Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 3

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Note: No illustrations this chap. Chapter 4 will have tons though.

Maka-sensei is Unparalleled!

Part 1:

July, the rainy season—

Or so one might think, but this time around, it doesn’t rain as much. Even though the Kanto region entered the rainy season, I don’t remember taking out my umbrella too much to be honest.

“Ahhh, why can’t it just rain…”

“Sai-kun really is perverted! Saying that he wants to see me in my soaked gym clothes!”

“Haaa, even retorting to that is a total pain…”

For some reason, Nui was walking next to me while we headed to the outdoor grounds. Next class was gym class and today the boys would play soccer, while the girls played tennis. If only it would rain, then we’d just watch some soccer match DVDs inside.

“Seeing Nui in gym clothes after all these times is also a bit…”

“I’m totally being dissed?! Why is it that you don’t hold back at all against me!”

“Ahh, we knew each other since grade school, so I thought maybe I could be a bit more honest with you.”

“Even though you totally ignored me until a while ago! How good of you to turn the truth your way!”

If it’s the truth, then it’s fine, right? Well, it’s true that Nui looks cute in that.

At Seikadai, gym clothes’ appearances don’t really look all that different between the boys and the girls. The upper-half is a boring, short-sleeved T-shirt, while the lower part consists of plain half-pants. And the jersey-loving Nui didn’t miss out on the chance today to put one on top of her shirt.

“Nui, isn’t that jersey getting hot?”

“It’s hot, yeah~ But the gym teacher asked me to wear it, otherwise I’d gather all the attention of the boys.”

“I see…”

Nui is a big-breasted gravure idol, so the impact of her breasts, only protected by a thin t-shirt, would probably be too much for all these lecherous beasts. Her chest is still eye-catching, even with the jersey on top…

“But…if it’s for Sai-kun, then I don’t mind taking off the jersey; I’m even willing to take off everything…you know?”

“Nah, I’m bored of Nui’s breasts.”

“B-Bored?! To think you’d force me this far! I’ll definitely make sure that you’ll regret saying that!”

“…I don’t even want to bother playing with you while you’re on high tension right now.”

But truth be told, me being bored was only half the truth. I didn’t see them that often.

“I don’t know, I’m even less motivated for gym class than usual.”

“Everything’s a pain, right? Oh right, I heard that you helped out at a cat cafe together with Maka-tea, right?”

“Sensei and Kuu are still helping out, but I said I’d help out as well if it gets too busy.”

A few days after the vice-principal’s raid. Even now, the situation of the cat cafe, ‘Nekoranya’ is gradually improving. Of course, it’s not comparable to the number of customers right after that video got released, but repeated customers keep increasing it seems. It even looks like they’re getting more customers now, compared to before that other rival cat cafe even opened. And fortunately, it doesn’t seem like Cyattotto is running out of business either. Rather than some pointless rivalry, you should strive to work together to make customers and cats equally happy, after all.

“If you would’ve asked me, I could’ve pulled even more customers.”

“Maka-sensei brought up exactly the same suggestion, but it looks like you’re pretty expensive to hire, you see.”

“Say what! E-Even though I don’t get that much money from my job! …D-Don’t tell me, are they cutting my profits?! Are adults this dirty?!”

“Who cares about the money if you’re enjoying yourself?”

“So lax! Muu, I only need to earn more money so that I can buy Sai-kun’s love!”

“You can’t buy that, so don’t bother.”

And, don’t say love like that.

“Ah, I remember now. Yesterday, a package came in from your office.”

“Oh, so it has already arrived. Good stuff, good stuff.”

“It’s not good at all! The package was full of manga magazines! And all of them were the same issue!”

“Of course? It’s the magazine where I appeared in, after all.”

“Then, just send me one! As a reward for helping you out with the photoshoot or something!”

Yes, some of the pictures I took before when I helped with her photoshoot were actually printed in a shounen magazine. And I also got a copy, for being a staff of that session…

“No matter how much you dirty them, rip them up, and whatnot, you’ll still have enough copies, right? Look at how I’m being considerate here!”

“I wish you’d be considerate in a different way…”

Making them dirty, ripping them up and whatnot, I’m not going into details there.

“Really…I’m so melancholic, but I don’t even have the time to think about it because of you, Nui…”

“Don’t blame me for your mood. Was the work on that cat cafe really that much trouble?”

