Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 7.5 Chapter 4

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Towano Chikai and the lecture on how to become a little sister

Part 1:

“O-Onii-chan… Umm, ehh, Onii-chan’s hand is really soft, so please pat my head some more!”

“That’s not any good, Nene-chan. You’re still embarrassed. Sakura will show you how to do it, so pay close attention… Cough… Onii-chan! Your hand is so soft and it feels so kind! I love it! Please pat my head some more!”

“Just what you’d expect from a professional voice actress like Sakura-san. But I think that you should keep it a bit more in-character. ‘Onii-chan, please pat my head some more. O-Onii-chan’s hand is so soft, after all’… something like that.”

“Hawa, Suzuka-sama, it’s like the real Yuuka-san is standing right next to me…!”

“Y-You’re overexaggerating! I-It’s just that I always go with Onii-chan when he’s collecting data, so I’ve just gotten used to it at this point?!”

“Muu, Suzuka-chan really is amazing. But Sakura will definitely catch up to you one day!”


Suzuka, Nene-san, and Minazuki-san were all enthusiastically talking with one another. I let out a dejected sigh as I watched the scene.

Currently, we were in Nene-san’s room, but I don’t have the slightest idea how we ended up like this. The girls had no idea how uncomfortable I felt while they read phrases from light novels aloud. But let’s go back a few hours and recount how the situation evolved into what it is now.

Part 2:

“Yeah, it’s really fun to read now.”

On a certain school holiday, at our home.

After finishing reading through the new manuscript that Nene-san had brought with her, I gave her my impressions.

“I-I have to agree. It’s come a long way, that’s for sure…!”

Suzuka followed suit.

“…W-With this, you might even be able to win the grand prize…! That’s not a bad thing, of course, but if she wins…!”

Suzuka’s expression, though, only grew more clouded as she read through the manuscript.

Well, that aside, after all of this data that we had gathered recently, it was true that the quality of Nene-san’s writing had improved.

It was a romcom filled with lots of lovey-dovey events between a Senpai and a Kouhai. Since I felt like this could really come out on top in the light novel contest, I gave it my seal of approval.

“Writing this kind of pro-level novel while only being in middle school is really amazing! It must be thanks to Sensei’s guidance, for sure!”

Minazuki-san, who had come by on a whim to visit us, voiced her opinion. Apparently, she had heard about Nene-san’s circumstances from Mai and the others, and read the manuscript so she could present the opinions of an average reader, so to speak.

“…T-Thank you very much.”

When she heard our words, Nene-san gave an embarrassed nod, but…

“Ah? What’s wrong? Why the long face?”

“U-Uhm, it’s…”

When I asked her about it, she hesitated for a bit, but she finally seemed to make up her mind about something.

“A-Actually, I myself am not quite satisfied with this novel yet… U-Umm… though this might be a bit rude of me…!”

“You’re still not satisfied yet? Why is that?”

“T-That’s, umm… I wanted to write the novel even more interesting for Onii-sama…! Auauau…!”

“For me?”


Though I was even more confused by that response, Suzuka’s face was one of pure shock. But ignoring that for now…

“As I just said, I think that it’s plenty interesting already.”

“B-But, I think that I have to make Onii-sama feel that from the bottom of his heart, or something like that…!”

…Hmm? Is it because I’m the light novel author Towano Chikai that she respects me so much?

“Since I still feel like there’s something that isn’t quite right about it, I haven’t sent it in to the contest yet…”

“Ahhh, that’s no good, is it?”

The contest she wanted to submit it to was the one run by Ryuusei Publishing, but the deadline is closing in rapidly… What should I do about this? Even if she says that she wants me to think it’s more interesting, I have no clue what I should tell her…

When I glanced over at Suzuka for help, she was just mumbling something to herself like always… What should I do about this?

“Ah, if that’s the case, then Sakura has just the idea!”

In the end, the one reaching out a saving hand was Minazuki-san. She raised her hand with a “Yes yes!” as if she were in school.

“If you want Sensei to like it even more, then it’s gotta be a little sister novel for sure!”

“Huuh?!” “Ehhh?!”

But what Minazuki-san blurted out was utter nonsense, which dashed any hopes that I had, and Suzuka and I could only cry out in surprise.

“Since Sensei is a crazy little-sister-lover, if Nene-chan turned her novel into a little sister one, Sensei will definitely love it to bits!”

