Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Maka-sensei doesn’t want a rival

“Uuuu…I can’t…Nui-chan will die…at dawn…”

“It’s evening.”

I gave a retort as Nui grandiousely collapsed on the table.

Amanashi Nui—My classmate, as well as a gravure idol. Semi-long, reddish hair. A greatly expanding chest dwelling beneath her summer knit, and slender legs reaching down from her short skirt. No matter how one looked at it, a beauty with a fault yet to find. The gravure shoot that happened recently turned into a well-versed topic, with a breakthrough in sight for her. I knew. That even a professional cameraman wouldn’t be able to look inside the model in front of him. Therefore, while she has the looks for a gravure idol, her insides are filled with idiocies.

“…Sai-kun, are you thinking about something rude?”

“No, I would never do that.”

I lied with a serious expression. Although I really hate lying, if it’s to protect myself, I couldn’t hold back…I’ve become sullied, haven’t I.

“Sounds really fishy…Ahh, just doubting you is tiring. I really am done for.”

“You’re not, so just work a bit harder.”

This is the Saigi family’s house. Nui had a math workbook and notebook in front of her, opened up.

“End-terms…Why do we have exams every time…We just got past the midterms a while ago! Shouldn’t it be fine to tone down the testing?!”

“I think that for students with bad grades like Nui, monthly exams might be a good idea.”

“M-Monthly…! What poor treatment for a popular gravure idol like me!”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

As you can see, following midterms, I’m once again teaching Nui. Honestly, my grades aren’t exactly top-class either, so I’m a bit worried about me teaching other people…But, if I left her alone, she’d probably really get the lowest grades this time for real.

That time at the midterms, I helped her studies, and helped her level up by quite a bit. If she’d fail now at the end-terms, all that effort would have been for naught…

“They really have it rough, right, Kagome-chan?”

Sitting on the sofa was Kuu, petting the head of the white-haired Kagome. Said Kuu is a fifth-grader at my school’s grade school division, and I’ve been acquainted with her ever since she was a little baby. Her dark blue hair was bound together on one side, and she wore a white-based sailor-type uniform. Recently, she would always come here after school to meet Kagome.

“Ugh…How great that you don’t have any exams.”

“Nui-oneesan, we also have exams at our school. Though not those midterms and end-terms or whatever.”

“Really? But, the exams don’t decide whether or not you make the next grade! I’m so jealous! I want to go back to being a little girl! Keep my current breasts of course!”

“Your mental age isn’t all that different from me, Nui-oneesan.”

“M-Mental age?! Sai-kun, don’t just hammer some weird stuff into Kuu-tan!”

“Of course I’d end up the bad guy, huh.”

Well, it’s true that I was talking about that with her.

“Nui-chan senpai, you might be a popular gravure idol, but your fans might be disappointed if you fail to make it to the next grade, you know?”

This time, my little sister Saigi Miharu hammered onto Nui.

Deeply relaxing on the sofa, she was tapping on her smartphone. Her long black hair in a ponytail, a thin hoodie over her uniform which is clearly against school regulations, and a crazy short skirt. Sitting on the sofa rather unlady-like, her white panties were in plain sight.

“What’s it matter, you don’t need intelligence to be a gravure idol. Rather, the idiots are more popular!”

“There are some higher educated gravure idols though…Well, Nui-chan senpai’s fans probably didn’t expect any intelligence from you in the first place.”

“Exactly, they expect me to strip down even more because I’m an idiot or something like that! My popularity is still on the rise!”

Is this really something you should be that happy about…

“Also, Miharu? Kuu doesn’t have end-terms, but you do, right?”

My little sister shows absolutely no signs of studying herself.

“Since Miharu isn’t Nui-chan senpai, she won’t fail even without studying.”

It’s a shame, but she’s completely right. Though her grades aren’t excellent, they certainly aren’t on the level of Nui’s. It’s like she’s keeping the perfect balance…?

“Miharu is more busy with this. I’ll definitely pull a SSR now! Look at all those gems Miharu got thanks to the Onii-chan card!”


That Miharu, she’s wasting everything on her gacha again! My precious pocket money is being wasted!



Or so I screamed out internally, when Kagome suddenly jumped up to give Miharu a cat punch. In the moment that Miharu was recovering from the impact, Kagome put the smartphone in her mouth, jumped down from the sofa, and retreated into the corner of the room.

“Woah, Kagome-chan, amazing! How skilled!” Kuu said, as she applauded.

I happened to clap along in the heat of the moment, but it was indeed a wonderful maneuver. That cat…she’s not just cute, but I can use her as well! To think that she’d interfere my little sister’s social game spending spree!

“K-Kagome, you…Miharu would’ve been able to snack a SSR today,” Miharu grit her teeth.

Seeing my normally indifferent little sister like that was quite the SSR event.

“Come on, Kagome, protect that smartphone with your life. And Miharu, you go study as well.”

“…Hmpf. You’ve always been doting on your cute little sister like Miharu here, and now that a new family member joined, you’re this cold to her…”

“Did I really dote on you that much…?”

Well, I’m well aware that I tend to be a bit soft towards girls younger than me.

“Ha ha ha, now Miharun is a comrade. Now, let’s study together~”

“Nui-chansenpai, you seem really happy that Miharu got wrapped into this…”

“Since we’ve got the members of SID assembled here, let’s suffer together!”

“…Sounds like a total pain,” Miharu grit her teeth once more.

SID is an abbreviation for the ‘It’s fine if I die Alliance’. To my great surprise, all the members of said alliance are holding romantic affection towards me. A gravure idol, a grade schooler, and my blood-related little sister, a great variety was gathered in there. Then there’s also the leader, acting as our school’s student council president, Jinsho Karen-senpai—

“Now that you say it, Karen-kaichou isn’t coming today, is she? She seems like the type that’d come without an invitation though.”

“Shouldn’t Kaicho be pretty busy? I heard that she’s doing most of the student council work alone now that the end-term exams are right around the corner.”

“Woah, this close before the exams, and she’s working this much…” I contemplated.

I did make my way a few times to the student council office, but I’ve never seen any other council members besides her. Although there should also be the vice president and others…are they pushing their work onto her? Though she doesn’t seem like the type that would stay quiet if that was the case…

“So you have student council work even with the exams running close? Seems like Karen-oneesan has it hard. I also heard that she’s working as a nun…is she going to be okay?”

Since Kuu’s a kind girl, she seems to be honestly worried about Karen-kaichou. Well, if you asked me, I can’t see the diligent and enthusiastic Karen-kaichou destroy her own body like that.

Apparently, she had been raised in the cloyster, without any relatives by her side. Hence, her training as a nun. Just a while ago, I even got to see her nun appearance as I collapsed with a cold.