“Well, not being used to doing much physical labor was indeed tough, but it seems like it’ll be even more tiresome from now on.”

“From now on…Whatchu mean with that?”

Fuuu— I let out a sigh. It seems my troublesome days will not calm down anytime soon.

“Well, I guess I’ve been to many days without meeting her at school.”


“That person is going to come. With full power, full force, then it’ll be her turn.

“Okay everyone, please form a line.”


The bastards let out a joint roar as they trampled around the outside grounds.

“You’ll trouble the people in the neighborhood, so please keep it down. You over there, don’t take out your smartphone. No taking photos in class.”

The person standing in front of us, male students, was nobody else than—

So beautiful, even while wearing a jersey. It was our school’s unobtainable flower, Fujiki Maka-sensei. I did think that she’d be ‘coming’ soon, but not in this place…

“Since Takei-sensei had to urgently go and be absent for the day, I will be the one responsible for today’s gym class.”

Thanks to the perfect slim fit of a jersey, you could perfectly make out Maka-sensei’s wonderful style. Her solid size of a chest, her still slender waist, and her long legs—

Of course, the guys would go crazy seeing her like this. Since we’re only allowed to see her in that dark blue suit, her jersey appearance was really refreshing.

“That being said, I cannot give you any good advice about soccer. It’d be problematic if an amateur like me were to give you any tips that’d end up hurting you so…”

Throwing up the ball, she started juggling. Using her knee, foot, head, and even her heel, she showed her agility.


This time, the boys let out a different cheer from before. Seeing this flawless juggling, the boys were honestly impressed.

“Let’s do some light exercises with the ball. With that, I might be able to participate as well. How about it, want to have fun with this English teacher here?”


As if there’d be any boys that would throw their veto in there…or rather, you all are way too fired up.

Meanwhile, she continued her juggling—bounce bounce, her breasts were visibly shaking even beneath the jersey-top.


Hey, y’all. Don’t stare like that. Maka-sensei is my—

—My, what?

Did I think that she only belongs to me or something…? Even though I thought that her attitude towards SID is a bit questionable, I can’t really say anything, when I think like that, right…?

Still, this might be the first time in my two years at Seikadai that a gym class has been this fired up. Well, it makes sense, being able to play with the school’s unobtainable flower. Of course, the boys would be delighted, to say the least. Juggling, penalty kicks, defense, Maka-sensei participated in everything. And she certainly wasn’t losing all too much against the soccer players. Whatever you pushed onto her, she would do it almost flawlessly…Passing would be one thing, but she even worked a good job as a goalkeeper, and on the attack.

“Lastly, let me announce the total grades. For the people at the bottom, please take care of the equipment and everything.”


The top of the class was, of course, the classmates that are part of the soccer club. And, rock bottom—Saigi Makoto.


“P-Please wait a second. Are you telling me to clear up all of this on my own?”

“Next is the lunch break, so take your time. Ah, the chime rang. Okay, everyone, the class is over.”


While I was left in the dust, those bastards went and even thanked Maka-sensei for the class with a bow. They’re being domesticized way too much… Anyway, the apathetic classmates went on their way to spend a happy-go-lucky lunch break. They went back into the school building. The girls on their end apparently finished early, because nobody was left. Having no other choice, I started to tidy up everything myself. The gym class storage shed was pretty far away, in the corner of the ground.

Putting all the soccer balls into the container, I slowly pushed it towards said shed.

…Ahh, what a pain. There’s still the scoreboard and whatever left. Recently, I got a lot of physical labor coming my way, huh. Even though, with this small stature of mine, this clearly isn’t fit for me. But, after around three trips back and forth—

“Haa…This really isn’t something for one person alone. There’s still one more container of balls left.”

“You mean this one? I already brought it here.”

“Ahh, thank you very mu—Wait, Maka-sensei?!”


Maka-sensei pushed the container in the storage shed. And, with an ominous smile, she closed the door behind her.

“…Why are you closing the door?”

“It was open, so I closed it? Makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“It depends on the time and situation!”

“I’m sorry, Saigi-kun. Letting you do all the heavy lifting. But, you really were the one with the worst grade, so I couldn’t do anything about that.”

“…Sensei, about that, I have a question myself.”

“What might it be, Saigi-kun?”

Maka-sensei said, pointing a finger at me.

“Back when we were juggling, you were distributing the balls, right? The ball that I got was almost devoid of air, so I couldn’t juggle that at all.”