“W-What are you talking about, Minazuki-san?! Don’t say something as idiotic as that!”

“E-Exactly! H-Having Madenkouji-san write a little sister novel is just…!”

Of course, Suzuka and I voiced our complaints.

“L-Little sister novel…? Now that you bring it up, Onii-sama’s novel also has a little sister theme, and Suzuka-sama is right next to him… Maybe he really would enjoy my novel even more if I took that into consideration…”


And for whatever reason, Nene-san actually looked like she was seriously considering it.

“You definitely should do it! Sakura will totally help you out if you want to gather data on it!”

“T-Thank you very much, Sakura-sama…”

“So with that being said… Sensei! Please let Sakura stay over at your house again!”

“Could you please not impose on others like that, Minazuki-san?!”

…And staying over?!

“Actually, Sakura had another fight with her older brother, so she ran away from home again.”

“A-Again?! What in the world happened?”

“‘I’ll definitely become an older brother like Sensei!’ —He said, but then he asked Sakura to treat him like the older brother from Sensei’s novel. He just said worthless junk like that as always.”

…Ahhh, that guy really doesn’t change. Also, seeing Minazuki-san’s face when she’s talking about Sakurada-san is really scary!

“That being said, please let Sakura stay over at Sensei’s house like last time! I even came prepared!”

“So this is what that bag over there is for?! Back then, we didn’t have any other choice but to let you stay over, so this time it’s definitely a no-go, okay?!”

“Just do it for Nene-chan! It’d definitely turn out to be some good data if she stays over at a real little sister’s house!”

“How kind of you to intertwine your own personal needs with Nene-san’s like that!”

“Nene-chan must also want to stay over at Sensei’s house to collect data, right?”


Ugh… Now that she’s brought Nene-san into this, I can’t shoo her away that easily… Still, having the two of them stay over won’t work. For many reasons…

“I-I will not allow that!”

Luckily, Suzuka is on my side this time.

Yeah! Go get ’em, champ!

“Having you sleep under the same roof as Onii-chan…! That’s way too dangerous!”

“Why are you making it sound like I’m some sort of animal?!”

“E-Especially if there were some kind of accident with Madenokouji-san…! A-Anyway, I don’t have the time for preparations anyway, so staying over today is impossible!”

Though this kinda sounded like she was dissing me, she did say what I wanted her to, I guess… For now, that’s one crisis averted—Minazuki-san! Don’t go sulking like a little kid now!

“B-But, in order to write an even more interesting novel, I’m ready to do anything…!”

Sadly, Nene-san didn’t seem like she was ready to give up just yet. Also, does she really plan on turning her novel into a little-sister one?

“M-Madenkouji-san, your novel is perfectly fine as it is right now, so is there really a need to make it a little sister one?”

Suzuka seemed be thinking the same thing as me, but…

“I want to collect all the data I can so that I can write a novel that Onii-sama loves to bits. I have to be as aggressive as I can about it…!”

Suzuka couldn’t say anything in response to Nene-san’s pushy attitude.

I know that you want to help her with her novel, but letting her stay over is taking this too far, I tell you!

But in that moment, Nene-san looked as if she had thought of another possibility, and slowly lifted her hand.

“Then… How about everyone stays over at my house…?”

Part 3:

…Well, you probably can guess how the rest went. Minazuki-san was totally A-OK with it, while Suzuka and I tried our best to turn down her offer. But in the end, we lost against Nene-san’s desire to gather more data, and we ended up agreeing to it.

A limousine came to pick us up, real-life maids escorted us into a western-styled mansion, and without giving us any time to be surprised, we had already started this reading session—That was the gist of it.

“Nene-chan. Little sisters in light novels are always full of love for their Onii-chan, so you have to clearly show that feeling.”

“I-I see…”

“Of course, not just the phrase itself, but you have to feel it with every fiber of your being, you could say. W-Well, learning that in just one evening is impossible, of course.”

“T-That’s the Suzuka-sama I respect…”

“O-Of course, there’s no deeper meaning to why exactly I can feel every emotion of the character so clearly.”

And like this, the girls’ little sister lecture grew even more enthusiastic.

“…Hey, are you really fine with this?” I asked Suzuka in a quiet voice.

And also, you said that you’d help Nene-san with her novel, not help her turn it into a little-sister one.

“…I can’t help it, can I? I don’t think that I could’ve convinced Madenokouji-san otherwise, anyway.”

