Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 7.5 Chapter 2

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Towano Chikai and the Presentation of a Lucky Pervert

Part 1:

“I-I really think that there should be a little sister character who makes an appearance!”

“No no no, every novel has their own feel to it, right? How about adding a rival character? That’s what I would do, at least!”

“…But Onii-chan, you haven’t even won the grand prize yet, right?”


Suzuka let out this harsh critique and sighed. This has been going on for quite some time now, and if you were wondering why that is, then the situation might make more sense if I told you that we were currently looking at a certain manuscript.

It was during the holiday. Suzuka and I were wracking our brains as we sat in front of the new manuscript that Madenokouji-san had given us. She had taken the advice I’d given her a few days ago into account, so that wasn’t a problem at all, but—

“…To think that giving someone else advice on their novel could be this difficult…”

Exactly. Neither of us had any idea how we could even help her anymore…!

“…When you think about it rationally, it does make sense. After all, my novel is, umm, something I wrote while being possessed, so I shouldn’t really be able to teach anyone else… And I don’t have knowledge at the same level as Onii-chan.”

The fact still remains that you wrote a smash hit of a novel without any of that, you know…

“And even though I don’t have the same knowledge as Onii-chan—”

“Someone who hasn’t even won the grand prize once doesn’t have the right or skill to teach others, huh?”

“That’s right.”

When I put it into words like that, I felt a sharp pain inside my chest. Reality really can be cruel.

…B-But this isn’t the time to feel down about that.

“T-This isn’t good. Madenokouji-san will be coming soon and we’re still like this…!”

Yes, we had planned to have Madenokouji-san come over to our house and give her advice for her new manuscript while she was here. And it was about time for her to arrive, so of course we started to panic a bit.

“Earlier, it somehow worked out, but what should we do this time? We have to give her some good advice…”

“We can’t just make up something that sounds good… Should we just tell her that we couldn’t think of anything?”

“No, that’s no good.”

When she heard my quick reply, Suzuka was taken aback.

“She’s seriously aiming to become a light novel writer. I’ve told you this before, but as someone who shares the same ambition, I want to help her… And then there’s also you.”


“How pathetic would it be if the great Towano Chikai couldn’t give his Kouhai at least some advice? Could your pride really cope with that?”


Of course I want to help her, and there’s also Towano Chikai’s pride to consider.

“But I still don’t know what to do. There’s no other choice but to take the Towano Chikai approach with the little sister character…”

“Again, that just works so well because you’re the one putting your feelings into it…”

“Wha?! I-It’s not like I wrote it all while imagining being flirty with Onii-chan or anything! I was possessed!”

“I-I know already! What I want to say is that this wouldn’t help Madenokouji-san at all!”

Suzuka’s face went red, probably out of anger, and I hurriedly tried to clear up her misunderstanding.

…Her novel is a pure love story between a male Senpai and a female Kouhai, so adding a little sister rival wouldn’t do it any good.

“What should we do about this…?”

Both of us crossed our arms in thought as we looked down at the manuscript in front of us. We had already done this at least a few times now. Suzuka is a professional light novel writer, but her novel had become something like a lucky hit, and I’m not even a pro writer to begin with—

“….Wait? A professional light novel writer…?”

I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

If we can’t come up with good advice, shouldn’t we just ask another professional author…?

Her face came to mind.

…S-Should I really depend on her? I can’t think of anyone else, though…

“H-Hey Suzuka, I have an idea. How about we have Mai take a look at Madenokouji-san’s manuscript as well?”

“Eh? Himuro-san?”

Suzuka looked wary—probably because she had the same worries as I did.

“No, I know what you want to tell me. But since she’s the professional author Enryuu Homura, she should be able to help us out somehow.”

“H-However, can we really ask her if we were the ones who Madenokouji-san asked for help?”

“At this rate, we can’t even give her any advice at all, and I don’t think that she’d dislike it if we asked for other opinions,” I said, and Suzuka kept quiet, thinking about something.

“That… is indeed correct. But, is that really fine? Just remembering the time when I asked for advice about my own novel…”

…Now that she mentions it, back then, both Mai and Double Peace-sensei went wild. In the end, it turned into a cosplay session…

“…What exactly are you thinking about?”

“N-No?! You know! Maybe she went a bit overboard because it was Towano Chikai’s novel back then, so I’m thinking that she’ll only give some serious advice this time around!”

“Muu… You seem to have a high opinion of Himuro-san.”

“Well yeah, she’s a real pro, so of course she has the skill to back it up.”

…And I’m a fan of her novel as well. If only she wasn’t a stalker, I could actually respect her…


Suzuka continued to stay quiet. For some reason, she looked immensely displeased as she pouted, probably because she wasn’t satisfied with my reasoning.

