guard a bit too much when you’re in front of me? That’s probably the reason for that prior incident.”

“Ahhh, Saigi-kun is back into his rebellious teen mode! I’m not letting down my guard at all; I wouldn’t lift up my skirt in front of other people!”

“Even if you say it so arrogantly…Normally you wouldn’t do that in front of anyone.”

“SID would!”

“I-I wonder…?”

By the way, this SID organization consists of four girls, who all hold romantic feelings towards me. Furthermore, Amanashi Nui is one of them.

“Ah I remember now,about breaking up you said?…You mean to take distance for now, right? Uhm, what should we do about the fact thatthe two of us dating is a disguise?”

Having been confessed to by the four of them at the same time, I’ve been running away from that responsibility under the pretense of dating Maka-sensei.

“That’s right, but isn’t it fine? Those girls don’t believe us anyway.”

“So why do we even bother!”

“It’s just to keep them in check. It does have an effect on the too-honest-for-her-own-good Amanashi-san and Shinju-san.”

“Well, it’s true that Kuu is a bit too honest, yes…”

I know that even Nui isn’t that gullible. Just like Karen-kaichou, who is clever and not easy to deceive, and my little sister Miharu that has a GPS tracker installed on my phone. So therefore I can’t let down my guard there either. I really don’t think they’d be deceived this easily.

“Anyway let’s make sure that we don’t give the vice principal any more reason to doubt us; So that the situation doesn’t get worse, and we can spend a delightful summer.”

“Yeah, it is summer after all…Wait, are you planning something?”

She is the type of person to use her education as a pretense and pull crazy plans. And if we’re talking about a ‘delightful’ summer…I don’t even want to think what she plans on doing.

“You can look forward to that for later~”

“I-I wonder about that…I’m more worried than anything…”

“You’re finally wearing the summer uniform, Saigi-kun. You have to relax a bit.”

“As always, you are much more interested in things that doesn’t have any value for the other person.”

Is there some sort of catch with my uniform? The males summer uniform of Seikadai is a short-sleeved white shirt with thin trousers. Additionally, there was a no-sleeve summer knit, but unlike many people, I actually wear it.

…Though this is all useless information to be honest…

“Actually, I secretly took one already.”


—Said Maka-sensei as she showed me her phone with a picture of me in my summer uniform! The location seems to be the classroom, but I was too obvious to that with a stupid look on my face.

“W-When in the world did you take this…”

“You should know that I’m the type of woman that wouldn’t let a chance go to waste right?” Maka-sensei said, putting her phone away with a wink.


But well, taking some distance for now isn’t too bad for me either. Maybe I can get the time to think about how to deal with this woman…

In Seikadai, we don’t have many events to name during June. Since we have three semesters, the end term exams are normally in June. Although many schools have sports festivals in June, that only happens in Fall at Seikadai. Additionally, we don’t have many holidays…What a cruel month June is.

“Haaa, I’m tired~”

Leaving the train station, I let out a sigh while walking towards my home. Although we don’t have any events, it doesn’t mean that daily school life doesn’t calm down either. After classes today, I went to karaoke with the guys from class. On a fundamental basis, I’m not going out with friends outside school, but there are times when I feel like it. Nui’s group became the center, and around a third of the class participated. However, Kisou-san didn’t whatsoever; She really doesn’t participate in those non-curricular activities. She’s cute, has big breasts, and was actually pretty popular with the guys from the class due to those extravagant features of hers, which is why the boys always try to invite her. Ahh, that’s probably why she doesn’t come with us.

Although I don’t have that much of a presence, I still had a good time. Even with this painful distance from Maka-sensei, my daily life still continues.

Right now it was around 6:00 P.M. in the evening. The other guys are still playing over there, but I took my leave early. Miharu should probably be home already; She’s not really the type to go out either. If I don’t get home fast and prepare dinner, her mood will drop drastically.


In front of the flat, there’s a convenience store called Galaxy Market. Though it’s a rather small, it’s pretty famous for its odd vibe. The sweets are delicious, and Miharu frequently pesters me to buy some…!

But, leaving that aside for now.


Inside the store, I spotted a familiar looking girl. Thin overwear and a fluffy mini skirt. It looked like a mixture fit for early summer. Her dark blue hair was knotted together on one side, had big round eyes, and a well-arranged face. She had a serious expression, as she looked at the shelves.

Shinju Muku—Nickname, Kuu. A girl in the 5th grade in the grade school of Seikadai. A member of SID, confessed to me via love letter, and as of right now, was trotting around the store interior. With a store basket in her hands, she was stuffing sweets and whatever there was in there. Since her height was fitting for the grade that she was in, this basket looked far too big for her height. For some reason, she even had a big backpack on her back. Rather, it looked like the backpack had Kuu on its back.

“What is she doing…?”

She’s not going mountain climbing at this time? No, that’s dangerous no matter what time. Ahh, I shouldn’t dwell too deep into it. For now—

“Kuu, what are you doing?”

“I-I’m sorry!”

When I called out to her, Kuu jumped right on the spot.