“That’s true, but…”

“And also, this might actually be a good chance for me…! If it comes down to little sisters, there’s no way that I can lose…!”


“I am Onii-chan’s one and only little sister, so I can use this to show her that she doesn’t stand any chance…! When she sees that, Madenokouji-san might actually give up…!”

“Give up? Give up what?”

“Hya?! N-Nothing. A-Anyway, we have to do our best to make sure that Madenokouji-san can write an even better novel! Of course, we’ll devote ourselves strictly and fiercely!”

Whatever, I guess. Still, Nene-san is writing a little-sister type of novel, huh? I really think that her Senpai – Kouhai novel is perfectly fine, though.

While I was busy thinking about that, the reading session was moving forward, led by Suzuka. Well, Suzuka’s novel is the epitome of what Nene-san wants to write, so that makes sense at least.

“It seems like you still have a lot more to learn. Little sisters are very profound existences…” said Suzuka with a satisfied smile.

“I-I didn’t think that grasping little sisters would be this difficult…” said Nene-san in a dejected manner.

…Was it just my imagination, or did a confident, victorious smile cross Suzuka’s face just now?

“…Hmm, Sakura still can’t win against Suzuka-chan in terms of little sister power,” said Minazuki-san with a pout.

“W-Well, I am Onii-chan’s little sister, after all. Madenkouji-san, you don’t have to force yourself this much, you know.”

“N-No, I’ll definitely pull through this…”

“Then, as a ‘little sister’, I will accept your chall—Excuse me. I’ll help out with your research. Then up next is…”

It happened when Suzuka was once again looking through the pages.

“Ah, that’s right. Let’s try the practice that Sakura always does!”

Clapping her hands, Minazuki-san leaned forward.

“Sakura has done a lot to act like a real little sister… Ah, here it is!”

Saying that, Minazuki-san started rummaging through her bag. She took out what seemed to be a DVD of a little sister anime?

“Nene-chan, Nene-chan, can we watch this?”

When Minazuki-san asked her that, Nene-san gave a slightly surprised nod and put the DVD into a nearby video player that was connected to a TV.

“…Umm, is this supposed to be practice? Watching an anime, and studying the little sister character in it?”

“You’re wrong, Sensei. We’ll do it like this.”

Taking the remote from Nene-san, Minazuki-san muted the TV and—

“Ah, good morning, Onii-chan. You’re already awake!”

Ohhh, so she’s ad-libbing what might fit in the situation onscreen. Is this what’s known as dubbing?

“This is how Sakura practices from time to time. If we can get Nene-chan to successfully ad-lib over this little sister character, it’ll surely be good practice for when she wants to write a little-sister novel!”

She’s got a point. Unexpectedly, it’s quite a good idea.

“P-Please wait a second. Wouldn’t it be fine to just act out the little sister from my—no, from Onii-chan’s novel…?”

“But, there’s no promise that this kind of novel would be a good fit for Nene-chan. Sakura thinks that it’s better for her to find her own type of little sister that she wants to write.”


Minazuki-san’s logic was so flawless that even Suzuka couldn’t say anything back.

“Alright! Now that that’s decided, let’s have Nene-chan try this out! Ah, Sensei will play the role of the Onii-chan, of course.”


“Of course! Little sisters exist because they have an Onii-chan!”

“Umm, they could also just have an older sister as well, I think…”

“No, that doesn’t work at all.”

Hey Suzuka, what’s with that response…?

“U-Umm, I’m looking forward to it! ‘Onii-chan’…”

Standing in front of the monitor, Nene-san bowed down to me with a bright red face.

…Haah, I can’t help it. Dubbing won’t work without the right people, I guess.

“Okay! Then here we go!”

“…Mu, I’ll just have to show you my immense little sister power here…”

Minazuki-san was tightly gripping the remote, Suzuka was mumbling something to herself, and the dubbing practice started.

“Ah, awawawa…! O-Onii-chan, good morning…!”

Nene-san spoke, mimicking the character’s movements on the screen.

“That’s no good, Nene-chan. The character has to laugh, not freeze up like that.” Minazuki-san immediately stopped her.

“I-I’m sorry… B-But what should I do…?”

“Look at the character and try to match the atmosphere that they’re currently depicting. There’s no failing here, so we’ll just try again.”