“Please, Suzuka! I know that you’re not completely satisfied with this, but we don’t have any other choice right now!”

“This is a problem for the two of us, so please don’t ask other people… Wait, doesn’t this mean that Onii-chan has taken an interest in Madenokouji-san, and that’s why he’s going this far…?!”

“Eh? Again, she has the same dream as me, so of course I want to help her—”

“T-That’s right. Of course! What kind of terrifying things have I been imagining…?!”

Her face went from red to blue to pure white in a matter of seconds. What is she on about now?

“Umm…? Anyway, about Mai.”

“T-That’s right. We don’t have any more time, so let us ask for her assistance this time around. It’s for Madenokouji-san’s sake, after all.”

I don’t really know what just happened, but now that Suzuka’s approved of it, I’ll have Mai help us out here. Thanks to today’s technology, it was no big deal at all to contact her.

“…Hmm, but still, is it really fine to have Himuro-san meet Madenokouji-san…? The situation is pretty bad already…”

From behind my back, I could hear Suzuka’s muffled voice. I really don’t think that she has much to worry about, even if it’s Mai we’re talking about…

Part 2:

Shortly afterwards, we greeted Madenokouji-san at our entrance.

“…T-Thank you very much for allowing me to visit Onii-sama’s and Suzuka-sama’s home today…”

Madenokouji-san’s movements looked as stiff as a robot’s, but considering that she was visiting the home of the author that she looked up to, she couldn’t really be blamed.

“Anyhow, come on in.”

“I-I apologize for intruding…”

Madenokouji-san hesitated as she followed Suzuka, heading towards the living room with me tailing behind them. While Suzuka prepared tea, her back straightened up and she nervously sat down on the sofa.

“Umm… make yourself at home. Thought it might be a bit small in here compared to Madenokouji-san’s home.”

“T-That’s not true… Onii-sama’s and Suzuka’s home almost feels like a sacred temple… It really is an honor to be here…”

…I really don’t feel comfortable being revered like a god.

“Madenokouji-san is over-exaggerating.”

While we conversed, Suzuka came back from the kitchen. While acting reserved, Madenokouji-san accepted the cup, but after taking a sip, she seemed to calm down a bit. After a short while had passed, Suzuka looked towards me with an expression of anticipation. Yes, I know.

“Umm… So about the advice…”


When I brought up the main topic of the day, Madenokouji-san’s body twitched in response. In addition, she brought out a small notebook, ready to write down whatever we’d tell her. Seeing that, I hurriedly shook my head.

“N-No, today you won’t be receiving advice from us…”

“…Eh? Is my novel really not worthy of even that?”

Her expression quickly turned into one of despair, and her eyes started to get watery.

“T-That’s not it at all. He didn’t mean it that way, right, Onii-chan?!”

“O-Of course not!”

We hurriedly followed up.

Please try to say it in a more appropriate way!—was what Suzuka’s glare at me probably meant.

“M-Madenokouji-san’s manuscript is even better than before! Anyway, what we’re saying is that we’ll have another author give you advice today, so you can hear their opinion!”

“A-Another author aside from Onii-sama…?”

I carefully chose my words as Madenokouji-san was about to start crying in front of us.

“…You see, when you think about light novels, there are countless works out there, and every reader has their own tastes and preferences. Us authors aim to hit as many of those as we can. Because of that, we thought it would be helpful for you to get some feedback from an author of a completely different type of genre.”

…Of course, that was just an excuse that Suzuka had come up with before.

“…Is that… so?”

“E-Exactly. It certainly isn’t just an excuse… Ow…”

With a jab to my sides, Suzuka commented on my words with “Don’t say any unnecessary things.”

“U-Umm… Then, what other author are we talking about…? Is the person as wonderful as Onii-sama himself?


I swallowed my words for a second, and unintentionally glanced over at Suzuka.

“…O-Of course they’re just as wonderful! Though there are minor things with her personality—No, nevermind! Anyway, I can guarantee their skill as an author! R-Right, Suzuka?!”

“T-That’s right.”

Y-You’re not going to say anything else?!

Actually, the person is nothing more than a stalker with a tremendous good-for-nothing personality, but her skill as an author is the real deal!

“Awawa… You’re going to introduce such an amazing person to me… Thank you very much…”

“N-No, there’s no need for you to thank us!”

Suzuka seemed to also feel bad about this, and her facial expression looked a bit apologetic.

“U-Umm, so what is that person’s name?”

“S-She’s working under the pen name Enryuu Homura, and she’s also my classmate at the same time. We just called her up, so she should be here soon—”

In that moment,

Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong


We could hear the doorbell being furiously rung at the entrance.

“…It seems like she’s here.”