“But, there’s no need to worry about her studies…Unlike us.”

“Ahh, Sai-kun was speaking the truth! Cruel!”

“Am I not allowed to speak the truth?!”

“Karen-oneesan is really good at studying, right.”

“At our high school division, the results of the mid- and end-terms of the first and second term, as well as the third-year’s final results are always announced publicly. There I’ve seen her name 10 times at the top spot.”

“Woah, that’s amazing. What rank were you in the previous exams, Miharu-oneesan?”

“Ugh, Kagome…Your guard is too high…The moment Miharu doesn’t pay attention, she’ll get a cat punch again or what…”

Miharu completely ignored Kuu’s retort.

“Ten times…Yeah? One, two, three, four…~”

As if she had realized something, Kuu started counting with her fingers.

“ So when Karen-oneesan entered the high school division, she missed the top spot once?”

“Ahh, now that you say it.”

With Kuu’s words, I started counting myself.

The exams with their results getting announced happen five times every year, and taking in the one exam that she already had after she became a third-year, she should’ve been 11 times at the top. To think that a diligent person like her would miss her chance on that. Kind of unexpected.

“But, enough of the president already. We can’t afford to worry about other people. Come on, let’s go back to studying…!”

Maka-sensei heavily reprimanded me that my grades in her English exams weren’t what she expected back at the midterms. Hence, I at least have to get a high amount of points in English this time around. In the time that her ‘education’ is growing more fierce, and if she’d use my bad grades for a said education—my reason might finally crumble down.

“You seem to be troubled, so how about I get you up to the top of your year! How about a teacher that stays with you until you understand everything! On top of that, you’ll get a beauty, and a sight for sore eyes!”

“………Excuse me?”

W-What was that…?

The moment the door sprung open at great momentum,


“It’s Shii-chan. Been a while.”

“Ah, I remember that Onee-san.”

First me, and then Miharu and Kuu all gave their reactions. Only Nui was blankly looking at her.

Yes, the person that appeared was indeed Shiya-chan. Just how many years has it been since she visited us?

Just like yesterday, she had that ‘fashionable girls’ university student’ feeling.

“Been a while, Haru. And you’re still rocking that nonchalant appearance. What a waste on a cute girl like you! Wasting cuteness like that should be a crime, I say.”

“Whatever…What about you, Shii-chan? University debut?”

“Rude! I was always working more on myself than Haru! When we went to buy your first bra, I was really excited to get a cute one for you, but you just bought that plain and boring sports bra!”

“Did that really happen…”

My dear little sister has completely forgotten about that it seems. Maybe forgetting things easily runs in the blood of the Saigi family? Since our household didn’t have a mother at home, Shiya-chan always looked after Miharu’s girl-needs.

“Huh, that grade schooler…the one that Mako always brought with him? You really grew a lot!”

“She saw that my breasts are starting to grow…?!”

Kuu embraced her chest with her arms, and grew wary of Shiya-chan.

…No, Kuu, I’m fairly certain that she wasn’t talking about that.

“So it’s only a matter of time until Miharu’s chest loses against a young girl like her…My condolences…”

“ Can you not show half-baked sympathy for Miharu?”

Miharu didn’t even try to hide her discomfort. Also, why did we suddenly switch over to talk about breasts…

“Heh, if we’re talking about breasts, then it’s finally my turn. I might even be willing to show them to you in their purest form!”

“Don’t forget that I’m also here okay, Nui?”

“…Well, you already saw them naked already.”

“Onii-chan…this smells like a crime.”

“S-Sensei…If you want to see breasts, then you can just ask me, you know…”

“Hey, I can hear you two over there.”

Also, Kuu, that can be taken quite out of context, so could you hold off that?

“Ah, I know that girl over there. The dirty female high school student that’s working as a dirty gravure idol!”

“Guess I can’t help it if you already know. Yes~ I’m the dirty female high school student!”

Nui, are you fine with being called dirty like that?

“Woah Mako, you really changed. Your little sister and a little girl, and now even that dirty high school student, you’re pulling quite the catch!”

“…Shiya-chan, what did you even come here for?”

She was talking about getting upgrades and being a teacher and whatever.

“Ah, you’re right. I forgot I forgot. Mako, you have end-term exams soon, right?”

“That’s why this dirty high school girl is here. I’m not pulling anyone, I’m teaching.”

“Ohhh, what’s this, a study session with a female classmate, how youthful. But, I came here to stop you from experiencing that very youth.”

“Excuse me?”

Shiya-chan ran her fingers through her bright chestnut-colored hair, pushing it back.

“From today onwards, I will be your private tutor! You don’t have the time to be teaching other people!”

“Private tutor…?”

W-What’s that about so abruptly…? Nui, and even Miharu and Kuu have a blank stare on their faces like me. Just yesterday we’re reunited, and now she’s my private tutor…? What kind of development is this.

“I’m sorry, Maka-sensei. I have to come home early today.”


Maka-sensei made a face like the world was about to end.

Classes had ended for the day, and the location was the English material preparation room.

Having survived the danger of getting figured out by the vice-principal, this narrow room once again turned into the place for my ‘education’, and said room was now completely silent.

“…Did you grow tired of me?”

“If I wanted an older beauty, Karen-kaichou or Renku-sensei are plenty.”


Now she looked like the world had started anew after it ended, only for her beloved one to have disappeared forever.

“Maybe I should run away to the north, and aim to build up a bar of the run-down district…”

“At least take the nun route! No, they’re all respectable careers, but you can’t throw away your life as a teacher! I was joking okay!”

“Saigi-kun…Fufu, you finally found a way to bring me down into the deepest layers of despair.”

“Your eyes are dead, Sensei. I’m sorry, okay?”

“No, it’s fine. You can stay longer at school today, I assume?”

“What a wonderful smile, but no, the part about me having to go home early wasn’t a joke.”

“Wha—?! You make me happy, only to pull me down again…! Nooo~ Saigi-kun is turning more and more into a bad man!” Maka-sensei exclaimed, holding her head in her hands.

Wasn’t she the one called the ‘Unobtainable Flower’ or something?

“………Mm? But, this bad boy Saigi-kun is also pretty cute?”

“Your mentality of steel is as impressive as ever. That I really respect…”

“What a shame though. For today, I prepared the perfect costume to make Saigi-kun my slave of love and despair…But if you don’t have the time then I’d have to finish this fast…Fufu, so you have more important business than seeing me in that costume I see.”

“You’re still depressed after all?!”

She’s riddled with ups and downs, huh!

“Ah, could you turn around for a second? I’d be too scared to show you this unworthy naked body of mine.”

“Okay okay, I get it!”

The moment before I turned around, I already saw Maka-sensei put one hand on her skirt. Once again, I heard that familiar sound of rustling clothes—

“You can turn around now.”

