Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama Volume 1 Chapter 1

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This idiotic academy where games decide everything

“I’m hoping to hear back from you soon, Saijou Guren-sama my ass.”

Complaining at the exaggerated direct message and deleting it, Saijou Guren rolled around on his bed.

“Really, no matter how often I change my ID, they’ll be sure to text me half a day later at most…give it a rest already.”


Through the gaps of the curtains, sunlight illuminated the room. A room of the student dormitory which he had recently moved into. The room was arranged like those you’d see at the furniture store. A cheap bed with the frame made of metal pipes, a mattress, a desk specifically made for studying, best-selling manga lined up on the bookshelf and empty junk food and sweets packages were assembled on the low table. A room without any individuality—

The legend, the boy called ‘the undefeated’ for the past five years, Saijou Guren went “Ugh…”.

“So blocking them isn’t enough after all…?”

Glaring at the device in his hands that vibrated yet again, he let out a sigh. With the vibration, another name appeared on the account, forcing him to let out another complaint.

“Again!? And this time someone else…Aren’t you a bit too fast in sniffing me out?!”

Although he was called the legend of the past 5 years, his face was unexpectedly normal. Curly hair here and there with a slim body, long, slender limbs that resembled an artists. If he’d pay a bit more attention to his appearance, he’d probably be popular, but with that t-shirt and shorts combo, that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

“Now that it’s come to this, maybe I should break the device…Though they said this would be necessary for my high school student life, I just bought it, but…don’t have any friends that would contact me anyway.”

Weirdly giving away too much information, he operated the smart device.

Having abandoned his life in the past, he now had pulled his hands away from ‘Games’. In his new life, where he had to do everything on his own, there were countless things that naturally he didn’t know about yet. But even so, the feeling of joy was great within him.

“I won’t go back to that annoying world ever again…I don’t need money or fame. I want to live a peaceful daily life.”

Looking at the cleaned message list of his device, he formed a fist.

“Go to a normal school, eat normal food, have a normal job, and get married! That’s why, that’s why—”

Ding dong~

Jumping up from his bed in surprise from the sudden doorbell ringing, he complained towards the receiver.

“Don’t bother me! You’re annoying, so piss off already!”

“…Uhm…it’s Karen…would it be better if she went home, Onii-sama…?”

He was very familiar with the voice that came back.

“Ah, Karen. S-Sorry. They’ve been trying to pursue me this morning already, so I just…”

“No! Karen doesn’t mind it, Onii-sama! Could you open up the door for her?”

“Yea, no problem…But, can I ask one thing?”

“Yes, what would that be?”

“Why can’t I see anything from the front camera of the receiver…?”

“Karen blocked the lens with my finger. She wants Onii-sama to see her growth directly with his own eyes, fufu~”

The voice he heard perfectly fit the little sister in his memories. But, having gone through a lot of trouble already by his young age, Guren was still unable to trust her.

“—Password. ‘For Karen’”

“‘A peaceful life’”

“‘For Guren’”


“No, that should be ‘Conflict’”

“Karen won’t accept that! Even if that is Onii-sama’s opinion, that can only be ‘Love’!”

“Haaa…Okay, you’re the real deal.”

Having confirmed it with that short exchange as well, Guren’s cheeks loosened.

—Ahh, this little sister really is cute.

For the five hellish years he had spent in that hell of the ‘Underground world’, Guren had been living alone, separated from his family. During that time, he never once met with his little sister Karen. Remembering the appearance of hers faintly in his head, in the midst of the warm feeling enveloping him, a glimmer of guilt existed.

…I probably made her go through some sad times…?

Thinking like that, a stinging pain assaulted his chest. All those years, he never did anything older brother-like for her. But, even more than that—

—Not good, my heart’s beating like crazy…!

Being greeted by one’s family early in the morning, and going to school together, what a wonderful ‘Daily life’ event!

The new life he had always admired, this was but the first step towards that. He would open the door, be reunited with Karen, eat breakfast together, filling the void he gathered these five years, and then…!

“I’m coming, Karen! Just you wait!”

“Yes, Onii-sama. Karen will be waiting for you~”

His legs driven by the thirst for peacefulness, he cut off the crime prevention device. Opening the security lock that was of the level you’d see for the safe of a bank, Guren opened the door with a bright smile, and…

“Good morning, Karen. You’ve really grown in the time that I haven’t seen you…Ehhh?!”

