Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 3 Epilogue

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It’s been a while since I had been present in the student council office. And, just like always, none of the members was present, even though classes had already ended.

“Now then, how about we have you tell us just exactly what happened, Saigi Makoto.”

“You’re going to interrogate me again?!”

The only member present was, of course, the student council president, Jinsho Karen-senpai. And right now, said student council president was standing in front of the long, wooden desk. On the other hand, I was forced to sit down on the floor in dogeza. Although her skirt is longer than Nui’s, her high stature makes it almost possible for me to see her panties…

“I have received reports from Saigi Miharu that your cold is completely gone now.”

“Y-Yes, thanks to you…”

It’s been two days since that Sunday when Kuu ran away. I did take the Monday off just to make sure, but now I’m back to full health.

“Very well, then we can start the torture—Excuse me, the interrogation. Right now, there’s a very peculiar rumour going around the school. Saigi Makoto, since when did you turn into a lolicon?”

“I didn’t turn into one!”

“Then, do you like me?”

“That’s a completely different story!”

“Tch…You’re not satisfied with a big-breasted, black, long-haired student council president?”

“Kaichou, you’re forgetting about the main topic!”

Saigi Makoto was under suspicion of being a lolicon. The most prominent topic going around the high school division of Seikadai. Why is it that a boring student like me tends to become the topic more frequently as of recently…

“Saigi Makoto, you took a girl named Shinju Muku forcefully by the hand, and pulled her with you, right?”

“Just say we were holding hands!”

Pulling her with me makes it sound like a crime!

“There’s even talk that you made the girl cry.”

“I already explained the circumstances! There’s been a lot happening in the background!”

Apparently, somebody from the high school division spotted me as I was walking hand in hand with Kuu. They even took pictures, so all the social networks are full of it.

“But, even I wasn’t able to hold hands with you yet.”

“Kuu and Kaichou are completely different after all. There’s nothing weird about holding a kid by the hand as we walk.”

“Since we’re in the same school, isn’t that even more natural than holding hands with a kid?”

“I feel like the conversation is drifting into a different direction again…If a beauty like Kaichou would be holding hands with me, everything would be thrown off balance.”

“Even if God doesn’t allow it, I will.”

“This isn’t on the level of asking God for forgiveness…”

So holding hands with a beauty like you would bring the wrath of the gods down upon me?

“My tenure as the student council president is only until this year September. Why won’t you understand that I don’t have any time to waste!”

“As if I could understand that!”

Although the tenure as a student council president goes until September, almost the whole August is full of summer break, so it’s really not that long anymore…But, can her position really turn into an advantage for her love…?


“What, a LINE message? Go on, look at it.”


Of course, getting really bad vibes of this, I slowly took out my smartphone and checked the message.

‘I’m at Sensei’s home right now! I couldn’t wait to meet Kagome-chan!’

Additionally, I received a picture, showing Kuu, hugging the white-haired cat Kagome. She was currently sitting on the sofa in the Saigi household’s living room. Next to her was Miharu, giving a peace-sign to the camera.

Yes, we decided to take in Kagome in our house. She became our family since yesterday. Makes sense that Kuu would frequently come over to visit us. Can’t have a grade schooler like her wander off to the cat cafe every day. Of course, the one who has to look after Kagome is me alone. It’s a lot of work, but I’ll try my best.

“Oho, very interesting…So you get these kinds of pictures.”

“Can you not peek into my privacy like that? No, nevermind that retort.”

“I see…It’s true that there is a bigger problem at hand. Using cats as prey to lure in this young girl into your dirty hands. In God’s stead, I will give you your befitting punishment.”

“Can you stop badmouthing me without any basis for it!”

“Really, how troublesome that she’s such a cat freak. Of course, a lolicon would use that against her.”

“Again, you’re wrong about that!”

Ever since this recent spring, more and more misunderstandings keep rising up about me. Even though I’m a healthy high school student, with a clean criminal record. Taking away my hate for teachers, I couldn’t be any more normal.