“…Yeah, you can guess her personality just by this alone…”

Leaving Suzuka and Madenokouji-san behind in the living room, I headed towards the entrance. When I opened the door, I was, of course, greeted by—

“…Ufff… Haaah… I’m… here… Haaaah…”

Mai. But her breathing was rough, and sweat was gathering on her forehead.

“S-Sorry to have you come here like this. But what happened…?”

“Y-You… Haaah… Asked me for a… Ufff… Light novel lecture…! If you ask me like that… of course I’d come immediately…!”

“I-I really feel bad about that… Thanks for rushing all the way here.”

“I-It’s fine! …Phew, it’s a request from you, after all. From Towano Chikai himself! Of course I’d come running!”

Uuuu… Now I feel even worse… I’m sorry for just thinking of you as a stalker…

“Really, thanks a lot for this.”

“I-I said it’s fine. I’m your number one fan, after all. I feel like I’ve come a long way to be requested by Towano Chikai himself like this! That’s typical of me, though!” Mai said, puffing out her chest. “Hey, hey, Yuu! You asked me because of my skill, right? Right?”

…All of a sudden, her rough breathing’s gone…

But, just this once, I won’t say anything back. Or rather, I can’t.

“E-Exactly. But, just as I told you over the phone, the one who needs the lecture isn’t me, but another girl, who’s rather calm and composed, so please don’t scare her too much.”

“Ahh, yeah, you said something like that. A kouhai of Suzuka’s, right? Giving you a lecture is what I’m aiming for!” Mai said, acting all proud for some reason.

But, it looks like she understands what I’m expecting today.

“Still, is that girl really writing such a peculiar type of novel that even you can’t give her any advice?”

“T-That’s not it… I just think that getting opinions from more people than just me will help her in the long run.”

“Hmm, is that so? Well, since you’re the genius-type, nobody would understand if you were to teach them. Only someone who intensely studies you like me would understand that, though!”

Of course, there were countless opportunities for me to retort in that sentence, but since she’s technically not wrong, I held back for now.

Anyways, Mai seemed to be in a super good mood now, so I was at least relieved about that. Taking her with me, we returned to the living room.

“Hawa… N-Nice to meet you, my name is Madenokouji Nene…”

“I’m the professional light novel author, Enryuu Homura. My real name is Himuro Mai. I don’t mind what you call me. Nice to meet you, Nene-san.”

Madenokouji-san gave a timid greeting, and Mai followed suit, standing firm.

“Good day to you, Himuro-san. Sorry to make you come here for my Kouhai’s sake.”

“It’s fine, Suzuka-san. It’s Yuu’s request, after all!”

“I-Is that so… Uuu…”

Suzuka and Mai also exchanged a short greeting.

“U-Umm, I heard that Enryuu-sensei is Onii-sama’s classmate…”

“That’s right. I’m Yuu’s classmate, his number one fan, and the person who understands him the most.”

“I-Is that so?”

“And that’s not all. We both benefit from each other. Basically, our relationship is written in stone!”

“Hey, don’t say such misleading things!”

“…Eh? S-So, Enryuu-sensei and Onii-sama are going out…?!”

“That’s not the case.”

When it seemed like Madenokouji-san was about to have a grave misunderstanding, Suzuka quickly denied it.

“Basically, Himuro-san is enthusiastically researching Onii-chan’s novel, and Onii-chan is a fan of her novel as well.”

…Well, I guess there’s no need to tell her that Mai is a stalker.

And when she heard Suzuka’s words, Madenokouji-san looked relieved and put one hand on her chest.

“…B-But I never thought that the person giving me advice would be so beautiful…”

“Hehe, you seem to have a good eye at least. I like you.”

…The conversation is actually moving along more smoothly than I had expected. It seems like it really was the right idea to ask Mai.

“To introduce you one more time, this is Enryuu-sensei, and she will be giving you advice on your manuscript today.”

“He he he he! Leave it to me!”

“…This is the first time I’ve seen Himuro-san this pleased…”

Suzuka muttered under her breath.

“Alright, so can I take a look at the manuscript?”

“Y-Yes… I-I’m looking forward to working with you…”

Madenokouji-san gave a slight nod and handed Mai the manuscript.

Saying “Give me a bit,” Mai sat down on the sofa and started reading.

Her carefree smile from earlier disappeared, and her expression was filled with seriousness.

…So this is the professional light novel author Enryuu Homura, huh?

Silence filled the living room, and only the sounds of pages being flipped could be heard. Of course, Madenokouji-san was watching Mai reading it with anticipation and anxiousness, but that feeling was also transmitted over to me and Suzuka. After around five minutes…

“Yeah, I got the gist of it,” Mai lifted up her head.

“Eh? That was pretty fast… are you already done reading it?”

“I was just checking through the manuscript to get the general idea. This should be enough to figure out the problematic parts.”

No, that’s pretty amazing in itself…

Though I was surprised by Mai’s unexpected talent, I glanced over at Suzuka to see her nod.

