Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 4

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Maka-sensei’s way of being a girlfriend

Part 1:

“S-Sensei! You can’t die just yet!”

“Uhm, Kuu? I’m happy that you’re worried about me, but please don’t shake me so much.”

Two days after the encounter with JK Maka-chan, I rested on my deathbed.

“But Sensei. You have a 38° degrees fever! You’ll probably die!”

“No, I won’t die from just this. It’s just a summer cold…”

Figures why I suddenly started feeling worse and worse since last night.

“B-But, Mother told me that there were people that died from a cold!”

“What’s Kouko-sensei planning by scaring her daughter like this…?”

Isn’t this person hammering too many weird things into poor Kuu’s brain? Is this girl going to be okay in the future?

…No, just this once, I won’t worry about that.

The time just struck 7:30 am. Normally, this would be the time to prepare breakfast for my lazy little sister and run-away girl. Today, however, they’ll have to pass. Lying sideways, teary-eyed Kuu was furiously shaking my body.

“C-Call an ambulance…! Should we call an ambulance? We’ll have to get him into the ER as fast as possible!”

“Kuu, have you been watching too many hospital dramas recently…?”

“Eh? Yes, my mother often watches them…”

Seems like Kuu doesn’t quite understand what’s right and what’s wrong right now because of these over-the-top dramas.

“I’m not as sick as the people appearing in those dramas. I’ll drink the medicine, take a good nap, and I’ll be back to normal soon.”

“Exactly, Kuu-chan, I’d be better to stay a bit away from him for now. Right now, he’s the devil, powerful enough to bring a great calamity.”

“You don’t have to say that much just because it’s a cold…Eh, Miharu, you’re actually pretty considerate right now?”

Miharu entered my room with a sports drink in one hand. Even though it’s rare enough for her to hold anything else, besides her smartphone.

“Ahh, drinking a sports drink without having done any sport before is the best!”

“So you’re the one drinking it?!”

Miharu sat down next to the bed, and started gulping down the drink in her hands.

“Joking, joking. Here, Onii-chan.”

“Don’t give me a half-finished drink…”

It’s not like I mind having an indirect kiss with my little sister, you know.

“A-An indirect kiss…Sensei and Miharu-oneechan really are bold…”


I see, she’s right at that age where you’d be bothered by things like that…Ah, this still isn’t the time for that.

“The two of you, don’t mind me and go to school already. Sorry about breakfast, but we still have some bread, so make do with that for today.”

“Ehhh, but Miharu won’t be satisfied with just bread…If Miharu doesn’t get to eat Onii-chan’s cooking, she can’t muster up any strength.”

“You say it to sound cute, but I never once saw you use up any strength, you know?”

“Then, I’ll hold off of breakfast, and pray that Sensei will be back to full health soon.”

“Again with the heavy stuff…It’s just a cold, okay?”

Ahh, even just retorting is draining my energy…

Both Kuu and Miharu are now rolling around on top of my futon. Having two cute girls next to me is great and all, but I can’t play along forever.

“Will you go to school already! Today’s Saturday, so you can go home after morning classes!”

“Tch, even though Miharu was planning on nursing you back to health, and use that as an excuse to skip school.”

“Uuuu…Sensei won’t die while I’m at school, right?”

“I won’t I won’t. I’m going to be fine, I promise.”

And thus, the two girls finally left.

Ahhh, there they go…Though it might sound weird coming from me now, but being alone is a bit lonely, you know.

“Mmm? Now it’s a phone call?”

My phone, lying next to my pillow, started vibrating. When I answered the call—

「S-Saigi-kun! Are you okay?! How much time do you have left?!」

“Please calm down, Maka-sensei. I don’t know how much time I have left, but a cold like this shouldn’t cut away at my life expectancy.”

I thought this would happen, but she was panicking more than I had anticipated.

Since Seikadai is pretty strict, you have to always call in when you’re sick. Since we don’t have an official guardian at home, I asked Miharu to take over for now. Of course, she probably talked with my homeroom teacher, Maka-sensei.

「Don’t worry, I know someone at Seikadai’s university hospital! Pretty young, but very famous! If it’s her, she’ll definitely be able to save you!」

“Please use that connection for something more useful…”

I’d really feel bad if other people suffered because we’d monopolize that doctor.

「What a blunder…If only I joined the medical division…I might be able to save you all on my own…」

“But because you didn’t do that, you met me, right?”

「T-That might be true, but…No, I’ll call an ambulance, get you to the ER, check your blood pressure, and get you under supervision!」

“You’re basically saying the same thing like a certain 5th grader…”

Are they watching the same hospital drama perchance?

“It’ll be gone after I take a good nap. Also, the vice-principal might get the wrong idea if you were to pay too much attention to me. That being said, good luck on your job~”

「Ah, hey, Saigi-kun—」

Without paying attention to her last words, I cut the call. I don’t feel like endlessly talking to Maka-sensei right now.

Fuu, with this, I should be able to get some rest for now. Even if it’s Maka-sensei we’re talking about, she surely wouldn’t take a day off from work just to look after me. Let’s just sleep. When you catch a cold, taking a good nap is the best medicine—

“Hey, thanks for waiting~ Your beloved Nui-chan is here!”

“Hey, Amanashi Nui. If you run wild now, you’ll only worsen Saigi Makoto’s condition.”


I only rested for a few hours. Noon passed, and after the school day ended, thus came Nui and Karen-kaichou.

“I’m happy that you’re here to visit me…but what are those clothes about?”

“We brought a lot of essential items you’ll need when you visit someone who’s sick! In today’s time, you can really get any cosplay pretty cheap, you know?”

Nui was clothed like a miniskirt nurse. Her overwear seemed to be rather tight, because I could clearly make out the shape of her breasts. Not to mention that her skirt seems to be this short on purpose, and I feel like I could catch a glimpse of her panties if she only moved a little bit…

“W-Wait. I’m not cosplaying. I’m the real deal. Nursing somebody back to health is a nun’s job, so I thought of wearing this.”

“…I didn’t expect to see Karen-kaichou’s nun appearance today…”

Exactly, Karen-kaichou was wearing a gray-like nun uniform. Though she wasn’t wearing a miniskirt, I could still clearly see that her breasts were at a formidable size.

“They’re supposed to be proper clothes, but they look so indecent when Karen-kaichou is the one wearing them…”

“Wha—?! I-Indecent?! Even though there’s almost zero skin exposure involved?! The reason why they told me to stay in my school uniform was because of this?!”

“Ahh, yeah…It’s a bit weird coming from me, but Prez is pretty erotic. Even though you got smaller breasts than me.”

“T-This doesn’t have anything to do with breasts! Rather than that—I came here to nurse Saigi Makoto back to health.!”

Both Karen-kaichou and Nui were making a lot of noise next to my pillow.

My head was spacing out back then when I let them in, but should I kick them out while I still can?

“Oh, excuse me for getting so agitated, Saigi Makoto. Lord, please forgive me. Oh right, you didn’t have anything for lunch yet, right?”

“Ah, no…I don’t have any appetite right now.”

I know that I’d be better off eating something…but it’s so troublesome to get up and make something.

“I thought so. Wait a bit. Amanashi Nui, please do not tire him any further!”

“Ehhh, you’re asking for too much.”

“At least keep it down in front of a sick person. And try something about those huge breasts of yours, they’re poisoning him!”

