Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 10

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Home Economics Club

Lunch break.

Having gotten worried, I decided to take peek into Sana’s classroom before going to the world history preparation room. Just as I expected, she was sitting alone at her desk, eating her lunch.

The classmates around here also had that ‘Ahh, she’s that kind of person’ gaze as they glanced at her, not showing any signs of integrating her into their groups. But, I can’t just take her with me to Hiiragi-chan…What should I do now…

Even when I made my way to the world history preparation room, I constantly kept racking my head, only to be greeted by Hiiragi-chan, who was on her way to prepare a picnic sheet.

“Sana was alone after all.”

“I’d love to do something for her~”

Having her own lunch right next to her, she tapped on her knees, or rather her thighs.

“Eh. Next to you?! Here? A lap pillow?”

“You have a problem with that? That’s why I put down the sheet in the first place.”

“And eating normally won’t work?”

“Nope. You got hit by that ball, and collapsed, right? I really didn’t want you to go to class after that, you know?”

Seeing no room to argue (and no reason to, really) I just silently walked over to her, and put my head on her lap, only to be fed like a little chicken by it’s mom. Today’s grilled food was just as delicious as ever, though it’s getting a bit stale at this point.

“I’m sure that Sana-chan wanted to eat lunch with Seiji-kun.”

“Isn’t it just because she doesn’t have anybody else that she could eat it with…?”

“Sei-kun’s a reliable Onii-chan after all,” Hiiragi-chan gave a teasing laugh.

And, don’t call me Sei-kun.

“But, I want to eat together with Seiji-kun as well…What should we do about this?”

The three of us eating lunch together…Not going to work, probably. I can’t just pull her with me here, and Sana is pretty perceptive, so she’d see through our relationship immediately.

“Haruka-san, you should be fine acting as a teacher even if you’re together with me, right?”

“But even if we did a studying group for world history, I’m not responsible for any first years…”

After thinking for a bit, Hiiragi-chan looked straight down at me.

“Though I’ll probably feel a bit lonely, I feel bad for Sana-chan like this…Since I have a little sister as well, I’d like to do something for her,” she said, and smiled.

Hiiragi-chan really is the best.

“I’d be great if Sana could make some friends besides me that she could spend her break time with…”

Thinking like that, school society really can be tough. Finding a group of friends is equal to fighting war nowadays, and your group decides on the credibility, and influence of your words in class.

“Ah, that reminds me. Hiiragi-sensei was told by the other teachers that ‘You don’t have a class you’re responsible for, so you must have a lot of free time, right? (Literal representation)’…”

Seeing her sulk, I put up my hand to softly pat her on the head.

“That’s why, I ended up the advisor for a home economics club that’s going to be disbanded next year.”


“I have to show my face three times a week for club activities, and I have to take care of the club budget as well. Since this is a first for me to become an advisor, I don’t really know what else to do…It seems like I have to come in on Saturday as well to make up for all of this.”

I knew that we had something like a home economics club here, but I have no clue what kind of club activities they have.

According to Hiiragi-chan, they lost all their third-years after they graduated, and now only a single second-year girl was left. And, since the previous advisor would be having a maternity leave, Hiiragi-chan was now made to take up her place.

“Haruka-san, I’m cheering for you.”

“Yeah, thank you. If you kiss me, I think I can do it.”

“Eh…We just decided that we wouldn’t do this at school…”

“Then, I’ll just do it myself.”

Hiiragi-chan grabbed hold of my cheeks, and pressed her lips onto mine for a kiss.

“…Wait, isn’t this pretty good that you became their advisor?”

“What do you mean?”

“If Sana and I were to join that club, with you being the advisor, we could see each other even more frequently, right? And, we can prevent Sana from ending up alone during breaks.”

“Seiji-kun, you’re a genius!”

And thus, it was decided. I even send Sana a message.

“And who is this girl that’s still in there?”

“Uhm, she’s called Ii-san, and is in class 2C.”

