Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 7.5 Chapter 1

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Towano Chikai’s Flirty Coaching

Part 1:

“P-Please take a close look. This is an important flirty thing that couples in light novels do, right, Onii-chan?!”

“S-Sure, I guess?!”

Suzuka was hugging me from the front with her arms around my neck, her face bright red and her eyes spinning.

“Wow… W-Wonderful… And Suzuka-sama looks so happy…”

And there was a female student enthusiastically watching the situation, her face just as red as Suzuka’s.

“I’m not particularly happy about this, you know! T-This is just another part of data gathering, so I have to do my part to help Onii-chan, right?!”

“Y-Yeah, you’re right?!”

With Suzuka close enough for me to feel her breath on my neck, I felt just as overwhelmed as her, and it was pretty obvious why.

“S-So this is ‘Being flirty’…”

“T-This is but the tip of the iceberg, Madenokouji-san! This won’t be enough if you want to write a light novel—at least that’s what Onii-chan always tells me!” said Suzuka, selfishly putting words in my mouth.

This time, she sat down on my lap, still tightly hugging me. And then she proceeded to rub her head on my chest—Wait, this is seriously bad, isn’t it?!

“This is an advanced technique! When you’re as close as this, new levels of flirtation are achievable!”

“Hwah… S-Something like this is…?”

“If you want to act flirty, then you have to go all the way… is what Onii-chan always says!” Suzuka said, clinging even closer to me.

Clearly her head was starting to bug out, since her acting was weirdly off this time around.

“O-Of course, I find no pleasure at all in doing this! This is all for Onii-chan’s research! So, please use this chance to learn a lot, Madenokouji-san!”

“Y-Yes… Thank you very much, Suzuka-sama, Onii-sama…”

…Now, if you were wondering how this unbelievable situation came about, there are, of course, certain circumstances that led up to it.

Part 2:

“Uhm… Please accept this…!”

On a certain day, in the evening.

As always, I made my way to Suzuka’s school to pick her up, as I suddenly heard a voice behind me. When I turned around, someone pushed an envelope at me. In the midst of this sudden occurrence, I reflexively accepted the envelope, but I had no idea what was actually going on.


Upon closer inspection, it was a female student with a small stature, wearing the uniform of the all-girls institute Hakuou. Her black hair fluttered in the wind. Cute and fickle-looking, she gave off the atmosphere of a flower, its beauty lost as soon as you looked away. And this girl, clearly nervous and moving stiffly, was looking at me with tears in her eyes. I was rather taken aback, of course.

“E-Excuse me…!”

However, before I could ask what was going on, the girl turned on her heel and ran away.

“…W-What was that about?”

So far, something like this has never happened during my trips to pick up Suzuka, so it was a first for me. When I looked at the A4-sized envelope in my hands, I of course had no idea what was inside.

“…It can’t be a misunderstanding, right?”

When that idea crossed my mind—

“O-Onii-chan! What was that about?!”

Suzuka rushed towards me… Why is she glaring at me…?

“A-Ahh, Suzuka. Is your student council work over?”

“Ah, yes—Wait, that’s not it! W-Why was Onii-chan talking to a student from my school!”

“Well, I don’t know myself. She suddenly handed me this envelope, and that was all.”

“Envelope?! D-Don’t tell me; is it a love letter…?!”

“T-This looks more like an envelope for office documents, you know? I don’t think that a girl like her would put a love letter inside this.”

Seeing that Suzuka’s glare intensified, I panicked and tried to dismiss it.

…And also, me receiving a love letter is totally impossible if you think about it.

“See, the contents feel a bit heavy too.”

“You can just think of this as the heaviness of her feelings. Even I could… No, an envelope wouldn’t be enough for me…!”

“U-Uhm, Suzuka?”

“Hyaaah?! N-No, it’s nothing.”

Suzuka let out a shriek, and continued with “A-Anyway…”

“Since Onii-chan received something suspicious like that, as both his little sister and the student council president, I cannot overlook this.”

“T-True. This sort of thing has never happened before.”

“So who was that girl, Onii-chan?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before. But I’ve gotta say, she was pretty cute.”


…Ah, looks like I said something wrong. Her gaze went totally ice-cold!

“No, not in a weird way. It’s just an objective opinion!”

“Well, don’t you look happy receiving a love letter from such a cute girl…!”

“Again, I haven’t even looked inside yet! And do you really think that a girl from a rich girls’ school like Hakou would write a love letter to a commoner like me?!”

“That… indeed is a valid question.”

…It seems like she’s satisfied with this, but it makes me a bit sad that it happened so easily…

“Then what exactly is that envelope about?”

“You’re asking the wrong person. For now, let’s just go home. We can’t check the contents while we’re just standing here, after all.”

After hearing my proposal, Suzuka still seemed a bit distrustful, but she nodded for now.

