Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 7.5 Chapter 3

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Towano Chikai and the Akiba Live Experience

Part 1:

“T-This is the city of Akihabara! A while ago, Onii-chan brought me here to teach me in-depth knowledge about otaku culture! So, since I’m this close to Onii-chan, I’ll show you around!”

“I-I’m looking forward to it…”

“Still, it’s impressive that this self-proclaimed pupil of Sensei’s doesn’t know anything about otaku culture. Of course, as an older student, I’ll have to change that.”

“I-I’m sorry, Akino-oneesama… But thanks to this, I get to learn many things from Onii-sama, so I’m very happy…”

“Hmm, it makes sense that the less-experienced pupil will have to cling to Sensei, I guess. I didn’t think about that.”

“N-No, the only one who’s allowed to cling to Onii-chan is his real little sister, me! Please remember that!” Suzuka walked in front of us, acting like the leader of the group.

Right behind her, Nene-san was looking around with sparkling eyes. Next to her was Akino-san, not hiding her hostility at all.

“…Haah, why did it have to end up like this…?”

Of course, the younger Kanzaka sister was also there, and she let out a sigh as she trotted along beside me.

Suzuka, Nene-san, Akino-san, the younger Kanzaka sister, and I had come to Akihabara, and it was now afternoon. In order to explain how things ended up like this, we’ll have to turn back the clock.

Part 2:

“—Basically, since I’m Sensei’s number-one pupil, I’ll have to test your resolve.”

“…U-Umm, so Akino-oneesama was also taught by Onii-sama…?”

“I never once have received any direct advice from Sensei. That’s why I’m really envious of you. But I will not yield yet. After all, I’m Sensei’s favorite pupil.”

“F-Favorite pupil, is it…?”

While Nene-san was rather perplexed by this sudden declaration, Akino-san puffed out her chest in confidence.

“…Ugh, seeing Onee-chan act all arrogant in front of a middle school student… I can’t watch this…”

And the person watching the scene with a miserable expression on her face was the younger Kanzaka sister.

If one were to ask what exactly brought us to this situation, then the easiest way to explain it would be that Nene-san once again came to visit our house once again, and the Kanzaka sisters suddenly stopped by. And after seeing Nene-san, Akino-san suddenly started to run wild like this.

“…It seems that Akino-san found out about Onii-chan giving advice to Madenokouji-san, and now she thinks that her position as a pupil is endangered.”

“…Bull’s-eye. She even ignored her own manuscript… Haaaah…”

While Suzuka was making guesses as to why this was happening, the younger Kanzaka sister let out a deep, exasperated sigh.

“…Ahhh, for crying out loud, even Madenokouji-san is a big problem by herself…”

“You can say that again. We have enough trouble thinking of advice we can give to Nene-san anyway.”

Suzuka held her head in her hands when she heard my words, and responded with “That’s not what I meant…” as she glared at me.

“I meant it in the sense that I definitely have to do something about those feelings she harbours for Onii-chan…! A-Anyway, please do something about this. After all, it’s all your fault.” Accusing me, Suzuka averted her gaze.

I actually think that Towano Chikai being way too popular is the problem here, but saying that without giving away my position as stand-in is a bit tough…

“Umm… Akino-san, could you relax a bit?”

“Hmm, I’d like Sensei to explain it to her as well. Sensei, tell her that I’m your number one pupil, and that we are connected by a deep bond.”

“Isn’t Akino-san just a self-proclaimed pupil as well…?”

“I was thrown away by Sensei, and my position as a pupil has been stolen. There’s no meaning in staying alive anymore… I guess I’ll die.”

“No no no no! Again, please calm down!”

But even when I called out to her, she wouldn’t listen to a word.

…Ahhh, we’re having enough trouble trying to give Nene-san advice already, so why does Akino-san have to interfere now…?

“…No, wait a second.”

I thought of a way we could work this to our advantage.

…This could kill two birds with one stone—soothing Akino-san’s rage as well as helping Madenokouji-san!

“A-Akino-san. As a senior pupil, you have to be a bit more reserved.”

“…Senior pupil?”

With that one phrase, I caught Akino-san’s attention… She took the bait!

“T-That’s right. Akino-san is the Senpai here… So, how about we have Akino-san take a look at your manuscript, Nene-san, and give you some advice?”

“Eh? Have Akino-sama take a look at it…?”

“What do you mean? That and this wonderful phrase ‘Senior pupil’?”

“Akino-san is a professional light novel author, so, as I told you before, she’ll be able to give you some advice from a fresh perspective. And since you’re a self-proclaimed pupil as well, it’s your job to look after your Kouhai, right?”

While I was trying to explain my idea as calmly as possible, Suzuka suddenly elbowed me in the ribs and asked me a bewildered “What is this about?” under her breath.

“I-I mean, with this we’ll be able to give Nene-san some good advice, and calm Akino-san down at the same time…”

“T-That might be a good plan, but then Madenokouji-san’s novel will evolve even more and more…!”

Eh? But isn’t that a good thing? Why do you look so agitated about it?

“U-Umm, if Onii-sama says so, then I wouldn’t mind…”

“I see. I’d be okay with that. Just call me your senior pupil. I’ve taken a liking to that.”

While Suzuka and I were busy whispering to each other, the other two seemed to have reached an agreement.

“H-Hey, Onee-chan, your deadline is pretty close. You don’t have the time for this.”

“Fulfilling my job as Sensei’s pupil has the utmost priority. And looking over this self-proclaimed pupil’s work is my duty as a senior pupil.”