…Eh? Is this not special at all or something?

“Let’s see… As for my general impression, as a romcom, it feels a bit… heavy. Rather than a light novel, it feels like some sort of prose…”

“Madenokouji-san has never read any light novels before. Mine was the first, and she decided to write light novels because of that.”

“Ah, I see. Now that you mention it, it really feels that way. That makes sense.”

“Heavy again…”

“Ah. But the scenes where the protagonist and the heroine got flirty were really well written.”

“T-That’s because Onii-sama and Suzuka-sama worked really hard to teach me about it…”

Probably remembering said event, Madenokouji-san’s face went red from embarrassment.

…Let’s just forget about that.

“I see. No wonder the quality is so high.”

“W-Well, thanks for that…”

“But, you still need to make this more rom-com-like.”


“Listen, light novels are light, easy novels. They’re meant for amusement, so your number one goal is to make the readers enjoy themselves. A beautiful story is one thing, but you have to keep the rom-com aspect in mind no matter what.”

“I know what you’re talking about, but isn’t that a bit abstract?” I commented next to her.

Though I had planned to let Madenokouji-san do the talking, I also wanted to learn about it. Of course I was also interested in Mai’s lecture.

“I see. Then, I’ll give you some concrete advice. Nene-san, go and write some fanservice scenes.”


“I-Is that really advice?”

“What do you mean? Fanservice scenes are one of the most fundamental basics of light novels. Since the main audience of light novel readers are men around our age, of course fanservice scenes would make them happy.”

Mai responded with a serious expression.

…That’s why. What am I even saying? Light novels with fanservice scenes. Being told it like this, it totally makes sense. It’s the perfect advice.

“…Yeah, fanservice scenes really are important.”

“Right? Adding fanservice scenes in Nene-san’s novel will make the tone a bit lighter, and bring in more comedic relief.”

Yeah, that makes sense. It seems like I underestimated Enryuu Homura.

“U-Umm… if I may… What exactly are fanservice scenes…?”

“I said that they’re scenes that can make an adolescent boy happy. You know what I mean, right?”

“Mai, Madenokouji-san’s knowledge isn’t very proficient in that regard…”

“Ah, I see. Oh yeah, she’s Suzuka-san’s kouhai, so she goes to that prestigious elite girls’ school. But this won’t turn into a good novel at this rate.”


Ah, Suzuka’s averting her eyes. Well, whether she was possessed or not, Suzuka wrote countless fanservice scenes like these between those fictional siblings, so it might’ve been a bit hard for her to hear that brought up now.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“I’m not blaming you. But let’s see… fanservice scenes that would fit your novel…”

Mai started to think deeply about something.

“I know, how about some lucky pervert moments?”


When those words came out of Mai’s mouth, I couldn’t hold back my surprise.

“Lucky… Pervert…?”

“Exactly. What do you think, Yuu?”

“N-No, that is…”

Of course what she said made perfect sense, but her direct proposal threw me off guard.

“…Onii-chan, what are these ‘lucky pervert’ moments?”


For some reason, Suzuka also asked me about it, seeming intrigued. She really didn’t seem to know, and she pulled on my sleeve as she asked.

“Perfect timing. Nene-san doesn’t understand it either, so go ahead and explain it, Yuu.”


Don’t just foist that job onto me like that! Explaining to my little sister and her Kouhai what a ‘lucky pervert’ moment is would be totally embarrassing, you know!

“What’s wrong, Onii-chan? Hurry up and explain it to us.”

“…U-Umm, would you be so kind as to teach me, Onii-sama…?”

But of course, neither of them noticed my conflicted feelings at all, and continued to close in on me.

“What’re you waiting for, Yuu? This is the same as giving her advice.”

When Mai also commented that, I gave in and steeled my resolve.

“Ugh… Basically, a lucky pervert moment is something like an accident that turns into a fanservice scene.”

“I understand the fanservice scene, but what do you mean by accident? I don’t get what that means. Do you have a specific example?”

…I’m talking about the scenes you always write in your own novel! …Shit, I really want to respond with that. I really do, but if I did, they would find out about Towano Chikai’s real identity, so I can’t! Ahh, I get it already!

“Like stretching out your hand and accidentally grabbing a girl’s chest! Opening a door without thinking too deeply into it, only to be greeted by a girl who’s in the middle of changing her clothes! Pushing down a girl to save her from something, only to bury your face in her chest! Those erotic circumstances count as lucky pervert moments!”

“Wha—?! O-Onii-chan?!”

“…Eh? E-E-E-Erotic…?!”

As a result of my rather blunt and simple explanation, Suzuka turned bright red and got mad at me, while Madenokouji-san turned bright red and was close to crying.

…Aren’t you two the ones forced me to do this?!