“There’s nothing you should apologize for…No, just don’t apologize at all.”

“I-Is that so? I was surprised, suddenly being called out like that…”

The employees and the other guests started looking at me like I was trash. They looked at me like I was a trash of a human, playing pranks on a cute girl.

“S-Sensei, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen the end of the world?”

“Ahh, rather than this world, I just thought that it would be pretty easy for my life as a human to end like that.”

“U-Uhm… I don’t understand any complicated talk like that…”

“You’re right…”

She doesn’t know that she’s such a cute young girl that any lolicon would fall for her. Well, it’s better that she doesn’t know I guess.

“Let’s talk later, are you going to buy all those sweets?”

“Y-Yes. It’s to bribe…no, win over…? Ah, a tribute for Miharu-oneechan!”

“You know some really difficult words for a kid …”

Though she doesn’t look like she knows what they mean. Who told her about those words for crying out loud.

“She’ll let you in without bringing all this with you. You can just buy whatever you want Kuu.”

Even though I don’t know the circumstances, her destination seems to be my home. The Shinju household isn’t exactly far, but it’s not right around the corner either. And since the people around us are still glaring at me, it’d be better to retreat as fast as possible…I’m not going to get arrested the next time I come here, right…?

“Kuu-chan, how about you start living with us? It’s very convenient here, just by rolling around or sleeping, you’ll get food automatically.”

“A-Automatic…? That sounds amazing…”


With that being decided, I brought Kuu—No, invited her over to our place. Although the sweets Kuu brought with her weren’t much, Miharu gladly took them nonetheless. But what exactly are you going to teach to a small child like her.

Saigi Miharu—my little sister, is a first year student at the high school of Seikadai.She had her long, frisky hair in a ponytail. My little sister indeed is cute, but her aloof atmosphere is even stronger. I bet she’s been home for a while now, but she was still wearing her school uniform. A thin summer-like hoodie, and mini skirt. If we were to bring up the school regulations, she’s clearly violating them, but she still goes to school everyday like it’s nothing. She has a slender style, and fine legs coming down from beneath the skirt. Rolling around the living room sofa, she’s always waving her legs up and down. Because of that, I constantly catch glances of her white panties. That being said, I’m used to seeing them, so I don’t even blink twice.

“Kuu, you didn’t eat dinner yet right? I’m gonna make something for you.”

“T-Thank you very much, Sensei. It’ll surely be delicious.” She said in an apologetic tone.

Maybe it’s because I’m constantly being pressed on by overly-confident girls, but this attitude is really calming, not gonna lie.

“I really wish I have a little sister like this.”

“If you need a little sister, you already have Miharu though?”

Tch, she heard me.

“Onii-chan is living in luxury. You get to come home to such a cute little sister like Miharu after all.”

“Fueeee, Miharu-oneechan…”

Being in a good mood apparently, Miharu was pulling on Kuu’s cheeks, who was sitting next to her.

“Hey Miharu, play with Kuu after dinner will you.”

“I-It’s not a problem of the sequential order!” Kuu complained, but still looked like she was having fun.

After all, things like these happen often in the Saigi household. Now then, since the two of them seem to be getting hungry, let’s get on with dinner.

Our household consists of us siblings living together alone. Our parents are working in international trade business, so they’re often busy overseas.

They aren’t working in animal traffic, so that’s violating the Washington pact right?

Whatever it is, our parents send us enough money to get by, but I’m the person watching over our affairs. Since it’s Kuu hanging over today, I guess I can make some dreamy- creamy carbonara with well-done toast and salad.

Deciding on that, I went to change my clothes, and started preparing dinner with fast hands. Once I was done, I started lining up the food in front of the two girls.

“Ohhh…Sensei’s food looks so delicious.”

“It’s not anything big though.”

Kuu on her part was eating the dreamy-creamy-keemy carbonara with all her might. She had a broad smile, so it seemed like she liked it. Miharu on the other hand also probably liked it, but her reaction was rather dim.

“Well, Kuu-chan was kinda raised to grow accustomed to Onii-chan’s food after all.”

“You’re over exaggerating.”

But, Kuu has been over often for dinner and such. For a short amount of time, she was basically living in the Saigi household.

“Ahahaha…Sensei’s home really is fun. The food is delicious, and it’s like a paradise. A freeloader paradise.”

“Right, Kuu-chan! Yay, freeloader paradise!”

“Freeloader paradise!”


These two have always been close alright… Though I wish that Kuu wouldn’t pick up Miharu’s bad habits.

Like this, dinner had ended. My little sister immediately took her spot back on the sofa, and started playing her social game as always. Seeing as how she was constantly giving me glances of her panties again, I cleared my throat.

“Now then…”

“Ah, I have my daily routine of watching cat videos.”

“Wait, I told you that I’d play with you after dinner, right?”

“You’re going to play with me? I’m going to be played with?!”

Why is everyone bad-mouthing me today.

In response to my words, Kuu ran away from the living room.

“What’s wrong with her today?”

“The reason doesn’t matter, Onii-chan. Are you still not satisfied with having a young cute girl here like this?”