“…What about you? Have you ever seen that girl before?”

I was thinking about it on the way home, so I asked Suzuka.

“By the time I noticed her, I could only see her back, so I don’t know.”

“Is that so? Then, do you have any idea what student would do something like this?”

“None at all. In the first place, I try to make sure that other students don’t get in touch with Onii-chan, so I’m busy keeping everyone restrained.”

“What do you mean by that?!”

“Hah?! I-It’s not like I was trying to prevent the one-in-a-million chance or anything…! You could just say that I don’t want to reveal Onii-chan’s true nature to everyone…!”

…True nature, huh.

“S-See, I’m just helping prevent the one-in-a-million chance that they find out about Onii-chan being a stand-in, right? I was just taking precautions for that, so there’s no deeper meaning to it.”

“Ahhh, is that so?”

I see. Everyone at Hakuou had found out that I was the light novel author Towano Chikai because of a lecture I gave. It’s not like I would just reveal that I was a stand-in on accident, but Suzuka probably just wanted to make sure.

“That’s very thorough. Just what I would expect from you. Since you’re the student council president, you probably wouldn’t want anyone to find out that your older brother is nothing but a lowly commoner.”

“Ah, that’s also a part of it.”


…I see. Even though I only meant it as a joke…

“Anyways, even though I did all that, Onii-chan still was approached like that, and received something like this, so this is indeed a very mysterious situation. Let’s hurry home and check its contents.”

Taking my hand, Suzuka started walking at a quicker pace. After hesitating for a bit, I chased after her.

After coming home, we immediately went into my room, and Suzuka started opening the envelope. While my heartbeat was accelerating, Suzuka took out a bundle of papers, and an envelope.

“I-I thought so! Maybe all these papers are love letters…!”

“That’s way too scary! Don’t you think that this looks like a manuscript?”

“Eh? Now that you mention it…”

Then this envelope here…

Suzuka and I looked at each other. Wordlessly, I took out the letter inside, and Suzuka walked up next to me and took a peek.

“Umm… Dear Towano Chikai-sama…?”

It was very politely-written letter. It started with a greeting, and it basically had the following three main points.

  • I was present at the lecture of Towano Chikai-sensei, and I was very moved.
  • That’s why I wrote a novel of my own.
  • I want Sensei to read it and give me his feedback.


“T-This is…!”

Since neither of us expected anything like this in the letter, both Suzuka and I were left speechless.

…T-To think that she would request something like this. Not to mention that she’s a student at the prestigious Hakuou…?

“Onii-chan, there should be a name at the end of the letter.”

“Y-Yeah… Hmm? Ban…ri?”

“D-Don’t tell me, Madenokouji-san?!”

As I spoke those words, Suzuka hurriedly took the letter out of my hands and read through it again.

“There’s no mistake, it really is her…”

“What’s she like?”

“She comes from an old, prestigious lineage. She’s a real ojou-sama. She’s one year younger than me, but I know her very well. She’s serious, calm, and not the kind of person who would play any pranks.”

I don’t really get it, but she sounds amazing.

“Madenokouji-san wrote a light novel…? And she wants Onii-chan’s advice…”

Since even Suzuka was confused, I also crossed my arms in thought. Since I’ve been Suzuka’s stand-in, people like a self-proclaimed number one fan, a self-proclaimed number one partner, a self-proclaimed soon-to-be little sister, and a self-proclaimed pupil have appeared around us, but someone asking for advice like this was completely new to me.

…Not to mention that it’s a student from Suzuka’s school… What should we do about this?

For now, I once more focused my attention on the letter. You could almost feel the author’s will and conviction emanating from it. It really felt like this person aspired to become an author like Towano Chikai.

…I think that this girl is serious.

“What a problem… To think that Madenokouji-san would admire Onii-chan to such an extent…”

“No, wait, the person she admires is Towano Chikai—you, right?”

“……Yes, that’s right.”

Huh? Was that just my imagination, or did she seem a bit irritated by that question?

“Setting that aside for now, the problem is how we should go about dealing with Madenokouji-san.”

“I… I think that I want to help her.”


“You must’ve felt it, right? This girl is serious. She even finished her manuscript, and I don’t think that she wrote it with half-baked feelings.”

“I don’t have any reason to disagree with that, but…”

“How do I say it? I feel sympathy with her has a fellow author. Since she’s asking for advice this seriously, she probably has the same dream as me.”

“H-However, it will be a bother for you, Onii-chan…”

“A bother? Not so much. I’ll just read through it and give a bit of advice, that’s all. And also, since she’s asking Towano Chikai, she’s asking for your advice.”

“T-That’s… Madenokouji-san is my kouhai, so I also want to help her out, but…”

“It really isn’t too much of a bother.”