“S-So a lucky pervert moment has this kind of meaning?! All this time, I’ve been writing… No, when Onii-chan walked in on me changing, or during the shower, those too…!”

“….Hawa… Hawawawawa…!”

Suzuka was glaring at me, and Madenokouji-san’s eyes were spinning. Why does it always end up like this?!

“Okay okay, calm down. It’s just as Yuu says. Nene-san has to write these sorts of things in her novel, is what I’m saying.”

Unexpectedly, Mai actually stepped in to help me. Although she was the reason all of this had happened…

“B-But… I… I’ve never written anything like that…”

“Fanservice scenes are still important. Since your novel is too serious, we can’t go full erotic-route, so this is all we have.”

Though the contents of what she said were a bit debatable, her advice was perfect.

“Auuu… B-But, how should I write these scenes…?”

She really was a sheltered Ojou-sama. Her reaction was understandable.

“First, try to imagine a scene with the characters from your novel.”


In response to Mai’s words, Madenokouji-san closed her eyes. But, shortly afterwards, it felt like the atmosphere around her changed… Wait, is this…?!

“Erotic… Having my breast groped…”

Madenokouji-san muttered to herself, and walked towards me with small steps.

“Eh? What’s wrong, Nene-san?”

Not responding to Mai’s words, Madenokouji-san suddenly grabbed my wrist, and—Wait, what? When I realized what she was doing, it was already too late. Grabbing my hand, Madenokouji-san brought it towards her own chest, and—

“…Wait a minute?!”

“W-What are you doing?!”

Realizing the nonsensical thing that was happening, Mai stepped in between me and Madenokouji-san. Thanks to that, my hand was stopped right in front of her chest, but when Mai tried to push Madenokouji-san’s body away, a button on her blouse sprung open.


Her breasts, which really didn’t look like a middle schooler’s, wrapped in her bra, entered my view, and I could only stare at them in amazement.


“W-What are you just spacing out like that, Onii-chan?!!!”

“Eh?! S-Sorry!”

But the next second, Suzuka forcefully pulled my gaze towards her.

“Nene-san, hurry up and cover yourself!”

“…Fue? …Kyaaa?!”

Thanks to Mai’s voice, Madenokouji-san came to her senses, and hurriedly covered her chest.

“I-I’m…sorry…! I did… something shameful like that… again…!” Madenokouji-san continuously bowed her head.

That was probably her ‘special skill’ shining through.

“W-What was that about? Why would she suddenly do something like that…?”

“C-Calm down, Mai. When Madenokouji-san starts acting in character, she forgets about her surroundings.”

“Eh? So that happened just now because she was imagining a lucky pervert moment?”

Hearing those words, Madenokouji-san nodded in an apologetic manner.

“I-Is that so. To think that she would have such a skill… But wait a second. Then, when you gave her advice about being flirty, it was also directly from you…?”

“N-No, that was just…”

Although it was actually Suzuka and me being flirty while Madenokouji-san was watching, this is just as difficult to openly admit.

“U-Unfair! Getting direct research experience like that! Why only with Nene-san? I want it too…!”

Mai started blurting out unreasonable demands, and suddenly started unbuttoning her own chest region—

“You?! Don’t just join in!”

“It’s research! Research for lucky pervert moments! It should be fine if you also do it with me, right?! So hurry up and stare at my chest!”

“What are you on about?! And will you stop stripping already?!”

T-This isn’t good! Mai’s totally losing it! Ahhhh, I can barely see them through the gap in her clothes!

“Suzuka! Help me out here—”

Hoping for help from Suzuka, I turned around, but…

“Nnn… Alright…! E-Even I can…! Hmpf…!”

What greeted me was the sight of my little sister, also fiddling with the buttons on her clothes, pushing out her chest as best as she could.

“…What are you doing?”

“Hya?! N-Nothing at all! It’s not like I was thinking that I would be able to do it too or anything…! I-I won’t do it, okay?!”

“What exactly are you talking about?!”


Even Suzuka went crazy it seems. Is it this weird atmosphere?!

Madenokouji-san was furiously blushing like always, Mai was eagerly trying to strip, and Suzuka was glaring at me.

…What should I do in this situation, oh gods above!?

As if they had heard my prayers, my smartphone started ringing.

“I-I’m getting a phone call, so please keep it down!”

I didn’t know who it was, but I thanked my saviour inside my heart.

Nice timing…!

>Sensei? Sorry for the sudden call, but is Enryuu-sensei with you by any chance?<

“Ah, Shinozaki-san? Yes, she’s currently at my house.”

My saviour turned out to be Shinozaki-san, who was the editor for Suzuka’s novel, but for some reason, she was calling me to try to reach Mai.