“Having a young girl over without a good reason is actually pretty bad.”

I’ve done something sinful that would count as an abduction, and with the setting of me being a lolicon.

“A-Auuuu…I’m sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize. You can come by no matter the reason.”


Kuu’s head lowered as she looked at the ground. Though I felt bad for her, I had to at least ask for the reason.

“Actually…I meant to hide it, but I’m currently running away from home.”

“I know that much.”

“A-Amazing! Sensei really is my master…!”

“…I guess.”

Though it feels like I’m being made fun off, Kuu shouldn’t hold any ill-will like that.

“I-I will help out in the house! I’ll reward Sensei too! I thought that something like this might happen, so I prepared this!”

“Prepared what?”


From the oversized backpack, she brought out something. Before I could even grasp what it was, Kuu started stripping right in front of me. Overwear and blouse, as well as her skirt, which dropped to the floor, allowing me to see her cute white panties. Without holding back, this grade school kid is just changing clothes right in front of me. Just when I was wishing that she would hold a bit more restraint—

“Nnn? Kuu, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, I-I’m sorry. Recently…my breasts have been…uhm…”


Realizing my gaze, Kuu’s face went red, and she hid her chest with her hands. Of course at her age, her breasts were as flat as a washing board, but I could see something bulging up. Just a while ago when we took a bath, I didn’t realize that at all.

“Muuu, is Miharu losing already…?”

“It was just a matter of time, really.”

When I responded, Miharu straight-up glared at me. Although she was now 16 years old, her breasts really didn’t look all that different from Kuu’s.

“Miharu-oneechan, I’m sorry for passing you…”

“If you apologize, Miharu’s really going to get depressed okay,” she grit her teeth.

Since she was mostly expressionless, this was a rather rare sight.

“Ah, but at this size, I still don’t need a bra, right?”

Kuu lifted up her camisole, and showed me her breasts. Really, just don’t show me at all if you’re that embarrassed. Though, for a certain small number of people, they would probably start bursting into tears right now, with such a sight.

“H-How is it, Sensei?”

“I don’t know, really. I don’t wear a bra after all.”

“Did you never try it out by wearing one of Miharu-oneechans?”

“That would be pretty bad for my pride don’t you think!”

What, is she trying to make me mad?

“Since he’s always washing Miharu’s bras, he often sniffs on them.”

“Don’t just fuel her bad impressions of me!”

Did Kuu learn that from Miharu? How to make me mad, that is?

“Freshly washed clothing smells really good after all, I can understand that.”

“We weren’t talking about that, but…Whatever. Kuu, why are you suddenly stripping like that?”

“Ah, that’s right. I have to change.”


Taking some clothes out of a plastic bag, she started putting them on.

Hey, isn’t this…


“…What are you doing, Kuu?”

“Ohhh, Kuu-chan, so cute! Can I take a picture?”

Miharu wasn’t bothered by this situation at all, but isn’t this pretty bad?

Kuu—was wearing a maid costume; Frilly with a lot of skin to show, not to mention that it wasn’t a normal long skirt, but a mini version, perfectly showing her thighs.

“Are they selling maid clothes in that size recently? Serious?”

“For a long time now it seems. I just had to adjust the size! I’m good when it comes to that sort of thing!” Kuu said, puffing out her chest.

So people sell maid clothes for kids? What is this world coming to?

“I prepared for this when it was time for me to be in Sensei’s care at his home. Please order me to do whatever you want!”

“No, listen…”

Right now, I could order this grade school student, wearing cute maid clothes, whatever I wanted. This might be a dream indeed, but one you should never want.

“I can’t cook, clean, or do the laundry…But, I can wash your back in the bath, or I can be your hugging pillow when you sleep…Sensei, no, Master!”

“Who hammered all this into my poor Kuu?!”

“I’ll do anything, Master~”

Ignoring my despair, Kuu jumped up and down. Of course, her panties were in my sight from the jumping because of her mini skirt.

“Ah, I remembered the theme song and choreography of the Galaxy Market! Can I show you?!”

“Yay! Miharu totally wants to see! Kuu-chan, let it rip!”

“Don’t! Miharu, don’t just hype her up!”

I don’t mind her dancing, but things are different if she is wearing maid clothing with a mini skirt.

“E-Even though I worked so hard to remember it…But, Sensei doesn’t want to see me dance…?”

“Ah, no, I really wanna see it actually. I-I know, Miharu and I will be singing along!”

“Ohh, if Sensei says so, then I will dance with all my might!”

While Kuu’s cheeks flushed a slight bit, she started singing the Galaxy Market tune.

“Gala~~~Gala~~~Gala~~~Galaxy~~~The number one in space, Galaxy Market~~~”

And, shortly after she started dancing.

Really, what am I making her do…

“Onii-chan, if you don’t stop spoiling Kuu-chan soon, you’re going to get arrested.”

“If you know, then stop her already…!”

