Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 2

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Note: This chapter was barely edited for reasons, so keep that in mind while reading.

Maka-sensei and Nekoranya

Part 1:

Seikadai is a private institution with a formidable school cafeteria. Since it’s always packed during lunch time, finding a seat is constantly troublesome. As always, I decided on the daily lunch menu, and today it was fried pork with ginger.

“Ahhh, the noodles today are as delicious as ever! I’m glad that I came to Seikadai!”

Like it was the natural flow of events, Amanashi Nui was sitting at the table together with me. In front of Nui was a big portion of cutlet curry, with a big mountain of cheese on top. Additionally, salad and one single clump of karaage next to it.

“Nui, shouldn’t you be wary of your proportions since you’re working as a gravure idol?”

“Nnn? Ahh, well I’ll look a bit bloated, but it’ll be back to normal in a few hours, I guess. If I don’t eat enough, I’ll get skinny.”

“You’d get cursed to death from the women in the world if they heard that.”

“No way! Saigi-kun will die while covering for me! Don’t leave me behind!”

“What kind of story are you making up on the brim?!”

Am I going to get killed off in slow motion while sad BGM is playing?

“…Actually, some complaints have been brought to the student council.”

“Eh? What complaints?”

Facing Nui and us, also sitting at the table was Jinsho Karen-senpai. She is one year higher than me, and the student council president of Seikadai’s high school institute. Being at the top of all the students, she’s also at the top of SID, although the existence of SIDis a secret. I’d be troublesome if everyone knew after all. Long glossy black hair, and a well-specced features. Wearing the summer uniform, her voluptuous breasts were sticking out even more. Her firm attitude made her perfect for the role as the student council president, and she was without a doubt what one would call a beauty.

“Recently, Amanashi Nui and Saigi Makoto have been rather noisy in the school cafeteria. Though we aren’t directly involved with the events of the school cafeteria, we still cannot ignore that.”

“The only noisy one thats here is Nui. I’m innocent.”

“Ahh, don’t leave me hanging here! You’re wrong okay? I’m getting noisy because I have Sai-kun with me! I’m not all that noisy when I’m on my own!”

“How about you try to not be noisy at all when you’re alone?”

Really, being able to be noisy even when she’s alone, this is why Nui is so scary.

“I’ve confirmed that the complaints are the real deal…However, it also seems to me that Saigi Makoto is suddenly calling Amanashi Nui by her given name it seems.”

“Ah, well…it just sort of happened.”

“Even so, you still call me Karen-kaichou. I wonder if I should discuss that with everyone from SID with you being in a kangaroo court…”

“Wait a second. Discussing and kangaroo court don’t really add up here though?! No, that’s not the problem here!”

“Ah see, Sai-kun is also getting loud.”

“Don’t retort there! Just no more kangaroo court please…”

“Also, just until a while ago, Sai-kun called me by my full name. Even though we’ve known each other since grade school, you treated me like I was a stranger.”

“Stop making it sound like I’ve treated you like this for a long time and start constructing a deeper relationship with me than like before…”

To be fair, we did apparently know each other since grade school, but I never really paid much attention to the existence called Amanashi Nui.

“So you won’t call me by my first name because I’m still a stranger to you…Lord, will you forgive me if I sully this body…”

“Hey hey hey! You nun trainee! What kind of questions are you asking your god!”

Karen-kaichou was raised in a cloister. Right now she’s a trainee while simultaneously working there.

Karen-kaichou’s nun appearance…I’d like to see that once.

“So I haven’t only been left behind by Fujiki-sensei, but also Amanashi Nui, so I have to pick up some speed. Have to think a bit more.”

“Not just a bit. Please think through this deeply.”

This firm, strict beauty with long, black hair seems to be in love with me too? What has happened in this world?

“And, what were we talking about…Oh yes, not only is Shinju Muku staying over at the Saigi household, but Fujiki-sensei’s household is also in danger.”

“But we’re only talking about the cat cafe that Maka-sensei’s father is managing.”

I wasn’t the one who brought up Kuu having run away, and neither the cat cafe pinch. It’s all thanks to the information exchange between Maka-sensei and SID.

“Muuu…Kuu-tan, not bad. But it’s true, running away is a possibility. Maybe I’ll start a fight with my father and stay over at the Saigi house…”

“Don’t just hurt your father; And also, you won’t get to stay over even if you come.”

“Whyyy, so unfair! Are you saying that instead of this well-endowed high school girl, you’re fine with a flat grade school girl?!”

“What do you mean by ‘fine’ ?! Stop blurting out BS in a loud voice like that!”

The people around us will judge me because of that! As of recently, I had been standing out negatively already. Just by having the beautiful student council president and the gravure idol sit with me is getting me death stares.

“And, Saigi Makoto, are you sleeping together with an unripe grade school girl?”

“What’s with that question…Kuu is sleeping in my little sister’s room.”

Since Miharu has countless games in her room, we brought all the goods over to my room to make space for Kuu to sleep on a futon there. Though it would’ve been fine for Kuu to sleep in my room, she just commented with “It’s embarrassing…” and declined. So it’s fine for the two of us to take a bath together, but sleeping in the same room is too much? Pretty weird if you ask me.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if Kuu is staying over. I’m used to it.”

“So the problem is the unprofitable business operation of the cat cafe then? Why is it suddenly in such a state then?”

“Well, it’s the influence of a rival store nearby or something.”

I really didn’t do anything besides the basicsan explanation—

But this year in April, another cat cafe has opened up in the neighbourhood. Since this rival cafe is flourishing greatly, many of Maka-sensei’s father’s guests had started to move over there. And because Maka-sensei had been busy with other things, the bad state of the management went unseen.

“I see, but this doesn’t have anything to do with Saigi Makoto, right?”

“You’re right about that, but…Kuu has taken quite a liking to that cat cafe, you see…”

I really can’t just go “Ah, is that so” and ignore the whole situation.

“I’ll do whatever I can to keep the business running again, but money is the only thing I cannot help you with.”

“I-I’m happy with those feelings alone…”

Ms. Student Council President over here is saying tremendously bad things without any remorse at all.

“Recently, I’ve been really busy, you see. To improve my style, I got a special trainer, and so on. He warned me that he’d kill me if I eat too much.”

“Nui, do you have a death wish or something?”

Is a threatening trainer like that really okay? I don’t have to worry about her, right? Well, at least her job is going good these days. Maybe that photo shoot a while ago really boosted her popularity.

“So after Amanashi Nui, it’s Shinju Muku who’s on the move…And Saigi Miharu has an even closer position from the get-go…It’s time, huh.”


What is this ‘It’s time’?

The student council president, as well as the leader of SID; Her personality is close to Maka-sensei, so I don’t even want to fathom what she’ll do if she gets serious.

“Do not worry, Saigi Makoto. I will make sure to watch over the developments of the cat cafe.”

“Y-Yeah, thanks for that…”

Seems like she’s not going to go out just yet. Still, there won’t be anything changing at this rate…There’s nothing a single high school student like me could do right?