Akino-san seemed to be as energetic as ever as she let out a satisfied snort, while the younger Kanzaka sister glared at us.

…I-I can’t help it, can I? This is the only method that I could come up with!

“Now then, since that’s decided, let me see if you even have the right to call yourself Sensei’s pupil.”


“Nene-san didn’t call herself my pupil, though…”

Of course, my retort was wholly ignored, and Akino-san instead went over the manuscript with a serious expression.

“…Uuu, what should I do about this? To think that something like this would happen…”

Suzuka for her part was mumbling something to herself while hanging her head, but I still don’t think that I did anything wrong.

After a bit of waiting, Akino-san had finished reading through the manuscript, and she raised her head with great vigor.

“I get the gist of it. To be frank, I think that it’s very well written.”

“T-Thank you very much…!”

“The flirty scenes are especially great. I can only guess that this is thanks to Sensei’s guidance. I’m so jealous.”

“Nethertheless,” Akino-san said, “There’s still something lacking.”

“It’s very well-written, but this still isn’t enough to certify you as Sensei’s pupil.”

“W-What exactly is my novel lacking…?”

“Something very simple: A strong feeling of empathy. The strength to pull in the reader. This is very important for light novels in particular.”

“…A strong feeling of empathy? Umm, how would I go about creating something like this?”

“Normally, you’d pay attention to the readers and bring out a close, friendly atmosphere. In the case of light novels, it’d be otaku material.”

“U-Umm, I don’t really know much about otaku culture, but adding something like that would be enough…?”

“Merely adding it won’t do much. Just as I’ve told you, you have to use these elements to your advantage, and use them as your tools to create this feeling of empathy.”

…Ahh, I see. Now that she mentions it, I remember feeling something similar to that.

“To be precise, you have to attach these elements to your novel in a form that can make Sensei happy.”

“…I-I see. Ehm, Onii-sama, can you teach me what kind of things would make you happy…?”


While I was nodding to myself, the situation suddenly took a weird turn.

“W-Why is that important?”

“The main readers of light novels are boys the same age as Sensei. Because of this, we can simply take you to represent the general opinion of all readers. There’s no deeper meaning to that, fufu.”

“Then what exactly was that laugh implying?!”

…It’s not like I can’t see where she’s coming from, but I don’t really know what would make me happy…

“Onii-sama, please…” Nene-san leaned forward, her eyes glistening in anticipation.

…A-Anyway, teaching her a bit about otaku culture wouldn’t hurt, so I guess I can accept it for once—

“I will do that!”

Or so I thought, but Suzuka suddenly came back from her reverie and raised her voice.

“I-I’m very well informed when it comes to Onii-chan’s preferences and so on! Because of that, I will teach Madenokouji-san in Onii-chan’s stead!”

“S-Suzuka-sama will?!”

“I-I also wasn’t all that informed about otaku culture, but I had Onii-chan teach me earlier. Because his little sister asked for it, he took me to Akihabara and showed me around. He went this far, just for me!”

W-What’re you planning with this?

…Well, it’s true that I once took Suzuka around Akihabara to show her the ropes. But this isn’t really something to boast about, is it?

“Because of this, I have perfect knowledge about Onii-chan’s preferences!”

“T-Then, I’d like to visit Akihabara…”

“Y-Yes, I’ll show you around. After all, Onii-chan showed me everything with great attention to detail!”

I was a bit confused by this sudden turn of events, so I asked her about it in a quiet voice.

“T-There’s no other meaning to this besides making it clear that Onii-chan only cares about me—maybe not! S-See, I’d be very frustrated if I couldn’t be of any help here.”

But the response I got was some rather vague reasoning that I could sort of get behind, but not fully.

“A-Anyways, with my guidance, I will show Madenokouji-san around Akihabara!”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll come with you.”


“I have to keep a keen eye on this self-proclaimed pupil. Nene-san, I still have to see if you are worthy of being Sensei’s pupil.”

“…I-I don’t really understand, but please treat me well, Akino-sama.”

“Stop calling me like that. Since I’m your senior pupil, you have to address me properly.”

“T-Then, Akino-oneesama…?”

“That’s okay.” Akino-san snorted again in a very pleased manner.

…Again, what are you on about?

“O-On this trip, I’ll definitely have to make Madenokouji-san understand that nothing can get between me and Onii-chan…! A-Alright then, I’ll teach you everything that you need to know!”

Suzuka jumped up as she said this.

And thus, it was decided that we would go to Akihabara.

Flashback: Over.

Part 3:

“H-How is it? All the stores we’ve visited so far have a deep connection to otaku culture.”

Like this, we walked around Akihabara, following Suzuka’s guidance. Well, all the places that we visited were of standard faire, like light novel shops, a game store, and basically all the different places I showed Suzuka when we were here before.

“W-Well, it had a very special atmosphere… So this is the so-called ‘otaku’ culture…”

“That’s right. Onii-chan was the one who taught me about how important this atmosphere is.”

“I see… Umm, Suzuka-sama, do you often go to the city with Onii-sama like this?”

“Eh? Y-Yes, of course! Onii-chan and I are very close, after all! We’re always together whenever he comes here!”

“Eh? No, that’s not—”

“Right, Onii-chan?!”

When I was about to raise my voice to clear up the misunderstanding before it happened, Suzuka glared at me, like she wanted me to confirm what she said. I nodded in agreement, of course, but what’s wrong? Is she worried that her credibility would suffer if I said that we only came here once?