“Good morning, Onii-sama! Karen is delighted to see you again!”

Past the door of the student dormitory.

Around 7 o’clock in the morning.

Enveloped by the fresh morning air, a single beauty stood there.

Silver, shining hair.

Blue eyes, peeking through the openings of her bangs.

Wherever you’d look, she looked like a lovely, peerless beauty. And…

Her delicate body, her well-developed chest and her health thighs were hidden by nothing but an apron.

“…Hold on a second. What’s that appearance? What happened in the short time that I haven’t seen you?!”

Guren couldn’t hold back a retort. As he did, Karen put both her hands on her flushed cheeks, and started fidgeting.

“It’s our reunion after five years after all…To please Onii-sama, Karen devoted herself to this scheme.”

“Devoted, my ass.”

“Males like these sorts of appearances, don’t they? How is it? Does it please you?”

“No it doesn’t. Rather, I can’t help but get worried. This isn’t going to get reported, right…!?”

“My, Onii-sama stop it with your jesting.”

With a faint giggle, Guren’s little sister—Saijou Karen gave a slight tilt of her head.

“It was just a little mischief from your cute little sister. We won’t get reported, right?”

“Don’t take a pose that emphasizes your chest while tilting your head like that! You’re aiming for this, aren’t you?!”

“So you’ve grown wary of the curvature of my chest, that’s Onii-sama for you…Do you want to feel them?”

“O-Of course not! Hurry and come in already!”

Ignoring the sight of Karen puffing out her chest in front of him, Guren let her in. Following after her, he locked the door once more and let out a sigh. He managed to avert getting reported to the police for public indecency for now.

“Fufu, the ‘Make Onii-sama’s heart skip a beat’ mission was a clear success. Should Karen try a swimsuit next?”

“There won’t be another swimsuit, underwear or naked apron trial! Please, just wear something, anything normal!”

“What a shame. But, Karen is already wearing something…Look.”

Lifting up the apron with both her hands, Karen showed Guren what she hid beneath the apron. The smooth calves of her legs, wrapped in black knee socks. Her thighs, wrapped in tight fitting mini jeans. Above said jeans, a tube top, only visible if one stood behind her.

“Did it make your heart beat faster, Onii-sama?”

“Of course it did! Big time, I tell you! Both in the sexual sense, as well as in the public disorder sense!”

“Ara~ That means that the operation was a success!”

“Don’t stir up your barely rehabilitated older brother’s life like that. You out to kill me?”

“Kya~” said Karen in response, as she gave a gleeful smile.

Putting one hand on his chest, Gurent let out a sigh. And…

She’s totally turned into a ‘Woman’ as well, hasn’t she…?

His thoughts gave him complicated feelings. For Guren, ‘Women’ were a species that he’d rather not get involved with. Every ‘Woman’ holds the wits to deceive a male. There were those with self-awareness, the vixens, who you could hold off to a certain degree, but the bothersome ones were the hiding swindlers. In the history of humanity, how many men were done in by those that feigned purity…?

Though Guren himself never once walked into a set trap, he had seen his fair share of people that fell victim to ‘Women’, so it came as no surprise that he built up a certain aversion towards them.

Before, she’d been nothing more than a shrimp…

The ten-year old Karen was tiny and rather than a woman, she looked like a young kitten, a lovable existence. Karen, now having arrived at the age of 15, was causing his aversion of women to overpower the calming presence that Karen should’ve been exuding as his sister.

…No no no, I’d feel bad for her if I just ran away. She’s my little sister. My little sister!

Shaking his head, Guren held back the suggestion rising inside his chest as—

Karen, who had arrived in the living room, started picking up the empty fast food packaging and raised her voice in a displeased manner.

“Onii-sama, did you only eat hamburgers again? That won’t do, only taking in fat and carbohydrates, your body will get heavy and sluggish!”

“You my mother or something? Just let me eat what I want.”

“No can do. Letting one’s older brother ruin his own health would sully Karen’s name as a younger sister. At least let her make some breakfast for you.”

“I don’t have any ingredients. The refrigerator is empty.”

“No need to worry. They have already been ordered.”

Ding Dong~

With perfect timing, the doorbell rang once again.


