Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama Volume 1 Prologue

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Prologue: The current society is dictated by games

Everyone, have you ever heard of these following words, that are filled with deceit?

‘Reality and games are different’

When a young person killed a great number of people.

When a young person committed suicide, in full belief that they could reset their life.

When a young person embraces the heroines that appear in eroges as their ideals, and become unable to accept a relationship with a girl.

With these kinds of cases, this is the complaint that is voiced through the media at those times—

Those self-proclaimed intelligent people with their ‘I-know-how-it-is’ looks as they appear on TV with their calm way of speaking, blabbering on with baseless arguments, there should have been many people that had gotten doubts over their opinion. Such as questions like ‘what do they know about society?’, there.

In reality, be it grown-up or child, the amount of knowledge one can carry is limited. Against the accumulated knowledge of kids, a single grown-up has no chance of winning. Hence, if a single informed person says that ‘Reality and games are different’, then those are nothing more than empty words. In a world view boiling down to ‘Reality and games share similarities’, brought forth by the unconscious actions of countless children, which one is closer to the human society that we really live in?

Naturally, there’s also the opinion that children don’t even see reality and games as something similar in the first place, and that theory has quite the credibility to it…but let’s leave that aside for now.

—Though, many people do not know of this, as of right now, the hidden side of the world is being controlled by various games.

Nuclear arms, bioweapons, kinetic bombardment armaments—every conceivable weapon brought forth by human hands after the third world war, and the humans in power that swore they would never rely on them ever again, humanity’s first and most important secret peace agreement.


The life of an important person. Territorial disputes between nations. Conflicts of interest with money passing the trillions being moved around.

Various essential decisions, all the results of ‘Hidden games’.

Yes, reality is undoubtedly a game. Hence, stronger people exist without a doubt.

Like the grandmaster in chess.

Like the ryuuou in shougi.

Like the world of card games has a champion.

The hidden world of games also has a ‘strongest’.

In this hidden world, there is not one person that doesn’t know of the man that appeared five years ago.

Five years ago, the undefeated man.

With this nonsensical, unrealistic story, everyone would brush him off the first time they meet him. ‘There’s no way that he’d be like that,’ they say, nd once they fought him, they would all cower in fear.

‘Why does such a human exist in this world?’

The various legends that he built up around him act as appetizers for the world’s business leaders as they sip on their sake.

He defeated the current top-ranking chess player in the second move of the match. If one were to attempt trickery, he’d pay you back with an even crazier fraud. Even if you tried to read his expression, no emotion whatsoever is reflected in his eyes.

His every action is inexplicable and only after the win is already his will you be able to see the methodology he’s taken.

The hero that seized the world’s AR hegemony of a certain Japanese developer.

The ring leader of global warming.

Women got pregnant just by being looked at by him.

Etc, etc.

—Though the latter half incorporates nothing more than groundless insults, those legends kept cruising throughout the business, it is the most prominent proof that he still has lingering fangs in the underground world.

That existence is the epitome of a poker chip that granted glory and power. Various countries, businesses, existences in the dark, all of them tried to get a grasp on him.

Nations presented him with immense compensations, beautiful women with nothing to complain about, dinners to melt his tongue and much more. Once those temptations found no success with him, they set out to erase his existence, hiring assassins.

This utter balance breaker could bring bankruptcy to the system dictated by games. However, that worry ended up nothing more than needless anxiety. After all, that same individual, one day said…

“I’m retiring.”

And brought forth these irresponsible words!

The man, creating miracles and countless threats, suddenly retired from that underground world, as if to mock all their efforts and worries—

His name, Saijou Guren.

What is that boy doing right now? And, where is he headed from now on?

This story begins with the ‘Present’.

Now then, just what kind of heated scenery will open up in front of the ‘Invincible Legend’, after he decided to turn his back on this past, and head towards the ‘Future’–?

2 thoughts on “Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama Volume 1 Prologue

  1. kurisuisthebest 28. July 2019 — 21:28

    Thanks for the chapter !


  2. FINALLYY !!
    thanks for picking up this series claw-sama


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