“I can’t just put them away like how I want! Really, I got it!”

With that, Karen-kaichou left the room—

Nui was a bit agitated at first, but soon calmed down to tell me about what happened in school today. As a bit of time had passed by, Kaichou then came back. On top of the tray in her hands was a small pot.

“I made some rice porridge. Don’t worry, I help out in cooking the food, even from when I was young. You’re probably expecting some poisonous food like you’d get from Amanashi Nui, but you don’t have to worry.”

“Oh, so everybody is dissing me now?!”

Yeah, though I feel bad, but eating Nui’s cooking would probably have the opposite effect…

“Can’t help it! Since Kaichou was the one to make it, I’ll be the one to feed Sai-kun!” said Nui, picking up the spoon next to the pot, putting a bit of porridge on it.

“H-Hey! Why are you taking away the best part!”

“That’s my way of living!”

What a nice smile, Nui. But, leaving aside that, why can’t I just eat it myself…? I’ve gotten a bit hungry after smelling the porridge after all.

“Yes yes, little girls. You plan on worsening the condition of our sick boy?”

Suddenly, the spoon disappeared from Nui’s hands, and—

“Here, Makoto-kun. Open wide~”

“W-Who are you?!”

“A new girl of Sai-kun appeared?!”


Ahh, I can’t muster up any strength to retort them. Normally, I’d be energetic enough to raise my voice here…

“Mmm, rather than a new girl, I’m an old one, I guess.”

“W-What did you say?! You’re a girl he went out with even before me?!”

“Hey, Amanashi Nui. Don’t create some fake reality. No, rather than that—”

But, what cut through Karen-kaichou’s words were the sounds of small footsteps.


“Ahh, Muku. Been a while, huh. I’m glad that you’re in good spirits. Though Makoto-kun looks like he’s about to die though.”

Before I could even retort the three, a fourth person arrived. It was the return of Shinju Muku. And, the person going “Open wide~” in front of me, the ‘Old girl’, Shinju Kouko.


“Seems like I came here at a good time. I have to say that seeing Makoto-kun being so popular really boosts my ego.”

The smile she showed wasn’t all too different from her time as a kindergarten teacher. Even though over 10 years must’ve passed, it feels like she’s some sort of apparition, not showing age like that…

Karen-kaichou now had to help out in the cloister, while Nui had some lessons awaiting her, so the both of them quickly made their way home. Though they seemed quite interested in the existence of Kouko-sensei. I have to thank them that they went out of their way to look after me, even though they’re so busy. But, if I could—I wish they’d stayed a bit longer.

“Mother…I’m already Saigi Kuu. I won’t listen to your words.”

“I don’t care about your name, but I won’t disregard your childish acts like this.”

Grumble grumble grumble grumble, the pressure in the room was clearly audible.

The mother and daughter Shinju were currently sitting next to my bed, facing each other. Though this situation could’ve been avoided if only Nui or Karen-kaichou stayed a bit longer.

“I was actually planning on taking you home for good now, but it seems like this situation right here has precedence. Makoto-kun, did your fever go down?”

“This morning, it was about 38° degrees…”

“I-I’ll be the one to nurse him back to health! Since I’m way younger than him, I’ll be able to look after him even if he gets older!”

“No, let’s not go further with that…”

There’ll only be six years between us, so will this really matter?

“Fu, your mother is still a former kindergarten teacher, you know. I’m well versed when it comes to looking after children! Nobody else is the Healing Sensei but me!”

“That’s right, yeah…”

Isn’t she just putting things together how she wants because my memories are rather hazy from back then? Well, it’s true that she hasn’t really changed since then. Just like Kuu, she’s the rather domicile-type too. Before, she had her hair short, but now it reached down all the way to her back while loosely bound together. Currently, she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, with slim jeans. On her left ring finger, I could clearly spot her sparkling wedding ring.

“Just leave this to the adults, Muku. I’d love to take him to the hospital, but he certainly wouldn’t like that. A kid like always…”

“…A hospital is just going overboard. It’ll be all better by tomorrow, I tell you.”

“Then, this Kouko-sensei will stay over for the night. You wouldn’t mind that, right?”

“No, I’d feel bad for your husband, so I have to decline!”

Bad, really bad. There’s a really high chance that the person living next to us will be wrapped up into this. If she found out about this, blood will flow, and she probably wouldn’t care whose it is.

“Rather than that, Kuu. It’d be bad if you catch my cold, so distance yourself away from this room. Miharu’s home as well, right? How about you play with her?”


For a change, I actually got glared at by Kuu.

“Sensei…I’m not a kid any…No, I shouldn’t worry Sensei like this. I’ll go play with Miharu-oneechan then…Roll for her gacha a bit…”


She really seemed like she wanted to say something. But, without bringing that out, she trotted out of my room.

“Fu, Muku still got a long way in front of her. To give up with something like that.”

“…Is there really a need to fight with your 5th grader daughter?”

“Makoto-kun should know that we’d both come to see you. No matter the circumstances, a girl is still the enemy of another girl.”

“No, I think that you’re just a special nutcase…”

At the very least, my mother and little sister are not fighting.

“Well, don’t mind me. Just go back to sleep, and I’ll prepare some dinner…Guess I’ll leave Muku a bit longer like that.”

“We don’t particularly mind. She feels like a pet cat anyway at times.”

“Maybe that girl just prefers the Saigi household over her own?”

“So you, her mother, is admitting it?”

“In this house, there’s her beloved ‘Sensei’ to whom she even handed the love letter after all.”


“Ahh, Makoto-kun, don’t just jump up like that. Your fever will go up you know?”

Of course I’d jump up…!

Though quite some time has already passed since Kuu gave me the love letter, there’s no way I could forget about it. Just like the confession of the other three girls…

“W-Why does Kouko-sensei know of that…?”

“Parents, you see, they know more about their children than the children know themselves. Even if Makoto-kun doesn’t think so, we parents have a lot of ways to keep our children in check.”

“…Well, our parents are really home after all.”

Except Miharu, who’s got the GPS on my phone hacked…

“Oh yeah. But, there’s so much more that you didn’t think they would know. Not to mention that Kuu’s the type that’s bad at hiding things. She even came to me with the old ‘It’s about a friend of mine’ story to ask me for advice about the love letter.”


Saying ‘It’s about a friend of mine’ is basically the same as ‘It’s about me’.

“My, Makoto-kun. You won’t be able to laugh about this story for much longer, you know?”


“Muku doesn’t just look like me, but her body itself is the same as mine. Give her 2-3 more years, and she can probably play you like a fiddle, you know?”

“That’s quite the scary future to imagine…”

I’m already being cornered by all these women, including Maka-sensei. If I were to lose my grip on Kuu, I don’t think my mental stability can hold out much longer.

“But, this is what I mean. You might regret it if you only see Muku as a kid, you know?”

“…Isn’t she just a kid? I mean, I wouldn’t even count as an adult.”

“There’s not just an adult or a kid, there’s also the in-between.” said Kouko-sensei, as she put a hand on my forehead.

Ahhh, her hand feels so cold…So soothing…

“Even this fight, it was nothing more than a pretense, or rather, I was waiting until I could use this as a pretense. I wanted Kuu to have a reason to come here. To be precise, next to Makoto-kun.”