Karen jogged towards the door. Exchanging a few words with the delivery man at the entrance, she returned with a carton and freezer in her hands. Way too many ingredients for breakfast. This would probably be enough for the next few days. Looking inside the carton and freezer…

Handmade food…?!

The moment this ‘Daily Life’ vocabulary turned up, Guren gave up on resisting. And, as if she realized that,

“It’s your precious first day after ‘Transferring’. That’s why, Karen will prepare a delicious breakfast for you~”

Karen gave a cute smile, as she headed towards the kitchen.

“Ahh, okay okay, I got it…Just do what you want.”

“Yes, Karen will do what she wants~”

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“No need to worry, Onii-sama. Just keep watching over Karen~”


…That’s the most difficult part though.

She was wearing a tube top, tight-fitting, short-cut jeans, as well as an apron on top of it all, standing in one’s own kitchen with that appearance, her back turned to Guren, preparing food. The sound of eggs breaking arrived at his ears, followed by the clattering of chopsticks as Karen scrambled the eggs. The sizzling of the hot frying pan resounded as the girl moved about with quick, nimble movements.

The body he was looking at looked incredibly raw and sensual, although he knew that she wasn’t naked. But, that perfect bodyline soon turned into poison in his eyes and after he admired the growth of his little sister, he shook his head a few times, then called out to her.

“I’ll leave the breakfast to you…I’ll go change and make preparations, so you stop joking as well and once you’re done with the food, you better go change as well, Karen.”

“Yes, Onii-sama!” Karen gave an enthusiastic response.

Feeling as if he could see her butt shaking like a dog’s tail, Guren relaxed a bit, and returned to his own room.

One hour later.

“How is it, Onii-sama? Karen put all her ability into this breakfast.”


Having taken one bite of his little sister’s food, he replied with that simple word towards Karen who was gleefully waiting for his impression. Though it might not sound like it, those were words of true praise. Lined up on the table were wakame and tofu with miso soup, sausages and fried eggs, tiny tomatoes and salads, and some toast with rice.

Guren picked up the white rice and ate a bite with the hot toast that Karen prepared beforehand. Everything was delicious. Every time the hot rice was dancing in his mouth, tears started building up in Guren’s eyes.

“Freshly cooked food is the best…so delicious…”

“My, it’s not something to cry about.”

“No, everyone would cry at this. With food filled with so much kindness and good-will, it’s been years since I’ve had this.”

“What did you eat before, if I may ask?”

“Food from the convenience store, wining and dining outside, all that stuff.”

“Really, you can’t do that, Onii-sama. A good balance of nutrients are essential to keep up your current, wonderful appearance.”

“Yeah, if it’s Karen’s food, I’d love to eat it every day.”

Rather than just praise, those were his honest feelings. But, Karen started acting weirdly in response.

“Every day…you want to eat Karen’s food…My…being so bold already…”

“You’re not getting a crazy misunderstanding here, are you?”

But, Guren’s retort didn’t make it to Karen’s ears, who was already lost in a dream.

Well, whatever—He thought, as she took a sip of the miso soup.

“Rather than some high-class food at a restaurant, this miso soup is way more delicious…Can I get seconds?”

“Fufu, Onii-sama is such a charmer. But, Karen is glad that you enjoy it so much.”

The honest smiling little sister wasn’t wearing her (fake) naked apron anymore. She was wearing the same uniform that her older brother Guren was wearing — the one belonging to the private Shishiou Academy. Eating dinner together while sitting across from her brought forth a rather embarrassing feeling inside him. Her radiant pure white blouse shone directly into Guren’s eyes as she moved her chopsticks.

After a short moment of silence passed, Karen stopped the hand that was holding the chopsticks and looked at Guren.

“Spending time like this together with Onii-sama, and attending the same school, it’s almost like a dream.”

“…It’s a bit embarrassing, being in the same school year as my little sister even though I’m older.”

Currently, it was June. Certainly not the season when you’d normally start attending a new school. However, Guren carved his own individual route and managed to enter Shishiou Academy two months later, as a first-year. Being one year younger than him, Karen, who had just become a high school student, would be attending the same school year as him.

With good negotiations, he might’ve been able to get into a higher school year. However, Guren didn’t want to rely on the forceful methods of the other world that he hated so much and forwent that plan.

My normal high school student life is going to start…!

Guren had no idea what that actually entitled. Day in and day out, he had been wrapped in the world of games, and while being thankful that he managed to live through that, he kept watching the same videos online.