“Oh my, maybe the soccer club forgot about pumping air into that one.”

“Back at the penalty kicks, the goalkeeper was a member of the soccer club, and when I was the goalkeeper, the person shooting was a member of the soccer club too.”

“The match-ups are random.”

“When we were playing in small teams, Maka-sensei was constantly marking me, so I didn’t get any passes.”

“The competitive world is very harsh, and Saigi-kun just wasn’t able to get used to his enemy. Not being able to touch the ball once was what made you dead last.”

“It’s all because of you!”

“Of course, something of this level isn’t a problem for me.”

“I wasn’t praising you!”

And she’s not even denying anything! The air in the ball, the match-ups, and even during the match, it’s all been part of her plan, huh. The plan to lure me into the storage shed here—

“It’s been a long time since our last ‘education’ after all. So I made the necessary preparations.”

“Sensei really wastes her energy on the most irrelevant things.”

“It’s not irrelevant at all! Saigi-kun’s education is of utmost priority for me!”

“Maka-sensei has high specs for anything that’s forced upon you, but your personality…or rather, your nature ruin it all.”

“I’m totally fine with whatever diss you throw at me because I can finally do my education again…”

“…Did you drug Takei-sensei or something?”

“Just who do you take me for? As if I would go this far…” Maka-sensei pouted.

I wonder how many people would actually disagree with her after hearing everything until now.

“Takei-sensei’s absence was just pure coincidence. He apparently ate some bad packed sushi. And that doesn’t really matter right now—Ahh, what should I do now?”


“W-We’re locked in the storage shed! No choice but to wait for help, yep!”

“What’s with this bad acting?!”

Maka-sensei was the one to close the door after all, and nobody locked us in from the outside either!

“But, this might be the perfect chance. Saigi-kun has to properly cool down after doing sport after all.”

“Eh? But didn’t class end just now—”

“Stretching is important. I’ll show you my stretches, which I do every day after getting out of the bath. Just for you, okay?”

“N-No, I’d feel bad if you were to prioritize me…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You don’t have any close friends after all.”

“That hurts?! I-I do have friends! Nui, or Kisou-san!”

“Only female friends, I see…”

B-Blood lust?! U-Uhm, there’s this black aura emitting from her back…somebody? Well, I have some people I could call acquaintances in my class, but not really friends…

“No, let’s leave that aside for now. First, we have to make Saigi-kun relax a bit.”


“Get ready to feel my technique down to the bone!”

What scary declaration. Following that, she took off her jersey top and threw it away. Beneath that—a thin, grey tank-top. Short enough to reveal her belly. Not giving me any time to stop her, she even took off the bottom of her jersey. Beneath that though—tight leggings.

“What are you, a yoga instructor?!”

“These are just sports clothes. You don’t have to be surprised like that.”


What’s impossible is impossible, Sensei. I can even perfectly make out the size and form of your breasts, and your waist and thighs are…

“Mmm? S-Sensei, are you properly wearing a bra—no, underwear?”

“This tank-top acts as my underwear. As long as I don’t take off my jersey, nobody will know anyway.”

“Yes, there’d be no problem if you don’t take off your top!”

Sadly, you already took it off, in front of a healthy male high school student!

“Come on, stop complaining already. I’m showing you some stretches, so sit down here!”


Being pushed over by Maka-sensei, we both fell down on a soft mattress close to us.

“My, Saigi-kun, what a bad boy you are…being so hard and stiff…”

“Just say that my body is stiff!”

Right now, we ended up in a position with Maka-sensei lying next to me, starting to massage and stretch my shoulders.

Ahh, this actually feels pretty good—

“…Wait, ahhhhhhhh, that hurts! Ouch! Sensei!”

“Haaaa, one day, I also want to be able to say ‘It hurts…but, I’m happy, so keep going’ with Saigi-kun…”

“What are you talking about?! Y-You’re dislocating my shoulders!”

Rather than stretching, isn’t this one of those S&M submission plays?!

“Stretches have to hurt a bit, you know. Here, next is your back.”

“Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! M-My back is going to break!”

Is this supposed to be a reward?! Then I’ll gladly pass on this one!

“That reminds me, Saigi-kun’s been through a lot recently, right. The gravure idol, the little cat freak, the military girl, all these problematic types.”

“The most troublesome one is still torturing me though!”

“Oh my, Saigi-kun. Calling me your number one. Seems like you stopped holding back recently.”