“…Isn’t that exactly what a kid would do?”

“I’ll say this upfront, but Kuu is even older right now than the freshly betrayed Makoto-kun back then, you know?”

“…Saying it without hesitation I see.”

It feels like all the resentment I had back then is slowly creeping up again. Of course, it only feels like that, okay?

“Knowing the obstinate Makoto-kun, and your horrible way of dealing with things, you’ll probably make Muku follow you for all eternity.”

“What kind of threat is this…”

Well, I can see that happening, I guess.

And she’s not wrong about it. After being confessed to by Kuu, I ran away. Saying ‘I’m going out with Maka-sensei’ as an excuse. But, I can’t run away like that forever. Just like the whole incident with Kouko-sensei back then as well… it was all just an excuse.

“…Hey, don’t make me think about any problematic stuff while I got a cold.”

“Ahh, sorry about that. I’ll take care of the household, so you go take a nap.”

“Sorry about that…”

Though I feel kind of weird for asking Kouko-sensei like that, Miharu would probably make everything burn up in flames, with me still sleeping here.

“Ah, but before that. Can I say one more thing before I go?”

“I don’t even care anymore…Just go ahea—What are you doing?”

At the same time I gave my response, Kouko-sensei pushed only her head under my blanket.

“Ahhh, Muku, please come back…! Your mother is really lonely…!”


She was screaming in a quiet voice beneath my blanket. Probably to make sure that Kuu don’t hear her…Why not just be honest and tell her? She’s at a decent age, but she can’t be honest about the weirdest places. But, I guess that makes sense…being separated from your still young child, of course you’d be lonely…Maybe, even Kuu—

Ahh, but the fever is playing with my brain, and I can’t think of anything. Thanks to Karen-kaichou’s rice porridge, my belly’s full, so of course I’m getting sleepy as well…Good night…


Checking the digital clock next to my pillow, I saw that the time was already closing in on midnight. As dinner acted the self-made rice porridge from Kouko-sensei. After preparing dinner for Kuu and Miharu as well, she apparently went home. In the end, I ended up greatly in her debt.


I suddenly remembered. Although I survived the consecutive visitor attacks, the last boss was still standing. Although classes only took half the day today, it’d be weird if the teachers got to go home at the same time.


And for some reason, I heard some rather erotic groan next…?


The last boss—Maka-sensei was sitting next to me, resting her head on the bed as she was mumbling in her sleep. So she came to see me, and fell asleep herself? How did she even get in here—Oh yeah, the duplicate key. I’ll have her give that back soon. It would be pretty bad if she suddenly assaulted me while I was sleeping.

“Still, I was sound asleep, huh…”

I really should’ve been more careful. But, it seems like she needed the sleep even more than me. I was told before that I’d be good as a teacher, but I might have to rethink that.


Woah, Maka-sensei’s holding my hand. Though she came onto me, half-naked, or even kissing me, holding hands this time? Still, her hand is so soft, stimulating, and a bit cold. Probably because of my fever though.

Holding my hand, and visiting me like this…although it’s towards a sick person, quite domicile from Maka-sensei if I have to say. It’d be great if she was always like this. If she were to keep quiet, she’d have such an amazing style, with these looks, so why is she like that in front of me…

“You can’t, Saigi-kun…You’ve become a Papa now…And these breasts belong to Makato…”

“Who the hell is Makato?”

So in her dream, the two of us got a baby already…So even adults see ridiculous dreams like these…

“…Ha?! I-I wasn’t sleeping!”


Maka-sensei suddenly jolted up.

“W-Where is this?! What about Makato?!”

“Calm down, Sensei. There’s no Makato. This is the house of Saigi Makoto, you sleeping intruder.”

“W-What about my breasts?! Saigi-kun, you won’t suck on my breasts?”

“I won’t suck on anything!”

“…So it was just a dream. Ahh, but I’m glad that Saigi-kun is alive…” said Maka-sensei, as she grasped my hand with both of hers.

She really seemed to be happy, her eyes getting a bit watery…Ahh, don’t cry now please…

“O-Of course I’m still alive…”

“Your fever…What about your fever?!”


Without giving me any time to respond, Maka-sensei grabbed my cheeks with both her hands, and pushed her forehead against mine. I know this is something you do to check the other person’s fever, but your face is too close…

I’ve mostly gotten used to it, but Maka-sensei really is beautiful. As if I could stay calm with her face this close to me…!

“Ah, Saigi-kun. Your face is bright red! Your forehead is hot as well! W-Why did you suddenly get a fever again?!”

“I wonder why…”

The reason for my red face and hot forehead is all you, Sensei…

“Leave it to me, an acquaintance of mine is a doctor, and she said I should be on standby for 24/7.”

“What kind of black job is that…”

“It’s because you made me worry this whole time. Are you really okay…?”

Still being forehead to forehead, she made a serious face like never before. It’s just a cold…you don’t have to worry about this much.

“I’ll be looking after you, so make sure to get a good rest, okay? I don’t know any exact medical treatments, but I’ll do anything I can…”


Maka-sensei’s eyes started to get watery, and she looked straight into my eyes. It’s different from her usual attacks during her education, and it feels pretty soothing—



Suddenly hearing a mysterious voice, I looked over at the source.

“K-Kuu? What are you doing at a time like this?”

“I-I wanted to act like I was looking after Sensei to crawl into your bed—No, excuse me…”

Standing in the door frame was a pyjama-wearing Kuu. Her hands in front of her mouth, her body quivering.

“S-Sensei and Maka-chan really were in an adult relationship…”

“Eh? Kuu, what are you—”

Ah, don’t tell me…! Because we had our faces together—she saw it as a kiss?! What kind of classic misunderstanding is that?! Though before, Kisou-san also saw us as we’re doing a real kiss, and the vice-principal spotted us as Maka-sensei lifted up her skirt in front of me. But just this once, it’s actually really a misunderstanding!

“Wait, Kuu! You’re wrong, okay?!”

“T-That makes sense, I guess. Sensei and Maka-chan are going out after all…”


To think that this misunderstanding would come back to bite me in the butt right here…


“K-Kuu…? Why are you suddenly letting out this beast-like voice?”

“B-But…But…Sensei, you idiot! Maka-chan, you super duper idiot!”

“Ah?! Kuu?!”

With that, Kuu ran out of the room without listening to my screams.

“S-Super duper idiot…? That’s a new one alright.”

“Maka-sensei, this isn’t the time to show admiration…Cough Cough …Mmm…!”

Uwa, those coughs really hurt…

“H-Hey, Saigi-kun, are you okay? Don’t get so agitated or it’ll get worse, you know?”

“…That’s right. But…I have to clear up the misunderstanding that Kuu has.”

“You can’t do that,” said Maka-sensei. “I’m very happy to see that the two of you are in a fight—That’s not what I’m thinking, of course. Like Napoleon once said, ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake’.”

“…It’s really suspicious if you go out of your way like that to deny it…”

Just what I would expect from a teacher, always trying to teach me something. This time it was Napoleon huh.

“Anyway, for your own good, as well as Muku-san’s, you’d be better off just staying quiet now. ‘A creaking door hangs the longest’, is what I’d like to add.”

“Don’t test me in English when I’m already sick…”

“You’re right. I don’t want you to stay sick any longer, and Muku-san is probably the same.”