What ran on repeat all day long were the so called ‘Slice of life’ animes. All they showed were students, that spent their daily life in altruism. No dangers that aimed for their lives, no need for any hidden contracts, just living a soothing, everyday life. That is exactly what Guren was aiming for. Though he would’ve felt anxious alone, having Karen with him was very reassuring. Being genuinely excited, he fantasized about what was about to come.

“Karen. A transfer student is supposed to give a short introduction on their first day, right?”

“Maybe…Karen isn’t all that informed about it. Does it really start with that?”

“It should. All the anime I saw recently started with that.”

“H-Hm…it feels like your knowledge is a bit biased.”

“I wonder what I should tell them about the middle school I came from? I only graduated from grade school after all. I have to think of a good explanation or I might regret it later.”

There were so many things that Guren wanted to achieve.

First, make some friends. If possible, not with any girls, but rather male friends around his age that could help him out in dire times, that would be the best. Doing idiotic things all day long with them, spending a time worthy of being called his ‘Youth’.

“It’s my first day as a transfer student. My following three years as a high school student will be decided today. I have to take appropriate measures.”

“Wow, how wonderful you are, Onii-sama!”

“Of course, Karen. I have to become an older brother that won’t bring any shame upon you!”

Make friends, find a part-time job, work hard for the culture festival. If possible, make trusted friendships that will last a lifetime. Like those slices of life anime, where no troublesome development occurs, just the peaceful passing of days.

“To think that you would even think about Karen this dearly. She is very happy, Onii-sama!”

She nodded, with slightly flushed cheeks. Seeing that, a bright smile flashed across Guren’s face. Blissfully, Guren took another sip of his miso soup. Dwelling in that taste,

“—But, there is no need to worry, Onii-sama.”

Karen called out to Guren with a grin and put down her chopsticks.

“Comparing the masses of the academy to Onii-sama and your outstanding talent, they are nothing more than wasteful trash anyway.”


Guren spit out the miso soup in his mouth. With an expression like he’d seen a UFO, he once again gazed at Karen. However, his little sister acted as if she didn’t say anything out of the ordinary.

“Those low-life cattle will immediately grovel and beg for mercy—”


“There is no need for their master Onii-sama to do a self-introduction. You can just call them pigs, that will be sufficient~”

“…Hold on a second!” Guren’s voice was shaking.

In response, Karen went “Eh?”, and looked at Guren’s face in shock, which made Guren’s gaze meet with the one eye of hers that wasn’t hidden by her bangs.

“What are you talking about, Karen? Calling my classmates pigs…as if I could do that!”

Speaking this far, Guren had a sudden realization.

“…I see…it’s gotta be the influence of those guys, right?”


Guren continued as he tightly grasped the hand of his little sister, who could only tilt her head.

“If those idiots from the Saijou family hammered some idiotic stuff into your head, then just forget about that. They only got games in their heads, nothing more. There’s no need to be tainted by them and their insanity.”

The Saijou family: A representative family that started operating behind the scenes of the underground world after the implementation of the peace treaty. While Guren suffered the full brunt of their insanity, Karen should’ve enjoyed a normal education. However, listening to Karen’s talk just now, it sounded like she had been poisoned by the tainted ideals of the Saijou family.

“Right now, you can still make it. Let’s become normal, Karen. I’ll help you out as best as I can, alright?”

“Karen is thankful that you’d be willing to take her hand, but…Onii-sama, are you sure that you don’t have the wrong idea?”

“…Wrong idea?”

A bit flustered at the sudden hand-holding, Karen took a second to reply.

“Uhm, about your first day. Our school, Shihiou Academy, you see—”

Stopping once mid-sentence, she mustered up all the strength she had.

“Academic evaluation, life-style, human relationships — all those different things are decided by games.”


Guren couldn’t hold back his shock.

And who can blame him? A school where everything is decided by games, just where is the difference from the harsh dark world that Guren just escaped from?

“That cheating bastard…! He tricked me…!”

A single man’s face got projected in the back of Guren’s head. The face of the mastermind, that purposefully tricked Guren, who was thirsting for a peaceful life and introduced him to Shishiou Academy.

“I was wishing for that ‘Peaceful life’ too much that it clouded my judgement. Shit!”

“You can still live your ‘Peaceful life’, you know? As a player, that is.”