>To be honest, Enryuu-sensei’s editor has been trying to call her because her deadline was right around the corner, but he couldn’t get through to her. I took a wild guess and called Sensei because you two are always so close.<

“Eh? Deadline…?”

When I turned around to look at Mai, her shoulders twitched and she averted her gaze.

“…You ignored your deadline to dash over here…?”

“T-That’s…! I-I mean, how could I ignore your request…?”

Her cheeks were faintly reddish, and she said that like she was sulking. She looks really cute, but only in times like these—

“…Yes, that’s right. Of course, I’ll do everything I can… Yes, yes.”

Hanging up the call, I turned around to face Mai. And—

“…Thank you very much for coming all the way here even though you’re so busy. I’m really thankful for that. But… go home right now!!!”

“Ehhh, why?!”

I grabbed Mai’s arm and pulled her to the entrance.

“You got some kind of nerve to come over here even though your deadline is right around the corner!”

“B-But! You requested me to give a light novel lecture as a professional light novel author, right?! That takes top priority, you know?!”

“As a professional light novel author, prioritize your own deadline before everything else! I’ll give you my thanks some other time, so go home and work on your manuscript!” I said, and pushed Mai out of the door, watching her leave to make sure that she was walking home.

“Haah… What is even going on…?”

“What’s wrong, desu?”

In that moment, I heard a voice from behind my back, and I turned around.

“D-Double Peace-sensei? W-Why are you here?”

Standing there was a blonde-haired beauty with a bright smile on her face—It was Ahegao Double Peace-sensei, the artist responsible for the illustrations in Suzuka’s novel.

“I came over to play of course, desu! But why are you just standing in front of your house like that?”

“W-Well, a lot of things happened… For now, come on inside.”

Having exchanged places with Mai, Double Peace-sensei now became our guest, and I brought her with me to the living room. I explained the circumstances to Suzuka, and Madenokouji-san was more than surprised by the sudden appearance of this blonde-haired beauty, so I hurriedly introduced them to each other.

“N-Nice to meet you… Umm, if it isn’t a bother, would you be so kind as to explain the origin of your pen name…?”

“You see, desu, ahegao means that—”

“Y-You don’t have to think too deeply about it! What’s important is that she’s drawing the illustrations for my novel!”

Since the conversation was about to turn in a really dangerous direction, I hurriedly stopped them mid-way.

“And what is Sensei doing with Kouhai-san here?”

“Well, we’re trying to give her some advice on her novel—Oh, I know.”

I finally remembered. Was the advice Mai gave really up to par, I wonder?

“U-Umm… I’m sorry, but it was a bit difficult to understand…!”

Uuuu… so it was no use, huh? What should we do about this—

In that moment, I realized a possibility. And Suzuka seemed to understand my intentions.

“…Y-You’re going to ask Double Peace-san for advice?”

“…I know that you’re worried, but Double Peace-sensei draws light novel illustrations for a living, and she also works in the game industry, so we might as well hear her opinion on it. Things couldn’t possibly go too wrong, right?”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Sensei, desu?”

“Ah, umm, actually…”

I explained Madenokouji-san’s situation to Double Peace-sensei.

“We had hoped that Double Peace-sensei could skim through it. You might not be an author, but you are more involved with light novels than many other people out there…”

“Ahh, so that’s what this is about, desu! Of course I’d be willing to help!”

“T-Thank you very much. Are you also okay with that, Madenokouji-san?”

Hawa… I couldn’t be any more thankful for this…”

Since Madenokouji-san gave her consent, I handed the manuscript over to Double Peace-sensei. After puffing out her well-endowed chest with a “Leave it to me, desu!”, she started reading seriously. Normally, she would always have a bright grin on her face, but this seems to be the true face of the creator Ahegao Double Peace-sensei. Giving off the impression that she was used to this sort of thing, she rushed through the pages at a speed that rivaled Mai’s.

After about ten minutes, she lifted up her head, saying, “I see, I see.”

“First, and this is just a general tidbit, but since light novels will be supported by only a few illustrations, you should make it a habit to try describe the situation in as much detail as possible.”


What she brought up was a reasonable point. But, just when I was hoping that we could get some good, reasonable advice this time around…

“On top of that, the amount of erotic scenes is greatly lacking, desu! This won’t do at all!”


…So it really did turn out like this?!

“But it seems like Kouhai-san doesn’t have any experience with these… So that means…!”

Double Peace-sensei started to delve through her thoughts. S-She’ll surely come up with something serious, right?

“Yeah, I think that lucky pervert moments are the best way to get you started, desu!”

“I’m an idiot for expecting anythiiiiiing!!!”

“…I-In the end, she arrived at the same conclusion as Himuro-san…”

Suzuka also seemed quite shocked.

…Really, what is wrong with those two?

“Hmm? What was that about Mai, desu?”