“Hawawa…! O-Onii-chan, good morning. Such nice weather we’re having today!”

“You’re still being too forceful!”

Like that, Nene-san tried her hardest to act the character, with Minazuki-san guiding her. At first, she had a rough time, but it slowly looked like she was starting to get more comfortable with the character.

“F-For today’s breakfast, I made everything that Onii-chan likes.”

“Ah, really? Thanks.”

Though Madenokouji-san’s tension was still visible, Minazuki-san saw no need to interrupt her again. Trying not to be a bother, I keep my answers as simple as possible, and tried to keep the flow of conversation going.

“Nice acting! But it’s still a bit stiff, so try to do it more naturally! That’s very important if you want to become the character!”

“Y-Yes. Become the character!” Nene-san gave a serious nod after Minazuki-san gave her advice.

“Onii-chan, let’s go to school together again today!”

Since Nene-san had a special talent (?) for acting a character to the extent that she even loses herself, Minazuki-san’s advice turned out to be perfect for her.

“Ehehe, I’ll be going together with Onii-chan!”

Right now, the screen was showing a scene where the little sister was gleefully running around the older brother. Jumping up from time to time, pulling on his clothes, covering his eyes, clearly showing her enjoyment. Nene-san’s words perfectly matched the scene.

Just when I was thinking I’m sure that this’ll turn into some good data for her, Nene-san, still in-character, put her hands in front of my eyes. I wanted to play along, but…

“Haha, stop with the jokes alrea—dy?!”

Suddenly, two round lumps of softness started pressing against my back.

…T-This is?! This scene isn’t anything weird in the anime, but why is it a random lucky pervert moment in real life?!

I suddenly realized why.

The little sister in the anime is flat-chested. But since the same can’t be said about Nene-san…

“M-Madenokouji-san?! W-W-W-What are you doing!”

Suzuka must’ve realized the situation, since she suddenly called out to Nene-san.

“Onii-chan, hurry hurry!”

However, maybe because she was too in-character right then, Nene-san didn’t react in the slightest. She just continued.

…This is bad…! Rather than them hitting me, it’s like she’s shoving them against me?!

“P-Please let go of him!”

In that moment, Suzuka barged in between us and pulled us apart.

…I-I’m saved!

“S-Suzuka-sama…? Ah! D-Did I… Again…?!”

It took Nene-san a moment to realise what had happened, but her red face finally indicated that she understood what she just did.

“I-I lost control of myself again…! I’m so sorry…!”

…W-Well, I already knew that Nene-san had this kind of personality, so I’m fine with it. Though I really wish that Suzuka wouldn’t glare at me like that!

“That was amazing, Nene-chan! If you keep going like that, you’ll definitely write a crazy good little sister character!”

Meanwhile, Minazuki-san was praising Nene-san, urging her to continue.

“U-Uhm…! If Onii-sama doesn’t hate me, then…!”

Nene-san started glancing at me with a red face…

“N-No, I will be the one to do it now!” Suzuka jumped into the conversation and blurted out something unreasonable.

“Wait a second, why would you…?!”

“A-As your little sister, I cannot stay quiet. Instead, I’ll help you collect data. Also, I can’t forget to work on my attractiveness—ahem! On the advice for Madenokouji-san! So I thought that I might as well show her how it’s done!”

“…I wonder about that.”

“What kind of reaction is that? Onii-chan, aren’t you just saying that so that you can be all flirty with Madenkouji-san again?!”

“What are you talking about?!”

In the end, for one weird reason or another, Suzuka ended up joining the dubbing session.

“Suzuka-chan is going to join in, too? Nice! Then let’s keep going!”

Thus, Suzuka stood in front of the screen, switching places with Nene-san.


And at the same time, Suzuka also hugged me from behind like Nene-san just had.

“I-I can’t help it. This is what’s on the screen right now, so I have to act out the character!”

“B-But you just told Nene-san to get away from me—”

“T-That was only because I was surprised. Now that Madenokouji-san has done it, I have to follow suit.”

“What kind of logic is that?”

“A-Anyway, let’s start! Now, Onii-chan, let’s show them all how lovey-dovey we are while we walk to school!”

“Eh? Ah, you’re right?!”

As if it were the most natural thing in the world, Suzuka started her acting, which forced me to panic and adapt… But is the little sister really this kind of character? And she’s saying different things than Nene-san did just earlier…

“Ehe, ehehehe… Going to school with Onii-chan while being lovey-dovey…!”