—Or so I thought. Maka-sensei showed no hesitation whatsoever to call me to the cat cafe, And also, didn’t we talk about breaking up while people are still doubting us! Doing our ‘secret meetings’ outside would completely ruin the meaning!

Anyways, classes had ended, and I headed towards the cat cafe that Maka-sensei’s father managed. On the other hand, Maka-sensei was still on her job, so I thought I might as well check out the circumstances while I can.

“Mmm…Where is it!”

Not good, I’m completely lost. Well, the last (and first) time I went there, Maka-sensei brought me with her. Even my app isn’t really helping me out…

From the closest train station, it was three stops further, and a few minutes of walking. Since I rarely went off at this station, I wasn’t familiar with the surroundings.


Suddenly, my eyes stopped in front of a shop. Moving towards a nearby convenience store, I was acting like I was checking my phone while glancing over there. A sign with a cute cat illustration was drawn on it.

…Is this…the rivaling cat cafe?

“Change of plans, checking out the enemy…I guess.”

But, how do I say it—it gives off that ‘No male customers allowed’ feeling. A lot of guests entered the store, but most of them were young women. I wonder if they’ll kick me out if I went in there alone…If I was with Kuu, this would be no problem. Or so I thought when—

“Over here is Juliette 64. Currently, number 620. I will now infiltrate the enemy’s base.”


Haaa, this seems like it’ll be a bother again. Another person was next to me in front of the convenience store. A girl that was about the same age as me had a bob cut with brown her and a red sailor uniform on; Her red mini skirt was on the shorter side too, revealing her thighs a bit too much. Not to mention the holsters…She’s not armed with a gun, right?

Still, her face is pretty cute…But that isn’t enough to get my heart beating faster. On the contrary, because of all these cute girls around me these past few months, it feels like my resistance went up.

Anyways, the bob cut girl was mumbling something to herself, looking suspicious enough that the police wouldn’t scold me if I reported her.

“Maybe I should put on some sunglasses? No, wouldn’t that make me stand out more? Mmm…Hey, you over there, what are you looking at?”

“Ah, well…”

What a bossy way to call out to me…Seems like she’s not that nice of a girl. Well, something of this level can be expected from high school girls.

“…Mm? You want to get into that store? Ahh, it makes sense that a single boy like you would hesitate to go in there. Yeah yeah, then our interests overlap. You want to get into that cat cafe, right?”

“Y-Yes. I sort of got interested…”

I’m not all that good with these abrasive girls. Though Maka-sensei and Karen-kaichou are already in the area of wild and pushy, they surely wouldn’t arrive at a level like this.

“If so, then follow me! I won’t hurt you!”


That one phrase gives me enough reason to worry, you know.

“Ah, I’m from Seogawa girls high, Sekiya Raiha. Second year.”

“Saigi Makoto from Seikadai institute. I’m also a second year.”

I’ve heard of Seogawa. It’s a girls-only high, not too far away from Seikadai.

“Ohh, so you’re in the same year as me. I thought you were a middle school kiddo.”

“…I get that a lot.”

Kuu’s also pretty tiny, but even I don’t look like your average high school second year guy.

“Seikadai, huh~ I have some peeps I know over there, but it’s pretty famous. You a rich kid or something? Will you be willing to treat me?”

“…I’m just your average high school student.”

Since Miharu and I attended Seikadai since grade school, I couldn’t complain. Even so, I don’t have the money to treat a random stranger like this.

“I’m just joking, I’m not as crazy to ask a person I just met to treat me. My poor times had held on for so long that I happened to jump back to my old habits. Oh Lord, please forgive this sinful me!”


You say that, but you probably wouldn’t have complained if I said yes. Well, it’s not like this is something you’d have to ask the gods to forgive you for. But, it seems like I have no other choice. It’s better than entering this shop alone.

That being said—

The two of us immediately stormed onto the enemy territory.

“I see, it really is a nice store, and the cats here are for spoiling the guests; So the staff here can look into the hearts of the cats…”


Sekiya-san, I cannot guess at all what you’re on about. Even though we managed to safely get in here without raising suspicion…isn’t that just a matter of time at this point?

Before that happens, I’d better get some information out of this.

“Mmmm…I heard that it was a popular store, but is it really that much different from any other cat cafe?”

“Naive words amateur, You’re the type that doesn’t visit a cat cafe often, huh?”

“Yes, this is just my second time.”

This is the first time I visited one during business hours.

“The main purpose of cat cafes are cats, of course. Snacks or drinks not as much, and neither the looks of the staff. Everything in the store is supposed to put attention on the cats.”


“There are guests who enjoy getting touchy with cats, or those that just enjoy the atmosphere with having them around. Playing with them with the toys, patting them, or drinking herb tea while watching them play with each other. Those are the two prominent types that frequent cat cafes.”

“I-Is that so…”

I never once thought about the joys of visiting a cat cafe, you know.

“It’s not just about gathering cute and clingy cats. They’re not bad, here.”

“I still have no idea what you mean to tell me with that.”

“Anyways, I’m a guest now! We paid the fee, so let’s enjoy ourselves!”

Sekiya-san said so, and sat down in front of a few cats, lying on the floor.

“Come on, Saigi Makoto, over here. This is your place.”


To have her call me with the added ‘Makoto’, huh.

Following her instructions, I sat down to face her. By the way, shoes aren’t allowed in here, because it’s a carpet.

“Ahh, they’re so cute though~”

To be honest, I’m quite the cat lover. Though I definitely lose against Kuu, I was also excited to search for cats on that night stroll.

“Now, c’mere, you cats~ Just do how you please with my body!”


Lying down in front of the cats, Sekiy-san widened her arms, and a few cats slowly started approaching her.

…Ohh, amazing…It looks like the cats are getting manipulated by her. So there’s also the pattern of the cats approaching you, huh.

“Ohhh, quite the clingy ones you have here. These cats are proficient in customer service it seems.”

“So recently, cats need skills like that…”

…Wait, that’s not important.

If she’s lying down like this while previously having faced me, her miniskirt—

Uhm, I can see your panties. Quite the cute design too, emerald green.

“Nnn? What’s wrong, Saigi Makoto?”

“Ah, no, uhm…what’s with these holsters…? You’re not holding a gun, right?”

Trying to hide my fluster, I got on the topic of her holster, which got me intrigued from the very start.

“Ha ha ha, there’s nothing in there. It just gets me in the mood!”


What mood…But, I understand that she’s a military freak now.

“But, you can put your smartphone or sweets in there…Like, so!”

Sekiya-san put her hand into the holster, and in response, the cats were basically jumping onto her. Because of all the cats, her sailor uniform got wrinkled, and her belly became visible. The cats also crawled into her skirt, now completely revealing her emerald green panties.

“Uwaaa, so attached to me! Kya, hey, don’t lick my belly like that!”

She let out a shriek, but she sounded happy nonetheless. So happy, that she didn’t realize the current state of her appearance at all.

“…You look like you’re having fun.”