“Y-Yes. What do you have prepared for today——Huh?”

Black-rimmed glasses, and her brown her up in a ponytail. On top of her blouse, a white robe, and a dark-blue long skirt.

“You actually look like a teacher…”

“I’m a teacher you know?!”

“Oh, that’s right. I happened to give a serious retort.”

“That’s something I hear rather seldom from you…But, how is it? By the way, that white robe I sto—borrowed from Hiyori-sensei.”

“Renku-sensei probably didn’t even realize that she’s missing hers.”

“She certainly didn’t. Is Hiyori-sensei’s life going to work, I wonder?”

“Should you be saying that, Sensei?”

You’re the one that announced you’d leave your job and retire into a cloister if I’d accept your feelings.

“I’ll just have to forcefully pull my life into the direction that I want. But anyway, the ‘education’ this time is more important!”

“What are you planning on doing now?”

The feared ‘education’, to make me fall in love with Maka-sensei. Normally it’d be just a cosplay session, but is there another agenda than normal…?

“Actually…I’ve arrived at a wall for us teachers.”

“A wall?”

“Once the time moved towards the days before the exams, there are many students that come to ask us teachers for help, and for explanations concerning class.”

“I never once did that, you know?”

“You’re unique. Anyway, since Seikadai is a prestigious school, many students are eager to learn. But…nobody is coming to ask me!”

“Of course they wouldn’t.”

“What?! No way, so straightforward! Saigi-kun, you’re so cruel!”

“You’re like a crying child I see. And Sensei, you must know yourself, don’t you? It’s because you’re this school’s ‘Unobtainable Flower’. Hence, both boys and girl are probably too scared to ask for your help.”

“Y-You really think so…? And what should I do about that as a teacher?”

“Hmmm…it’s certainly not preferable, but there’s nothing you can do at this point in time, right?”

Cosplaying to look more like a teacher is probably not going to drift. Rather, with this fresh appearance, she might even more look like the Unobtainable Flower.

“Maybe I should open myself a bit…?”

“Aren’t you fine with your current Unobtainable Flower mode? If the people find out that you’re a good-for-nothing, they might lose their trust in you.”

“Good-for-nothing?! Saigi-kun, aren’t you looking down on me a bit lately?!” screamed Maka-sensei, getting teary-eyed.

You can’t really call it looking down if it’s the truth, Sensei.

“I’ll get my revenge…How about this!”

“Wha—What are you doing now?!”

Maka-sensei tumbled down on top of the desk. Opening up several buttons of her blouse, flailing back the white robe—she lifted up the bottom part of the long skirt, revealing her thighs.

“Rather firm attire like this isn’t so bad, right? Make it a bit disarranged like this, how is it…Is it to your liking?”

“O-Of course…not…Uuu…!”

Naturally, it is. Of course it is! Just as Maka-sensei says, the level of exibitionism wasn’t as high as her other costumes before, but that feeling of indecency that she emitted made it even more provoking…! Ugh, this might be more dangerous than the cheerleading girl or in her swimsuit…!

“Fufufu, I can guess from your expression. So being perverted isn’t everything, but this also has some sort of effect I see. No, for the diligent Saigi-kun, this might have an even better effect!”

“Stop going all ‘Eureka!’ on me!”

“No no no, this is a wonderful realization. This kind of Saigi-kun is really cute. Kiss


Maka-sensei suddenly stood up, and kissed me on the cheek.

“So cute, mmmnn—”


Now she was kissing me on the lips. After keeping her lips pressed onto me for a bit, she even used her tongue and—Hold on, too intense!


“Haaaa….This cute Saigi-kun’s lips, I’ve been so patie—No, it’s Saigi-kun’s punishment for being too cute.”

“…No need to fix it now.”

It’s amazing that you still have the nerve to call this my fault, Maka-sensei.

“Ah, right, I have to go home now.”

“Oh yeah! What business is there that could be more important than me?!”

“You’re turning into a pain of a woman, Sensei.”

Well, that might actually fit her. That self-proclaimed ‘Kanojo Sensei’ is a real pain. Well, that’s also cute—nevermind.

“Actually, I got something like a private tutor at home.”

“P-Private tutor…?!”

Maka-sensei froze up as if she got turned into a statue.

Well, I did expect her to have a reaction like that—Anyway, time to use this chance to run away. That private tutor will actually come after all.

Leaving the frozen Maka-sensei behind, I headed towards the entrance. As I did—

“Oh, if it isn’t Saigi Makoto. You were still at school, I see.”

The person that came walking towards me was the well-endowed beauty with long, black hair. Seikadai high school division’s student council president, the third-year Jinsho Karen-senpai.

“Hm…Your necktie is crooked again. Are you doing that on purpose so that I fix it for you?”

“Do you really believe that?”

How would I know when I’d meet her anyway. Kaichou went on complaining, and still continued to fix my necktie.

“Really…I never knew how to tie a necktie before, but fixing yours all the time taught me everything, and now I can do it perfectly.”

“You’ll become a good wife.”


Poff, her face lit up like a candle.

“A-Although I am still in training, I am a nun! I have sworn my body to god! B-Becoming Saigi Makoto’s wife…how could I!”

Or so she says, as her mouth turns into a grin… I didn’t say my wife, you know?

“S-Stop talking nonsense and go home already and study! Even if I taught you, your grades would only end up worse anyway!”

“Karen-kaichou, you’re still working even though the exams are right around the corner, aren’t you? Nui told me.”

“Y-Yeah. No problem at all. I always study so much that I’d be fine if I died, and I do my student council work at the same time.”

“Let’s make sure that you don’t die while studying…”

That reminds me, she was the one that came up with the name ‘It’s fine if I die Alliance’, being the leader of the group.

“It’s ten years too early for you to worry about me, Saigi Makoto. You’re looking after Amanashi Nui again, aren’t you. Though you might be pretty good at that, think about yourself first. In the summer of your second year, you have to think about your future a bit.”


My future, huh…I never really gave it any thought besides maybe going to a university outside the connections of Seikadai.

“I have to go back to my job now, so I have to say goodbye here. Properly study, okay?”

“Ahh, that’s fine. I have a private tutor coming over today.”

“Private tutor?”

“Yes, it’s an Onee-san that lives in the same flat as me, and she’ll teach me. She’s going to university, on a side note.”

“A-An Onee-san that goes to university…!”

I felt like I could see lighting hitting the ground behind her back.

“H…How indecent!”

“It’s clearly not though?!”

You’re the indecent one, for imagining that!

“University girls are all for the social network popularity, and they’re easy to get as long as you’re good-looking, right?”

“How biased can you be! There are way more diligent university girls than you might think!”

Though I don’t know how Shiya-chan is like.