Feeling dizzy, Guren held his head in his arms.

“Karen…I don’t wanna go anymore…”

“Now now, don’t say that. Really, Onii-sama is such a jokester~”

“I’m not joking here! I’m dead serious! Maybe I can still get the preparations in to transfer to another—”

“You say that, but Karen thinks that it’ll be impossible.”

Towards Guren’s resistance, Karen destroyed all his hopes with a calm deduction of his circumstances.

“Although Onii-sama’s intellect is clearly superior to everyone else’s, your curricular history stopped after you graduated from grade school…Karen can’t imagine that you can get into a normal public school without having graduated from a middle school…”

“Ugh…that’s…true, but…”

“Isn’t this fine? With Onii-sama’s talent, you’ll soon be standing at the top of the academy anyway.”

“But I’m not aiming for something like that…I don’t care about being the strongest, or the top or whatever. I don’t even need any more games in my life. I’m done with my previous life in that shitty world.”

“Hmmm…But, Karen feels like you’d probably end up in the S-rank the moment you enter the academy.”

“No way. Where is that being judged anyway?”

“There are tests that decide on your rank. You’ll probably be asked to take them this morning.”

“Now that you say it, I was called over by the board chairman…”

“With Onii-sama’s talent, you should be able to burn through those tests like nothing. Becoming an S-rank the day you transfer, and showing off your genius, everyone will surely be surprised…Ahh Karen can’t wait to see the shocked faces of the masses…”

…Please just take it easy on me.

Being gazed at with an ecstatic look by Karen, Guren stood up, not muttering a thing. Stacking the dishes, he was about to carry them to the kitchen to wash them, when Karen hurriedly called out to him.

“You can’t do that, Onii-sama. Please leave these miscellaneous matters to Karen”

“Just let me do that, Karen. This is also part of my peaceful life…”

Thus, Guren started washing the dirty dishes. Savouring that feeling of a peaceful daily life, he couldn’t help but envision what would await him from now on, and how ‘Irregular’ it would be.

“This turned into something annoying, alright.”

Grabbing the sponge, Guren started scrubbing as he let out a sigh.


Private Shishiou Academy. Situated at a certain location in the Ikebukuro part of Tokyo, the high school division teaching institution, that stood at the apex of this earth.

Politics, economics, chemistry, fine arts—Countless experts of every possible subject have gathered in the greatest environment for studying, raising the students as intellectuals for the three years that they attend the school. Most of the people that transfer to this school are people with a promising future, basically, the gateway for the elite into the real world. Those people brought forth by excelling families developing incomparable talent with the help of excellent education gather the attention of the world’s greatest companies and universities, with great rivalry between every student.

However, those results are but one side of this school. A thorough enforcement of game education. That is the decisive difference between other education institutions. The average human doesn’t know, the laws of society that is. The reality that the crucial decisions are all decided upon with the results of those games and the instructors of Shishiou Academy are well aware of this. The attending students on their part have heard about that very fact from their parents but not grasping much about it whatsoever.

Naturally, they’re proficient at studying and sports. To stand their ground against their rivals, they have to win in those games. Just like how society works.

Hence, to maintain an education that can produce these talented individuals who can stand against the dark world, grades here at Shishiou Academy have close to no value and aren’t setup to evaluate the students. Instead, the board established an artificial intelligence, SLSAI (School Life Support Artificial Intelligence), or SAI for short, that has the role of supervising the students inside the school, enabling repetitive fighting between the students with games and managing the so-called GP (Game Points), a virtual currency that acts as a representation of one’s strength in games.

Naturally, the student dormitory was like a modern-day Sparta, and the epicentre of the heated school environment. The world’s most luxurious, and most poisonous vessel. The ruffians kill each other, only spitting out the strongest of the strong.

And now, the ‘strongest’ was on his way to stir it up even more.

“What’s up with that? These shouldn’t be the results, are you looking down on me? Do you have any motivation at all—Guren-kun?”

“Of course not. You’re the one looking down on me, you swindling bastard.”

Shishou Academy, the board chairman’s office.

The most influential person of Japan’s highest ranked academy, Hajime, called Guren to his luxurious living quarters, they sat down and faced each other. With a displeased expression, Hajime opened his mouth.