“…You seem really motivated, Onii-chan…”

I mean, we’re basically in the same position.

“Madenokouji-san is really cute, after all…”

“Eh? No, I just want to help her as a fellow author. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Well, I can’t deny that she was cute—but I can’t say that right now.

“…It’s dangerous. These feelings that are overflowing from this letter aren’t just simple admiration…!”

Suzuka wasn’t listening to me, and she continued to stare at the letter, whispering something to herself.

“Um… Suzuka…?”

“…What is it, Onii-chan?”

Why are your gaze and tone of voice so scary all of a sudden?!

…I don’t really get it, but Suzuka seems angry. Like, really angry. Maybe because I said something bad?

“…Um, since you are Towano Chikai, I’ll leave it up to your discretion.”


Suzuka looked really torn.

“F-For now, let us meet her tomorrow and talk with her. We can decide after that.”

It was a rather reserved response for Suzuka. But I wasn’t unhappy about it.

“Ahhh, I want to help my Kouhai… But pulling Onii-chan into this is dangerous…! What in the world should I do…?!”

Again, what exactly are you worrying about?

Part 3:

“I-It’s nice to meet you… My name is Madenokouji Nene…”

It was the next day, after school. I made my way to Hakuou, just like before. When I arrived at the gate, Suzuka greeted me, this time with a girl accompanying her.

“Ah, hello. We’ve met yesterday already.”

“Hawawah… I-I’m very sorry… I was so rude yesterday, and I made you come over here just for me…”

Um, you really don’t have to feel that bad about it. But even after I told her that, she continued to bow down to me.

“Anyways, we can’t talk here properly, so let’s go somewhere else. Onii-chan, over here.”

“Ah, yeah.”

Following Suzuka, we made our way over to a summer house on the school grounds. The whole time, Madenokouji-san continued to apologize.

“Um, I went ahead and read that letter.”

As I sat down, facing Madenokouji-san, Suzuka was clinging to me with a displeased expression on her face, so I wanted to get this over with as fast as possible.

“You admired my work so much that you decided to become a light novel author—”

“I-I’m really sorry… I was so nervous yesterday that I just pushed it onto you without explanation…”

“Ahh, no! I don’t mind that! So please stop apologizing!”

Since she still wouldn’t stop lowering her head, I hurriedly stopped her. Her face looked as red as it could be, with tears building up in her eyes. Even looking at her like this, though, she was still quite the beauty.

“…Onii-chan? Why exactly are you staring at her?”

“N-No, I’m not staring at all.”

Suzuka’s small voice reached my ears, and I hurriedly shook my head. I have to act like Towano Chikai here.

“…Anyways, I understood your feelings when I read your letter. And, as a fellow author, I want to help you.”

“Ah, I know that I’m just selfishly asking for your help, but I just wanted Towano-sensei to read this…” Madenokouji-san responded timidly.

She was clearly nervous, because her voice was shaky.

“But why me? You wrote that you were moved by my lecture, but is that it?”

“J-Just like I wrote in the letter, I was greatly moved by Towano-sensei when I heard your story… And, I thought that I wanted to become a wonderful person just like you…”

I felt my cheeks grow hot, being told that so directly. Well, I wasn’t actually that wonderful of a person, since I’m nothing more than a stand-in—but said person in question was puffing out her cheeks next to me.

“I-I’ve always liked books, and I was always constantly reading them… B-But I was too embarrassed, so I never got around to reading light novels, and I heard about them for the first time at Sensei’s lecture…”

After regaining her composure, she continued.

“And, reading Sensei’s novel, I-I was once more really moved… Before I realized it, I was admiring Sensei, and I had a dream to become an author myself…”

And after finishing her novel, she handed it over to me yesterday, basically.

“Thinking back on it, I’m really surprised that I was able to do something as bold as that… Normally, I would always be the kind of person who would hold back out of nervousness… But when I saw Towano-sensei there, those feelings of mine just bottled up…”

“And, when you handed it over, you got so nervous that you ran away…?”


It looked like my guess was correct. Her face went red all the way to her neck.

…But after listening to her story, I’m now certain of it. This girl is serious. She’s honestly thinking of becoming a light novel author. That was why her normally quiet personality had become so bold in that moment, which made her able to hand me her manuscript. Thinking that, I really started to want to help her, since she had the same dream as me. Even so, I’m nothing but a stand-in. The person she should be asking is currently sitting next to me, but…


Suzuka, why are you gritting your teeth while glaring at me…?

“…I know… That Madeokouji-san’s feelings are real.”

She let out a sigh, followed by a quiet “Onii-chan really is just…”


“Y-Yes, Suzuka-sama.”

“Onii-chan will offer his help,” she said with a bitter smile.


Now that Suzuka has decided to help her, I have to act accordingly as the stand-in, so…

“Yeah, but it’ll only be things like first impressions and a bit of advice though,” I nodded.