“Truth be told, even without the hate for teachers, you being a lolicon is troublesome. I can’t help you if you commit any irreversible crimes you know.”

“Even Maka-sensei is saying that?!”

And also, there’s nothing wrong with being a lolicon. Of course, only if you keep that hobby only in your head. No touching, very important.

Well, just when I thought I had gotten away from Karen-kaichou, next it was Maka-sensei that cornered me.

“To be honest, I also wanted to prepare the uniform of the grade school division, but, with my current sizes, that proved to be impossible.”

“Please stop joking…”

What is this person thinking? She’s telling me she thought that she’d find a uniform like that, one that would fit her tall stature, and those E-cup breasts?

“But, thanks to this photo, the people will doubt our relationship even less. So in the end, it’s all OK~”

“Nothing is all OK~!?”

I don’t want to be judged a lolicon for this still long portion of my high school life.

“But, it’d be troublesome if you turned into a real lolicon. Even if Saigi-kun doesn’t have that sort of interest yet, Muku-san has quite the high loli charm.”

“What in the world is loli charm…”

Though I have to admit that Kuu is already quite the beauty.

“It seems like we have to focus our future ‘education’ towards ensuring that Saigi-kun won’t turn into a lolicon!”

“E-Education again…?!”

“Exactly, and it will be even fiercer than before. Instead of just showing you, and stripping, we also have to move up a stage.”

Maka-sensei said something idiotic with a serious face.

“Would you be able to understand if I said that we’d have to go further than a kiss?”

Leaning forward, she looked up at me. A sweet scent came flying from her long hair. And, she had already opened the upper buttons of her blouse, showing me the valley of her breasts.

“It’s no use if you hate teachers. But, I won’t use that excuse anymore. I’m happy that you’re shaking off your memories of teachers, but I’m also a bit worried.”

“…So there are things that even Maka-sensei gets worried about.”

When that rumour about us was going around the school. she didn’t care about it all too much. Just like with the vice-principal, when she was doubting us.

“After all, I’m far away from being perfect.”

“I know that.”

“…Not cute at all. That reminds me, recently it’s all about that young girl and cats, and you didn’t give me any attention.”

“Should an adult really be seeking for attention like this…?”

“It’s exactly because I’m an adult that I want it. Adults can get lonely pretty fast you know. That’s probably why we’re so keen on building up a family.”

“…I don’t need to hear anything about the psychological backgrounds of adults nowadays.”

“That’s right. By the way—I’ve been waiting for a while now, you know?”


Oh yeah, she’s been looking up at me this whole time. Doesn’t she get tired?

“Touch me~”


“No need to be so shocked. There could be no other step besides that. Of course, I’ll teach you where to touch me.”

“S-Sensei, please wait a second…”

“I won’t wait anymore. So many new girls appeared recently. I have to make you remember who your woman is. It is time for Maka-sensei’s counterattack!”

“W-When will my counterattack start, I wonder…?”

“That’s exactly what’s cute about you, Saigi-kun. Don’t counterattack. You should know that very well, right?”

“What do you mean by that…”

“You said that Muku-san is fine how she is right now, right? This is exactly the same.”


Not good, I just felt like I understood what she meant.

Kuu is cute after all, and I love her smile when she plays with her cats. But, Kuu won’t stay a kid forever. Even though I know that, I can’t help but wishing that she stays like this forever.

“Seems like you perfectly understand. Now then, Sensei will teach you the rest~”

“That’s a bit too fast if you ask me!”

No, this isn’t the problem of being too fast or too slow! But even so, my hands won’t stop moving. My hands won’t stop moving towards her bulges. And once I got a good feel out of them, they moved behind her back, to slowly embrace her.

N-Not good. Rather than my hands—I can’t stop myself. Maybe the one that can’t wait anymore isn’t Sensei, but me…?

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  1. Kucing Terbang 10. July 2019 — 13:01

    … Riaju explode!


  2. Oh shit…sweet ending.!


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