“S-Suzuka-sama is so amazing…”

“That’s Suzuka-chan for you. We have to work hard so we don’t get left behind.”


I heard two voices behind my back.

…Well, if this is going to be useful for Nene-san, then I’m the last guy who would complain—or so I thought.


Not bored of this simple interaction at all, the little sister on the screen now had started rubbing her cheek against the older brother’s.

…Oh, yeah, this was that kind of sweet little sister anime. I remember now. But, well, she surely wouldn’t go this far just to collect data—


The moment I thought that, I felt something warm and soft touch my cheek, and I was unable to hold back a shriek.

“O-Onii-chan… Rub rub…”


“Y-You’re wrong, this isn’t what I want to do at all. I just have to act out the character! S-S-S-S-So don’t get the wrong idea!” Suzuka said, still continuing to rub her cheek against mine.

…No no no, you’re definitely going too far here!

“Ehe, ehehehe… With Onii-chan… Funya…”

See, Nene-san is going ‘Funya Funya’ already! Don’t force yourself just because it’s for your data!

“S-Suzuka-sama… That looks so nice…”

“Ahhhh! Suzuka-chan is so unfair! Sakura will do it with Sensei next!”

“Eh?! Hey, Minazuki-san, let’s not rush anything, okay?!”

“This is Sakura’s special teaching method, so she has to show everyone how it’s done! Ahh, uhm, of course… only for Nene-san’s… reference? Yeah!”

“What kind of blatant lie is that?!”

“Come on, Suzuka-chan! It’s Sakura’s turn now!”


Ignoring the Suzuka’s confused grunt, Minazuki-san peeled her off of my back.

“Umm… Sakura wants to do this scene! Onii-chan, Onii-chan, carry Sakura!”


The screen showed the little sister going to hug her older brother. But because Sakura ran into me too hard, though, she pushed me to the ground.

“Really, Sensei has to match up with Sakura!”

“D-Don’t ask the impossible of me… And why did the sister’s name suddenly change into your own?!”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff! That’s just what kind of little sister that Sakura is!”

“Multiple personalities?!”

While I was trying to shake off Minazuki-san who was sitting on top of me…

“U-Umm… Onii-sama…”

“Nene-san?! S-Sorry about this. Even though this is supposed to be your research, it turned into something like this…”

“N-No, umm… I was just thinking that I also wanted to gather some data like that…”


Just when I thought that Nene-san would be disappointed by this development, she hesitantly spoke.

“Ahh, whatever! Minazuki-san, get away from me! …So what now, Nene-san?”

“T-There’s this one scene I’m very interested in…” she said, and pointed at the screen.

Shown there was the older brother sleeping on his bed in the middle of the night. The little sister was slowly and stealthily climbing onto it—?!

“No no no, reenacting that in real life is really bad, in a lot of ways!”

“That’s right, you can’t do that!”

“S-Suzuka?! You’re back from the dead?!”

“D-Doing that, even for data collection, is something I cannot allow!”

“B-But I feel like I really need this data… If Onii-sama is okay with it…”

“T-Then, I’ll be your stand-in! I’m a real little sister, after all, so there’s no problem at all!”

“Of course there is?! It’s not a problem of who it is!”

Ahhhhh, why does it always end up like this?!

“A night with Onii-chan?! Sakura wants to join as well! For the sake of data collection, of course!”

Even Minazuki-san jumped in on it, and everything fell into chaos.

“Ahhhhh! Everyone, please calm down! Getting energetic about this is one thing, but wasn’t it your goal to just understand the mindset a little sister has?!”

“That’s right! We have to reenact everything for that!”

“You became a little sister by being lovey-dovey with Onii-chan, after all!”

“U-Umm, I agree with that…”

…Am I the one in the wrong here?!

My world was falling apart. But the three girls suddenly became oddly quiet at the same time.

…W-What’s this? What happened…?

I slowly lifted my head to check the situation—

“Don’t tell me…”

Shown on the screen was a scene where the little sister was intruding on her older brother, who was taking a bath.

…You’re kidding me, right…?

“U-Uhm, Onii-sama… I would like to reenact this scene…!”

“I thought so! Calm down! Taking a bath together is definitely not going to happen, okay?!”

“B-But, I think that this will turn into good reference material, especially because this is so sibling-like…!”