“I’d like to help your worries there, for my sake as well…”

“Then, go back to sleep. You’d hate it if Muku-san got your cold, right?”

“…That’s right…”

But, not being able to follow this is kind of bad…Even when Kouko-sensei just taught me that Kuu isn’t a kid. I’m sorry, Kuu…

The next morning, or rather, 10am.

When I checked the clock next to my pillow, I got a tiny shock, thinking “I’m going to be late!” in my head, even though it’s Sunday. I must actually be quite the serious student.

“Haaa, after taking a good nap, I feel much better. My head is pretty cleared up as well.”

Seems like the medicine did some good work. I’m glad that I’m back to normal this quickly…

“Guess I’ll try to eat something normal today. I wonder what kind of ingredients we have…”

Leaving my room, I headed towards the kitchen, which was completely empty. Since my little sister always sleeps until noon on Sundays, it makes sense that she wasn’t here. And Kuu…isn’t here either. Since it’s Sunday, maybe she went out to play somewhere? …No, after what happened yesterday, I don’t see her having the energy to do that.


That moment, I realized the presence of a small note on the kitchen table. Written on there was—

‘I’m running away. Please don’t look for me. Saigi Kuu.’

“She’s running away while running away?!”

I’d love to retort on her name, but the situation is more problematic than that!

“This is bad…This is really bad…!”

I tried calling Kuu over her phone—Damn it, it’s not going through!

Panicking, I rushed down the hallway, and opened the door with great momentum.

“Miharu! MIharu, Miharu!”

“Uuu…So bright…I’m melting…”

Opening the curtains of her room, the living being in the room slowly started moving.

“W-What is it…Onii-chan…? Are you finally sneaking into Miharu’s room…?”

“It’s morning already! And just get up already!”

Towards this living being, who is weak against the sunlight, I started shaking Miharu’s shoulders. She was probably hot during the night, because she was only wearing her underwear. Her sports bra, with cute pink panties. But, that doesn’t matter right now.

“Ahh, Kuu’s backpack isn’t here!”

Even though she left it here in Miharu’s room.

“Mmm…? You’re right. It’s gone. Did Kuu-chan go home?”

“She ran away!”

“…Running away while running away…? Quite active I see.”

The proof that we’re blood-related. Our reactions were identical.

“I couldn’t call her either. I think that LINE isn’t going to work either.”

“Well yeah, that’d be pretty weird when she’s running away.”

“Okay, Miharu! Find Kuu’s location!”

“Miharu isn’t like Ale*a, you know…Calm down, Onii-chan, really.”

Combing through her hair with one hand, Miharu took out a smartphone.

“…Yeah, she’s not answering Miharu’s calls either…Maybe she thinks of Miharu as Onii-chan’s ally…Kinda sad.”

“Your statement makes me just as sad, but that’s not important right now.”

“Miharu didn’t prepare anything with Kuu-chan’s phone. What a blunder. But, Miharu will go search for her.”

“Though I’m really curious about what you put in other people’s phones, I’ll go out.”

The places she would visit…her usual course, I guess…No–

“Nekoranya sounds pretty plausible. Miharu, you stay at home and contact me if Kuu comes back.”

“W-Wait Onii-chan, what about your cold.”

“It’s all good now. Well then, see you later.”

“Eh, ah…this idiotic older brother…!”

Though I heard a rare diss coming from Miharu, I skillfully ignored that.

Ahh, what am I even doing right now. This is completely different from when Kisou-san or the vice-principal spotted us. Kuu—actually fell in love with someone like me.

That was the one thing I wasn’t allowed to show her. That’s right, back at our emergency meeting to save Nekoranya, she showed clear rivalry towards Maka-sensei. In a certain way, Maka-sensei must be a special existence to Kuu—

And, seeing that Maka-sensei together with me in such a position, of course she’d receive quite the shock. I…hurt Kuu. Even more than what Kouko-sensei did to me. That’s why—

I have to find her immediately.

After leaving my house, I dialed the number of Nekoranya. A grade schooler shouldn’t have that many opportunities to move right now…and I’d be glad if I found her at the first spot.

「Checkmate King, here is white Rook, go ahead!」

“I don’t understand your weird nicknames, Sekiya-san!”

「Come on, you don’t even watch the newest war drama…The times have changed, I see.」

I’m sure that she must’ve seen my number on the screen, which is why she’s acting like this, but does she do that with every other caller as well?

“Rather than that. About Kuu, Shinju Muku, did she perchance go visit you?”

「Mmmm? Muku-chan came by today before the store opened, but she didn’t seem to be in good spirits, so I lent her Kagome. Of course, with the manager’s permission.」

“Eh? Lent her Kagome…And where did she go?”

「Eh? She didn’t come home? It’s been…Mm, about thirty minutes since she left, I guess?」

“For now…it seems like she really came to Nekoranya.”

Though, I thought I might be getting a lucky first hit, I was a tick too late. Also, I knew some friends of her, but not their phone numbers or where they live. Although, it’d be pretty weird if I actually did…

“Sekiya-san, thank you very much. And, if Kuu comes by again, please stop her there and give me a call.”

「Stop her…Leave it to me, and go on ahead! is what I wanted to say at least once, but to think that it’s because of a little girl…」

“Enough of that, okay? I’ll tell you the details later.”

That’s one possibility down. And it was pretty close. If she was there around 30 minutes ago, she can’t have wandered off that far. And, she has a cat with her. Probably in a carry-bag. She probably has to muster up a lot of strength to move right now. Though there’s the possibility of her taking the train or the bus, then I’d have to wonder where she’d even go. Thinking about Kuu’s personality, the chances that she’s daddling around the neighbourhood is pretty high. That girl loves to take walks after all.

“Alright, let’s go to Nekoranya for now, and start searching in the surroundings—”

Nekoranya…Nekoranya…Normally, it’s not the furthest in distance. But, it feels really distant right now…Maybe my body is still not back to its original strength? I’d have to go back to the flat, walk towards the train station, take the train, and walk even further to the Nekoranya—It feels so, so far.


Or so I thought, until it happened.

“I made you wait, Saigi-kun.”

—Ah, there it is! That red fiat! To think I’d meet it a second time in this short period!

And of course, the one that invited me in was Maka-sensei. Although it was a school-free day, she was rocking her blouse and mini skirt combo.

“I-I wasn’t waiting or anything…Sensei, why are you here?”

“I’m not here to monitor your home today. I received some emergency information, so I brought out the car.”

“Seems like my little sister is quite the worrywart if she wants to.”

Though I was a bit worried after I left her at home, she must’ve sought help from Maka-sensei. Since Kuu could come home anytime, one of us had to stay at home after all. Because of that, she calmly deduced that she has to ask help from others in searching.

“Really…though your fever is down, you can’t just force yourself like this.”

“I have some responsibility because of yesterday, so I can’t just let her run around.”

“I really don’t want to do this…but, okay, come in.”

Both Maka-sensei and I opened the door and sat into the fiat.

“This is the first time that this red fiat actually looks a bit reliable.”

Though I once heard the BGM of Ja*s once while she approached me, it feels like more Ter*inator today, and quite promising.

“I’m sorry, Sensei. Making you come with me even though it’s your free day.”

“I’m also responsible in this incident with Muku-san. If it’s for the sake of a run-away grade schooler, even the vice-principal wouldn’t complain about this.”