“Don’t just cut off the convenient parts again!”

“Then, let’s do a bit more light stretching.”


Now, Maka-sensei changed her position, lying on top of my back.

H-Her breasts! T-They’re directly hitting my back! And, without a bra! D-Direct transmission?!

“S-Sensei! What are you doing!”

“Since you said that it hurt, I thought of loosening up your muscles in a softer way.”

“That doesn’t do anything at all, does it?!”

Ignoring my retort, she continued to move her breasts up and down on my back.

Ahhh, and I’m wearing a thin t-shirt too! The impact through her tank-top is too…!

“Really? Does it really have no meaning at all?”

“…This might be a bit late, but what exactly is this education for?”

“Hmpf, then, what about my raw—”

“Ahhhh! Any more than this is impossible, I tell you!”

Like a cat, I slipped out between the mattress and Maka-sensei. A neat trick I learned while watching the cats escape the customers’ grip!



Maybe because I acted to hectic, but Maka-sensei fell down on her backside. Not good, I tried to brush her aside, and…yet—Haaaaaaaaaaa?!

“M-Maka-sensei…I’m sorry!”

“Eh? What are you apologi—Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!”

Finally, Maka-sensei realized the position we were in right now. Because I tried to forcefully escape, her tank-top was moved out of its normal position.

Her breasts completely raw, in front of me! And because she hurriedly tried to hide them, they started shaking furiously.

“D-Did you see…? You totally did, right?”

“…I’ll forget it immediately.”

This time, definitely, without mistake, I’m 100% sure that I saw her raw breasts…Even those pink mountain on top of them…

“Y-You can’t forget about that!”

“I can’t?!”

“Now that you’ve seen them, you’ll have to burn it into your memory!”

“You don’t have to be so desperate…”

There were countless times where I could’ve seen her breasts—but this is the first time I’ve seen them this clearly.

“A while ago, you saw Amanashi-san’s chest as well…I cannot lose here!”

“What’s with this ridiculous competition…”

It seems like I really get special treatment. So much, that I actually feel bad for the other guys, getting excited because of her jersey appearance already.

“A-Anyway, please hurry and fix your tank-top—”



Maka-sensei forcefully pushed up her upper body and clung to me with immense momentum. Of course, her raw breasts are pushing against me!

“W-What are you doing, Maka-sensei!”

“There’s a bee! Flying over there!”

“…Mm? Ahh, you’re right.”

In the deeper parts of the storage shed, one could hear the buzzing of a flying bee.

“Mmm…? Isn’t that just a honeybee?”

“That’s not the problem here! Do something about this, Saigi-kun!”

Seemingly terrified at a honeybee, Maka-sensei’s grip on me heightened.

“So, you really are bad with bees.”

“M-Me lying or not, is not what’s important right now…!”

Yeah, a scared Maka-sensei is really a rarity. Even rarer than the whole ‘hugging me and pushing her breasts on me’ scenario. And, being held back by her like this, I can’t do anything about the bee, you know.

“Uhm, Maka-sensei, if you could let me go for a second…”

“No! If you’re a boy, then protect me! Protect the girl you love, okay?!”

“Since when did it turn into a fact that I love you?!”

I mean, I can’t ignore a scared woman like this. And also, if she were to let me go, I’d see her raw breasts again…I’m sure that the bee will just fly again sooner or later. Until then—guess I’ll enjoy this hug from Maka-sensei. But then, I’ll also have to give up on eating my lunch today…

The next day, in the morning—

I was walking to school, together with Kuu.

“That reminds me, wouldn’t it be better for you to go home soon?”


Why’s that so much of a shock for you?

“This will soon be the longest time you ran away. Your parents must be worried about you.”

“Though, Miharu-neechan is trying to order my bed for me…”

“She’s really trying to keep you with us, my little sister.”

Since Miharu seems to have taken a liking to Kuu as well, she probably wishes for her to stay even longer.

“Isn’t it fine…? Just turn Kuu-chan into Miharu’s little sister. We’ll just ask our parents if we can adopt her.”

“Now now, don’t honestly go about asking them.”

On a side note, for some reason, Miharu is also walking with us today. And, seeing how our parents would always dote on Miharu; they might actually accept to adopt Kuu if Kuu’s parents are okay with it.