“Hawawawah… Thank you so much… I’m so moved to be able to get advice from Onii-sama…”


“A-Ah, excuse me, we’ve just been calling Towano-sensei ‘Suzuka-sama’s Onii-sama.’”

“Ah, is that so? But you can just call me by my name normally.”

“I-I cannot do something as rude as that.”

“No, it’s much less awkward than hearing you call me ‘Towano-sensei.’”

After all, I’m not the real one. I’ll gladly be addressed any other way.

“T-Then… Thank you very much, Onii-sama,” said Madenokouji-san. I nodded in response, but…

“Onii-chan? Why do you seem so happy to hear that?”

When that cold voice entered my ears, my smile froze.

“Really, why are you getting so excited?! I’m Onii-chan’s only little sister, okay!”

“No, she’s calling me ‘Onii-sama’ just out of respect, and I don’t think that she’s saying it like we have a sibling relationship…”

Also, why are you getting mad over something like that? I was relieved that she accepted my request, and I wasn’t becoming excited because my little sister’s kouhai called me ‘Onii-sama,’ you know? But talking back to an enraged Suzuka is a bad idea, so I’ll just let her calm down for now.

“B-By the way, Madenokouji-san, what did you think of my novel?”

Trying to change the topic, I asked her for her impressions.

“It was simply wonderful!”


Although she was acting timid throughout our conversation, she suddenly gripped my hand and brought her body closer.

“It was so interesting, and I became completely engrossed in the world of your novel! It was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that!”

Her eyes were sparkling, and she enthusiastically continued. Though I was pretty shocked at first because of the personality gap, she kept going.

“I loved the honest feelings of the little sister and the kind accepting older brother, and I completely lost track of time while reading it…”

“That’s… Thank you.”

She honestly stated her feelings, and I realized that she was another fan like me.

“This is the first time that I’ve seen Madenokouji-san like this…”

Suzuka for her part seemed really surprised, and she said this with a bitter smile.

“And what scene did you like the most?”

With a red face, Madenokouji-san turned her head towards me and answered.

“Of course the scene where the two siblings took a bath! The embarrassed little sister who mustered her courage to take a bath with her older brother… I could sympathize so much with that, and I think the scene was wonderful…!”

And, as if she was lost in her own dreams, she suddenly put a hand on the ribbon of her uniform, slowly loosening the knot—


My voice and Suzuka’s overlapped.

…Eh? Wait a second? What is she…?

“I really understood that! Because she loves her older brother to that extent, it makes sense that she would want to take a bath with him!”

But, as if to entertain our bad premonition, Madenokouji-san energetically continued while loosening her ribbon—And once that was gone, she slowly started opening the buttons of her uniform—

“Hey, what are you…?!”

Hey hey hey!? What is this Ojou-sama doing all of a sudden?!


Both Suzuka and I panicked as she suddenly started stripping. The person in question didn’t pay us any mind, and continued to fangirl about the bath scene.

“W-Why is she?! O-Onii-chan, don’t look!”

“I-I’m sorry?! …No, just hurry up and stop her!”

Suzuka put her hands on my eyes, robbing me of my sight. And Madenokouji-san wasn’t stopping there.

Uwa, her bra…! So grown-up…! And even though she should be in her second year here, her bust is pretty big…! Wait, this isn’t the time to be thinking about that!

“S-Stop stop!!!”

I’ll definitely be branded a pervert right here, but I have no other choice…!

Slowly but steady, I reached out with my hand towards Madenokouji-san’s shoulder, trying to stop her.

“…Eh? Onii-sama…?”

And it looked like she finally returned to reality, because she looked at me with a blank expression on her face. After a few seconds, she seemed realize her current situation…

“Hawah?! Uuu…!”

Her head went completely red, only for it to turn a pale white as she collapsed.


“O-Onii-chan! W-What are you doing?! You haven’t even hugged me half-naked, so why her…!”

“Wrong! I was just trying to…! Ahhh, what is this situation?!”

And, a few minutes later.

“I’m… very… sorry…”

After regaining her consciousness, Madenokouji-san bowed down and apologized.

“To be seen like this by Onii-sama… And not to mention Suzuka-sama as well…!”

Seeing that she was about to cry, both Suzuka and I hurriedly tried to cheer her up.

“D-Don’t mind that! I’ll forget about it! No, I didn’t even see anything! W-What might you be talking about, tehe~?”

“T-That’s right, Madenokouji-san! I’ll take responsibility and erase Onii-chan’s memory!”

After that, she still continued to apologize to us countless times, but she finally explained the circumstances.

“W-Whenever I start reading a story, I tend to get into the feelings of the characters a bit too much…”

U-Uhm… that is a bit more than just understanding a character’s feelings, though…

“Though it’s often like that with any other novel, Onii-sama’s work left such a great impression on me that I often end up acting like the characters…”

Madenokouji-san’s face was burning red.