“Even if the president got mad at you, I’d still have you help out.”

“Kya, so bold. But, I don’t dislike—that Saigi-kun!”

Maka-sensei gave a mischievous smile, and accelerated. And thus, another drive with her started, barely not breaking any rules—

“…Wait, Maka-sensei. Where are we even going?!”

“Ah, I didn’t ask about that. Dear Guest, your destination?”

“…For now, to Nekoranya.”

“Understood! Please hold on tight!”

Another mischievous smile, and she stomped unto the pedal, to which the engine let out a loud roar.

“Humans are supposed to be standing on this earth…”

“Saigi-kun, Saigi-kun, you can come back now. It’s fine, don’t worry, you can always come back to my chest.”


Boing boing, I was about to be pulled into her chest.

In the end, for a brief moment, the red fiat seemed as reliable as an artificial intelligence from Cyberd*ne.

(T/N: Cyberdyne: Cyberdyne is a Japanese robotics and technology company most noted for the marketing and distribution of the HAL 5 robotic exoskeleton suit.)

But references aside, how can she drive this wildly, while still keeping all road traffic regulations.

“This isn’t the time to be doing this…We have to search for Kuu.”

We left the fiat in a nearby parking space. Standing next to Maka-sensei, we started walking. Since Kuu’s carrying a cat, she probably doesn’t walk next to the main street. In the one in a million chance that Kagome jumped off her, it’d be really dangerous to be too close to any cars. Not to mention that Kuu is used to walking down small passageways like a cat. That’s my conclusion, as someone who knows Kuu very well.

“But still…to think that she’d run away even from my home. I don’t remember raising her like that.”

“I can see that, since it’s you we’re talking about. But, since you know her the best out of us, you must have an idea or two of where she would go, right?”

“…I have no idea. Although Kuu calls me ‘Sensei’, but I didn’t do that much for her.”

“I don’t think that the person in question thinks like that.”


Suddenly, Maka-sensei tightly grasped my hand.

“W-What is it, Sensei? Eh? Sensei, aren’t you cold?”

“It’s not me who’s cold, it’s you who’s still hot. You probably don’t realize it, but you’ve been swaying a bit here and there.”


I had no idea…

“But, if people saw us like this, there would be another weird rumour….”

“If I’d get fired for looking after a sick student, then I wouldn’t want to work there anyway.”

“So cool, Maka-sensei…”

Even without putting up a character, there are times when, just as Hoshina-sensei said, she has those ‘wonderful’ parts about her.

“I really am not worthy to be a ‘Sensei’. I can’t win against the real deal.”

“No, you’re wrong about that, Saigi-kun.”

Maka-sensei slightly shook her head.

“Since Muku-san calls you like that, you’re a Sensei. Of course, not a real one. It depends on how you answer her feelings.”

“…Sometimes, you really say something teacher-like, Maka-sensei.”

“I can see some contradiction in your words?! Teacher-like…I’m a real teacher! I’m your girlfriend and your teacher, for short, a Kanojo Sensei!”

“What kind of weird title is that…”

I know that we’re faking this as a countermeasure for SID, but she makes it sound like it’s the real deal.

“And, as your Kanojo Sensei, I can’t leave my boyfriend pupil alone like this.”

“Even giving me such a weird title…And, you don’t have to worry that much.”

“What if your cold worsens again and you can’t come to school tomorrow? What meaning is there for me if I can’t see you?”

“How about doing your job properly…?”

“As sharp-tongued as always. Ah, perfect timing, there’s a bench over there.”

Maka-sensei pointed at a park that’s next to the street we’re walking on. So there was a park like this so close to Nekoranya. Surrounded by trees and bright-green grass, a park filled with a lot of nature. Maybe it’s because it’s Sunday, but a mass of people were taking a walk right now.

Entering the park, I sat down on an open bench.

…Ahh, the moment I sit down, all my strength leaves me…Maybe I really overdid it today…?

“Mmm…Your face has lost some color again. Saigi-kun, I’ll look for Muku-san. I’d be better if you go—”

“It’s fine. My fever’s down, so something like this shouldn’t be that much to hand—”



The person calling for me, running towards us, was Kouko-sensei.

“Kouko-sensei…why are you here?”

“I got a call from Miharu-chan, saying that Muku ran away from your home.”


So Miharu didn’t just contact Maka-sensei it seems. Well, I guess I should’ve called her even before I asked Nekoranya.

“But, she didn’t come.”

“Well yeah, she’s still technically running away…But, how good of you to figure out that I was here.”

“I heard that you were heading to the cat cafe. I was searching around this area as well.”

“You’re quick to move as well, Kouko-sensei…”

This probably isn’t a coincidence that I met her here. This park is pretty wide after all, so she was probably heading right for this specific place.

“Ahh, forget about that. Makoto-kun, what were you doing! Why did Muku even run away from your home?!”

“…I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Should I tell Kouko-sensei the circumstances or not… Though it seems like Kouko-sensei knows very well about Kuu’s feelings. Still, I’d have to explain my relationship with Maka-sensei then…

“Uhm, I’m sorry, Shinju-san. This is my fault.”

“Eh? I’ve been wondering for a while, but who is this beauty you have with you?”

“Ahh, she’s my class’ homeroom teach—”

“I’m Fujiki Maka. I live in Saigi-kun’s neighbourhood, and wanted to assist in searching for your daughter.”

“Thanks for that…I’m Shinju Kouko.”

Very civilized, the teacher and former teacher gave a formal greeting with a slight bow.

“I see…so this is the ancestor of that witch…”

After mumbling something to herself, Maka-sensei once more turned towards Kouko-sensei.

“I am, uhm…looking after Saigi-kun until he’s back to normal health. At the same time, that happened to bring forth this misunderstanding that led to your daughter running away.”

“…Misunderstanding? No, looking after? No matter how close you live, would a high school teacher look after a sick student…?”


Kouko-sensei, sharp…or well, that’s an expected question I guess. Damn it…There’s one doubting person after the other.

“No, the reason doesn’t matter. It was my fault to begin with. Makoto-kun is still a kid after all…Entrusting a kid to another kid…this is what I get.”


I can’t say anything to that. She’s completely right. In the eyes of society, I’m still a child, and there are a mountain of things I can’t do.

“Please wait a moment, Shinju-san.”

“…What is it?”

“It’s true that he might still be a kid, but…he’s not at the age where he can’t take responsibility. You’ve been his teacher once as well, so you should be able to put trust into him—”

“It’s true that Makoto-kun was my pupil, but for me, Muku is much more important! I’m sorry about this, but I don’t have the time to care for him!”

Kouko-sensei declared that with a sharp voice. Seeing as how a woman like her can make this serious face, she must really be worried about her daughter. That’s right…This woman isn’t my ‘Kouko-sensei’ anymore, but rather ‘The mother of Shinju Muku.

“Then, having Saigi-kun as my pupil, I treasure him more than Muku-san. If I may be so rude, you play him for your mistakes. And now you even want to take away his responsibility?!”

“H-Hey Sensei, this isn’t the time to be fighting like this…”

“Be quiet, Saigi-kun! This is a problem between me and Shinju-san!”


Weren’t you talking about me?!

“…Makoto-kun, is just as she says. This isn’t something you should be participating.”