“Morninz, Sai-kun, Miharun, Kuu-tan! Everyone’s gathered this early in the morning, I see. Woah, Sai-kun, a loli, and an imouto, a flower in both hands! Now you just need the big-chested me, and it’s perfect!”

And now even Seikadai’s gravure idol appeared. Seeming to be in high spirits, she was waving her bag at us. Of course, that gesture made her breasts shake as well. Please try not to arouse this healthy male student this early in the morning if you would.

“G-Good morning, Nui-oneechan. Please save me, or I’ll be exiled from Sensei’s home.”

“Ohh, Sai-kun is quite the fiend, I see. Acting like you’re trying to chase her out so that it doesn’t get suspicious.”

“Aren’t you the fiend for even coming up with this scenario?!”

“Ohh, so there’s a fiend right here…If it was the devil, then it’d be my turn, but…well, whatever. It seems like Amanashi Nui has brought forth many evil deeds, so I might as well exorcise her anyway to make sure.”

“I’m not the devil, so I won’t disappear even if you did that, you know?!”

Just when I thought who it was, the beautiful student council president and nun in training appeared.

“Good morning, Karen-kaichou. It’s weird to meet you like this since you’re always so fast.”

This black-haired big breasted girl was the real deal student council president, so she shall not be late.

“The cleaning of the cloister took too long. Saigi Makoto, properly put on your necktie. Always, you’re so careless.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Kaichou stood right in front of me and started fixing my loose necktie. A sweet aroma passed through my nose as her hair fluttered—

“But, the necktie is so sultry—Wait, Kaichou! Y-You’re strangling me!”

“You see, recently, I feel a bit left out. I still am SID’s leader, your enemy, you know?”

“You’re not my enemy!”

Being freed from Karen-kaichou’s devilish grasp, I was gasping for air. Strength-wise, she might even be comparable to Maka-sensei.

“U-Uhm. We were just talking about me getting chased out of the house though…”

“There’s no way that Saigi Makoto would be trying to chase you out, Shinju Muku. As long as you don’t say that you’re going home.”

“I-is that so? A tsundere? Miharu-oneechan taught me about this before, but is this what you are, Sensei?”

“..Miharu…what in the world are you teaching a child like her?”

“Miharu is something like Kuu-chan’s secondary teacher.”

She’s got the nerve to ignore me.

“…Saigi, a harem this early in the morning. You’ll get beat up by the boys at this rate.”

“Kisou-san, don’t just blurt out something violent like that while ignoring the situation!”

Ahh, it’s still morning, and I’m already this tired…


Suddenly, a certain BGM ran through my mind. Weird…If I remember correctly, this is from a very famous shark movie…Oh yeah…But, why is the BGM of the J*ws movie suddenly playing in my head?

Actually, not only do I like foreign dramas and manga/anime, but also movies. Of course, even the older classics. But, why is that legendary BGM suddenly—


—Was the sound that broke my thoughts, and a red fiat slowly closed in on us.


M-Maka-sensei went to work late again…And the fact that she didn’t even look over at us was even more terrifying. Of course, there’s no way that she didn’t realize that SID + Kisou-san were all together with me right now.

Not gooood, even though the incident in the storage shed yesterday was troublesome already. If she saw me with SID this early in the morning…What kind of ‘education’ will she be planning now?

I saw a real devil. Seriously. Like, I’d rather get strangled by Karen-kaichou again. Maybe I should really ask her to exorcise this devil…The devil called Fujiki Maka.

“F-Finally over…!”

I let go of my pen, which fell on top of my notes, filled with English translations. Today, Maka-sensei forced me to translate several pages worth. “There seems to be a problem with your student life right now, so this is punishment,” was her argumentation.

On a side note, I was the only one that had to go through this punishment. In the final stages of her class, she gave it to me in front of everyone else…Seriously though, why did nobody think twice about this?

“It’s already 6 PM…What a weird situation for me to be still here.”

Not being in a club or any committee, I never stayed at school for this long if I didn’t have any urgent business. I really wish I could just hand in my work and go home…but I’m sure that the real deal only starts now.


Arriving at the English preparation room, I knocked on the door—

“Maka-sensei, excuse me—”

“W-Wait! It’s Saigi-kun right? Don’t come in right now!”


Oh, I didn’t quite expect that reaction. Across the door, I could hear the rustling of clothes.

Maybe she’s in the middle of changing? Well, guess she’d never know for sure when I would be coming.

“Uhm, Sensei, I finished the assignment.”