“Hmm, that’s Suzuka-san for you. Always escorting Sensei.”

“…You… forcing your little sister to always accompany you… how much of a siscon can you be?”

Seeing the Kanzaka sisters’ reactions, Suzuka said “O-Of course. We’re close siblings after all!” She seemed somewhat happy.

…Setting that aside, however, since Suzuka decided to take the responsibility of teaching Nene-san upon herself, I have no room to complain.

“A-And what I learned from Onii-chan is to take this atmosphere and implement it into games, manga, and light novels.”

“Implement the atmosphere into my own novel…” Nene-san wrote down Suzuka’s words in her small memo notebook.

Deep down, I was glad that this actually had turned into good advice for her, but—

“However, that’s nothing more than the basis. Skillfully implementing that requires a lot of planning.”


“Yes. Even if you create an otaku-like atmosphere, just making the location a game center or having the characters talk about light novels is far from enough. You have to base entire events around this. That’s what you wanted to say, right, Suzuka-san?”


“I’m sorry for stealing this from you, but I couldn’t hold back any longer.”

“N-No, umm…”

“Of course, Sensei must’ve told you about that, since you’re always next to him.”

“…!!! N-Naturally! I-I was just about to bring that up!”

…Hey hey, I don’t remember ever telling you about that… Are you going to be okay, Suzuka? I can tell you’re panicking already…

“I’m really envious of Suzuka-san. You’re learning from Sensei all the time just by being his little sister.”

“W-We’re very close siblings, after all!”

“U-Uhm Akino-oneesama, what kind of events are we talking about…?”

“Hmph. Since this was Suzuka-san’s job to begin with, how about we have her show you in reality? I’m also quite interested to see it.”

“I-In reality?”

Hey, why is the conversation taking this strange turn?

“I also want to see what Sensei has only taught to his little sister.”

“N-No, I don’t teach her any—”

Getting really bad vibes, I hurriedly tried to stop this flow of conversation before it was too late, but…

“I-If that’s the case, then I can’t help it! O-Onii-chan only teaches me about these sorts of things, after all!”


Suzuka got the jump on me.

“Thanks a bunch. Good timing. There’s a game center right over there. Can we use that?”

“I-I understand.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Suzuka-sama…”

As the girls moved the conversation forward as selfishly as ever, it was abruptly decided that we would go visit a game center.

“…H-Hey, Suzuka, we’ve never gathered information about this, so what are you going to do now?”

While we were on our way, I questioned Suzuka about her previous bold declaration.

“…I-I couldn’t help it. This was just another appeal—not! It’s perfect for our advice for Madenokouji-san!”

…I-Is this really going to be okay? Well, Suzuka is the one and only Towano Chikai, so she’s probably already thought of something…

“S-So this is one of those game centers I’ve heard about… It’s the first time I’ve ever entered one…”

“Otaku culture and game centers are deeply connected. Take a good look at what Suzuka-san is about to show you, so that you can use it in your novel.”

“Why is Onee-chan acting all bossy now?”

“U-Ummm, it should definitely be here… Ah, there it is!”

While the girls were conversing with each other, Suzuka looked around the interior, and finally spotted what she was looking for.

“That’s… a photo booth?”

“Exactly. When you think about game centers, visiting a photo booth is something that you can’t miss out on!”

It’s not that important, but go on… Well, it’s true that we used a photo booth before when we were gathering ideas, so she should be able to explain the gist of it.

“U-Umm… Is this possibly the machine where you can take pictures and print them out for later…?”

“Exactly, Madenokouji-san. O-Onii-chan and I often take pictures here,” said Suzuka, puffing out her chest.

Using the photo booth specifically so that you don’t lose your credibility is one thing, but we only used it once… And that ended in failure.

“C-Come on, Onii-chan, let’s do it like always.”

“Ah, stop pulling me.”

“We’re going to take a selfie like we usually do, okay? Given how close we are, there’s nothing weird about that!” Suzuka emphasized our closeness as the two of us appeared on the big screen in front of us.

“S-Since this is a sort of presentation, we’ll go with the normal one like always.”


Before I had realized that there was a soft feeling on my arm, Suzuka was already clinging to me, bringing her head close enough to mine that our cheeks were nearly touching. When I looked over at Suzuka, her whole face had gotten bright red, and she whispered to me, saying “T-This is for Madenokouji-san’s advice…!”

“Hawawa… S-So you have to get this close…?”

“T-This way of collecting data is only possible because we are such close siblings. Right, Onii-chan?”

I-I can’t disagree here or else…

“T-Then, we’ll take a picture now, so if everyone else would be so kind as to step out of the booth for a bit,” Suzuka said, strengthening her grip on my arm.

But instead of complying, Akino-san instead moved into the frame.

“Eh? W-What are you doing?” asked Suzuka, clearly perplexed.

“I also want to take a picture with Sensei.”

“Ehh?! N-No, this was supposed to be a presentation for Madenokouji-san, right…?! W-We have to take it how we normally would…!”

“But now that we know how it works, there’s no need to do it like always, with just the two of you, right?”


“Having her experience it live would be even better, don’t you think?” said Akino-san, pulling Nene-san into the frame as well.

“…U-Umm, is it okay for me to join you?”

“Gaining experience is the most crucial part of this. You should accept the words of your senior pupil. Come on, Haruna, you too.”

“H-Hey? It’s not like I want to take a pic—”

But before the younger Kanzaka sister could finish her complaint, Akino-san pulled her inside and closed the curtains.