“I’m glad if you understand. And also, what’s with this ‘Makoto-kun’ here ‘Makoto-kun’ there…! Being so friendly, even I didn’t call him by his first name yet…!”

Although she was muttering to herself, I could hear her clearly. Apparently, Maka-sensei had quite the grudge against Kouko-sensei.

“You seem to be quite close to Makoto-kun, but following Muku, he’s the second most important person to me.”

“I feel bad for your husband.”

I threw in a retort without thinking. So her long-yeared love is finally losing its touch?

“Interesting…Fufu, alright. Very well, I was getting tired of the small girls from SID anyway.”

“I have no clue what you’re on about, but let me say this. I’m Makoto-kun’s first love.”

“Wha—! Y-You’re going to bring out that right off the bat…?!”

Alrighty, just what exactly did this conversation devolve into? It seems like everyone around me is unable to hold a decent conversation…

“Right now, the teacher responsible for Saigi-kun is me! Only me, okay!”

“For this teacher-hating kid, I’m the only special teacher. Hehe…no matter how hard you work, you can never hope to win against Makoto-kun’s first love.”

“Ugh…You damned…!”

Did Maka-sensei just go ‘damned’?

“Ahh, this isn’t the time to be fighting like this. I’ll be searching for Muku, so you stay here Makoto-kun.”

“I’ll be the one to find Muku-san! Saigi-kun, just wait for me! If it gets too tough on you, make sure to call me!”

Without waiting for my response, these childish adults dashed and left me behind in the park.

You people, this isn’t a competition or anything, you know? But still, to think that Maka-sensei and Kouko-sensei would be this bad of a match-up. Well, I just have to pray that she hasn’t caught on to Maka-sensei’s ‘romantic feelings’ for me.

Still leaning back on the bench, I let out a deep sigh. To think the day would come this quickly where Maka-sensei and Kouko-sensei would meet each other like this. And I pray that this doesn’t happen again. I’d like to get something to drink now, but I can’t muster up enough energy. Even though Kuu is completely alone—well, only with a cat—I’m wasting time like this. Let’s hope that these childish adults find her soon.


On top of the green grass in the park, some kids were playing catch right now. They should be younger than Kuu. Man, do all kids have that much energy to spare? Well, Kuu might actually look younger than she actually is. Look, there’s even a girl with the same hairstyle like Kuu. Even the backpack she has on her back, it’s the same type that Kuu brought with her. With a bag made for cats, she’s sitting on top of the grass. The cat inside also looks just like Kagome—

“Hey, it’s Kagome herself! With Kuu!”


Though we were separated by about 10 meters, she must’ve heard my voice as she frantically turned towards me. Of course, she wanted to run away immediately, but she hit the emergency brakes, and dove forward onto the grass. She probably forgot about Kagome that very second.

“O-Ouch ouch…”

“What are you doing, Kuu.”

“I cannot leave Kagome-chan here…Cats are the only thing left for me after all.”

“This isn’t ‘The Wonderful World of Puss n’ Boots’ okay.”

Holding her red nose, Kuu slowly got up.

“Are you okay? You didn’t graze anything, right?”

“I-I’m fine…W-Wait, Sensei! S-Shouldn’t you be sleeping! W-What about your cold?!”

“It’s gone already.”

“That’s a lie. You looked like a salaryman who is forced to go to his work at the company as you were sitting on that bench! I saw you!”

“Kuu, I think your image of a salaryman is a bit outdated.”

“A-Anyway, Sensei, don’t force yourself! I will even get angry!”

“My ears hurt a bit, but what about you? The only time you’re allowed to run away is when you come to our house. Other than that—No running away.”

“…I-I’m sorry…”

Kuu immediately lowered her head.

“Yup, apologizing when it’s appropriate is one of Kuu’s good traits.”

“…Before, I never did. My father wouldn’t get mad anyway, and when Mother and I were fighting, neither of us apologized. But, Sensei taught me the importance.”

“That happened yeah…how arrogant of me.”

It feels weird that I’d be teaching somebody to show manners.

“But, you’ve really been close-by.”

“I’m happy that I came to Nekoranya, but…my money ran out, so I couldn’t use the bus or train, so I could only go to the nearby park…”

“…Well, that makes sense.”

Though she gets a certain amount of pocket money, it’s nearly not enough for a longer trip. Makes sense that she wouldn’t be able to travel further away.

“Let’s go home, Kuu. Miharu is worried about you.”

When I wanted to pick up the cat cage for Kagome, Kuu shook her head. Taking her bag, she stood in front of me.

“And…I’m sorry, Kuu. Uhm, showing you something weird like that…”

It makes sense that Kouko-sensei would blame me. And, she didn’t have the wrong idea about Maka-sensei either…

“Kuu, even though you confessed to me, I’ve always been running away from properly responding, right. Sorry, Kuu.”

Thinking about it, out of all the people of SID, I doubted Kuu’s feelings the least. But, I just thought that they were meant like feelings for an ‘Onii-chan’…

“I’m sorry, Kuu. I also like you. But that’s…only the ‘like’ I would have towards a little sister. I’m really…sorry…”

“…This is not something that Sensei should apologize for. I’m probably just too much of a kid.”

For a second, Kuu’s eyes went wide, only for her gaze to wander all over the place.

“Kuu is not the one at fault here. It’s true that you’re a kid, but I shouldn’t have treated you like one. Since you gave me a love letter, I should’ve given you a response as soon as possible.”

“No, it makes sense, being suddenly confessed to like that. Not to mention, by such a kid like me. I knew that I had no chance from the start. But, thank you for giving me your response, Sensei…”

She scrubbed her eyes clean, and took my hand.

“Since I’m a kid…there are tons of things that I don’t know. I don’t really get what’s between Sensei and Maka-chan. But even without knowing—I lost the confidence to look Sensei straight into the eyes. That’s why I couldn’t stay at your home anymore.”


In her eyes, I probably look like an adult. She probably doesn’t understand the relationship between me and Maka-sensei. No, even I’m not so sure I know what’s going on…

“This might sound arrogant again, but…If you don’t know something, think about it, and if you still don’t get it, ask another person, and once you analyzed that—you’ve become an adult, don’t you think?”

“…So Sensei is an adult?”

“Far from it. Maybe it’s because I’m not the type to ask when I don’t understand anything.”

“Sensei should be a bit more honest then…”

“I’m trying my best.”

Not much changed about me in all those years, I guess.

“Let’s go back to Nekoranya, Kuu.”

I pulled on Kuu’s hand as I started walking.

“Everytime I can’t do anything on my own, Sensei is always pulling me along with his hand…”

“Are you talking about the time when you freshly entered the grade school division?”

Within her truancy, I took her by the hand, to the school alright…No matter how much I forget in my daily life, this is one thing that I can clearly remember.

“I didn’t change at all from back then. I was always a kid, waiting for Sensei to take me by the hand.”

“That’s not true. I just walked to school together with you, nothing more.”

“From my point of view…Sensei seems to know anything, but you don’t seem to know what you actually did for other people.”

“…I’m starting to work on that, at least recently.”

I even forgot the reason why Maka-sensei and Nui fell in love with me. Being so hung up on that one incident with Kouko-sensei, I didn’t look at my surroundings all this time. No, maybe I just can’t look back properly exactly because of that incident?

“I wonder if Kagome-chan is going to be okay…I stuffed her into this tight space…It must be pretty uncomfortable.”