“G-Good work. Just leave them in front of the roo—Kyaa!”


Though she told me not to enter, how can I sit still with that shriek? Maybe a bee entered again?

“I’m coming in. Sensei! What happened?!”

“O-Ouch…What a blunder…Eh, S-Saigi-kun?!”


It feels like recently, a lot of situations occurred that literally robbed me of my words.

“No, I thought you’d mess up sooner or later…”

“Ehh?! No reaction at all?!”

“Oh no, I’m quite surprised. I clearly didn’t expect this after all. If I were to be shocked too much, my reaction would be all over the place after all.”

“…Uhm…don’t stare at me like that?”

That’s pretty much impossible.

Maka-sensei apparently tripped and sank on the floor. Her appearance—decorated by our Seikadai’s high school division uniform. And for some reason, it wasn’t the summer uniform, but the blazer one made for winter. A white blazer, with a pitch-black ribbon. A black skirt, and raw, pure-white legs.

“…It fits you, Maka-sensei.”

“It’d feel less off if you insult me right from the start, okay?!”

Tears started building up in Maka-sensei’s eyes.

“Why are you in a hurry like this? You were pretty open when you put on the cheerleader outfit, or the cat-ears maid.”

“T-This is…you’re wrong! This is different!”

It seems like she wasn’t acting, and was really embarrassed. Around her, I could spot parts of the clothes she wore today, like the blouse or the mini skirt.

“I decided against it in the end, but…”

“So that was why I heard the rustling of clothes just now. You have to be careful, seeing how you’re clumsy in the weirdest aspects…”

“From time to time, Saigi-kun feels more like my guardian than the other way around…”

“Well, Maka-sensei has been a teacher from the very start, not a guardian or anything. And also, if you’re really that embarrassed, then just don’t wear those clothes in the first place.”

I imagined that I’d see her on our school’s uniform at one point, but not today, I have to say.

“I mean…”

Maka-sensei stood up, pouting with her lips.

Hey hey, this uniform fits you a bit too well. Her grown-up charm is leaking all over the place, but this weirdly fits her as well. If somebody told me she was just your everyday female high school student, I’d totally believe them…

“This morning, you’ve been surrounded by the members of SID, right? Acting all lovey-dovey. Even Tenka-san was there.”

“L-Lovey-dovey? I was more like in panic than that…”

“I guess that the impact of a school uniform is too great? Rather than showing off my navel and thighs, a school uniform gives off this immoral feeling, and it makes you want the girl even more. Men like girl’s uniforms the most, right?”

“Are you sure that you’re not talking about some middle-aged man?”

Well, high school boys generally see girls wearing school uniforms. Seeing a classmate in private clothes in the city is far more exciting in my opinion.

“No, Saigi-kun is definitely a boy! You must love uniforms! But since I’m a teacher, I never get to wear any school uniforms!”

“That still doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to wear it at school! Did you go out of your way to buy this?!”

“No, you cannot buy the Seikadai uniform unless you’re a student.”


Probably for the better, before stuff like this happens more frequently.

“Mmm? Then, where did you get that from…D-Don’t tell me…!”

“Don’t treat me like a thief. This is what I wore when I was younger.”

Maka-sensei said so while hitting her chest with one hand.

“Eh? Maka-sensei, you’re an alumnus of Seikadai…?”

“Seems like you still don’t believe me. A lot of the teachers here are actually Seikadai graduates. Here, take a look.”

With these words, Maka-sensei took out her smartphone and pointed the screen towards me.


Shown on the screen was a female high school student, proudly puffing out her chest. Of course, it was Maka-sensei—no, the beautiful JK Maka-chan.

“I don’t have many photos left from back then. That picture was a commemoration photo from when I got elected as the student council president.”

“Ohh, so you got elected as the student council president…Eh, you were the student council president back then?!”

What is this series of revealed information!

“That’s not something to be this shocked about. I was always acting as the unobtainable flower after all.”

“W-Well, that’s true, but…”

Guess it makes sense that an exemplary student like her gets elected as the student council president. So she’s kind of like a Senpai for Karen-kaichou…

“…Wait, that’s not what we were talking about! I can’t wear these clothes after all!”

“I really don’t get you…Isn’t a catgirl maid more embarrassing?”

“Fu, seems like Saigi-kun still doesn’t understand a girl’s heart.”