“I’m sorry, but I really have to get going now. Don’t overdo it at your work, Kaichou.


Though I would’ve loved to clear up that misunderstanding a bit more, I don’t have the time. And I can’t bother the president.

“You’re finally home! So late, Mako Mako you idiot!”

“Who is Mako Mako?”

Can you not make my embarrassing nickname even more embarrassing?

—The moment I returned home, Shiya-chan was already waiting for me in the living room. Weirdly enough, I couldn’t spot my little sister, who would always occupy the sofa for herself. Maybe she thought that she’d have to join in on the studying, and ran away to her room. But, I forgot about that, and sat down at the table, facing Shiya-chan.

“That’s quite the appearance you’re rocking there with those clothes. Did you come here right after getting home from university?”

Again, she had her chestnut-colored hair wavy, and a cutsew with a long skirt.

“It’s my job after all, I have to come in with fitting attire. You didn’t expect me to come here with a jersey, did you?”

“I wonder…”

I’ve known Shiya-chan ever since I was young. I’ve seen her private clothes a lot of times already, so whatever she wears won’t really matter to me.

“I’ve been asked to do this job by Mako’s Uncle and Auntie, and I receive payment. You can just think of this as me being a normal private tutor.”

“A job, is it…Well, I guess.”

Indeed, my parents suddenly booked a private tutor for me. Well, the masterminds are rather Shiya-chan’s and our parents.

“You weren’t doing good at any other job, right? I wonder if you’ll be able to be a good private tutor?”

“You’re already doubting my skill! I see you’re as doubtful and suspicious as ever…”

Shiya-chan sighed, and looked straight at me.

“Since you didn’t continue your part-time job, you might continue as my private tutor, that was the talk, right?”

“So bluntly…I said that I didn’t continue anymore, but I started that job after I became a second-year, okay! We’re talking about a few months!”

Yes, all this talk about making her a private tutor—

Shiya-chan got too busy with her classes in her first year that she couldn’t keep up with her part-time job. Since she’s still living at home, she doesn’t seem to have any trouble keeping up with her daily life either way. But, since she’s a university student now, she really should start earning her own allowance, hence, she started another part-time job after becoming a second-year this spring, but—

“That reminds me, Shiya-chan couldn’t keep doing something for a longer time since…ever, right? You immediately stopped your piano lessons, and your clubs at school as well. From basketball club to volleyball club to track-and-field club to the arts club to the wind ensemble, and you were also in the literature club. There’s gotta be limits to trying things out.”

“I just lost the fun in it!”

“It’s not always about fun, you know. Especially with your part-time job.”

“Shut it. Anyway, I think that my parents would get really mad at me if I kept staying jobless like this. Mako, help me out here. So that I don’t get fired from this.”

“My parents are paying you, you know?”

Since my parents are paying, I don’t really have a word in this.

—Well, that’s the gist of it. Although she started several part-time jobs, like in a convenience store, or a family restaurant, she soon got bored of it everytime, stopping immediately. Hence, my parents that started to get worried about my grades, as well our neighbours, Shiya-chan’s parents, got together and decided on this private tutor thing.

Really, for being overseas, they really got a good grip here.

“Mako, you’re a bit cheeky, aren’t you. You’re still my henchman.”

“Ahhh, I feel like I’m about to relive some traumatizing memories…”

Though this mansion had several children that were about our young age back then, Shiya-chan apparently took a liking to me—or rather, she saw me as a toy.

“When playing tag, you’d run after me without actively trying to catch me, if you lost in a game, you’d take my game console for a month and do special training, when you got hooked on idols, you forced me to bring 100 friends that would watch your concert, and so on.”

“I thought that Mako would forgive me in whatever I did.”

“It was more cruel than you might think!”

To think that she didn’t feel anything about that!

“That’s because I—Ah, this isn’t the time to be talking like this. The exams are going to start soon, so I’ll have to start teaching you! All-nighters are a thing now, so be ready to get all the knowledge you need to get hammered into you!”

“That’s a first that I’ve heard of this!”

And, since it was a serious job of hers that she’d get paid for, she was naturally going to do it as diligent as she could.

Ugh…if it’s man-to-man, I can’t really get away…Shiya-chan offered to teach Nui as well while she was at it, but she declined it with “I hate private tutors!”, so she’s not here. Hence, I gave her some assignments, but I wonder if she’s doing them properly?

“…Huh? Shiya-chan, you’re pretty good at teaching?”

“I had rather mediocre grades in middle and high school. Since I was told that I would have trouble getting up a grade, I really worked hard. That’s why I know how to help someone that struggles in a similar way.”

“Oh right, you’re an idiot after all.”


I completely forgot about her academic strength…Just like me, Shiya-chan started in the grade school division of Seikadai, and moved upwards internally. A lot of students also move up to the Seikadai university, and so did Shiya-chan. As long as your grades aren’t abysmally bad, you can move up to the next higher school.

“You’re doubting my knowledge? In my third year, I was in the ‘hanged-out’ group, okay?”

“Eh, really. That’s a first that I heard of that.”

At Seikadai’s high school division, the top 50 students with the best scores are hanged-out in the hallway for everyone to see, hence the ‘hanged-out’ group.

“Did that ever happen to you?”

“If it did, I wouldn’t need you. I’m mostly right in the middle.”

“Your parents didn’t exactly give me a minimum, but I guess we might as well aim for the hanged-out group.”

“A-Aren’t you aiming a bit too high there…?”

I’ve never made it into there. To be precise, I was mostly in the ranks after the 120th.

“I mean, if I didn’t achieve that much, I wouldn’t feel good receiving such a grandiose pay.”

“Just how much are you getting exactly, Shiya-chan?”

Do my parents think that their son’s grades wouldn’t improve if they didn’t invest a huge amount of money?

“Nevermind that, we’re moving away from the topic. But, I can’t touch you in this position!”

Shiya-chan suddenly jumped up, and slid next to me.

“Eh, Shiya-chan, you’re gonna sit there?”

“I can’t keep you in check if I sit across you. What, you’re getting flustered? Hey hey, suddenly becoming aware of my sexappeal like that~”


Shiya-chan closed in our distance, our bodies about to touch.

Ahhh, she smells really nice…probably perfume…Just what you’d expect from a university girl…

“We’ve taken baths together before, and you’re getting excited because of me now? Aw man, my cute little Mako suddenly is turning into a wolf without me looking~”

“S-Stop clinging to me already…!”

Because of her cutsew, and her well-endowed chest, I can almost see the valley of her breasts…! And also, they’re totally hitting me right now…!

“Is this the part where I say ‘If you get good grades at the exams, this Onee-san will show you her breasts,’ I wonder?”

“What part are we talking about?!”