“To me, it looks more like that ‘I’m happy to be carried’ face. She’s always in the cat cafe, so some change of atmosphere might do her pretty good, you know?”

“You can never know a cat’s feelings. Sensei, do you remember? Before, I was really bad with cats.”

“Eh? Is that so…Ah, well, I feel like that was the case…”

Back then, when we met a stray cat, and Kuu started crying as she came closer. Back when Kuu didn’t go to school, we often took some walks. She was really scared when some cats came towards her…

“You mean to tell me that I taught you that cats can be cute or something?”

“That’s right. Since Sensei like cats, hating them was the one thing you didn’t allow me.”

“I-Is that so…?”

It seems like I wasn’t just all about spoiling Kuu in the past. And, although I’m not on the same level as the current Kuu, I even loved cats back then, huh…

“Sensei taught me—taught Kuu how to have fun with cats. Because of that, Kuu also fell in love with cats. While searching for them, we would always gradually get closer to school, and that’s why I ended up being able to go to school again…”

“…The past me should’ve taught you some more useful things…”

I don’t remember doing that at all.

“Teaching Kuu all those important things, helping her go to school again…there’s no way she wouldn’t fall in love with you, Sensei.”


Just like Maka-sensei and Nui, Kuu had a reason to fall in love with me. Although it’s completely obvious, I had no clue about that…

“It seems like Kuu really is just a kid. Although she knows that her feelings for Sensei are real, be it Miharu-oneechan, Nui-oneesan, or Kaichou-oneesan, I don’t know if they have the same feeling. Maka-chan too, maybe…”

“There’s no need to compare yourself to Maka-sensei or the others from SID, Kuu. Those feelings only belong to you.”

“Okay, Sensei. Is it okay…if I treasure this feeling?”

“Yeah. Of course you can, Kuu.”

“Can we…hold hands a bit longer while we walk home?”

“Yeah, let’s do that,” I nodded, and returned Kuu’s grip.

Since Kuu’s smiling right now, I guess this was a success.

“Ah, Saigi-kun, Muku-san!”

Leaving the park, after we walked for a bit, Maka-sensei came walking towards us from across the street. Seems like she was searching in the park’s surroundings. Looking around us, we were right next to the parking lot we left the red fiat at.

“Ah, Maka-chan?! So you came here with Maka-chan, Sensei! I like cats, but I hate thieving cats like her!”

“You’re totally adding the -chan now! Saigi-kun, teach her some manners towards older people! ASAP!”

“Don’t just push that onto me…”

And what are you getting so agitated for, you 24 year old.

“…Mm? Muku-san, were you crying?”

“I wasn’t crying!”

“You’re clearly red beneath your eyes…Saigi-kun, making a girl like her cry, you’ve become quite the bad man I see. When did you turn into this…”

“Isn’t that what you would call becoming an adult…?”

I don’t know if Sensei’s happy or not. Whatever it is, it seems like Kuu managed to get back on the normal rival stage. Seems like Maka-sensei’s occasional childishness turned out useful.

“Well, I’m glad that you found her. Let’s go home then, Miharu-san must be worried too. Ah, Muku-san, I’ll go take the bag and cage. It must be heavy, right?”

And Kuu obliged without any complaints. Returning to the place she parked the fiat, she loaded these two into the trunk.

“Ahh, what should we do about the cat? Should we take her back to Nekoranya?”

“…Ahh, yeah.”

Checking inside, Kagome was looking outside with a nonchalant expression. Oh right, the whole reason this situation started was because of this cat anyway.

“Listen, Kuu, how about—”


Just when I was about to make a proposition, my sentences got cut by a rather meek voice.

“I’m so glad…! Ah, so Makoto-kun was the one that found you! I’m so glad!”


The person dashing towards us with great momentum, taking Kuu into her arms was none other than Kouko-sensei.

“Really, you should’ve contacted me if you found her, Makoto-kun!”

“I-I’m sorry…It just slipped my mind…”

“No, it’s fine that he didn’t,” muttered the young girl.

Well, if I contacted her right off the bat, I wouldn’t have been able to give a response to her confession.

“…What, Muku? You want to say something? Even running away from Makoto-kun’s home…I’m always worrying about you.”

“I’m sorry, but…”

It seemed as if Kuu wasn’t sure what to say, as she started fidgeting.

“That’s right, Kuu. Coming to stay at our house is totally fine, but you can’t fight all the time with Kouko-sensei. This is the perfect chance, so tell her.”

With a slight tap, I pushed Kuu forward.

“O-Okay, Sensei…”

Kuu gave a small nod, and turned over to look at Kouko-sensei.

“M-Mother…Apologize to Sensei.”

“Eh, to me?”

“To Makoto-kun? It’s true that I’ve been in his debt for this, but I repaid all that with giving Miharu some sweets?”

“You did something like that?! And Miharu, where’s my share!”

I never heard of this!

“Oops, that was supposed to be a secret. Anyway, what should I apologize for.”

“For deceiving Sensei back then. Sensei says that he doesn’t mind, but I don’t think that this will end if you don’t apologize. Please release Sensei already!”

“Uhm, Kuu? I’m not really…”

Just to make sure, I’m not resenting Kouko-sensei or anything.

“Don’t wanna.”

“M-Mother? You’re always spouting utter nonsense, so why can’t you use your mouth properly right now!”

“That’s one way to scold your mother I guess…”

Maka-sensei’s muttering came from the side lines.

“Muku, this isn’t something you should stick your head in. It’s a problem between your mother and Makoto-kun after all.”

“Ugh…B-But…at this rate, I’ll always be the daughter of the woman who deceived Sensei! No, the daughter of Shinju Kouko! I want him to see me as just Kuu!”

“What a selfish kid. Though, this is a first.”

“I-It’s okay, Kuu. I don’t mind it that much. I’m already—”

“Wait a second, Saigi-kun.”

All of a sudden, Maka-sensei was leaning against the fiat, her arms crossed. A beautiful woman, together with a red car, quite the scenery.

“It’s just as Muku-san says. It’d be better for you to get your conclusion. For Muku-san, as well as for yourself.”

“Again, I’m not that hung up on—”

“Now you have the chance to say what you want. Now that you’re still just a child, you can say whatever you want. Once you’re an adult, things you can’t say anymore keep piling up.”

“…Though this sounds like a good way of phrasing it, but since it came out of Sensei’s mouth, the persuasiveness is a bit…”

I don’t think you’re holding back on anything if you’re with me though?

“Though it might be scary to tell her something in all earnesty, it’s fine—I’m here for you.”


Leaving aside Sensei’s persuasiveness…It’s true that I might’ve been scared to face Kouko-sensei head-on. Being afraid to be betrayed one more time. If I didn’t use Kuu as my sort-of cushion, I might’ve not even been able to hold a normal conversation with her—

“Go and tell her, everything. It’ll be fine, whatever the result.”

Maka-sensei stopped crossing her arms, took one step forward, and gave me a hit on my back.

“I (A teacher) will protect you (their students).”

Being hit on the back like that hurt. She probably didn’t hold back. But—I see. I was using Kuu as a wall to block off Kouko-sensei. I didn’t want to face her head-on—no, I might’ve been running away even. Of course, at this rate, I won’t be able to face Kuu either. For my sake, as well as Kuu’s sake, I have to put an end to this.