Us Saigi siblings said to each other, while all the wild clapping along with the singing of the Galaxy Market tune in the background. She talks big, but Miharu is also spoiling her…

“Thank you very much. Ehehehe, I’m a bit embarrassed…”

When Kuu stopped dancing, she showed a flustered smile and bowed down. Seeing her expression, everyone would want to spoil her, really.


While Miharu and I were clapping, I saw my phone vibrate on top of the table. It was probably an incoming call—Yeah, it’s them. I was expecting it, though it would’ve been great if they held back for once.

Of course, it was Kuu’s mother, Shinju Kouko; Former family name, Kyoji. The person I had once presented the ring I had made back in kindergarten.

Kouko-sensei is what we had called her back then. She was young, beautiful, had an energetic and positive attitude, and was always honest with us, displaying a smile on her face everyday. Of course, my memories are rather faint from back then. Even so, I remember perfectly that she was very good with us kids, and even when I handed her the ring—


「Good evening, Makoto-kun. Muku is over at your place, right?」

The voice I heard from across was the same speaker that still had the same comforting voice as ever.

“Good evening. Yes, she is here. She just had dinner.”

No matter what happened before, I’m now a high school student in my second year. I don’t hold any ill feelings towards Kouko-sensei anymore. I really do, okay?

「Ohh, that’s Makoto-kun for you. That saves me some money.」

“Don’t just use your former pupil to easen the food expenses for your daughter…”

As always, she’s relaxed about everything.

“I heard about it from Kuu. What in the world happened?”

「A cat.」

“A cat?”

When I looked over at Kuu, she averted her eyes.

「Muku said that she wanted to keep a cat. There’s this cat cafe she’s interested in, and apparently you can receive foster cats from there it seems.」


I know that she often visits a cat cafe. After all, the owner of that cafe is Maka-sensei’s father, so you can actually get a cat from cat cafes huh.

「But, our flat, you see…It’s not prohibited to keep pets, but my husband is very bad with cats.」

“Yes, that’s right.”

I know most of Kuu’s family circumstances. The man who NTR’d (stole) Kouko-sensei—No, Kuu’s father has never been good with cats ever since he was little.

「My husband was ready to give in for Muku’s sake, but I want her to learn to hold back, and if we were to pick up a cat, she’d only care about it and forget about her studies. Not to mention that she’d stop clinging to me or my husband.」

“A parent’s dignity, huh.”

「Also, she said that if she had a cat, she wouldn’t need anymore.」


This girl is going to change completely because of one cat?! Two generations of the Shinju household are going to abandon me just like that?!

「Though that was a lie.」


She really likes to play with my heart in a lot of ways…Most of the time, it’s even a mixture of fiction and fact…

「Leaving that aside for now, I will not keep a cat; It is for the sake of Muku and my husband. For that reason,she isn’t backing down either.」

“I-I won’t back down either. M-Mother, you idiot…!”

Apparently, Kuu could hear into our conversation. Even though she’s having a fight with her mother, she’s still the type of person to hold back.

「Hmmm, the person calling someone an idiot is the bigger idiot, Muku.」

“That sounds really childish…”

I happen to retort that phone dispute.

「Well, whatever. Makoto-kun, I feel bad, but can you care for Muku until she’s calmed down?」

“It’s the same as always so I don’t mind, but how about not fighting in the first place?”

「Fights always happen you know, even if we’re connected by blood. Anyway, I’m counting on you~ Ah, you can lay your hand on Muku all you want, but you have to take responsibility later, okay?」

“I won’t!”

With that, I cut the call.

“R-Responsibility? What does she mean…?”

“Kuu-chan, you see, she means the birds and the bees—”

“Alright Miharu! That’s enough!”

It seems like Kouko-sensei and Miharu were the two people that hammered all that bad knowledge into Kuu. It probably the same with this whole maid thing…

“Rather than that, I got the circumstances now. Basically—it’s the same as usual.”

“Y-Yes, the same as usual.”

Kuu would have a fight with her mother, and run away to the Saigi household. This would happen around once a month. Up to you if you see this as much, or not. Well, a normal grade schooler wouldn’t run away from home in the first place, I guess.

“I-If I’m being a bother, then I will go home…Go home, and somehow get my mother to agree—”

“Both Kuu and your mother are really stubborn, but it’s fine, right Miharu?”

“Of course. Alright, from today onwards, Kuu-chan will become Saigi Kuu.”

“The name changed already?!”

“Saigi Kuu…I thought that it would take at least another five years…!”

“It’s not a problem of time!”

Ahh, I can’t keep up with retorting. Didn’t the age for a girl’s marriage change…? Wait, that’s not important right now.

“How much will Kuu-chan’s breasts change after five years…Alright, Kuu-chan, time to thoroughly check your breasts! It’s bath time!”

“E-Ehhhhh…I-I’m fine, really…”

“No can do, Kuu. You have to take a bath.”

When it comes to taking a bath, Kuu acts just like a cat.

“I-I understand. Miharu-oneechan, I’ll wash your back. My mother always praises me about my good bath technique.”

…Bath technique. Is it because I’m an adolescent boy that I couldn’t help but fantasize about that?