Unexpectedly, Nene-san explained her reasoning in a confident manner, which made me swallow my words.

“T-That’s right. Though this doesn’t happen very often, siblings do this all the time. When I help Onii-chan for his research for example…?!”

“Y-You! As if we’d do something like that on a regular basis?!”

“Though Onii-chan seems to be a bit forgetful about it, this is indeed something normal if you have a little sister, Madenokouji-san.”

…W-What’s your intention with this?

“If Suzuka-chan does it, then Sakura will too! Then let’s all reenact the bath scene with Onii-chan!”


Everyone (besides me of course) immediately agreed with a roar.

…Why does my opinion never count?!

I was actually dragged into the bath, just like that. I suddenly found myself resting in the hot water of one of the many (!) bathrooms in Nene-san’s mansion.

“T-Taking a bath together with Onii-sama…”

“Ehehehe, have to brag about this to the others on LINE!”

“W-Well, I’m used to this, so this isn’t anything special!”

Around me were three beauties revealing their bodies.

…O-Of course, not completely naked or anything! We were all wearing swimsuits!

That was the one thing that stopped me from dashing out of the bathroom immediately. While I had been adamantly trying to stop this whole bathroom scene research, they managed to barely convince me by saying “If we go into the bath while wearing swimsuits, it’s like we’re at a pool”.

“T-Taking a bath together with a boy… Auuu…! So it was something as embarrassing as this…!”

“It’s Sakura’s first time as well, but with the little sister and Onii-chan setting, this is no problem at all!”

“T-That’s right. This is something completely normal for a good little sister like me!”

As if! You’re just as embarrassed! I can see your eyes spinning in their sockets! Is it that? Is your pride as Towano Chikai forcing you to boast about it?

“A-Anyway, this is to collect data, so let’s hurry up and finish this,” I said, hoping that we could get this over with as fast as possible.

Even if they’re wearing swimsuits, the fact that this is a bathroom still gives me a weird feeling…

“Y-Yes… Then let’s try recreating that scene we just saw… W-Washing Onii-sama’s back…!” muttered Nene-san with a bright red face.

T-This feels really immoral…

“It’s perfectly normal, after all!”

“I-It’s my duty as a little sister to wash Onii-chan’s back.”

Duty aside, it’s true that this is basically the only thing you can do in this kind of situation. I got out of the water and sat on a stool, turning my back towards everyone.

“L-Leave it to me… Onii-chan…!” said Nene-san, already in her role as the little sister, as she started scrubbing my back with a sponge.

“H-How is it? Am I doing it right?”

“Y-Yeah, it’s good, I think?”

I gave a nervous reply as I felt Nene-san’s hesitant washing. Though I wasn’t able to distinguish good from bad, since this had never happened to me before, I wasn’t feeling bad, so that was all that counted.

“That’s no good, Nene-chan. You can’t use a sponge to wash his back. You have to use your bare hands!”

When Minazuki-san blurted that out, the atmosphere in the place slowly started to change.

“B-Bare hands…?!”

“M-Minazuki-san?! What kind of ridiculous things are you saying all of a sudden?!”

“Something like that isn’t weird at all, Sensei. With lovey-dovey siblings, It’s good skinship. Literally!”

No no no, that doesn’t explain anything?!


But while I was trying to formulate a response, I felt the sensation of soft skin hitting my back.


“U-Umm… Since I was the one who brought up the idea… I’ll try my best… Onii-chan…!”

Without giving me any time to stop her, Nene-san immediately started running her hands over my back. Although it wasn’t exactly any different from when she had done it with a sponge, I felt a weird sensation running through my body when I thought about it being her hands now.

“O-Onii-chan?! W-W-W-What kind of lecherous expression is that?!”

“N-No, it’s not like I was…! Nene-san?! Can we take a short break—?”

“…Onii-chan? Does it feel good? I’ll try even more…!”

Wait a second… Is she getting too much into her character again?!

“Then, next is… Onii-chan, please turn around.”


I did as I was told, and we were now sitting facing each other—


Suddenly, Nene-san’s hands started wandering all over my chest and belly, sending a shiver throughout my body.

“You can’t move like that, Onii-chan. Please stay still, okay?”

“That’s easier said than done!”

I was about to dash off, since the situation was worsening by the second. But Nene-san immediately took hold of my body and resumed her washing regimen.

“W-Will you stop it already?!”