Ii-san? Might’ve seen her once or twice, but I really don’t remember that name. Our class doesn’t get in contact with class C that often, and we weren’t in the same class in our first year either.

“They have club activities today, so how about you check it out? I was planning on giving my greetings to Ii-san as well.”

That being said, classes had ended.

To check out the club with her, I picked up Sana at her classroom.

“Sana’s got no interest in this boring-sounding home economics club though.”

“Shut it, Loner-chan. You were planning on locking yourself up at home to play games, right?”

“Not games, no.”

Sana averted her face, and ran her hand through her fingers.

“Today it’s manga.”

“So you were still planning on neeting at home. You might be able to make some friends, you know.”

“Sana doesn’t need Nii-san’s worry. You don’t have any friends either.”


B-But, even so, I can’t just stand by and watch my little sister spend her once in a lifetime high school life as a loner. You can do it, me. Get her interested, no matter what.

“I-I do, have friends. O-One hundred at least.”

“Good lie bro. And Sana has three times as much.”

“Okay, I get it already!”

“And, on the vast internet, Sana has over 300 hundred friends.”

“I thought we were done with the friends!”

“Anyway! Sana is not joining any club where she doesn’t even know what they’re doing. Sana don’t even know who’s in there!”

“That’s why we’re going to check it out, right?”

“Sana won’t join, so checking it out is useless.”

While the two of us were arguing like that, the students that were still present were all looking at us. Maybe it’s because she got embarrassed, but Sana’s voice suddenly went quiet real quick.

“Sana is fine with just games, manga, anime, and Sei-kun…”

So the same as always, huh?

“L-Let’s go home, Nii-san.”

Seeing no reason to stand here like this, I took Sana by the hand, and left the classroom behind us.

The Sana 10 years into the future is working at a game company. She probably chose that job exactly because she has this kind of personality.

Thinking back to it, the 26 year-old Sana was hiding her otaku nature back in her high school days. Because of that, she had some thin connections back then, but nobody she could call a trusted friend. I’m not telling her to stop neeting. Because of her hobby, she got that future for herself after all. But, I just thought that it might be nice for her to get at least a friend or two.

“I got it. I won’t force you anymore. Sorry about that.”

“As long as you understand.”

Why’re so arrogant about it?

“Then, I’ll go check out the home economics club. Bye.”

“Hey, why are you so obsessed with that club, Nii-san?”

I can’t tell her I’m going to see my angel Hiiragi-chan.

“You thought that it’d be a club that’s good for Sana, right? That maybe she’d be able to make some friends.”

“Hmmm…So Sana’s going to come with me, even though she’s not interested at all?”

“W-Well yeah…”

Narrowing her eyes, Sana looked straight at me. Like she’s doubting me in something.

“Ah, so that’s it…you’re interested in entering that club?”

“I guess so?”

“..Then, Sana will also join.”

“Ha? What’s up with that. Well, I don’t mind though.”

“Sana already knows what you’re thinking. She’s already seen right through you.”

“W-What are you talking about…?”

S-Seen through me…No way?! Is it one of those ‘You are the criminal!’ moments…?!

“You’re interested in that one member, right?! Sana perfectly knows your ulterior motives, Nii-san!”

W-Wha…She found out (Not quite)

I actually have no idea about this member. I just told her that I wanted to check out the club exactly because of that, but let’s not retort on that.

“Anyway, I’m glad that Sana’s going to join as well. There’s no meaning to this if you’re not with me.”



The most important aspect of my agenda is to make sure that Sana stops being a loner at noon. She just has to get friendly with that one member. Like that, me and advisor Hiiragi-chan can just spend time together without raising any attention.

Meanwhile, Sana averted her gaze, and once again ran her fingers through her hair before she pointed at me.

“N-Nii-san really is cute. Saying that he wants to be together with Sana like that.”

“I never said that though.”

“Since Nii-san is so adamant, Sana has no other choice but to come with you.”

“Never said that.”