The voice I heard from behind my back belonged to Seikadai’s unobtainable flower. I didn’t even have to turn around to check, because I already felt the dark aura she was emitting crawl up my back.

“I hurried up to finish my job, and check out the enemy. Not just the gravure idol or the young girl, now you’re cheating on me with a sailor uniform girl…”

“…Good work today…”

Not turning around at all, I just greeted the teacher that was standing behind my back. The clingy types after a break-up really are a pain…

“Ah? Maka-san. Why are you here?”

“…Hello, Raiha-chan.”

Still being overrun by the cats, Sekiya-san directed her gaze at Maka-sensei—

Nnnn…? They know each other? Why does this smell like a really bothersome development already…?

I could’ve sworn I heard the atmosphere grumble in an intense mood.

We were currently in the break room of Maka Papa’s cat cafe. Sitting around a long, white table, four people had gathered.

“…Uhm, so the store’s name is ‘Nekoranya’ huh. The time I came here before, I couldn’t get a good look at it.”

“ ‘Neko wa uragiranyai’, is what it means, or Nekoranya short. And now remember that the name came into existence from the idea of a man in his fifties.”

(TLC: Means ‘Cats won’t betray you’)

Maka-sensei responded, the dark aura she’s emitting as dense as ever.

“That’s right. Cats won’t betray you. That’s why we have to help these cats here, Sensei.”

Here was the other person who was emitting an aura. However, this one was filled with determination, more than anger and jealousy. Kuu seems to be highly motivated to protect this store. Her usual nonchalant expression went off somewhere, and seriousness filled her gaze.

“It’s a bit embarrassing when I give out the receipt, you know.”

And the final member was Sekiya Raiha-san. On top of her sailor uniform, she was now wearing an apron with the name of the cafe and a cat illustration.

Yes, Sekiya-san is a part-time jobber here at Nekoranya. Explains why Maka-sensei knew her.

“Though there are lots of things I want to say to Saigi-kun…first is the emergency meeting.”

Ohh… So she’s prioritizing the cafe instead of her jealousy, huh. Well, Sekiya-san told her how things went down back then, so that makes sense.

“Then, let’s start the ‘Nekoranya salvation meeting number 1’ now.”

It looks like the shop is closed off today. Normally, they’d leave the store open until 8pm, but they had to prioritize this meeting.

“By the way, the manager is currently closing himself off the world with his lover on the second floor.”

“Uhm…saying lover in front of a kid is a bit…”

Of course, lover referred to the cat Maka Papa liked the most. That explains why he’s not participating in this meeting as well. That reminds me, I heard a lot about Maka Papa, but I never once met him in person.

“Sensei, kids or lovers or whatever doesn’t matter right now.”

The young girl warned the high school student with a stern expression.

“Right now, we have to focus on saving Nekoranya. We have to think of our very first countermeasure. Of course, we can’t fight against fellow cat cafes. We have to protect every cat in either store.”

“K-Kuu’s really motivated…”

This might be the first time I’ve seen Kuu so energetic. Then again, it’s like she turns into a different person when cats are involved.

“Hahaha, Muku-chan’s fired up alright! Seeing a regular like this, I can’t be happier as an employee!”

“Let’s work together, as store and regular, Raiha-oneesan!”


Of course, Kuu also knew Sekiya-san.

“…Why is Kuu always visiting this store anyway?”

I always had my doubts about that. As soon as Golden Week ended, she naturally started making her way over here as often as she could…

“Miharu-oneechan told me that she’d heard about this Nekoranya from Maka-chan. And I always wanted to see a cat cafe for myself.”

“So Miharu is the information broker, huh…”

Well, not like telling Kuu about a cat cafe is a bad thing or anything.

“Have to scout more about Maka-chan too…”


So gathering information about the rival was also a meaning for this meeting. But, she really is using the ‘Maka-chan’, huh.

“Scouting? Why would Muku-chan have to scout out Maka-san?”

“I don’t really get it, but it’s probably for the better if you don’t understand, Sekiya-san.”

“I see, so it’s fine. Then, let’s continue the meeting.”

I’m glad that Sekiya-san possesses some rational thinking…And our relationship with SID isn’t something you can really tell other people either.

“But, Maka-san? Shouldn’t we get the manager here, or there will be things left unknown, right?”

“Pa—Father is living everything to me. Saying that it’d be better if he didn’t do anything to make things worse.”

“Maka-sensei’s father is really easy to give up…”

“It’s because a lot happened in his past. It’s fine, I’m more than enough to handle the situation. Concerning the contracts and whatnot, I’m always getting trustworthy help too.”

“I-I see…”

Because of a fraud, the company he was working at was completely squashed after all. It’d be safe to leave it to the Maka-sensei, being not as fast to give in to temptations.

“I took a look at the account book of the store, and the situation grew worse as I was busy with my job at the school. If only I checked it earlier, we could’ve done something before the lead was this different.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Maka-san. Every employee are just part-time workers, so we don’t really understand the account book stuff.”

Ha ha ha, laughed Sekiya-san.

Even though she’s one of the people that would suffer the most, she really is as lax as ever.

“Anyway, let’s take a look together,” said Maka-sensei, focussing her gaze on the laptop put down on the table.

“It’s even worse than I had imagined. Since we only sell beverages here, the sales aren’t that bad, but after the rival opened, our performance went down very much.”

Ohh, Maka-sensei, looking so gallant…I kinda forget at times, but she’s the real deal when she gets serious. Not just as a teacher, but the type that can do anything. Normally, you’d have a specialist take a look at this after all.

“…Nnn? Maka-sensei, is it fine to help out the store like this? I thought that teachers weren’t allowed to have any other jobs…?”

“That’s not a problem. Since this store belongs to my family, I’m just helping out there.”

“I see, that makes sense.”

So the school doesn’t complain if it’s like that.

“If we have Maka-chan’s assistance, we can definitely save the store. Especially for this Kagome-chan here!” Kuu made a fist with these words.

On top of Kuu’s lap was a white cat, softly sleeping. She’s called ‘Kagome’, and is one of Kuu’s favorites here. I wonder if she’s the reason why Kuu had gotten in a fight with Kouko-sensei…Well, she really is cute. So much that even I would want to take her with me. It’s a shame, but I already have a lazy cat at home, called Miharu.

“I will not hold back. No, I will guide Nekoranya to a new future!”


Someone care to explain why Maka-sensei is so energetic all of a sudden…? I’m sure that she’s troubled because it’s her father’s store, but something feels weird.

“But, what should we do? That store—’Cyattotto’, was it? Going on reconnaissance there made it clear that stealing the customers back would be difficult.”

Still, first Nekoranya, and now this? Does nobody have a good sense of naming anymore.

“Our cats won’t lose in terms of cuteness. No, they’re actually winning. Cyattotto’s cats are all plenty cute, but we are on top. Their fur is fluffy, and they all have cute faces!”

Sekiya-san proudly declared, and Kuu nodded enthusiastically. Yeah, they’re cat lovers on a different level than me, alright…

“It doesn’t matter how cute our cats are if we don’t get any customers. We have to think of a way to drag in—attract more customers first and foremost.”