“Ahaha, I’m joking, I’m joking. My breasts aren’t that cheap. Well, I might give you a glance if you get first place though?”

Acting as if she was thinking, she put one hand on her cutsew, pulling on it. This time I could catch a glimpse of her valley and her black bra.

“…I get that you’re teasing me. How many years do you think I had to go through this?”

“Ha ha ha, guess we’ll leave the jokes until here then. Now then, time to study. Don’t worry, I can go with both literature and science. Since English literature is my main subject, I’m the best at English.”

“Ah, you’re studying English literature?”

I knew that Shiya-chan went on to the Seikadai university, but I didn’t know what subjects she was studying. So she’s gonna major in English huh. Just like Maka-sensei.

“Yeah yeah, back when I just started going to university, there was this really cool Senpai at a mixer. I tried getting the same hair color, but mine did end up a bit too bright”

“Oh yeah, Miharu talked about something like a university debut.”

In high school, Shiya-chan was pretty plain with black hair.

“Hmpf, Mako is being pretty cheeky right now…Ahhh, I see, I remember now.”

“Eh? What?”

“Mako hates ‘teachers’ right—”

The moment Shiya-chan brought that up, the doorbell rang. The face I could see through the intercom—was one that I didn’t expect.

“Shiya-chan, a guest came. She’ll probably become a bother for the studying.”

“What? Is it that dirty high school girl again?”

“Someone else.”

After answering her, I made my way to the entrance, and brought the guest with me.

“Nice to meet you. Saigi Makoto, is this the private tutor you were talking about?”

The person I brought with me was Karen-kaichou. Everyone really has no restraints in just barging into my house, huh.

“Yes, She’s Keimi Shiya, a second-year at Seikadai University.”

“Heyho, I’m Keimi Shiya, and I’m the private tutor of Mako. Hey hey, another beauty? Mako, just how many girls do you have to pull here before you’re satisfied?”

“Stop saying that I’m pulling them here against their will! Uhm, Kaichou? What might your business be?”

“O-Oh right. I noticed that there is a weird presence around Saigi Makoto so I came to check as the SID leader—no, not that. I came here as your Senpai to help you, my Kouhai, in your studies.”

“Kaichou, you sure you’re not lying?”

Your true intentions are leaking through.

“Mako, you’re not just bothering your Onee-san childhood friend, but also a Senpai from school? Not to mention such a black, long-haired proper type of—Hold on, are you possibly…?”

“Hm? Shiya-chan, you know Karen-kaichou?”

“Karen…Jinsho Karen…is it?”

“Why do you know me…wait, are you…”

Cutting her words, Kaichou closely inspected Shiya-chan—

“Oh, a university debut?”

“I’m telling you you’re wrong! Ahhh, every single one of you!” Shiya-chan stirred up her chestnut-colored hair.

“Whatever the university debut, Karen-kaichou, Shiya-chan, where did you even meet each other?”

“Karen-kaichou, huh…so that Jinsho Karen actually turned into the high school student council president. This isn’t on the level of a university debut.”

“I see…so it really is you. Then, let me rephrase myself. Not nice to meet you, but—It’s been a while, right?”

Karen-kaichou looked a bit troubled at the sudden reveal.

…I wonder…my childhood friend, and my student council president…wait, they’re not mine. Anyway, I didn’t hear that they had any sort of connection, you know…?

“Uhm, Shiya-chan? Karen-kaichou?”

“Back when I was still in the high school division, I was also a member of the student council. The vice-president, see.”

“What exactly happened back then?”

“I was properly elected! Well, there weren’t any other candidates, so it was a vote by confidence, but still…”

In the high school division, the student council president and vice-president are chosen via elections. Following that, the other members are named by the student council president.

…Ahh, so this is what Shiya-chan was talking about when she said that there were things she couldn’t quit.

“…Saigi Makoto, you’re acting pretty relaxed with her, aren’t you.”

“Shiya-chan and I have known each other for a very long time after all. But, it’s not like you two did the student council together, right?”

The time that Karen-kaichou became the student council president should’ve been last year in September. During that time, Shiya-chan had already graduated, and started her university debut, right?

“Ahh, I’m—”

“The people that go to Seikadai’s university would sometimes come visit the high school division. Some act as coaches for the high school division clubs, or those that want to force their Kouhais to leave.. As a former member of the student council, I would go look after my cute Kouhais from time to time.”

“Woah, so Shiya-chan was forcing them out…”

“I never said anything like that! Mako, even I’ll get mad, you know!”

Shiya-chan, you get mad pretty frequently though.

“Hey, I wasn’t trying to force you out right, Karen-chan?”

“…Yes, you’re a very kind Senpai.”

That just now was definitely a lie. So obvious that even someone less doubtful than me would see that.

“And, as your kind Senpai, I’ll also look after your studies. You brought your stuff with you, right?”

“Y-Yes, Keimi-senpai.”

“Now now, Shiya is fine.”


Is there really a need for Karen-kaichou to be taught by other people…it would probably have the opposite effect. But, being told by her Senpai, even Karen-kaichou couldn’t say anything back, and sat down in front of the table.

“You said that you came here to look after Mako, but is he really like that at school?”

“He truly is. Though he has a certain degree of rational thinking, but I’ve heard several rumours going around the school.”

“Now now you two, I’m sitting right here.”

Shouldn’t you keep that to when I’m not here?

“It’s probably because his teacher-hating self that he has. That young girl’s mother—the teacher at the kindergarten, was it. Aren’t you a bit too hung up on her?”

“…You got a good memory on that, Shiya-chan. I mostly got over that, though.”

“But, even if that was the trigger, then—Ahh, nevermind. Let’s get your studies up.”


I wonder, but it looked like Shiya-chan was gazing over at Karen-kaichou for a second?

“That’s correct. Even if the trigger was Shinju Muku’s mother.”

Opening her notebook and maths workbook, Karen-kaichou said so as she looked over at me.

“The reason that you lost your trust in teachers—is me.”


Karen-kaichou, what are you talking about?

“You don’t have to say that, Karen-chan. Let’s just focus on the studying. I’m getting money for this, so let me do this properly. Don’t pickle Mako!”

“I don’t really understand this, but let me help you.”


Pickling me is scary on it’s own, but now she’s turning into the teaching assistant?!

“Hold on hold on, what are you talking about, Karen-kaichou? What do you mean that it was your fault?”

“Don’t mind it. You’ve overcome your hate for teachers, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

If you bring that up, and never explain what you meant, I can’t focus on my studies at all. But, the two of them already entered studying-mode. Leaving aside Nui and Kuu, it’s now Karen-kaichou and Shiya-chan…Doesn’t seem like I can talk my way out of this…I wonder, it feels like I’m forgetting something very important again?