“W-Well, actually…”

When I explained what had just happened before her arrival, Double Peace-sensei happily commented “Just what I would expect from Mai, desu! To arrive at the solution that quickly!”

“However, if I may give my opinion as an illustrator here, I think that a more visually-influenced writing style would be beneficial.”

V-Visually influenced?

“The breasts are one thing, but I also recommend putting more panties in!”

“Hawawa…? Why pan—underwear…?”

“That’s because…!”

“Kya?!” “Hawa?” “Wha—?!”

Double Peace-sensei suddenly lifted up Suzuka’s and Madenokouji-san’s skirts.

Stripes and white laces…!

“How is this, desu? Even though the panchira lasted only for a second, Sensei’s attention was basically glued to your panties! Like this, showing panties will also have a great impact on the readers! Right, Sensei?”

“O-Onii-chan saw me…?! M-M-My panties…?!”

Unlike how calm Double Peace-sensei seemed, Suzuka turned more red than ever before, and turned around to glare at me full force.

“I-I-I-I wasn’t really…?! And Double Peace-sensei, what are you even doing?!”

“You know, in lucky pervert scenes, there is often a character who plays erotic pranks like this, right?”

S-So that’s why you thought it was a good idea to act like one?! Your way of thinking is as crazy as ever!!!

“Auuu…! O-Onii-sama… saw my panties…! T-This indecent appearance of mine…!”

“That’s no good, Kouhai-san. You can’t be embarrassed by something like this. If you can’t clear a hurdle of this level, you will never be able to become a light novel author.”

Madenokouji-san sank onto the ground, clearly devastated. Even so, Double Peace-sensei didn’t stop her attack there.

…W-Why is this happening…? No matter how much I think about it, it was a complete mistake to even ask her in the first place!

“…Uuu, I-I understand…”

Madenokouji-san for her part suddenly got up, her face red, and close to tears, as she grabbed the edge of her skirt, slowly lifting it up—

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! S-Stop! Su-to-pu!”

I hurriedly jumped towards her, barely averting the worst-case scenario.

“Y-You can’t just do that!”

“Exactly, desu. Lucky pervert moments happen when nobody expects them to happen, so doing it yourself would make it a direct pervert moment!”

“That’s not what I was getting at! I was saying that you shouldn’t that in front of a boy…! Ahhh, for crying out loud…! Anyway, Double Peace-sensei, you can go ahead and leave for the day!”

Since I had my fair share for the day, in a lot of ways, I grabbed Double Peace-sensei’s hands and pulled her with me to the entrance.

“Ahnn~ The fiendishly aggressive Sensei really is the best, desu. Haaah… Haaah…!”

“Thank you very much for today! I’ll contact you sometime in the next few days, so feel free to leave us alone now!”

Forcefully pushing her out and shutting the door after her, I let out an exasperated sigh.

Well, I guess I’m the one to blame for expecting anything from Double Peace-sensei in the first place…

With heavy feet, I returned to the living room. Suzuka was sighing defeatedly, and Madenokouji-san looked equally as tired. Her face was still burning red, though.

“O-Onii-chan really is a helpless ero devil…”

What false accusations! But since I did see them, I can’t exactly defend myself.

“U-Uhm, Madenokouji-san…? I’m sorry… that it turned out like this…”

No matter the reason for what happened, I figured it’d be best to apologize to her. She’s the most innocent person in the whole situation.

“Hawah… I’m okay… There is no need to apologize…”

In response, Madenokouji-san bowed down her head. “I should be the one to apologize here…”

…To let such a good girl experience something so horrible. Breasts, and panties—Wait, don’t remember it, me!

“A-Anyway, there’s something I would like to hear from Onii-sama…”

While I was feeling deep regret in my heart, Madenokouji-san hesitatingly asked me.

“U-Uhm… since both of them said that lucky pervert moments are necessary, I believe them…”

…S-So honest. Just how innocent can you be?

“B-But… what about Onii-sama? No excuse me, Towano-sensei, do you also think that they are necessary?”

Now, how should I answer that…?

Though their way of telling her the advice was questionable, the advice itself was rooted in truth. So there should be no reason to deny that—

“Y-Yes. Onii-chan also thinks that lucky pervert moments are essential.”

“Eh? S-Suzuka?”

Before I realized it, Suzuka had already answered the question for me.

…I mean, Suzuka is the real Towano Chikai, so of course it makes sense that she would answer, but why all of a sudden…?

“Onii-chan thinks that lucky pervert moments are very important. After all, he is always researching them with me every day!”


Hold your horses! Why are you saying that like it’s nothing?!

Since I couldn’t understand her intentions, I whispered to her. “…What’s your plan with this?!”

“I-It’s not like I’m trying to show her how we’re always flirting 24/7 or anything, okay…? Isn’t this just the logical answer for the little-sister-loving Towano Chikai?”