For now, Maka-sensei’s actually keeping it realistic it seems.

“Maka-san, as the representative of us employee’s—no, as a cat lover, let me say one thing!”

Sekiya-san stood up, straightened her back, and gazed straight at Maka-sensei with a keen expression.

“We are just a cat cafe! Cats are the most important aspect! We are different from other entertainment businesses! Neither the employees, not the guests play the leading role. This is a store, solely existing for the cats!”

“I see, so we can’t have the employee’s stand out more than the cats themselves.”

Ohhh, Maka-sensei is standing on the lectured side…What a rare sight, I have to say.

“Yes, I perfectly understand…”

Nnnn…?! W-What was that grin in her face about just now? S-She’s not planning something, is she…?

“Then, let’s start, Saigi-kun.”

The continuation inside the break room of Nekoranya. Kuu and Sekiya-san both went home already. Maka-sensei ordered a taxi for Sekiya-san, and she took the responsibility to safely bring home Kuu to the Saigi household. Even though it’s for the safety of this young girl…she’s very considerate…almost suspicious…

“Uhm…you say start, but what exactly do you mean?”

The only two people left in the break room were Maka-sensei and I. Ahhh, I wanted to go home in a taxi too~

“Of course, the second meeting on how to save Nekoranya. Shinju-san…No, I’ll call her Muku-san, her mother is complaining about various things after all.”

“Well, that’s one thing, yes…”

“I perfectly understood Muku-san’s enthusiasm, and Raiha-chan’s complaints. And, I will be the one to save Nekoranya!”

“You’re taking quite the responsibility there, Sensei…”

Even though she can neither order in a restaurant, nor sit at the counter fo a sushi restaurant.

“Though I heard a certain jab in those words, I’ll ignore that for today. Saigi-kun has school tomorrow, so I wouldn’t want you to get home too late.”

“Well, thanks for that…”

Saying it like that makes me only worry more though…

“First, I’ll have to make my goal clear here. I’ll be troubled if we run out of business with the shop. No hidden backside.”

“It’s your father’s store after all. But, that’s not just it, right?”

Doubtful Saigi Makoto is here to doubt everyone and everything!

Saying that she has no hidden backside with this is like an invitation to doubt her.

“…I mean, my father is paying the rent for my room. If the shop runs out of business, he’ll be unable to pay it, and I won’t be able to live next to Saigi-kun after all, with the both of us in joint bankruptcy…”

“Joint bankruptcy…”

Now that she says it, Maka-sensei is living alone in an apartment made for a small family. Makes sense that the rent would be too high to pay with just her pay from being a teacher.

“So now you’re being honest, Maka-sensei.”

“We wouldn’t make any progress if you kept doubting me all the time, right?”

Maka-sensei pouted, her face red. But, I understand now why she’s so motivated. Still, why can’t she just be honest and say that she wants to save her father?

“That being said, let’s start. Ahhh, how fun.”


“I’m finally alone with Saigi-kun after all. At school, the vice principal is constantly on my back, and I can’t even kiss you, you know?!”

“You couldn’t do that normally either!”

Kissing at school like that was always way too dangerous, and now even more so.

“Ah, for now, let’s kiss now. Kiss!”


Maka-sensei grabbed my cheeks, and pushed her lips on mine. It’s been so long, so the softness, and sweetness were a bit too stimulating—

“…Wait, why do you suddenly kiss me like that!”

“Ahhh, I don’t care about a reason to punish you. I just want to live according to my desires…”

“Sensei is living according to her desires already…Plenty, I dare say.”

And she’s way too good at hiding it.

“Fuuu, for now, my desires were realized.”


Being kissed by such a beauty, my desires will grow only more, you know. Of course, I can’t say that, but does she even realize that?

“Alright, let’s return to the business. The secret Nekoranya salvation plan will start now!”

“Secret?! I feel like I cannot ignore that vocabulary, you know…!”

“Important plans always need the secret to make them more spicy. Uhhhm.”

“S-Sensei?! Why are you suddenly stripping again in front of me?! Isn’t your resistance a bit too low in front of me?!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m so embarrassed I could die. Just on a side note, whenever I stripped in front of you, I was always rolling around on my bed the same evening, wishing I could just disappear, you know?”

“Then stop it already and keep on living!”

“I really don’t have to strip?”

“…I-It’s fine.”

“Ahh, for one second, I saw Saigi-kun’s cuteness. Ahhh, my heart!”

“Can we return back to the topic at hand now!”

Since I still didn’t trust her, I turned my back to her just in case.

“Muuu…Even though it’d be fine for you to look at bit more…Well, it’ll take a bit more, so wait a second,” Maka-sensei said, and continued to take off her clothes.

Additionally, I heard something like a locker open. Apparently, this break room was also used for the female employee’s to change.

“Alright, you can turn around now.”

“…Wow, it really fits ya!”

“Hey! Where did all the surprisement go you had at the start?!”

“I’m used to Sensei cosplaying at this point…”

When I turned around, Maka-sensei had taken off her blouse and miniskirt, and finished changing into something different. Well, I did show a dry reaction, but I’m surprised nonetheless.

“Where did you even get that maid outfit from…”

“In today’s time, you can easily get one.”

Even though this person asked the same question just a while ago. Really, what happened to his country…

Anyways, as you might have guessed—Maka-sensei was currently wearing a maid uniform. Although it’s a rather classic maid uniform…

“Somehow, even a normal maid uniform looks so indecent with Maka-sensei…”

“Ohhh, how honest of my dear Saigi-kun.”

Even though it’s just a normal maid uniform, her breast region makes it look straight out of an adult video. Her two voluptuous mountains were clearly the main attraction. The only thing different is the super short miniskirt. It’s totally at the length where I’d be able to see her panties if I lifted it up just a small bit…Not to mention her knee-socks on her radiant legs.

“I like it when you act all cheeky, but still can’t take your eyes of me, you know?”

“Don’t just say ‘like’ and whatnot so suddenly…!”

This woman doesn’t understand how destructive the word ‘Like’ can be when it comes out of her mouth.

“Nya nya~ Hehe”

“You really are in a good mood, Sensei…”

Since I only saw her cool teacher side these past few days, her acting like this was a really fresh feeling. I even gave up on retorting with “Stop using onomatopoeia.”

“And, what’s with these clothes? Didn’t you properly listen to what Sekiya-san said before?”

“Raiha-chan’s? Ahhh, that cats play the main role in a cat cafe?”

“Exactly. That maid clothes pack too much customer service. This isn’t that kind of store after all.”

If people saw Maka-sensei like this, they’d definitely mistake the main business of this store. Though I’d certainly lure in the customers of Cyattotto…

“Don’t worry, this isn’t for some maid customer service.”

Maka-sensei said so, operated the laptop, and turned it towards me.

“What is this…Ah, a Nekoranya channel?”

Shown on the LCD screen was the video site ‘Youtsube’. On there, you could create a ‘channel’ and upload videos. And, about ten videos were already uploaded on the Nekoranya channel.