“The ‘Game’ results that would decide on the ranking, hence distribution of your GP, is a serious contest measuring your proficiency against a dealer. An examination similar to a casino game, with lots of freedom. Based on the amount of coins you’ve earned; your GP and ranking gets decided…”

“Now that’s a problem,” Hajime repeated to himself, although still maintaining a gleeful smile on his face.

“Without going too high or too low, you finished in the worst ranking that wouldn’t constitute a fail, right?”

“It’s a luck-based game, so stuff like that can happen,” Guren responded, playing dumb.

“If you want to emphasize luck, then randomize your hands a bit more. You can’t just say ‘I was unlucky’ if you prepare the perfect hand beforehand.”

“Shut it. It’s the player’s decision, right?”

“Good gracious…”

In front of Guren, Hajime crossed his legs as he shrugged his shoulders.

A white suit and silk hat with a one-sided monocle. Wearing an outfit fitting the Victorian era’s gentleman, his non-Japanese body stature was a perfect fit. His hair so blond, one would suspect that he dyed it. Maybe, or maybe not approaching his thirties, he should still be considered young by ordinary standards.

And this English-looking gentleman now threw Guren a very sharp gaze.

“I’m not hungrily aiming higher and higher, you know?”

“The results of your game exam come up to 100GP. That will get you into the lowest F-Rank…are you fine with that?”

“Whatever. I came here to live on my own, not involving myself with games anymore. Hence, this is the perfect result.”

“There was still no need to stoop down to the lowest rank.”

“Judging from this ranking system the academy has, the ones with the higher ranks get targeted more. If that happened, I definitely wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. I’ll pass on that, naturally,” Guren responded, as he thought back to the explanation of the ranking system and the breakdown of the ranks.

Depending on the amount of GP, rankings are distributed. Numbers 1 to 9 are S-Rank. Numbers 10 to 59 are A-Rank—and the ranks exist until F-Rank. Hence, Guren’s rank was the lowest of the low, the F-Rank. With this, he surely wouldn’t be targeted as the strongest Player.

“You don’t want to win, and you don’t want to stand out, huh…Interesting.”

“What about it? If you want to say something, I’m all ears.”

“Defeating someone and standing over someone are one of our basic desires though.”

“…I couldn’t care less about that.”

“You, that’s the same as saying that you wouldn’t get excited while seeing a naked woman’s body. Are you impotent or something?”

“Can you choose a less vulgar example? Well, if the influencer of the academy is vulgar, then his manifestation of that, the academy itself, will be just as vulgar I guess.”

Haaa—Guren let out a sigh as he continued.

“Also, the players that can make flush out ‘Black Votes’ are only a handful of the strongest. There’s no way I’d have to show any seriousness in a school with playful game exams like these. As if this education has any sort of significance.”

“Those game exams have their own meaning, even if you don’t become a player in the future. I think that there’s a certain value to be found in having our students learn the risks of losing. If they go out into the world, they might lose their life with one misstep.”

“So you’re showing no signs of trying to change society into something more kind and accepting, huh?”

“That’d be bad in a lot of ways. In this world that’s harsh towards the many, there are still people that profit from another person’s misfortune.”

“Absolute garbage I see.”

“Ku ku ku. What a coincidence, I have to agree.”

“But you’re even more of a shitty bastard for deceiving me and luring me into this school.”

Guren glared at Hajime, the gaze full of resentment.

“I remember telling you something though. That I wanted to wash my hands clean of the world of games. I want to start a normal life. Even so, the school you told me about is this. What is this place? Just how is this place ‘Normal’ in any way?”

“Hmm, you see, you’re asking me to help a clearly not normal person live a normal life.”

Glared at with a gaze full of bloodlust, the man just gave an indifferent laugh. Cleaning off his monocle and putting it on again, he showed his white teeth with a grin.

“Not to mention that you and I met in the deepest parts of the dark world, with no light in sight. It’s a big mistake on your end that you believed me, a person you met in that hellhole, to end up being a normal board chairman of a normal school. That’s your miss through and through. Though I think that’s very rare of you.”

“Ugh…I thought it’d be fine if I could just get to attend a school. Maybe…maybe I was blinded by the wish of spending a peaceful life that I lost sight of my surroundings…”

He would be able to go to these normal ‘schools’ he’d always admired. That alone made him lower his guard. To think that that school turned out to be a supremacist institution for games. Most of his opponents were people from overseas, but still—

I was too naive…There’s no way that any decent human being would be dwelling in that kind of place.