“I—still like Kouko-sensei, even now.”

“Wha—! S-Sensei?!”

“W-Wait a second, Saigi-kun! You’re going with that?! I’m way younger than her, you know?! Look at me!”

“Eh, you’re going for the married woman? Well, it’s not like I don’t acknowledge those forbidden relationships.”

Kuu and Maka-sensei suddenly started getting nervous, while Kouko-sensei was looking at me with a bright grin.

“But, right now, I like you as Kuu’s mother—the mother of a girl I treasure very much.”


With small steps, she came running towards me, clinging to me.

“You treasure Kuu, right?!”

“Yeah, you’re very important to me, and that’s why your mother is also important to me. I’m happy if the two of you aren’t fighting that much, you see.”

“…Ugh, being able to cling to him like that, I want to go back to being a small girl as well…”

That reminds me, I got to see JK Maka-chan, but I got no clue how JC, or JS Maka-chan was like.

“I’m a bit hung up at Fujiki-san’s reaction…but never mind that. I’m an adult, as well as a mother. So I should say this right now. Makoto-kun, I’m sorry. Would you be able to forgive me?”

“Of course. As I told you, I’ve long forgotten about that.”

“Then, remember back to it. And then forgive me.”

“Don’t ask for the impossible.”

“…But, actually, I was also pretty hung up on it. You went through Seikadai, always hating the teachers, right? I heard the details from Miharu-chan.”

“So Miharu really is the information broker…”

She might look like she doesn’t care about anything, but she actually got a good view on things. Guess I’ll have to seriously scold her.

“I can’t deny that I hate teachers. But, that’s not just because of Kouko-sensei.”

“You have…another reason?”

“Yes, because of Kuu.”

While she was clinging to me, I brought down one hand on Kuu’s head.

“Fue? Because of me?”

“When Kuu wasn’t able to go to school, the teachers didn’t do anything. Though it might’ve been too much of a delicate problem in the first place…”

“Well, it’s a fact that Kuu’s homeroom teacher back then didn’t do anything.”

No restraint from Kouko-sensei like always.

“There are other reasons. There’s a classmate of mine, called Amanashi Nui.”

“Ahh, that erotic female high school student acting as a gravure model, right? I feel like I’ve seen her in a magazine before.”

“Thank god Nui isn’t here to hear this…”

I could totally see her pulling a V-sign. She’d totally be happy to be called an erotic female high school student after all.

“Before she started working in show biz, her responsible teacher told her off. With the reason that it would’ve been too much trouble to handle.”

“Ahh, I can totally see that. Even in kindergarten, there are a lot of teachers that would wish for the kids to calmly sit down. Only because they don’t want their job to increase.”

Good that she’s fast to grasp it. Well, she is a former teacher after all.

“I can’t say that me hating teachers has nothing to do with Kouko-sensei. But, the teachers I encountered back in grade school and upwards played a huge role as well.”

As long as you normally go to school, you can find many reasons to start disliking teachers. Really, anybody could end up like me. But, since I’m the doubtful-type anyway, this hate only grew deeper, and more complicated—

“Ahh, the reason I became so doubtful is maybe because of Kouko-sensei?”

“So you’re still turning me into the bad guy! You’re such a teaser!”

“Bad guy, bad guy~!”

Kuu once again clung to me, humming a little melody.

“I’ll leave the judgment if you’re a bad guy or not to Kuu. But…there are some good teachers, some that even come along with me on Sundays like this.”

I threw a glance over at Maka-sensei.

“Even if I’m not an adult yet. Since I have a teacher who’s watching over me…my hate for them has slowly started to dwell down. That’s why I can openly say that I still like Kouko-sensei.”

“…I feel very complicated now,” muttered Maka-sensei.

Maybe she’s still hung up on me saying that I still like Kouko-sensei.


Even Kouko-sensei is looking straight at me and Maka-sensei.

“Right now, I’m Muku’s mother. I’ll leave the job of being a ‘teacher’ to that person.”

“Yes, only I am Saigi-kun’s teacher. I’ll take him in. Even if he gets hurt, I’ll look over him. If I can’t do that, I’m not worthy of being a teacher!”

Maka-sensei puffed out her chest, while declaring that. Just for the record, Renku-sensei and the vice-principal are also my teachers, you know?

“…Maka-chan, that was kinda cool.”

Kuu on her pat seems to be a bit moved at that declaration. Yeah, from time to time, she really is cool.

“Maybe it’s not good for me to call her Maka-chan…”

“My, Muku-san. Seems like you finally understand.”

“Yes. Then, from now on, I will call you—Maka-chansensei!”

“You still have the -chan!”


Yeah, it seems like just as Kouko-sensei estimated, I’ll probably soon lose grip of Kuu’s hand. But, let’s see that as a sign of her growth.

“Hey, Makoto-kun. This teacher seems to be able to do the things that I couldn’t. The things I didn’t do for you.”

“…I wonder. There’s things I want Maka-sensei to do, but also things I don’t want her to do. But, that’s probably me just being selfish.”

The only thing I know for sure, is that when I was pushing Kuu’s back, Maka-sensei was the one to push mine. And, the people that push others forward—aren’t those the ‘teachers’ I hate?

For now, Kuu and Kouko-sensei went home—First stop, Nekoranya, and then onwards. Afterward, Maka-sensei and I were left behind in the parking lot—


“W-What is it, Sensei?”

“Thanks to me, your hate for teachers has been dwelling down I see. Fufu, you could’ve just said that you love me just now.”

“This and that are different.”

Maka-sensei, have you forgotten? When I return your feelings, you’ll quit your job.

She seemed to be pretty serious about that, and thinking about her personality, she’ll definitely do that. Even so, she really wishes for me to tell her that I like her.

Kanojo Sensei—

It’d be really troublesome if things ended up like that, even for me. If I were to lose the teacher that watches over me, what would happen to my hatred for teachers?

“Thanks to Shinju-san, I heard something very delightful. Though I still can’t forgive her for calling you ‘Makoto-kun’ all the time.”

“Just when I thought that everything was finally cleared up, you’re still grumpy about that…”

“…But, I’m glad.”

“Eh? What is it this time?”

“About your hatred for teachers. Leaving my feelings aside, having the person I like hate my career is a bit tough.”

“You’re worrying too much.”

My hate for teachers is just something childish. Nui’s discomfort might be even stronger and deeper. Even Kuu has a problem with them. But, it seems like she’s finally enjoying school.

“Actually, I like this job. Being a teacher.”

“Maybe this is what they call your ‘calling’?”

“I often thought that I should’ve become a doctor. But, it seems like I made the right choice. Meeting you, and you’ll be able to like teachers if this goes on.”

“You’re looking into the future way too much…”

And saying ‘like’ is a bit difficult, you see…!

“You really aren’t honest…Ah, that’s right! We can’t have your cold get any worse again, so let’s hurry home!”

“You don’t have to hurry like that, it’s not like I’ll die from this—”

But then, I realized. If I were to go home with Maka-sensei…! I-I’d have to go through another nightmare with the red monster…!

“U-Uhm…I think I’ll take the train today.”

“What are you saying? I have to get you back to your bed faster than any public transport institution!”

“That’s the scary part!”

Instead of teachers, will I get another trauma when I keep riding with her…?!


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