“So you’re trying to advertise like this.”

“This is the most basic thing of what we should do in this dire situation, I believe.”

“Mmm…It’s pretty normal though.”

They’re only pictures and videos that were taken during Nekoranya’s business hours. Trying not to show the customers faces, the attention goes fully towards the cats. With some calming BGM, the camera is closing in on the cute cats—

Kuu probably watched these over and over again…

“Exactly, they are way to normal. The views aren’t exactly anything to brag about, so I doubt that this will turn into good advertisement.”

“Figures. Well, getting a good amount of views is pretty difficult no matter the content.”

“And, on the other hand, this is Cyattotto’s channel.”

Maka-sensei once more handled the laptop, and turned it back to me.

“Uwa…that’s 30 times the views of Nekoranya…”

Though it certainly wasn’t in the top-class of channels on Youtsube. Even so, Cyattotto’s views are clearly surpassing Nekoranya’s.

“The contents of their videos are basically the same as ours. But, look at this one.”

“What is it? …Nnn, this is…”

It was a single girl, showing the viewers around the interior of the cat cafe. She was wearing an apron, clearly putting the attention on her breasts, with quite the amount of makeup. With high tension, she’s playing with the cats.

“Koizumi Hazuki…was it? Isn’t she an idol around here?”

I mostly skip the idol pages of a manga magazine, and I don’t really have any interest in the show biz. But, I know this person. She sometimes appears on news shows and on various other occasions, mostly on TV.

“Exactly. Soon after they started their business, they got an idol for the first video, and uploaded it on Youtsube. They perfectly used Koizumi Hazuki’s growing popularity for their own business.”

“Ohhh, I bet that this wasn’t all that cheap either.”

Seems like the people from Cyattotto have experience on how to get a business rolling, even if they have to use a lot of money first.

“If only we also had someone from the show biz. Seems like things won’t be that easy.”

“Saigi-kun, aren’t you forgetting about the existence of Amanashi-san?”

“…It completely slipped my mind.”

Amanashi Nui is a gravure idol, who’s also pretty popular. Probably even more so than Koizumi Hazuki. Though her popularity had dropped until recently, she’ll surely turn it around soon.

“If we were to make a video with Nui now, it’ll maybe help with her break as well?”

“Wait, Saigi-kun. It’s true that she has big breasts, with the necessary beauty, but if we let her talk over this, it’ll only end in a self-destruction.”

“You really talk about what you want with a fellow classmate of hers!”

And you were the one who brought her up in the first place, come on. But, she’s right. Just letting Nui act as the reporter is kind of scary. You never know what she’s going to say or do. Instead of advertising the cafe, she might only speed up the process of it going insolvent.

“Also, the fee to pay her is way too big. I was talking to her manager before, right? Back then, I heard about the normal prices.”

“Ah, when you were scouted as a pure idol.”

“J-Just forget about that already!”

Maka-sensei, your face is red. She’s probably embarrassed about debuting as a pure idol at the age of 24.

“Our store has to do with what we have, and it’s not much. And—this is where these clothes come into play.”

“A youtsuber debut?”

These past few years, some of these ‘youtsubers’ were on an equal level as popular TV actors and so on. Recently, they even use to advertise certain brands and get special deals.

“…Aren’t you just ripping off of Cyattotto?”

“It’s fine if we get the money!”

“Woah, no restraint at all…”

Weren’t teachers supposed to show no desires or something?

“Since we probably wouldn’t win against an active idol like that, we have to cover with clothes.”

“So that’s the reason for the maid clothes…”

Though I don’t think that Maka-sensei would lose, even against an active idol.

“Unnn…Even though Kuu just recently showed me how she looked in maid clothes as well…”

“T-That young girl…to try and seduce Saigi-kun like that! Don’t tell me, am I just the boring rerun of her?!”

“Calm down, Sensei! That doesn’t have anything to do with it!”

“Muuu…I know. Right now, the store comes first. Once I get rid of that, I can flirt all I want with Saigi-kun outside of school.”

“You really don’t hide your true intentions!”

“Then, let’s start the photo shoot! Amanashi-san, this is payback for stealing Saigi-kun back then!”

“Your showing your true intentions way too openly, I tell you…”

To think that’d be forced to do this not only for Nui, but also for Maka-sensei~

Even though the store was closed, the cats of Nekoranya still enjoyed their daily lives inside it. But, this seems to be something normal for a cat cafe. Rather than having the staff take them home and look after them, leaving them here would certainly be less stressful for the cats, as well as the staff. Well, Maka Papa is living upstairs, so there should be no need to worry either way.

“…Is this really fine, with your father being upstairs?”

“Pa—Father won’t get wind of this. He can only see his lover after all.”

Well, if she says so.

“Rather than that, let’s start immediately. Don’t worry, I already thought of a rough script.”

“Your preparations are on-point as always I see.”

“If it’s my job, then of course. Though I’m just helping out here. Look, you can’t complain about the clothes here, right?”


Additionally to her maid clothes, Maka-sensei also had the cat ears headband with her. To add on top of that, a moving cat tail expanding from underneath her skirt…Wait, how is that even moving?

Well, even if I would ask her, she’d just lift up her skirt, so I’d better hold off of that.

“Ah, please wait a moment. Isn’t it pretty bad for you to show your face on this?”

With these clothes, wouldn’t she get in trouble? Seeing as how she’s a teacher at a prestigious high school.

“Try to refrain from filming my face as much as possible. If you do, I’ll just have to edit it later.”


“Same with my panties. But, make sure to burn that sight into your brain cells, okay?”

“I’ll try to not film them at all, how about that!”

Still, first Nui, and now this. Why is everyone expecting so much from my photo shooting skills?

“Alright, then, 3…2…1…Hello, this is the cat cafe Nekoranya here~”

While fluttering her skirt around, Maka-sensei looked like she was dancing through the store.

“In this store, we have 12 cute kitties, always waiting to play with you, or being spoiled by you~ Nya nya nya~”


Who is this person again…?

This script…she really had one prepared all along. And, without realizing my thoughts, Maka-sensei continued to explain about the store.

“We have cats that really are clingy, just like this cute girl here. Ah, don’t lick me~”


The brown cat that Maka-sensei picked up started to adorably lick her cheeks.

…What is this otherworldly scenery right in front of me…

And also, were the cats of this store always so clingy towards Sensei? Is her acting so good that the cats don’t even realize?

“Really, are you a good-for-nothing, or a master at acting, just honestly tell me…”

I unintentionally blurted that out. But, that doesn’t matter right now. After all, all the cats are constantly hanging onto her chest, or playing with her skirt…Even if I didn’t film her face, the stimulus of this is way too great.

It’s almost like she’s moving her face out of the way of the camera on purpose. Her skirt keeps flattering up and down, but I still can’t catch a glimpse of her panties. Just from her back, and the coincidental shots of her profile were enough for state her beauty. Her aura too, it’s screaming out that she’s the real deal. So her ‘Unobtainable flower mode’ really isn’t just for show.