“Uuuu… Even though it was supposed to be only Onii-chan and me…”

“Fufu, let’s use this heart border here.”

“A-A picture together with Onii-sama…”

“Ugh, why do I have to do this as well?”

Being crammed into this narrow box with four girls like this, I was so nervous that I couldn’t utter a single word.

…U-Ugh… This soft feeling hitting my back and shoulders… I-I have to think about something else!

“I’m glad that we get to take a Sensei harem commemoration picture like this.”

“Don’t say weird things like that!”

While rebutting Akino-san’s teasing comment, I tapped the button to take the picture. In that moment, I felt Suzuka tightly gripping my arm.

“Hm. Quite the good picture we got.”

“Hauuu… I took a picture together with Onii-sama…”

“This totally makes it look like I’m a member of the harem!”

Once we finished taking the picture, we split up the copies. While all the girls were giving their respective opinions, I felt my cheeks getting a bit hot as I looked at my copy.

“…You seem to be really happy, Onii-chan.”

“N-No, not really… Wait, why are you so grumpy all of a sudden?”

“I-I’m not grumpy or anything. I just wanted to make a statement here… For the sake of collecting data, of course.”

“I agree with Akino-san. I think it’s better for Nene-san to gain some live experience as well while we’re at it.”

When I responded with that, Suzuka got even more grumpy than before, and her expression slowly turned into a glare… But why?

“U-Uhm, Suzuka-sama, was this an event that would make Onii-sama happy?”

“E-Exactly! A flirty event like this is perfect for him. Right, Onii-chan?”

“A-Ah, yeah.”

“I-Is that so? It’s true that I was pretty happy to be able to take a picture with Onii-sama—Hawawawa…”

Nene-san started mumbling something to herself, her face getting as red as a tomato.

“So, Suzuka-san. What’s next?”

In that moment, Akino-san came walking over towards us.

“What’s next?”

“There have to be more things you can do in a game center like this other than going to the photo booth, right?”


“I know that you started with something soft for the girl who doesn’t have any knowledge of this. So let’s move on to the real deal now.”

“Real… deal…?”

“You don’t have to play dumb. Suzuka-san must know what I mean,” said Akino-san as she took Suzuka’s hand and pulled her towards the second floor.

When we followed them, we were greeted by an area filled with big metallic boxes, which were spaced out all over the floor.

“Here. When it comes to games, you’ve gotta do this.”

Apparently, the 2nd floor was reserved for video games. Fighting games, shooters, action games, puzzle games, rhythm games, racing games—

Countless games of various genres were shown on the screens of the gaming machines, waiting for players to arrive.

“Those games represent otaku culture. Photo booths are fine and all, but that’s more for casuals, if I can say that.”

“Eh? Eh?”

“So I’d like you to show us the real deal.”


Being driven into a corner, Suzuka could only look around the floor in search of a way out.

…This is clearly bad, no matter how you look at it. Just earlier, it somehow worked out with the photo booth, but Suzuka has never played games like these.

“What’s wrong, Suzuka-san?”

“A-Ahh, umm…”

As I expected, Suzuka didn’t know what to do. I’ll have to throw her a lifeline here.

“Y-You see, Suzuka isn’t all that informed when it comes to these…”

“Wait, didn’t she say that they were always together when he’s gathering data?”

“O-O-O-Of course! W-W-We go here all the time as well, because we’re so close!”


But Suzuka rejected my help immediately.

“…H-Hey Suzuka! What’s your plan with this?” I asked Suzuka in a quiet voice.

“I-I can’t help! My statement—no, advice is on the line here…!” Suzuka responded, tears filling the corners of her eyes.

…I know that your feeling of responsibility is pretty strong. But forcing yourself won’t do you any good either…

“…I-I’m looking forward to it, Suzuka-sama.”

“Make sure to get a good look.”

“Again… Why is Onee-chan acting so arrogant about this?”

With the expectations around her rising more and more, Suzuka was still unable to find any escape from this.

“Umm… Umm…”

However, no matter what she was looking for, nothing would actually save her from her inexperience. In the end, she called out to me in a quiet voice, saying “W-What is that game over there about?”, but it was already too late.

“I’m really looking forward to this. Maybe a shooting game where I can hang onto Sensei’s arm, or a racing game where I can sit on top of Sensei’s lap.”

“What are you imagining, Onee-chan?!”


T-This is bad. I have to somehow get us out of this situation—


Right after I thought about that, Suzuka’s gaze wandered to the corner of the floor.

“O-Onii-chan, isn’t that machine over there for a dance game?” Suzuka asked in a small voice.

Looking where she was pointing, I spotted a huge machine with dance pads in front of it.

“…I saw it on TV once. I don’t get the other games in the slightest, but I can dance at least.”

“In these dance games, you have to match up with the orders coming from the screen, and move your legs accordingly on the dance pads to accumulate points. But a first-timer like you…”

“…Anybody would be able to do that at a decent level—No, I just have to…!”

“What’s wrong, you two?”

When we suddenly heard Akino-san’s voice from behind us, both of us twitched and turned around in shock.

“N-Nothing! I just thought that we could try that one out!”

“The dance game?”

“E-Exactly. When we come to the game center, we always play on this to gather data. Right, Onii-chan?”

I nodded out of reflex, but is this really going to be okay?

“A dancing game to collect data?”

“L-Let’s just go. You’ll see.”

As if she was trying to run away from Akino-san, who looked surprised by her statement, Suzuka headed towards the huge machine. Upon arriving, Suzuka stood stiffly on top of the dance pad as the game slowly started booting up.