Reminiscing back to his first meeting with the board chairman, Guren closed his mouth.

A single room of a crazy illegal casino, where you wouldn’t even be able to get in without showing around a hundred million of the location’s currency. At the same gambling location that was always requested, the one that appeared as the overseer was Shishiou Hajime. With the title ‘High school board chairman’, Guren’s heart had received a huge shock.

“Fufu. Well, that shows how much you trusted me, I guess? If you’re that into me, you can jump right into my chest, you know?”

“Uwahh…I think I’m gonna throw up…”

“You don’t have to make that sort of face. And also, you keep complaining, but this school accepted you, you know?”

“Shut it. The moment it’s related to games, there’s no use in making excuses.”

“It’s got overwhelmingly prestigious school grounds and an education system that wouldn’t lose against a university. Also—”

“I just told you, didn’t I? No matter how much you try to explain it, the moment I heard ‘Everything is decided by games’, I would’ve bailed immediately if I could’ve! I want to live a relaxing, soothing peaceful life!”

Pushing his body forward, Guren roughened his attitude.

“Well, just do what you want.”

“…And you’re fine with that?”

“It’s your decision if you want to win or lose. There aren’t any annoying requests or patrons, so you’re free to spend your days how you want,” Hajime shrugged with an innocent expression.

You cunning devil—Guren cussed in his heart.

“But, this is quite unexpected. I thought you’d be telling me to run wild in games again.”

“You see, I hate the word called ‘Enforcement’.”

With a touch of putting on an act, Hajime shrugged his shoulders again.

“To be precise, we value the freedom of our students at this school. Hence, I won’t be forcing you to take part in any contests. Though I’d be happy if you joined in out of your own free will.”

“I’m done with all of that.”

“Well, whatever it is, I have to give you this. Now that you’ve become a student of our school, you have to always keep it on you.”

Saying that, Hajime took out a smart device from his overwear pocket. It seemed to be some custom-made item, because the school’s emblem was engraved in the back.

“This is?”

“A student identification card.”

“Identification card? This is clearly some sort of machinery.”

“Exactly. It’s an electronic identification card.”

“Recently, everything’s running on electricity, huh? And talking about a student identification card, it’s like my own ID, right? I read about that in a manga.”

“It’s even more than that. Various in school payments are done through this device. Receiving GP, transferring them, accepting or rejecting them, checking the ranking and many more things. It’s a keystone for management in this school.”


Guren tilted his head. In response, Hajime nodded.

“Yes. It’s directly connected to an AI, responsible for the managing and commanding of the students.”

“What a crazy system you got there.”

“With just the teachers, their own judgment and prejudice would waver in the evaluation and we can’t allow that. Hence, we brought in an AI.”

“I see…how elaborate.”

Guren narrowly gazed at the device in his hand as he commented.

“Is it weird? I do think that it looks similar to those smart devices you have.”

“Nah, it looks more high-tech than the one I have. Naturally, you’ll keep my account information hidden, right?”

The account of the device that he received through normal measures was immediately located. But, with this device, it might be harder to have his footsteps tracked.

And, as if he wanted to ascertain Guren’s thoughts, Hajime nodded.

“Of course. As long as you don’t lay bare your own information, you can’t be contacted.”

“I see…Then, this might be pretty good. Can I download apps and games on it?” Guren asked in a merry manner as he played with the touch screen.

But, the second he realized Hajime grinning in front of him, Guren abruptly got up.

“…Thanks for that. I’ll gladly take this for now.”

“Very well, I don’t mind. You can always come by and visit me okay, Guren-kun?”

“Hell no I won’t. I’m going to make some normal friends. Not gonna bother with some shady old man.”

“As cold as always. But, that’s also—”

“Again, stop blurting out stuff that’d make me vomit right here!! I’m going now, alright!?”

Denying Hajime’s viscous voice with his own, Guren turned his back to him. Stepping out the door that was connected to the hallway, he muttered to himself.

“I won’t do anything at this school. Definitely.”

With these words, Guren stepped out of the room. In response, a cold smile formed on Hajime’s lips as he saw Guren off.

“Now then. Go enjoy that student life you’ve always wished for to your heart’s desire—Guren-kun~”

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  1. Who’d have thought this school would be run by Willy Wonka? 😉


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