“I think that Maka-sensei is just a rarity, that’s all…”

Though it’s a fact that I don’t understand girls in general.

“I just kept it here in case I ever needed it, but I should’ve just gotten rid of it…”

“In what situation would you ever need a school uniform…?”

Did SID and I really look that lovey-dovey?

“…And, it’s a bit of a tight fit. It seems like I still grew a bit since my student times. Both height and chest I feel like…”

Maka-sensei looked down at the chest region of her blazer, and the length of her skirt.

…Yeah, it’s true that her chest is a bare tight fit, and it feels like the skirt is way too short.

“Stepping in front of Saigi-kun like this, I feel like a female molester or something…”

“I think so most of the ti—No, nevermind!”

Being glared at with crazy intensity, I retracted my statement. But still, showing me a hand bra, or forcing me to take a shower with her, what else would you call that? But, nevermind that…Yeah, it’s true that I’m not some old man, but, to be honest, seeing her in this uniform really got my heart pumping, or something like that. Whatever she wears, it ends up fitting her, sure. But, the uniform fits her extraordinarily.

“E-Ehm…what kind of education will we do with these clothes…?”

“What should I do…? I gave it a lot of thought, but now my head’s completely blank.”


Maka-sensei is being even more clumsy than usual.

“Then, if you would excuse me—Mmm? LINE?”

Just when I was about to pull back, my phone vibrated. The message displayed was—

‘Sai-kun, did you finish your assignment?’

‘Our regular SID meeting ended just now. We’re all here.’

‘Are you with Maka-tea right now?’

‘If that’s so, then we’ll come over. The preparation room, right?’


Four consecutive messages from Nui.

She’s moving the story forward without asking the others!

“Sensei, this is bad! SID is on their way here!”

“Eh? Not just Jinsho-san, but the others as well?”

“They had their regular meeting, and—Wait, this isn’t the time to be talking like this! Let’s run away before they see you like this!”

“Eh, wait for a second—”

Not having any time to wait, I took Maka-sensei by the hand and pulled her out of the preparation room. There shouldn’t be many students left on school grounds…I hope!

Now then, a bit of a language excourse.

See, ‘shouldn’t’ doesn’t mean ‘impossible’. Basically—there were still students walking around on the school ground.

“…Saigi-kun, did you pull me out of there to embarrass me or something?”

“Y-You’re wrong!”

Maka-sensei and I were currently hiding in an empty classroom. Though we managed to escape safely from the English preparation room…but it was really, really close. Like, immediately as we ran away, we heard footsteps approaching, and they must’ve been from SID. And, to make sure that Miharu doesn’t find out about my location, I left my smartphone back there in the preparations room. Even so, there were still quite the amount of people still present on school grounds.

The wind music club, calligraphy club, flower arrangement club, manga club, rakugo research club, and many more, and the encounters were so close, I can still feel the cold sweat running down my cheek. We’re probably better off not moving out of this empty classroom…

“Couldn’t you have waited until I changed back…really, what a blunder.”

Letting out a sigh, Maka-sensei sat down in the seat next to me. She seems really tired…Even though she’s supposed to be a physical monster.

“…Oh yeah, I forgot. Nobody should come in here anyway, so let me have a look at your assignment.”

“Eh? I thought that it was only supposed to keep me from going home?”

“I haven’t forgotten about your grades at the midterms. Not scoring above-average in my class is something I cannot let slip. Now, show me your notes.”


Now I’m done for…I left my smartphone in the room, but actually took my notes with me…

Sitting down at a table, facing Maka-sensei, she looked at the pages in question.

“You seem to have had a hard fight with the evidence. Ah, that translation over here is wrong, it should be—”


What is this…Sitting across the table like this…rather than a teacher, this feels more like—

“ ‘Maka-senpai’, I guess…?”


Puff, Maka-sensei’s face went red in a split second.

Ohhh, now this is a rare sight…!

“W-What are you saying! I-I’m still your teacher! A 24-year-old Onee-san!”

“Says the 24-year-old, wearing her former school uniform while actually being a teacher…”

“I-I mean, I do sometimes dream about going out with you, with me still being a student! And, I’m pretty envious about SID and the others too!”

“You’re quite frank, aren’t you…Maka-senpai.”

“Please stop!”

Maka-sensei covered her bright red face with her hands.

…Mm, maybe I went a bit too far?

“H-How could this happen…My pride and standing as a teacher is slowly crumbling…No, that’s actually not a bad thing for a boy that hates teachers, but it’s still not good!”