Somehow it feels like she’s looking down on me, but if she’s going to join, then so be it.

Now, Sana and I were heading over to the home economics club. Checking inside, we could spot a single girl, sitting in the corner of the wide room. It looked like she was working on something, cause her hands were moving.

Is that Ii-san…?

I remember seeing her before, but not much more than that.

“Hmpf, the boring character.”

“Can you really say that, as someone that’s left alone in your own class?”

Curly hair, but we couldn’t make out her face that well from this angle.

“…What is she doing…Or rather, what would be good…?”

Sana glanced over at me.

“She seems to be on the smaller side, and she can’t win against Sana’s legs.”

“Maybe she’s cutting up something?”

This is the only thing I could guess with my lacking knowledge of home economics.

“Sana, hurry and go in.”

“W-Why? Nii-san should go first. You were the one to suggest this after all.”

I’d rather not…But, I guess that it makes sense, seeing that Sana is a year younger than her, and bad with new people.

“Excuse me…”

When I entered the room, Ii-san lifted up her head. She was clearly surprised at my sudden appearance.

“I’m Sanada, class 2B, and I was wondering if this was the home economics club…?”

Ii-san nodded at my question.

“Could we take a look at your club activities today?”

Or rather, what kind of club activities is she doing all on her own?

Most of the clubs don’t have a club room for themselves, except sport clubs that need to change somewhere. All the other clubs just use some preparation rooms instead.

For some reason, Sana was still standing in the door frame…Come over here already.

“I’m…not doing any significant club activities…so checking it out…will not be very interesting…you know?” Ii-san said with a shaky voice.

Shortly after, she jumped up from her seat like she had just realized something, and gave me a slight bow.

“I’m Ii Kanata, class 2C with seat number 3.”

Seems like she’s keen on good manners.

“Thanks for that. You’re not doing any club activities right now? What were you doing just now then?”

What Ii-san was holding was like a mobile game console.

“! Nii-san, ask what she’s playing!”

Owning the same console, Sana immediately took the bait.

Why don’t you just ask her yourself? Oh right, you’d have to get into the room for that! Well, let’s just ignore that request of my shy little sister.

When I asked her about the game console, Ii-san responded with a small voice, saying that she can focus in the silence here. Before, she would always cook something, or other helpful club activities, but after the 3rd years left, leaving her all alone, she would always play games here, and go home when she felt like it.

“Who cares about that. Just ask her about the game console—”

“No, you just ask her yourself.”

Having enough of this, I pulled Sana out from her hiding spot.

“Oi, come over here.”

“M-My, Sana hates the Nii-san that adds an ‘Oi’ when he talks to her. Let go. Sana only came here to check out the club member—”

“You just said that you’d join though?”

Not listening to Sana’s complaints, I pulled her with me, in front of Ii-san.

“I’m Ii Kanata, class 2C with seat number 3.”

Ii-san once again gave a slight bow. That moment, Sana quickly stepped behind me.

“Hey, no running away now.”

“A-Am not running away. Nii-san is just standing in front of Sana right now.”

However, I completely ignored that flawed logic, and once more pulled her in front of me.

“Ii-san, I came together with my little sister today, to take a look at your club. Come on, introduce yourself.”

“……………Class 1E……Sanada Sana…”

Your voice is way too quiet. Well, let’s leave it at that.

Since the two of them were not talking in the slightest, I had to act as the middle’s man. After a short break, the two of them started talking about the game console that Ii-san was holding. Though I had no clue what they were talking about, I could see that they were enjoying themselves at least. And with perfect timing, Hiiragi-chan also arrived.

“Ah, Sanada-kun, you’re also here~?”

Of course, her acting was as worse as it can get.

In response to her greeting, Sana once again hid behind me. She really wasn’t good with strangers.

“Ii-san, did you hear about me? I’m the new advisor for this club, Hiiragi-sensei.”

When Hiiragi-chan was finished, Ii-san once again gave a slight bow.