“Kya~ Hey…not inside my skirt~”


Sitting on the floor now, Maka-sensei stopped a cat that was about to crawl into her skirt. Ahhh, I want to be that cat—Wait, I never said that.

“You too—make sure to properly film me,” said Maka-sensei, looking straight at me.

Hugging a cat, she showed a wide smile towards the camera.


Suddenly, the cat she had picked up gave Maka-sensei a clean cat paw punch to the face. But, without collapsing backwards, she still perfectly hit her panties with her legs. Just like in a cute illustration, a pose that would get you fired up for sure.

“Really~ don’t punch a girl’s face like that. What a bad kitty.”

Again, who in the world are you. She’s not the Sensei I know that’s for sure. It’s the unseemly indecent, cat-ears wearing maid Maka-chan…! Maybe it’s because I didn’t receive any ‘education’ recently, but the impact of this sight was too much.

“Even if I don’t film her face or underwear…can we really broadcast this?”

This definitely had more impact than the video of some run-off-the-mil idol. Well, if it gives the channel a big boom, then so be it…


Looking at the phone, I unconsciously gasped. Beneath the thumbnail on Youtsube, the views of the video were raising rapidly. No matter how much she brings out her beauty aura, this was just a video of a maid, playing with the cats of a cat cafe.

“The views really keep coming in…”

The following day, Maka-sensei finished editing the video, and uploaded it on the Nekoranya channel. Such fast work~ So much that I’m worried if she’s properly doing her teaching. She seemingly did a good job on editing it, since the channel didn’t get hit by the BAN! hammer. Even though the channel views were relatively low, this video spread like a wildfire. After three days, today, the views wouldn’t lose against the ones a popular youtsuber would bring in.

“Amazing…There’s even the talk of a ‘Miracle Maid’ going around on the internet, Sensei.”

Kuu, standing next to me, was also gazing at the video. She seemed to be surprised to see an indecent—beautiful maid dancing around in the cat store she knew so well.

“Yes yes, we’re the famous ‘Nekoranya’ from the Youtsube video. Right now we have the 90 minute course and 120 minutes course for 10 percent off! And all the cats shown in the video are present today!”

The person happily announcing that was Sekiya-san. She was wearing the same maid uniform like Maka-sensei in the video, with the cat ears and the cat tail.

Right now, we were in front of the closest train station to the cat cafe. Classes had ended for today, I was called here by Sekiya-san, and forced to help out. That being said, I wasn’t wearing a maid outfit (sorry to disappoint). Kuu also came here to help in handout flyers.

But, as far as I can see it, there are a lot of people that take the flyers by themselves. It seems like many people got interested after seeing that video.

“Raiha-oneesan, you were pretty angry after seeing the video, but you’re really quick to adapt, aren’t you…”

“Yeah, I’m a professional merchant after all!”

No, you’re just a part-time jobber.

By the way, the flyers that we were handing out were also designed by Maka-sensei. And on another side note, Maka-sensei also got the permission for these flyers. Of course, the person providing the cat accessories…Maka-sensei.

This beautiful teacher really can do anything.

“N-Nekoranya, the cats, cute. Full of cats, here, fun. P-Please take it…”

“…Is that person going to be okay?”

On the contrary to the relaxed, almost professional Sekiya-san, there was another person, not moving at all while averting her eyes.

Kisou Tenka-san, maid version.

Twintails, tiny, and big breasts. Of course, cat ears, and a cat tail. I hate to say it, but she also was really cute.

“S-Saigi…I can’t anymore!”

Kisou-san moved over towards me.

“Why do I have to hand out flyers! I’m not made out for this!”

“Even if you say that, I wasn’t the one that forced you here, you know?”

“Uuuu…Onee-chan, you idiot…”

Normally Kisou-san would be so radical, aggressive, but now she’s got tears in her eyes. It seems like she’s bad with standing out in front of people like this. Of course, the plan who came up with all of this was Maka-sensei.

“Maka-sensei can’t just stand here and hand out flyers, you know.”

No matter how much she’s helping out a family’s store, she’s still a teacher. And that’s how her little sister, Kisou-san came into play.

“Since it’s your father’s store, shouldn’t you be blaming him instead?”

“Uuuu…Father, you idiot…”

Though their parents’ relationship after their divorce is a mystery, it doesn’t look like she hates him.

“And it’d be troublesome if there were no employees back at the store. You can do it, Kisou-san. Ah, tapping on your phone during work hours is not allowed, okay?”

“…Saigi, you better remember this…!”

While glaring at me, Kisou-san resumed to hand out flyers. For some reason, she is always typing something on her smartphone-joined keyboard. Maybe something like a ‘Love and Adolescence Records’ stuff.

“Uuu…Even though I have a maid uniform prepared…I want to hand out some flyers as well…”

“No, we can’t have a grade schooler hand out flyers like this.”

Kuu really looked frustrated. Maybe because she can’t help in saving Nekoranya, even though she was so energetic.

“Really, Kuu would even change her personality for cats, I swear.”

“Yes, cats are just too cute. And…Sensei was the one to taught me about the cuteness of cats.”

“Nnn? Did I really? Even though this isn’t something you’d teach other people…”

“No, that’s exactly it. Sensei taught me so many important things!”

“G-Going so far…?”

Well, I did teach her letters, writing and other essential things…

“That’s why, I will work hard! If I act like a high school student—cat ears maid Kuu will be on the attack!”

“Attack, aren’t you getting a bit poisoned by Sekiya-san?! And no acting like a high school student!”

“My breasts are growing too, here, feel them!”

“Wah! What’re you doing, Kuu?!”

Kuu grabbed my hand and brought it towards her chest. And, I could actually feel something soft, unexpectedly.

“Hey hey, doing something like that outside is no good!”

“I-Is that so? I don’t mind if it’s Sensei though…”

Right here’s a high school student, copping a feel of a grade schooler’s breast in front of the train station. A total out, no matter how you look at it.

“Eh, so he’s doing that indoors like it’s normal…?”

“What should we do, should we report it to the police…?”


Not good, the girls walking past us are going to socially kill me!

“A-Anyway, it’s a no. Letting a grade schooler work would bring the store into danger as well.”

“Uuu…that’s right. I can’t bother Nekoranya…” Kuu sighed, and dropped her shoulders.

“You don’t have to be so disappointed…Ah, the Nekoranya twitter is getting updated. Looks like they’re all full.”

“You’re right. Amazing, they even have pictures.”

Maybe they received the permission, but they’re even uploading pictures of the customers with the cats. Though the people might accept the flyers, I only guessed that about one out of ten people would actually visit the store.

“So they’re full to the brim, even though it’s not that time of the day yet.”

“…Maka-chan really is amazing. Even though I can’t do anything, Maka-chan is gathering so many customers….”

“Kuu was a customer to begin with, and Maka-sensei is a functioning member of society, so you can’t even compare.”