“You don’t have to ponder so seriously, really.”

And, it’s not like I seriously hate teachers.

“T-That’s right…! Me telling you my secret was cut mid-conversation!”

“Sensei, haven’t you learned the hard way? If a teacher saw us, we’d be in grave danger once more.”

“The vice-principal is on a business trip. Today is definitely the chance to resume what was interrupted back then!”

“Are you serious?!”

“Today’s secret is even more special than back then…No matter my current attire, I have the proof that I’m a teacher, and not a senpai…”

“I have no clue what you’re on about…”

“H-Here…This is what I’m talking about.”

Maka-sensei suddenly jumped up from her chair and sat on top of the table.

“L-Look. I’m not JK Maka, but Maka-sensei! And today’s education will be for you to find out!”

“Find out…”

“Girls are always hiding a secret under their uniforms.”

That might be the case, but are normal JK’s really the same as her?

In front of my perplexed self, Maka-sensei slowly opened up the ribbon of her chest and showed me her white thighs while slightly lifting up her legs.

“H-Hurry…I’m fine if it’s Saigi-kun…Look, beneath my uniform…”


Is she seriously saying that…or so I wonder, but she’s not the type to openly joke around like that. Accepting that, I did as I was told—and stood in front of her, stretching out my hand. Of course, I didn’t have any experience with taking the uniform off a girl.

So my first time will be the uniform of a beautiful teacher, who put the uniform on with hesitations…Just where did I go wrong for my life to go down the drain like this?


A while ago, I had to take off the half-asleep Maka-sensei’s clothes, but this is definitely worse. Maka-sensei’s face was bright red, and her watery eyes are looking straight at me…Too much stimulation!


Can you not let out a weird voice like that…

Opening up the buttons of Maka-sensei’s blouse, I slowly took off her skirt as well.

“H-How is it…you can’t buy this underwear with the small allowance of a high school student…!”

“D-Did you force me through all of this just to show me that…”

Her bra had a deep cut, clearly showing the valley of her breasts. Her panties were a fit for her bra, silky white.

Mmm…Rather than talking about the price, this definitely isn’t something a high school student would wear…

“…By the way, how long are you planning on looking, Saigi-kun? I’m so embarrassed I could die, you know?”

“Wha—! Even though you were the one who told me to look!”

Taking away my hand from her uniform, I distanced myself. Sensei herself also came down from the table, and turned her back to me. Seems like that really was embarrassing for her.

“I’m still embarrassed nonetheless! Ahh, I can’t! My face feels hot!”

“T-Then, let’s open a window. But, don’t be too loud, or people will hear us.”

Warning Maka-sensei, I moved to the windows and opened one. When I did, a soothing wind blew through the classroom.

Ahh, with this, I might be able to cool down as well.


Because of the breeze, Maka-sensei’s skirt flew up. This time I could see her erotic white panties from behind, and because the skirt was flipped up for a long time, the sight grandiosely got burned into my eyes. Of course, the panties weren’t hiding much, and I could see most of her butt—

Comparing it to that one time in the bath, seeing it hidden by a bare minimum of clothing is much more erotic than the raw thing…!

After a short break, Maka-sensei herself returned to reality, and hurriedly pushed down her skirt.

“…Today, Saigi-kun is really bold…I wonder if I’ll have to raise up the level of my education a bit…”

“Y-You’re wrong!”

I was not aiming for something like this! Is she infecting me with her clumsy attribute?

“Sensei, Maka-chan, where are youuu? I’ll keep searching for you wherever you go, you know?”

“Eh?! Kuu?!”

“Muku-san?! She’s coming closer?!”

“Kuu has a good sense for some reason! She’s always searching for cats after all!”

“Ahhh…All of this for nothing…Where did the perfect Fujiki Maka go off to…”

Maka-sensei looked a bit depressed, kind of cute.

“Ah, you think this looks cute? Do you like this sort of thing, Saigi-kun? If you like it this much…I can do our education in school uniform from now on if you want to!”

“You’re quick to recover. I see!”

Maybe it’s really way too early to start worrying about her.

“Sensei, Maka-chan~”

“Ah, we forgot about Kuu!”

Ahh, even though I’m so tired of this already. And now, after this long day of studying, we’re playing hide and seek on school grounds…Will I even be able to live a long life with all this stress in my early years?

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