“I’m Ii Kanata, class 2C with seat number 3.”

“I’m not really good at any guidance stuff, but I hope that we can have some fun in here.”


With those words, Hiiragi-chan looked over at me, giving me a wink.

“Sei-kun…who is this…?”

“She’s the one responsible for world history, Hiiragi-sensei. Apparently she’s going to be the new advisor.”

“Can I call you Sana-chan? My name is Hiiragi Haruka. I’m responsible for the 2nd year and 3rd year world history classes. No wonder we don’t know each other.”

In response, Sana only stared at Hiiragi-chan.

‘Did I say something weird?!’ probably meant the gaze she was throwing at me.

‘No you didn’t,’ I shook my head as I returned that.

“Sei-kun, you’re entering this club, right?”

“For now, yeah.”

Still staring at Hiiragi-chan, she said “Then Sana will join too”

“Ohh,” replied Hiiragi-chan, maybe a bit moved by that.

“Then, can the two of you come with me to the teacher’s office to full out the application form?”

Hiiragi-chan waved her hand at me, and I returned that gesture.

“Even if you say that, there’s not much that I’m doing you know?” said Ii-san.

“It’s fine. It’s Sana’s sense of duty that’s tingling.”

Sense of duty?

Well, it’s a good thing that she found a gaming buddy. Since our club visiting ended with that, Sana and I went to Hiiragi-chan, filled out the club application forms, and left the school behind us.

“Good for you, Sana. You can talk about games with Ii-san.”

“That’s good, but…that teacher gave Sana the creeps.”


“Yeah. Are you close with that teacher?”

Ha?! W-Why would you suddenly ask me about that.

“No, not really. She’s just my teacher for world history. A young teacher that’s popular with the student, nothing more.”

Can’t say that we’re close, or she’ll start suspecting something.

“When Sana saw how Hiiragi-sensei looked at Nii-san, her instinct was screaming ‘Kyururin!’”

What kind of instinct is that?

“And, in proper English?”

“Sana thinks that Hiiragi-sensei likes Nii-san.”

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?! D-Don’t falter, me. She’s not no proof for this.

“N-No no, she’s an adult, and I’m still a student, you know?”

“Doesn’t have anything to do with it. Girls fall in love in mysterious ways!”

Isn’t it just because Hiiragi-chan is a rather cheerful type…?

“Don’t worry, Sana will protect Nii-san from this thieving cat!”

Nii-san’s already been stolen though?! I’m already outside your protection?!

“Y-Yeah…C-Counting on you?”

So this is what she meant with sense of duty? But, it seems like Sana didn’t realize my feelings for Hiiragi-chan yet.

This ‘Kyururin’ instinct could be troublesome later.

“Nii-san, Sana knows you’re probably aware of this, but you can’t give in, okay? She’s a teacher, an old hag. It’s a crime if she were to lay her hands on you.”

“Don’t say old hag! Just say that she’s older! You’re ruining this wonderful feeling of her being an onee-san type!”

“D-Don’t start screaming like that. What’s with that weird denial? Still…She was throwing around her adult charm, and her breasts are clearly bigger than Sana’s…”

Pomf Pomf, Sana patted her own chest, lowering her head in defeat.

“Sana is still wearing a sports bra after all.”

In one fell swoop, her face went bright red.

“W-Why do you know about that! Pervert! Pervert! Sei-kun, you idiot!”

Like a true maiden, she didn’t know how to get out of embarrassment without throwing insults at me.

“Why you ask…I can clearly see that…Please stop already, your Nii-san’s going to break…”

“Sana is going to buy a new one this week! And once you see that, your nose will start bleeding so much that you’ll collapse!”

You’re probably just going shopping with Mother, right?

“Another one from the mother’s shop?”

“Shut up.”

Seems like I successfully changed the topic. That’s good and all, but I certainly don’t like this development of her protecting me from Hiiragi-chan. This is what I get for trying to save my little sister from her loner situation…

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