“T-That just shows how much I like Onii-sama’s novel… B-But, to think that I would end up doing something like that… I had no idea that I was able to do that…”

She once more was close to tears.

…So Suzuka’s novel had enough influence to make a timid girl like her start stripping like that…

“I never thought that Madenokouji-san would be a person like that…” Suzuka muttered, seeming equally surprised.

“Well, it was a shock, but that just shows how serious her feelings are.”

“…That’s right. And, Onii-chan, you’ll be giving her advice, just like we decided yesterday.”

“Understood. Leave it to me.”

“And forget about Madenokouji-san’s strip show as fast as you can.”

“I-I understand…”

I stiffly nodded in response to Suzuka glaring at me.

…That being said, I can’t really forget about that so easily, you know…? Not to mention that her bust size was completely different from that of Suzu—


N-No, I will immediately erase that from my memory, yes!

“…A-Anyway, I think that it’s time for me to give you some advice on your novel, Madenokouji-san.”

“Eh? Hawah… Y-Yes, please…”

With the writing advice coming up, Madenokouji-san sat up straight.

“Uhm… I took the liberty to read through your novel yesterday.”


…She’s all kinds of nervous. Well, it makes sense, since she’s about to receive impressions on something she worked really hard on.

“First, as a whole, I got a very sensible and delicate atmosphere from your novel. That’s why it felt a bit unbalanced in certain parts like—”

While I gave my impressions of her novel, Madenokouji-san continuously nodded as she listened. Of course, since I wasn’t an actual author at all, I shouldn’t have been talking all high and mighty, but these impressions were the result of consulting with Suzuka last night.

“So, I think that some events would be helpful to move the story forward.”

“I-I see, that will be very helpful…”

By the way, Madenokouji-san’s novel was about a pure love, and I think that it was very well written. However, in order to make it a full-fledged light novel, several aspects were missing, so I decided to give advice in those areas.

“U-Um, Onii-sama.”

“Hmm? Do you have a question?”

“Y-Yes. Do you have a specific example of an event?”

…I see, that’s what I was waiting for. Or rather, Suzuka!

“Let’s see, specifically, you move the characters towards a certain incident. And, in light novels, it’s usually the female characters who make an approach.”

“It is called something like a ‘Flirty event’… Though I’m not all to familiar with it.”


But, it looked like Madenokouji-san didn’t really know what that term meant.

“Basically, the girls act according to their feelings.”

“Then… for example, holding hands?”

“Exactly… But, a bit more of a bold approach would be better. At the very least, holding onto the main character’s arm would be a good start.”

“A-An arm…”

Madenokouji-san’s face started burning up.

…That’s not the type of reaction you would expect from someone who had started stripping just a few minutes before.

“Fuuu… I did a lot of research like that.”

…And why is Suzuka looking so prideful all of a sudden?

“U-Um… I don’t really understand.”

“You can just try it out.”

“T-Try it out…?”

When she heard my advice, Madenokouji-san started thinking.

…Yeah, that’s what I want to see.

“An action, with overflowing emotion…”

While I nodded my head in response, Madenokouji-san suddenly got up.

…Does she have a good mental image of it now?

“Since there’s romantic feelings involved, an active approach makes sense…”


She slowly started walking towards me. And, reaching out with her hands…


“Wha—?! O-Onii-chan?!”

S-She suddenly grabbed my arm…?!


“Doing this makes me happy… Directly feeling the warmth of the person I like…”

Even when I called out to her, she didn’t respond. She seemed to be spacing out, and she looked like she was on a trip.

…I-Is this the same thing as when she was stripping before…?!

“So warm…”

While I sat there frozen in shock, Madenokouji-san continued to push herself onto me even more. And when I felt the soft sensation of her breasts, I twitched in response.

…T-They really are big…!


Just when I was wondering what Suzuka would do about this situation, she pushed Madenokouji-san away from me with great force and took up a position next to me, grabbing my arm.

“W-What are you doing?! The only person who can do that is me! A-And shamelessly pushing yourself against him?! Why is it that even though our height is the same, our sizes are completely different?! No, I’m supposed to be the older one, so why…!” Suzuka started blurting out mysterious complaints as she kept clinging to me.

The soft sensation from earlier was gone, and now it was just a moderate, somewhat lonely—

“What sort of rude things are you thinking about, Onii-chan?!”

She’s glaring at me with full force?! How do you always read my mind so perfectly like that?!


Suddenly, Madenokouji-san came to her senses, and she stopped and looked around. And then…

“Hawawa…?! W-What kind of embarrassing things did I do…?!”

“Ah, she kept her memories this time…”

And once more, with a face as red as a tomato, Madenokouji-san fainted right then and there.