“…Somehow, Suzuka-san is looking a bit weird… You don’t always force her to play a dance game like this, right?”

“O-Of course not? Isn’t she just nervous because she’s doing it in front of other people?”

In response to the younger Kanzaka sister’s glare, I tried my best to hide the fact that Suzuka was actually a first-timer at this game. In the meantime, the game had already started, and Suzuka was moving her body to the beat.

“…Ah… Alright…”

Unexpectedly, Suzuka’s rhythm and footwork was actually pretty fluent. Though it certainly wasn’t on a professional level, she didn’t put herself to shame either.

“…Suzuka-sama is so wonderful.”

“Hmph, so she can do it after all.”

Nene-san and the younger Kanzaka sister didn’t seem to notice that Suzuka was a first-timer at this.

…Is that it? Because she’s an ace at everything she does, including sports, did she get used to this immediately?

“…Ah, it ended? How was it?”

After one song ended, Suzuka immediately turned around to look at us.

“Y-Yeah, you were pretty good. A-As good as always, of course!”

“I-Is that so?! W-Well, I’m used to this after all, so of course I’d be able to do something like this!”

While the two of us were exchanging words of relief, Akino-san once again tilted her head.

“But is this supposed to be for collecting data? As of right now, Sensei doesn’t look all that happy to me. Is this some kind of dancing fetish?”

“Now listen here…”

Setting aside the sudden appearance of the word ‘fetish’, it seems that Akino-san still has her doubts about all of this. It makes sense though, since this wasn’t exactly the kind of otaku-oriented data we’d need.

…We were too caught up in trying to hide the fact that Suzuka is a newcomer, and we completely forgot about the data…!

While I was panicking for a different reason this time, Suzuka had already started up the second song, with an even higher tempo than the one before.

“Wah, amazing…”

But instead of admiring her like the other two, I started getting a really bad premonition—



In that moment, Akino-san’s cheer only proved it.

…W-Wait a second. D-Did I just see something that I shouldn’t be able to while she was jumping up…?

My heartbeat started to accelerate, and when Suzuka once again made a different sudden movement, I was certain.

“I see. A panchira in a dance game. Not bad.”

“No no no no!”

…Why are you nodding to this situation?! No, never mind that! Suzuka, do you even realize that your panties are visible every time you jump while you’re on the dance pad?! You’re wearing a skirt right now! Don’t forget about that!

Normally, there’s no way that Suzuka wouldn’t notice something like that, but she must be so focused on the game that she wouldn’t realize it even if somebody else would be able to see—

“Well done to Sensei for coming up with such an abnormal event like this.”

“You’re wrong about this, okay?!”

It’s nothing more than an accident. It really is. At this rate, I’ll still end up as the perverted older brother who’s forcing this on his little sister, won’t I?! Ugh… I have to focus on the problem right in front of me first. Luckily, not many people are currently on this floor. But there’s no guarantee that nobody will see this.

“Ah, Sensei, what are you—”

Thinking that, I immediately moved behind Suzuka to block her from anyone’s view. This is the corner of the floor. If I do it like this, nobody should be able to see her panties…!

“…Eh? O-Onii-chan?”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Suzuka to notice my presence. Probably because she was surprised at my sudden appearance, her step wavered for a second.

“O-Onii-chan…? W-What are you doing…?” said Suzuka, after fixing herself.

Constantly sending glaces at me over her shoulder, she resumed her dancing.

“I-I can’t help it. There are some rather unfortunate circumstances to this…!”

“And what… do you… mean by that…?”

It seemed that she had reached the climax of the song, and she was picking up even more speed. At the same time, her skirt started moving up and down even more rapidly—Ahh, don’t look, me!

“Y-You see…!”

“Please… tell me…!”

Since Suzuka didn’t seem like she’d stop questioning me anytime soon, I mustered up my courage and told her flat-out.

“…! Everytime you jump, you’re doing a panchira…!”


And thus, Suzuka’s moves came to a sudden stop, and her gaze wandered down her own body. Finally, she seemed to have remembered what exactly she was doing while wearing a skirt.

“Wha… Wha…!”

Though her face was drained of all colour for a second, she suddenly went as red as a tomato.

“Ah, hey?!”

Suzuka’s body fell to the floor, and I barely was able to catch her.

“Pa… Panties…! Right in front of Onii-chan… without realizing…! S-So embarrassing…!” said Suzuka, hiding her face in her hands.

I felt similarly embarrassed by the current situation, making me equally bashful in response.

“A-Are you okay, Suzuka-sama…?”

“Y-You… you did all of this, just so that you could look at your little sister’s panties…! Just how hard is it to satisfy a fiend like you?!”

Immediately after, Nene-san and the younger Kanzaka sister walked towards us, with Akino-san behind them.

“Amazing. At the end, you’re even being embraced like that. I didn’t think you’d be able to pull it off this realistically. Well done, Suzuka-san,” commented Akino-san, crossing her arms with a satisfied look on her face.


Suzuka continued to grumble in my arms, and I called out to her.

“…W-Well, it did work out pretty well as a demonstration, so let’s just call this a success and forget about it.”

“P-Please forget about it…! You definitely have to…! Uuuuuu…!”

By the way, the score screen on the dance game showed that Suzuka had only made one mistake.

Part 4:

“So those were all otaku elements that would make Onii-sama happy…”

While we were resting in the break corner of the game center, Nene-san said this as she looked at the memo in her hands, her cheeks dyed a faint red.