“Now, how about you tell me your excuse?”

“As abruptly as always I see…”

The following day after my childhood friend became my private tutor, lunch break.

Under the pretense of helping her for the next class’, she dragged me to the English material preparation room.

“Excuse, about what…?”

“Naturally, about this incident.”

She suddenly took out her smartphone, and pointed the screen towards me.

“Hold on, why do you have that, Maka-sensei?!”

“From a certain source!”

“So Miharu again!”

Shown on the screen was, surprise surprise, Shiya-chan and I, sitting so close next to each other that our bodies were touching. Naturally, it was a picture of yesterday’s studying session. Just when did you take this picture, my little sister!

“You might’ve forgotten about it, but I still am exchanging information with SID, though on antagonistic terms. I’m also in their LINE group.”

“Antagonistic terms…you’re a proper right now, aren’t you?”

“SID would certainly appreciate it if we fought because of this picture.”

“What wonderful reasoning skill, Sensei.”

Miharu always looks like she’s spacing out, but she does seem to have a keen eye on her surroundings.

“Also, I told you that I got a private tutor, didn’t I. Though I wasn’t able to explain it to the very end since you froze up.”

“This is the childhood friend that we met the other day, right. I’m not all that informed right now, but childhood friends seem to be in the losing position recently, you know?”

“Isn’t this just in fiction…”

Being fond of manga and anime, I was very well aware of that trend.

“Also, if we’re talking about fiction, isn’t the beautiful teacher mostly just a sub heroine, that always loses in the end?”

“Wha—?!” Maka-sensei’s beautiful mouth opened wide.

“I-I’ve been dissed…by Saigi-kun…with my career…!”

Maybe I should’ve just been quiet today…

“Listen, Saigi-kun. This is what I’m telling you, not as a teacher, but as a Senpai in life. ‘Kind university girls equal frivolousness.’”

“That’s quite the problematic expression there!”

Rather than being shocked, she’s throwing bombs at me. Aren’t you having some prejudices towards university girls, like Karen-kaichou?

“Also, aren’t you also one of those, Maka-sensei?”

“I don’t have any relations to a normal university student’s life. A part-time job that still makes me wonder why I’m alive right now.”

“What are you talking about…”

That ‘part-time job’ is quite the word there…

“Back when I was a student, we weren’t exactly swimming in money after all. I had to pay for my own tuition and living expenses myself.”

“How lucky that the cat cafe of your father is working out…”

I tend to forget at times, but she had a hard time in her life so far.

“A private tutor…I see, so a university girl as a private tutor…”

Maka-sensei, you’re suddenly holding your head in your arms again.

“A private tutor that’s teaching man-to-man, a childhood friend, a beauty befitting of Saigi-kun’s tastes, younger than me…”

“U-Uhm, Maka-sensei?”

All of a sudden, it’s a given fact that I like older girls? Not like I can’t deny that, with my first crush being Kouko-sensei though!

“W-Was I exchanged with Keimi-san, just like that?!”

“Somehow I’m feeling a bit insulted by that!”

“B-But…I have to teach everyone fair and square in the classroom. And I only met you one year ago. I might be a grown-up beauty, but I’m 24 this year…!”

“What about it…? Listen, Sensei, I really don’t want to say this, but…”

Seeing her this disheartened feels like a pain, so I better just tell her right away.

“If I had to say, I’m pretty bad at dealing with Shiya-chan. She’s always treating me like a kid anyway. Naturally, I don’t hate her, but she still insists on teasing me.”

“I-Is that so? Then, you like me more than Keimi-san?”

“That’s quite the straightforward question!”

Can you please not forget that you were the one that told me? If I said that I like you, you’d throw away your job and your worldly desires. Even if I prefer you over Shiya-chan, I can’t say it out loud carelessly.

“Also, it’s not shown in this picture, but Karen-kaichou was also with us yesterday.”

“It’s getting worse again! You only need one beauty that’s not frivolous!”

“At least you’re not talking smack about Karen-kaichou…”

Taking away the scary parts, there’s not many deficits that you could name about her. Karen-kaichou that is.

“How could this happen…the situation took a turn for the worst—”

“MakaMaka, there’s something I need to—Hold on, hey hey~ Saigi-kun, the exams are close, so no visiting the preparation room~”

The door suddenly sprung open, and a beauty with a tall stature, wearing a white robe over her white shirt, as well as a skirt that reached down to her knees, entered the room. Renku Hiyori-sensei—a Japanese language teacher, and one year older than Maka-sensei. The reason that she’s wearing the robe is apparently because she often falls over, which would result in her clothes getting dirty. There’s a ring glittering at the ring finger of her left hand, but nobody knows if this was a wedding ring or not. Being a beauty, and friendly to boot, she’s showered in quite the popularity, but there’s not much to know about her.

“The exams are right around the corner, so entering the preparation rooms is prohibited~ You might get erased from the face of the earth because of that, you know~?”

“Quite the bloody school, this is…”

“Ahh, excuse me. I asked Saigi-kun to help me out a bit. I received permission from the other English teachers of course,” Maka-sensei threw in, as she lightly tapped the mountain of documents next to her.

“Ah, is that so~? Then it’s fine I guess. But, don’t keep it too long, Saiggi~”

“Who is this Saiggi?”

Though, I don’t remember seeing all those documents on her desk a second ago…? Just when did she…? Her Unobtainable Flower mode is really something else…

“We finished the business, so you can go now, Saigi-kun. Good work.”

“…I understand. I’ll excuse myself then.”

Though Renku-sensei’s sudden appearance threw me off the loop for a bit, she might’ve actually saved me. After all, Shiya-chan directly approaching me like that during our studies is a fact after all. Seems like I really can’t let down my guard even in my own home…Ahh, I wish that the exams would be over soon, in a lot of ways.

And, once classes had passed, with no major incident—

“Sai-kun, bye bye! Good luck with your beauty of a university girl private tutor today!”

“Ah, Nui! You better be doing those assignments I gave you!”

Without responding me, Nui just stormed out of the classroom. Do you want to avoid getting tutored as well that much…?

“Saigi…that bastard, he’s getting tutored by a beauty…?”

“Even though I want to kill him out of jealousy because of Maka-sensei’s attention on him already…”

“Getting to spend a night full of studying with a university Onee-san, even hell is too soft for him.”

Nui! Look what you did!

Hence, I decided to run away quickly. Since Shiya-chan has a lecture until late today, our studying will start later than usual.

“That doesn’t mean that I can just slack off, I guess…”

It’s not like I’m just resting on my normally good grades. But, since I’d be just relaxing around at home, I should probably study at the library or a nearby family restaurant. Well, both should probably filled to the brim.

“The student council office…probably too cheeky.”