…Another few minutes later.

“I-I’m really sorry…”

Though she had regained her consciousness, she was still crying.

“To think that Madenokouji-san would do something like that again…”

Suzuka said, having calmed down as well, though her cheeks were still slightly flushed. Hearing these words, it looked like Madenokouji-san shrunk down even more.

“I-I don’t know myself why I keep doing this and that…”

“T-That is a problem. Grabbing onto Onii-chan’s arm like that in confusion…”

…No, wait, you did the exact same thing, didn’t you?!

“Just like Onii-sama advised, my body started moving on its own, and I moved letting my emotions guide me…”

“So you felt the same way?”

“Y-Yes. Maybe there’s some way that I could achieve this for my own novel, and not just Onii-sama’s…”

“Madenokouji-san, you said that you liked books. Do things like this happen often?”

In response to Suzuka’s question, she shook her head.

“Hawawawah… That’s not it… It’s true that I was absorbed in it, but this is the first time I’ve actually lost myself like this… even I’m surprised…” With tears in her eyes, she forced out those words.

I got the feeling that even she didn’t know.

“…Am I weird?”

Madenokouji-san continued.

“I asked my friends, and they told me that it was weird for me to start feeling so much like the character…”


Makenokouji tightly formed fists while resting her hands on her thighs. Suzuka looked like she didn’t know what to say.

…But I felt like I understood Madenokouji-san’s feelings, at least a tiny bit.

“No, it’s not weird at all.”

So I made a confident assertion.

““Onii-chan (-sama)””

“Becoming a character isn’t weird at all. On the contrary, it actually makes it possible for you to depict the character even better.”


“It’s true that losing yourself in the process isn’t exactly favorable, but you just have to work on that. It’s not good to call a talent like that ‘weird,’ you know.”

Though Madenokouji-san was still close to crying, she earnestly listened to what I had to say.


“I also often try to act like a light novel protagonist. Suzuka knows about that, right?”

And Suzuka too. She always acts in character during our research. Myself aside, if even a professional writer like her does it, then it’s definitely not wrong.

“So I think that you should have some more confidence in yourself, Madenokouji-san.”


“Of course! It perfectly matches your dream of becoming a light novel author!”

“Hawawawah… That’s…” Madenokouji-san muttered, her face bright red.

“Have some more confidence in yourself.”

“Um… Thank you very much, Onii-sama!”

Finally, she lifted up her head. And she was smiling, I’m sure of it.

“I never thought about it like that! I’m really moved!”

“N-No, I really didn’t do anything major.”

“That’s not true… I’m incredibly happy…”

…I-I do think that she’s exaggerating a bit, but if she thinks that, then I’m happy.

“…Onii-sama really is kind. My respect only keeps on growing…”

“Uuuu… I know that this is a wonderful thing, but…! Aren’t you acting a bit too kind towards Madenokouji-san…?”

…For some reason, my little sister-sama is displeased. What is it this time…?

“U-Um… Onii-sama…”

While I was thinking that, Madenokouji-san looked like she had made up her mind, and she leaned forward.

“What’s wrong?”

“T-Thanks to Onii-sama, my doubts have been cleared up. And, um… I know that it is a very selfish request, but… could you teach me some more…?”


“S-Specifically about how to put your feelings into actions… About the ‘Flirty Event’ that Suzuka-sama was talking about. I would like to experience that with Onii-sama… Hawawawah…” said Madenokouji-san, her face redder than ever before.

…Um, so basically, it’s something like the research that Suzuka always wants to do? Wow, maybe this girl actually has the skill to become a light novel author. And, thinking that I might as well help her out, I was about to give my okay when…

“T-That’s not going to happen!!!”

Suzuka suddenly vetoed the idea.

“L-Letting the two of you be more flirty than this is dangerous—No, excuse me! That is my duty! Madenokouji-san shall not do that!”

“But, Suzuka, doing research just on her own won’t do her any goo—”

“Onii-chan, please keep quiet!”

Ehhhh?! I-If I go against her now…!

“Listen, Madenokouji-san.”

“W-What is it, Suzuka-sama…?”

“Onii-chan has to undergo rigorous research for his light novel, and as his little sister, I will be the one who helps him. That is how Towano Chikai always does it. Right, Onii-chan?”

“Y-Yes! It’s just as you say!”

I nodded forcefully.

…That’s the first I’ve heard of this, though!

“For that reason, in order to make sure that there aren’t any negative influences on the novel, I cannot have Onii-chan help you out here.”

“I-Is that so…?”

“And if Madenokouji-san were to get too into it again, there’s always the risk that it wouldn’t turn out well, and that the research would be a failure.”

“T-That is indeed correct…”

Seemingly agreeing with Suzuka, she nodded once as Suzuka continued.