Though it’s not like every member of society would be able to pull such a feat off like that. And, I’m her target in a sense…

“That’s right, but…Kuu also wants to grow up…”


Kuu’s pretty hung-up on that it seems. Though she can have her weird spots, she wouldn’t just let me touch her chest like that. It’s probably because Maka-sensei is a rival for Kuu, so she feels frustrated that she’s losing against her…

“Ah, I’m getting a request for help from the store. ‘Emergency’ it says. Guess it’s time for some behind the scenes help.”

“Y-Yes. Behind the scenes help!”

“Something of that level should be fine. Though I don’t think that you’re getting paid for it.”

“Being able to save the cat cafe I love so much, it’s more like a reward!”

“That’s also true. Then, let’s go.”

Kuu seemingly recovered from her foul mood, and went back to full energy. In response, I took her hand, and headed to the store.

“Wait, Saigi! What should I do, alone with her?!”

I heard some faint complaining behind my back, but I ignored that for now. Even if some trouble came up, Kisou-san and Sekiya-san should be able to handle it.

Ever since the release of the cat ears ero maid Maka-chan, thousands of customers came in.

“Alright, we can do this. At this speed, squashing Cyattotto will be only a matter of time.”

“Squashing them wasn’t our goal though.”

At the counter of Nekoranya. I was helping out as usual, while Maka-sensei came in to check on things.

“But…things really changed.”

“Right? It’s perfect,” Maka-sensei winked at me.

She had her beautiful, long brown hair loosely bound together behind her back, and her bangs hold back with a pin. Black-framed glasses, a simple black t-shirt and jeans. And, an apron with the Nekoranya logo. Maybe she’s wearing a special bra, but her breasts also kept it quiet today. How do I say it, it was neither her unobtainable flower mode, nor her real personality mode, but a mix in between, and her aura as a beauty was completely hid.

“Not just at first glance, but the atmosphere also feels like it changed. Amazing.”

“Not a big deal. This is what adults can do.”

“This feels like a battle manga development all of a sudden…”

Anyways, there’s a certain reason why Maka-sensei has to be present.

“People keep asking about the maid, right. Wondering if she’s not from the staff.”

Even being called the Miracle Maid, the high popularity of ero maid Maka-chan is an established fact at this point. Now that a few days had passed after the upload of the video, the view count was still raising like ever.

“It’s fine it’s fine. The job of maid Maka-chan is to lead the customers to this store here. She doesn’t plan on bothering with the clingy guests.”

“This clearly is a fraud here…”

To make sure that the customers don’t spot her, she’s hiding behind the counter. And, even if they were to see her ‘Plain bibliothekar’ look, they would never guess that she is the ero maid. Well, although we lost some disappointed customers, most of them enjoy their time here nonetheless. And those customers are exactly what Nekoranya needs right now. At this right, the danger should be averted.

“But, is this really fine. Doesn’t Maka-sensei’s father hate frauds and the such…?”

“It’s not like my father necessarily hates fraud. He hates himself for being made a victim of it.”

“Woah~ so grown-up~”

So far away from the Makoto-kun, starting to hate his kindergarten teacher because of that certain event. Even so, that Maka Papa is still staying shut-in on the second floor.

“Right now, everything’s going as planned. Fufufufufu, it looks like I won’t have to worry about the rent like this. It’d be troublesome to be thrown out of the flat at this point in time before having smashed in the wall between my home and the Saigi household.”

“Just what are you planning this time!”

You’d totally have to pay for the repairs on top of your rent! Can you really afford that?

“Oh, that plan is still a secret. Don’t worry about it.”

“I clearly do if you say it like that!”

“Ahhh, and Muku-san is perfectly working into things right now. This is quite unexpected, I dare say.”


Maka-sensei focussed her gaze onto Kuu, who was currently present inside the store. Using a cat toy, she was enthusiastically playing with her favorite white cat Kagome. Around her were also two friends of hers.

“When there’s kids playing in a store, female customers are more likely to enter because they feel at ease here. How about we give her a free pass for a year?”

“You really don’t hold back on using even your rival, I see…”

You complained about Kuu, but now you’re doing the same, huh?

“Kuu is also standing out herself, but she doesn’t seem like she’s realizing it…”

“Isn’t that fine? She’s just here to play. so we might as well let her.”

“You’re not wrong about that…”

“O-Onee—Renku-san! Help, please!”

Kisou-san intruded the counter. She’s helping out today as well, as if it was the most natural thing. And just to make sure, Maka-sensei took on a pseudonyme.

“…Mmm, well, whatever. Let’s see how good this disguise works out.”

“Ehhh, are you serious?”

Are the guests not going to find out about her, I wonder?

Just in case, I followed their backs with my eyes as they left the area behind the counter. Because of that unfamiliar pants-style she’s rocking, I can’t help but gaze at her thicc butt being wrapped in those tight jeans.

“You suspicious person over there! Don’t look at butts and wash the glasses! If you waste time like that, you’ll be brought into the detention barracks!”


This time Sekiya-san appeared, and put down several used cups down in front of me. I completely forgot her sergeant attitude. Since the girls were responsible for the customer service, my role is to do the jobs behind the scenes. Since not many people were ordering drinks or light food, it was a job even I, not experienced in the slightest, would be able to fulfill.

“…Hey, Saigi Makoto.”

“Uwa! What is it this time?!”

“It’s my job to look at the store as a whole. I wouldn’t be able to do that while being on the floor all the time.”

“What exactly are you, really.”

She should only be a part-time jobber.

“Whatever. Just look at camera 3 here.”

“3? Uhm…”

On the screen behind the counter, several camera screens for crime preventions where showing various different angles inside the shop.

“What exactly is this about? I don’t see anything irregular. Isn’t there only an old lady—a female customer there?”

She looked about to be in her fifties, but she was energetically playing with the cats. Even though it was already early summer, she was wearing a knitted hat, and floating long clothes, so I couldn’t clearly make out her body line. Though she’s wearing sunglasses, she doesn’t look all that suspicious.

“Fuu, how naive of you, Saigi Makoto. This person is quite famous in the cat industry.”

“C-Cat industry?”

Weird people keep appearing around me, alright.

“She’s called ‘Madame’. Always visiting cat cafes, picking up stray cats, she’s like the personification of a cat lover.”

“That life sounds pretty fulfilling…”

Greatly different from me, who can’t even spend a single afternoon freely these past few months.

“Yeah, that’s not important right now. The cats are gathering around Madame. We really can’t have her hort all the cats, or the other guests would be bored…”

It’s true that around half of the cats in the store were making their way towards Madame. And some guests are enviously looking at Madame as well.

“We can’t really do anything besides leave her alone, right? Though these customers might not turn into regulars, it’s not like Madame was doing anything bad—Wait?”

“What’s wrong, Saigi Makoto. Ahhh, that’s right, you constantly keep gazing at Maka-san, right? I thought that you liked older women, but you’re setting the bar pretty high right there.”

“What are you even talking about! That’s not it!”

We’re not supposed to talk about my strike zone here.

“That person…don’t tell me…?”