“I-I’d be glad if it turned into some great reference material for you.”

The person who responded to her was Suzuka, having somewhat calmed down herself (although her cheeks were still a bit red).

“Suzuka-sama really is amazing… to perfectly enact all that Onii-sama has taught her…”

“W-Well, I normally always go with Onii-chan when he’s collecting data, after all. If only you remember that there’s nothing that can come between us, then that’s all that matters…!” Suzuka said, awkwardly averting her gaze.

…I mean, that just now was nothing more than an accident that somehow turned out to be advice.

“F-For now, collecting data was a success, right?”

But well, since nothing particularly bad had happened, I decided to call it quits here. Nene-san also agreed with “Y-Yes,” so this was one problem down for now—

“Now then, it’ll be our turn next.”

…Or so I thought, but now Akino-san blurted out something incomprehensible again.

“Suzuka-san’s lively presentation turned into very good reference, but we still have to try it out for ourselves. So we’ll do what Suzuka-san just did.”

“I-I will have to do the same thing that Suzuka-sama did just now?”

Nene-san was clearly taken aback by of Akino-san’s plans.

“Experiencing it for oneself is the Towano Chikai way of learning it. I have to do it myself, or this won’t be as useful as it could be,” Akino-san snorted when she looked over at me.

Uuu… I can’t say anything back to that.

“B-But even if you say that, can you really pull it off so suddenly?”

“Don’t worry, Sensei. I know the perfect place for it. It’s my duty as the elder pupil after all,” said Akino-san as she suddenly stood up from her seat.

We followed her out of the store. No matter how often I asked her where we were going, she said we’d understand once we got there. She led us to a certain building, and the moment we entered, we were greeted by a studio-like atmosphere.

“Wait a second.”

Akino-san stopped us, and walked off on her own.

“Onii-chan, where exactly are we?”

“I wonder…? Do you know about it?”

“I-I’ve never been here before, so of course I don’t know.”

Conversing with the younger Kanzaka sister like that, Akino-san came back shortly afterwards… but,

“Thanks for waiting.”

“Welcome ba—ckkkk?!”

I swallowed my spit. After all,

“H-Hey, Onee-chan?! Why did you put on cat ears all of a sudden?!”

Yes, for some reason, Akino-san returned as a cat girl, of all things!

“This is cosplay, of course.”

“That’s not what I wanted to hear! Why are you suddenly wearing cosplay like that?!”

“To do something like this, of course.”

Akino-san kept her cool, even when the younger Kanzaka sister was clearly angry at her. And, just when I realized that she was coming closer to me, she suddenly started rubbing herself against me?!



“Hawa… Hawawawawa…”

Both Suzuka and Nene-san raised a shriek, their faces as red as could be, but Akino-san didn’t pay them any heed, and continued rubbing her cheek on my chest.

“W-What are you doing, Onee-chan?!”

“A pet roleplay. But of course, that’s not all. I have prepared everything,” Akino-san said, suddenly taking out a collar and a matching chain.

Of course, seeing those items finally pulled me back to reality, and I hurriedly stopped Akino-san.

“W-What is this about, Akino-san?!”

“Again, this is cosplay. I’m trying to experience an event in real life.”

“E-Experience what?”

“Experience an event that can please Sensei. And this cosplay studio is perfect for trying out lots of things.”

…W-Why would you go so far?

“A good idea, if I do say so myself. Sensei seems to be happy, as well.”

“N-No, it’s not like…”


D-Don’t glare at me, Suzuka! My heart just skipped a beat, nothing more!

“If it’s not something that can make Sensei happy here, it probably wouldn’t do any good in your novel either.”

“I-I understand… Then, I will also attempt this challenge with Akino-oneesama…!”

“W-Wait, Nene-san?!”

Lulled in by Akino-san’s motivational words, Nene-san went bright red, her expression filled with determination.

“I cannot let all these things I learned from Onii-sama and Suzuka-sama go to waste…! I have to burn these things into my body, or else…!”

Why is she suddenly so motivated…? T-There’s no other choice but to have Suzuka stop her—

“P-Please wait a second! I’ll join you! I’ll demonstrate everything I have learned from Onii-chan!”

“Why are you joining in on this?!”

You’re saying that you’re participating, of all things?!

“…I-I can’t help it, can I? She’s definitely wrong in her approach, and I can make an even better case—give even better advice on otaku culture, after all!” said Suzuka, seemingly even more motivated than the other two.

“Then let’s have everyone participate, and the one who can make Sensei happiest will be the winner. Of course, you’ll be joining in as well, Haruna.”

“W-What?! W-Why me?!”

“You might be able to draw a good illustration that can please Sensei, don’t you think?”


“See, you’re totally interested in this. Alright, we’ll go change now.”

“Eh? Woah! I-I’m not really into this, so let me go already!”

The younger Kanzaka’s last request was completely ignored, and she was dragged off by Akino-san.

“N-No, umm, are you really doing this…?”

“Don’t worry, Sensei, since this is a cosplay studio, there’s lots of things we can rent here.”

“I wasn’t worried about that part!!!”

Ignoring my scream, the girls walked away, leaving me alone.

…W-Why does it always end up like this?!

I held my head in my hands for a while, and the girls soon came back.

“Uuu… Why is everyone wearing cosplay with miniskirts…”

“W-Why do I have to wear these clothes…!”

“With these, we’ll make Sensei’s brain cells melt!”

“H-Hawa… This is the first time I’ve worn something like this… This feels a bit different from our usual maids…”

“Why do these maid uniforms have such short skirts? …N-No, this is just how Onii-chan would like it…!”