Even if you’re completely right about that, couldn’t you have taken a softer approach instead of dropping a bombshell like that?

“I-Is that so…? Suzuka-sama really is amazing… Then, would you be so kind as to show me a live demonstration…?”


Suzuka completely froze up when she heard Madenokouji-san’s words.

“Though I’ve learned a bit about lucky pervert moments, umm, I’m a bit lost as to what is what… So I was hoping that both of you could teach me just like last time…”

Oi, this conversation is going in a bad direction…! Suzuka, what should we do about this…?

“T-That’s…! I-I understand…!”

Suzuka actually agreed. Maybe it was a bit too difficult to decline that request.

“N-Now then, Onii-chan…”

Suzuka’s face went as red as an apple as she turned towards me. What are you planning on doing?

“Suzuka-sama… Onii-sama…”

Madenokouji-san was looking at us with an enthusiastic, almost heated gaze. But, Suzuka was frozen in place.

“A-A lucky pervert scene with Onii-chan…”

It seems like Suzuka doesn’t know what to do, either.

…This is bad. I know that she’s forcing herself. I have to calm her down for now—

“H-Here I go!”


But, the moment I stretched out my hand towards her, Suzuka closed in on me. Our timing didn’t add up, and I fell backwards.


Though it didn’t hurt, I realized that my hand was firmly grasping something. When I slowly opened my eyes…

“O-Onii-chan, are you okay—Ahhhuuuuuuu!?”

Suzuka was sitting on top of my chest. My head was held between Suzuka’s legs, so my eyes were looking directly at what should be hidden beneath her skirt—



Suzuka let out a shriek, and I hurriedly turned my head away.

“…W-Wonderful… And so naturally…”

In the end, I didn’t have the leisure to listen to Madenokouji-san’s praise.

“S-Suzuka…! J-Just get up for now!”

“Hanya… Funya…”

S-She’s done for. Her head’s overheated.

While I was thinking that, Suzuka collapsed on top of me.

“U-Uhm… thank you very much…! Thanks to this show, I feel like I can create good lucky pervert moments…!”

Madenokouji-san bowed down, while Suzuka was still “funya funya”ing on top of me.

…It seems like we somehow managed to help her out, but…

“O-Onii-chan really is a fiendish ero devil… Ehehehehe…”

Can somebody please tell me exactly what’s happening here…?

Part 3:

“T-Thank you very much for today, Suzuka-sama.”

“N-No, I’m happy I was able to help.”

After that, our advice session concluded, and Madenokouji-san was about to head on her way home. She was currently standing in the entrance.

E-Even so, to think that such a lucky pervert moment would occur with Onii-chan… My body is growing hot just remembering it…!

By the way, Onii-chan said “I’m going to wash my face in the bathroom”, and hasn’t come back since.

“T-Thanks to everyone today, I feel like I’ve learned a lot…”

“I-I’m glad to hear that. Now you can write an even better novel.”

Though it went down a bit differently than I had expected, we still were able to help Madenokouji-san.

“Ah, no, umm… not just about the novel…”

“Eh? What do you mean by that?”

“…Seeing Enryuu-sensei and Double Peace-sama, they seemed on very close terms with Onii-sama, so I thought that I had to work even harder from now on… It’s just like with the lucky pervert moments. I cannot run away, for the sake of my feelings for him…!”

…W-What is this? This gives me a really bad feeling…

“Sorry, I wanted to wash my face a bit… Ah, Madenokouji-san, be careful on your way home.”

Just then, Onii-chan came back as well. What bad timing.

“U-Umm, Onii-sama… There’s one thing I would like to ask of you…!”

In that moment, Madenokouji-san looked at Onii-chan, determination flickering in her eyes.

“What is it?”

“W-Would you… call me… Nene?”

“Eh? Well, I don’t really mind.”

Of course, Onii-chan didn’t think too deeply about it and accepted, but her actions made me swallow my breath.

…A-Are you having him call you by your given name? To think that Madenokouji-san would be this bold…!

“Umm, so, Nene-san?”

“Ah… Hawah… Onii-sama called me by my name…! P-Please keep it like that…!”

…Uuuuuu, she looks so happy…

“Thank you very much… Onii-sama…!”

“I don’t really see the need for you to thank me, though… Well, I’ll see you later, Nene-san.”

After Onii-chan said this, Madenokouji-san once more bowed down, and then made her way home.

“…Nn? Suzuka, you seem to be a bit stiff? A-Are you still hung up on what happened just now? It’s fine, let’s just forget about that—”

I couldn’t comprehend anything Onii-chan was saying anymore.

Madenokouji-san’s feelings for Onii-chan seem to be growing stronger and stronger. At this rate, will she actually confess to him…?! W-What should I do about this?!

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