It’s not like I’m unrelated to the student council, but using them to study is a bit…And I heard something about Karen-kaichou being the trigger for my hate for teachers or whatever…

“Oh, Saigi Makoto?”

“Woah, Karen-kaichou.”

And, while I was slowly walking, Kaichou suddenly stepped out of the girls’ toilet. Well, I said that I’d be cheeky, but I still came to the student council office after all.

“Kaichou, you have work again today?”

“That’s one thing, but I do have to study a bit today. I’m a scholarship student after all. I can’t have myself dropping grades. Since nobody comes bothering me in the student council office, I can study in peace there.”

Having gained a scholarship, Karen-kaichou is left out from tuition expenses while attending the high school division of Seikadai. Since the tuition expenses are pretty high here, getting a scholarship is very difficult in comparison. She might have a calm and relaxed expression, but she’s probably quite the hard worker.

“By the way, what brings you here? Weren’t you going to be busy with Shiya-senpai?”

“Ahh, yes. Anyways, good luck on your studies.”

Guess the student council office is really not going to work. I’d feel bad obstructing her studies, with the pressure of her scholarship and all.

“Ah, hold on. Where did you leave Fujiki-sensei—No, nevermind.”


“Don’t mind me. Anyways, make sure to use the time to properly study.”

Karen-kaichou advised me with a stern tone, and walked towards the student council office. I wonder…I can’t think that Kaichou would go ask Maka-sensei because of a question she had…

“…H-Hold on, Kaichou! Your skirt! It’s lifted up!”

“What? As if that would…Ah?!”

Karen-kaichou put one hand on her butt, and felt the irregularity. Because she wore a miniskirt, I could catch a glimpse of her panties. Maybe it didn’t go all the way down after her business in the toilet…But, just what you’d expect from a nun in training, her panties were a strong, pure white. Even her plump butt was pretty errotic, I can’t lie…

“H-Hey! Where are you looking!”

Kaichou went red in an instant, and hurriedly pulled down her skirt.

“I-I’m sorry. But, how weird for this to happen to Kaichou of all the people. Normally, you’d never let down your guard.”

“D-Don’t try to switch the topic. But, you’re right…to think that this could happen to me…!”

Kaichou seemed to be really flustered because of that accident, and pulled down her already fixed skirt even further. She looks kinda cute, panicking like this.

“I-It’s because I was lost in thought. Normally I wouldn’t disgrace myself like this!”


“Forget what you saw just now! Listen, although I’m still in training, I’m a nun. I-If you were to use what you just saw as…m-material, then God’s value of me will sink!”

“There are still a lot of people that would be very delighted to see your panties, Karen-kaichou.”

“Did you say something?!”

“Nothing at all, please excuse me!”

Not good, I got careless and blurted out things to the wrong person. Turning on my heel, I rushed down the stairs when—


My phone suddenly vibrated. An after school event, I see…Classic.

“To think that I’d come here yet again…”

In the western part of the school, past the parking lot, there was the former school building, an old building consisting of two floors, built on wood. A while ago, we got to use that very building for Nui’s gravure idol shoot.

I entered the front entrance. Normally, it’s locked up, but today it was open.

“Uhm…it only said former school building, but where am I supposed to go?”

Naturally, the message I received was from no one else than Maka-sensei.

“Uh, I can hear something…?”

The sound of a piano playing…I guess? What is this, a ghost story?

Going up the second floor, walking down the floor in the back—

“E-Excuse me…?”

Well, I was expecting this scenery. The person sitting in front of the piano in the music room of the former school building was Maka-sensei, surprise surprise. With skilled fingering of the instrument, the color of the music was clear. She continued to play for a while, until her hand suddenly stopped, to look over at me.

“How was it?”

“…Wonderfully done. What composition was that?”

I gave a soft clap in response.

“Schumann’s ‘Dream’s Confusions’. Though, with such an energetic play, you could also call it the ‘Finger’s Confusions’.”

“…Maka-sensei, you can play the piano.”

“Until my father went bankrupt, we were pretty wealthy. It’s not weird to have your daughter practice the piano.”

Now that she says it…Since our school has a fair share of rich and elite girls, there many that know how to play the piano.

“…Fu, seems like buying a keyboard and practice at home had it’s worth.”


She muttered that in a quiet voice, but I could clearly pick that up. Even a gallantly-swimming white horse was frantically paddling with it’s legs beneath the water surface. Maybe I should just respect Maka-sensei’s efforts this once.

“My little sister also played it for about a term. Though she said that the ‘Teaching school is too far’ and stopped immediately.”

“Sounds like Miharu-san. In my case, my teacher was a very kind and comforting person, so they would teach me even after I officially quit the teaching school. Said I had the talent for it. But, that only lasted until high school, when I got busy with part-time jobs.”

“That’s a bit sad.”

I don’t really understand the workings of playing the piano, but that play just now sounded good to me, you know?

“But, you were also talking about the medical facility exam that you passed in university, so I’m wondering now if you have any other hidden talents that I don’t know off…”

“I tend to be good at everything I pick up. I often find the most efficient way to improve and find success.”

“S-Somehow, this makes me feel a bit jealous…”

Here I am, studying as best as I can, still getting a private tutor.

“Also, Saigi-kun, will you retort on my clothing or not? Getting ignored like that is too tough!”

“Ahh, I’m sorry—Maka-senpai.”

“That way of addressing me is the only thing you can ignore!”

You’re energetic today as well, huh, Maka-sensei. Still, the second coming of high school girl Maka-chan! A blazer, a ribbon on her chest, and a miniskirt, revealing her radiating thighs. The size was a bit on the smaller side, barely able to contain her well-endowed chest, and her skirt was a bit too short for comfort. Probably shows that she grew even more after her graduation (especially in the chest part).

“Y-You…no restraint at all, even when talking to a teacher of yours.”

With no hints of being a teacher in her appearance, Maka-sensei separated from the piano, and stood in front of the window.

“And, what’s the occasion for you to wear these clothes in a place like this?”

“It’s exactly because that I’m wearing these clothes that I called you here. With the exams being this close, there shouldn’t be anyone that would come to the former school building.”

“I don’t think that anyone would have the free time, yes.”

Naturally, that’s the same for me. And for Maka-sensei as well.

“Hence, we’ll keep today’s ‘education’ a short one. It’s a shame, but we will have more opportunities in the future I’m sure.”

“Don’t you think that you should crank it down a bit, keeping recent happenings in mind?”

“But…But but! If I can’t beat a university girl in terms of youth, I have to act as the clumsy high school girl and gather Saigi-kun’s attention once again! ASAP!”

“You don’t have to cry about that!”

You’ve basically changed from a beautiful woman to a beautiful girl. Seeing such a beautiful girl cry is too cute it hurts me…!