While the younger Kanzaka sister was nervously fidgeting, Akino-san responded as calmly as ever. Nene-san even seemed to be a bit curious, and Suzuka forcefully mustered her fighting spirit, probably to hide her embarrassment.

“Now Sensei, hold this smartphone.” While I was still busy trying to keep up with the situation in front of me, Akino approached.

“W-What do you mean?!”

“I’m talking about a photo shoot here. You definitely have to take pictures at a cosplay studio, after all.”

“What kind of logic is that?!” I replied, but Akino-san paid me no heed and pushed the smartphone into my hands.

Still, I know very well now that resisting them would do me no good, so I gave up on that pretty quickly. If even Suzuka decides to participate, then I have no right to complain… There’s no choice but to take pictures of their miniskirt maid outfits…!

Hoping that this would at least help out Nene-san’s novel, I opened the camera app and pointed the phone at them.

“H-Hey! Why are you trying to take photos of the inside of my skirt!”

“I-I’m not, though!”

“I see. A classic event. If you just want to peek into our skirts, just tell us.”

“I’m not, though!”

“O-Onii-sama… I suddenly feel a bit weird…”

“I-I’m sorry?!”

“O-Onii-chan, Madenokouji-san isn’t used to this, so don’t focus on her like that! I’m right here, so don’t hold back and do it like you always do!”

“S-Suzuka-san?! Can you not blurt out stuff that would cause any unfortunate misunderstandings?!”

“I-It’s just a figure of speech!”

Like this, although I wanted to cry, the cosplay (photo) session continued.

…However, I know very well how to get this over with as fast as possible. As the little sister-loving Towano Chikai (stand-in), I just have to focus on Suzuka, and everything will turn out alright!

Thinking that, I turned myself towards Suzuka, and pointed the camera only at her. You were the one who wanted to join, so don’t complain about this…!

“O-Onii-chan’s attention is on me…! W-With this, Madenokouji-san will surely give up…!”

S-She’s happy? …No, she must be acting…!

“…Onii-sama is only taking pictures of Suzuka-sama…”

“That guy’s a sick siscon, after all.”

Hey, I can hear you over there, younger Kanzaka sister!

“This isn’t the time to be spacing out. If you want Sensei’s focus, you have to try to make him even happier than his little sister can. This is like fighting to grab the reader’s attention for your own novel. It’s the same principle.”

“An event that could make Onii-sama happy…?”

“Show me the results of today’s trip through Akihabara. Otherwise, Suzuka-san would hog all of Sensei’s attention. Are you fine with that?”

“Eh? N-No, I don’t want to…!”

“Then this is no time to be afraid! Become your character!”

“B-Become a character…”

Mm? What? Nene-san and Akino-san are talking about something every ominous all of a sudden….

Or so I thought, but when I started hearing some rustling to my side, I subconsciously directed the smartphone over there, but…



When I was greeted by Nene-san, who was in the middle of stripping off her clothes, I did a double take. Her shoulders were suddenly in plain view, as well as her cute navel. Her skirt was dangerously close to revealing what was underneath.

…W-What is this about?! No, wait, since it’s Nene-san were talking about, this must be…!

“Onii-chan? What happened…? Wait, M-M-M-Madenokouji-san?!”

Of course, it didn’t take too long for Suzuka to realize Nene-san’s sudden change. Shortly after, Suzuka suddenly jumped towards me, her whole body hugging my head at full force, sealing off my vision.

Woah?! S-Something soft is hitting my head…! That can only mean one thing in this situation, right…!?

“What are you staring at, Onii-chan?! And Madenokouji-san as well! Please come back to your senses!”

…I-I guess so. I don’t know why, but Nene-san suddenly went into her serious mode.

“…Eh? Hawawawa?!”

It seemed that Suzuka’s voice pulled Nene-san back to reality, because she suddenly let out a shriek. Of course, I couldn’t see her, but judging by that, she was probably bright red.

“I-I’m very sorry… I-I showed you such an embarrassing sight again…”

“Hmph, going so far. It seems your judgement is better than I expected. Haruna, we can’t let our guards down with this girl.”

“…Yeah, well, I’m sure that this guy’s happy because of what she did.”

“O-Onii-sama, what did I…!”

“It’s frustrating, but this is my loss. I didn’t consider the immense power of gap moe. I still have a ways to go, it seems.”

“Onee-chan, can you stop trying to win against her all the time…? It’s starting to get a bit embarrassing.”

“But it’s true… Suzuka-sama still got all of Onii-sama’s attention…”

Nene-san was talking with the Kanzaka sisters, but I didn’t really have the time to pay attention to that.

“A-Anyway, make sure to immediately delete Madenokouji-san’s picture!”

“I-I didn’t take any picture in the first place! I only saw it for a second! And Suzuka, let me go already!”

I still couldn’t see anything other than the figure of Suzuka in front of me.

In the end, this chaos continued for a few minutes, until the cosplay session finally came to an end.

…Of course, the discussion about who the winner was continued for a bit longer.

Part 5:

“If anything happens, feel free to call me at any time. I’m your senior pupil, after all, so I’ll look after Sensei’s pupil.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

“Haah, let’s go home already, Onee-chan…”

“Yeah. Now then, Sensei, Please properly teach that girl that I’m your number one pupil.”