“Onii-chan’s not allowed though. Seeing our naked bodies would be too much luxury.”

“Stop saying these unnecessary things and go on already!”

“Wahhh, Onii-chan is scary, Kuu-chan.”

“Kyaa, we made Sensei mad.”

Well, Kuu didn’t do anything, but whatever.

With that, my little sister, and this little sister-like girl left the living room. Normally, Kuu’s a rather calm girl, but when she comes over to play, she gets really excited.

“…A girl is staying over at the house of the boy she likes…This really reeks of a romcom.”

“Romcom…the other person is still a fifth grader…Wait, Maka-sensei?!”

While I wasn’t paying attention, a long-haired beautiful teacher was sitting cross-legged on the sofa in the living room. Of course, it was nobody else than the unobtainable flower of Seikadai, Fujiki Maka-sensei!

“Good evening, Saigi-kun. It smelled like you were cheating on me, so I came over to check.”

“Didn’t you just call it the smell of a romcom?!”

Ahhh, I really can’t keep up with retorting!

“No wait, you said that we’d break up, right?! And how did you even get in here!”

“I’m the type that’s clingy even after a break-up.”

“So a really annoying type, and nothing more!”

“I got one from Miharu-san after bribing—excuse me, after politely asking her, don’t you remember?”

“You only borrowed it right! Miharu, you have to learn to take back things you lent someone!”

“By the way, there are some clothes lying around from the grade school, but those are Shinju-san’s, right? I wonder if I should get you arrested right now?”

“Ah, no! You’re wrong! I’m innocent!”

What am I screaming for, really.

“Ahh…so you throw me away and immediately go for a younger girl. How demoralizing…What a fleeting dream…” Maka-sensei started crying.

Of course, those were nothing more but fake tears…How do I say it, she really feels like a pain right now.

“Being switched with a thirteen year old girl, what kind of jet coaster love romance is this. Well, in today’s time, that happens as easy as the click of a phone, I guess…Uuu…”

“What are you even on about?”

“Eh? Saigi-kun?”

“You’re suddenly back to normal I see.”

No traces of her tears whatsoever in Maka-sensei’s face. So she really was faking it.

“I would like to hear your excuse now. Even if it’s the truth, I’ll have you tell me so often until I’m satisfied.”

“H-How unreasonable…”

But, she’s probably going to stay here until she is satisfied. If she were to meet up with Miharu and Kuu, things would get problematic, no doubt.

That’s why I decided to spill the beans. Even about Kuu’s mother.

“…I see, it seems like Shinju-san also has a lot happening at home. Though not as much as I do.”

“That’s a comment I really can’t retort.”

Since she was young, Maka-sensei was living with her father after her parents got divorced. She got separated from her little sister who had just been born. Since her father went insolvent, they really had it rough.

“…Wait a second! Shinju-san’s mother?!”

“Huh? I thought t Maka-sensei had already found out.”

“Do you think I’m a stalker or something?”

“O-Of course not.”

A stalker would still be cute to be fair.

“That reminds me, I never really told Maka-sensei about it…?”

“Indeed, I didn’t hear everything yet. I know the rough outline though.”

The reason I started hating teachers—

I’ve been telling some friends back in grade school about it, so some people know. Since my hate for teachers is pretty much famous even in the teacher’s office, a lot of teachers should know the reason too. Basically, there’s no way that even my homeroom teacher Maka-sensei wouldn’t know at least the gist of it.

“To think that the reason for everything will up until now. This isn’t the time for a game of make-believe.”


“To think that Shinju-san’s family would hold such a secret…To think that she was holding the blood of the witch that pulled Saigi-kun down to hell…”

“You’re doing well dissing a person you’ve never met before!”

And she’s over exaggerating.

“Ahh, I forgot my manners right now.”

“I never had the image that you had any manners.”

This unobtainable flower image she had is long gone.

“W-Witch…Even Fujiki-sensei is bad mouthing Mother…”

“Oh, Kuu? You’re done already?”

In the door frame connecting to the living room, Kuu was giving Maka-sensei a suspicious gaze.

“A bath is really not going to work, and Miharu-oneechan doesn’t seem to be satisfied with my bath technique…It’s become her habit to be washed by Sensei, she said.”

“The both of you really are no good with baths.”

Until one year ago, Miharu and I always took a bath together. And we still do now from time to time. Though that seems to be something abnormal.

“H-Hey! Shinju-san, you’re not wearing anything!”

“Excuse me? Of course I don’t, I just came out of the bath.” Kuu tilted her head.

Her hair was still wet, and the water was dripping from her naked body, not even hid by a bath towel. Her slender waist, growing chest, and the pink—

“Don’t look, Saigi-kun! What are you going to do if you suddenly awaken!”


Maka-sensei jumped up to cover my eyes.

“A-Awaken? I-It’s fine, I’m used to seeing Kuu’s naked body.”

“He is used to seeing my body, yes.”

“That’s even worse! Don’t tell me, both mother and child are witches?!”

“I don’t know what that means, but it sounds cool.”