In that moment, Suzuka once again forced herself in between Nene-san and me.

“Even though I haven’t gotten to do this yet…! This is a duty for Onii-chan’s real little sister—”

“H-Hey, Suzuka?!”

Suzuka moved too quickly, however, and lost her balance. Since I was wet all over, I wasn’t able to get a good hold of her.



I barely managed to catch her body, and I ended up as her cushion as we fell down. Luckily, the impact wasn’t all too strong, so we both ended up fine.

“Suzuka-chan is using her whole body to wash Sensei’s body?! Sakura knows about that… It’s the body sponge!”

“You’re way off!”

Wait, this isn’t the time to be talking to her like that!

Name aside, I couldn’t help but think about what she really meant, and I felt the blood rushing to my head. My whole body was slippery, and Suzuka’s soft body was being pressed against mine. All in all, it felt really immoral—What am I thinking about?!

“…Eh? Ah…!”

And it didn’t take long for Suzuka to realize her own position, either…


All her strength seemed to leave her body, and she collapsed on top of me.

…This is even worse than before! She’s practically glued to me!

“Hawa… Hawawa…! S-Suzuka-sama is so bold…!”

“That’s Suzuka-chan for you. Sakura didn’t think she’d go this far.”

“Funya… I-I’m Onii-chan’s little sister, after all…”

“Why are the two of you appreciating this scene right now?! Suzuka! Come back to your senses already!”

While saying this, I went to grab Suzuka to try to push her off of me, but…

“Mu, just Nene-chan and Suzuka-chan is unfair! Sakura wants Sensei to wash her body instead!”

“Ah, I-I’d like to experience that as well… My whole body… by Onii-sama…!”

“No no no, can you two read the mood for a second?!”

Minazuki-san approached me, closely followed by Nene-san.

In the end, neither of them gave me any room to argue, and when Suzuka came back to her senses, she insisted on joining in. To keep it short, the bath scene research continued for quite a while after that.

Part 4:

That night, I was rolling around on a bed in a guest room, letting out a deep sigh. The reason for that of course was all of the little-sister data collecting. Not just the incident in the bath, but also during dinner… Ahh, let’s just forget about that.

“W-Well, if it turned into some good reference for Nene-san, then I guess that’s fine…”

Thinking that, I closed my eyes and cut that train of thought. Immediately afterwards, I felt myself drifting into the land of dreams, but…


I heard a sudden sound, and I slowly opened my eyes.


“…Eh? N-Nene-san?!”

In the almost complete darkness, I could barely make out Nene-san’s bright red face, which made me jump in surprise.

“W-What are you doing?! Shouldn’t you be sleeping in your room?!”

“T-That’s…! I-I just felt like I had to experience that one scene from the anime…!”

She was probably thinking that such a scene happened in everyday life.

“Onii-sama’s novel had scenes like that, so I thought that I had to experience those myself in order to write a good little sister novel…!”

“Ugh… This is really taking it too far! Please just try to imagine it and write based on that!”

When I told her that, she seemed to give up. She bowed down to me, her face still bright red.

“U-Umm… I’m sorry for causing all this ruckus…! Please let me make it up to you with some tea…!”

“…Yeah, my sleepiness is all gone now, so I might as well…”

Trying to calm ourselves down, in multiple ways, both of us made our way towards the parlor. At noon, many maids had been walking around here, busy with housework, but now the entire mansion was asleep, so Nene-san was the one who made the tea.

“U-Umm, I’m really sorry about this just now…”

“Nah, it’s okay.”

“B-But, for the sake of my novel, I wouldn’t mind…!”

“Just forget about that already!”

Even the bath research back then was totally unacceptable already, so going any further than that would be a no-go! …But, well, I’m glad to see that she’s so zealous about her novel. Oh, right. This is a perfect chance to ask her about something that’s been bugging me all this time.

“Nene-san. Are you really going to rewrite it into a little-sister novel?”

“Yes. Instead of a Senpai – Kouhai relationship, I want to write a romcom with a non-blood-related little sister, and use that as my entry for the light novel contest.”

“Are you really fine with that?”

“U-Umm, what do you mean?”

“No, nothing in particular, I was just wondering why you’d decided that so suddenly.”

“I-It’s just that I wanted to write a novel that Onii-sama would enjoy from the bottom of his heart…!”

Well, that’s what she always said. She really is a huge fan of Towano Chikai, huh?