“Again, Nene-san isn’t my pupil at all…”

After what happened, it had gotten pretty late already, so we hurriedly left the cosplay studio. Right now, Akino-san was clearly acting like she was Madenokouji-san’s senpai, as well as a pupil of Onii-chan’s, but there’s something more important than that right now.

“…B-By the way, how did you like Akihabara?”

While I was watching them with an outsider’s gaze, I called out to Madenokouji-san in a quiet voice. Of course, my intention was to evaluate the results of my special plan. Namely, the plan to make Madenokouji-san understand how close Onii-chan and I are, and make her give up on him! A-After all that, she must’ve understood…!

“Ah, well… it turned into some great references. A-Although I ended up showing you something embarrassing again…!” muttered Madenokouji-san with a bright red face. “B-But, thanks to that, I now understand what I have to do from here on out…”

“From here on out…?”

I’m getting a really bad feeling about this…

“Y-Yes. I will not just aimlessly write my novel, but rather put all my feelings for Onii-sama into it.”


“I-I’ve realized something… The time when Suzuka-sama was using her body to seal off Onii-sama’s sight, I felt myself wishing that Onii-sama would look at me even more… O-Of course, in a different way than that embarrassing thing before…!”

Madenkouji-san was fidgeting in an embarrassed manner, but I could only stare at her in surprise.

“To draw in the readers, I shouldn’t implement elements that I think would be fitting, but implement Onii-sama’s preferences in the first place… B-Basically, I will turn my novel into a love letter for Onii-sama…”

A-A novel like a love letter… It’s just the same as me…!

“Alright, let’s go home as well… Suzuka? What’s wrong? You’re spacing out.”

Having seen off the Kanzaki sisters, he came walking over towards us, but I wasn’t able to respond with anything.

…R-Rather than giving up, haven’t her feelings gotten even stronger than before? It’s the complete opposite effect of what I was aiming for, isn’t it?!

“Hawa… O-Onii-sama…! I-If you would, I’ll excuse myself now…!”

“Ah, yeah. Be careful when you go home. Suzuka, let’s go.”

Splitting up with Madenokouji-san, me and Onii-chan started our walk home. All that time, I was busy with thinking about what exactly I should do from now on.

Coming home, and returning to my own room, I finally made up my mind.

“N-Now that it’s come to this, I-I have no other choice but to confess my feelings before Madenokouji-san can…!”

If making her give up won’t work, there’s no other choice but to not even give her any option! Though I feel bad for Madenokouji-san, Onii-chan is the only thing I cannot hand over to her. I’ve always, always had those feelings for him! I’m the one who loves Onii-chan the most in this world!

“T-Tell him my feelings…! I’ve decided. But, confessing head-on is impossible…!”

That means I have only one option. I hurriedly booted up my laptop and started hammering away on my keyboard. If I can’t confess directly, I just have to transmit my feelings through my novel. My novel is just as much of a love letter, after all!

And, a little bit later, when the day had already changed, my new novel was finished. I didn’t waste any time. I immediately left my room, my manuscript in hand.

“W-What’s wrong, Suzuka? You’re still awake at this time?”

Of course, my destination was Onii-chan’s room.

“O-Onii-chan…! Please read this manuscript…!”

“Eh? Manuscript? Right now?”

“Y-Yes! I want you to read this right in front of me!”

Just saying that made me think that my heart would leap out of my chest.

…I-I can’t help it, can I?! This novel has all my feelings, so of course I would be embarrassed! Uuuu… But, I cannot run away anymore! I have to confess my feelings before Madenokouji-san gets any chance to!

“W-Well, I don’t mind…?”

Onii-chan accepted my selfish request, and sat down on the chair in his room. I sat down next to him. I was afraid that he could hear my heartbeat.

Uuuu… He’s reading all of my feelings…! The very fact that I love Onii-chan, right in front of me…!


It seemed as though Onii-chan had finally finished reading it, because he suddenly got up from the chair. He stood right in front of me.

“Suzuka… This is incredibly interesting.”


The moment I heard that, I thought I’d die because my heart was beating so hard.

…Him saying that it’s interesting means that he accepts my feelings, right?! Auuu… I-I’m so happy…! I’m so embarrassed, but still so happy…! Now we can finally become lovers… No, a married couple, right?! …No, wait a second? Since I’m sitting on his bed right now… Is he going to push me down right here and now?! O-Of course, I would be totally okay with that! B-B-But, so suddenly…?!

“And, Suzuka.”

“Y-Yesh?! W-What ish it?!”

“…What is this side story for?”

“I-I-I-I’m happy that you accept my—wait, eh? What for…?”

“I mean this novel. It was super interesting, but why the sudden manuscript?”

“…U-Uhm, I don’t understand your question, I’m afraid…”

“…Why? This is a side story for your current series, right? But, I never heard anything about this.”

“…E-Ehhh? N-No, uhm, those are my feelings…”

“Still, you really are amazing. Even your side story is this interesting. This is even more intense than the lovey-dovey siblings in the main series… Wait, Suzuka?”

And then, I finally realized. Instead of reading this as my love letter for him, he read it as any other novel.


“H-Hey Suzuka?! Don’t just collapse like that! If you’re going to sleep, do that in your own room…! Hey!”

All the strength left my body, and I plainly fell down onto the bed. Only two things were filling my otherwise empty head.

The first one—Will you finally realize my feelings already, Onii-chan?!

The second one—Why didn’t I just use the names ‘Yuu’ and ‘Suzuka’ in my novel…?!

And, the third one that just came to mind—

…If I did that, I wouldn’t have been able to write such an embarrassing novel… Am I an idiot?!


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