“That is why… since I do think that you have to learn about being flirty, I will be the one to teach you!”


W-What are you saying, Suzuka?!

“W-What caused it to end up like this?!”

“I-I can’t help it, can I? I do want to help her, but letting her be flirty with Onii-chan is…!”

“You’re not wrong, but still…”

“…Or what? Y-You mean to tell me that you want to act flirty with Madenokouji-san…?!”

Seeing tears starting to build up in her eyes, I hurriedly shook my head.

“Then this is the only choice that we have.”

Suzuka puffed out her lips as she pouted, and I didn’t have any words to refute her point.

…But I see. If the real Towano Chikai says this is so, then I have no other choice but to play along.

“Suzuka-sama will be the one who does it instead…?”

“Yes. Though I certainly am not excited by it, this is my duty as a little sister. So Madenokouji-san will learn by watching me and Onii-chan. Right?”


“Since Madenokouji-san doesn’t know much about being flirty, she should start by watching us.”

“I-I see…!”

After hearing Suzuka’s logic, Madenokouji-san nodded in agreement. She seems way too gullible…

“N-Now then, let us show you what it means to be flirty.”

“P-Please do…!”

“Eh? Wait, Suzuka?”

I wasn’t able to follow along with this development, but Suzuka ignored me completely.

“I-It’s fine. Though I’m worried, I have prepared myself!”

…What kind of preparations would you need for this…?

However, I could only obediently stay quiet and wait for her to act. And—

“Ah, you’re doing headpats?”

“Y-Yes, this is one of the most basic techniques for being flirty!”

“A-And holding hands like this…”

“Just like lovers, you have to make sure that you intertwine your fingers like this!”

“S-So bold…!”

“Putting your arms around his neck provides you with an even closer distance! And doing it like this…”

“O-On top of his lap…?!”

“T-This gives off an even greater flirty feeling…!”

…And well,

Like this, I had to play along with Suzuka. I patted Suzuka on the head, held hands with her, and gave her a princess carry. It made me have second thoughts about how we even ended up in this situation.

“W-Wonderful… To think that being flirty could be something like that… This will turn into a good reference…” Madenokouji-san showed her gratitude.

…Really, just how simple-minded can you be…?

“…Phew, it looks like this will help Madenokouji-san…”

“Well, that’s a good thing, but…”

“But what, Onii-chan?”

“Are you, um… okay with this…? No matter how much this is for research, doing this in front of a fellow student is…”

When I said that, Suzuka’s face went red, and she said, “I-I can’t help it…! This is in order to help her out, after all…! I-It’s definitely not that I want to be flirty like this with Onii-chan, nor do I want to show her how close we are… Huehuehue…!”

I couldn’t quite understand the last half of her sentence, but at least it looks like it was quite hard for her to put up with it.

…And she probably didn’t want me to be flirty with her Kouhai, even though it was only for research. Yeah, she’s right. And I made her put up with it. I’m sorry. And thank you, Suzuka.

“…Ehe, ehehehe, like this, even Madenokouji-san will understand how lovey-dovey me and Onii-chan are—”


“Hyah?! W-W-What might it be, Madenokouji-san?!”

While Suzuka was letting out a muffled laugh, Madenokouji-san raised her voice with a decisive expression.

“T-Thank you very much… I feel like I now understand what this ‘Flirty’ means…”

“I-I’m glad to hear that.”

“But, um… I still have a very selfish wish… there’s still something I really have to see…”

“Something flirty?” I asked.

Madenokouji-san gave a reserved nod.

“I-I don’t really mind. Right, Onii-chan?”

“…I guess? So what is it that you wanted to see?”

“Well, there is this thing called the ‘Pocky Game’…”


“If you are able to show me this ‘Pocky Game’ thing, then I would be very glad…”

“I see. But I myself am not all too familiar with this ‘Pocky Game’… Onii-chan?”

No… No no no no…

(TLC :https://japanfunbox.com/roule_pocky_game)

W-Wait a second, okay? She means that, right…?

“Whatever it is, since it counts as a flirty thing that people do, we have to show her… Especially since it’s for Madenokouji-san’s research…”

“T-Thank you very much.”

“Wai—?! W-Wait!”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

…S-Suzuka, don’t just half-heartedly agree if you don’t even know what the game is about!

“Onii-chan, do you know what this pocky game is?”

“Ugh…! B-But, we would need a pocky stick for that, so doing it right now is impo—”

“Ah, I do have some here,” Madenokouji-san said, taking out a box of pocky from her bag.


“Then there’s no problem. Onii-chan, explain to me what we have to do.”

S-Seriously…? Well, I guess that I’ll just have to tell her. Maybe she’ll decide against it when she hears what it’s about.

“Um… you put one end of the stick into your mouth.”