“…But I still think that instead of taking my opinion into consideration, you should just write your novel however you want.”

“Y-Yes, I know. But the novel I want to write is the one that Onii-sama enjoys the most…!” Nene-san said, her cheeks slightly flushed as she looked straight at me.

Hmmm? I think that we’re somehow talking past each other, but I can’t say anything about her motivation, I guess.

“U-Umm, thanks to all your work today, it feels like I finally understand what a little sister character is all about, and I’m sure that I can put that into my novel…!”

“That’s good to hear. It seems like my suffering was worth it in the end…”

“Little sisters are supposed to charm their older brothers…!”

“That kind of dangerous thinking is surely because of those other two, right?!”

Not just Minazuki-san; even Suzuka goes crazy as soon as we bring up little sisters in any way…

“But try not to overdo it, okay?” I said, thinking that it was about time for me to go back to sleep.

“Ah, Onii-sama—N-No, Onii-chan…”


But before I could walk away, Nene-san’s voice stopped me.

“U-Umm… If we can’t sleep together, then how about a good luck charm?”

“Good luck charm? What kind?”

“Well… In order to make sure that the little sister doesn’t get any nightmares, you softly pat her on the head…!”

I was a bit hesitant at first, but…

“Okay, fine. Then good night.”

Seeing this as another chance for her to gather data, I gave a bitter smile as I patted her on her head.

“Thank you very much… Thanks to this, I’m sure I can write a good novel that Onii-sama will enjoy…”

When I did, Nene-san returned a pure, little-sister-like smile.

After separating from Nene-san and returning to my room, I laid down in bed again, certain that I would be able to sleep this time for sure, but…


When I pulled back the blanket, I almost had a heart attack.

“…O-Onii-chan, where have you been this late at night?”

For some reason, Suzuka was currently occupying my bed, staring up at me.

“Y-You…?! What’s your plan with this…?!”

“T-That’s… I-I wanted to sleep together with you…!”

Sleep together?! Again with that?!

“D-Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?! This wasn’t my only intention, but I want to collect some data for this kind of event!”

“Why is there any need for you to do research?!”

“Although this scene is standard faire in light novels, I cannot let Madenokouji-san actually reenact it in reality!”

So you’re being her stand-in?! How does that make any sense?!

“A-Anyway! It’s late already, so let’s go to bed! T-This is just to collect data, so there’s no need to think too deeply about it!”

Saying that, Suzuka laid back down and averted her gaze.

…Haaah, there’s a mountain’s worth of things I’d like to say, but she’ll only glare at me if I say them.

Having no other choice, I laid down next to her, and trying not to touch her anywhere, I closed my eyes. Though doing this with Nene-san would be an absolute no-go, it should be fine with Suzuka since she’s my actual little sister. Reciting “It’s just to collect data” in my head, I hoped that I could fall asleep soon. And just as I was about to enter the land of dreams, I thought I heard a faint giggle from next to me.

“Ehehehe… Together with Onii-chan…”

Part 5:

“S-She’s got the jump on us?! Just when Sakura thought that she would wake Onii-chan up in the morning, Suzuka-chan got the jump on us!”


The next morning, just as I had suspected, Sakura-san and Madenokouji-san came to wake up Onii-chan, only for me to greet them instead.

…Fufufu, the operation was a success!

When it comes to being a little sister, I won’t lose against anyone, so you don’t even stand a chance. O-Of course, sleeping together with Onii-chan was also embarrassing, but I was happy the whole time… Ehehe…!

“…Fuaaah? Ah—What’s going on?!”

When Onii-chan finally woke up, it took him a few moments to make sense of the situation. But at least the sleepover at Madenokouji-san’s house ended with no other incidents.

My final goal had been to show Madenokouji-san that Onii-chan only needs me as a little sister. However, even after all that had happened, she ended up wanting to write a non-blood-related little sister novel.

…Ugh, I really want her to give up, but I can’t help it now that it’s come to this. After all, Madenokouji-san already sent her novel to the light novel contest. Right now, I have no other choice but to wait for the results.

She probably plans on confessing to Onii-chan if she wins the grand prize. I really want her dream of becoming a light novel author to be fulfilled, but I don’t want her to confess to Onii-chan. While I was busy feeling conflicted, I was unable to do anything in the end, and I could only watch as Madenokouji-san’s novel easily made it through the preliminaries.


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