Both Maka-sensei and Kuu changed the conversation in the weirdest way.

“Ah? That reminds me, why is Fujiki-sensei in Sensei’s home?”

“Kuu, that took you a while.”

Oh yeah, nobody from SID except Miharu knows that Maka-sensei actually lives next doors.

“I’m very enthusiastic about the studies of my students, so I often visit them at home.”

“F-Fueee…Well, teachers from the grade school also come to visit once every spring.”

Maka-sensei came up with complete nonsense, and Kuu seriously believed her.

“Really…one problem after the other…Have to somehow cure this…”

Maka-sensei finally separated her hands from my eyes, and looked at me with a meaningful gaze. She looks like she’s wishing to conduct her education, but we ‘broke up’ after all.

“Ah, a cure? I really recommend this.”

“Eh? Recommend?”

Kuu said in a good mood, while Maka-sensei let out a surprised voice in response.

“Yes, please leave it to me!”

It had now gotten completely dark. The season was in the beginning of summer, but not all of it was warm yet, so the night wind was very pleasant.

“Kuu, are you okay? Do you not feel chilly after the bath?”

“I’m fine. It’s not cold at all.”

Kuu, who was walking to next to me, returned a grin. Of course, she wasn’t wearing the maid uniform anymore, but rather normal, private clothes. With a coat, she should be fine…Am I a bit overprotective?

“Hmmm, I have to watch over Saigi-kun and a young girl taking a walk this late—Yes, the perfect excuse.”

Of course, the person walking in front of us was Maka-sensei. She seems to be thinking up excuses of someone related to the school spotting us, and I will probably be the bad guy in that scenario.

“Ahh, a night walk! I heard that a lot of cats come out this late! But my father always says that I can’t go out!”

“Of course he would.”

With sparkling eyes, Kuu looked around her surroundings. Currently, we were walking down a street, around 5 minutes away from our flat. Since it was only about 8pm, lights were still on in the windows around us. But this certainly wasn’t the time for a fifth grader like her should be walking around. Kuu said that finding cats would be a great cure, so she invited us out for a walk like this—Or rather, she had the two of us just come with her, and wanted to search for cats. Of course, I got the permission from Kouko-sensei via LINE, and she said that today was special since Kuu has the two of us with her. And on a side note, Miharu was acting as the house guard at home.

“Is Shinju-san’s father a kind person?”

“Ah, yes. He’s giving me as much allowance as I want too…”

“That’s no good though. In a lot of ways it’s no good.”

Though she weirdly repeated herself there, I could see where she was coming from. I have met her father before. He’s totally spoiling his one and only daughter.

“But even so, he told me that I wasn’t allowed to go out on a night walk…I’m already eleven…My age crossed two numbers!”

“Same for me, so I won’t lose.”


Sensei, you don’t have to start a competition with a grade school kid…Especially not when it comes to the age. I know that we’re not at school, but you’re really losing that unobtainable flower mode…

“So Fujiki-sensei also has crossed two numbers…We’re the same…No, cats come first. Cats often gather here around noon. I’m sure that at night, it’ll be a cat paradise! A nekopara!”

(TLC: I’m guessing that this is a reference to the ‘Nekopara’ game series. Neko = Cat, for those who don’t know.)

“S-Something like that exists…?”

Maka-sensei looked like she had received a shock, but Kuu was too busy with searching for cats. She probably doesn’t even realize that Maka-sensei’s unobtainable flower mode is crumbling.

“Though cats aren’t exactly nocturnal, they often play around in the evening. According to my cat friends, the chance for an encounter is pretty high here.” Kuu said, clearly excited.

Cat friends, huh. It seems like Kuu has started to find her place in society…

“And today it’s not only Sensei, but even Fujiki-sensei, so we should be fine. With the both of us being binary in age, we’re grown, tall adults now.”

“I don’t think that that’s how it works.”

Though it’s true that Maka-sensei is rather tall for a woman. At the very least, she looks like a grown-up, at first glance whatsoever.

“…To use me, her rival, like this, Shinju-san isn’t too bad.”

“Her head is working full tours when it comes to cats after all.”

“Just what I would expect from ‘Sensei’, you know her well,” Maka-sensei said, throwing me a glare.

Apparently she’s rather fixated on this long-term relationship Kuu and I have had this far, but Miharu has been with me for even longer while we’re at it. Nui and I too were apparently in the same class in grade school.

What was my first meeting with Karen-kaichou again…?

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m not so unsophisticated to pour water on a little girl’s fun.”

“T-That’s right.”

Maka-sensei seems to be ready for any attack it seems.

“Kuu, searching for cats is good and all, but be careful of bicycles okay.”

“Yes, I know!”

I wonder. I really would like to put a leash on her. I know that she likes cats, but she’s getting really crazy as of recently.

“…Saigi-kun, you be careful too.”

“Eh? Of course I do, even though I’m a man.”

“That’s also part of it, but it’s not what I meant. I’m saying that you have to be more careful than other people.”

“? Why is that?”

Do I really look that weak? She’s not wrong though.