If my hunch is on point, this might be pretty bad! This Madame-san, might she be—

The interior of the shop isn’t all that crowded, even though it is full to the brim. After all, with too many customers, the cats would get stressed out. Just as Sekiya-san said, the main attraction of a cat cafe are the cats. Customers aren’t gods. And now, all the cats have gathered in a certain corner, together with a lady, sometimes taking pictures of them if an opportunity arises.

“Haaaa…to think that there’d be store like this. How could I be so late to check it. Though I realized it because of that irritating video…”

“…Uhm…you’re the vice-principal, right?”


With a twitch, Madame’s body immediately froze up, and she let go of the cat in her hands. Right after that, the other customers come storming to play with them…Wow, this is like a war for the cats—Wait, that’s not important.

“…W-What might you want, Mr Employee…no way, 2nd year Saigi-kun?!”

“So you really are the vice-principal.”

At least try to hide it, will you? And if she knows my name, then there’s no mistake.

“H-How could you see through my disguise…It’s been thirty years since I became a teacher, and not once has a student seen though my private life like this.”

“Vice-principal, you’re normally wearing thick makeup, but today it’s your normal look. Though it makes sense to change yourself for a disguise, that only attracts more attention. It’s easy to see if you take a closer look.”

“Thick makeup…? Should I teach you some manners towards women, Saigi-kun?”

“Ah, excuse me…U-Uhm, why would you go so far to disguise yourself?”

“For the sake of myself, and my students of course. You wouldn’t like it to meet me on a day off, right? That goes both ways.”

The vice-principal tried to hide her face beneath her hat.


Of course she’s not wrong about that, but I certainly can’t say “Yes that’s right” in front of her.

“That reminds me, you’ve always been weirdly doubtful…”

Being doubtful just means that I’m careful. I probably would’ve figured out ero maid Maka-chan’s identity without knowing.

“To think that I would meet Saigi-kun here. No, why are you even here in the first place?”

“…I’m helping out an acquaintance. Since I’m not getting paid, it doesn’t count as a part-time job.”

Yes, jobs like these aren’t permitted from the school. Though I panicked a bit, I wasn’t lying. Not like I could ask for money when the store is in this kind of mess.

“If that’s so, then I won’t pry any further into it…Ahh, as a teacher, I guess I should meet the people involved here.”

“No! The person responsible isn’t here today!”

“Ahh, is that so.”

Not good, not good! Can’t reveal that this store belongs to Maka-sensei’s father. Not to mention that Maka-sensei is just about three meters away from us. I hope that neither of them have seen through each other’s disguises though…

Thinking about it, this is way too dangerous.

Inside the store that is owned by Maka-sensei’s father, the two of us are working together. If the vice-principal found out about that…I don’t even want to imagine.

“B-By the way, vice-principal, I never expected you to like cats to this extent. Not to mention that you’re pretty famous as Madame.”


That made it the second time that Maka-sensei froze up.

“W-What’s your aim, Saigi-kun. Are you going to use that against me?”

“I won’t threaten you!”

I knew that she was a rather strict and firm teacher, but she probably didn’t want anyone to see such a soft side of hers.

“Sensei, what’s wrong?”

Holding her favorite white cat Kagome, she slowly approached us.

“S-Sensei…? Saigi-kun, you’re making a young girl like her call you like that?”

“Can you stop draggin my human worth through the mud?!”

“It’s true, I regret jumping to conclusions back then with Fujiki-sensei…”

“Don’t just put me off as a lolicon!”

Though it’s still troublesome that she doubts my relationship with Maka-sensei, making me a lolicon is even worse.

“This girl is nothing more than a daughter of an acquaintance!”

“Nothing more…than the daughter of an acquaintance…?!”

Ah! That must have hurt Kuu!

“Just wait a second, Kuu. Don’t mind it, this person here is the epitome of just an acquaintance!”

“…? Okay, then I’ll play with Kagome-chan,” nodded Kuu, as she sat down with Kagome.

It seems like Kagome has also taken a liking to Kuu.

“This grade schooler…that’s quite the technique she has there. It’s like I’m seeing the young me again.”

“What kind of technique…”

No, that’s not the topic right now. This might be a chance.

“Vice-principal, I didn’t get a chance to properly explain myself the last time…About the incident in the preparation room.”

“Uhm, Saigi-kun? Do we really have to bring up a serious topic in a cat cafe?”

“Be it the school’s teachers office, or the counselling room, for us students, it always feels so depressing. Like an atmosphere that tells us we lost immediately.”

“…You really only say the things you want”.”

The vice-principal shifted her sunglasses, and looked straight at me.

“That’s why, let me say one thing.”

“Can’t help it…Let’s hear it.”

I glanced behind me. Maka-sensei doesn’t realize our conversation, busy with customer service. She probably wouldn’t be able to hear this.

“Maka-sensei—Fujiki Maka-sensei is a good teacher.”

“………………That’s all?”

I wordlessly nodded. Trying my best to explain it one by one would make it only more fishy. That is something that I, a doubtful person, understands the best. And the vice-principal probably hurt enough lies in her thirty years of being a teacher.

—That’s why I only said what was the truth, what I felt from the bottom of my heart. Yes, I’m trying to look about that skirt-lifting incident, what about it?

“…I know very well that Maka-sensei is a good teacher. She’s doing an excellent job, and she looks after her students.”

The vice-principal softly started pating a cat that had gotten closer to her.

“Recently, I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk with her, and I realized something. She can’t be dealt with with ordinary means.”


Not good, she might have felt Maka-sensei’s real personality there.

“Yes, she might be able to do it. To rehabilitate this problem child here before graduation.”

“Eh, me?!”

“If we leave you to your own accords, god knows what you will do.”

“You really have it out for me today! There wasn’t a teacher who had to stop with me, okay?!”

“What should we do if she’s the only one left. The numbers of teachers have been going down as of recently as well.”


Hey hey hey hey hey! You say that it’s my fault, right?! The reason that the contact between me and Maka-sensei was prohibited wasn’t because of the skirt incident, it’s because of my misdeeds?! No, you can’t call them misdeeds in the first place!

“Then, let us leave Saigi Makoto’s rehabilitation to Fujiki-sensei. Since you yourself call her a good teacher, the chances of success are way higher here.”

“…You really talk about the weirdest things in your private time.”

I’m still not satisfied with a lot of things, but I’ll let those slip for now.

“Once you chose the path of becoming a teacher, you’ll lose the right to a private life anyway. Wearing a disguise, and being called Madame is just a way to cope with it.”

“…Take your time then, Madame,” I said, and separated from the vice-principal.

I’d feel bad for disturbing her paid time here.

“Ah, by the way, Saigi-kun.”


Turning around, the vice-principal didn’t look over here, and just looked at the cat she was holding—

“Fujiki-sensei’s disguise is pretty weak. You’re not the only one who has seen through her, you know?”


Ehhh… Hey, just how much does she know, and how much does she not know now?

“Even I have seen a lot of things happen in my thirty years as a teacher. I will keep this a secret though.”


I’m slowly starting to lose my hate in ‘teachers’. But at the same time, I’m losing my ability to understand teachers…Though, this certainly shouldn’t be a bad thing.

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