“Ehhh, Sensei? You’re out of my strike zone if you’re in your twenties you know~ Gyahahaha…or so you think, right?”

“Since when did I turn into the villain of this story?!”

Also, you keep on inflicting damage on yourself.

“Maka-sensei, you can basically do anything you want, while still being clumsy at times, so why are you having such a low self-esteem?”

“I feel like there’s something in there that I shouldn’t just ignore, but I will this once. It’s just—”

With a red face, she approached me.

“Though I’m so embarrassed I could die, this time for sure, with these clothes, I’ll definitely have you accept the ‘education’, okay.”

“You don’t have to do it if you’re that embarrassed…”

“Really? You never once wished to see the high school girl Maka again?”

“T-That is certainly not the case, my fair lady.”

“Ai kyan stoppu faaring in rabu wisu yuu–?”

“…You’re not wrong, but you should say ‘I can’t stop falling in love with you. No, you have to say that!”

“I understand what you’re playing at, okay…”

That’s basically the same as confessing to you though?

“Even if this is an ‘education’, I won’t play along if it gets too dangerous. Don’t stimulate me too much right before my exams.”

“I’m a teacher, you know? I’m well aware of that.”

I wonder about that…She can be unexpectedly diligent about her teaching work, but she takes a lot of freedom in a lot of places.

“I’ll teach you how to play the piano.”

“Excuse me? The piano?”

I tilted my head towards Maka-sensei’s bewitching smile.

“I totally thought you’d be forcing some dangerous English assignment on me, saying ‘The answer is sewed somewhere onto my clothes~’ or whatever.”

“Alright, then we’ll do that. Hold on a second.”

“I-I’m joking! I’m just joking!”

I hurriedly stopped Maka-sensei, who was on her way to start stripping.

“………My, you got my hopes up now, Saigi-kun. You don’t have to be so modest. Until a while ago, I didn’t even hold hands with a man before.”

“Well yeah, the character you created is scaring off the people.”

“You really don’t hold back. For a cheeky student like you, I’ll have to make you sit down here,” she said, grabbing both my shoulders, and pushing me over to sit down in front of the piano.

“Saigi-kun, you have any experiences with playing the piano?”

“Nothing more than playing it for fun in the music room.”

“You can play with me however you want, you know?”

“What are we talking about again?!”

“I’m joking. Fufu, getting red like that, so cute~”

Kiss, kiss—She gave me slight pecks on my cheek. Uuu…her nonchalant skinship is tough after all…

“Then, it’s time for me to teach you. And it certainly won’t be too much of a burden for you. If you can easily play a famous piece, you can get any woman at ease.”

“I wonder about that…?”

“If that happens, I’ll kill the girl, and then Saigi-kun with her.”

“And Sensei will just keep on living?!”

“That’s also a joke. Again, it doesn’t feel bad that Saigi-kun is popular. Fufufu, they can be jealous all they want about my Saigi-kun.”

“No, I’m not your Saigi-kun or anything…”

Then, Maka-sensei’s teaching started. The first thing we started was ‘The Flea Waltz’, which even I remembered back when I was younger.

“Yeah yeah, good fingerwork. Guess I can get my hopes up for the future.”

“We’re talking about the piano, right?!”

…Hold on, Maka-sensei?

“What’s wrong, Saigi-kun? Your hands stopped, you know?”

“Y-Yes…Like this?”

This time it was a rather famous pop music piece. Naturally, it would use both hands to play. Showing me a test-run, Maka-sensei played, and I would try to follow, but…

“Uhm, Sensei? I can’t play that well like this…”

“If I don’t come closer, I can’t show you, right? Fu fu, nyahaha~”

There it is, Maka-sensei’s onomatopoetic laugh. For a while now, her well-endowed chest has been pressing on my head at full force. So much, that my head was about to sink backwards into her chest, actually.

“Come on, your hand should be over here. Yeah, exactly, right here…”


Now she moved my hand, making it cop a feel of Maka-sensei’s E-cup chest. S-Soft…!

“Sensei, I can’t move my hand like this, you know?!”

“No no, you can move it however you want, you know? Ahnn…S-Softer~”

If I moved my hand even a slight bit, it was like I was fondling her.

…T-That softness, robbing me of my reason…!

“Saigi-kun, this isn’t any different from normal studying, you know?”

“W-What are you talking about?”

“You won’t remember English vocabulary just by seeing it, right. You write it with your own hand, and make it your own. To make these breasts your own, you have to directly touch them.”

“This clearly isn’t the same as studying! And I don’t have any plans on making them my own!”

“Awww, Saigi-kun, your face, so red! And so am I! I won’t be able to hold back!”

“You’re playing even faster?!”

What speed is this, with just one hand, and a fitting melody not to mention!

“Here, Saigi-kun. This is the pattern, now try playing along!”

“As if I could?!”

“T-Then, use my chest…think of my chest as they keyboard, and play ‘The Flea Waltz’. I’ll test your prestidigitation like that…”

“As if I would do something idiotic like that…”

Or so I said, but my other hand just naturally wandered onto the other free breast of hers, spanning a whopping 88cm.


Ahh, finally…Finally I can’t hold back myself anymore, and can only give in, losing myself in Maka-sensei’s chest…Just from touching her like that, I could feel their volume.

The Flea Waltz? Uhm, how do I need to move my hands again? The feeling of Maka-sensei’s chest is too overwhelming, I don’t even know anymore.



Unknown from who it started, our faces grew closer—and we kissed.

We’ve kissed countless times already, but while fondling her chest is a different story altogether.

“I didn’t tell you that you can kiss me though…? You should listen to what your teacher tells you, you know?”

“I’m the Saigi-kun that goes against whatever teachers say…”

“Then, kissing is no good, and fondling my chest neither…”

“If you say that…”

I gently pushed my hand deeper into her blossom.


Breaking through the three-layered barrier of blazer, blouse and bra…She said that she wouldn’t try to seduce me, but this is—



Hearing a sudden voice, my hand came to a halt. That voice just now wasn’t Maka-sensei’s. Still, it’s one that I know very well.

“…W-Wait, Karen-kaichou?!”


The person that entered the music room was the long-haired student council president—

“I heard that Fujiki-sensei borrowed the key to the former school building, so I decided to come here…What are these clothes…? What exactly are you two doing…?”

We’re doing exactly what it looks like—This is bad. Even if she knew that Maka-sensei and I are going out, she probably didn’t imagine that Maka-sensei would be wearing a uniform, having her chest fondled like this. And, we were even kissing.

This isn’t a misunderstanding, and nothing that we can cover up—this is a different level of danger than before.

…W-What should we do…?

3 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 1

  1. Well, exciting in multiple ways, they got caught xD

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


  2. just get married already


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