“No, see…Miharu-san and Shinju-san should be fine, but Jinsho-san or Amanashi-san could assault you if you weren’t careful while walking down the night street.”

“Sensei, just what exactly do you think of President and Nui?”

“Don’t underestimate them. Listen, Saigi-kun. The perpetrator often is someone you would never expect it to be. The danger is always right next to you.”

“I think that, as a teacher, those accusations are a bit over the top!”

And I won’t do that. I’m glad that I’m the doubtful Saigi-kun.

“I know that it sounds extreme, but you’re still better off being careful about Jinsho-san and Amanashi-san. It’ll be trouble if you got violated…”

“Violated?! Even I wouldn’t be this nonresistant—”

“You two, if you keep talking, the cats will run away!” said the young girl, warning the high school student and the member of society (teacher). Although I think that the cats would rather run away because of Kuu’s voice.

“Sorry, I’ll be careful Kuu but we still didn’t find any cats.”

“These cats here really like to tease us.”

“Do teasing cats really exist…”

It seems like there are still so many things in this world I don’t know yet.

“Ah, I saw one! Kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

“Hey, Kuu! Don’t get so excited!”

Your character changed way too quick!

Kuu spotted a white cat, and chased after her—Of course, the cat ran away.

“Ahhhhh…Why are they always running away? Is my affection a bother for them?”


I wonder, even though it wasn’t directed said to me, I still felt a sharp pain in my chest.

“Sensei, she ran away…”

“Yeah, you have to carefully approach them. But When we’re together with Maka-sensei, this ‘Sensei’ is really misleading.”

“Sensei is my Sensei only…Then is ‘Maka-chan’ okay?”

“It isn’t.”

“Ah, another one! This time I’ll definitely get a picture while hugging you…!”

Ignoring Maka-sensei’s response, the girl approached yet another cat.

“Ah, so cute. You have a collar, but whose girl are you?”

With a grin on her face, Kuu started patting the cat.

“…The reason Shinju-san is calling you Sensei is because you were teaching her when she was younger, right?”

“Weird, I don’t remember ever telling you about that…Your information network is a pain as always.”

Even though Maka-sensei and SID are on antagonistic terms, they still exchange information. Because of that, more and more information about my private life is getting leaked to her. Why is nobody on my side on this?

“Then I will take this chance and have you teach me about the connection the Saigi household has with the Shinju household.”

“Seems like I have no right to decline…”

In the end, I was questioned about my weighty past. Well, it’s not like I had anything to hide.

Kuu seemed to have really enjoyed that nightly cat search. On the way home, we stopped by the Galaxy Market, bought something to drink, and enjoyed it in front of the store. I got me some milk tea, Kuu got hot chocolate, while Maka-sensei decided on some black coffee. Of course, it was Maka-sensei’s treat. Even Sensei isn’t the type to ask her rival for money. Though I doubted her for a second.

“Haaa…There were a lot of cats in the end. When I was taking a walk during the day, I often didn’t even see one. The world at night is filled with cats it seems.”

“Kuu, you better not go on cat searches alone okay? Especially at night.”

“Uuuu…Do I really have to wait another three years…”

I feel like it would be even more dangerous after those three years. I really don’t want to let a 14 year old Kuu walk around the night streets…She’ll probably be even cuter then.

“Well they’re easier to spot during the day, and you can take photos easier. I’ll go with you after school, okay? We didn’t really take any walks together recently.”

“Really, Saigi-kun is so soft towards Shinju-san…”

Sipping on her coffee, Maka-sensei gave me a sideways stare.

“Hehe~ I’ve always been together with Sensei ever since I was born after all.”

“Since you were born…?”

“Yes, this body has always been held by Sensei.”


“Uhm…Ah, here it is.”

Kuu took out her smartphone, tapped some buttons, and handed it over to Maka-sensei. She actually has a normal smartphone instead of a kids’ phone.

“A photo…? Eh, Shinju-san, is this…!”

“Isn’t it cool? It’s my treasure.”

It was a picture of her as a small baby. She looks like she had really just been born, but her eyes already looked cute. And she was held by a boy, carefully. Of course, it’s a picture of me as a kid, and the baby Kuu.

“S-Saigi-kun?! A shota Saigi-kun, so cute! Woooooaah, a shota!”

“Sensei, don’t go shota here shota there like that!”

In response, Kuu went “Shota?”

Ahhh, thank god…She doesn’t know what that means…

(TLC: little boy)

“Uhm, Shinjo-san. Would you be so kind to send that photo over to my phone…?”



“Wait wait wait, Sensei! Don’t suddenly take a 10.00 yen bill out of your purse!”

She wants this picture so much that she’s ready to bribe this small girl!

“I-I didn’t mean to tease you, but this picture is my treasure, so I won’t give it to you that easily!”

“Muu…That only leaves me Miharu-san…”

“Hey, don’t just immediately try to bribe someone else.”

I wonder if Miharu even has pictures of me as a child? We do have albums at home, but I don’t know the percentage of me being in them.

“But still…Shinju-san, you don’t even look one year old, and you were already familiar with each other.”

