Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Afterword

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Good day, Kagami Yuu here. And thus, the end of ‘Boku No Kanojo Shougakusei’—Ah, no, ‘Boku No Kanojo Sensei’, the 3rd installment.

I’m very glad that we got to release the 3rd installment with not too much of a break since the 2nd. Writing on something for a long time, and to finally see it release is a feeling I still cannot describe. Thanks to you all readers out there, we managed to arrive at the 3rd installment, and I cannot thank you enough! I’d be happy if you continue supporting me from now on as well. Looking forward to the future!

But, since I’d be scolded if I would end the afterword here, I’d like to continue a bit. This time around, you could call this the Kuu-chan arc. Although our adult heroine is the main in this novel, I was wondering if I could implement our temporary main (Kuu) in a satisfying way. Still, there was plenty of Maka-sensei in this novel as well, so I hope that I managed to strike a good mix of them both. I myself call it the perfect combo. Although I was hesitating to put such a development in the 3rd installment, once I started writing like that, the characters moved on their own, you could say.

Still, Kuu-chan really is cute. So soothing, almost. There must be an alternative time line with ‘Boku no Kanojo Shougakusei’…!

Leaving that as a half-joke, the comicalization of the real ‘Boku no Kanojo Sensei’ is moving forward at a great pace! Please, if you like this series, I encourage you to take a look at it. I’m looking forward to it in great anticipation.

Oryou-sensei, your illustrations this time around were as marvelous as ever. Especially the flirtatious, inviting Sensei from the cover is the best…! This really induces the time of adult heroines is what I thought, I really did. But of course, the illustrations of our Kuu-chan were just as wonderful!

Dear Editor-san, I have been greatly in your care again. And, I will try my best to lessen the workload for you, I promise…I’ll try…

Everyone that has been involved in producing/distributing this book, thank you very much! And, my greatest thanks to all the continuous readers!

Here’s to hoping that we can hear from each other again.

Winter of 2019, Kagami Yuu.


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