“Then, the other person does the same.”


“And the two of us slowly start eating away at it… That’s the gist of it.”

…Ahhh, for crying out loud! What kind of explanations am I giving here at a girls-only middle school!

“I-I-I-I-I-If we were to do that, wouldn’t there be a k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k…!!!”


Both Suzuka and Madenokouji-san must’ve grasped the true nature of the game, and their faces went turned red.

“N-Now you get it, right? This is taking a bit too far just for research…”

No matter how much she wants to help Madenokouji-san, Suzuka would surely not agree to something like this—

“…L-Let’s do it.”

“Haa?! Y-You…!”

“N-Now that I’ve agreed to help her, I cannot run away until it is complete!”

“Isn’t your sense of responsibility a bit too grandiose?!”

“…A-Also, in the best case… a k-k-k-k-k-k-k—!!!”


“N-Nothing at all! Anyway, I don’t have any problems with this research! Although I’m not really happy about it!”


Without giving me a chance to retort, she stuffed a pocky stick into my mouth. She immediately sat down in front of me, directly facing me.


I felt my whole body tense up from seeing Suzuka right in front of me like this. Suzuka seemed to be of a similar mindset, and her eyes narrowed into a glare.

“Hawah… hawawawawah…!”

Madenokouji-san started panicking while she watched, her face looking like it was about to explode.



In that moment, Suzuka started eating the pocky stick.

…Y-You, forcing yourself like this for your Kouhai…

When I saw that Suzuka had made up her mind to that extent, I had no other choice but to play along.

Crunch Crunch—Every time that sound rang out, the distance between my face and Suzuka’s shortened. Now, her face was close enough for me to feel her breath. At this rate, we really would—

…Wait, how do you even end this game…?

Crunch Crunch!


W-Wait a second, Suzuka! Any more than this would be bad! And why did you suddenly close your eyes?!


Suzuka let out an inaudible scream.

And just when the distance between our lips was about to reach zero—


Apparently, Suzuka had reached her limit. She separated her mouth from the small pocky piece that was left.

…T-That was close—


“S-Suzuka, are you okay?!”

Her eyes were spinning, and I hurriedly supported as she was almost collapsed.

“Ehe, ehehehe, ehehehehehehe…!”

This is all because you’re forcing yourself too much…!

“Hawah… Hawawawah… That was… wonderful…!”

While I held Suzuka in my arms, Madenokouji-san walked towards us, her eyes sparkling.

“Onii-sama, Suzuka-sama, you two are really wonderful siblings… I’m so moved…!”

“W-Well, thanks I guess?”

I’m glad that we could help you out, but right now I’m so embarrassed that I could die…

“Ehehehehe… Onii-chan…”

And Suzuka herself was in an even worse state than I was…

Part 4:

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-sama, thank you very much for today…”

The day after Onii-chan’s advice session, Madenokouji-san called out to me.

“It really turned into good reference material. I tried rewriting my manuscript, so if you could be so kind as to look over it again…”

“Yes, I will tell Onii-chan. I’m glad that I was able to help.”

When I replied with that, Madenokouji-san looked relieved.

…I was able to be really flirty with Onii-chan, so I can’t complain.

After giving her my regards, I thought that the conversation would be over, but Madenokouji-san looked like she still wanted to say something.

“…Uhm, actually… I had always wanted to change…”


“I really hate this introverted personality of mine, and when I heard Onii-sama’s lecture, I had the sudden urge to get closer to a wonderful person like him…”

She continued speaking, while fidgeting and acting bit embarrassed.

“U-Uhm… Onii-sama really is one of a kind… Helping me with this selfish request, and even supporting me like this…”


“Thanks to Onii-sama, I learned that taking the initiative is very important. A-Ah, of course, thanks to Suzuka-sama as well…!”

“Onii-chan would be very happy to know that you feel that way. And the same goes for me.”

“S-Suzuka-sama… Thank you very much…”

Seeing her smile, I felt glad that I had decided to help her.

“Ah, by the way, Suzuka-sama, there’s one more thing I wanted to tell you…”

“Do you need some advice about something?”

“Ah, no, uhm… I don’t plan on telling anyone about this, aside from Suzuka-sama that is…”

…For some reason, this gives me a very bad feeling.

“A-Actually, if I win the grand prize with my novel, I plan on confessing to Onii-chan…!”


C-Confessing?! To Onii-chan?!

“I-I just can’t help myself, but I want to honestly tell him my feelings…!”

S-So that’s why she’s working so hard to write a novel…!

Leaving only those words behind, Madenokouji-san turned around on her heel and ran off. Left alone, I could only stand still in shock.

“O-Onii-chan said that he would look after her until the very end, and I had planned on doing the same, but…! But what if she really were to win?! C-Confessing to Onii-chan…?! W-What should I do about this?!


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