“Well, yes…”

I quietly sipped on my milk tea.

“I said so before, but Kuu’s mother was a teacher at the kindergarten I was always going to. Though she stopped there after getting married.”

Immediately after I gifted her that ring I had made!

“And right after that, Kuu was born. Though I had no idea of that.”

“Right after I was born, he coincidentally met my mother.”

“That happened, yeah…”

It really is a bad story, meeting up with the person that triggered my hate for teachers that soon. Though our households aren’t close, it’s not that far either.

“Although I was still pretty small, I clearly remember. That person—Kouko-sensei came towards me, pushing a stroller.

“Uuu, I don’t remember at all…”

“Well of course you don’t.”

At that time, Kuu wasn’t even one year old. It’d be scary if she had any memories from back then.

“Although I was so surprised to suddenly meet Kouko-sensei like that…”

The girl I saw back then—I didn’t even know that her name was Muku yet. Really, she was so cute, she looked like an angel. Inside the stroller, she was flapping around with her legs, her big eyes looking at me.

“Since Miharu is only one year younger than me, I don’t have any memories of her as a baby. Kuu was the first baby I had ever seen, and a cute one like that.”


Kuu became flustered, as she started flapping around with her legs like before. Although she’s plenty cute right now, the cuteness back then was something else. Back then, my grudge against Kouko-sensei was pretty fresh, but Kuu made me forget about it completely.

“Maybe she realized that I had taken an interest to Kuu, but Kouko-sensei would sometimes bring her with her.”

“Is it really fine for a former teacher to just visit a pupil’s home like that…”

If I remember correctly, the person sounding so worried moved right next to her current pupil.

“That was about the time when I started calling her Kuu. When she was able to say her first words, she called herself Kuu too.”

“Ah, is that so? I thought that it was a nickname of Sensei.”

“Back then, the name Muku must’ve been hard for you to say.”

I also thought that calling her Kuu was easier, so I grew accustomed to that.

“Miharu also became friendly with Kuu and after that, the friendship between the Saigi household and Shinju household continued.

“How cunning of this former teacher…” Maka-sensei muttered in a voice that Kuu couldn’t hear her.

It’s not like Kouko-sensei was using Kuu to get closer to me though?

“And also, when I entered grade school, I never really managed to adapt myself.”


Kuu showed a bitter smile. Though I wouldn’t bring that up towards other people, if the person in question doesn’t mind.

“I couldn’t go to school. I was basically living over at Sensei’s house, and that’s why Sensei was always helping with my studies.”

“Is that so…” Maka-sensei said with a mysterious expression on her face.

Maybe it hit her pretty hard, since she’s a teacher herself. Even high school students might end up not going to school. Since Kuu isn’t the person to get friendly with everyone, she had trouble getting friends at school. And to get a different atmosphere, she started coming to my house. The fact about Kuu falling in love with Miharu’s towel holder was also back then.

“Sensei also taught Kuu that school wasn’t scary, and always walked with her to the school gate.,But Kuu never was able to go past that gate…”

Suddenly, Kuu stopped talking in polite language. Normally she’d use polite language towards everyone, but when she’s getting into the story, she forgets about that. See, she even addressed herself as ‘Kuu’.

“…A nice teacher.”

“No not really.”

As Maka-sensei was smiling at me, I shook my head.

“He even taught me that if I kept quiet and started crying when a teacher was angry at me, they would start to panic.”


“I-I only taught her useful things, okay.”

This time Maka-sensei shook her head with an amazed expression.

“W-Well, like this, the relationship between me and Kuu—the Shinju household had been going on for a while, and the contact with Kouko-sensei stayed on a normal level.”

Since I had forgotten about the grudge, she could properly leave Kuu in my care like that.

“Yes, we’ve been acquainted for a long time. Sensei is even used to me running away.”

To Kuu, our apartment is probably something like a second home.

“So basically…if I were to run away, I could stay over at the Saigi household?”

“Of course not!”

What kind of development would that be, a grown-up teacher running away, staying over at to high school student siblings. And also, we’re neighbours so it’s not like you’re running away anyway!

“No can do, Maka-chan. It’s my privilege to run away.”

“S-So jealous…”


…I think it’d be better to go home for now. Even though it’s early summer, the night wind isn’t very comforting…

“This isn’t any different from a witch. Following Amanashi-san, another dangerous girl appeared…What is it!”

Maka-sensei was complaining to herself as she took out her smartphone.

“What is it, I’m in the middle of something important, Pa—Father.”

I see, so it’s her Papa.

“Ehhh, what—wait, can you say that one more time?”


Maka-sensei let out a surprised voice, and looked over at Kuu.

“…What do you mean the store is in danger?”

“Eh? T-The store is…?”

Kuu’s facial expression turned into that of worry. Maka-sensei’s father is managing a cat cafe, and Kuu frequently visited that. Even I went there once…Although when it was closed. So maybe something concerning the management isn’t working out? Somehow, this really gives me a bad feeling…!

And sadly, my recent bad premonitions never missed.

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